Shandong Provincial Finance Arrangement of 1.08 billion yuan to support creating a high -level teacher team

Original title: Shandong Province’s finance arrangements for 100 million yuan to support building a high -level teacher team on April 20. The reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance that in 2022, the provincial finance will improve the quality of the teacher team as the top priority to promote the high -quality development of education.Further increase investment and arrange funds by 100 million yuan, an increase of 5%over the previous year.Specifically, arrange funds of 100 million yuan to increase the level of funding for undergraduate majors to ordinary majors, support the strengthening of the construction of teachers, improve the ability to cultivate the training of teachers;Provincial teacher training system, promote the continuous and steady improvement of the quality of the teachers; arrange 200 million yuan in funds, support the training of public teachers, and subsidize the standard for 10,000 yuan per person per year; arrange funds of 100 million yuan to support the implementation of the "three districts" talent support plan, Improve the quality of education in the underdeveloped regions.(Wang Heying Zhang Ning) (Responsible editor: Nie Junqiong, Liu Yingjie) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

So the eyes of both parties。

The small circle raises the paws to wave,Still,Old gray is also heading towards them。The god is roaring,A divert,It seems that I will fly over them.。
Xiao Zheng girl’s bench falls on the ground,She has standing up,Looking for a translucent illusion。
The gods hit it on the ground of the hometown world,I broke a giant tree,Splash, a pile of soil。
God of gods,Shake the shaking head。
The separation of the soil society is ignored him.,The speed of the vain floats is still accelerating。
Xiao Zheng girl eyes are moist and reflective,But until she also quietly,Nothing,No sound,Just raise your hands and waving towards the gods.,Then bow down,Two hands are holding together at the chest,Silently pray。
Unreal horizon gradually gone over the roof,Zhou Zhi from the bottom to the head,The whole person is already in the light shadow,Looking at the unreal skyline is getting farther。
This accelerated trend has not stopped。
Soon they can’t see the skyline,Envious,The surrounding and sky are the vain of the hometown,They are also in the Chinese world.,Enveloped by the vain。I can’t tell anything according to the image of the vain.,I only know that this is the bottom of the homeland.。
This process lasted for half an hour.。
Until the gentle world and the earth’s out of the earth, the location of their site,They saw the other side of the homeland world。
This is another earth’s vain,But it is much more faster than the previous one.,The illusory lights they have disappeared at all.,And no illusory light,They saw clear nights and clear flanges,The rhubarm is lazy in the feet of Zheng Yue, hue yawning,The world and earth are out of the world to quickly spread to the distance,I saw a huge planet with a huge planet in the night empty flight to open the distance.。
Zhou saw many monsters in the face of the hometown world,They are also the same as they,Carry out head,Net over the earth。
Maybe in their eyes is a vain。
slowly,This illusory planet stopped,Hover above the night sky,Have a very far,Very clear,The picture is a moment of magic to the extreme,Also beautiful to the ultimate。
Have huge horrible energy is brewing,The spiritual fluctuations that are exudated or even the air is affected.,Let Zhouzhi a battle。
Unrealty hometown world suddenly disappears。
Night is quiet。
Chapter VIII Where is the temple?
Zhouzhi mobile phone shake up,He quickly touched it,Lighting screen。
One news from red dyeing。
Dyeing:What do you do??
See this message,Zhouzhi is a stone to count——Naturally, you must not be branched.,But if red dye is decided to go,He will not have brain,Just he thinks that the red dyeing sister should know if it is left.,If,Should be sent to send one,If this doesn’t leave anything,He must be sad for a long time。
Depth:You have not gone
Dyeing:Decided to stay

Firm confidence, help with each other, unite and do a good job of resistance to epidemic

  "Practice has proved that our prevention and control policy is determined by the nature and purpose of the party. Our prevention and control policy can stand the test of historical testing. The Secretary presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The meeting deeply analyzed the current situation of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic prevention and control situation, research and deployment to grasp the key work of the prevention and control of the epidemic, and do a good job of resistance to the majority of cadres, united, unite, and unite. This big battle to win the epidemic prevention and control has inspired the fighting spirit and condensed consensus.

  Fighting the epidemic, firm confidence is important. At present, the global epidemic is still in high level, the virus is still mutating, and the ultimate trend of the epidemic is still great uncertainty. The overall situation of the national epidemic has improved, but it is still complicated and severe, and there is a risk of rebound. The method is always more difficult than the difficulty, and the determination is always greater than the challenge. From the defense war in Wuhan, to the prevention and control of the normalized epidemic, to the full chain of the full chain of the full chain of the full chain against Delta and Omikon, we always adhere to the "dynamic clearing zero" general policy, and the first time it is to coordinate the testing, streaming,, flow,,, flow,,,,,,,,,, Forces such as transportation, isolation, and treatment, they found and extinguished together, effectively curbing the spread of the extensive area of ??the epidemic, which effectively reversed the dangerous momentum of virus transmission. More than two years of epidemic prevention and control has proved that the "dynamic clearing zero" has the maximum protection of the people’s life safety and health, and minimizes the impact of the epidemic on the overall economic and social development of the country. of.

Re -unify the ideological actions, the prevention and control requirements are implemented, the epidemic defense line is reinforced, the level of capacity is improved, and the confrontation of the Quartet’s responsibility is tightened. Out the epidemic in the shortest time and achieve the maximum prevention and control effect at the minimum cost.

  The prevention and control of the epidemic is an overall battle, and a game must be adhered to. Only when the epidemic is controlled in an orderly manner can we provide a solid guarantee for the lives and health of the people, and create favorable conditions for normal production and life.

To see, since the epidemic occurs, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core has accurately grasped the changes in the epidemic situation, based on the overall situation, focused on the overall situation, and comprehensively strengthened the centralized and unified leadership of the epidemic prevention and control. A strategic layout of unified command, comprehensive deployment, and three -dimensional prevention and control, gathered a strong combination of anti -fighting magic. When this is a key period and vigorous stage of "going against the water and not entering", we must unify our thoughts and actions into the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. , Group perspective, dynamic perspective to look at the problems, deal with short -term and long -term relationships, local and overall relationships, individuals and groups of relationships, both consider the prevention and control needs of the area, but also consider prevention and control of key areas, prevention and control of the whole country, and the nation’s national prevention and control. The influence is firm and powerful, unswervingly do a good job of resistance, cut off the source of infection at the fastest and most efficient efficiency, do its best to control the scope of the epidemic situation, and strive to win the comprehensive victory of the national epidemic prevention and control.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Unity is iron, unity is steel, unity is power.

Unity is an important guarantee for the Chinese people and the Chinese nation to defeat all risks and challenges on the road to advance, and continue to move from victory to new victory.

"In the prevention and control of the epidemic, party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members and cadres have responsibilities and responsibilities to keep the soil. It turns out that the people’s war to win the prevention and control of the epidemic must be overwhelmed by the people.

We must deeply understand the complexity and arduousness of resistance and struggle, always maintain a sober mind, unwavering to adhere to the general policy of "dynamic clearance", resolutely overcome the problems of insufficient understanding, insufficient preparation, and lack of work. Waiting for thoughts, resolutely distorting, doubting, and denying the policies and deeds of my country’s epidemic prevention policies to overcome the paralysis thoughts, warless moods, fluent psychology, and elasticity. More realistic, serving the masses must be more in place. It is necessary to rely on the people of the people to fight the people’s war, strengthen the release of information, actively respond to social concerns, guide the masses to enhance the sense of responsibility, self -protection, consciously bear the responsibility and obligations of prevention and control, implement daily protection measures such as individuals, families, and promote immunity to strengthen immunity The vaccination work, build a group defense line control line.

  Those who want to win up and down. Resolutely implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, maintain a strategic determination, strengthen the conviction of victory, carry forward the spirit of the struggle, grasp the various epidemic prevention work, grasp, and capture the ground. We will be able to defeat this epidemic and consolidate the results of the hard -controlled epidemic prevention and control results.

槐 看 看 双 双:“You go down!”

I wish the double expression numbness will hand to the turnover,He is now a little doubts that the sect is to play pigs to eat tiger.。A god of Kung Fu,He glanced in the appearance of the badminton.,Pick your brother to provoke your own brother——
I wish the double。
Another new problem appeared——
He always feels that his brother is playing with.,Infocation, will show the strength of the far-bearing cognition……It can be clear that he and his technology are almost the same.?
He is full of question marks,Exhausted。
Badminton rossed in the air is like a white line,Falling on the ground。
I went up.,Dry badminton with paws,Take it out of one meter。
Then she chased again。
In this process, she also aims to the eyes.,Be wary of Zhou Zhi and grab。
槐 随 随,A finger in turn:“You a……I am weak.,too weak,Can you come up with a little strength??”
There is no sound,Only bending over and grabs the ball,And secretly decided not to take this evening tonight.。
Let him go。
Don’t give him a drink,Let him buy itself。 At about 5:30 pm。
I wish the double and Zhu Bing took a group.,Zhou Zhi is from the osalial.。See the four no one,He helps a few steps,Easily skip the diagonal of the pond,Enter into the school。
The stalk appeared in his side.,Still is a laughter:“You are still afraid that the fool is now?”
I haven’t cared again.,Ten around you。
The pond is next to the willow forest,The leaves of the willow tree have been in the winter. Seven or 88.,I haven’t pumped new buds yet.。On the summer playground is the only place for everyone to sunshade,Now。
Zhouzhi remembers that Nan Ge likes to pick the leaves of the willow,Or and boys are higher than those who jumped up.,At the end of the third year, he also chatted with Nan Ge under this tree.。
The teaching building and dormitory of the distance is silent,Quiet, he is not used to,Basketball court and canteen also have no one person。
Familiar and strange。
His this should have no feelings with high school and nostalgia,Because this place really doesn’t carry his youthful happy。
His high school three years should be black and white。
But there is a rainbow like。
Zhouzhi is gorgeous,Suddenly a shout next to it,Surprising him from memories——
“Fool,Come out!”
槐 hands,I shouted a few times,Then turn around to the circumference:“he came。”
A height of three meters、The top of the head of the head is slowly out of the grove.,He is put behind his hand.,There are still some doubts at first.,When I saw them, I immediately excited.。

How to arrange the name of relatives and friends in the state -owned enterprise in the case of the case, how to qualify the salary in the state -owned enterprise

[Typical Case] ??Company A is the company’s shareholding company. In January 2012, Zhang was appointed by the party and government joint meeting of the State -owned company and served as the general manager of Company A.

In October 2014, Company A was restructured due to operating difficulties. Only a few administrators were on the job, and most of the employees were converted to "employees to be on the job." In January 2015, Zhang Moumingzhi A company had no demand for employment and had a large number of "employees to be employed". There is no common economic interest relationship) and Wang Mou and Zhou introduced by friends signed a labor contract, and directly turned to "employees to be employed."

From January 2015 to October 2018, during the restructuring, Company A shall issue wages for Li, Chen, Wang, and Zhou in accordance with the standards of the original "employees to be employed". (Li, Chen, Wang, and Zhou received more than 400,000 yuan). [Divergent opinions] There are three different opinions on how Zhang’s behavior should be determined.

The first opinion is that Zhang, as a state -owned enterprise managers, knows that Li Mou has no employment needs, recruits Li Mou and other four people and arranges to work directly, resulting in more than 1.6 million yuan in public property of state -owned companies. Its behavior constitutes the crime of abuse of power of state -owned companies and corporate personnel.

The second opinion is that Zhang, as a state -owned enterprise manager, is aware of the demand for work, and recruits Wang and Zhou in violation of the rules and arranges to wait for the job directly, causing the national interests to suffer more than 800,000 yuan. The behavior constituted the crime of abuse of power of state -owned companies and corporate personnel; illegally recruited his wife Li and his brother -in -law Chen, and directly arranged the salary of more than 800,000 yuan in the form of salary to receive salary to constitute the crime of corruption. The third opinion believes that as a state -owned enterprise manager, Zhang is aware of the demand for work, and Chen, Wang, and Zhou are directly arranged to receive salary in violation of the rules. For more than 10,000 yuan, it constitutes the crime of abuse of power of state -owned companies and corporate personnel; illegally recruited his wife Li, and directly arranged for the salary of the job to receive more than 400,000 yuan from Company A, constituting the crime of corruption.

[Evaluation Opinions] The author agrees with the third opinion, and the specific analysis is as follows.

I. Zhang illegally recruited Wang and Zhou and directly arranged for the salary to be collected, constituting the crime of abusing power of state -owned companies and corporate personnel. Directly arranging for posts, causing major losses of national interests, it should constitute a crime of abuse of power from state -owned companies and corporate personnel. The first is from the perspective of the subject, Zhang has a state staff. According to Article 6 of Article 6 of the "Two Highs" "Opinions on Specific Applied Laws in the Crime Crime Cases of State Capital Enterprises", it is nominated by state organs, state -owned companies, enterprises, public institutions, etc. Personnel engaged in official duties in state -owned holding, shares participating companies and their branches shall be identified as state staff. At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Opinions on the Application of Laws on the Application of Laws for the Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crimes)," State -owned Enterprise Management Officer "and" State Staff in State -funded Enterprises " The scope is consistent.

According to this, Zhang was appointed as the general manager of Company A with the joint meeting of the party and government of the State -owned Company of B. He has the status of state -owned enterprise managers and belongs to the state staff of the state -funded enterprise.

The second is from the objective performance, Zhang has abuse of power.

The "abuse of power" in the crime of abuse of power of state -owned companies and corporate personnel mainly refers to the perpetrator transcending its powers or exercising the power, which is usually manifested as a decision to decide without authorization, handle without authorization, or deviates from the requirements of the job, indiscriminately, and intentionally intentionally. No duties and so on. According to the "Opinions on Several Issues of Specific Applied Laws in Cases of Criminal Crime Crime Cases in State Council", Article 4, paragraph 1 (1), state staff among state -funded enterprises are seriously irresponsible in the process of corporate, enterprise restructuring or state -owned asset disposal process Or if the abuse of powers will cause major losses to the national interests, in accordance with Article 168 of the Criminal Law, the crime of negotiating of state -owned companies, corporate personnel or state -owned companies, or corporate personnel abuse of power is convicted and punished. According to this, as the general manager of Company A, Zhang Mou has abused his authority in the case of knowing that A company has no employment needs and has a large number of "employees to be worked as". Directly converted into "employees to be on the job", which caused Company A to issue wages for Wang and Zhou, and paid more than 800,000 yuan in "five insurances and one gold", which caused major losses for national interests. Elements.

2. Zhang illegally recruited his wife Li and directly arranged for the salary to be collected, constituting the crime of corruption. In the violation of his wife Li, although Zhang had the intention of abuse of power and caused major losses in national interests, but the national interests suffered a major loss, but the national interests suffered significant losses, but From the perspective of its subjective mentality and objective behavior, it has the subjective intentional intentional intention of directly possessing public property through a specific relationship. This behavior belongs to the act of directly invading state -owned property and should constitute a crime of corruption. The first is subjectively, Zhang has the intention of illegally possessing public property.

The crime of state -owned companies and corporate personnel abuse of power generally does not have the purpose of illegal possession. If there is an illegal purpose, it is generally invading state -owned property in the methods of transcending power or inappropriate exercise of power. Its behavior has the characteristics of indirectness and diversity. The subjective aspect of illegal possession of public property in corruption is generally intentional and direct.

In this case, Zhang’s fictional employment relationship and personally decided to sign a labor contract with his wife Li Mou in the name of Company A, causing Li to receive a total of more than 400,000 yuan in salary, and have the subjective intention of illegally possessing public property.

Although Zhang did not directly possess the above amounts, his relationship with Li and Li was in line with the constituent elements of illegal possession of public property in the crime of corruption. The second is to objectively, Zhang has implemented an act of embezzling state -owned property.

The objective performance of state -owned companies and corporate personnel abuse of power is usually transcending authority or improper exercise of power, and the objective expression of corruption crimes usually shows that swallowing, stealing, deceiving, or other means.

As a state staff in the state -funded enterprise, Zhang arranged his wife Li to receive salary without actual work. Investigation, from its essence, is a disguised act to embezzle state -owned property.

It should be pointed out that the secrets are not the constituent of corruption. Regardless of the secret or public, the behavior of the above methods of corruption of public property can constitute the crime of corruption. 3. Zhang illegally recruited Chen and directly arranged for the salary to be collected to form a salary to form a state -owned company and corporate personnel abuse of power. Although Chen Mou was his brother, Zhang and Chen had no common economic interests. The company’s collection is possessing alone. Zhang’s subjective does not have the purpose of illegal possession. The money received by Chen does not actually control it. It does not have the right to use and dominate. The two parties lack the intention of common corruption. Therefore Illegal recruitment of Chen and directly arranging the salary of the job to receive the job should not be determined that the crime of corruption should be determined.

It should be pointed out that in practice, whether the economic losses of state -owned holding and shares in the company due to abuse of power are deducted from the loss of non -state -owned capital share, that is, the overall theory or proportional is that there is a major controversy. The author believes that the use of overall theory is more reasonable.

The main reason is that the income and debt of the enterprise can only be generated based on a overall operation. When applying the criminal law, it should be protected by the assets of the enterprise. Sometimes the proportion is difficult to measure accurately. In the use of proportion, it may cause the amount of crime to be difficult to calculate and indulgence. (Liu Wang) (Responsible editor: Wang Huiran, Liu Yuanyuan).

I heard Ding Junhao’s words,Cui Zuo weakly returned to the chair。

With a roar,The fist enveloping Thunder directly hit Zhao Yu’s chest,Zhao Yu had already fainted by the huge pain,The whole person is not human!
Slowly stand up,Then the anger in my heart subsided,The referee above said slowly:“Bailian Academy Ye Fuming wins!”
All those who watched this game looked at Fuming with fear,This battle is simply torture,No suspense!
Fu Ming lifted Zhao Zhao up by the collar,Zhao Yu, with purple eyes, opened his eyes slightly,The last consciousness saw Fuming,At this moment, he only thinks Fuming is a cold-blooded demon!
“I said,You have to pay for your actions!”
Fuming kicked him out of the ring,Zhao Yu fell heavily on the barrier,Slipped slowly to the ground,Students from Fengle Academy step forward,The elder stepped forward to check the injury,Very dark complexion。
Zhao Yu’s genes are all over cracked,Already close to fragmentation,In other words,Zhao Yu can’t go any further in this life!
Fu Ming watched Zhao Yu under the ring, the slightest change,He could not imagine if Lingxi would fall into a coma,When you can’t say confession,How will Lingxi be treated?。
Fuming’s lust in Zhao Yu’s eyes,See it really!
Cui Zuo hit the table with a punch,He already knows about Zhao Zhao,Watch Lu Hengzhi,The energy in the body is actually flowing。

Preliminary judgment of Jilin Province this round of local new crown pneumonia epidemic in late February

Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, March 11th (Reporter Zhao Dandan, Duan Continue) On the 11th, the reporter learned at the 33rd press conference of the epidemic prevention and control work held by Jilin Province that the epidemiological survey of the genome sequencing and the preliminary report infected According to the analysis of the situation, the preliminary judgment of the epidemic of local new crown pneumonia in Jilin Province was entered in late February and spread locally, and it affected 6 cities and prefectures and 1 provinces in the province. At present, community transmission has appeared in the epidemic situation in Jiutai District, Jilin City and Changchun City, and a clustered epidemic in some schools and some rural areas in the province, and the epidemic is still in a rapid rise. Zhang Yan, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Health Commission, introduced that as of 13:00 on the 11th, Jilin Province reported 526 cases of new crown pneumonia in this round of epidemic, and 590 cases of non -symptoms were asymptomatic. This round of epidemic presented the characteristics of hidden, fast, wide area, wide scope, and infected clinical symptoms. As the epidemic period is in the spring of the spring, the cross -regional flow has increased, which further accelerates the spread of the epidemic situation. Some schools have gathered epidemic, the community prevention and control, campus prevention and control situation is severe and complicated, and it is difficult to prevent and control. In addition, activities such as dinner and bazaar in rural areas have also accelerated the spread of the epidemic, and a clustered epidemic occurred in some rural areas. At the same time, the clinical symptoms of infected people in this round of epidemic are not obvious, mainly asymptomatic or mild symptoms, and it is difficult to find early infection.

Among the infected people currently reported, asymptomatic infections account for%.

Jiutai District of Jilin City and Changchun City has launched the sixth and third rounds of full -member nucleic acid testing respectively. In response to the epidemic situation of colleges and universities, Jilin Province established a special class work group in colleges and universities to strengthen work measures such as campus management and control and nucleic acid testing, and strive to curb the epidemic spread on campus in the shortest time. On the 11th, the Changchun Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters decided to work at home at home in the city. Enterprises and institutions stopped operations, stopped all non -necessary flow, and ensured high -quality nucleic acid testing. After the epidemic, the commercial department of Jilin Province immediately launched a guarantee mechanism to carry out daily monitoring and early warning of the market for life.

At the same time, more than 270 key -guaranteed enterprises are played, supplying source organizations, strengthening living materials reserves, unblocking logistics distribution, and ensuring market supply. At present, the province’s living necessity market is sufficient and the price is stable.


“Go back。”

“Is it arranged in the day??”Baozi said,“Tomorrow, Nan Ge, we go to the ring pool,The day after tomorrow is right。”
“Then I gave me my parents.。”
Pick up the phone,I read one side:“I also bring Nan Ge home in the way.,The next day, they gone.,More and less people in schools in these two days,Leff is not good in the bedroom.。Anyway, she has also been to my house.。”
Zhou I want to think,She said。
Nan Ge is committed to thinking about his head,I didn’t find the reasons for refuting.,Finally she said:“You have a long time.……”
The she is a thousand and thousands of thousands begins to complain‘Two of them’I will replace them.,They are clearly named。Zhou Li, knowing that buns are taking them in the bedroom.‘Two of them’or‘You two’,The dissatisfaction in their heart has been a long time.,The little girl’s poor makes Zhouzhi feel cute.,Can’t help but show a smile。
It is twenty minutes later,Finish。
Nan Ge’s mouth was spicy red,She said to other four people while sucking:“Go back to bedroom,I encyclonic。”
“Really sleep in the car?”
The tone of Nan Ge will make Zhou Silent.,He thought that Nan Ge was just a joke.。But think carefully,It should be that Nan Ge will make anything, he will not feel strange.。
“Can you feel comfortable??”he asks。
“do not know。”
“Will catch cold?”
“Right!”Nang Ge shoots a brain,“It seems that I have to take a bed blanket.,Um,I have to go back to the bedroom.。”
Day night,Nan Ge is really in the car.。
It’s just that she is playing games in the middle of the night.,Zhou Zhiyuan also went to the window to visit her。Sewing by the window top, she sees her whole person curled up on the back seat.,The blanket only took the belly,The long legs wrapped in jeans are very eye-catching。
Zhou Siyun opened the car door to sit down to the front row,Can Nansang is still awakened,Look up and look at him。
Fortunately, she only muttered a few words and slept.。
Zhou Zhi this only pulls out the phone,Long press the volume button,ten minutes later,Album《Li Daishi》Depend on35Zhang Zeng42open。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 178 The blood is not worth mentioning at this time.
“You are cool!”Zhou looks at the nanong who wakes up。
“What you have taken here early??”Nan Ge blinks,Talking is unclear。
“I see how you sleep in the car.。”
“You just want to create me……”
“I am so bored.。”Zhouzhi Some contemptuous road,“You still don’t return to the bedroom to wash your face,Make another feeling,If you sleep well last night, I wrote my name.。”
“I slept well.。”
“Do not believe。” “Look,shameless,I said that you don’t believe it.,Interpretation right is in you。”Nan Ge continues to blink,“I still sleep tonight.。”
“Not asleep。”Circumference。

Prairie spring comes to the sheep baby to report to report -Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

  Right now is the critical period of picking up the lamb conservation in spring. Many herders in Ordos City’s Ortoch Banner are busy picking up the spring lamb. The sound of the "咩" in the sheepfold makes the vast Otoc grassland full of vitality. Ortok Banner Albas Sumu Ho and Emulga Gagaca Avama Aiba Bayaer’s warm production sheds are full of lambs of lambs. The tender crying beside the sheep’s mother. The lambs jumped in lively, and the Aginbayar family was not idle. It observed the lambs, detecting eating, and health.

It is understood that more than 150 ewe to produce the lambs of the Agaba Bayaer family, and the lamb’s survival rate reached more than 90 %. In recent years, Otoci Banner has adhered to the development strategy of "stabilizing sheep to increase beef and poultry", taking lamb conservation as an important measure to change the production and operation method and increase the income of herders. The method of continuously strengthened infrastructure construction, strengthened the monitoring and control of animal epidemic diseases, and effectively enhanced the disaster prevention and mitigation capacity of animal husbandry.

  It is understood that the Etoch Banner currently has 1.12 million basic ewes. It is expected that the lambs will be connected to more than 650,000 live beasts in spring, and the survival rate of animals will reach more than 95%, an increase of more than 100,000 compared to last year. (Zhang Rui Zhu Wisdom).

Tesce and Ai Minstan’s troops have come,The destiny female Wu Shen squad is just attracting the attention of Canocia.。

Han Jiang is standing on the ground, Bronia,Four people ran in the export direction。
Nothing when you come,When I was walking, I went all the way to many machines and combatants.。
But these combatants are better than ordinary people.,What is the Han Jiang?。
When four people go out for a few minutes,Ji is also coming out later.。
“I don’t know what I do,The building is collapsed.!”
The building is beginning to shake,Fine cement powder、Ash,Start falling from the ceiling。
Five people re-gathe,When I arrived at the gate,Bombard,The gate was blown up.,Dozens of machines are arranged in the left and right columns.。
Two columnar tails,Dr. Red-haired Shuangma Temla,Dr. Ali Hestan, light blue short hair。
Behind the two,There is also a color bright red,Painting very two-eyed machine。 “Remainder,It’s good to give me the army.”
Tesla took the baby machine,This is her latest proud,“Venom”。
“Resource allocation?”Ji people’s words simple。
Ji Miyin,Attack on Canocian Base,It seems that your team didn’t do anything.,But attracting a large number of sights in Canocia。
No team attracted,Tesla’s troops are still on the road,Canoliana is probably leaving people.。
not to mention,If Canocia controls Bronia to take the buds,All people of the small team will fall into dangerous。
“Follow the previous agreement,Reverse entropy does not have to treat San Feria。”
A large number of inverse entropy combat machine enters the community,Hanjiang five people and two reverse entropy doctors withdraw from the building。
I started the battle of earthwork,It can be seen that the whole building is shaking.。 When the seven people returned to a sufficient,The building that has dive a collapse of the building,Splashing countless water flowers。
“Inside”The buds can’t help but worry about it.。
Tesla aimed at a bud,“Battle is not dead。”
This scene is two doctors as an executor,There is also that Ji is already in a strange.。
What is afraid of Hanjiang?,Now I can also accept some people sacrifice in the battle.。
Nobody sacrifice,That is the heaven。
The roots collapsed in the building,Can see a waist in the foundation,Half body twist superheric。
“Is that something is it??”
Tesla and Ali Stein look,This machine should be the highest results of the Soco a group of people.。
Below the ruins,Continued organic organs in the land and rivers are drilled out。
Tesla brought,There are also cocoa leaving defensive,Rapida hit a group。
Watching machine,And the transforming of the small number is almost。
Remote gynechers,Laser Cannon,It looks very beautiful。