After Abao is gone,Wang Shuai said with a smile:“Listen to,Listen to him for granted!You help for free,He dared to urge。It seems like,If you forget to trade someday,Still guilty、I still owe him!It’s amazing!”

“I’m really lacking motivation now。Why am I helping Abao make money??I’m helping Qiangwei and you make money!”Chen Wenjin is speechless,A leopard like this,He helped send money to the stall,Still can’t keep the wealth,How sad this is!
“This is fate!some people,You can’t pull it up, you can’t pull it up!No such person,Where can I be such a proud man of heaven??You said,How long can you be dragged down by him?”Wang Shuai burst into laughter,Very happy to gloat,Do not hide。
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Seven Calm
Wang Shuai is very happy,Chen Wenjin wanted to pour a bucket of cold water。
“You don’t have to be so happy!I thought about Abao,He didn’t cheat me so far,Strangers in the securities department can let them eat meat,Am I not happy to bring Abao??What is depressed now is that Abao is making money for you and Qiangwei,Right?Seeing you gloating so happy,I just take the money you earned from Abao as a management fee,The share that Qiangwei earned is also deducted from you,Is she yours!Reasonable,It’s not my little depressed,Better to make you depressed,Just do that!Calculate back,How much did you squeeze from Abao,How much did Qiangwei earn,I will charge you as much management fee。”Chen Wenjin said so,Wang Shuai said angrily:“If I don’t squeeze Abao, you won’t charge management fees, right??”
“The roses have to be harvested!”Chen Wenjin made up his mind not to be cheap, Qiangwei。“Anyway, sooner or later, Rose will be used by you at least ten times the value。”
“When i’m stupid?Then I might as well not earn Abao’s money!By the way, let him be a little grateful to me。okay,He has enough money back,To redeem,Just pay twice as much as the contract,I have to take the 60,000 yuan that you lied to me today。I won’t cheat him anymore,Satisfied?”Wang Shuai said badly:“Said it didn’t save him,Is this saving him now??”
“Your complaint is reasonable……That way,How much did you squeeze,Half of the management fee。The money that left him can’t be kept,It makes no sense to make you smile so happy。”Chen Wenjin considers that Abao will be too miserable in the Rose Pit in the future,He received this sum according to the situation before deciding whether to fund Abao、And how much,Even if it’s the last pity。
“Almost half!”Wang Shuai still can’t get better,He doesn’t care about the money,I care about being intercepted。It’s okay if you say it’s easy to charge his management fee,He should have given。The problem is that he cut off the verbose meat from Abao in half,You don’t even have to say thank you,This is not good!
Wang Shuai gets more angry,Angrily:“If you gloat for misfortune, you have to make me unable to laugh,Retaliation,Narrow-minded!”
“no way,Must be like this to you。It makes you feel gloating and fun without a price,You will be fine,I have to make you feel boring or even depressed,You just missed it。”Chen Wenjin didn’t look at the market,Put two extra stools,Ready to sit more comfortably。
Wang Shuai looked at him coldly and said:“Am i that kind of person?”