Gan Xin looked out the window with a gloomy expression,These little fish and shrimps in the city don’t care about themselves,Can’t get over any storm,The most worrying thing is that I don’t know who the hall will send to check!

A golden light descended over Parkway City,Lin Heng’s figure gradually revealed,Everyone in the city is looking up at the sky,Morfin looked at the figure in the sky,Shocked。
“How come the warlord under the seat of the Holy God!”
“Is that the warlord??”
“Oh my god,I can actually see the legendary warrior in my lifetime!”
People underneath are talking,Lin Heng walks in the sky,The golden wings behind him slowly stir,Fell in front of Gan Xin,Gan Xin has long been on her knees,Shaking all over。
“The most he thought about was that some officials came to investigate,I never thought it was a war general coming!
http://www.tianlaiba.cnGan Xin, the person in charge of a fifth-tier city,See Lord Warlord!”
Lin Heng looked at Gan Xin who was kneeling on the ground,There is no slightest fluctuation in the eyes,Walk into the house,Gan Xin got up and followed。
“This time i come,Was ordered by the Lord,Come to investigate the cause of death of Wang Zhenming and Sun Qin,Also take me to the place where you last fought,I want to view!”
Lin Heng’s voice is very slight,Look at Gan Xin and say。
“Let’s go”
The two turned into rays of light and flew away。
Fuming has just arrived at the place right now,Frown and look to the sky,Two rays of light in the sky, one gold and one blue, quickly pass by,The Suzaku’s wings behind it was trembling slightly。
“Sister,what happened to you?”
Feel the trembling body of the bird,And extremely unstable emotions。

“Uncle,What is the reward??”

Only 134 years old, Yan Zongqi asked,He is self-cultivating,Naturally, some is not very small,Will n’t scruple too much etiquette。
“If you hunt the deer,I seal you for the other people of Ande.,What are the conditions for you?”
The ocean has opened a condition that can’t reject。
“His Majesty,无。Nephew”
Gao Yanzong,Go toward the direction of the deer Mercedes。Others are also followed behind,Only high-rise,Fault,That is like a puppet。
“Why don’t you go??”
Gao Yang curiously asked。People who don’t protected themselves,He naturally does not think that Gao Chang is in order to protect himself.。
“Minister in the back,Even if you run, you can’t catch up with others.,Useless。
Not waiting in other directions,If you can get,It’s a great fortunate,Cannot get,That is like,At least not stupid。”
Gao Changru said,Popularity。
what?It is a bit mean.
Gao Yang nodded,Rumor:“Do it according to your favorite meaning.,http://www.hlddh.cnNeedless to stay around and protect。”
“Bamboo,That minister went。”
Gonggong,But it is a big angle with the direction of everyone.。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS559chapter 邺 邺 郊 外 狐 狐(5)
“艹 This animal is too much to run.”
Gao Yanzong is right now.,Everyone has already ran out.,He is tightly chasing the head,The result is swaying,The deer lost the trace.
In the past, people in the countryside often can see the animals of the hare.,Once this animal enters the forest,They pass irregular walks,There is also a trendy vision,Can escape easily。
If there is no hound, a helper,It is difficult to catch these animals.。
But if there is a hound,What else is there??How to show the means of each person??
Higher guest room,Some are looking for a hunting,Running and going to other directions,For example, Chang Guangwang Gao Zhan。
Some are interested in the field of hunting.,Soy sauce directly,For example, the Changshan King。
The rest of the people are almost the same as Gao Zhan’s choice.,Just running not so active,Just just getting slowly gathering the circle。
suddenly,Gao Yanzong saw a shadow in the distance flashed,It seems to be the deer
“Okay,I finally let me catch you.”
Gao Yanzong excited strange,Mercedes,Then he saw a shocking scene。
I have never appeared in the pursuit team.,Horse is already,Kneeling on the ground, observing the neck,Duby deer。
This is impossible
The first feeling of Gao Yanzong is that the high-rise can’t appear here.
“Fifteen,I am very lucky.。”
Gao Chang also saw that Yan Yanzong came over with an arrow pot,He stood up,Take an arrow from the other side,Then unplug the arrow in his own shot,Plug the high Yanzong。
Everyone’s arrow has a unique marker,Easy to judge who is in shooting。Gao Chang Gong is the way to give this deer to Gao Yanzong。
“Four brothers,You are also very looked at me.”
Gao Yanzong came over,I want to unplug the arrow,But it was blocked by a grung。
“Andr is very important to you,And I am more deer,No harm,Unexpected weight,Are you not judged??His Majesty took you a few times.,I will let you be around.。

Behind him,Follow all the teenagers who participate in the assessment,Even Chu Yang is also in it。

Although only 18 years old,Can high enough to have two meters,Bronze strong body,Muscles are like Dragon generally appear to be strong,Full of explosive power。
And his body is convorating a wild beast-like fierce,Double eyes!See him,Wu Heng and frown about the mountain。
These days,Surrounded by the same reputation,However, it is a 12-alliance.,Similarly, it is famous in the huntown list.。
Inversely the summer,Some surprises。 Previous time,He did not see inflammation,Hear the closed custom。
I didn’t expect him to come out.,I didn’t expect it.,Chu Yang et al. Also followed。
“Hit,I am afraid of you.。”
Teenagers named Wu Heng,“A magistrate,What is nothing?,Hey,There is also a summer country,Don’t anyone really?,The country’s genius is waste,I have to take the replacement of the magic scorpion,Almost forgot,You are originally a ancestor,Hahaha,Be a wild。”
Inflammation,Two blurred animal souls after body hovering,Faint sound。
at this time,Changping coldly。
His mouth hooked a curvature,“You want to get the corpse?
good,Then give you the body.,However, the head is not。
She comes to our hanging river unsuccessful purpose.,I have to take it back in my mind.!”
Talk,Void,Rolling smoke on the ground,It is directly taken in the hands。
Immediately read a summer,The eyes are deeply flashing,And then turned。
“Ha ha。”
About Mountain and Wu Heng hun haha laugh,Also follow。
After a few steps,The two heads。
One of the people thumbs up,And backward。
Another guy makes a moving movement in the summer,Smile and cruel。
“court death!”
Inflammation,Anger,I can’t help but want to do it.。
“inflammation,stop,Don’t impulsive!”
Duan Qing helplessly drink,Feeling。
Twelve Alliances have not received the assessment for 30 years.,But he is also coming over.。
Feel the big earth, my biggest,No one is in the eyes,Then I was being educated.。

Foreign media: At least 6 people were injured in a gun in a city in Tennessee, USA

According to reports on May 29th, according to the US Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), US police said that on the evening of the 28th local time, at least 6 people were injured.

It is reported that at around 10:48 pm local time, the Chathaga police saw a fire in many parties while patrolling in the city center, and many people fled the area.

It is reported that at least 6 people were injured.

The police said the wounded had been sent to the doctor, and two of them were seriously injured.Police said most victims were in their early teens or 20 years old.

A police spokesman said that in a few minutes after the gun battle, they detained at least one suspect related to the incident.

He added that the police had previously discovered a large number of young people in the urban area, saying that the gun battle should happen between these people.


Usually,In this map,Underdeveloped,Gangsters are very bad。

Not surprisingly,After the summer killed three people,The first sentence lost。
Second game,If you don’t buy a props,Gangsters can strong。
Most of the gangsters have chosen a strong,Yun Yoo six people are no exception,But only two people,The rest is a smaller gun,Saved money bought props。Summer does not shoot,No props,But I bought a desert eagle。
NS625chapter Brush frequency
Lose out the opening,Under the premise of no smoke bombs and flash bombs and whistle,Second Bureau is unfavorable to gangsters。
More than 20 seconds,The gangster has died four people。
Killing is not the purpose,For gangsters,Install the thunder and make the explosion。
Summer stare at the screen,Headphones,The character works a sandy eagle near the door。
Headphones constantly coming to 枪,And the death of the two parties。
He got a screen next to Yunno,I saw that Yun Ino and Wang Zhiqiang and Li Lijuan were being in three mainmen.。
Three-door door,Is a person standing in the door gap,Another person on the wooden box behind the first person,The last person is far from the last trail.。
In other words,Their three guns are at the same time.。
at the same time,Taoino as the captain,“Cave harassment。”
Obvious,Their cooperation is the three-three middle door crossing zone。
So can’t see the hole in the summer,But the ear is constantly moving out of the gun.,And Yunno three people threw a smoke bomb in the police,Rush out the door with the fastest speed。
In the next few seconds,The gun sound is extremely fierce,Various props。
And above the screen,Continuously displaying killing players。
Ok……The fact that hangs is a gangster。
This game,Winning is often in an instant。
Summer,The team only died one person,And Yunno died five,Only Yunkeno is rushing into the district,And occupied it。
But this doesn’t mean win,The police immediately responded,Constantly there is police self-warranty and trails to rescue。
This time,A fierce battle again,Both members constantly interchange。
The gangster is very bad,Soon being annihilated,Yunno……After all, it is still murdered.。
not only that,After she hangs away,A team member of the team is more typing.。
“Ha ha ha ha,Watching it is cool.,what is this,This is a strong!Hahahahaha……”
“It is said thatyunThis is our school flower.。”
There is a group of people who hang up and ridicule.。

She didn’t wear the uniform’s uniforms that usually worn.,And changed a pink suit,White short sleevetShirt,With the lower border pink pants tennis skirt,Wear a pair of brown long boots at your feet,It seems to be a youthful,Vitality。

“Well-camouflage,Put this on this.。”Meiqin is also very satisfied with your own body.,Usually the relationship between school regulations,She always wears a school uniform,When wearing usual clothes, it is very few,This is changed,Meiqin I also have a little happy feeling.,only,She said“Put on this”But there is no relationship with this package.。
That is a green chip mask。
“This is impeccable.。”Top mask,Normalin nodded,But I don’t know because of this mask.,At this time, her image turned by a beautiful girl in a look like a frog.,It’s a ridiculous。
“This mask”Push the mask to your head,What did Miqin suddenly thinks?,Faceless red red,There is an inexplicable appetite in your mind.。
“This guy”Meiqin’s mouth,“Do you want to call him?”Just thinking,Meiqin thought it was in the hospital before,Reaction of the Qing Palace,Let her instantly canceled this idea。
“He has hostile to the woman?”Meiqin is smiling, frowning,“So to say,He is also related to this matter.?”
Think of the news that I have just heard,Meiqin’s face slowly downs up,The amber scorpion flashed a long-lost colored color。
“Anyway, I will stop this matter again.!”
Hang in one place“Advanced Education Bureau”Before the brand of research institute,Meiqin stopped。
At this time, her face has already brought the chilly mask bought by the Qing Palace.,Standing in front of the door with a password lock,It seems that there is no meaning,Just stood quietly here。
“No camera”Meiqin eyes slightly,Then you will gently put it on the electron lock at the door.,Suddenly, the electronic lock is bright.,This makes the native piano slightly。
“I don’t have a power of electricity.。”Meiqin pushed the mask to the top,Slightly depressed,“So, don’t you use this mask?。”
Since there is no lock in the door of the Institute,Meiqin, the push pusher, pushing, go in.,Although she is clear,Since this happens,So the possibility of guessing prior is greatly improved.。
really,The entire study has already been empty.,Even the research equipment inside has already been evacuated,Leave only one pile of old table and chairs,It is covered with a thick layer of dust.。
“A trip。”Standing in an open experimental site in the research institute,Meiqin can’t help but sigh,Although this may have been guessed,But when this is true,,Her inner is still slightly small disappointment。
Walking around for four weeks,The color of the metano’s eyes reveals the color of a thought。
Will not be wrong,right here。Meiqin quietly thinks,Watching a pre-discarded test bench,When the Chunsheng students of Mountain, the students were being taken experiment.,right here。
Just at your own feet。
Returning since then‘Fantasy’After the event,Meiqin’s experience in Mountain Spring student experienced a closer look at the end again.,certainly,This level of information is definitely not a student’s permissions can be found.,But it is difficult to don’t fall.,Under her ability,Every hidden information is like her eyes。therefore,Although the appearance of the Qing Palace,Meiqin did not read the memory of Mountain Spring,However, she still found this place smoothly.。
Plus the news you get yourself,Mountain Spring is already released,It happens to catch up with chaotic open events,Meiqin decided to come here。
Whether it is for chaos,For those children,Still for your own conscience。
“Such anxious to destroy this”Meiqin’s eyes flashed a trace of anger,“It seems that the information is really。”
The character of Meiqin is so,In her eyes,Black is black,White is white,No matter other people’s statement,She will always believe in my justice and kindness.,Everything is in mind。
In her opinion,Mushan spring students this matter,Already exceeded her bottom line,It is her unable tolerance.。therefore,Although this is nothing even if it is,But she still has no reluctant.。
The greater the ability,The greater the responsibility。Despite the words, this sentence is not a motto,But on this girl named Yu Meiqin,This sentence has been the best explanation。
“Who!”Just as Meiqin looks at the four weeks,Want to find a clue,Sudden,A shining in the head,Let Meiqin drank,Look up and look up。
“Yes, nothing left。”
A while“clatter,clatter”Footsteps,A faint female voice is never distant,“All right,I will go back now.。”
“when!”Haven’t waited for the woman to put down the phone,A loud noise suddenly came from behind,The woman also doesn’t seem to feel more surprises.,Just sigh,Slowly turn over,Tea girl looking behind the body。
“Is you?。”Look at the people,The woman seems to be loose.,No godless eyes flashing a brightest color。
“Mountain spring。”American piano face is complicated on the brown hair woman in front of,Whispering。
(This chapter is over)
NS135chapter Light and darkness
Looking at this brown long woman in front of,The norm’s eyes are not full of full complications。
How to evaluate her??
Crazy scientist?Still a good teacher?
“Why are you here??”Meiqin is pressing breathing,Staring at the woman,“Is this also your ghost??”

Is the epidemic prevention and control of a overall battle "dynamic clearing" can be changed?

[] [Font size] [] CCTV News: The National New Office held a press conference today (April 29). At the press conference, a reporter asked that my country was vast and the situation in various places was different. Can policy coexist in some places, and "dynamically clear zero" in some places? In this regard, Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, responded.

  Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health and Health Commission: The prevention and control of the epidemic is a overall battle that must strengthen the awareness of the overall situation and adhere to the "one game of a nationwide".

Only by orderly control can the epidemic provide a solid guarantee for the lives and health of the people, and can create favorable conditions for normal production and life. Only by adhering to the "dynamic clearing" and striving to control the local epidemic, can we win the comprehensive victory of the national epidemic prevention and control.

If the "dynamic clearing" in some places is not resolute and decisive, and the virus may take root in the local area, which will cause the local epidemic to spread rapidly, lead to spillover of the epidemic, and even cross -regional transmission. It has caused major losses of people’s lives and property, and seriously affects the development of economic and social.

Under the premise of adhering to the "dynamic clearing zero" general policy, we encourage the localities to explore and summarize some good experiences and practices in accordance with the local epidemic situation and characteristics, further improve the scientific and accurate level of epidemic prevention and control, and strive to use the smallest to use the minimum ones Get the greatest prevention and control effect.

(Editor in charge: Zhu Xiaohang).