Even the old master is present,He is almost bullied by people.,Actually no one helped,And also pushed。

Think of these,She doesn’t have so much about the other’s idea.。
Li Huihe heard this,It’s also laughing.。
Although he is now dealing with the existence of a good family, he can believe in hand.,I can even make these people disappeared without knowing the ghost.。
But he also understands the words of the city,With such an ability to deal with those who have that capabilities。
If you deal with ordinary people,So there are indeed a little price,At the same time, it will be chased.。
I immediately gave Su Cool directly.。
Su Qing is also a bit busy,However, the two experts who Li Hui Found came indeed helped very much.。
Especially in the construction of the school,Two experts provide the best solution。
The power supply of the school is basically a day-energy coverage.。
And school design is also unique,But give people a very comfortable feeling。
The playground is also a region divided into a piece of block.,More refined。
The construction of the building around has also been completely started。
It is winter now,So many projects stopped,He is also preparing to go back to the Song Ting to negotiate.,Get married。
He can even feel that Song Ting’s urgent needs。
As for Li Hui,He also wants to contact it.,But thinking about Li Hui’s,He also gave up。
Now I suddenly received a call from Li Hui Feng.,He is the first time, I feel that Li’s wind should be back.。
Otherwise, I will not call him.。
“Hey,Lee brother,I called me so late.,Be back?”
“Hey-hey,Su big brother,I am just coming back to prepare you.,Where are you?”
I heard that Li Hui Hui came back to call him the first time.,Suwa’s heart is still warm。
Even the feeling of trust makes him comfortable。
“I am already in Red Rise County.!”
“Su big brother,How much do you know by Magic Safe??”
Li Hui Feng suddenly asked Xujia,Su cool, I feel that Li Ping should be the trouble of find a family for Xu Ruzhen.。
Go on:“I don’t know much.,After all, after I got the garment factory,Waiters basically ended over,But recently, I listened to the old gold, saying that the family seems to start the winery.。”
A listening winery,Li Hui Rong stunned,Turn it back。
“Row,Native brother is busy,Waiting for me to go back to find you。”
Hang up,Li Peng also looked at Xu Rushan and Xu Donghai.。
“You recently in the winery?”
This exit,Xu Rushan and Xu Donghai are all,At the same time, I also started some drums.。
I don’t understand what Li is the wind.,But the other party can hit their family so quickly.,Still how many scared in the hearts of the two people。
“Correct,We have no relationship with you.?”
“hehe,It doesn’t matter,But you can open the winery,But can’t afford two thousand pieces of rice?
Do you say there is any relationship??”