Fenglin Group (601996): Continuous optimization of product structure and rapid profit growth

Fenglin Group (601996): Continuous optimization of product structure and rapid profit growth

Event: The company released a semi-annual report: the company achieved revenue in 19H1.

86 ppm, an increase of 37 in ten years.

17%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

90 ppm, an increase of 32 in ten years.

21%; net profit after deduction is 0.

89 ppm, a 43-year increase of 43.


Among them, the single and second quarter achieved revenue of 5.

47 ppm, an increase of 53 in ten 上海夜网论坛 years.

84%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

60 ppm, an increase of 51 in ten years.

69%; net profit after deduction is 0.

5.9 billion, an increase of 54 in ten years.


  Opinion: Revenue has steadily increased, and the growth rate of revenue and profits in the second quarter has accelerated.

By quarter, the company achieved revenues of 19Q1 / Q23.


470,000 yuan, an increase of 16 each year.

78% / 53.

84%, second quarter revenue increased 61.

18%, revenue growth accelerated.

19Q1 / Q2 achieved net profit attributable to mother 0, respectively.


60 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

60% / 51.

69%, profit growth accelerated significantly in the second quarter.

19Q1 / Q2 achieved net profit after deduction of non-return to mother 0.


590,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.

34% / 54.


  The optimization of product structure led to a slight increase in gross profit margin and a slight decrease in expense ratio.

In terms of gross profit margin, the company’s gross profit margin in 19H1 was 23.

27%, an annual increase of 0.

22 points.

Benefiting from the optimization of the product structure, the proportion of high-end products such as fiber sheet and super particleboard continued to increase, driving the company’s gross profit margin.

In terms of expense ratio: the company’s expenses during the 19H1 period13.

90%, falling by 1 every year.25pct, sales / management / financial expense ratios are 7 respectively.

84% / 5.

68% / 0.

38%, the changes over the ten years were +0.

17 / -1.

10 / -0.


Selling expenses increase by 40 per year.

30% is due to increased freight.

Increase R & D investment in this period, R & D expenses increase by 162% every year.

Finance costs fall by 26 each year.

23%, mainly due to the increase in interest income from deposits of raised funds.

  Earnings forecast and estimation: EPS are expected to be 0 in 19-21.

18, 0.

20, 0.

23, corresponding PE is 16X, 14X, 13X.

Give “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: downstream demand is less than expected, and raw material prices have risen sharply

Baosteel Co., Ltd. (600019) Half-yearly Report of 2019 Comment: Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency, High-end Product Moat Stable

Baosteel Co., Ltd. (600019) Half-yearly Report of 2019 Comment: Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency, High-end Product Moat Stable

The automotive plate market is sluggish, and mineral prices have risen. The company’s performance has fallen ahead of schedule. Facing unfavorable market prospects, the company has fully tapped the capabilities of its four major bases, and continued to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

In the first half of 2019, the company completed sales of 2,335 billets for commercial products.

2 Initially, increase by 0 every year.

4%, of which the sales of unique products were 40.


Achieved total operating income of 1410.

8.7 billion, down 5 every year.

13%; realized net profit attributable to owners of the parent company 61.

87 trillion, down 38 a year.


The single-quarter profit in the second quarter increased month-on-month, and the plate market environment slightly improved. The company’s product sales volume and sales price improved overall.

In the second quarter, the company sold 1,220 accessories for steel products, an increase of 9 from the previous month.

4%; the average budget is 4366 yuan / ton, an increase of 6 from the previous month.


Realized net profit attributable to mother 34.

600 million, up 27.


In July, car production and sales were better than expected, and cold rolled prices stabilized.
In July, the sales volume of Automobile Association of China Automobile Association decreased by 4 year-on-year.

3%, the speed reduction was narrowed by 5 than the previous month.

3 averages, faster than expected.

Subsequently, through the continuous digestion of automobile inventories and the expectations of consumer policies, the auto market is expected to stabilize and improve, or to improve the current situation of the cold-rolled plate downturn.

Since July, the price of cold-rolled coils in Shanghai has remained above RMB 4,200 / t, widening the price gap with rebar.

The company’s cold-rolled products account for nearly 40%, and the third quarter may benefit from the repair of coil spiral differences.

The cost reduction and efficiency improvement are significant, and the synergy between the four bases highlights the first half of the year, and the company achieved cost reductions of 31.

500 million, exceeding the annual target ahead of schedule.

In addition, the company actively builds a smart manufacturing system, which will continue to improve employee labor efficiency and help reduce costs.

It can be seen that compared with 2015, the company’s gross profit per ton of steel was 666.

8 yuan / ton, compared with 656 in 2015.

1 yuan / ton is similar, but the net profit per ton of steel reaches 286.

8 yuan / ton, much higher than the 32 in 2015.

2 yuan / ton.

Risk Warning: Steel consumption has fallen sharply.

Investment suggestion: Maintain the “overweight” rating, taking into account the company’s leading advantages in the industry, high-end products, strong profitability, and the four bases’ synergistic cost reduction effect continues to play. Under the 杭州桑拿网 background of the gradual repair of the spiral spiral difference, the company is expected to 2019-2021 revenue of 2917/2932 / 29.8 million yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of -4.



6%, net profit attributable to mother 139.

3% ten-year growth rate of -35.



4%; Diluted EPS is 0.



78 yuan, the current sustainable PE is 9.




The company’s dividends are stable, it is estimated that there is room for repair and maintain the “overweight” level.

Twenty Recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Gastroptosis

Twenty Recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Gastroptosis

(1) Lamb bone porridge: take one lamb spine, mash it, cook it with 2500 ml of simmered water for about 60 minutes, remove the bones, add 200 grams of previous rice, add porridge, and add light onion to cook.

Take it every morning on an empty stomach.

It is suitable for those who are physically weak, have a drooping stomach, and have a loss of appetite.

  (2) Meat stuffing: Take 200 grams each of tender fat mutton and yellow hen meat, chop into mud, add 15 grams of ginger, salt, and rice wine, stir in the appropriate amount, and take an appropriate amount of flour as usual.Morning fasting.
Wages of enthusiasts.

  (3) Stewed yam of rabbit meat: Take 100 grams of rabbit meat, wash, cut into pieces, add salt, rice wine, ginger, and 30 grams of yam powder into the bowl, and simmer in the drawer and simmer.

Applicable to those with heat in the stomach.

  (4) Stewed silkworm kidney with walnuts: Take 100-150 grams of walnut kernels and 50 grams of slightly fried silkworm kidneys, place them in a bowl, put them in a drawer, and simmer them in water.

Stomach strengthening has good effects.

  (5) Steamed sweet potatoes: Take 200 grams of red sweet potatoes, wash and slice them, put them in a steamed dish, place them in a dish, add another pot, put in transparent water and boil, then add the appropriate amount of sugar and tomato sauce.

Reboil it and serve on sweet potato chips.

Take a separate meal.

Called gastric pituitary weakness.

Stomach acid is not appropriate.

  (6) Stewed pork trotters with ginseng: Take 1 pig’s hind hoof, scrape and clean, place in a casserole with 15 grams of ginseng, onions and ginger, 1000 ml of water, and simmer on medium heat until it is cooked.

  (7) Chicken liver porridge: take one male and black chicken liver porridge, fracture the ginger, and have 50 grams of rice.

Take once a day, fasting.

It can nourish the spleen and liver, and strengthen the muscles.

  (8) Sturgeon Astragalus Decoction: Take 1 tail of Sturgeon, wash and remove impurities, and stir-fry the soup with 40g of Astragalus and 15g of Stir-fried Carpaccio.

Take 2 times a day and eat soup.

Can make up for qi.

It can be used to treat sagging stomach and prolapse.

  (9) Turtle soup: Take 250 grams of turtle meat and stir-fry the simmered shell with 20 grams.

After the soup is finished, take medicine, eat soup and drink, and add salt as appropriate.

With treatment of gastric prolapse, uterine prolapse embolism.

  (10) Stir-fried diced hawthorn: take 12 grams of fresh hawthorn, tangerine peel, 9 grams each of husks, 6 grams of ginger, stir-fry 60 grams of lean pork, and cook in the pan.

Can Shugan qi and spleen.

  (11) Poria decoction: take fresh scallion, 250 grams each of carrots, 15 grams of Poria, 2 slices of ginger, and simmer in water.

It is advisable to add the three flavors together after cooking.

Can clear heat and dampness.

  (12) Qidou Yanggan Decoction: take 15 grams of astragalus, wrap it with cloth, and 50 grams of black beans, wash one goat liver, stew until the liver is cooked, remove astragalus, slice the sheep liver and then add it, Just add salt and cook slightly.

Served twice a day for 5-7 days.

It can disperse in the middle temperature and improve the Qi.

With the spleen and stomach, coldness, stomach drooping.

  (13) Anchovy and garlic soup: take 2 scutellaria baicalensis, wash it, and cook with 1 garlic and water.

When the fish is cooked, add 100 ml of rice wine and cook a little.

Can strengthen the stomach and qi.  (14) Pig spleen porridge: 15 grams of Codonopsis and 6 grams of orange red are washed, and decoction to obtain juice.

Then take 100 grams of previous rice, wash, and one pig spleen. After washing and slicing, add them to the medicinal juice, add ginger, light white, and appropriate amount of water, and simmer until the pork spleen is cooked.

Take once daily on an empty stomach.

With the treatment of sagging stomach, symptoms of abdominal distension, indigestion, loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss.

  (15) Guisheng Beef Liver Decoction: 15 grams each of Astragalus, Codonopsis, Poria, Atractylodes, Angelica, Pinellia, Chaihu, Muxiang, Cimicifuga, Chenpi, 10 grams each, licorice, Amomum 6 grams each, largeFive jujubes, 800 grams of beef liver, and appropriate amount of onion and ginger.

Add the above-mentioned Chinese medicine to the boiling and boiling juice, scrape the yellow beef liver, add salt and vinegar, rub and wash it, cut into long pots, place them on a hot fire, add a few pork bones to the bottom, add beef belly strips and fresh soup, and leave them behind.Remove the foam, add Chinese herbal juice, ginger, shallots, jujube, pepper, and wine, move to low heat and simmer until cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper powder to taste.

Eat belly and drink soup.

Yiqiyangxue, warm spleen and stomach, suitable for gastric ptosis.

  (16) One simmered bonito catfish, 50 g beef sauce, 50 g magnolia slices, 15 g codonopsis, 15 g yellow flower.

The codonopsis and yellow flower are boiled separately to extract 15 ml of each concentrated solution; the anchovies are cleaned; the beef sauce and magnolia slices are cut into small dices; the fish is golden brown and removed; leave a small amount of oil in the frying spoon to make it hot, add the onion,Ginger, aniseed, garlic flakes, bean paste, chili sauce, stir-fry until golden brown, boil cooking wine, add water, balsamic vinegar, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, white sugar, fried fish, boil, remove the foam, add sauceBeef diced, magnolia diced, stewed with simmered heat, add codonopsis, astragalus condensate, and when the soup is thick, fill it with fish and prepare the thick sauce and ingredients.

Serve with food.

Liweijianpi, Yiqi Buxu, suitable for both Qi and blood deficiency, weak spleen and stomach, such as gastric prolapse, uterine prolapse, anemia and other symptoms.

  (17) 500 grams of steamed mutton cooked lamb ribs, 15 grams of codonopsis, 15 grams of astragalus, 2 shiitake mushrooms, a small amount of magnolia slices, and appropriate seasonings.

Slice Codonopsis and Astragalus slices and boil and extract twice to obtain Codonopsis sibiricus. The astragalus concentrated juice is about 30 ml. Cut the mutton into about half an inch slices. Magnolia slices are placed on the bottom of the bowl with shiitake mushrooms. The mutton is placed neatly on top of it.Powder, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, spring onion, ginger and peppercorn, clear soup, codonopsis astragalus root juice, steam for 30 minutes and remove it; remove the pouch, spring onion and ginger.

Serve with food.
Yizhong Wen, qi and blood tonic.

For spleen and stomach weakness, Qi and blood loss, such as sagging stomach, prolapse, prolapse of the uterus embolism.

  (18) 10 grams of simmered beef tripe soup shell, 3 grams of amomum, the right amount of tripe, the right amount of seasoning.

First remove the fat from the beef tripod, wash it, add coix shell amomum seasoning, and cook together. After the tripe is cooked, drink the soup and stomach, and reduce the cooked tripe to other diets.

Drink soup and belly.

Buzhong Yiqi, and stomach digestion, apply to spleen and stomach qi after eating a lot of abdominal distension, stuffiness, indigestion.

Appetite loss symptom is a good dietary regimen for patients with sagging stomach and weak body.

  (19) Amomum villosum, Amomum villosum, 20 g, Codonopsis edodes, 10 g, husk, 5 g each of cimicaria, 1 pork belly, allspice powder, refined salt, monosodium glutamate.

Grind 5 kinds of Chinese medicine into fine powder, cut the pork belly into large cubes with a knife, and mix the traditional Chinese medicine powder, allspice powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. on the pork belly slices with mashed rice juice, wrap it tightly into a roll from the inside, and use hemp ropeSpread well, hang it in a ventilated place to air dry; steam it in the steamer when eating, and cool it into a disc shape.

Can be used as a cold sauce with wine.

Serve it.

Buzhong Yiqi, Jianwei Shengti, suitable for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, stomach sagging caused by depression in the middle of the stomach, stomach swelling and suffocation after eating.

  (20) Astragalus braised scallops and strips of fish 1000g, fried scallion shell 15g, astragalus 50g, salt, ginger, spring onion, monosodium glutamate, cooking oil and cooking wine.

Wash the astragalus and fried scallion shells, grind them carefully, wrap them with white gauze, and tie them tightly; remove the head of the fish, remove the internal organs, cut into 5-fin length segments, wash and flex, put them in a pan for a while, then putAdd the medicine bag and seasonings, and pour an appropriate amount of water.

After simmering over medium heat for 30 minutes, remove the medicine pack, green onion, ginger, and add MSG to adjust the taste.

Serve it.
It has the effects of nourishing the five internal organs, appetizing, warming the spleen and stomach, protecting Weiyang, enriching the scores, nourishing qi and blood, and lifting the spleen and yang to clear the qi.

Applicable to patients with sagging stomach, chronic diarrhea, prolapse of the anus, etc.

Children should not eat snacks to avoid 7

Children should not eat snacks to avoid 7

7 of the snacks should not be eaten, but must be scientific.

Many children’s current snacking methods are unscientific, which affects physical development.


Should not eat too much night snacks After dinner, children do snacks while doing homework, or snacks while watching TV, or even snacks after going to bed.

As a result of eating in this way, it will inevitably lead to overeating, and during this time, the child has no physical activity.

Over time, this can easily lead to overweight.


The nutritional characteristics of peanut children who should not eat fried foods in excess are: excessive protein and thermal energy supplementation, trace and excessive salt, and insufficient supply of calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B2, and supplementary fiber.

Therefore, it is appropriate to appropriately reduce trace supplements while increasing the supply of minerals, trace elements, and supplementary fibers, such as eating more vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains.

  At present, the small foods that children like are mostly fried foods, which are too high in trace amounts, such as potato chips, french fries, fried chicken legs, fried lamb skewers, and crispy noodles.

Adult-rich foods also include cream cakes, ice cream, flours, and nuts such as peanuts, seeds, and walnuts.

Fried food destroys and destroys the vitamins in food, so it is not advisable to eat too much.


Do not eat too much high-sugar foods. The so-called high-sugar foods include sweets and candies with too much sucrose, as well as foods based on starch, such as puffed foods, biscuits, and bread. Therefore, they should be eaten less.

Now the sugar-free foods on the market are gradually increasing, but it is not without sweetness. Instead, it uses a thing called xylitol instead of the sweetness of sugar. Parents can choose a certain food for their children, which is both safe and safe.Can satisfy baby’s taste.


Should not drink too much beverages currently sold in the market are high in sugar, such as various fruit drinks, carbonated drinks, tea drinks.

They also contain pigments, flavors, and preservatives that can adversely affect children’s growth and development.

Some children have a small amount of food, but their weight is seriously overweight. The reason is that they drink three or four bottles of beverages every day, which leads to excessive sugar intake and obesity.

Some frail children drink a lot of beverages to affect their appetite, reduce their meal intake, lead to height and weight gain, and may show symptoms of hyperactivity, irritability, and anemia. They are called “fruit juice syndrome” in foreign countries.Quite common.

Therefore, we think that the children mainly drink boiled water, which can help to drink some home-made fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices (such as watermelon juice, papaya juice and milk together), which are both nutritious and clean.


It is not advisable to consume too much cold drinks when the weather is hot and hot, body heat is like burning, eating some cold drinks will make people feel hot and refreshed, refreshing and refreshing, helping the body heat to dissipate, and it is likely to benefit from heatstroke and cooling.

However, many children are currently addicted to cold drinks. Popsicles and ice cream can be eaten several times in a row, and it is not uncommon to drink several bottles of frozen drinks every day.

  Consumption of cold drinks in large quantities, the temperature of the local turbo tunnel drops sharply, and local blood circulation is reduced, which may easily cause digestive disorders, and at the same time, it may cause frequent mild abdominal pain.

Although cold drinks also contain some nutrients, they are not comprehensive and do not meet the requirements of a balanced diet. Long-term consumption of cold drinks will inevitably affect the absorption of normal nutrients, thus affecting growth and development and physical health.


Western fast food snacks such as McDonald’s, KFC and other fast foods are too high in content and nutritional imbalance (lack of vegetables and fruits). Long-term eating is not good for children’s normal growth and development. Some children often eat these foods and cause obesity.

Therefore, the child is required to go once a week or a month, not eat every day.


It is not appropriate to purchase small foods with toys. In order to entice children to buy their small foods, a large number of manufacturers come with game cards or various small accessories and small toys in the packaging.

These incidentals are not sterilized, do not meet food hygiene requirements, and are highly susceptible to infection.

In addition, these toys have great safety hazards, and they are easy to inhale and eat.

China has banned toys from food.

  Health Tips: Buy snacks in big shopping malls or supermarkets. Don’t buy foods with no guaranteed product quality.

  Do not eat street food.

Such as kebabs, spicy and other street foods.

The source of these food materials is unknown, and the streets are dusty and vehicles are moving from one place to another, which is extremely contagious.
  Do not eat homemade popcorn and pine eggs.
These foods are too high in lead, which can lead to lead poisoning in children and affect intellectual development.

  After February of each year, the temperature gradually increases, and sugar cane is eaten again at this time, otherwise poisoning may occur.

  Wash your hands carefully before eating snacks.

Sydney black bean soup can nourish blood and remove skin spots

Sydney black bean soup can nourish blood and remove skin spots

Black beans, commonly known as black adzuki beans, belong to the same soybean class as soybeans.

Sweet, warm and non-toxic.

Into the heart, spleen and kidney.

It has the effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing yin, nourishing blood and eyesight, and dehumidifying water.

Indications: kidney deficiency, low back pain, blood deficiency, unclear vision, abdominal distension and edema, spontaneous sweating.

Sydney, sweet and cold, containing malic acid, citric acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, carotene, etc., has the effects of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

  Black beans and Sydney stewed together can improve skin problems such as blurred and dull complexion, dark spots, dark circles and oily flushing on the face, skin ulcers, etc. At the same time, it can treat weak hair and whiteness caused by lung yin deficiencyHere is a food therapy prescription.

  Take 30 grams of black beans and 1 pear?
Two, peel and slice the pears, add an appropriate amount of water and black beans to the pot, boil over high heat, and then simmer over low heat.

After eating pear and soup, even after eating for 1 month, you can see obvious results.

Pale race, several medicated meals to help you beauty

Pale race, several medicated meals to help you beauty

Everyone has a love for beauty, especially female friends, who want to have rosy and shiny skin, so a variety of skin care products, cosmetics are placed on the makeup table, daily skin care, facial mask, spa, exfoliationWait.

However, the real life is busy, because of life and work, it is easy to cause irregular schedules. We often stay up late, always eat spicy and greasy food, etc., have a serious impact on our skin, dull skin, dark circles, wrinkles, Dryness, acne, etc., no matter how much skin care products are used, it can’t be saved.

  In fact, the skin condition caused by these reasons is poor, and light skin care cannot completely solve the problem. We need to start from the inside and nourish the skin from the inside to the outside, and the effect will be more significant.

  If you want to have rosy skin, you must first correct some bad habits, make the diet light and nutritious, maintain the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, insist on more exercise and more water, and then use some medications to detoxify the body and replenish Qi.Blood, slowly and naturally the skin is just fine.

  The following introduces several medicated diets that help to condition the skin. Interested friends can try them.

  1. Hawthorn cake ingredients: safflower, hawthorn, rock sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Boil the safflower with clear water, then filter the soup residue and set aside; 2.

2. Hawthorn is washed and pitted, and boiled with rock sugar until cooked; 3.

Add safflower water to the pot, let it cool down, and condense and serve immediately.

  This hawthorn cake can help to promote blood circulation, appetite and digestion, nourish yin and lungs, and is a good food to nourish the body and improve skin.

  2. Ingredients for Tianma Bazhen Soup: Chicken, Gastrodia, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, Licorice, Angelica, Baiji, Ginger.

  Method: Wash the chicken and cut into pieces. Rinse with boiling water, wash the rest of the ingredients, add water to the pot together, simmer at low heat and simmer slowly until cooked.

  This soup can help to nourish blood and nourish qi, and friends with poor complexion due to deficiency of qi and blood can try to eat it.

  Three, beauty porridge ingredients: rice, chicken soup, chuanxiong, angelica, astragalus, safflower.

  Method: Wash the medicinal materials cleanly, put them into the net gauze bag, put them into the pot with the rice, add the chicken soup and the right amount of water, and slowly boil the porridge, then remove the medicine bag and drink the porridge.

  This porridge can nourish qi and blood, and eating it can make the skin moist and delicate.

  Fourth, Astragalus brown sugar porridge ingredients: Astragalus, Chenpi, brown sugar, previous rice.

  Method: Wash Astragalus and Chenpi. After sliced Astragalus, put it in a pot and add decoction. After the soup is finished, filter out the drug residue. Put the soup with the rice into the pot, add the peel and brown sugar, and boil with water.Just porridge.

  This porridge is good for qi and blood, and the effect of stomach qi, can improve the pale state caused by weakness of qi and blood.

  Five, chrysanthemum pork liver soup ingredients: pork liver, fresh chrysanthemum, eggs, fresh soup, cooking wine.

  Method: After the pork liver is cleaned, smash it into a mud with the back of the knife, add egg white and an appropriate amount of fresh soup, stir the cooking wine evenly, then put the fresh chrysanthemum in a stew pot and simmer it in water for cooking.

  The effect of this soup is nourishing blood and nourishing face, clearing liver and eyesight.

  The above several medicated diets are all formulas that can help to nourish and nourish the face. If the face is not good due to qi and blood problems, and the skin is poor, you can often eat this kind of medicated diet, and nourish it from the inside.

Of course, if you want to look good, don’t forget to strengthen your exercise while maintaining a good mood.

Internal conditioning and external health care are much better than using a bunch of expensive and ineffective skin care products.

Experts: Babies Have Three Fears When Eating Vegetables

Experts: Babies Have Three “Fears” When Eating Vegetables

[Introduction]Vegetables are a good thing, but do n’t forget that vegetables are not a panacea, they are not eaten properly, and they still cause trouble. Usually some “informal measures” are passed, and it ‘s not worth the harm to your baby.!!
  Afraid: fried bean sprouts are under fire, the bean sprouts are tender and delicious, and nutritious, but they must be cooked when eating.
  Otherwise, as the bean sprouts contain harmful substances such as trypsin inhibitors, they may cause adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness after consumption.
  Many people eat mung bean sprouts often because it is economical.
But few people know that mung bean sprouts also have high medicinal value, and when used properly, they can achieve the effect of healthy weight loss.
Want to learn about affordable mung bean sprouts to lose weight?
  Two fears: fried bitter gourd does not sting the oxalic acid contained in bitter gourd can hinder the absorption of calcium in food.
Therefore, before frying bitter gourd, the bitter gourd should be boiled in boiling water for a while, and oxalic acid should be removed before cooking.
  Bitter melon clears heat and lowers fire, which is good for physical and mental health.
可是味道实在太苦,所以我们经常想一些补救的办法……  三怕:绿叶菜存放过久  剩菜(尤其是韭菜等绿叶蔬菜)存放过久会产生大量亚硝酸盐,即使表面上看起来不Bad, smellless, can also cause mild food poisoning, especially for frail and sensitive people.
Therefore, neither leafy vegetables should be cooked for a long time or stored for too long.
  Nowadays, the good habit of packaging has become more and more popular, but have you ever thought about how to make better use of the nutritional value of packaged foods after returning?
How can hot leftovers be harmless?

Five Breakthroughs in College Students’ Performance

Five Breakthroughs in College Students’ Performance

Professor Fan Fuyi, director of the Psychology Research Office of the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University, believes that 69% -80% of college students in China have no plans for the future and are easily stressed when they are employed.

The reporter’s investigation found that lack of opinion, lack of self-confidence, will grab the limelight, unwilling to work hard at the grassroots level, unrealistic salary requirements and other five performances are easy to ruin the future of college students.

  75% of college students believe that the stress is mainly from employment. A recent survey of the mental health of college students completed by the Chinese Social Survey shows that 75% of college students believe that the stress is mainly from social employment.

50% of college students are confused about their future development after graduation and have no goals; 41.

7% of college students said they didn’t think too much at the moment; only 8.

3% of people have clear goals and full confidence in their future.

  According to the “China Youth Development Report” recently released by the China Youth Research Center and the International Liaison Department of the Communist Youth League of China, according to estimates of China’s future population increase, the population of China’s youth population will remain between 15 and 22 million in the next few years.High levels, oversupply, directly lead to high employment pressure.

In addition, due to the gradual popularization of higher education in China, the number of college students who need employment after graduation has increased year by year, and the initial employment rate of college graduates has decreased year by year.

  Five types of performance have a bad future Zheng Fuhong, executive general manager of Xiamen Borg Management Consulting Co., Ltd., told reporters that recently, a well-known foreign company hired a famous university in Shanghai to recruit. A girl who came to apply for a written Chinese test and a foreign language oral testThey were all excellent, but eliminated by the last round of interviews.

He said, “I ended up inadvertently asking her that you might be placed in the position of assistant to a key account manager, but you still need to try if your account can enter Shenzhen. Are you willing?

As a result, she hesitated and replied, “Go back and discuss with your parents before making a decision.”

“No opinion has ruined her good future, and students who rely on their parents for everything are hard to be in the workplace.

  Zheng Fuhong also said that two types of graduates are common at college job fairs. One is lack of self-confidence, while the other is the opposite.

People who lack self-confidence will make people have poor learning ability and push the blame on Lenovo. Companies do not welcome such graduates.

Those who will gain the limelight will give the impression that they do not have a team spirit, and the employer will never like a solo fighter who is alone.

  Although the state has encouraged a lot of policies at the grassroots level, a survey by reporters found that preferential policies are still difficult to relieve graduates’ concerns.

“This is not a double-faced issue. The grassroots, especially the western region, is relatively underdeveloped, the income level is different from that of developed regions, the cost of urban-rural conversion is too high, and college students are worried that‘ it ‘s easy to come up and difficult to go.

There are also issues with the basic level itself, as well as the crowding out of talents and the old system.

“The teacher responsible for student employment at the school’s Chinese department told reporters.

  Xia Lei is a graduate studying mechanical engineering in Xiamen. He has participated in more than ten job fairs in universities around the world.

He rushed to Guangzhou to attend a job fair not long ago. The manager responsible for recruitment in a Guangdong company was very satisfied with him, so he began to talk about the final salary.

Xia Lei felt that the prospect of finding a job this year was severe, so he replied: “It doesn’t matter, it can be done!

“The manager didn’t say anything at the time. Ask him to go back and wait for the notice.

The employer said: “A man who doesn’t even care about his salary can still expect him to be motivated for his future work and company?

Vegetarian list that can lower the fat and clear the intestines

Vegetarian list that can lower the fat and clear the intestines

We should eat some vegetarian food to rule out greasy, clear stomach and intestines, lower blood fat and protect cardiovascular.

Common vegetarian foods that can lower the fat and clear the intestines are: 1.

Oatmeal: It has the effect of lowering cholesterol and lowering blood fat.

Oats are rich in oat fiber, which is not found in other grains.

Because this fiber is easily absorbed by the body, and because of the low heat content, it is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also suitable for high blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes people’s need for diet therapy.


Corn: rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, etc., as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, but also fibrous.

Regular consumption of corn oil can lower blood cholesterol and soften blood vessels.

Maize has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice hepatitis and diabetes.


Sweet potato: It has a strong blood cholesterol lowering, maintains blood acid-base balance, delays aging and prevents cancer and cancer.

Sweet potato is rich in precipitated fiber and colloidal volumetric defecation substances, which can be described as “intermediate scavenger”.


Seaweed: low levels of marine vegetables, low feces, some seaweeds have a blood lipid lowering effect.

Brown algae such as kelp, rich in colloidal fibers, can significantly lower serum cholesterol.

Seaweed also contains many unique active substances, which have antihypertensive, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic and anti-cancer effects.


Tremella: can reduce serum plasma levels and significant antithrombotic effects in high-fat rats.


Celery: The celery blood pressure makes sense. The foods rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium can control the blood pressure and contain accumulated metabolic fibers, especially containing cholesterol-lowering, blood lipid lowering and blood sugar lowering.


Onions: Onions contain compounds such as ringin and methionine to help dissolve the thrombus.

Onion is almost free of traces, so it can inhibit the increase of hemodialysis caused by high-concentration diet and help to improve atherosclerosis.


Jujube: Multi-food can improve the body’s antioxidant power and immunity.

Red dates are also effective in lowering blood cholesterol and triglycerides.


Hawthorn: can strengthen and regulate the myocardium, increase the ventricle, atrial movement amplitude and coronary blood flow, but also reduce blood insulin and promote metabolism.


Apple: Its pectin has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol.

Apple is rich in potassium, which can eliminate excess sodium in the body, such as eating 3 apples a day, to maintain blood pressure, blood lipids.

Yoga regimen: women make their own flowers

Yoga regimen: women make their own flowers


Mountain posture (the action of expanding lung capacity and increasing blood oxygen content) (I) The front toe and the rear heel are tightly attached together, and there is no air attack.

There must also be no gaps in the positive electrode.

(To tighten the thigh muscles), do not tilt your hips back, tighten the sphincters, tighten your stomach, and straighten your waist.

The palms are naturally forward and vertical.

Start breathing, inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds.

When doing this breath, shut up and breathe with your nose.

Inhale deeply and exhale.

The line of sight is naturally forward, looking at the direction of 45 degrees, feeling the airflow from the palm of the hand to the body (the body should have fever) (II) The two arms are extended to the sky, and the line of sight looks toward the end of the hand.

Note: Do not use your neck and gently lean back.

Same as before, do 10 deep breaths.

Use your legs and hips to tighten your abdomen tightly.

Stretch the spine to make the body warm.

From the finger to the heel, I feel the biggest stretch.


Half moon posture (this action can get the bee waist legs) The front toe and the back heel are completely together.

The thighs, the contraction, and the chest are all tightened and stood straight.

Put your hands together and lift them toward the sky.

Both arms cling to the ears.

Inhale and exhale and bend your body to the right, then inhale and exhale to the left, then stand straight.

Stretch your body again, inhale deeply, exhale.

Push the chest to the left (the body bends to the right) for 30 seconds!

The inhalation recovery station is straight.

Inhale deeply and exhale to the left, the same 30 seconds.

Standing straight, the neck is tilted back 45 degrees, swinging to the left and right of the top of the two sides.

Broad bends to the chest and then to the sky.

Inhale and exhale, lean back, then inhale forward, exhale and bend downwards.

Get up, the order of getting up is: hands, neck, spine.

It is placed close to the ear, the palm of the hand is completely close, and the breath is exhaled backwards for 30 seconds.

The pelvis pushes forward to the maximum extent, tightening the sphincter and supporting it with the lumbar spine.

Inhale and exhale, bend forward and bend forward. Hold the heel with both hands, align straight, and put your arms close to your calves, keep your face close to your legs for 30 seconds.

(Stretching the waist and measuring the thigh, it can eliminate leg fatigue) The front of the hand, standing straight.

Release your posture, relax your body and breathe easily 3 times.


The posture of the chair (which can reduce the excess meat of the legs, buttocks and thighs) can be opened with two punches in the middle.

Keep your feet straight, stretch your arms forward, and inhale while pushing your back (body leaning forward)?
90 degrees) In this state, while sitting exhale, sit down, keep 90 degrees, weight on the heel, and cation over the toe.

Don’t use too much force in front to relax down, as if the neck is in front of the stretch.
Then lift your toes for 30 seconds (tighten your abdomen) and slowly stand up, relax your body and breathe easily 3 times.

Bowing posture (eliminating excess excess meat, beautifying the curve of the buttocks and legs) The left hand is attached to the ear and lifted to the sky, and the right hand is placed 90 degrees beside the rib.

Raise your right foot backwards, hold your ankle with your right hand, and slowly lift your legs to the sky (the body should not bend forward, try to raise your legs, avoid lifting it up, push it in).Slowly bend your body forward for 30 seconds.

The left hand tries to stretch forward, and the entire body weight is evenly distributed on the soles of the feet.

Focus on the front.

Change your left leg.

(The point is to concentrate) relax and breathe 3 times.


The eagle pose (uses the obese person in the lower body, relaxes the tight shoulder muscles) and lifts the arm into the air and breathes.

When exhaling, the right hand is below, and the left hand is divided on top (two arms twisted).

Bend forward, straighten your arms and stand up.

Twist the two strokes, push forward and backward (body bends forward), sit on the chair, lift the right leg on the left leg, cross-tighten, and twist the right foot to the left leg.

Hold for 30 seconds.
Change legs and change territory.

Relax and breathe easily 3 times.

The triangle posture (corrected posture) opens to 12
0CM with the left and right legs and hands together, the right foot is extended by 90 degrees, and the left foot is 10 degrees inward.

Inhale, bend your right knee to 90 degrees when exhaling.

The positive electrode does not exceed the foot.

Don’t go backwards, you have to tighten forward.

The arm should try to stretch.

Then put your right hand down and put your arm on the right knee joint.

The left hand tries to reach out into the air, looking at the left fingertip.

Hold for 25 seconds.

The right leg is straight up.

Change legs.

(When doing it: the pelvis is tightened forward and the abdomen is tightened.

The upper body is at 45 degrees to the ground. The two feet are close to the middle and stand straight.

Relax and breathe easily 3 times.

The tree pose (beautiful legs, repair damaged pelvis, especially postpartum) left hand grabs the right leg and lifts it.

Keep your left leg knees straight.

Exhale, when inhaling, extend the upper leg upwards and put it back (inwardly, the pelvis pushes forward).

Put your right hand on your chest and your left and right hands on your chest.

Cross your thumbs and straighten your arms in the air for 40 seconds.

Slowly move your hand to your chest and relax.

Change legs.
Relax and breathe easily 3 times.
The following is the shaping of the chest and sputum.

8.Camel posture (can cure low back pain, shaping a perfect shoulder shape.

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Starting from the abdomen, slowly reclining in turn, the head is the last.

Place your hands on your feet and push your hips forward (keep your lower body into an L shape) for 25 seconds.

– Put your hand on your waist and slowly lift your upper body.

Relax and breathe easily 3 times.

Rabbit posture (shrinking the abdomen, detoxification, face-lifting) In fact, the posture is the same as before, grasping the heel with both hands, the chest and waist are straight.

Abdomen, push forward, squat close to the neck, watch the navel bend down, stick the forehead down, the body into a round shape (about 60 degrees between the big calves), hold for 30 seconds.


Cat posture (shrinking the lower abdomen) (1) Step on the pedal, open the hand to the same width as the shoulder, hand, step on the ground.

The waist is bent down to the maximum and the hips are up.

Then, the waist is arched so that the back is rounded and the back cannot be rearward and should be upward.

Inhale when the waist is pressed, exhale when arching (when lifting, maximally contract the lower abdomen), repeat 3 times.

(2) The arm should be stretched as far as possible, and the chest and shoulders should be attached to the ground instead when exhaling.

Hold for 30 seconds.

Squat and relax, breathe 3 times.

(Effect: Lifting the hips) 11.

Cobra pose (beautifying the curves of the legs and hips, can treat low back pain) (1) kneeling on the ground, from the heel to the buttocks, the abdomen, tightly applied.

Place your hand on a specific part of your chest (all your fingers open to increase your strength) and your arms close to your body.

Use the waist strength to lift the upper body (not with arm strength), inhale and exhale to raise the upper body, and look at the 45-degree sky for 25 seconds.

(2) Start the same as above, but when you lift your body, straighten your arms and the pelvis tries to press down on the ground.

Look at the sky.

Hold for 25 seconds.
(Bei can’t bend, push the chest forward, tighten the pelvis tightly) Slowly lower the upper body.

Kneel on the ground and relax.

The bow posture (effective for shaping beautiful legs and buttocks) squats on the ground, the chin is placed on the ground, and the legs are bent upwards.

Grasp the toe correction with both hands, inhale and exhale, and the navel sticks to the ground, trying to lift the body and legs to make the body arched.

Hold for 20 seconds (compression can not be too extended, compression can not reduce distance beyond the pelvis)13.

Baby posture (corrected body shape, remove excess meat, tight and straight) Squat on the ground, bend the upper body, and put the forehead on the ground.

Put your hands on the ends of your body and your palms facing the sky.

Relax the whole body and spine (the chest can’t leave the heel) for 40 seconds.

Breathe easily.


Tightening the pelvic posture (Arkro legs will cause pelvic asymmetry, this action can correct the asymmetric pelvis, repair the postpartum pelvis) The left leg is bent on the ground, the right leg is bent and placed on the left leg, and the two segments are in a straight line.

Hold the hand tightly in the middle of the foot.

Inhale deeply, exhale, while slowly bending down the body, the upper arm and lower arm are 90 degrees.

Place the lower jaw between the carbon dioxide.
Hold for 30 seconds.(The order of the downward bend: waist-chest-head.

Reverse when lifting.

The front end cannot leave the ground, the neck is as relaxed as possible, and the asymmetric pelvis feels pain).

Restore and lift your upper body.

Change direction.

(The order of the downward bend: waist-chest-head.
Relax in the reverse order) Relax your body and breathe easily 3 times.


Twist the spine posture (correct the spine posture, eliminate the shoulder, back, waist, excess meat of the arm). Bend the left leg and lay the ground flat.

The right leg is erected and placed crosswise on the left knee (the two are aligned in a straight line).

Keep your back close to the ground, raise your left hand, and turn your right to the foot, and grab the top of your right foot (you can also put it on your left foot).

When the right hand is inhaling and exhaling, it is placed behind and turned back.

The spine should be straight.

Can not leave the ground before.

Hold for 30 seconds.
Change the other side.

Hold for 30 seconds.
Relax and breathe easily 3 times.

Hold your knees in a steady breathing position and put your hands on your lap.

When inhaling, the expansion of abdominal dialysis, the tightening of the onset of diabetes during exhalation, and the tightening of the abdomen and back to be implanted.

Inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth.

Do it 50 times quickly.

The last time you have to slowly call out.

Close your eyes, breathe easily, and touch your little belly.


Rest and lie flat, with your hands on your side, and your heels closed for 10 minutes.

Feel the energy from the heel to the top of your head and feel the breath.