China Jingtai Blue Art Exhibition series is held in Jinan University

  Recently, "Dagui Wan Hai Yanhe Qing" celebrates the 115th anniversary of Jinan University, China Jingtai Blue Art Exhibition opened in the art space of the Four Sea of ??Jinan University.

Exhibitions are hosted by the China Arts and Crafts Society, Jinan University Guidance, Jinan University Cultural Heritage Creative Industry Research Institute, hosted by Chinese and foreign 珐 美 美 美. The exhibition will last until December 16th.

  The exhibition has brought more than 150 traditional and modern Jingtai Blue Art boutiques, leading people to experience the charm of the labinai Jingtai blue.

It is reported that this art exhibition is the first time in China’s universities in China. Jingtai blue art works.

At the opening ceremony of Xinhuanet, the national Jingtai Blue Silk Art Non-legacy passer, the total artist Zhong Lian Shengli introduced the origin and development of Jingtai Blue Art, inherited, and explained a few generations of Jingtai Blue inheritor Efforts, develop, innovate, design, let the skills to resurrect and regenerate.

Jingtai blue art works.

Chen Ping, Xinhua Net, Jinan University, Cultural Heritage Creative Industry Research Institute, said that the exhibition is divided into "civilized blending – the first life of the art" "Birth and Dingsheng of Jingchao", "Shengshi Hua Color – the country The seven chapters of the gift ", concentrated on the inheritance and development of Jingtai Blue Process, interpreting the importance of east and west civilized mutual, cultural exchange sharing. Chen Ping, the Cultural Heritage Creative Industry Research Institute of Jinan University.

Xinhuanet issued.

Carry out scientific protection in terms of field monitoring: in Gao Ligong Mountain, protect multi-sample

Gao Ligong Mountain has a long mountain range.

The vertical structure of a complete ecosystem integrating tropical, subtropical, temperate and cold belt, making it extremely rich in biodiversity here.Establish a biological corridor, carry out regular inspections, strengthen scientific research … local governments, researchers, local residents, etc., have worked for many years to jointly protect the biodiversity here.

Gao Ligong Mountain has a Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, concentrated on approximately 17% of higher plants in my country and about 30% of mammalian species. "China Biological Diversity", compiled the Biodiversity Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, listed Gao Rigong Mountain as "key areas with international significance". In Gao Ligong Shanteng Shun Zhuji Linjiapu Scientific Research Monitoring Station, Linxia is displaced with big tree runts in this year. This is one of the representative plants in Gao Ligong Mountain.

The big tree ruins called "Rhododendron King", the trunk is tapped. Since the distribution range is extremely narrow and the quantity is rare, the first big tree rhododendron was accidentally discovered, no one has seen it for many years.

Duan Shaozhong, deputy director of the Guoshan Management Bureau, the National Nature Reserve, Gao Ligong Mountain, introduced that in order to find out the base of the big ruins, Chinese scientists go deep into the hinterland of Gao Ligong, and began for many years. Until the early 1980s, the research team of botanologists Feng Guot was discovered in Gao Liqiang Mountain in the Tengfujun. The discovery of the big tree ruins, gave research workers more confidence.

In 1983, the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government approved the establishment of Gaoli Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve, in 1986, the State Council approved its national nature reserve. The government departments and scientific research workers conducted a systematic field survey of large tree ruins, until 2014, finally determined that the number of large ruins of the big ruins held at the time were 1771 strains.

"The big ruffled seeds are smaller than sesame seeds, which is difficult to germinate from the trend of the trees, plus the conditions of temperature, humidity, altitude, etc., and the population natural update and expansion are extremely difficult.

Duan Shaozhong introduced.

Natural updates and difficulties are difficult, they need people to help.

The Kunming Botanical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yunnan Forestry and Prairie Sciences, etc., to carry out artificial breeding and expansion technology experiments.

The seedlings breed in laboratory were selected to return to plant experiments in places similar to their habitat conditions. Lin Jiapu became one of the regression of the experimental base.

According to statistics, the latest Rhododendron seedlings in Linjiapu were planted in May this year. It is currently growing well; in 2017, the seedlings of the first transplanting here are 60%, 4 years, Miao High from 25 cm long to 60 cm.

"We choose transplanted seedlings are basically around 25 cm, this height can make photosynthetic effects in wild hamma, natural growth. The big tree rhododendron is slowly growing. It can be so high in 4 years. It can be said that returning is very successful. Duan Shaozhong said.

In 2005, Yunnan proposed to protect extremely small groups of species. In 2010, the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government approved the implementation of the Outline of Yunnan Province (2010-2020) ", 62 plants, 50 animals as extremely small species, and implement rescue protection.

In Gao Ligong Mountain, after the wild, he passed the near-ground protection and artificial breeding of field returns, and it was used to protect the endangered and extremely dangerous species of the big tree ruins, Baoshan, and Yu Tong.

Gao Ligong Mountain National Nature Reserve relates to Baoshan City, Yunnan Province and the Nujiang Autonomous Prefecture, and is divided into three districts that are not connected to each other in northern, middle and south.

Do a good job in causing scientific research and a large number of field monitoring. In order to solve the problem of habitat habitat in the habitat of wildlife, in 1996, the people’s government of Baoshan City, the original Teng Chong County (now Teng Chong City) people’s government will be located in the provincial nature reserve and Gao Ligong Mountain National Nature of Longling Small Hishan, Yunnan Province. The state-owned forest between the protected area is established as a biological corridor, incorporating the unified management of the National Nature Reserve of Gaoligong Mountain.

"The biological corridor will effectively protect the ecology, and the two protected areas are almost a piece, and the species moved out to move forward, forming a true wildlife channel.

Li Zhengbo Li Zhengbo, the four-level researcher of the Baoshan Forestry and Grassland Bureau of Yunnan Province, said. "Sometimes I am in the mountain monkey, watching the monkeys who come over from the hill, more and more, only dozens of only dozens, now often Can be hundreds of hundreds.

"Guardian’s 10 years of 10 years of forest operators Yang Yun excitedly, the national level of the country living in the biological corridor belt, the number of wildlife Philippine leaf monkeys, the number of 4 groups in 1996, increased to 2020 With more than 800 groups. In 1995, with the help of the Kunming Botanical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Gao Rigong Mountain Farmer Biological Diversity was established in Baihualing Village, Baoshan City. " We run at least two ecological protection training lectures. "The Chairman of the Association Hou Xingzhong said proudly.

Ecology is getting better, life is also getting better.

On the other of Gao Ligong Mountain, Zhang Min, Tensication of Lin Min.

In 2013, Zhang Min was got on the ruling station of Gao Li Mountain Longjiang Tube Station.

"The country gave us the task of protecting the ecology, and we have a stable income.

When I just did a forest, the road from the Dragon River was particularly difficult, and there was no such thing as the tunnel. "Zhang Min recalls. In April 2014, the Delongjiang Highway Gao Ligong Mountain Tunnel was smooth, Zhang Min’s patrolling forest road is also more convenient. The river valley near the tunnel, Zhang Min racks played the Gao Ligong Mountain alone Longjiang section An infrared camera. In addition to the wage income of the forest, we plant a grass fruit, crops sell them outside, and income has also increased a lot. Zhang Min said.

Don Longjiang Township Changmu Xiaolong Introduction: "All our forests are all in the second elastin, and the scale is controlled, and it is not allowed to plant under protected areas. Patrol regular inspection, strictly defend ecological protection Red line. ".

Bijie Wendo: "Propenen Supervision" will extend the tentacles to the grassroots

"The usual policies related to people’s livelihood do you have all the disclosure of the people on the people’s interests of the people in place, how is your village collective ‘three-fund’ management? When the Minzi community launched the "level supervision", the person in charge of the community is inquiry to ask the relevant people’s livelihood in the field of work. Since this year, the county has carried out the "level supervision" by adopting normalization supervision, up and down linkage supervision, control supervision, "point-hole" supervision, patrol supervision, "fingertips" supervision, etc., focusing on comprehensiveness of the party, implementation Huimin Hui farmers policy, project implementation and fund management use, collective "three-capital" management, party branch leading the village collective cooperatives, party affairs, and village (social) disclosure, etc.

In the specific work, the county chose 5 villages (communities) as a pilot, through the "four non-two straight" methods, combined with "visiting villages, supervision, help exciting" special action, "four do not pick" special supervision, etc. Move the "county, township, village" three-level linkage, adopt a cognitive interview, randomly check, "点" supervision and check the information, individual interviews, and home surveys, the project is not implemented as required, dividend is not timely, financial management Confusion, the management of party members and cadres are not in place, and the village cadres will make "advance supervision" for private interests. In addition, the county also makes full use of modern technology networks and big data to play the existing network big data platform advantages, promote the "fingertips" supervision link on the pilot village (community), posted the financial results of the people’s livelihood project, guide the villagers By clicking the "fingertips" supervision link, the mobile phone sweeps the people’s livelihood project funds to monitor the QR code, use the "fingertips" to check the village households Huimin Hui farmers funds, the implementation and advancement of people’s livelihood projects, and the smooth network reflects the channels. Strengthen the supervision of people’s livelihood in the field of people, and further enhance the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in supervision.

Up to now, 126 problems have been found in the county, and 6 problems clues. "Next, we will constantly summarize the experience of ‘level supervision’, make up for the oversight short board, gradually improve the supervision system, improve the supervision and efficiency, ensure that all Huimin policies are implemented, and the last kilometers of grassroots supervision ‘ The relevant person in charge of the county discipline committee supervision committee.

Source: (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

36 Government Services "verwijst naar de tip" Sanya Haishu District Service Hall geopend Online afspraakdiensten

People’s Network Sana 16 oktober (Song Tongtong) hoeft het nummer ter plaatse niet in staat te stellen en u kunt een afspraak maken. Onlangs opende het Sanya Haizhen District Service Center officieel online afspraakdiensten, de eerste keer van voedselmanagementlicentie, 36 overheidsdiensten zoals Enterprise Insights-registratie-applicaties kunnen een afspraak maken voor de "Haishu Administrative-goedkeuring WeChat" om een ??afspraak te maken, de mensen en ondernemingen on-site wachttijd, verder helpen bij het oogsten en optimaliseren van bedrijfsomgevingen. Let afhankelijk van rapporten, let op de "Haishu-administratieve goedkeuring" WeChat Public Account, klik op Online afspraak, kies het item dat wordt afgehandeld (naam, verwerkingsdatum, afspraaktijd), slechts een paar minuten, de massa’s kunnen online boeken Op de mobiele telefoon na de reservering is succesvol, wordt de systeemmelding ontvangen om de mensen eraan te herinneren op tijd naar de regeringszaal.

Er wordt gemeld dat de People-afspraak via de online afspraak de prioriteit zal genieten om het recht om voorrang te bieden. Wanneer in de wachtrij in de Hall in de overheidszaal wordt geplaatst, voegt het systeem automatisch de cijferinformatie in op de voorhoede van de huidige wachtrij, klaar om te doen , "ZERO WACHTEN".

De 36 overheidsdiensten op de eerste batch betrof 3 afdelingen van de Haishu District Health and Jianjian Comité, District Market Supervision Administration, District People’s Social Security Bureau. Directeur van het Administrative Goedkeuringsdienst Bureau van Haishu District zei dat de online reserveringsfunctie is om de belangrijke initiatieven van het Administrative Approval Service Bureau van Haitang District te blijven verdiepen en een groot aantal overheidsdienst, online afspraak te plannen. "Plaat , continu verbetert de effici?ntie van diensten van de overheidszaken in het district Haitang en realiseerden de ontwikkeling van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van overheidsdiensten. (Editor: Liu Yangyang, Jiang Chengliu) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

China Hi-Eng Group: een grote structuur bouwen om de lange triangulatie te helpen

In de afgelopen jaren is China Hi-Eng Group gestart vanuit het National Chess Algemene spel, en de binnenlandse overzeese collaboratieve planning, houdt zich altijd aan de marktontwikkelingsstrategie van "High-end lead, een twee vleugels, oostwaarts zuiden, binnenlands in het buitenland, geco?rdineerd Ontwikkeling ", groei van de marktindex en rangschikking in het eerste deel van China, een van Jiangsu, Zhejiang en Shanghai, is een van de" zeshonderd miljard marktfondsen "in de zeventien-markt. Het is een belangrijke planning voor de lange termijn ontwikkeling van de zeventien en toch markt.In het land van Fu Zhai, Zhejiang en Shanghai zwaait de ontwikkeling van ontwikkeling, en heeft ook oneindige uitdagingen en kansen.Het vasthouden aan de marktontwikkelingsfilosofie van "gebruik op de plaatselijke markt van de verandering, met kwaliteitsboommerk", zullen zeventien sneakers excellentie, het project nemen als de koning, doorbreken de hulp van de marktsituatie, diepgaande praktijk van de projectbeoordeling Mechanisme, beveiligingskwaliteit Boutique, tot oprichting van een merk in Jiangsu, Zhejiang en Shanghai, het gieten van een single-seventien toch markt "visitekaartje".

Verduidelijking van de strategische richting, klinken de regionale moed om de Jiangsu, Zhejiang en Shanghai regionale markt, en de wortels in te voeren, blijven roll ontwikkeling, het bevorderen van de integratie bouw van de driehoek, uitgegroeid tot een sterke vakantie markt voor de Supreme Metallurgie Market Dit is niet makkelijk.

Verschillende marketing methoden, verschillende biedingen eisen, kwalitatief betere engineering management, bouw technische eisen zijn alle blokken. Grijpen de strategische focus, met het oog op het hele lichaam, de 17e geur van de lange driehoek integratieproces, naar Nanjing, Shanghai en andere grote stad markten, met Jiangsu Lianyun Port, Xuzhou, Yancheng, Zhejiang Jinhua Yiwu, Yongkang, etc te openen . Nieuwe hotspots, banden binnen en buiten, opent u de hele plaat. Uitgaan meer, welkom, bewuster, hardlopen, en streven naar een nieuwe basisschijf op te bouwen.

Kijk voor de belangrijkste richting van de belangrijkste aanval, kunt u een kind te winnen.

Accurate Meeting, actieve dienst is de markt afwijzing, volgens de eisen van de eigenaar, waarin investeerders + EPC, EPC + gedeeltelijk uitstel van betaling, ABO en andere ontwikkeling van de markt modellen, organiseren potenti?le eigenaren om het project te bezoeken zien, uit te voeren productie marketing ge?ntegreerde strategie , laat de deelname project, dragen sommige marketing verantwoordelijkheden, ten volle gebruik maken van de middelen verzameld in het project bouwproces. Tegelijkertijd is het fijn gecultiveerd het krediet evaluatie score van bouwbedrijven in het gebied, versterkt de teelt van de talenten van de markt team, en bouwt een team van hoge kwaliteit die geschikt zijn voor Jiangsu, Zhejiang en Shanghai is geweest.

Duidelijke richting, op de voet staan op de regionale middelbare uitgebreide alomvattende nieuwe project, tot high-end merk projecten te maken, de voorkeur aan klanten met een goede reputatie, een goede zakelijke omstandigheden, goede voordelen, gegarandeerde fondsen, op school ziekenhuis, betaalbare woningen, industri?le fabriek, over de weg en brug het verkeer en andere projecten zijn gericht op doorbraak. Op dit moment is het 17e jaar nog steeds de traditionele markt uit te breiden, zoals Shanghai, Nanjing, het bedrag van de markt orders, de Shanghai Jiading District is groot geweest, heeft de Songjiang District en de Pudong New Area Linggang New City de situatie, Jiangsu Lianyun geopend Port, Yancheng, Fengxian, Yun Yang en Zhejiang Yiwu, Yongkang, Jiaxing en andere multi-project succesvol geland, 2021 jaar geleden, Jiangsu, Zhejiang en Shanghai regionale markt heeft bijna 1,3 miljard, heeft een algemeen kader ganzen in gang gezet. Innovatief project management nieuw model, versterking van de regionale merk invloed, Jiangsu, Zhejiang en Shanghai markt, enorme ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden, maar concurrentiedruk niet te onderschatten, de binnenlandse top bouwbedrijven strijden om aandeel in deze markt, om na te denken in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai , Het is noodzakelijk om het afsluiten van een harde project prestaties.

Ontwikkelen en massaal kansen grijpen met projecten. Zeventien Yee, het project management control meester platform, verbetert continu het project management mogelijkheden.

Shanghai Jiading Xu Xing project is een beroemde moeilijkheden "harde bone", en het project moet de eigenaren aan het eind van 2021 te leveren.

De afdeling project organiseerde de "Daxie 100 Day" arbeid concurrentie activiteiten, het ombuigen van de werkperiode plan, redelijk formuleren bouwplan, was gericht op het technisch onderzoek, wetenschappelijk geregeld mankracht, materi?le kracht, veiligheid en hoogwaardige en effici?nte uitvoering van het project de bouw taak .

Shanghai Branch heeft bijgedragen aan de markt uit te breiden naar Songjiang en Pudong met een harde project.

Shanghai Branch is een doorbraak in de bouw van betaalbare woningen, en de markt ondertekening bedrag is gestaag toegenomen, en de markt ondertekening volume is toegenomen meer dan verdubbeld in de afgelopen drie jaar. Leiden, verbetering van het ontwerp, de constructie en werking alle industri?le keten. De tweede aflevering van Yiwu Sanli Street en een EPC algemene aannemingsbedrijven project, is een belangrijk ankerpunt om de Zhejiang markt. Vanaf de ontwerpfase, de zeventien-Yeli ontwerp personeel inwoner project afdeling, in combinatie met de werkelijke optimalisatie opzet van het project, volwassen EPC beheer ervaren, waardoor gemoedsrust aan de eigenaar.

In het licht van de hoge eisen bouwnormen van de provincie Zhejiang en het projectmanagement, de 17e smelterijen zich te houden aan de bouw van het beheer van funderingen, innovatie management methoden, en beschaafd bouwlagen geworden regionale demonstratieprojecten. Strikt standaardiseren van de standaard, een groene project site te maken is image-externe imago van een, en de zeventien measy heeft altijd vastgehouden aan de bouw van groene beschaving, strikte project standaardisatie, en continu doen de productie veiligheid en het beheer van de bescherming van het milieu, welk merk sterk verbetert invloed hebben.

Tegelijkertijd wordt in hoge normen, is het "snel" in de effici?ntie van de zeventien-yen in de prestaties van het project en de veiligheid omvat de preventie en bestrijding van de epidemie, "strikte" "exact", de maatregelen "echte" en de bouw "groen". De nieuwe smart bouwsysteem toepassing, verder versterkt het niveau van het project management en controle niveau, BIM5D technologie, kwaliteit veiligheid wijsheid en milieu-controle, waardoor een volledige moderne technologie, de bouwplaats, geavanceerde internet der dingen Technieken brengen een ander gevoel van view van de samenleving die kwam kijken.

De bouw van de Nanjing Pukou Intellectual Property Services Building is voltooid, en de kenmerken van de live technische zin actief zijn.

Het is dat de volgorde markt in Nanjing is meer dan 50%. Jiangsu Branch neemt de Nanjing High-tech No. 1 blok project als een springplank, continu gebruik, en continu versterken van de groene beschaving bouw standaard volgens de eisen van Nanjing de bouw, en won zelfs de titel van Nanjing "Gedifferentieerde Site", die moet een doelwit geworden in de regionale doel. succes het helpen van de succesvolle landing van high-tech No.3 blok projecten, de vorming van voortschrijdende ontwikkeling. Shanghai Branch houdt zich aan het merk project, in 2019, werd FAR Ding City North Grote woonwijk project toegekend Shanghai beschaving bouw site, Shanghai Municipal Gong Competition Excellent Titel van het Team 2020 Shanghai Jiading Rail Transit No. 14 Relocation Reture Housing Project, Xu Xing Town nieuw Levering Hervestiging House het project is dubbel won de titel van "beschaafde bouwplaats" in Shanghai. De markt algehele situatie is altijd in overeenstemming met de tijd, en de loopbaan wordt altijd bloeien in de tijd. Wisdom hardwerkende zeventien mensen, op de voet rond de Yangtze River Delta ge?ntegreerde ontwikkeling algemene situatie, zich te houden aan de "on-site veranderende markt, de kwaliteit merk boom", diepploegen Jiangsu, Shanghai, een basis voor het bedrijf van hoge kwaliteit ontwikkeling op te bouwen. (Zhou Li Yun) (Editor: Ouka, Gong) Sharing meer mensen laten zien.

The deputy county governor sent Beijing to the poverty alleviation product station "吆 吆"

Original title: The deputy magistrate of the deputy magistrate to Beijing is the "吆 吆" of the poverty alleviation products "吆 吆" as the deputy magistrate is introducing local high quality agricultural products. This newspaper (reporter Wang Qipeng) "Baoding has good goods, Beijing does not know.

"This is a dilemma that Hebei Baoding ‘s agricultural products.

On the morning of June 1, a poverty alleviation product promotion will be held in Pangzhuang Town, Daxing District. The 8-position deputy county governor from Baoding has brought home products, inviting everyone to try to eat, and earn people on the spot.

  涞 涞 石 小米, 涞 涞 涞 烤 烤 核Only two counties of Qu Yang, bringing more than 70 products, accounting for half of the species of the product. Among them, it has brought blueberry jam and hot pot substrate, and Qu Yang made a local characteristic cake burning cake made a small snack, quite new. "The peach quality of Shun Ping is not the difference in Pinggu, but it is no name.

"Beijing, deputy cadres, Shunping County Deputy Country, Bai Jian, said that there are fruits, strawberries, apples, peach, and watermelons, and many of them are all in Beijing, but the visibility is not high. He said, Pangzhuang is rich in watermelon, and the brand is very good. He came this time, just want to "take the pass", see how people do it.

  Last month, a online live broadcast belt made Yu Ping crisp crispies and Yixian rose tea became "explosion". At this promotion, the deputy magistrate of the two counties has brought more new products. Shen Jingmao, deputy magistrate of Yixian, said that the rose sauce brought this time, although the rose mask is relatively high, it is also a real poverty alleviation product.

"Baoding is not light, there is iron ball, sauce, spring is not old, there are many good things." Beijing went to Baoding to manage the cadres team leader, Li Qiang, deputy mayor of Baoding, introduced 8 counties in Beijing to help, each county has its own Poverty alleviation products.

In order to establish a smooth channel of consumer poverty alleviation, improve the product awareness, and the team specially organized 8 counties and deputy counties to participate in Beijing to participate in the promotional, act as salesman and spokesperson of poverty alleviation products. (Editor: Pi Denoli, Bao Congying).

Tianshan South China Exhibition Shi Yan – Write the first anniversary of the third Central Central Xinjiang Work Symposium

In September, Xinjiang, Jinfeng refreshed, fruit and vegetable fragrance. In the city, rural, pasture, you can feel peaceful and peaceful.

Last year, the third Central Central Xinjiang Work Symposium was held, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and published an important speech, and explained the new Times of the new era, from the strategy and global height, doing Xinjiang for the current and future. Make a major deployment. In the past year, the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang have implemented in depth of the spirit of the conference, seeking a long time, and the rejuvenation of the people is striving to build a new era of united and harmonious, prosperous, civilized progress, peacekeeping, and good ecological.

Harmonious and stabilizing the development of Changzhi, the new article, the new article, Xinjiang society, the social stability and Changzhi Dynasty, the relationship of the national reform and development is stable, the reunification of the motherland, the national unity, the national security, the relationship between the Chinese nation. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that adhere to the social stability and Changzhi Di’an as the total goal of Xinjiang. Important of General Secretary General Secretary, in the past year, the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang have focused on the total objectives, lay a combination of punch, highlight socialist rule of law, promote the spirit of the rule of law, and insist on strictly crack down on violent terrorist crimes, and pay attention to the source governance, the biggest Eliminate the soil and conditions of breeding terrorism, religious extremism, and ensure that citizens’ basic rights are guaranteed from violation. At present, Xinjiang has not had violent terrorist cases, criminal cases and public security cases have been significantly reduced for more than 4 years.

Do a good job in Xinjiang, inseparable from strong and powerful grassroots party organizations.

In the Town, Xinjiang, Yining County, Wantairi, Wantali, and a paragraph of the asphalt road, a new house of a red roof was surrounded by green trees, and a new solar street light stands on the side.

All this is inseparable from an old book.

In the "July 1 Medal", I bought another 30 years of the secretary of the Village Party Branch, and the Buli opened the village, turned into a home industry. Everyone has a wealthy village. , Civilized village. In the past year, Xinjiang has strengthened the party’s leadership and cadres, especially grassroots cadres, and the grassroots party organizations actively contact the masses, serve the masses, condense the masses, benefit the masses, play the fighting fortress, lead the children of the people in the new era of Kangzhuang Avenue . Since ancient times, Xingxin is borderly.

Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps is a strategic force for realizing the total goals of Xinjiang. Since the 3rd Central Xinjiang Work Symposium, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps surrounded the development of short boards, extended industry chains, and system planned a series of market prospects, large-scale volume, economic benefits, sustainable major projects. In order to implement a rural revitalization strategy and promote high quality development injecting power, stabilizers of the side of Dunjui, the exemplary area of ??the large furnace, advanced productivity, and advanced culture of the various groups. The development of Xinjiang is inseparable from the support of the country.

The huge picture of the country’s actions of Xinjiang is a touching collection of the stories in all areas of all nations. Currently, thousands of aid projects are fully promoted. Take the cotton textile industry as an example. As of 2020, the production capacity of Xinjiang cotton textile industry has reached 20.38 million ingots, a total of 600,000 employment, and became an important production base in the national textile industry.

Behind the rapid development of the industry, is the policy support of the national and autonomous regions, and inventory in the 19 provinces and cities, the power of the national industries will enter the country.

Watching each other is a multi-ethnic group, which is a multi-ethnic group. It is closely related to the children of Xinjiang. It is interdependent, and it is related to the joint, jointly building Xinjiang, and jointly maintains the stability of the frontier, the national unity, national unity. On the evening of April 30 this year, an emergency rescue vividly interprets the harmonious relationship between the people of the people of Xinjiang, a harmonious relationship between mutual assistance. In order to rescue an unexpected arm, Uighur boy is urgently traveled to Urumqi, and the land of Xinjiang Hetian Airport fly to Urumqi took off and returned to the corridor "secondary opening".

Visiting the second full rescue, the operation is successful.

The family of Abduli Jigi Yimi said excitedly: "Our family is happy in China, living in Xinjiang." General Secretary Xi Jinping "Let the Chinese National Community Consciousness Treatment of the Treatment of the Treatment of the Treatment" The people in Xinjiang have extensive exchanges, comprehensive communication, deep blending, like pomegranate seeds, together, condense, united, and prosperous and prosperous development.

Adhere to the direction of Islam in Xinjiang, realize religious health development, significant. Hetian area in Mo Yumu County has a good facilities such as Baghg Street, Water, Electricity, Radio and Television, but also equipped with pharmaceutical services, air conditioning, fire, drinking water and water-shaped toilets. It is very convenient to believe in the masses. Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai, the mosque, said that the country’s religious policies have been implemented well in Xinjiang. He will always guide the people who love the motherland, defend the law, and to make a society, and contribute to the hometown. .

In the past year, Xinjiang has comprehensively implemented the party’s religious freedom policy, adhering to my country’s religious China, safeguards the normal religious demand and normal religious activities of the letter from the law, and actively guides religion and socialist society.

Cultural Run, moisturizing the field.

At the beginning of the school, the students of Yangming Primary School in Kuqiu, Aksu, were in the traditional Chinese national costume, held the Chinese traditional cultural ceremony such as "Enterprises".

It is understood that the headquarters of Ningbo, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, has repeatedly launched the topic activities of China’s outstanding traditional culture into the campus theme event, so that children grow up in the interest of the Chinese excellent traditional culture.

Strengthening the big unity, long-term and fundamental of the Chinese nation is to enhance cultural identity and build a spiritual home in the construction of all ethnic groups.

A series of cultural Runwar Projects are constantly carrying forward China’s excellent culture, so that the flowers of China’s outstanding traditional culture are more beautiful in Xinjiang.

Since the third central Xinjiang Work Symposium, it is close to the Xinjiang Work Symposium, and the Party Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has implemented the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, historic solving absolute poverty. The poverty poverty is not the end, but the new life, the starting point of the new struggle.

In the past year, Xinjiang has tight around the promotion of employment and prevents regeneration, and constantly enhances people’s livelihood.

In the Golden Autumn Festival, in a industrial park in Hetian District, Macato, Akwood, is skilled in a textile and apparel business.

His home lies in Bassas, Baghg Village, Tianxian Ximzaza Town.

Two years ago, he appointed a textile and apparel company at home to work, soon growing into a mature worker in the workshop, with 5,000 stable revenues per month. Local, industrial workers like him are very common. The development of industrial development is an effective way to prevent the poverty poverty to poverty and enhance people’s livelihood. In the past year, all local conditions have been in Xinjiang, broaden the employment channels, drive industries with projects, and promote employment with industries, and improve people’s livelihood.

At the same time, in order to consolidate the poverty reduction, effectively prevent the new poverty, Xinjiang relying on the poverty reduction of the big data platform, establishing anti-retroception, poor monitoring and warning and dynamic help mechanism, ensuring that the poor should not return poverty, general households do not need to be poor .

The green mountain is Jinshan Yinshan. Good ecology is an important feature of Xinjiang, Chinese characteristics.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xinjiang has driven green development and protecting the ecology, has begun to harvest the environmental improvement.

The three sides of Mai Caiti County, Kashgar, accounts for more than 90% of the total area of ??the county. The lack of water resources, the vulnerability of the ecological environment, and severely constrained the local economic and social development.

Improve the desert, Mai Caiti County planned to build millions of mu of anti-wind and mouth ecological forest project.

More than 100,000 cadres in the county have planted Xinjiang Yang, Hu Yang, Shazu, Red willow, Shuhu, etc., built a green Great Wall on the edge of the desert. Today, Wheat Taxi is reduced by more than 50 days from 2010 in 2010, and the annual rainfall increased from millimeters in 2010 to 110 mm. Today’s Xinjiang, the ecological environment is obviously improved, and it is livable to the north and south of Tianshan, the Great New Jintian is blue, the mountain is greener, and the water is clearer.

Xinjiang has a unique location advantage. At the third Central Central Xinjiang Work Symposium, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward hopes to Xinjiang: creating inland open and open highlands along the edge.

Clan Unicom Eurasian, Silk Road Riga Long Ming. From January to July this year, the accumulation of 3,561 in the Oshankou Port of Xinjiang, and the transportation of 10,000 tons.

Today’s Xinjiang is based on the deployment of General Secretary Xi Jinping to promote the construction of the core area of ??the Silk Road. The level continues to improve. The grand blueprint has been painted, and the dream is only struggling.

People who live in this hot soil have firmly believe that future life will be more happy, and Xinjiang will will be more brilliant.

(Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, September 24, Electronic Reporter Wang Qi, Yu Tao, Gao Wei, Sun Zhe).

Sofaran Cultong Pei Entrepreneurship: Little wipes big dream

  Plateau alkaline wipes. Plateau alkaline wipes are a new product in Sofaran Capi and his team, which is used for leather products such as leather shoes, leather clothes and car seats. Sofang Capi said, although there are many types of wipes, no matter whether it is in the area, there is no particularly prominent such brand, so their alkaline wipes have a certain market prospect. . "With the rapid development of economic society, people’s requirements for life have become higher and higher. The alkaline wipes developed by our company, the main components contain glycerin, silicone oil, etc., and some of the local flowers, not only appearance, not only beautiful. Small packaging, easy to carry, strong clean, high utilization … and cheap, it is very affordable to consumers, can greatly save people’s cleaning, maintenance of leather products, providing great convenience for people’s daily trivial life.

"Talking about your own products, Sofaran Capi’s face is full of confidence. Strengthening the promotion of the brands say this competition, Sofang Capi said that he can achieve the current achievements, in addition to its persistence and team members In addition, it is also inseparable from the current good entrepreneurial environment. "Thank you very much for this competition platform for the organizers, let us have a chance to show your brand and product, and thank the judges and the audience to support our products. We will assume the social responsibility of the enterprise with practical actions, which gives the strength of the economic and social development.

"It is understood that in the process of entrepreneurship, Sofang Capi has also been supported by government entrepreneurship subsidies, so dedication, giving back to society is also a matter of his heart.

"At present, the company can provide a small number of employment positions. It will provide more employment positions and to help local college students and farmers and herdsmen, and their team plans to use local various holidays in the next three years. Activities, such as horse racing, winter, New Year’s event, etc., have a strong promotion of its products. At the same time, it is planned to cooperate with Taobao, Tmall and other e-commerce platforms, to do a good job of strong and e-commerce business, to improve product reputation, with brand effects, and achieve the company’s further growth.

  "Next, we will continue to improve the quality of the product, through further optimization of packaging, broaden sales channels, etc., create good market identity and competitiveness, continue to provide more environmentally friendly, fashionable, health products for consumers. Service experience, I hope our products will be widely used in the field of personal home care, automotive maintenance, and strive to become an environmentally friendly pioneer in the industry. "Solan said. The reporter learned that in addition to making a plateau alkaline wipe product, Sofaran Central Pei and his team also do some investment operations in the field of sharing charging treasure, Cordyceps sales. It can be said that there is a sound color.

This year, Xiji Hongxiao Co., Ltd. jointly joined Tibet Houssil Trading Co., Ltd., and opened a driving company in the song – Tibet Yak Dynasty Driving Company. With the continuous improvement of its industrial structure, and its business model is mature, it is believed that Sofang Culti and his team will get more far from the future of future entrepreneurship, and their lives will be more exciting because of entrepreneurship. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Research Red Education Base Card Village Zhenxing Xiaowang Village

  On December 3, the Ministry of Public Improvement Guilin City organizes members to conduct the topic education activities of the Communist Party of China to remember the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs and promote the spirit of the revolution. Focusing on the footprints through the General Secretary Xi Jinping, Zhou Lijun, director Zhou Lijun, led the partner to the first to visit the Maozhu Mountain Village, Niwan Town, Quanzhou County.

Under the leadership of the instructor, the members are looking at the side, listening and understanding the excellent experience practices of Maozhu Mountain Village in the grassroots construction, ecological protection, rural governance, industrial development, rural extension and rural human environmental improvement.

Walking on the neat and flat cement road, seeing a beautiful vineyard and neat unified specialist, the members have profitable to the General Secretary Xi Jinping on "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" and "Let the people happiness is the country." Important discussion of "" firmly established respect for nature and protects natural and protects nature. Up to now, the village has conducted a large-scale grape planting, and the villagers have driven villagers to get rich, and the per capita income of the village has been about 30,000 yuan. It has become a veritable Xiaokang Village, which has received the civilized health village of the autonomous region, Guangxi Green Village and Guilin City Top Ten Charm New Rural Areas and other honorary titles. Subsequently, members rushed to the Red Army Chang Zunjiang Campaign Memorial Hall to accept red educational baptism with respect.

Xiangjiang Blood Wars is a long-term business in the way of China’s Red Army.

Entering the Memorial Champion, the Red Army is a large-scale relief in Xiangjiang, and the explanator tells the "three years of not drinking Xiangjiang water. Ten years will not eat Xiangjiang fish". This is the origin of the way, listening to the big To shock.

Enter the museum, the members carefully view the various precious cultural relics, literature, photos, etc. of the museum, and listen to the deep explanation of the controversy. Detail the history of the Red Army ‘s long stringer and the history of the battle of Xiangjiang River. Before the oil painting "For the Soviet" The last drop of blood, the members moved to Chen Shu Xiang, the heroistic feat of the sacrifice of the sacrifice, "" For the sacrifice, dare to change the new day ", everyone stopped, there were tears, Thanksgiving, the first is not afraid of sacrifice, and the dawn of the hope with blood.

  "One Grass, a wooden loyal soul, one mountain one stone is a monument", the great Long March spirit should be remembered, the martyrs’ great achievements are worthy of pass. After the visit, everyone said: In the future, we must not forget the initiative, firm belief, inherit the promotion of the spirit of the Long March, and we will not support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, root the position of the job, and struggle to take a long ruling road in the new era.

People’s Network held a campus media salon training excavation "potential news people"

Wang Shhuai, edited the reporter of the student, introduced the media integration development pattern, the operational model of the People’s Daily’s Weibo, and the training model of the full media talents, but also extended the olive branch of the major college media representatives of the participation, welcome potential News talents join the team.

Chen Ning used a new media to disseminate the new media in a new media, and analyzed the characteristics of network public opinion, analyzed the relationship between the official public opinion and the private public opinion, and finally shared the content of lying jobs. The intended misunderstandings of public opinion. College students have asked the guests, put forward themselves in new media operations, reporting topics, etc., the guests will answer one by one.

The school media salon is co-organized by the People’s Daily News () to build communication and promote growth, excavate, and cultivate potential news talents for college students’ reporters. The event will continue in the future, and the university student forum specializing in the strong country will promptly release the exciting content of the school salon to hold information and guest sharing.

As a national key news website, the People’s Network has long been a good cooperative relationship with major universities. Over the years, he has been supporting the thinking, research and practical activities of college students in the field of news communication. There are currently 11 colleges and universities have launched "People’s Network Scholarship".

From the People’s Daily, the "Most Substant News People Competition" jointly hosted by the National College Campus Website Alliance, is currently the registration stage, and the students can be before August 31.