Two major misunderstandings of white-collar sleep

Two major misunderstandings of white-collar sleep

Guide: Usually working hours, overtime is more common, too many white-collar workers have the problem of lack of sleep.

There are quite a few office workers who think that they can sleep on weekends and think that the quality of sleep is linked to the length of sleep. Experts believe that this is the two major sleep mistakes of white-collar love.

  White-collar sleep error zone 1 weekend sleep can not make up sleep through the pace of life to speed up, work pressure increases, weekend “supplement” has become a lot of frequent nights and nights, sleep-deficient “reservation programs”, surveys show that 60% of office workersMake “complement” as the first choice for weekend leisure.

The reporter found in the interview that a large number of people are not aware of the weekdays. Although the weekend sleepers are not short-lived, they still feel tired after waking up and their mental state is not good.

Experts remind that if this kind of irregular sleep mode exists for a long time, it will not only make up the chaos, but also form a vicious circle, and it will also constitute a sleep disorder and damage the health of the body.

  Sleep is a biological clock phenomenon, and it is indispensable for the time and expectation.

Usually, the quality of sleep is poor, and the practice of “bad supplement” on the weekend is not a big obstacle. However, in the long run, the biological clock will be disrupted, causing distortion of sleep rhythm, leading to sleepiness – insomnia syndrome, sleep becomes ineffective, and chronic insomnia occurs.It affects the functions of the digestive tract, endocrine, immunity and other body functions, thereby aggravating fatigue, dizziness, inattention, low appetite, nausea, depression and other symptoms, and can even cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, neurasthenia, etc., seriously affecting health.

  If you want to sleep well, you should develop good habits!

  White-collar sleep error zone 2 sleep well only related to the length of sleep related experts: sleep quality and hand placement related to the prone position will oppress the heart and lungs, affecting breathing, therefore does not advocate this sleeping position, especially cardiovascular diseasePeople with high blood pressure should pay special attention.

However, if you have developed a habit, you should pay attention to your arms should not be placed under the chest when sleeping, so it is advisable not to oppress the various parts of the body. It is recommended to spread it horizontally.

  There are certain rules for placing the arm during sleep. If it is not properly placed, not only does it not sleep well, it may also have a certain impact on health.

The sleeping position is nothing more than supine, prone and sideways, and the position of each sleeping position is different.

  When lying on your back, your arms should naturally be placed straight on your sides.

You can also put your hand on your ear to make a surrender when you sleep.

But the hands are raised above the top of the head and are not correct on the chest and on the stomach.

The arms are lifted over the top of the head, and the muscles of the shoulders and upper arms cannot be completely relaxed. Over time, the muscles of the shoulders and arms are sore.

Especially for pregnant women, it is easy to make the abdomen tight when the arm is lifted. If it is late in pregnancy, the uterus will enlarge, the intra-abdominal pressure will increase, and the endocrine changes will easily affect the health of the fetus.

Put your hands on your chest, it will be easy to chest tightness after a long time, and the other abdomen will oppress the stomach.

  When lying on the right side, the left hand is placed in front of the body, the right hand is placed horizontally, and the left side is lying opposite.

Many people are used to sleeping on their heads while sleeping sideways. The arm is under the pressure of the head, and the surrounding vascular nerves are oppressed, which affects the smooth circulation of the blood, which causes numbness and pain.

  When lying down, it will oppress the heart and lungs, affecting breathing, so it is not recommended to sleep, especially those with high blood pressure and high blood pressure.

However, if you have developed a habit, you should pay attention to your arms should not be placed under the chest when sleeping, so it is advisable not to oppress the various parts of the body. It is recommended to spread it horizontally.

Happy embellishment of life

Happy embellishment of life

In your spare time, sit on the reef and look at the vast sea of smoke.

Walking on the beat of the waves, my heart jumped through the sun on the waves.

The hustle and bustle of the dust, the confusing of personnel, are like the smoke of the world, no longer leaving some traces. The feeling at this time is far from being able to enjoy the big prison, Dengchuntai!

  A happy and comfortable mood, of course, does not have to be “eastern meteorite” to get.

Any thoughts and practices that are true, good, and beautiful, such as fulfilling their duties, self-discipline, respecting the elderly, caring for the widows, being kind to others, helping others, helping the poor, and the beauty of adults, can make us feel like a spring breeze, a high spirit, and a vigorous spirit.

  Sensory stimuli, such as beauty, delicious, beautiful words and caress, etc., can certainly be happy, but this happiness is short-lived, leading to the disappearance of stimuli, and will soon fade.

Only spiritual satisfaction, such as honor, honor, friendship, love, accomplishment of tasks, achievement of goals, etc., can bring spiritual freedom.

This kind of happiness will inspire us for a long time, renew the potential enthusiasm, inspire the courageous wings, and climb to the new height.

  Evil people also have happy times, but their happiness must make the good people suffer.

Therefore, they are always worried about the punishment of justice, psychologically carrying a heavy burden, and not being free from spiritual freedom.

Therefore, their happiness is also shrouded in invisible shadows, smuggling and self-satisfaction, and the enthusiasm of normal people is not the same.

  People in the world, although the rich and the poor and some of them have different levels, education and beliefs vary widely, life and attitudes are different, and situations and occupations have advantages and disadvantages, but the standards of truth, goodness, beauty, and ugliness, no matter what kind of person,In the depths of their souls, they are roughly the same.

Therefore, doing unethical things, such as ill-treatment of the elderly, betrayal of relatives and friends, arrogance, bullying, extortion, hate of revenge, violation of law and discipline, and power for personal gain, will produce self-blame, shame, fear and anguish to varying degrees, thus long-termFeeling depressed and depressed, so that it is weak.

Modern medicine proves that this kind of emotion will lead to cancer, cardiovascular and mental disorders, so as the saying goes, it causes ill-fated things and has its own life limit to pay off!

  Exclude evil emotions in the heart, stay away from worldly snobbish disputes, live according to rational principles, and follow moral justice. Even if we live the most simple life, we don’t know what a luxury feast, nor have we entered the karaoke ballroom, butOur hearts are balanced, our souls are quiet, our laughter, and we are full of innocence and purity.

If we are able to fully enjoy this kind of life while working diligently, and easily appreciate the joy that life has given us, what else are we not satisfied with?

The joy of life is nothing more than this!

  Happiness is dotted with life, just like the flowers that open in the four seasons, making the earth full of bright and vibrant.

The earth cannot be without flowers, and we cannot be without happiness in our hearts.

Otherwise, life will become boring and work will lose its enthusiasm.

It is terrible that people who have struggled for a long time and can’t enjoy happiness often overcome life and lose confidence and close despair.

  Therefore, a person’s life and lifestyle play a vital role in work and health. Success and longevity always favor those who are upright and kind.

If you want to achieve something and live a happy life, and be open-minded, you must first strive to make yourself a morally educated person, a person with good character, a person with rich mind, a person who is good for others.In order to effectively prevent them from making people nervous and nervous, and to fully enjoy the fun of work and life itself, in any case to maintain a kind of “professional wind, the moon, the flooding, the songs”The state of mind, Tao Taoran music in it, not too fast!

A few cups of tea can prevent computer radiation

A few cups of tea can prevent computer radiation

Astragalus jasmine tea yellow peony root 10 grams, jasmine 0.

5 grams, add 85 degrees Celsius to soak for one hour.

It can prevent computer radiation from affecting the body’s circulation, immunity, reproduction and metabolism, and reducing the chance of electromagnetic waves inducing cancer.

  Xianling spleen rose tea Xianling spleen 10 grams, 1 gram of rose, add 85 tons of boiling water soak for one hour.

It can prevent electromagnetic waves from causing men’s sperm quality to decrease, women’s hormone secretion is not normal, and can also prevent spontaneous abortion and distortion caused by electromagnetic waves.

  Suanzaoren white chrysanthemum tea 10 grams of jujube kernels, 3 grams of white chrysanthemum, add 85 potassium water to soak for an hour.

It can prevent headache caused by electromagnetic wave radiation, palpitations, insomnia, some women’s menstrual errors, bradycardia, decreased heart rate, sinus arrhythmia, leukopenia, decreased immune function.

In addition, it can also reduce the incidence of high blood pressure, high blood pressure and dementia caused by electromagnetic radiation.

  10 grams of medlar medlar flower tea, 3 grams of medlar flower, add 85 potassium water to soak for an hour.

It can prevent the impact on the vision system due to excessive electromagnetic radiation.

Such as decreased vision, dry eye, cataracts, etc., as well as retinal reflexes caused by severe conditions.

  The ground scorpion flower tea is 10 grams, 3 grams of gardenia, and 85 water can be soaked for one hour.

It can prevent skeletal dysplasia caused by electromagnetic waves causing loss of calcium ions in the plasma of the minor, as well as memory loss and hematopoietic function caused by loss of hepatic blood.

Liu Qingqing rushed to the summer,Stand straight,Slightly recovering emotions,Go to the front to open the door。

Middle age stood at the door of a suit,Changpi Pop Tong,It has a temperament that you can’t say.。
“You are……”“Liu Miss,Hello,Liuhe Mountain。”
Middle-aged belt smile,“Summer is here。”
Liu Qingqing has doubts,But still let the body,“Please enter。”
Top to look at summer,“Find you。”
Summer nice head,Nature heard the sound。
But after seeing Liuhe Mountain,Laugh,“You really dare to see me.。”
“Why don’t you dare??”
Liuhe Mountain is not restrained,After coming in,Sitting directly on the couch。
At the same time,“Before our cooperation is not very happy??”
Summer is cold and cold,Also sitting down,Stare at the opposite direction,“I have never seen your true face.,Is it necessary to wear a mask??”
Liuhe Mountain also laughed,“How do you know?,The previous appearance is true.?
these years,I have been more than a dozen times in Gao Li.,I don’t even know myself.。”
Since Xia Qianyun can cut him at the airport,Liuhe Mountain does not mind disclosing some information。
In his opinion,This information is only afraid that he has been mastered in summer.。
“Brilliance……”Summer spit out two words,Immediately,“So to say,The Korean woman named Hanmeiji,It is also your person?”
“Right,My person。”
Liuhe Mountain recognizes,Also,“But,She has missing for a long time.。”
Summer frown。
“Moi brother,She has no disappearance,I have been tracing,But there is no news from the news。”
Merely,Liuhe Mountain,Don’t want to continue this topic,Swift,At the same time。
“It seems that rumors don’t match.,Others say that you have been shake.,But what you have before,Unlike a serious injury。”
He has already arrived.。
And I know what happened before.。
Summer is not available,“Indeed,But it is not so serious.。”
Liuhe Mountain eye flashes,Laugh,“So to say,You are fishing?
Hehehehe,I understand,Jun’s death,Always let the capital of the capital,But until now no one acts.,Over time,This dark stream will become more and more turbulent,You want to use the injured news,Put in advance,I don’t understand what I don’t understand.,Why do you give up??”
Toned,Contemporary face on the face,“It is obviously to provoke and testing before those who don’t enter the flow.,According to reason, you should be responsible.……Um?
He stared at the summer,Surprised in the eyes,A word a day,“You have to be big?”
Summer laughs and not speak。
The Liu Qingqing sitting next to it is some inexplicable。
She feels that she can’t keep up with two things.。
Fortunately, the words of Liuhe Mountain soon made her show a shock and suddenly color.。

If you are in a high level just to eat,Play woman,What is the difference between with salted fish??Rely on gall,Can save a few people?Only,In order to let more people avoid the tragedy of refugees。lt;/Pgt;

Rencheng’s victims,Gao Boyi looked at the dog’s legs and pulled it out from the man’s pile.,Muttering:lt;/Pgt;
“I am a noble person.,I am a person who is out of grade.……”lt;/Pgt;
Several,With another slot of a sauce with a ferry in Jihe,,cloth,Wood and other goods,People outside Rencheng also began to act,Construction of the disaster area in the original tent。lt;/Pgt;
These wooden rooms can only be considered a temporary residence,The role is to build a city“New district”The victims provide living residences,Because Xuncheng is not one or two。Expansion of the ferrytack bridge,Shui Village,Dredging of the river section,There is also a lot of human labor。lt;/Pgt;
Rencheng’s Fu Hall,Both the big family sent people to cluster“Join”,Some still more than one person。Gao Boyi has prepared a dish and drink under the hand.,Enjoy the family here to contact“messenger”。lt;/Pgt;
Hongnang Yang,Qinghe Cui,Boling Cui,Zhao Ye Li,Fan Yang Lu,Guangping,Taishan Sheep,Some people are in the banquet。lt;/Pgt;
They are not giving high-alone face,Instead, in the golden bronze coil,It is also to give Zhao County Li’s East House.。lt;/Pgt;
“The sincerity of each relief,My Gao Baoyi has seen it.,His Majesty has also seen it,it’s here,I respect it,Drink!”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Biyi put the wine in the wine glass。lt;/Pgt;
Everyone loves to listen to these scenes.,Everyone is a smile,Waiting for the back of Gao Baoyi。lt;/Pgt;
The high officials can’t change food and cloth.,Changeable medicine,Food for these disaster relief,They are all from these people who don’t spit their bones.“Credit”Back。lt;/Pgt;
certainly,These big families,It’s all gave a high school,Look at his white cloud sword,I am willing to try water.。From the center guarantee,It is Gao Baoyi’s quasi-father-in-law Li Zugui。lt;/Pgt;
Because Li Zuolheng only supports the family of Jeju floods.,I have the eligibility to eat the meal of the rest of the family.。lt;/Pgt;
“Allocate,You know,Now,In fact, wealth distribution has no room.,Each home is divided into scope,To get new,Will use the means,Solve people who have posted those interests,I don’t know if I have to be accurate.?”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bi smiled and stared at the middle-aged fat man who was sent in Zhaoji Li.。lt;/Pgt;
The reason is this truth,However, it is a little too straightforward.。But here,In fact, it is a person who operates the family industry.,非 非 家 读 公 公,They naturally know what Gao Bao is meaning.。lt;/Pgt;

Lin Feng heard the words:“Maybe,Seniors believe in true reincarnation??If there is a reincarnation in the world,In the future, I can’t taste it into that turn into the place.,Looking for them。”

“Real turn back?”Huangquan’s Lord has no God heard the words.:“have,Of course,I have seen countless ancient books these years.,Confirming this reincarnation does exist,Just not in this universe。”
“Not in this universe?”Lin Feng heard a slice:“What’s the meaning?”
“Have you heard three-dimensional four-dimensional??”Huangquan’s Lord is a laugh:“simply put,There is no such dimensional space.,The moment of being dead,Soul,I quickly entered another time and space dimension.。”
“Another time and space dimension?”Lin Feng heard the words:“How to find?”
“I do not know either。”Huangquan’s Lord is a bitter laugh:“This thing is too late.,Don’t say we,Even if the real nine heavens are not able to understand this thing,Modern science is actually studying,Can also be a very superficial level。”
“There is hope。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand。
“good,There is hope。”Huangquan’s Lord:“Always better than hope,This world is rule,I want human or other martial arts practitioners to understand this rule.,And according to historical records,Some ancestors have ever sublimated into another time and space.。”
“You are a person like the emperor.?”Lin Feng wondered。
“good。”Huangquan’s Lord No God explains:“Not only is the martial arts,Some of the people are also mistaken into another time and space.,Especially in the sea,Already there is time and space whirlpool,You enter,It is already a hundred years when I say it.。”
“indeed so。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Is there still existence??”
“This time and space swirl is lucky to touch。”Huangquan’s Lord is a laugh:“Of course, the dimensions space of these all-in-laws and the dimensions space that have been sublimated in the past.。”
“This is definitely different。”Lin Feng heard the words:“There are too many area between the heavens and the earth.。”
“good,You only have to believe in any area between heaven and earth.,This thing can be called the heaven and earth rules,Can explain into science with modern science。”Huangquan’s Lord is a laugh:“As long as you can understand some heaven and earth rules,Your power will become more powerful,Repair is getting deeper,Treatment of the final practice is the understanding of the natural rules of heaven and earth。”
“Human body?”Lin Feng doubts。
“The human body is like a small world,Small universe。”http://www.mosashop.cnHuangquan’s Lord is not nodded。
“makes sense,I am thinking that we are in this universe is not a huge life.?”Lin Feng suddenly laughed。
“Maybe。”Huangquan’s Lord is a laugh:“This problem is not only, we want to know,I think countless people in the customary people have thought about this problem.。”
“good,I want to be an astronomer since childhood.,How much do I think about this universe?,If you give it a edge,Outside there?”Lin Feng Road。
“So theoretically,Practice is also。”Huangquan’s Lord is a bitter laugh:“Practice never。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Then Shen Si。
Huangquan’s Lord is not afraid to look at Lin Feng seems to be comprehension.,I didn’t talk again。
After a long time, Lin Feng woke up,Then I discussed many things with the Lord of Huangquan.,Huangquan’s Lord is not gone,Explain some things you know to Lin Feng,Let Lin Feng benefited more。
“Although I can’t inherit my seniors,But the predecessors have fairing,Lin Feng will not forget this world.。”Lin Feng looked at Huangquan’s Lord。
“Ha ha,All right,never mind。”Huangquan’s Lord is a laugh。
Just then Tang Yao’s voice came:“Lin Feng,Noord,time to eat。”
“Let it go,Let’s eat。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at Huangquan’s Lord without God.:“Today, drink a few cups。”
“it is good!”Huangquan’s Lord has no noddion。
I immediately came to the living room.,Take the table in the table in the living room.,Tiyin Yao and night Qing Di also came to the living room。
“good,good,The blood is beginning to recover。”Huangquan’s Lord is suddenly looked at night Qing Dynasty。
“Seniors please sit。”Night cold laugh。
“it is good,it is good,I am welcome.。”Huangquan’s Lord is in a chair, sitting on a chair。
Lin Feng,Tiyin Yao,Night cold, sitting on a chair,The wine of one altar jar opens,Fragrance。

“Oh!Brother Naqiang meant to make me apologize for Daoqian?”Xia Jian increased his voice,I can clearly hear his upset。

Brother Chen laughed and said:“No no no!Brother’s greatness, we have learned,This matter is turned over,But this place,Brothers don’t tell others”
Xia Jian let go,Smiled at Chen Sanqiang and said:“Which is natural,Goodbye brother strong”
Chen Sanqiang reluctantly smiled:“Goodbye”
Out159number,Xia Jian ran all the way,Stopped a taxi at the turn,After getting in the car, he felt how terrible it was just now,He is coercion,In case Chen Sanqiang resists,He’ll get caught。
I seem to be suspicious,Li Na really didn’t lie to him,Also pointed out Chen Sanqiang’s weakness,Now Xia Jian has a bottom in his heart,Turned out to be the best person,There is something to be afraid of。
When returning to the guest house,It’s a little past midnight,He opened the door gently,Just turned on the lights,He almost yelled in shock。I saw Zhao Hong wearing a quilt,Sitting on the bed,Look at him fixedly。
“Why don’t you sleep?Is this trying to scare me to death?”Xia Jian said,Walked over,This person is scary,Scary,Really true。
Zhao Hong turned her face angrily,Asked sharply:“Where did you go in the middle of the night,Did you go on a date with your mate?,You just can’t wait,Can you wait for me to go back”
The more Zhao Hong says, the more emotional,Just like Xia Jian really went on a date with a lover。“No,What is good or not,I’m going to do business”Xia Jian strongly argued。
Zhao Hong’s eyes rolled,Stretch his nose towards Xia Jian,Sniffed:“You lie!You still have a feminine perfume smell on your body,I told you,I beg you to marry me,But you can’t put me in the guest house and look for another woman!”
Damn!Xia Jian just remembered,On his body,More than a woman’s perfume,Which Sisi and Li Na,Have sat on his lap,Even if I jump into the Yellow River,Can’t clean it。

See a small door on the left side of the bed,Su Yuhui understood what happened?。

I shouldn’t bring this yard to the girl。
I actually forgotten it.,This room,The bedroom and study are actually together.!And the study is still behind。
Early knowing this,I will knock on the door last night.!
Su Yuhui felt that he was breathing.。
“master,Someone reports!”
“it is good,I see!I changed to my clothes.!Let Master look at some!”
Su Yuxi’s chair of this master,Just a good show,But the case is powerful。
Just let Su Yuhui hit,In the income of the chapter。
“This…This matter…”
“what happened,Have something to say,!”
“This case is the master.,I am afraid that it is not convenient to let Master hosted!”
Small and strong。
The father has always been hidden.,But today’s obvious look is not very mood.,Don’t hit the muzzle.。
“Be relevant to Master?I have to see what the case is,It was related to the people in our county.!”
Xiao Yan quickly retired,Let your grandfather let a look。
“Take this door to me!The window is also told me.!Then give me the key!”
“Her girl…”
Looking at the two brothers and sisters.。
The rumor is good,Sujia’s brothers are trending this sister for treasures.。
“She fell.!”
I mentioned this Su Yuhui.,狠 一…
So the master is still not understanding for a long time.,I am drunk after drinking.,Dressing is uncomfortable to sleep in front of others a night,How can I get twenty big boards?…
306 Transfer
“Miss,You can be coming.!”
Since I sent a letter,The uncle is guarded at this day and night.。
So I saw the carriage of Niu Niu.,Rapida greeted。
“How is Whez??”
“Every day is in the house,I can’t see people.!How did her mother persuade?!”
Hao uncle sighed a breath,Very 惆怅。
This child,One day to night,I have a few mouthfuls of cool water.,Everything else is not willing to eat。
I hope that Miss can advise her.。
People are only alive,Only hope。
Everything else is the secondary。

National Health and Health Commission: New crown pneumonia on March 10

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 11th. The National Health and Health Committee reported on the 11th that at 0-24 on March 10, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 555 newly confirmed cases. Among them, 158 cases were entered overseas (51 cases in Guangdong, 32 cases in Shanghai, 21 cases in Gansu, 15 cases in Beijing, 9 cases in Guangxi, 6 cases in Tianjin, 6 cases in Sichuan, 4 cases in Hubei, 3 cases in Henan, 2 cases in Heilongjiang, 2 cases in Zhejiang , 2 cases in Anhui, 2 cases in Chongqing, 1 case of Jilin, 1 case of Fujian, and 1 case of Yunnan), including 20 cases from asymptomatic infections to confirmed cases (8 cases in Guangdong, Sichuan 6 cases, 2 cases of Zhejiang, 2 cases in Henan, 2 cases in Henan , 1 case in Beijing, 1 case of Tianjin); 397 local cases (121 cases in Shandong, of which 103 in Qingdao, 8 cases of Weihai, 6 cases in Texas, 3 cases of Yantai, and 1 in Zibo City; 98 cases in Jilin, of which 93 cases of Jilin City, 3 cases of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, and 2 cases of Changchun City; 36 cases in Jiangsu, including 34 cases of Lianyungang City and 2 cases in Nanjing; 26 cases in Gansu, including 15 cases of Lanzhou New District, 8 silver cities, 3 in Lanzhou City 3 Example; 18 cases in Tianjin, including 10 cases in Xiqing District, 3 cases of Jinnan District, 2 cases of Dongli District, 1 case of Hedong District, 1 case of Nankai District, and 1 in Hongqiao District. There are 8 cases of Xi’an and 2 cases in Hanzhong; 16 cases in Hebei, including 7 cases of Cangzhou, 5 cases of Langfang City, 3 cases of Xingtai City, and 1 case of Baoding; 16 in Zhejiang, including 13 cases in Hangzhou and 3 cases in Luzhou; 11 cases in Shanghai, including 4 cases of Pudong New District, 2 cases of Hongkou District, 2 cases of Minhang District, 1 case of Jiading District, 1 case of Jinshan District, and 1 case of Qingpu District; 11 cases in Guangdong, including 9 cases in Shenzhen, 1 case of Guangzhou 1 case in Dongguan; 8 cases in Heilongjiang, all in Harbin; 5 cases in Beijing, including 2 cases of Chaoyang District, 2 cases of Haidian District, and 1 case of Daxing District; 5 cases in Yunnan, including 4 cases of Dehong and Dai Jingpo, Kunming City 1 case; 4 cases in Liaoning, all in Shenyang City; 2 cases in Inner Mongolia, including 1 case of Hohhot City and 1 case of Alxa League; 1 case in Henan, in Puyang City; 1 case in Qinghai, in Xining City), including 21 cases, there is no right. Symptoms infected to confirmed cases (10 cases in Shandong, 2 cases of Jilin, 2 cases of Gansu, 1 case in Beijing, 1 case of Tianjin, 1 case of 1 case in Inner Mongolia, 1 case of Liaoning, 1 case of Henan, 1 case of Guangdong, and 1 case in Qinghai). There are no new death cases. There are 3 new suspected cases, all of which are overseas input cases (both in Shanghai). There were 141 cases of newly cured hospitals on the day, and 1,050 close contacts of medical observations were lifted, and severe cases were reduced by 1 case from the previous day.

  There were 2540 cases of existing confirmed cases overseas (2 cases of severe cases), and 7 cases of suspected cases. A total of 1,5994 confirmed cases, and a total of 13,454 cases of discharging cases were cured, and there were no deaths. As of 24:00 on March 10, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there are still 5024 confirmed cases (6 of them), 10,3280 cases of cured cases, 4,636 cases of accumulated deaths. A total of 11,2940 cases were reported, and there were 7 cases of suspected cases.

A total of 1745,633 people were tracked to the close contact, and 118,813 close contacts were still observed in medical observation. 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 814 asymptomatic infections, including 111 cases overseas, 703 cases of 703 (255 in Shandong, including 221 in Qingdao, 31 cases in Weihai, and Zibo City. Three cases; 167 cases in Guangdong, of which 165 were Dongguan City and 2 cases in Shenzhen; 148 cases of Jilin, including 123 cases of Jilin City, 21 cases in Changchun, 1 case of Siping City, 1 case of Songyuan City, 1 case of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, 1 case in Meihekou; 64 cases in Shanghai, of which 13 were in Minhang District, 11 cases of Baoshan District, 9 cases of Songjiang District, 6 cases of Xuhui District, 6 cases of Pudong New District, 4 cases of Putuo District, 4 cases of Hongkou District, 4 cases of Qingpu District, Qingpu District 4 cases , 3 cases of Jiading District, 2 cases of Jing’an District, 1 case of Huangpu District, and 1 case of Changning District; 25 cases in Yunnan, including 18 cases of Dehong -Dai Jingpei Autonomous Prefecture, 6 cases in Kunming, and 1 case of Lincang City; 16 cases in Hebei, Hebei Among them, there were 12 cases of Langfang City, 3 cases of Cangzhou, and 1 case in Xingtai; 12 cases in Jiangsu, including 5 cases of Lianyungang City, 3 cases in Nanjing, 2 cases of Suzhou, 1 case of Nantong City, and 1 in Yangzhou; 6 cases in Guangxi; Among them, there were 5 cases of Fangchenggang City and 1 case of Baise City; 4 cases in Gansu were all in Baiyin City; 2 cases in Beijing, including 1 case of Chaoyang District and 1 in Haidian District; 2 cases in Heilongjiang, all in Harbin City; 1 case in Henan, in Puyang City; 1 case in Hubei, in Xianning City); 41 cases of confirmed cases on the day (20 cases input overseas); 39 cases of medical observation were lifted on the same day (32 cases were entered overseas); 3972 cases of non -symptoms observed in medical observation ( Input 1387 cases overseas). A total of 267,298 cases were notified in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Among them, 246,135 cases in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (25,365 cases were discharged from the hospital, 3150 deaths), and 82 cases of 82 cases of the Macau Special Administrative Region (79 cases were discharged from hospital), and 21081 cases in Taiwan (13,742 cases were discharged and 853 deaths).

Summary of Tibet Anti -Strike New Cross -Pneumonia Epidemic Opinion: Building an epidemic defense fortress to protect the people’s peace

  Since the epidemic in the new crown pneumonia, more than 3 million people in the region have worked with the people of the country with the people of the country, and the extension of the country is difficult. The external prevention input and the spread of internal control spread, which has launched a blockbuster and prevention and control war in the city.The epidemic is the command, the prevention and control is responsibility, and the position is the battlefield.During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the cities and regions of the region sink the prevention and control of control to rural pastoral areas, urban and rural communities, extend the tentacles of epidemic prevention work to each household, and build a copper wall and iron wall on the grassroots level, becoming an indestructible resistance to the epidemic situation.The "first level"."Ajia, things have given you the door. When you go out in a special period, what is missing directly on WeChat in the family, we run your legs for you." During the New Year of the Tibetan calendar, the epidemic prevention staff in Anto County, Naqu City, home from households to home.The people with health monitoring provide on -site services, organize and summarize the needs of the masses in time, and then buy them uniformly and distribute them one by one.

The war "epidemic" group composed of them also assumed the tasks of 24 hours in turns, informing the villagers’ new crown pneumonia prevention, and reporting to the prevention and control of the entire community epidemic.

  During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, such grass -roots forts and prevention and control scenarios can be seen everywhere in rural pastoral areas in our district.

  The party committee and government of the autonomous region attach great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic in rural pastoral areas.

  Rural pastoral areas across the region have always regarded epidemic prevention and control work as the current most important task, paid close attention to implementation, and quickly form a strict prevention and control situation.

In various places, the combination of big data statistics and traditional manual verification of traditional provinces will conduct comprehensive investigations of entering Tibetan personnel from other provinces and regions, and to strengthen management and control in a targeted manner.

All cities, counties, townships, and villages have set up a social management and control working group to form a group prevention and group control mechanism. Police stations and grid members of the police stations and grid staff weaving secret epidemic prevention and control should be checked and left without dead ends. Various methods such as WeChat groups and group messages in rural pastoral areas in various places have also used a variety of methods such as WeChat groups and group messages to conduct extensive publicity and mobilization of epidemic prevention and control. All grass -roots party organizations give full play to the role of fighting forts, organize party members and cadres in the village, village work team, and dual -joint households, etc., take the lead in implementing various investigation and control measures, forming "the leadership of party members, the participation of the masses, and everyone’s epidemic prevention". Good situation.

The work team of the village in the village in the village of Changguo Township, Saga County, Shigatse City, promotes the epidemic prevention and control knowledge and interpretation of policies and measures through centralized preaching, public visits, post -posts, and WeChat group releases. , Eliminate villagers’ fear.

Cadres in Lilong Village, Milin County, Lingzhi City regularly go to the masses’ homes to check hygiene, regularly disinfect the environment for the people, issue masks, conduct body temperature measurement of returnees, check the daily home isolation situation, etc. Ventilation, less gathering, wearing masks, develop good hygiene habits, and improve self -protection awareness.

Many places have also established an electronic information registration system. The in -far farmers and herdsmen only need to scan the QR code and measure the body temperature to pass through, and realize the "avoid contact, autonomous entry, rapid registration, convenient passage" … In actual work, it is adapt to local conditions, exploring the disease prevention and control methods that meet the local characteristics, and make various combination of fists.

  "Hello, hello, I am a staff member of Jishuanggang Street. Do you have foreign staff recently? If you have any timely reporting to the community, thank you for cooperating with the community …" On April 14th, I received it when I received it. After investigating the notification of Lhasa’s sub -dense personnel from Lhasa, the staff of the Jiwangang Street Office Zengzhao Ma, Jiomi and other staff immediately entered the state of war. Nearly 5,000 people were investigated through the data of large platforms such as Tibet. The secrets reported in time, and it was already more than 3 am when the task was over. "Compared to the medical staff who are fighting on the front line, our work is too ordinary. What we can do is to build a security line for residents." Said Dan Zeng Zhuoga, deputy director of the Jishuanggang Street Office.

  The community is the front line and forefront of the epidemic prevention and control, and it is also the main battlefield of external prevention input and internal defense spread. The defense line of the community can effectively cut off the spread of the spread of the epidemic. The district attaches great importance to community prevention and control work, adheres to the 24 -hour duty system, sinks the prevention and control force to the community, and effectively gives full play to the role of the community’s external prevention input and internal prevention diffusion, so that all communities will become a strong fortress for epidemic prevention and control. Party members, cadres, community workers, and volunteers in our district adhere to the prevention and control service points of the epidemic situation in each community. They are guarding people, nights, and city, and support the safety of the people’s lives.

Through the distribution of leaflets and broadcasting, to promote the knowledge of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic prevention and control; to investigate and register the residents of the community, pay close attention to the suspected symptoms, and report it in time in accordance with the requirements of the specifications Guide the majority of residents from the perspective of protecting themselves, protecting their families, and protecting compatriots, consciously act, organize, and condense them, form a good situation of "everyone is a warrior", and build a strict line of defense for group defense.

Medical institutions at all levels in our district are actively participating in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Among them, non -public medical institutions have organized more than 400 backbone medical staff to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. "Community prevention and control should be based on grid, keeping the door, and highlighting strict." Said the Central Sect of Epidemic Prevention of the Cexolin Commission of Lhasa. During the epidemic, the community used a family doctor to sign a platform to enter each household to publicize the prevention policies and popularize epidemic prevention knowledge to the masses, and mobilize the elderly over 60 years of age to actively vaccinate the new crown pneumonia vaccine, etc., and received a positive response from residents in the community. "The public is with all the power, and the people’s heart moves." Taishan moves. "

Based on the community and the countryside, from rural pastoral areas to urban and rural communities, from party members and cadres to the masses of all ethnic groups, the snowy plateau gathers the majestic power to fight for the prevention and control of the epidemic, win the prevention and control of the epidemic, Building an unbreakable Great Wall of Steel provides a strong and important guarantee.

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