Huayou Cobalt (603799): The acquisition will form a synergistic effect, and the profits can be expected to increase

Huayou Cobalt (603799): The acquisition will form a synergistic effect, and the profits can be expected to increase

Event: The company intends to acquire shares in Tianjin Bamo Technology Co., Ltd. and Yinzhou Huayou Cobalt New Materials Company by issuing shares.

The counterparties of this transaction are Hangzhou Hongyuan Equity Investment Partnership and Wuhu Xinda Xinneng No. 1 Investment Partnership (Xineng Fund).

The company and Bamo Technology’s controlling shareholder Hangzhou Hongyuan Co., Ltd. “letter of intent to acquire equity”, the target equity is Hangzhou Hongyuan intends to transfer to the company all the shares of the target company and all the shares associated therewith;The shareholders’ new energy fund short-term “letter of intent to acquire equity” is marked as held by the new energy fund.

For 68% equity and all related equity, the pricing of the underlying equity is based on the valuation of the target company confirmed by the asset evaluation report issued by the asset appraisal agency, and is determined through negotiation between the two parties.

  The completion of the acquisition is expected 无锡夜网 to form a synergy effect and enhance Huayou’s production technology.

The development, development and large-scale production of Tianjin Bamo Casting Lithium Ion Battery Materials is a state-level emerging enterprise, and currently has an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons.

The products are high nickel materials, ternary materials and high voltage lithium cobalt oxide.

Bamo was selected into the “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Standards Task Force” in 2017, marking the company’s outstanding level of lithium-ion battery research and development technology, and the development of lithium-ion battery materials has become influential and right to speak.

The acquisition has helped Huayou improve its research and development, production technology, and maintain industry-leading 北京夜网 technology, which is in line with the company’s long-term strategy to become a global leader in the field of new energy materials for lithium batteries.

  After the completion of the acquisition, Huayou Yinzhou will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayou Cobalt.

Huayou Yinzhou is 84 shares held by Huayou Cobalt.

With 32% of its subsidiaries, Xinneng Fund is the only minority shareholder.

Huayou Yanzhou’s main products are cobalt chloride, cobalt sulfate, cobalt tetroxide, cobalt carbonate, cobalt oxalate, metallic cobalt, ternary precursors, etc.

In addition, the company was successfully selected as the first batch of enterprises in the “Industrial Conditions for Comprehensive Utilization of New Energy Vehicle Waste Power Batteries” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, creating favorable conditions for the development of the waste power battery recycling market.

Huayou Yinzhou is an important source of profit for Huayou Cobalt. The completion of the acquisition will expand the company’s profits.

  To sum up, the company is a leader in the industry and strives to implement the integration strategy of upstream, midstream and downstream.

The company holds scarce resources in the upstream, expands production capacity in the midstream, and actively deploys ternary precursor products in the downstream, effectively diversifying risks and stabilizing the overall market.

Forecast the company’s net profit for 2018-202024.

19, 30.

54, 36.

28 ppm, an increase of 27 in ten years.

6%, 26.

3%, 18.

8%, corresponding to EPS of 2.



38 yuan, the corresponding PE is 12 respectively.



5. Maintain the “overweight” rating.

  Risk reminder: There are significant uncertainties about whether the transaction can be reached in the event of internal audit and assessment of the major assets restructuring planned by the company.

Everbright Bank (601818) Semi-annual Report Comment: Stronger-than-expected deposit growth

Everbright Bank (601818) Semi-annual Report Comment: Stronger-than-expected deposit growth

Investment Highlights Everbright Bank’s performance exceeded expectations and interest margins increased.

Everbright Bank’s profit in the first half increased by 13.

1% is the first double-digit growth in recent years.

The main drivers of profit growth came from NIM + 48bps, and the size of interest-earning assets +8.

8%, net fee income +21.


Costs are properly controlled and cost-income ratio is 26.

3%, more than 23 billion impairment losses were accrued in the first half of the year, and the ability to offset risks was further enhanced.

Strong growth in deposits and rapid growth in loans.

The growth of deposits in the first half of the year was strong, with an increase of 15% earlier and an annual increase of 21.

5%, reaching the highest level in recent years, denying that the structure has been significantly optimized, the proportion of deposits has been increased to 70%, and non-deposit-type liabilities have fallen, thereby increasing growth and reducing the efficiency of cost control.

In terms of assets, loans maintained a relatively rapid growth rate, with an increase of nearly 170 billion yuan in the first half of the year, and the proportion of stocks further increased to 55.


In the allocation of resources, the replenishment of public loans increased by nearly 120 billion yuan (including bills), and retail sales increased by more than 50 billion yuan. In the first half of the year, credit resources were tilted toward the public.

The return on assets increased, and the cost of debt was properly controlled to push up the NIM level.

As the company adjusted the credit card installment income recognition caliber, the absolute value of NIM increased to 2 in the first half of the year.

28%, comparable caliber + 48bps. The main contributing factors each year are the increase in interest-earning asset yield + 17bps and impedance cost -22bps.

In terms of debt costs, deposit growth was strong in the first half of the year, but at the same time deposit costs were properly controlled and the increase was not significant.

The NPL ratio decreased slightly by 2bps, and the overdue balance increased.

The balance of non-performing loans at the end of the six months was 40.7 billion, an increase of 2.3 billion from the beginning of the year.

Period-end non-performing interest rate 1.

57%, down 2 basis points from the previous quarter.

We estimate that the company’s TTM is badly generated instead of 1.


The company made provision for 22.8 billion bad debts, with an annualized credit cost of 1.

67%, with a loan-to-lending ratio of 2 at the end of the period.

77%, provision costs 178.

04% remained stable.

During the reporting period, overdue loans increased by 10 billion, of which 6.4 billion were over 90 days overdue, and the ratio of non-performing loans to 90 days overdue decreased. The future trend of asset quality still needs to be continuously observed.

In terms of capital, the ending capital adequacy ratio and core tier 1 capital adequacy ratio were 12 respectively.

29% and 9.


The company’s 30 billion convertible bonds entered the conversion period, and 35 billion preferred shares were issued in July, effectively alleviating capital constraints.

We slightly adjusted the company’s EPS to 0 in 2019 and 2020.

72 yuan and 0.

78 yuan, the final net asset is expected to be 6 at the end of 2019.

09 yuan, based on the closing price of 2019/8/28, the corresponding PE in 2019 and 202上海夜网论坛0 are 5 respectively.

2 and 4.7 times, corresponding to 0 at the end of 2019.

61 times.

Maintain prudent overweight rating.

Risk Warning: Unexpected Exceed Exposure, Transition Less Than Expected

Xiangpiaopiao (603711): Juice tea supply and demand, multi-party strategic layout and start a new era of growth

Xiangpiaopiao (603711): Juice tea supply and demand, multi-party strategic layout and start a new era of growth
Key Investment 南京桑拿网 Events: The company released its annual report. In 2018, the company achieved revenue and net profit attributable to its parent of 32 respectively.51 and 3.15 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.13% and 17.53%. The company’s 2018 performance smoothly exceeded the equity incentive performance target.In 2018, the company implemented an equity incentive for some executives. The 2018 annual nuclear test indicators are: based on the 2017 annual data, and the revenue growth rate in 2018 is not less than 20%, which is attributed to the net profit of the mother (excluding distributionIncentive fee) growth rate is not less than 10%.According to the fair incentive plan, the cost to be amortized in 2018 is 608.540,000 yuan, without excluding this part of the impact, the company’s performance has successfully exceeded the equity incentive performance target. The supply and demand of fruit juice tea is still in the climbing period, and the revenue in the second quarter of the listing reached 1.4.5 billion.In 2018, the company newly launched three flavors of MECO Honey Valley Juice Tea. With its differentiated cups, higher packaging value, higher juice content, richer taste and “real tea true juice” Positioning, become the new “net red” beverage products.Subject to the increase in production capacity, the juice tea has been available for job hunting since its launch, and its revenue in the second quarter of the launch has reached 1.4.5 billion. Domestic offline channels have grown steadily. The company actively explores e-commerce channels and self-operated export channels.With the steady growth of existing dealer channels, (1) In 2018, the company’s e-commerce channels achieved zero revenue.USD 78.5 billion, with an annual growth rate of over 100%. Subsequently, the company will make full use of the flexibility and convenience of the online platform to strengthen communication and interaction with consumers. At the same time, online will also become the first channel for the company to launch new products.(2) In 2018, the company for the first time tried to expand overseas markets through self-operated exports. At present, it has initially entered more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand, although its revenue is only 741.620,000 yuan, but accumulated experience for overseas market expansion later. Performance targets and business plans for 2019.(1) The company’s operating goals for 2019: It is expected to realize sales revenue of about 3.9 billion / + 20%; it is expected to achieve net profit3.About 400 million / + 10%.Assume that the interest rate will be reduced by 25% in 2019. After excluding the impact of the selling expenses of the stalls, the company’s net profit target to the parent is about 3.9.3 billion, a previous growth rate of 24.96%.(2) The company’s business plan for 2019: 1) Fully upgrade the Xiangpiaopiao brand, enrich the good material series, add the pearl series, and optimize the classic series. From brand design, packaging and materials, solid brewing milk tea will be fullyOptimize and innovate and upgrade.In addition, the company will build the MECO brand in an all-round way, create fruit juice tea and light milk tea products, and strive to make it a strong sub-brand beyond the fragrance fluttering, and start a new era of fragrance fluttering; 2) Promote vigorously “The implementation of the “two-wheel drive” strategy, through the five aspects of “solid + ready to drink”, “milk tea + beverage”, “domestic + foreign”, “online + offline”, “deep cultivation + channel sinking”, Stabilize and develop the company’s business and improve the company’s performance level; 3) Comprehensively transform the company’s traditional communication methods, establish a mobile-centric communication system, and combine the consumption, behavior, and psychological characteristics of the target consumer group, especially young people, Optimize the communication method and content; 4) actively promote the integration of distributors, take fruit tea as the fulcrum, promote the integration process of the company’s distributors, supplement the sales of brewed milk tea + fruit tea, and strengthen 杭州桑拿网 and increase the sales of fruit teaAt the same time, the market foundation and sales performance of sustainable brewing milk tea are improved and promoted. Earnings forecast and rating: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 3 respectively.63, 4.90 and 6.380,000 yuan, corresponding to the PE of the closing price on March 27, 2019 is 46.4, 34.4 and 26.4 times, covering for the first time, preliminary increase of holding level prudently. Risk reminders: (1) the risk of fluctuations in raw material prices; (2) the risk of counterfeiting of products; (3) the slower advancement of production capacity; (4) the new product advancement is less than expected.

Hypoxic exercise is more conducive to human health

Hypoxic exercise is more conducive to human health

Hypoxic fitness is a fitness method that uses artificial methods to make the oxygen content of the gym lower than normal.

  In a hypoxic environment, in order to adapt to a hypoxic and low-pressure environment, people’s heart rate increases, the heart’s blood output increases, and the oxygen-carrying red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood also increase.Functions must also be strengthened.

As a result, the human body’s utilization of oxygen will increase accordingly.

  Hypoxia causes the body to accumulate the necessary carbon dioxide, which is very good for health. Human life depends on both oxygen and carbon dioxide.

There is 2% oxygen in human blood, and it must have 6.

5% carbon dioxide.

Too low carbon dioxide content in the human body will cause gas imbalance in the body, cause alkalemia with less acid and more alkali, destroy normal metabolism, damage the nervous system and immune function, and lead to defense ability against diseases.

  Medical experts in the former Soviet Union invented the “hypoxia therapy”, which allows patients to repeatedly recover low-oxygen air with only 10% oxygen content, and activates the human body’s potential to cope with the hypoxic self-defense system, achieving the purpose of treating disease and strengthening without disease.

This method has a significant effect on the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system diseases, and can relieve pain and eliminate fatigue.

  The emergence of this new fitness method has turned many previously accustomed to outdoor sports into hypoxic gyms for regular exercise.

For example, those who used to enjoy skating, climbing and adventurous adventures usually go to the hypoxic gym to get a sense of outdoor hypoxia.

Siesta reduces the risk of heart disease

Siesta reduces the risk of heart disease

As the pace of modern life continues to accelerate, the pressure of social competition has caused 27% of people to suffer from different degrees of sleep disorders.

For professional workers, siesta is often overlooked.

Geng Zhaohua, associate professor of cardiovascular medicine at the Xinqiao Hospital of the Third Military Medical University and an army professor of cardiovascular research, said that siesta can reduce stress and benefit heart health, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

  Geng Zhaohua said that lack of sleep can easily cause cardiovascular disease.

Long-term sleep disorders can lead to weight gain and even diabetes, and these two factors increase the risk of high blood pressure.

A survey shows that people who work more than 60 hours per week are twice as likely to develop heart disease than people who work less than 40 hours per week. Even if there are only two people who sleep less than 5 hours a night, they have a heart attack.The risk of disease is also higher than normal people 2?
3 times.

Particularly serious is that professional men who often nap are 64% less likely to commit crimes than those who do not.

  Geng Zhaohua cautioned that if you really do n’t have enough sleep time, you can use your nap to recover your strength. It is recommended to take a nap at least three times a week, about every half an hour.

The most common behavior that parents sadden their children_1

Something that parents feel most sad about their child

Home is like a window light in the winter night. Parents’ love for their children is more warm.

However, love is an art that needs to be learned and cultivated. It is not known that some casual omissions may make the home a sad place for children.

  The first question was contradictory, and the child escaped from the “Don’t Become the Great Bearer Tart” in Dream of the Red Mansion. In order to educate Baoyu, Jia Zheng adopted the “tartlet”, and Mrs. Wang came forward to block it and threatened: “To strangle him, take a rope to strangle me, and strangle him again.

“Although this plot is an ancient literary creation, it is not common in today’s life.

When educating children, parents often sing white faces and sing black faces.

Yang Fude, deputy director of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, was very serious about the hidden dangers of this type of parenting in an interview with Life Times.

  ”This morning, I just received a little girl and lived in such a family transformation.

Yang Fude told reporters that this girl is in junior high school, her mother has strict requirements for her studies, and her father is used to playing the role of “savior” and always speaks for her.

But recently, the child said that he did not want to go to school.

  ”Parents’ differences in their children’s attitudes make it easy for them to become dependent on others when they are in trouble, and they like to evade and even develop evasive personality.

“Yang Fude said.

From an early age, people have the instinct to protect themselves, and they know how to “benefit from harm”.

When a child makes a mistake and one of the parents punishes them, the child instinctively seeks asylum.

At this point, if the other party comes out and lover “sings to a Taiwanese opera”, it is exactly in the arms of the child.

Over time, the child will develop inertia thinking-there will always be people to help me, even I did wrong.

“It is conceivable that when such a child is an adult, it is easy to see the difficulties to go around or rely on others. If he does something wrong, he will justify himself and have no sense of responsibility.

“Yang Fude said.
  In addition, Li Xinying, associate professor of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also pointed out that the split of parents may also affect the normal development of children’s self-control ability.

Self-control ability began to sprout from early childhood. When some children have leftovers, if their parents tell him repeatedly that “the leftovers are not right”, the children will clearly notice that they are wrong, and they will try to eat them later.

This process of constantly adjusting misconduct and promoting correct behavior develops self-control.

Conversely, parents often disagree, and this ability naturally cannot develop.

  Although bridging the gap in parenting styles is not easy, a little change can make parents get unexpected results.

First, it is reasonable to break through the barriers of “self-righteousness” psychologically, without prejudice to let the wife or husband discipline the child. It is reasonable to believe that the other person is just like himself.

Second, if there is no consensus for a short time, then don’t openly confront the child.

When the other party teaches the child, you can go out and turn around, and when the couple is alone, it is not too late to transform with the lover.

Third, if it is impossible to reach an agreement, they can learn the knowledge of educating their children together, adjust the two’s cognition by “authority”, and change the wrong behavior of the boots.

  Question two blames each other, the child inferiority “How do you become a mother?

The child is always following a bunch of babies, can’t you see?

Zhao Ming’s (a pseudonym) father shouted loudly.

“Just know me, don’t you be responsible for being a dad?

You don’t care about anything, now I blame me!

“Mother retorted indifferently.

  Zhao Ming stared at the TV show.

For him, such a scenario has long been strange.

Seeing Zhao Ming’s appearance, her mother angered and shouted at him, “Things that don’t fight!”

It’s because of you!

“Zhao Ming turned off the TV, and threw a loud voice of” you are irresponsible “,” It’s your fault “. Yang Fude said that children born in such a family have the lowest self-esteem.The general psychological characteristics, the worst case is to let them go on a wrong way.

In life, there is nothing wrong, let alone young children. In the process of developing from a natural person to a social person, they need to make mistakes to grow up.However, some parents, like Zhao Ming’s parents, started to blame each other after their children made mistakes, and put their responsibilities on each other. “Some parents will inevitably blast with their children.

Yang Fude pointed out that children’s psychology is relatively fragile and sensitive. When they see their parents quarrel because of themselves, they are prone to the idea of “this is all because of me.”, Feel that they are useless, and feel shame and helplessness.

Over time, children will become depressed and inferior.

“Anyway, I’m going to give people trouble, so just make it a reality.

Yang Fude said that inferiority gave birth to the feeling of self-violence and self-abandonment, thus “breaking the pot and breaking down”, making some children really bad boys.

  This type of parenting is arguably the most irresponsible. Yang Fude suggested that parents should thoroughly reflect on it.

“It may be more effective to look at the problem from another angle.

Yang Fude said, parents should not rush to find the cause from the other side, they should focus on the child, just think about the child’s recent actions and analyze why they did so.

Then, talk to the children and ask their true thoughts side by side. For example, Zhao Ming ‘s parents can start with “I ‘ve been with some friends recently”, “Is it true that they can talk better than their previous friends?”Wait, to judge whether the child really made bad friends as he thought.

In the end, you need to reflect on yourself and exchange ideas with your lover, but never blame the other person or yourself too much.

  Question 3: Parents are doting, the child is indulging in ancient times. Someone has acted arrogantly since childhood. His parents never imposed restraint. As a result, he was sentenced to capital punishment for murder.

Before he died, he offered to suck his mother’s nipples again.

Surprisingly, after the mother opened the placket, he actually bit his mother’s nipples fiercely and cried loudly: “If you had disciplined me earlier, why would you die today!

“This story seems extreme, but it makes people see through the scourge of doting.

In an interview, Yang Fude said that blindly indulging the children’s lack of assertiveness, poor communication with others, inability to cope with the crisis, and the child’s indulgence.

  Maybe some parents spoil their children and do everything instead.

“It’s quite a lot to go to school to help children with hygiene.

Yang Fude said that although these things are not big, it is easy for children to feel that everything can be asked about their parents, and even pushed to their parents, so that they develop the habit of not thinking about everything and having their own opinions.

Once these children enter the society, they will take it for granted that the people around them take care of themselves, which will cause obstacles in interpersonal communication.

What’s more serious is that because they are used to being cared for, they will be extremely vulnerable when they encounter difficulties.

  In addition, children have limited self-control capabilities and can do whatever they want. They often only care about satisfying their own desires and do not know how to follow the rules.

For example, parents’ non-compliance with their children’s exclusive toys in kindergartens will allow children to realize that they can do whatever they want, and they will likely become overbearing and unbridled in the future.

  If you want to change your doting parents, Yang Fude said that what reminds parents is “don’t use affection.”

Parents should try to be “ruthless”, reject the excessive demands of multiple children, and lead to responsible punishment for misconduct, so that both children and parents form the habit of “clear rewards and punishments.”

  Question 4 is tightened and loosened. The child ‘s extreme parents are in a good mood, and they are very addicted to the child. Once they are in a bad mood, they will feel uncomfortable when they see the child.

In the view of Zheng Yi, deputy director of Beijing Anding Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, a tight and loose family rearing style is really bad.

  ”Many people think that strict upbringing is not good. In fact, the way parents are tight and loose is even more disadvantageous.

Zheng Yi analyzed that in the critical period of a child’s growth, strict parental control of the child will have a positive effect. It can help them learn to abide by the established rules and grow into a qualified social person.It is the child’s personality defect.

  This, Liang Yuezhu, director of the Department of Child Psychology at Beijing Anding Hospital, explained that parents are the child’s first teacher, and their actions are the object of the child’s emulation.

The fluctuation of parents’ emotions directly affects the children, which causes the children to not control their emotions well. After the adult, the emotions will also fluctuate and become cold and hot.

The lighter affects the child’s interpersonal relationship, and the more important one may evolve into a marginal personality, that is, the object is treated as one or the other, or black or white, and it is easy to go to extremes.

  Liang Yuezhu pointed out that the key to the problem is the parents, “I suggest that such parents first learn to control their emotions.

“Parents are stimulated outside. They can find a suitable way to remedy before returning home, such as talk to someone, exercise, divert attention, etc. It is more effective to find a psychological counselor to learn about emotional control.

Take a step back and say that if parents are in a bad mood and their children are making trouble, then when it comes to education, do something wrong and do n’t hurt the child ‘s self-esteem, otherwise teach them to take responsibility for mistakes.

One in ten high school students in Guangzhou thought about suicide

One in ten high school students in Guangzhou thought about suicide

Guangzhou released adolescent and child happiness index survey report. The integrated high school students thought about suicide. The results of the “Guangzhou Youth Happiness Index Survey” survey released by the Guangzhou Children’s Palace Growth Education Research Center the day before showed that:

5% of high school students have suicidal thoughts because of the stress of learning.

And because parents and teachers refused to allow “early love”, more than half of elementary and middle school students had psychological barriers to intercourse with the opposite sex.

It is reported that the survey report was jointly carried out by the Guangzhou Children’s Palace Growth Education Research Center and Guangzhou Yuanhongkang Market Research Company, and randomly interviewed 700 primary and secondary school students in Guangzhou using the scattered intercept method.

  A survey of more than half of adolescents with heterosexual interactions showed that 78.

9% of students can do what they like, and children who can freely choose their favorite entertainment methods are up to 85.


Nearly 80% of teens think that they are smart, maybe better than others and satisfied with their looks, and rarely blame themselves.

Feeling that parents and teachers love themselves very much, and that friends and classmates like themselves very much as much as 90%.

  Surprisingly, there are 61 respectively.

4% of elementary school students and 53.

9% of middle school students think that they are more uncomfortable with classmates of the opposite sex.

Many students stated in an interview that parents and teachers have repeatedly made five applications not to “early love”. Classmates are very jealous of developing closer friendships with students of the opposite sex.

Therefore, in the process of intercourse with the opposite sex, they will actually shrink their hands.

Some students simply don’t deal with students of the opposite sex for insurance.

  Cheng Fucai, a PhD from the Department of Sociology of the University of Hong Kong, pointed out that the avoidance attitude of Guangzhou teenagers towards heterosexual intercourse is incorrect.

Learning about heterosexuality is one of the most important social goals in “adolescence” and is an important part of the growth of young people. However, adolescent education in current schools is mostly in the form or emphasis on knowledge transfer.

Dr. Cheng suggested that adolescent education should pay attention to the guidance of the concept of heterosexual communication, and learn the correct attitude and good communication skills.

  It ‘s a little too high. High school students are too stressed and want to commit suicide and suicide. It must be noted that starting from the lower grades of elementary school, as the age increases and the grade increases, the level of happiness of Guangzhou teenagers and children has been declining, while the stress index has gradually increased.

  Some high school students said in an interview that they used to be very happy and free, but now their homework is getting tighter and they have no mood to think about other things.

Some high school students also said that they were tired of this kind of life besides studying or studying. They had thought of playing truant and playing truant, and there was more than one classmate who had this idea.

  Therefore, Dr. Cheng Fucai believes that fierce social competition, high pressure for further studies, and high parental expectations do cause heavy pressure on young people; and the lack of psychological education, many children, such as greenhouse flowers, eliminate subsidence when they encounter slight setbacks.The determination and will to overcome difficulties.

It should also be noted that 12 were found in the survey.

5% of adolescents have the idea of “thinking of ending their lives”, which should attract the attention of teachers and parents.

Studies have shown that suicide has become 15?
The first cause of death for 40-year-olds.

Mr. Zhao Chonglian, director of the Psychological Counseling Center of Guangdong Business School, suggested that schools and parents should strengthen their children’s mental health education, pay more attention to their children’s emotions, ask more about their children’s friendship status, and pay attention to the children’s subtle emotional changes.

  Nearly half of the students are unhappy because their grades are not good. When asked to sort the three reasons that make them happiest in order, 60% of the 12 options are called “Good or Progressive”The most preliminary to make yourself happy; relatively relatively, nearly half of them choose “poor academic performance or regression” as the most important reason for unhappiness.

From the survey data, it can be grinded that for Guangzhou teenagers, “learning” is still a omnipotent baton, affecting their happiness and sadness.

Turning in the workplace needs to prevent four major risks

“Turning” in the workplace needs to prevent four major risks

Knowing oneself and knowing the other can be a battle without a fight, and this strategy of victory for soldiers also applies to workplace transformation.
It is true that not all people will have a smooth career path, encounter more or less difficulties and frustrations, or need to make new choices because of their ideals, so the transition has become a topic that many professionals cannot avoid.
  Transformation means giving up previous accumulations and opening up new worlds. It will inevitably encounter all kinds of discomfort and even face many difficulties.
So, on this seemingly uneven transition road, how to successfully avoid various risks and then embark on another road of Kangzhuang is also the answer that many professionals are struggling to find.
  Market survey results show that 65% encountered various difficulties in implementing “on-the-job transformation”, of which: “experience gap” accounted for 34.14%; “lack of professional knowledge” accounted for 24.15%;”Accounted for 15.39%.
In addition, there are many obstacles in the transition process, such as lack of connections, academic qualifications, professional counterparts, age thresholds, relatives’ opposition, and geographical development.
This shows that career transformation is not easy and cannot be achieved overnight.
  Hong Xiangyang, chief career planner of Xiangyang’s career career consulting agency, said in an interview with reporters that there are many risks to career transformation and need to attract the attention of professionals.
在他看来,职场转型风险主要有四种类型:  一是定位不清  洪向阳指出,在职场中,有为数不少的人士在择业时并没有清晰的定位,大多数随波逐流,或者受高薪诱惑, So it is often prone to this or that kind of problem.
Considering transformation in this case, it will also blindly act because of lack of comprehensive consideration, and it will also encounter various difficulties.
Hong Xiangyang reminded that unclear positioning of career development goals is the biggest kind of risk, which should be paid full attention to for professionals.
  二是对职业的研判不够透彻  洪向阳表示,在转型时,的确有一些职场人士做了一些准备工作,如技能、知识方面的储备,但令人遗憾的是由于自身或者其他一些原因,所做The preparatory work does not really serve the transformation of the workplace, that is to say, it is tantamount to doing useless work. The biggest reason is that it does not have a thorough and thorough understanding of the career to be transferred.
  Third, the transition span is too big. Hong Xiangyang said that the transition span of some professionals is too large, and there is almost no connection between the two jobs, such as an engineer engaged in software development, switching to finance and accounting.
In his view, the reason for such a transformation is that there are huge risks, mainly because the differences in occupational attributes are too large. The previous accumulation can hardly help the latter job, but it means that it must start again. Therefore, the risk is certain.Not small.
  Fourth, being overconfident is not a bad thing, but being overconfident is a bad thing.
  Hong Xiangyang said that in the process of workplace transformation, overconfidence often makes people ignore the existence of risks, so preparation is not done properly, so that once you encounter difficulties, you will be at a loss.

Skin Care Tips Spike Up

Skin Care Tips Spike Up

A tiring day, and a plan to stay up late at night, when the biological clock is disrupted.

The delicate eyes must be hurt first.

For dark circles, prepare for homework before and after staying up late, and use acupoint massage to plan ahead.

Do your best to reduce the impact before the big dark circles problem is shown.

  Before staying up all night, encourage acupoint massage step1 to massage the head. Before staying up all night, gently sooth the head with the strength of the palm, and gently step on the head about 40 times from front to back with your fingertips to help the blood flow more relaxed and nervous.

  Step2 massage the ring finger around the eye with gentle force and insert it into the eyesight corners of the inner corner from the inside and outside, and the weeping points at the center of the eye each 5-10 times; help to reduce swelling and fatigue and promote blood circulation.

  Step3 massage the bamboo bamboo points at the depressions on the tops of the two heads. Use the ring finger to insert this acupoint, which can help clear the meridians, improve the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of the eyes and the face. It can be applied with a little force and pain.

  Step4 Gently press the outer corner of the eye to massage the acupoints on the pupil corner of the outer corner of the eye, which can promote blood circulation in the eye and effectively improve dark circles.

  Prepare hot, cold towels for each of the dark circles caused by staying up late. The responsibility is naturally caused by poor circulation. Using the hot and cold replacement method to inject power into the soft eyes is like opening the second pulse of Rendu, the harm of dark circlesNaturally no longer.

  Product: benefit to dark circles cream Reference price: RMB 360 yuan Wake up early in the morning, bubbles under the eyes are definitely easier to scare a cold sweat than dark circles.

Bags of blood under the eyes, but need a higher level to easily flatten.

Unblock the body’s circulation, eliminate excess water, and the eye bags are not a big problem.

  Lymph massage step1 before staying up all night. Massage the arm part. The arm part is where the lymph glands are. From the wrist to the root of the arm, don’t apply too much force. Use gentle friction.

  Step 2 Step on the lymph nodes under the tibial lymph nodes and the recesses of the armpits of the lower limbs as the lymph nodes. Use the four fingers except the thumb to gently step down for 7 consecutive times, and then repeat the same action by changing hands.

  Step3 caress the abdominal lymph node drainage and the left and right hands overlap. From below the heart, do a clockwise circular massage on the abdominal cavity. Push slowly and rhythmically. The best is 1 circle every 2 seconds.

  After staying up late, the spoon will reduce the swelling step1. Put the eye essence containing green tea, arnica and other ingredients on the eye and belly, and then use the frozen iron spoon to gently press the eye and belly for about 1 minute.

  Step 2 Cover the whole eye, close the eyes, and lightly stop the whole eye with the spoon for about 1 minute.

  Step3 Drag and massage the upper eyelids starting from the center of the eyebrows, and gradually gently massage the eyelids to the end of the eyes.

  Product: SUPPEME AUPRES Eye Bag Firming Essence Lotion Reference Price: RMB 480 / 15ml Eye week relaxation and fine lines coping with age, as well as the deepening of bad expression lines, the skin around the eyes and the appearance of symptoms after staying up late.
It is more obvious that the eye contour is tightened by strengthening the muscles around the eye.

  Before staying up all night with eye cream lifting massage + eye movements to solve the problem of poor blood circulation in the eye, do a good circulation massage before staying up all night to completely say goodbye to dark circles.

  Step 1 After applying eye cream with scissors, the middle finger and ring finger are in the shape of scissors. Put the upper and lower eyelids lightly. After sliding gently from the nose near the bridge of the nose to the temples, lift the scissors together and slightly lift up. Repeat three times.

  Step2 Step into the tension and insert the eye socket and eyebrows from the top of the eye to the end of the eye. The action should be gentle, and it becomes a soothing eye cream to help muscle tension. Repeat 3 times.

  step3 ironing the eyelid with both hands inward, covering the upper eyelid and forehead, the colleague’s head center of gravity moves forward, and the weight of the head is placed on the palm for 10-20 seconds.

  Emoticon step1 Keep your eyes tense and grow your eyes so that your eyes are in tension for about 10 seconds. Step2 Look up at your eyes and tilt your head back slightly. Move your eyes to look up and hold for 15 seconds.

Makes blood circulation in the eyes clear.

  After staying up late, the hydrating eye mask is fully moisturized. After staying up late, make a beautiful SPA for the eyes, and pay attention to inject water into the thirsty eye skin in a short time.

Soothe tired eyes all night.

The nutrients that penetrate into the skin of the eyes release the energy like a sweet spring, so that the eyes can stay comfortable all day long.

  Product Urara Clay Eye Mask Reference Price: RMB 240

What are the characteristics of semen not liquefying? How to prevent semen from liquefying?

What are the characteristics of semen not liquefying? How to prevent semen from liquefying?

Semen does not liquefy is an important disease that has always invaded male infertility. It is highly concerned by many male friends. If you are afraid that semen will not liquefy and endanger human health, you must first do preventive work.

So, what are the characteristics of male semen not liquefied?

What should I do to prevent semen from being liquefied daily?

Characteristics of semen not liquefying 1. The amount of semen is increased slightly, the amount of semen is slightly less, the color is yellow and dense, sexual desire is strong, Yixing is easy to vent, often dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and other symptoms, as well as dry mouth, red tongue and other symptoms occur.
2, semen viscous men’s semen does not liquefy usually cause semen thick, the tobacco leaves will be yellow, sometimes jelly-like, and flaky, lumpy, in the female vaginaAt that time, there will be symptoms of liquefaction delayed, so it causes infertility.

3, patients with genital and abdominal pain or pain in the lower abdomen and genital area, this will bring great inconvenience to life, sometimes it will cause pain when ejaculation, resulting in pain in the whole body, there will be pain when urinatingSometimes it is a bit difficult to urinate.

Teach you how to prevent semen from liquefying?

Semen does not liquefy to do health care work should pay attention to the following points: 1, more exercise.

Studies have shown that male obesity can lead to elevated temperatures in the groin, impairing sperm growth, leading to male infertility.

Therefore, weight control can improve the quality of sperm within the standard range.

2, eat more green vegetables.

Green vegetables contain vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and other conducive to sperm growth slag to prevent the occurrence of semen abnormalities.

3, relax your mind.

Excessive mental stress also has an impact on sperm growth, so men should relax themselves.

4, regular physical examination.

Pathogen infection is also an important factor in male infertility. It should be frequented by a physician to receive chlamydia and prostate examination.

5, quit smoking and alcohol.

The data show that smoking and drinking are the main factors in the number of sperm and the decline in semen quality.