After all this thing,Although on the surface,It really looks like this。

But Wang Teng is still confident,Wei Shasha will definitely stay。
And Wang Teng’s side,The bodyguard of Hawbao Camp stands aside,Don’t forget to say to Wang Teng。
“Lord,Otherwise, let’s leave this young lady?”
When the people around you finish,Deep in their hearts,Even more eager to try。
After all such a thing,For others,May be difficult。
but,If it is for the people around Wang Teng,It’s a breeze。
And see here,Wang Teng waved his hand。
“Do not,Now words,Don’t be so anxious yet。”
“And i believe,She’ll figure it out sooner or later。”
Wang Teng finished,The bodyguards of the Tiger Leopard Camp around,Are pondering here。
“Although I don’t know,So what does it represent,But it seems to make sense。”
“Who said no,To be precise,Seems to be like this。”
“But now look,We have nothing to deal with for the time being,Let’s solve these things first。”
slowly,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,What will this bring。
Actually all of this,It’s already unexpected。
And looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng said directly:“In addition,Let people follow Wei Shasha。”
“The Wei family has surrendered to me,Inevitable,No one will do anything to Wei Shasha。”