Happy embellishment of life

Happy embellishment of life

In your spare time, sit on the reef and look at the vast sea of smoke.

Walking on the beat of the waves, my heart jumped through the sun on the waves.

The hustle and bustle of the dust, the confusing of personnel, are like the smoke of the world, no longer leaving some traces. The feeling at this time is far from being able to enjoy the big prison, Dengchuntai!

  A happy and comfortable mood, of course, does not have to be “eastern meteorite” to get.

Any thoughts and practices that are true, good, and beautiful, such as fulfilling their duties, self-discipline, respecting the elderly, caring for the widows, being kind to others, helping others, helping the poor, and the beauty of adults, can make us feel like a spring breeze, a high spirit, and a vigorous spirit.

  Sensory stimuli, such as beauty, delicious, beautiful words and caress, etc., can certainly be happy, but this happiness is short-lived, leading to the disappearance of stimuli, and will soon fade.

Only spiritual satisfaction, such as honor, honor, friendship, love, accomplishment of tasks, achievement of goals, etc., can bring spiritual freedom.

This kind of happiness will inspire us for a long time, renew the potential enthusiasm, inspire the courageous wings, and climb to the new height.

  Evil people also have happy times, but their happiness must make the good people suffer.

Therefore, they are always worried about the punishment of justice, psychologically carrying a heavy burden, and not being free from spiritual freedom.

Therefore, their happiness is also shrouded in invisible shadows, smuggling and self-satisfaction, and the enthusiasm of normal people is not the same.

  People in the world, although the rich and the poor and some of them have different levels, education and beliefs vary widely, life and attitudes are different, and situations and occupations have advantages and disadvantages, but the standards of truth, goodness, beauty, and ugliness, no matter what kind of person,In the depths of their souls, they are roughly the same.

Therefore, doing unethical things, such as ill-treatment of the elderly, betrayal of relatives and friends, arrogance, bullying, extortion, hate of revenge, violation of law and discipline, and power for personal gain, will produce self-blame, shame, fear and anguish to varying degrees, thus long-termFeeling depressed and depressed, so that it is weak.

Modern medicine proves that this kind of emotion will lead to cancer, cardiovascular and mental disorders, so as the saying goes, it causes ill-fated things and has its own life limit to pay off!

  Exclude evil emotions in the heart, stay away from worldly snobbish disputes, live according to rational principles, and follow moral justice. Even if we live the most simple life, we don’t know what a luxury feast, nor have we entered the karaoke ballroom, butOur hearts are balanced, our souls are quiet, our laughter, and we are full of innocence and purity.

If we are able to fully enjoy this kind of life while working diligently, and easily appreciate the joy that life has given us, what else are we not satisfied with?

The joy of life is nothing more than this!

  Happiness is dotted with life, just like the flowers that open in the four seasons, making the earth full of bright and vibrant.

The earth cannot be without flowers, and we cannot be without happiness in our hearts.

Otherwise, life will become boring and work will lose its enthusiasm.

It is terrible that people who have struggled for a long time and can’t enjoy happiness often overcome life and lose confidence and close despair.

  Therefore, a person’s life and lifestyle play a vital role in work and health. Success and longevity always favor those who are upright and kind.

If you want to achieve something and live a happy life, and be open-minded, you must first strive to make yourself a morally educated person, a person with good character, a person with rich mind, a person who is good for others.In order to effectively prevent them from making people nervous and nervous, and to fully enjoy the fun of work and life itself, in any case to maintain a kind of “professional wind, the moon, the flooding, the songs”The state of mind, Tao Taoran music in it, not too fast!

A few cups of tea can prevent computer radiation

A few cups of tea can prevent computer radiation

Astragalus jasmine tea yellow peony root 10 grams, jasmine 0.

5 grams, add 85 degrees Celsius to soak for one hour.

It can prevent computer radiation from affecting the body’s circulation, immunity, reproduction and metabolism, and reducing the chance of electromagnetic waves inducing cancer.

  Xianling spleen rose tea Xianling spleen 10 grams, 1 gram of rose, add 85 tons of boiling water soak for one hour.

It can prevent electromagnetic waves from causing men’s sperm quality to decrease, women’s hormone secretion is not normal, and can also prevent spontaneous abortion and distortion caused by electromagnetic waves.

  Suanzaoren white chrysanthemum tea 10 grams of jujube kernels, 3 grams of white chrysanthemum, add 85 potassium water to soak for an hour.

It can prevent headache caused by electromagnetic wave radiation, palpitations, insomnia, some women’s menstrual errors, bradycardia, decreased heart rate, sinus arrhythmia, leukopenia, decreased immune function.

In addition, it can also reduce the incidence of high blood pressure, high blood pressure and dementia caused by electromagnetic radiation.

  10 grams of medlar medlar flower tea, 3 grams of medlar flower, add 85 potassium water to soak for an hour.

It can prevent the impact on the vision system due to excessive electromagnetic radiation.

Such as decreased vision, dry eye, cataracts, etc., as well as retinal reflexes caused by severe conditions.

  The ground scorpion flower tea is 10 grams, 3 grams of gardenia, and 85 water can be soaked for one hour.

It can prevent skeletal dysplasia caused by electromagnetic waves causing loss of calcium ions in the plasma of the minor, as well as memory loss and hematopoietic function caused by loss of hepatic blood.