“I don’t think he will care,When combing the data before,I found that those chemical molecules have hundreds of permutations and combinations,Without him,Others don’t know which one is the correct order。”

Robinson smiled indifferently,Originally copied in front of Evincent,So there is nothing to hide。
“So it was printed and distributed,We don’t have to worry anymore!”
The equator gave a relieved smile,Then in the sound of gunfire,Shouted at Shan You:“Are you considering surrendering now?Still hold on until we find your other partners,Get you together?”
Except for the constant gunfire,No other voice cares about the equator。
The explosion sounded suddenly,A pile of sand and rubble is also jumping around。
The equator and Robinson, hiding behind the bunker, kept dusting off their bodies,In the melee,Looks a little embarrassed。
“How do I feel that you are deliberately irritating them?”
Robinson looked at the equator helplessly,Then I checked my body repeatedly,No other injuries were found,Then he let out a long sigh of relief。
“I’m just an unsuccessful persuasion,Have you forgotten that one-armed guy??The willpower of Chinese soldiers is terrifying,So some of our thoughts,Can only think about it!”
Looking at Robinson with a smile,The equator thought he was cautious enough,I didn’t expect this guy next to me to be more conservative than me。
“How long shall we stay here?”
With the experience of being accidentally injured last time,Robinson has always had lingering fears about the scene before him,No matter what,I just want to end soon。
“One minute left!Watch it!This time must be a very interesting game!”