Guangdong Expressway A (000429): Slight changes in first half results High dividend yield highlights long-term allocation value

Guangdong Expressway A (000429): Slight changes in first half results High dividend yield highlights long-term allocation value
Incident Guangdong Expressway A released its semi-annual report for 2019. In the first half of 2019, Guangdong Expressway A achieved operating income of 14.84 ‰, a decrease of 3 per year.40%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.36 ppm, a decrease of 5 per year.46%.In the first half of 2019, the company achieved zero profit.35 yuan, expected average ROE is 8.39%, a decrease of 0 per year.21 units. A brief comment on the impact of multiple factors such as behaviors and diversions in the short term, the revenue of the holding road industry declined slightly in the first half of the year, mainly due to the decrease in road transportation income.32%.Judging from the operation of the company’s three holding roads: 1) Guangfo Expressway achieved a traffic volume of 35.37 million vehicles in the first half of the year, an annual increase of 19.7%, toll income 2.300 million US dollars, an annual increase of 2.19%. The reason for Guangfo Expressway’s revenue growth far exceeding its traffic growth rate is mainly because from July 1 last year, Guangzhou imposed restrictions on trucks with more than 15 tons. At the same time, the Foshan First Ring has already lifted the ban on goods and free of charge.As a result, the proportion of trucks on the Guangfo Expressway has declined. 2) The traffic volume of Fokai Expressway reached 34.21 million vehicles in the first half of the year, an increase of 4 per year.26%, toll income 6.1.7 billion, a decrease of 3 per year.33%.The reason for the decline in revenue was mainly due to the obvious diversion effect of the second phase of Yunzhan and the first ring of Foshan. 3) The Guangzhu section of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway was affected by a combination of multiple factors including the Humen Bridge ‘s partial cargo restrictions, the Nansha Bridge, and the completion of the Pan-Wan Expressway, which reduced the traffic flow in the first half of the year.35% to 34.84 million vehicles, toll revenue is reduced by 5 every year.27% to 6.02 billion. Revenue from equity investment in road products has steadily increased. The expansion of the southern section of Fokai has brought about an extension of the charging period. In addition to the three holding road products, the company has also invested in seven road products such as Huiyan Expressway, Guanghui Expressway, and Yuezhao Expressway., The total equity mileage of the controlling property company reached 264.4 kilometers.In the first half of 2019, the company realized investment income2.76 ppm, a six-year increase 杭州桑拿网 of 6.5%, of which long-term equity investment income calculated by equity method is 2.38 ppm, a ten-year increase of 9.At 7%, the reported profit of the equity investment in road property achieved a number of solid growth.In addition, the expansion project of the company’s southern section of Fokai is still progressing steadily, and the project progress has reached 58.87%, it is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, when its charging period will be extended, and the bicycle charging standard will also be increased. The cash cow attribute highlights the long-term allocation value. The first coverage gives the company an overweight rating in 2018, and the company is subdivided into 0.562 yuan (including tax), the dividend ratio is 70%, which corresponds to the current dividend yield of 7.30%.Considering that the 都市夜网 company’s road products are located in economically developed areas, future traffic flow can be guaranteed. Due to the company’s cash cow attributes, the company still tried to maintain a 70% dividend ratio in 19-20.We expect the company’s revenue levels to reach 32 respectively in 2019-2021.3.7 billion, 33.3.1 billion, 34.380,000 yuan, the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 16 respectively.7.8 billion, 17.310,000 yuan, 17.990,000 yuan, corresponding to 0 EPS.80 yuan, 0.83 yuan, 0.86 yuan, for the first time, the company was given an “overweight” rating.

Century Huatong (002602) Company In-depth Study: Domestic and Overseas Game Leaders Join Forces to Join Forces to Set sail

Century Huatong (002602) Company In-depth Study: Domestic and Overseas Game Leaders Join Forces to Join Forces to Set sail

One of the largest game manufacturers to achieve the comprehensive development of the game industry.

The company’s main business is Internet games, and its industries include Tianyou, Qiku, and Little Interactive (the game’s leading player in the sea, consolidated in January 18), Shengqu games (the domestic game leader, consolidated in June 19), and so on.

Driven by point-to-point consolidation, the company achieved revenue of 81 in 18 years.

24 ppm, an increase of 132 in ten years.

72%, net profit of non-attributed mothers7.

44 ppm, an increase of 96 in ten years.


Shengqu Games was consolidated in June. It belongs to the same shareholder’s shares and was rearranged. The following data has been adjusted for the same caliber: the company achieved operating income of 109 in the first three quarters of 19.

35 ppm, an increase of 18 years.

12% (almost 1.7 billion in revenue), achieving net profit attributable to mothers20.

Ten percent of 09, a year-on-year decline of 15.

13%, exceeding the advance notice limit and realizing a net deduction for non-attributed net profit of 14.

3.6 billion, an increase of 110 in ten years.

50%, mainly due to the increase in performance brought about by endogenous development such as Shengqu.

The R & D funding industry is leading, and it cooperates closely with leading companies.

In 19, the company’s R & D budget exceeded 1.3 billion, and the R & D team had nearly 3,000 people. They joined hands with the Nuggets and other nuggets to buy the market.

Tencent is an important strategic shareholder of the company (accounting for nearly 5%) and acts as the company’s head mobile game “Dragon Valley”, “Legend of Blood” and so on.

It has legendary, handed down, Dragon Valley and other head IP core resources, and attaches great importance to boutique.

In terms of mobile games, the legendary series of hand-to-hand mobile games performed well. New self-developed mobile games such as “Retro Legendary Heroes”, “Decisive Battle Marfa”, and “Remastered Edition” were launched during the year.》 Etc. also got good results.

In terms of terminal games, “Final Fantasy 14” 5.

Version 0 was launched, and “Qinglong of the Dragon” Q3 landed on WeGame, “Legendary Series Tour”, “Rainbow Island” and other works performed well, driving the end-game business to grow by nearly 15% in the first three quarters of the year.

20 years is an excellent year for the 20th anniversary of legendary games in China. “Legendary Eternal New Works” and “Legendary Heroes Edition” are expected to be launched. For other game categories, “Dragon Valley 2 (Tencent sole generation)”, “Qing Yu Nian (Open World Game)”, “Komori Life”, “Code Expedition”, “Rapis”, “Moon Rhapsody” has abundant reserves.

Domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions intensify market competition, actively move in hand in hand, and cloud game heroes shine swords.

As the first manufacturer to go abroad, Diandian has strengthened its global distribution capabilities, focusing on SLG and leisure categories, creating explosive models such as “The Gungun Era” and “King of Avalon”. It will be deployed in major overseas categories in 20 years, and more than ten products will be launched.

On October 10, 19, the company disclosed that it had signed a strategic agreement with Migu Culture. It will conduct comprehensive strategic cooperation in game intermodal transportation, 5G cloud game ecological construction, copyright cooperation, and overseas.

Investment point of view: The company has successively 北京夜网 integrated the game’s leading interactive game and one of the domestic game leader’s Shengqun games in 18-19, and has strengthened the alliance. It has further deepened its in-depth cooperation with Tencent to master the legendary legacy, Dragon Valley, Adventure Island, etc.A variety of top-level IP resources, 20 years of “Dragon Valley 2” and other game reserves are rich, and it is recommended to pay attention to the follow-up 3.1 billion supporting financing progress.

We expect the company’s revenue growth in the years 19-21 to be 89% (without retrospective adjustment) / 20% / 10%, and the net profit attributable to the mother is expected to be 30.


US $ 250 million, corresponding to an estimated 18x / 14x / 11x, and the current gaming industry’s estimated hub for 19-20 years is 19x / 15x. As one of the leading players in the global gaming industry, we think the company should be perfect with SanqiLeading A-share companies such as Gigabit are approaching, so they give the company a 20X target for 20X with a target price of 13.

4 yuan, “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: The version number is not approved in time, the online time or game performance exceeds expectations, overseas promotion is blocked, the governance structure is improved, and industry supervision is tightened.

Nanwei Medical (688029): Three major technology platforms for domestic minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment equipment leaders are expected to grow rapidly

Nanwei Medical (688029): Three major technology platforms for domestic minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment equipment leaders are expected to grow rapidly

Based on R & D and innovation, it has become the domestic leader in endoscopic diagnosis and treatment supplies.

Founded in 2000, Nanwei Medical focuses on the research and development, production and sales of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

The company has built three major technology platforms including endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, tumor ablation, and EOCT (optical coherence tomography system).

The company achieved operating income in the first three quarters of 20199.

600 million, an annual increase of 41.

2%; achieve net profit attributable to mother 2.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 38.

9%; net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers2.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 49% in ten years.

  Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment consumables: The core endoscopic business grew rapidly.

The global market size of endoscopic diagnostic equipment is more than 5 billion U.S. dollars, with an annual growth rate of about 5%. The penetration rate of endoscopic examination in China is currently low, but the growth rate is far beyond the international level.

  The company has six major product series including hemostasis and closure, EMR / ESD, ERCP, EUS / EBUS, etc. Among them, soft tissue clips are cost-effective, CAGR (2015-2018) = 167%, and the revenue ratio is 3

75% increased to 41.

82% are the company’s star products.

  Focus on research and development, innovation-driven.

The company continues to expand investment in research and development, continuous technological innovation, and develops new products.

The research and development achievements won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and the second prize of 无锡夜网 the National Technology Invention Award.

The company cooperated with Johns Hopkins University in the United States to obtain the core technology of EOCT products. It has been approved by the US FDA clinical trials and entered the domestic medical device green approval channel.

EOCT, as the most cutting-edge product for early cancer screening, has a breakthrough market potential.

  The layout of high-end products for minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment emerged.

At the same time as the rapid development of internal mirror diagnosis and treatment consumables, the company has cut into the field of tumor microwave ablation treatment and is marching toward high-end minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment products.

In 2018, the microwave microwave ablation product revenue was 7089 million, with a domestic market share of 23% in this field, ranking first in the echelon.

  Two-wheel drive in domestic and international markets.

In the domestic market, the company’s soft tissue clips, ESD electric knives and other products gradually realized import substitution.

The company’s products cover 2900 inpatient hospitals across the country, and the coverage rate of top three hospitals has reached more than 55%.

  In the international market, the company’s products are exported to the United States, Japan and other countries and regions.

National income reached 5 in 2018.

700 million, accounting for 55.

30%, overseas income reached 4.

100,000 yuan, accounting for 44.


  Investment suggestion: For the first time, assign a “Neutral” rating.

We expect the company’s revenue for 2019-2021 to be 12.

88, 17.

8, 24.

3.9 billion, a 39-year growth of 39.

7%, 38.

2%, 37%, net profit attributable to mother is 2.67, 3.

61, 4.

8.6 billion, an increase of 38 previously.

8%, 35%, 34.


The EPS is 2.

01, 2.

71, 3.

64 yuan.

Considering that the company is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive tracts, the two-wheel drive at home and abroad, the product is cost-effective, and the technology in progress is advanced.

We think the company’s reasonable estimate range for 2019 is 16-18 times PS, and the reasonable price range is 153-173 yuan.

Kaizhong (603037) 2019 Interim Review Report: Performance is slightly lower than expected

Kaizhong (603037) 2019 Interim Review Report: Performance is slightly lower than expected

Core views: 1) The company’s performance was slightly lower than expected, and revenue growth slowed down as the industry declined.

Affected by the negative growth of domestic passenger car market output (-15.

8%) impact, H1 companies in 2019 to achieve operating income2.

60 ppm, a reduction of 10 per year.

6%; the company’s net profit is 60.34 million yuan, a decrease of 24 per year.


2) The company’s gross profit margin and net profit margin declined.

The development trend of the automobile industry and the intensified market competition have replaced the pressure of price reduction on auto parts companies.

During the period, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin and net profit margin were 40.

85% and 23.

31%, a decrease of 4 respectively.

34 and 4.

11 units.

3) The company’s market development effect is remarkable.

In the first half of the year, the company’s shock-absorbing component business won multiple projects of mainstream models such as Audi (Germany), FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC-Volkswagen, Changan Ford; the 杭州夜网论坛 pedal business won most of the new models of SAIC Passenger Cars and Geely, and the company received newThe project value is about 1.

650,000 yuan, the new product realized operating income of 27.98 million yuan that year, laying the foundation for the company’s future business growth.

4) The company’s products have a high market share of new energy vehicles and will expand the scope of applications in the future.

The company ‘s sales of damping components and lightweight pedal assemblies accounted for approximately 46 in the new energy passenger car market.

5% and 15%; the company’s shock absorber components in new energy electric vehicles can be extended to new applications such as motor mounts, battery base mounts, etc., to continue to provide new growth points for the company’s business.

5) Profit forecast and investment rating.

The company’s earnings for 2019/2020/2021 are forecast to be 1.



25 yuan, the corresponding price-earnings ratio is 17 respectively.



3 times.

The company estimates that it is reasonable and has continued to grow for a long time. However, considering the downward pressure of the macro economy and the adjustment of the market and industrial structure, the investment rating is downgraded to “overweight”.

6) Risk warning.

Passenger car production and sales exceeded expectations for the time being; new business expansion failed to meet expectations.

Hualu Hengsheng (600426): Real gold is not afraid of refining and prove the strength of the leader

Hualu Hengsheng (600426): Real gold is not afraid of refining and prove the strength of the leader

Highlights of the report Description Hualu Hengsheng announced the 2019 Interim Report, and the company achieved operating income of 70.

8 ppm, an increase of ten years.

1%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies13.

100 million, down 22 a year.

1%, after deduction is 12.

9 trillion, down 23 a year.


The company’s basic profit income is zero.

81 yuan.

In the second quarter of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 35.

3 ‰, which decreases by 0 every year.

7%, attributable net profit 6.

700 million, down 29 every year.


  Incident review The company’s product production and sales increased, benefiting from increased production capacity release.

The company is a multi-industry new chemical enterprise. Its main products include fertilizers, acetic acid and derivatives, organic amines, polyols, adipic acid and 南京桑拿网 intermediates.

  In the first half of 2019, the company’s output of fertilizers, organic amines, adipic acid and intermediates, acetic acid and derivatives and polyols were 134.

7, 16.

9, 16.

7, 31.

8 and 31.

9 Initially, there were an increase of 43 compared to the same period last year.

7, -0.

6, 0.

7, 0.

0 and 20.

1 ounce.

The main driving force for the growth of the company’s production and sales comes from some of the company’s fertilizer functionalization projects that were put into production last year and 50 per year of plasma implantation projects.

  Most of the product prices in the second quarter went down month-on-month, and urea pushed up fertilizer prices.

According to the company’s announcement, in the second quarter of 2019, the company’s average sales prices of adipic acid and intermediates, acetic acid and derivatives and polyols decreased by 81.


2 and 415.

2 yuan / ton, organic amine and fertilizer prices increased by 65.

6 and 120.

1 yuan / ton.

Due to low inventory levels and other factors, urea prices remained relatively stable in the second quarter, which was the main motive force for fertilizer prices.

In terms of raw materials, the price of coal dropped slightly each year in the first half of the year, and the price of benzene decreased every year.

  The expense ratio increased during the period, and profitability declined.In the first half of 2019, the company’s period expenses7.

1%, an increase of 3 over the same period last year.


The sales expense ratio and R & D expense ratio are 2 respectively.

7% and 2.

3%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

1pct and 1.

8 points.

The former growth was mainly due to the increase in sales and freight, while the other was due to the increase in expensed R & D expenditure.

Affected by the decline in the prosperity of the chemical industry, the company’s gross profit margin was 29.

4%, a decrease of 3 compared with the same period last year.

8pct, net profit is 18.

5%, 5 lower than the same period last year.

5 points.

  Projects such as adipic acid were launched and continue to be optimistic about the company’s future growth.

According to the announcement, the company’s refined adipic acid quality improvement project and amide and nylon new material projects have begun construction, technology, design and construction contracts have begun to develop gradually, and bidding for long-term manufacturing equipment has begun.

The market position of the proposed investment project is high-end, which will give full play to the company’s internal gasification platform and eventually build an integrated new material industry base.

  The company has successfully created a “multi-line, one-line” circular economy and a flexible multi-generation production operation model, and plans to invest in projects to support future development.

The EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-21.



88 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk Warning: 1.

Downstream demand was less than expected, and product prices fell sharply; 2.

Projects under construction are progressing less than expected.

Treatment of senile dry mouth with traditional Chinese medicine type 4

Treatment of senile dry mouth with traditional Chinese medicine type 4

Introduction: Xerostomia is a common disease symptom that many people experience, and senile xerostomia is also one of them. So how to treat senile xerostomia?

Senile dry mouth, TCM type 4 treatment.

  Patients with senile xerostomia mainly have visceral dysfunction.

In the treatment of the primary disease, TCM syndrome differentiation is used to treat both the symptoms and the symptoms, and effectively alleviate the symptoms.

  Yin deficiency and fire type manifested as thirst and drinking plenty of water, insomnia and dreams, dry stool, yellow urine, hot hands and feet, pulse count, red tongue, yellow dryness and so on.

Regulating Ziyin and lowering fire, optionally using Zhibai Dihuang Wan for treatment.

  Patients with real spleen and stomach type are thirsty and want to drink more water, and like cold drinks, yellow urine, dry stools, irritable temper, upset and insomnia, yellow tongue and greasy fur, and strong pulse.

Expelling heat and reducing fire, optionally with Huanglian Shangqing pills.

  The weak spleen and stomach manifests as dry mouth but do not want to drink water, or drink only a small amount of hot water, reduced appetite, poor digestion, red tongue, and weak pulse.

Expelling warm spleen and stomach, optionally with Buzhong Yiqi pills.

  Patients with kidney yin deficiency type show dry mouth and like drinking water, but do not affect eating, excessive urine, weak waist and knees, often accompanied by upset and dizziness, thin red tongue, atrophy of the tongue and nipples, and pulse count.

Expelling nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, optionally with Liuwei Dihuang Wan.

  Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right method for the treatment of senile dry mouth. The treatment of senile dry mouth and traditional Chinese medicine type 4 is good.

How to make good use of three double-edged swords in the workplace

How to make good use of three double-edged swords in the workplace

Miss Yang, born in 1976, unmarried, is currently unemployed.

She studied advertising in junior college and later studied undergraduate English.

In the past 10 years, I have changed to 8 companies and served as assistants such as secretaries and business assistants. I am not familiar with each industry and have no experience.

In her letter, she said: “I have always sought a more stable job for government, public institutions, etc., but I have been able to achieve it for objective reasons.

I don’t want to work like a gendarmerie nanny all the time. I want to choose the right direction and gradually move to the middle position.

But at the moment my age is disabled, I am in a junior position, and intermediate ones cannot ask me to do it.

Rising age, lack of experience, and high or low positions make me very contradictory. What starting point and direction should I choose?

I am confused and even have depression, and I am very eager to get your advice.

The reporter learned that there are not a few people in the workplace who have similar concerns.

Age is about to reach the age of 35, but 10 years of work experience has not gained a skill; extending age, experience, and requirements for positions makes it impossible to start from the root, so occupation envelops the dilemma.

Here are three suggestions: First, the disadvantages change.

Everyone here knows that age, experience and position are the three “double-edged swords” in the workplace.

If you are young, you have more opportunities to carve yourself, and of course you need to sharpen and exercise. As you grow older, the accumulation of age allows you to master your career, but at the same time, it is the beginning of your career that makes you hard to defend.

The amount of experience is the same as the position.

Therefore, don’t be intimidated by your own age and stagnation of positions, learn to turn your disadvantages into advantages.

For example, in his early thirties, he is in the golden age of his career, has more or less industry experience, has also held some basic positions, and has had grass-roots experience. These are powerful capital.

As long as the requirements are not too high, you will find that 10 years of work experience has indeed given you a good foundation for development.

  First, do a good job analysis.

Although the military is an assistant job and has not entered the core department or core position of the enterprise, this does not mean that you are hopeless for promotion and development.

Combining your own professional advantages in the workplace, from extension to the core, uniforms to promote positions, the story of “curve to save the country” is not small. The key is to comprehensively analyze all aspects such as your own experience, professionalism, and family situation, so that a feasible careerDevelopment route.

Take Miss Yang, the advantage of English is to enter the workplace.

  Finally, improve professional skills.

We say that every successful professional has a set of workable skills or rules of procedure.

And everyone in the workplace is likely to have a fault in personality, work attitude, handling skills, and so on.

Therefore, put away your weaknesses and depressions, learn the resumes of successful people, interviews, work methods, work skills, professional attitudes and other advantages, and then follow the career plan, the better and better.

Teach you how to skinny calf easily at home

Teach you how to skinny calf easily at home

Core tip: The thick calf has always been the “stab” in the heart of MM who loves shorts and short skirts. Always wanting to thin the calf has little effect. If you have not lost hope, then you can try the threeOne step may help you lose weight.

  Summer is here, and the women ‘s beautiful heart is beating fast. What shorts and short skirts of Qi X are directly visible on the street. The beautiful and sexy long legs are destined to be one of the most dazzling scenery in summer.

Of course, this is the case for MMs with beautiful legs. If your calves are not beautiful enough, we recommend that you beautify your calves for everyone’s mood.

  Skinny calves have always been the drainage of many MMs. What I want to tell you here is that skinny calves are not thinner in ten days and a half months, but need ordinary exercise and habits to create. Just like at home, weYou can often do these three steps to achieve the purpose of thin legs.

  Step 1: When walking on your toes or trotting at home, whether you are cooking or cleaning, you can walk or trot on your toes. This is the easiest way to thin your calves.Ignored method.

  Step 2: Stretching for leg presses is mainly to stretch the muscles, so as long as you have this function, do more exercises, such as lying on the bed or sofa, raising your legs and keeping your toes back, Keep one action to return to the toes for 8-10 seconds, relax, continue to toes, and then repeat the next step after ten minutes.

  Step 3: Massage the legs and belly 1 and alternately rub your hands.

Put the palms of both hands around the calf belly, and alternately move your hands upwards.

Do it 10 times with both hands.

  2. Twist and rub with both hands.

The palms of both hands cling to the muscles of the legs and abdomen, and twist the hands for rubbing, until the legs and belly are all hot.

  3, massage can also be appropriate in hot water soak will help the leg blood circulation, speed up the burning aunt.

  Tips: thin legs simply say simply, that is difficult is difficult, the focus lies in whether you are able to adhere to long-term to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise habits.

The above method is a relatively simple, for most girls to exercise as long as you exercise, you will be able to get the harvest.

The secret of long thin legs one word: perseverance.

Don’t let sports hurt your mood

Don’t let sports hurt your mood

Because aerobics is accompanied by strong rhythmic music, it uses a large number of joints with large amplitudes such as running and jumping of the lower limbs and shoulder breaks. Therefore, the training level is insufficient, the teaching and training arrangements are improper, and the athletes have poor physical and psychological conditionsProne to injury.

The occurrence of sports injuries will affect the health, learning, work, and psychology of athletes.

  The following is a brief introduction to the causes and complications of sports injuries prone to aerobics.

  First, the causes of sprains on step joints: insufficient preparation activities before exercise, poor squeezing and elasticity of the alignment technology belt; incorrect pedaling techniques; body out of balance when jumping and landing, and unequal venues.

  Symptoms: local pain in the fractured joint, rapid swelling and gradual extension, and complications in the front of the joint, local subcutaneous congestion; lameness.

  Preventive measures: 1.

Be sure to prepare for exercise before exercise, especially adding ligaments around the joints to improve joints.


Strengthen the exercise of the ligament muscles around the part, and perform more lifting exercises and weight lifting exercises to improve the strength and elasticity of the joints.


In running and jumping exercises, select the correct technique for landing on the feet.


When the body is in fatigue and bad state, avoid difficult exercises and reduce exercise load.

  Treatment: Immediately after the sprain, stop the exercise and press the thumb to stop bleeding to check whether the ligament is completely broken.

Within 12 hours, ice packs can be used for cold compresses and compression bandaging to prevent capillary dilation from continuing to bleed and raise the affected limb.

After 24 hours, according to the injury, external application of wound medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, injection of pain points of the drug and support band fixation are optional.

Early preventive joint function exercises, such as interventional joint anti-joint activities, jogging on the sand, etc., to accelerate joint function recovery.

  If the ligament is completely ruptured, emergency rescue is performed and sent to the hospital for further treatment.

  Second, the cause of fatigue periostitis: a large number of running and jumping movements cause the body’s gravity and the reaction force on the ground to focus on the convex surface of the curved part of the bone (causing the front of the periosteum), causing stress damage to the periosteum.

  Symptoms: Pain: local pain after training. In severe cases, it is painful when walking or not exercising. Most of the pain is hidden and involved.

  Swelling: Mild pitting edema in local soft tissue.

  Tenderness: There is tenderness on the medial side of the cavity, the inner posterior edge, or the lower end of the fibula; in severe cases, small nodules or masses often appear on the surface of the fractured bone, and the pain is intense.

  Post-step or support pain: Pain is noticeable when doing post-step or support.

  Preventive measures: 1.

Be well prepared.


Properly grasp the running and jumping techniques, pay attention to the relaxation in the movement and the cushioning of the landing to extend the impact of the ground on the calf.


Reasonably arrange exercise volume and improve training methods.


Avoid running and jumping exercises on hard grounds.


To prevent cold, use various methods such as self-massage after exercise to eliminate the calf muscle fatigue in time.

  Treatment: Those with milder early symptoms do not need special treatment. They only use elastic bandages to wrap the calf, and adjust the training plan to reduce the amount of lower limb exercise or lower limb activity, and raise the affected limb at rest.

Those with severe symptoms should pay attention to rest, wrap the calf with elastic bandages, raise the affected limb, use Chinese medicine fumigation or external application, physical therapy, iodine ion introduction or microwave treatment, massage, etc., the massage method is kneading and mashingThe calf muscles are mainly used, and at the same time, Yin Lingquan, Yangling Spring, Zusanli, Chengshan, and middle acupoints are massaged.

  Third, the cause of sacral strain: It is mostly caused by running and skipping, long-term overload of the knee joint, or accumulation of repeated micro-injuries, which can also be caused by local impacts and drags.

Especially when the knee joint is in a squatting position, due to the ligament relaxation, the tension of the patella and the patella ligament and the patella, the compression force on the corresponding joint surface of the femur is blocked.

If the squat position “jumps” or yields and twists when the squeezing position is exceeded, the force exceeds the physiological load of the tissue, which will affect local metabolism and cause degeneration and necrosis of the cells, resulting in local pathological changes such as tendon fiber hemorrhage, degeneration and proliferation.
  Symptoms: Early or mild people experience knee pain and soft knees after heavy exercise.
Symptoms are relieved after the break; the progress of the complications is relieved, the pain gradually worsens, the symptoms are relieved after preparing for activities, and then worsened after the training.

In severe cases, it also hurts when walking and sitting.

There is oppression at the tip of the sacrum and the periphery of the sacrum.

Knee joint pain is obvious between 110-150 degrees.

  Preventive measures: 1.

Reasonably arrange the amount of exercise, avoid excessive local load, and cancel the “single one” training method.


Strengthen the lower limb muscle strength training, especially the quadriceps strength training.


After each training, do a one-foot squat test, find the brakes early, and treat them in time.


After training, you should wipe off your sweat, keep warm, prevent wind and cold, and use hot water bath and massage to eliminate local fatigue.

  Treatment: straight leg lifting method, patella twitch method, climbing step method, high-level static squat method, etc., can receive certain treatment effects.

In addition, you can also use physical therapy, external application of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, external application of traditional Chinese medicine penetration or direct current introduction, massage and so on.

If long-term conservative treatment is not effective, patients with sacral cartilage with increased symptoms should be treated with surgery.

  Fourth, the cause of muscle strain: When completing various actions, due to the active and vigorous contraction (contraction) of the muscle, its force exceeds the capacity of the muscle itself, active or passive muscle strain can occur.

  Symptoms: Partial pain after muscle strain, tenderness, swelling, muscle tension, stiffness, stretching, dysfunction, and pain increase when the injured muscle actively contracts (contracts).

  Preventive measures: 1.

Be fully prepared.


Strengthen the strengthening of muscle groups in vulnerable areas and strength training.


For various exercises of passively pulling muscles, attention must be paid to step by step.

  Treatment: Early stage: cold compress, pressure bandaging, raising the wound.

Appropriate braking to prevent swelling, analgesia and reduce fatigue.

  Medium-term: For those with mild symptoms, 24 hours after the injury, external wound medicine, physical therapy, injection of pain points, massage, etc. can be used to accelerate regeneration and repair.

  Follow-up: Strengthen and restore muscle function. Massage, physiotherapy, and functional exercises are often used, and drug therapy (external dressing or fumigation) is appropriate.

Care for premature infants, parents should pay attention to a few points?

Care for premature infants, parents should pay attention to a few points?

Premature babies are newborns born less than 37 weeks of age.

Most premature babies have a birth weight of less than 2500 grams.

Premature infants have a higher mortality rate, because the organ systems of premature infants are immature and prone to a variety of comorbidities. Therefore, most premature infants need to be treated in hospitals.

  When premature babies can suckle by themselves and guarantee daily intake; indoor temperature 21?
Can maintain normal body temperature at 24 ℃; daily weight gain of 10?
30 grams, and more than 2300 grams; no complications; no need to inhale oxygen, no anemia and other nutritional symptoms, you can be discharged.

But after the child is discharged from the hospital, his body is still very weak, and parents should take care very carefully.

  Prevention of infection: Except for those who look after the child (mother or grandmother), it is best not to let anyone into the room of the premature baby, let alone show the child to relatives and neighbors.

Those who take special care of children should put on clean clothes (or special disinfection gowns) and wash their hands when feeding the baby or doing other things.

When a mother has a cold, she should wear a mask to breastfeed, and wash her hands with soap and heat before breastfeeding to avoid cross infection.

  Keep warm: pay attention to the issue of thermal insulation for premature babies, but thermal insulation is not the same as covering the child tightly. In home care, the indoor temperature should be maintained at 24-28 ° C and the indoor relative humidity between 55% -65%.If the indoor temperature can not reach, you can consider warming your child with a warm water bag, but be careful about safety.

The baby’s body temperature should be maintained at 36-37 ° C. In the afternoon and afternoon, when the body temperature is measured once, if the maximum temperature or the minimum temperature difference is 1 ° C, corresponding measures should be taken to ensure the stability of the body temperature.

When the baby weighs less than 2.

Do not take a bath when 5 kg, every 2 available cooking oil?

Rub the baby’s neck, under the arm, and thigh roots for 3 days.

If you weigh more than 3 kilograms, you can bathe like a healthy newborn every time you eat 100 ml of milk.

In cold seasons, special attention should be paid to the room temperature and water temperature during bathing.

  1, carefully selected: premature babies need breast milk replacement.

Because the milk of premature mothers contains more nutrients and amino acids than the milk of full-term children, it can fully meet the nutritional needs of premature babies: and the milk of premature mothers is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of premature babies, and can also improve theImmune ability, plays a great role in fighting infection.

Therefore, mothers must be confident that their breast milk is the best substitute for their children. They must find ways to let their children eat breast milk, or find ways to let their children eat breast milk after they leave the hospital.

The mother must adjust the contact with the premature infant. If the child’s hospital has a mother-infant ward, the mother must accompany the child to the mother-infant ward.

For children who cannot suck or have weak sucking power, the mother must milk the milk on time (at least every three hours), and then feed the squeezed milk to the baby.

  2. Infant’s touch: The tactile stimulus brought by the touch will form a reflection in the child’s brain. At this time, the child’s eyes, hands, and heels will move. When this connection and activity between the brain cells occurs, Has promoted the development of children’s intelligence.

Another benefit is that children can cry less and sleep better.

And abdominal massage can enhance children’s digestive and absorption functions.

  3. Please contact the doctor in time when: ① the body temperature drops below 35 ° C, or rises above 38 ° C, and the corresponding temperature increase or decrease measures have no effect; ② cough, foaming, breathingWhen rushing; ③ Sudden decrease in milk intake, yellowish complexion, and weak crying; ④ Sudden abdominal distension; ⑤ When there is impact or convulsions.

  When caring for premature babies, don’t be impatient. You must carefully design and observe your child’s changes, but don’t be overly nervous, you must be scientifically adjusted, you must have confidence, and your child will grow up healthy.

Practice has proved that before the age of 2 is valuable time to make up for the congenital deficiency. As long as it is scientifically noticed, it is completely possible for the premature baby to catch up with the normal baby before the age of two.

Such premature babies will not be physically weaker than normal.