“innocent?”Li Tianchou wondered,If it’s not wearing a crown,He really wanted to reach out and scratch his head,But suddenly realized,Yes,Blame yourself for acting recklessly,Didn’t tell the other party clearly,“Don’t get excited,It depends on me,You look at these people first,Including what’s hidden in the car,And time is too tight just now……”

“Don’t move!”Watching Li Tianchou want to come over,Shen Yingjie took two more steps back vigilantly,She didn’t want this person to be far beyond her peers,The hand holding the gun began to tremble slightly because of too much excitement,“Don’t fool me by talking nonsense,Li Tianchou,How did you become like this?”
“it is good!I won’t move。The scene is here,You can take a closer look。”Li Tianchou smiled bitterly and shook his head,Shen Yingjie’s temper is the same as before,Straightforward and hot,And hate it,Don’t really annoy her。
Shen Yingjie breathed a sigh of relief,Use your eyes to hint the two lads around to check,And hold a pistol,Staring at Li Tianchou。
Two people are not talking nonsense,Secretly stared at Li Tianchou,I quickly ran to check the condition of the vehicle and the circle of people on the ground,After a while, he brought the guy back to report,“report,Three cars crashed and damaged severely,but……”
“but what?”Shen Yingjie suddenly saw one of the young men holding a Type 95 semi-automatic rifle in his hand,Even more impatient。
“We found no dead or injured in the car,But found this。”Talking,The guy with the gun handed the rifle to Shin Yingjie。
“A total of eleven wounded were lying on the ground,No one is life-threatening,Did you call120emergency rescue?”Another guy reported。
“Ok?”Shen Yingjie can’t believe it,But I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief,There were no victims in such a tragic impact,This is great,But how is it possible?She witnessed the tragedy of the first car with her own eyes,There is no crew inside?
Shen Yingjie’s eyes on Li Tianchou became complicated,despite this,She still ordered the two boys to watch Li Tianchou,I personally ran over to check。
Doesn’t matter,Shocked at a glance,There is more than one standard weapon in the car,Shen Yingjie has drawn at least three more,Plus pistol parts around the wounded,She took a breath,Carrying so many weapons and trailing all the way behind,It’s really like Li Tianchou said that he’s going to plot something wrong。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Two The sky has changed
Shen Yingjie incidentally checked several injured people who appeared to be more seriously injured.,Suspicious cloud suddenly arises,Bruise、You can tell at a glance,fracture,As long as you have a wealth of experience and general surgical knowledge, you can judge the same。
But it’s weird that a few people have broken calves,All hurt in the same position,And the coat is not wrinkled or damaged,Not like an accidental impact。