Chint Electric (601877): Performance maintained rapid growth Low-voltage electrical business is expected to reach another level

Chint Electric (601877): Performance maintained rapid growth Low-voltage electrical business is expected to reach another level

The company released its 2018 annual report and 2019 quarterly report: the 2018 revenue was attributed to net profit, and the net profit after deduction was increased by 17 respectively.

10%, 26.

47%, 38.


Revenue in the first quarter of 2019 was attributed to net profit, and net profit after deductions increased by 17 respectively.

66%, -11.

60%, -12.

11%, after excluding the impact of generator sales in the same period of each year, it is attributed to net profit, and net profit after deduction is increased by 22 respectively.

22%, 22.

57%, maintaining rapid growth.

The company’s photovoltaic sector has entered a stable development stage, and household consumption is expected to resume high growth. After the layout and investment of low-voltage appliances in recent years, the distribution channels have become stronger, and the direct sales business has also made breakthroughs.

The company maintains an excellent balance sheet and cash flow, self-blood-making ability, profitability, and maintains a “strongly recommended-A” rating with a target price of 28-30 yuan.

  The first quarter performance growth exceeded expectations.

The company published 18 annual reports and 1 quarter of 19 reports.

In 2018, the company’s revenue was attributed to net profit, and after deduction, it was attributed to net profit of 274 respectively.

21, 35.

92, 36.

54 ppm, an increase of 17 each year.

10%, 26.

47%, 38.

81%, annual report performance in line with expectations.

In 杭州桑拿网 the first quarter of 2019, revenue was attributed to net profit, and net profit after deduction was 59 respectively.

95, 5.


2.7 billion, an increase of 17 each year.

66%, -11.

60%, -12.


Among them, in the first quarter of 18, the company confirmed that the gain from the sale of power plants was about 1.

7 trillion, excluding the influence of this factor, attributed to net profit, net profit after deductions increased by 22.

22%, 22.

57%, maintaining rapid growth.

  Breakdown of business.

In 2018, the company’s low-voltage electrical appliance business achieved revenue of 163.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.


The photovoltaic business realized revenue 103.

75 ppm, a ten-year increase of 17.98%, among which, power station operation, battery module manufacturing, and EPC achieved revenue of 19 respectively.

52, 62.

46,杭州桑拿 21.

7.7 billion, an increase of 14 each year.

67%, 18.

56%, 19.


  The low-voltage electrical business is expected to take another step.

The company’s low-voltage distribution business channel capabilities have been further strengthened. At present, it has 500 core core dealers and more than 3,600 distribution outlets. After sales and management in 2015, it began a new round of development and is committed to maintaining rapid growth.Shares have taken another step.
The direct selling business focuses on six major industries: electricity, machinery, communications, industry, construction engineering and new energy. It has cultivated a professional direct selling team and achieved a phased breakthrough.

  The company’s photovoltaic sector is operating steadily with household expectations.

The company’s photovoltaic power generation accounted for over 50%, its operations were stable, and its EPC business was also expanding.

The company’s household photovoltaic business model is already very clear. In collaboration with the low-voltage electrical appliance channel, a strong promotion team has been cultivated at the beginning of 18 years. However, it was affected by 531 policies in 2018.

Above xGW, the compensation intensity is 0.

18 yuan / watt.

After the implementation of the policy, the company’s household business restarted ahead of schedule.

  Investment suggestion: Maintain “Highly Recommended-A” rating with target price of 28-30 yuan.

  Risk reminder: The demand for low-voltage electrical equipment fluctuates, and it is difficult to solve the problem of new energy power generation.

Fussenmei (002818) 2019H1 Review: Regional Leaders Steady Operation and Continuous Dividend Yield High

Fussenmei (002818) 2019H1 Review: Regional Leaders Steady Operation and Continuous Dividend Yield High

This report reads: The company is a regional leader in the Sichuan home furnishing chain. It has a first-mover advantage and status as a brand influencer. It has a stable operation, self-managed commissions and two-wheel drive, and constantly enriches its service format.

Continue to pay dividends, the index rate is high and stable.

Investment highlights: Investment recommendations: The company is a regional leader in the Sichuan home furnishing chain. It has a brand advantage in terms of location advantage and status, stable operation, and self-managed commissioned two-wheel drive.

Continue to pay dividends, the index rate is high and stable, the dividend rate for 2019H1 is 1.


The company’s EPS is expected to be 1 in 2019-2021.



46 yuan.

Taking into account the company’s H1 growth rate, the target price is reduced to 15.

26 yuan, corresponding to 14 times PE in 2019, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Performance is in line with expectations.

2019H1 company realized revenue 7.

82 ppm, a ten-year increase of 5.

23%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

500,000 yuan, an increase of 3 in ten years.

45%, deducting non-net profit is 3.

870,000 yuan, an increase of 1 in ten years.

39%, pay 2 yuan for 10 dividends, 1 half-year dividend rate.


In a single quarter, 2019Q2 revenue was 4.

44 ppm, a 都市夜网 ten-year increase7.


Net profit attributable to mother is 2.

19 ppm, a ten-year increase2.

82%, deducting non-net profit 2.

08 thousand yuan, at least -0.


The operation is stable, and the regional leader in home furnishing chain is stable.

Revenue: The increase was mainly due to the increase in rent levels, the increase in office sales and the company’s gains from strengthening cash management.

Profit side: The gross profit margin of the company in 2019H1 is 69.

95%, a decline of 0 every year.

67pct is basically a gross profit margin of 57 for the office sales business.

84% pulled down the overall level, with a net interest rate of 51.


Self-employed + commissioned go hand in hand, and constantly enrich the service format.

As of H1 2019, the company’s self-operated store has 北京夜生活网 an operating area of more than 900,000 square meters, and has signed a total of 7 cooperation projects through an asset-light external expansion model, of which 3 projects are still under construction.

The company has not yet explored the transformation of the flooded home lifestyle into a new model. In January, it cooperated with Gome to launch a Fusenmei home furnishing store that integrates home appliances, home furnishings and home furnishings. In July, Fusenmei Jiannan Decoration Company was established to enter the refined decoration track. Risk warning: real estate industry policy changes, household consumption growth is less than expected, etc.

Industrial Bank (601166) 2019 Semi-annual Report Review: Widening of Net Interest Margin and Consolidation of Asset Quality

Industrial Bank (601166) 2019 Semi-annual Report Review: Widening of Net Interest Margin and Consolidation of Asset Quality


The event company released its semi-annual report for 2019.


Our analysis and judgments 1) High revenue growth and increase in provisioning efforts have led to a decline in net profit growth.
In the first half of 2019, the company realized operating income of 899.

07 million yuan, an increase of 22 in ten years.

51%; net profit attributable to mother 358.

79 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

60%; expected ROE (annualization) is 15.

32%, a decline of 0 every year.

58 averages; basic EPS is 1.

66, an annual increase of 7.


The company’s revenue increased rapidly, and the growth rate of net profit was further improved by the provision for accrual.

The company suffered a credit impairment loss of 291 in the first half of the year.

01 billion, an increase of 72 every year.

08%, of which loan impairment loss was 243.

370,000 yuan, an annual increase of 70%.

2) The structure of assets and liabilities has been optimized, and the net interest margin has widened.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 9 in ten years.

42%, after excluding the impact of trading financial asset index revenue under the new financial instrument specification, it increased 17


Benefiting from the optimization of the asset-side structure and the decline in the cost of interbank funds, the company realized a net interest margin2.

00%, an increase of 0 from the beginning of the year.

17 units.

From the perspective of asset structure, the company increased loan placements, reduced investment assets, and increased the size and proportion of personal loans with higher returns.

As of the end of June 2019, loans and advances had increased from earlier periods11.

36%, accounting for 45% of total assets.

22%, an increase of 2 from the beginning of the year.

93 units; net investment in categories decreased by 2 from the beginning.

05%, accounting for 40% of total assets.

53%, down 2 from the beginning of the year.

56 units.

Personal loan 1.

31 trillion, an increase of 12 over the beginning of the year.

31%, accounting for 40% of loans.

30%, an increase of 0 from the beginning of the year.

55 units.
Looking at the debt end structure, the proportion of corporate deposits has risen, and the proportion of interbank debt has fallen.
The company absorbed total deposits 3.

71 trillion, an increase of 12 over the beginning of the year.

17%, accounting for 57% of liabilities.

26%, an increase of 4 from the beginning of the year.

31 units; interbank debt accounted for 19.

22%, down 2 from the beginning of the year.

34 units.

The competition for deposits has intensified, 西安耍耍网 and the cost ratio of deposits has increased by 0 compared with the beginning of the year.

The average of 18, the market fund interest rate maintained the level in the first half of the year, the cost ratio of interbank liabilities fell earlier.

With 81 averages, the overall interest-bearing corruption rate declined earlier as a whole.

21 units.

3) The investment income performed well, and the net non-interest income increased by 44%. In the first half of 2019, the company realized a net non-interest income of 400.

12 ppm, an increase of 44 in ten years.

00%, a growth of 31 after excluding the impact of the listing of interest income from trading financial assets under the new financial instrument specification.


Among them, program fees and net commission income were 235.

460,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

05%, mainly due to bank card 杭州夜网 fee income increased by 46 per year.


Investment income, gains from changes in fair value, and combined earnings from exchange gains totaled 160.

52 ppm, an increase of 124 in ten years.

63%, mainly due to the standard conversion of new financial instruments. At the same time, it benefited from the better bond market conditions and the increase in bond-related financial asset income.

4) Strengthen asset quality control. Asset quality was strengthened. In the first half of 2019, the company’s non-performing loan balance was 506.

43 trillion, an increase of 45 from the beginning of the year.

30,000 yuan; NPL ratio 1.

56%, a decrease of 0 from the beginning of the year.

01 averages.

Concerned loan balance 611.

8.8 billion yuan, an increase of 11 from the beginning of the year.

4.4 billion, with special loans accounting for 1%.

88%, a decrease of 0 from the beginning of the year.

17 averages.

The company increased write-offs of non-performing loans, writing off and transferring out 190 in the first half of the year.

7.2 billion, 89 write-offs and transfers in the same period last year.

310,000 yuan, the company’s stock risk was effectively released.

Company provisions cover reconstruction 193.

52%, down 13 from the beginning of the year.

76 units.

The company strengthened the asset quality control, strengthened the disposal of non-performing loans, increased the provision of provisions, and consolidated the company’s asset quality.
Investment suggestion The company’s “commercial bank + investment bank” transformation strategy is continuously promoted to create differentiated characteristics.

The company’s asset-liability structure was optimized, the scale and proportion of personal loans increased, and the proportion of deposits rose.

The company strengthened asset quality control, stabilized asset quality, and provided for allowances.

Based on the company’s fundamentals and sustainable resilience, we give a “recommended” rating, EPS3 for 2019-2020.


41 yuan, corresponding to 2019-2020 PE5.

51X / 5.



Risks indicate the risk of accelerated economic growth leading to deterioration of asset quality.

Featured names can increase impression points

Featured names can increase impression points

The researchers showed 20 female names and 20 male names to more than 7,000 celebrities and asked them to choose the name that best represented success, luck, and disadvantage.

The results show that prospects generally believe that Jack and Lucy are more likely to bring good luck, with people called James and Elizabeth most likely to succeed, and Ryan and Sophie more likely.

  The researchers said that the above results are because people are affected by habitual thinking.

“People often don’t correct, they have some inherent preferences for names, especially women.

“Wiseman said that early research shows that people’s intuition about names has a certain predictive effect, which may affect some people’s decisions.

For example, a girl named Elizabeth and a girl with the same name are interviewed at the same time, and the interviewer is usually hired for Elizabeth.

In doing so, Wiseman explained that Elizabeth is a royal-related name, which is generally considered to represent success and wisdom in people’s subconscious, so this name will help you increase your impression score.

  Special names are good, but Wiseman reminds them that they do n’t particularly mean that they are lonely, so parents should n’t use cryptic words to name their children.

In addition, the British “Times” wrote that this part of the latest research, if your appearance, locality, wealth has been determined, the name can not absolutely determine the role.

Jiabao small sapling bath chair

Jiabao small sapling bath chair

— Non-slip anchoring for mothers and babies to play together. It is not easy to bathe the baby. The baby often plays in the water while taking a bath. It is not always possible for the mother to take a quiet bath.Only OK.

This is why the small sapling design bath chair, it has a suction cup-like anchoring system, which can be easily placed in the adult bathtub, so that your baby can sit comfortably in the chair, which is rare for yougood helper.

  The small sapling bath chair is a very creative non-slip chair. With its ergonomically designed soft back and plastic surroundings, even the most naughty baby, the mother no longer needs a helper.

With a bath chair, giving your baby a bath will increase your baby’s pleasure.

  Market reference price: 68.

00 yuan Manufacturer: Cixi Jiabao Children’s Products Co., Ltd.

How to warm up before training?

How to warm up before training?

Warming up for a few minutes before training or competition is a good preparation process for both body and attention.

Warming up stimulates your brain and prepares your body for stronger exercise.

Sudden strain on muscles during warm-up suicide.

Many other injuries can also be prevented by proper warm-up exercises.

  Warm-up exercises are best started with systematic stretching activities.

Stretch slowly to avoid sudden force. Don’t force the stretched muscles.

After stretching, some general preparatory activities should be done, such as a slight running and jumping in place, which not only mobilizes internal organs, but also allows the joints throughout the body to warm up.

You may find that many people start fast exercise without warming up, but you don’t do that because you know that warming up makes you healthy and makes you win.

  Another thing I want to remind you is, don’t run out of energy before training or competition starts!

  热身时主要几处应该被拉伸的肌肉  [大腿后部] [大腿内侧] [小腿] [背部] [肩部]  拉伸大腿后部肌肉  坐在地上,把要拉伸的腿在体前伸Bend the other leg straight. The outside of the entire leg is close to the ground. It forms a triangle with the straight legs. It tries to bend forward from the crotch. Hold the straight toes of the straight legs with both hands. Keep this position for 20 minutes.Stretching has a spring action (it does n’t matter if you do n’t touch your toes) Stretch your thigh muscles-Method One: Sitting position, feet soles close to each other, stretched together and close to the ground with both hands to grasp the feet to replace, keep this posture, count 10 to relax,Then repeat 3 times to stretch the thigh muscles-method two sitting position, straighten your feet in front of the body and keep the alignment and alignment straight, bend your body forward from your hips, stretch your hands from your legs to grab your legsKeep your toes in this position, feel that the thigh fracture is tightened and relaxed, and then repeatedly stretch the calf (back) muscles to lean over, support your body with your arms and one leg (straight, toes on the ground), and bend the other leg in front of your bodyRelax body center of gravity set中At the toe of the supporting foot, press the heel backwards, and feel the muscles at the back of the calf are tightened to maintain tension. Relax 10 times, repeat 3 times, then change the other leg to do 3 times to stretch the hip muscles supine,Raise one leg, hold the thigh close to one end, and pull firmly to the other side to keep the other leg straight and close to the ground, and you ca n’t keep the posture vertically, leave it on the ground, repeat 10 times 3 times, and change the legs to stretch the shoulder muscles-methodUse one hand to grab the elbow of the opposite arm from the back and back, hold the posture to the opposite side of the grasped arm for 10 times, repeat 3 times, then stretch the other shoulder to stretch the shoulder muscles-Hold the fingers of both hands on top of the head and hold each other crosswise, with the palms facing upwards and tilting backwards for 15 seconds to stretch the shoulder muscles-method three. Straighten one arm upwards, then bend the forearms backwards to the brain, relax with the contralateral handGrab his elbow from the back of his head and slowly pull to the opposite side for 15 seconds.

Simple little moves to improve your athletic performance

Simple little moves to improve your athletic performance

Functional training (Functional Fitness), also known as special sports training (sport-specific sports), is a comprehensive physical training for a certain sport.

Take a short step forward with your left foot in the same position as before. Touch your ice cream cone with your right hand and then return to the upright position.

  What is functional training and athletic performance improvement?

  Functional training (Functional Fitness), also known as special sports training (sport-specific sports), is a comprehensive physical training for a certain sport.

It is generally thought of as a specialized connection designed for professional athletes.

It is not just strength exercises, but also ordinary aerobic exercises, but through some whole body coordination movements to improve the body’s flexibility, coordination and other sports required characteristics, so that the body can better adapt to the needs of sports,Has better performance.

The purpose of Performance Enhancement is similar to functional training, but it covers a broader scope.It is designed for athletes in addition to competitive sports, but also for everyone.

Its purpose is to make it easier and better for anyone to exercise.

  Simple little moves to improve your athletic performance1.

Step-by-step practice: Place an ice cream cone at 1 meter in front of you and 1 meter in front of the left diagonal.

At the beginning of the movement, your body is upright, with your right foot taking a short step forward to the left, bending your legs forward, taking a lunge, leaning your upper body forward, but keeping your waist straight, use your left hand to touch the ice cream cone, and then return to the upright position.

Take a short step forward with your left foot in the same position as before. Touch your ice cream cone with your right hand and then return to the upright position.
Repeat 15 moves in this way.


Balance exercises: stand upright, hold dumbbells in your left hand, akimbo in your right hand, step forward with your right leg, step on the bladder, land on the front foot of your left foot, bend your legs, hang your left arm vertically, tilt your upper body forward, and keep your waist straightStraight, while keeping your body balanced, stand upright and lift dumbbells over your shoulders.

Make 15 in a group and swap your hands.

Stomach discomfort can be treated with green plum blossoms

Stomach discomfort can be treated with green plum blossoms

“A thousand flowers dare to come out of the snow, and a tree stands alone before the world springs.” Plum blossoms have always been regarded as a symbol of fearless rape, stronger than resistance and fidelity.

Lu You also chanted in “Bu Shui Yongmei”: “The loneliness of the bridge outside the station is lonely.

It was already sorrow alone at dusk, more wind and rain.

Unintentionally struggling for spring, Ren Qunfang was jealous.

Scattered into mud and made dust, only incense is the same.

“The green plum blossom to be introduced here is an excellent product combining ornamental, medicinal and dietary treatments, and is an outstanding leader in the plum blossom line.

  绿梅花的药用价值  源于《本草纲目》,在《本草纲目拾遗》:“《百花镜》:‘开胃散邪,煮粥食,助清阳之气上升,蒸露点茶,生津止渴、Get rid of heat.

“” Pieces of new ginseng “:” Ping the liver and stomach, relieve pain, dizziness, eat.

“Materia Medica Primitive” records: “Cleaning the head, improving lung qi, removing phlegm and stagnation on heat.

“Green plum blossoms, also known as green petal plums and white plum blossoms, are the buds of the rose family plums. They are mainly produced in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places, and are now available in Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangxi and many other places.

Corolla red, known as red plum, similar in shape to white plum, but slightly larger than white plum, corolla light red, double petals, red-brown petals.

White plum is used mainly for medicinal purposes, and red plum is used instead.

Flower buds contain volatile oils, mainly benzaldehyde, isoeugenol, and benzoic acid, which promote fermentation and peristalsis, increase appetite and help digestion, and have a certain stomach-invigorating effect. At the same time, they have inhibitory effects on a variety of pathogens and are good medicine and food.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that green plum blossom qi is fragrant, sour, flat, and has the functions of evacuation of liver, stomach, phlegm, and detoxification. It treats plum nucleus gas, liver and stomach pain, loss of appetite, dizziness, scabies poison and spirit.Depression, etc.

  The green petals are plum-like, and doctors in ancient and modern times often say that they “regulate qi without hurting yin”.

However, in the severe cases of yin deficiency, red tongue and no moss, Shaojin, dry mouth and cold drinks should not be troubled for a long time.

  How to eat green plum blossoms 1.

Green plum rock sugar tea green petal plum 5 grams, the amount of rock sugar.

Use boiling water to brew green petal plum, rock sugar, and substitute tea.

It has the effects of relieving liver and stomach, activating collaterals, resolving qi and resolving phlegm, and can be used for obstruction of pharyngeal obstruction caused by plum nucleus gas, as well as those who are prone to irritability, irregular menstruation, and hyperplasia of the breast.


Green plum tea 10 grams of green petal plum, 4 grams of green tea, brew with boiling water, drink tea frequently.

It has the effect of regulating qi and dispersing liver, and stomach analgesia, and is used for liver and stomach disagreement. The evidence shows two pains, pain in the stomach, discomfort, and decreased appetite.


Yumei lean broth 10g Guangyujin, green plum blossom 5g, lean pork 200g, spring onion, ginger, oil, salt, water, boil the soup.

It has the effect of relieving liver and qi, and stomach analgesia, and is suitable for stomach pain, belching, pantothenic acid and other symptoms caused by liver and stomach discord.


Plum congee 5 grams of green plum blossoms, 80 grams of previous rice, first boil the previous rice into porridge, then add green plum blossoms, boil for two or three minutes, eat a bowl at each meal, you can eat for three or five days.

Green plum blossoms are flat, can relax liver and qi, and stimulate appetite.

People who have anorexia eat better, and those who are healthy eat more calories.


One egg with plum blossom eggs is opened. Seven green plum blossom plum blossoms will be opened, sealed, steamed on rice, and plum blossom eggs will be eaten. One per day, served for seven days.Lymph node tuberculosis).

Skillful woman cooking nutrition sorghum rice

Skillful woman cooking nutrition sorghum rice

The four sugarcane sorghum porridges with different effects of sorghum have the functions of nourishing yin, moisturizing, heat and stomach.

  The nutritional value of whole grain rice is extremely high.

  Sorghum black bean jujube rice has the effect of nourishing kidney and promoting blood circulation and improving the “sub-health” condition.

  Sorghum fried noodles improve the baby’s gastrointestinal function, antiemetic and antidiarrheal.

  If there are both elderly, middle-aged and small children in the family, as a housewife, it will inevitably be distressed by how to balance nutrition in cooking.

In fact, you don’t need to worry at all. Eating sorghum often is good for every member of the family.

  Among the cereals, sorghum is regarded as “the best” food. “Ears are as big as blades, grains are as big as peppers, red and black, rice-like possession”.

However, it is gradually forgotten by us.

In fact, sorghum has high nutritional value and medicinal value.

Here are some delicious rice made with sorghum.

  Sugarcane sorghum porridge and grains suitable for the elderly must eat more coarse grains, but how can coarse grains be good for health?

First recommend a yin tonula congee with nourishing yin, moistening dryness, clearing heat and stomach. It is also called sugarcane sorghum porridge.

  ① Use a juicer to squeeze the sugar cane and take about 500 ml of juice; ② choose 150 grams of peeled sorghum and soak; ③ put the soaked sorghum into an appropriate amount of water, cook it into porridge, add sugar cane juice and stir wellAfter serving, cook for a while and serve.

  In addition, many old friends like to drink Babao porridge, but there is no sorghum in it, which is a pity.

However, you can use sorghum and other coarse grains to make a meal with high nutritional value: you can use the same amount of sorghum, coarse rice, barley, wheat, barley, black rice, and oats to wash with water and put in an appropriate amount of water., Slow-cooked and ready to eat.

  Sorghum black bean jujube rice sorghum suitable for young and middle-aged people has the effects of urination, relieving cough and asthma, nourishing qi and clearing stomach.

For those sub-healthy people who are weak, stressed, stressed, and have indigestion, eating sorghum often is a good choice.

Of course, young and middle-aged people generally have good appetite and teeth, so the method of sorghum can be flexible and diverse. Put it on dry rice, gruel, wotou, pancakes, etc., and the taste is good.

  You can try making sorghum black bean jujube rice.

Choose 50 grams of sorghum, 20 grams of black beans, 10 dates, and 30 grams of sugar.

Sorghum and black beans are both “skin flour and thick meat” foods, so you should soak them in water for four or five hours before making them.

Then add the soaked sorghum, black beans and the prepared jujube to an appropriate amount of water, then add an appropriate amount of sugar, and steam it to serve.

  Sorghum black bean jujube rice is very suitable for young and middle-aged people. It has a good effect on kidney and blood circulation and improving sub-health. It also has the function of beauty and beauty. Women can eat more.

  The sorghum stir-fried noodles suitable for children, because their spleen and stomach functions are not sound, are easily prone to irritability, crying, and fever due to food accumulation.

Sorghum is a good helper for parents. It has the functions of warming the spleen and strengthening the stomach and intestines.

Therefore, if the baby has poor gastrointestinal function or indigestion, parents can buy some sorghum noodles and sauté them on a simmer, and add an appropriate amount of sugar after cooking.

  You can also put a small amount of cooking oil in the wok, then add sorghum noodles and cook.

Add some sugar (or crushed sesame, peanuts, etc.), add water to the fried noodles, and make a paste for your baby.

This will not only improve the baby’s gastrointestinal function, but also prevent vomiting and diarrhea.

  Food product is a common symptom of children. It is formed because children eat too much and food cannot be properly digested and absorbed into the stomach.

Over time, it will breed internal heat.

If the internal heat cannot be ruled out in time, it will inevitably cause external fever and cause the child to have a fever.

This was the case with a friend’s child, who had a fever every three minutes and infusion as soon as he had a fever.

I taught him this method, and the child even liked eating sorghum fried noodles.

Later, his children rarely had food.

The days of dysmenorrhea are really too difficult!

The days of dysmenorrhea are really too difficult!

You never know how sad I am. I can’t eat anything. I have a lot of sadness. Once I come to my aunt, I will be reborn. The woman who is like a man can also be tortured by dysmenorrhea. How can I do dysmenorrhea? What is dysmenorrhea?Women have pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, and even pain and lumbosacralness during and after menstruation.

Every time with the menstrual cycle, severe cases can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, cold sweats, cold hands and feet, and even fainting, affecting work and life.

Causes of dysmenorrhea cause many causes of dysmenorrhea, the following are common: (1) the cervical canal is mainly blocked by menstrual flow, causing dysmenorrhea.

(2) uterine dysplasia uterine poor development is easy to merge with abnormal blood supply, resulting in uterine volume, lack of oxygen and cause dysmenorrhea.

(3) Abnormal uterus position If the uterus position of the woman is extremely flexed or flexed, it may affect the menstrual bleeding and cause dysmenorrhea.

(4) Mental stress, neurological factors Some women are overly sensitive to pain.

(5) Genetic factors The occurrence of dysmenorrhea in the daughter has a certain relationship with the mother’s dysmenorrhea.

(6) Endocrine factors Menstrual period abdominal pain is associated with elevated progesterone in the luteal phase.

(7) The uterus does not contract properly.

Patients with dysmenorrhea often have abnormal contractions of the uterus, which often leads to contraction of uterine smooth muscle. The expansion of uterine muscle can cause displacement of the uterine muscles, resulting in pain and dysmenorrhea.

(8) gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, etc.

Placement of the IUD in the uterus (commonly known as the birth control ring) can also cause dysmenorrhea.

(9) Girls’ first menarche, psychological pressure, sedentary lead to poor blood circulation, poor blood circulation, love to eat cold foods and other causes of dysmenorrhea.

(10) Menstrual hypertension exercise, affected by wind, cold, dampness, etc., are easy to cause dysmenorrhea.

(11) The air is not well irritated by certain industrial or chemical odors, and some gasoline, fragrant water, etc. cause dysmenorrhea.

How to regulate dysmenorrhea of different constitutions? 1 yang deficiency and yang deficiency, muscles are not strong, when the hands and feet are cold, stomach cramps, back or waist and knees are cold, clothes are more than others, summer does not like to blow air conditioning, likeQuiet, eating or drinking cold things will always feel uncomfortable, easy to loose stools, urine color is clear and much.

The character is more calm and introverted.

Menstrual lower abdomen faint cold pain, or lower abdomen and genital uterus, magpie press, less menstrual flow, color is lighter.

Usually eat more beef, lamb, leeks, ginger and other products of warming Yang, eat less pears, watermelon, glutinous rice and other cold and cold food, drink less green tea.

2 blood cold blood cold human performance: pale tongue, thin white fur, tight pulse or late, weak, pale complexion, plain chills, hands and feet not warm, hot diet; urination is long, thin stool; menstrual usuallyAll are late, the menstrual period will last for more than seven days, the blood dark red, the amount is small, will be mixed with blood clots like pig liver color; premenstrual or menstrual cold belly pain, there is a feeling of cold, the hand can not press, the more you pressPain, it will feel comfortable to keep warm with hot water bottles.

Usually you can use warm and cold, Tongmai nourishing drugs, such as Ai Ye, ginger, angelica, cinnamon, Chuanxiong, rehmannia, medlar, licorice, Eucommia and so on.

3 blood sputum blood sputum performance: dark complexion, dark lips, subcutaneous veins purple.

The skin is rough, and sometimes the skin bruises appear unconsciously.

There are a lot of red silk in the eyes, and the gums are easy to bleed when brushing your teeth.

Easy to get irritated, forgetful, and temperamental.

Pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation, do not like to press, dark blood, blood clots.

Usually you can eat more hawthorn, vinegar, rose, kumquat and other foods that have activating blood, dispersing, qi, soothing liver and relieving depression, eating less fat and so on.

Dysmenorrhea diet treatment can dysmenorrhea only drink hot water?

Of course not!

Dysmenorrhea is generally caused by poor blood circulation or qi and blood deficiency, and diet therapy can play a better role.

Ginger jujube brown sugar dried ginger, jujube, brown sugar each 30 grams.

Wash the first two flavors, dry ginger slices, jujube to the core, add brown sugar to fry.

Drink soup and eat jujube.

It has the effect of warming and dispelling cold.

Suitable for cold dysmenorrhea and chloasma.

Ginger Ai ren porridge dried ginger, Ai Ye each 10 grams, 30 grams of coix seed.

Decoction the first two flavors of water, the porridge of the coix seed to eight mature, and cook until cooked.

It has the functions of warming, phlegm, dispelling cold, dehumidifying and moisturizing.Suitable for cold and damp dysmenorrhea.

Hawthorn Guizhi brown sugar soup hawthorn meat 15 grams, 5 grams of cassia twig, brown sugar 30?
50 grams.

Put the hawthorn meat and cassia twig into the corrugated pot, add 2 bowls of clear water, and fry the remaining bowl with simmer, add brown sugar, mix thoroughly, and boil.

It has Wenjing Tongmai, which has the effect of relieving phlegm and relieving pain.

Applicable to women with cold dysmenorrhea and faceless people.

Red wine stewed apples (400 grams) were peeled and cut into crescents with a knife.

Put the apples in the milk pot, pour the red wine into the apples, simmer for 15 minutes on medium heat, and simmer the apples in red wine for two hours.

It also has a curative effect on stomach pain in women’s physiological period.

In addition, red wine is also a beauty product.

Black bean jujube soup black bean 100g, jujube 50g, brown sugar 20g.

Add black beans, jujube and water to the amount, boiled into porridge, add brown sugar to serve, for 1 dose.

Take 3 days before the menstrual cramps, 1 dose per day, and even take 10 doses for a course of treatment.

Replenishing qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstruation and relieving pain.

Two meters of porridge dried ginger 50 grams, millet, corn 200 grams each.

Slice the dried ginger for use, then wash the millet and corn into the pot, add the appropriate amount of water, add the ginger slices after boiling, and cook until the corn is flowered.

Warm and cold, warm and painful.

Old Chinese Medicine[Brown Sugar Ginger Tea]The ancient Chinese medicine brown sugar ginger tea formula gradually passed down the ancient medical book, through the selection of raw materials, scientific ratio, using low-temperature dry pulverization process, the soup is concentrated into a uniform whole grain, a bubbleDrink, suitable for long-term air-conditioned people, physique is cold, women with dysmenorrhea suffer.

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