Taiyuan publicly recruits entrepreneurial review experts to the society

  Original title: Taiyuan publicly recruits entrepreneurial review experts on November 6th, Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from the Taiyuan Municipal Bureau of Human Social Security, which publicly selects economic management, business management, finance, law, high-tech services to the public, entrepreneurial Training, entrepreneurial hatching, entrepreneurial park management and other related professional review experts, the review of entrepreneurial carriers and related entrepreneurial service guidance work, the eligible social staff can be declared before November 25.

  The review experts must be familiar with national and provincial and municipal entrepreneurial employment policies and regulations, high policy theoretical literacy and professional technical level, familiar with corporate management and market operations; obeying arrangements, actively participate in the review and related entrepreneurial services of Taiyuan City Entrepreneurship Activities and work better.

  This collection is mainly an expert in the intermediate and above professional technical titles in higher institutions, research institutions and scientific research and development promotion institutions; Social service agencies in the economic advice and other industries have intermediate-level professional technical titles, and more than 4 years of professionals who have worked independently or managed more than 4 years, and the business conditions of the company have good entrepreneurs or hatching, park managers Financial, industrial and commercial, taxation, financial, market analysis, venture capital, human resource management, etc. have more than 5 years of relevant work experience; obtain the entrepreneurial lecturers, trainers, trainers, and trainers, and above-oriented people. The instructor certificate, and engaged in the relevant work for more than 3 years; the high-level talented talents identified by Shanxi Province. Anyone who meets the regulatory conditions and people from all walks of life, in principle, the age is not more than 65 years old, can be self-recommended.

The reporter must submit the relevant materials (You can log in to http: ////////////////2015 (No. 11). After the collection work, the applicant will be submitted to the material to review, and the applicant is interviewed. According to the principle of "good", the scale, the scale is moderate, and after the publication and approval, the entrepreneurial guidance expert will be selected. Recruitment, and included in the expert group. (Wujia).

The explosion of the Kazakhstan army caused four military deaths to death.

Recommended reading Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, achieving a diversified wear device, and performs monitoring these capabilities to open to all services. 2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency therapy. 2021-11-1710: 55 Slow resistance is a complex disease, affected by genetic factors and environmental factors, where smoking is the largest environmental factor, and people who smoke more easily slowly resist.

2021-11-1710: 52 The cosmic line is a high energy charged particle produced in an extremely analog environment.

The research team also found that the cosmic energy density of the cosmic wire in the central molecular cloud area near Yinxin is lower than the energy density of the cosmic "sea" outside the molecular cloud. 2021-11-1710: 49 Recently, American scientists have studied 77 tropical birds in the past 40 years of data in the Brazilian maiden tropics, found that in order to adapt to climate change, their weight is declining, and some species have decreased every 10 years. Nearly 2% of the body weight, 1/3 of the species grew a longer wings.

2021-11-1710: 48IBM said, I hope to introduce a 400 quantum-bit processor next year, and launch a processor called "Condor" in the latter year, breaking through 1000 quantum ratio. 521-11-1710: 47 Harbin Institute of Technology, the modern microscopic instrument study, the study, has made breakthroughs in the field of optical super-resolution microscopic imaging technology.

On November 16, the research results were published in the form of "Nature – Biotechnology" in International Authoritative Magazine in Changwen.

On this basis, on this basis, the project team also applies new crown virus nucleic acid detection quality control systems in the accepted assessment and quality control of new crown virus nucleic acid detection laboratories, and strongly enhances the detection level of Ningxia new crown virus nucleic acid detection.

2021-11-1709: 48 wrist, wearing a smart watch, the nose is hung in smart glasses, hung wireless headphones in the ear … In recent years, smart wear industries have developed rapidly, smart watches, headphones, etc., wearable equipment, more and more The favor of people.

Experts said that with the further development of 5G, AI, cloud computing, the smart wear equipment market will usher in more development opportunities.

2021-11-1709: 462021 Space Technology Peace Utilization (Health) International Seminar Press Conference was held in Beijing on the 16th, and reporters learned from the conference that the 4th space technology and peaceful use (health) International seminar will be 11 The month was held in Beijing on the 18th. 2021-11-1709: 44 The so-called "nuclear energy and public distance", which means that nuclear power plant power generation is directly connected to the grid, and then transported to thousands of households. 2021-11-1709: According to the media reports 2021-11-1709: 36 With an infinite enthusiasm for the scientific cause of the motherland, the 87-year-old Shari River is still tirelessly struggling in the first line of science education, and scientific light is sprinkled to each corner. 2021-11-1709: 35 In December 2020, the front commander of the four sons of Inner Mongolia, a 80-year-old old man, regardless of the low temperature of the minus 30 ° C, waiting for "嫦娥" home at the scene.

In the early morning, when the No. 5 return is smooth, his eyes were full of tears – "" three steps to the party’s central government "three steps" finally became a reality! "He, is our moon and deep space One of the pioneers of the exploration project, the general command of my country’s first probation project is academician.

2021-11-1709: 32 Director of the Ecological Environment Department and the Standard Director of the Standard Director, said, "Posetage of the law" is to fully incorporate the ecological environmental protection work into the rule of law, and promote the role of the Rule of Rule of Ecological environmental governance system and governance. The ability to modernize, in depth, in depth, we will put the pollution prevention and control, and promote the high-level protection of the ecological environment with high quality ecological civilization.

2021-11-1709: 23 What is the mine production unattended? Mine intelligent control system, automatic inspection robot, explosion-proof mobile phone real-time communication, super dust removal camera … With new equipment, new systems accelerated in coal mines, a coal mine intelligent blueprint is painting in Shanxi.

2021-11-1709: 23 The world seems to be talking about "Yuancos". But the statement around this, the people said, and it is a job. Some people think that this is a race in the future, and there should be a racing posture; if someone thinks that "Yuan Universe" is a capital speculation, which is a certain company’s technology An investment is saved. 2021-11-1709: 20 Wild strawberry resources have excellent fruit quality characteristics, such as the five-leaf strawberry white fruit has a strong fragrance, yellow raspberry has peach fragrant, green strawberries have fragrant flavor … The current cultivation variety has lost some Aromatic smell.

2021-11-1610: 44 Sichuan Virgin Xichang Hospital covers an area of ??202 mu, with a total construction area of ??about 10,000 square meters, which is a "earthquake hospital" in the country’s largest building area.

The total investment of the project is approximately 3.5 billion yuan, consists of three parts of the three-level comprehensive hospital, the International Medical Service Center, the Education and Employment Training Center. 2021-11-1610: 27 For different pigments, the ancient craftsmen use different concentrations of gel to adjust, such as adoption of concentrates and silver, using medium and thin adhesive and earthen, using pizza and black smoke. 2021-11-1610: 21.

“boss!Go to bed!Let me warm you up”Women’s Mandarin is good,But listen carefully,Still audible,She should be here。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“My wife will be here in a while,You better go!Got the wrong object”
First0955chapter Basement of small hotel
In the warm room,A sexy woman standing in front of a man,The atmosphere is kind of weird。
“Don’t lie,They are your Xiaomi at best,Let’s change my taste!As the so-called radish and eggplant have their own advantages,That’s why men steal fishy”The woman’s rhetoric is still different。She said,Took off his coat。She who didn’t wear any clothes,Wrapped in a tights,Looks exquisite,It’s really attractive。
Xia Jian admits that he is a womanizer,But he has his own bottom line,When can I color,When can’t color,This is his brilliance。
“move!My wife has a good skill,Be careful to throw you down here”Xia Jian said,So he pulled over which woman’s clothes,Put on her。
The woman shook her head helplessly and said:“Your boss is so stingy,How do you tell us to live?”
“Damn!So many people live upstairs and downstairs,You just find another one!You look so good,Definitely rush to ask”Xia Jian said,So he was going to push this woman out of the door,But I didn’t think it right,So I took the outstretched hand back。
Woman turned around,Sigh and say:“A rich person like you can’t bear it,Let alone drivers who drive big cars,It seems that I missed my sight”Woman talking,Opened the door gently。
Xia Jian’s heart moved,Draw a hundred dollars from his pocket,Chased up,Into a woman’s hand。The woman said to him a little gratefully:“Thank you!You are a good person”
Xia Jian back in bed again,Suddenly feel a little regretful,He really shouldn’t send any woman away,This long night,It might be a good thing to have a quilt。
at this time,Someone knocks on the door again,Xia Jian thought,If you really come back,He really left her behind,People are not romantic, not young,I am in the age of playing,Not playing now,It’s rare to have to wait until you’re seven and eighty to play,That’s really old。He made excuses for himself,Jumped out of bed again。
The door opened,Boss Lin came in。She looks like she has been cleaned up specially。High bun,A light makeup on my face,Little red mouth,Looks sexy and dignified。Under the suede coat,A pink sweater,Two round mountain bags were lifted up by her tall chest。
Is it because the women here are well-developed eating beef and mutton,These things are relatively big?When Xia Jian was thinking about this question,,Boss Lin gave a slight push to Xia Jian and said:“What to watch?it is true,Not fake,Don’t you believe it?”
Xia Jianyi heard what boss Lin asked him to touch her,Can’t help being surprised,He laughed:“Really,How could it be fake,Can be seen at a glance”

This is so busy for Wang Guilan,During this period, a few retail investors came。When I send them all away,It’s more than 12 noon。Wang Guilan was tired and sweaty,But after seeing the money received,She’s so happy。

Just when she was counting money,Tian Wa drove Wang Youcai’s broken jeep,When I saw Tianwa,Wang Guilan remembered Wang Youcai,She just wanted to talk,Her phone rang。
Wang Guilan saw that it was her landline number.,Wang Guilan feels strange,This Wang Youcai is generous to death,I want to save money even if I make a call today,Actually used her home phone。
Wang Guilan shook her head,Helplessly connected,A familiar voice came from the phone,Wang Guilan almost fainted。
The call was not from someone else,And it was her husband who called,And my husband yelled on the phone:”Stinky girl!It’s not enough for you to cuckold me,He even left the wild man at home,Come back and collect his body!“
The face of Wang Guilan who hung up the phone was earthy,I sat there for a long time and couldn’t speak。Tian Wa came over and took a look,Asked with a smile:”Boss Wang,What’s the matter with you?Look at your face like a dead person“
“Come with me to save your boss!”Wang Guilan who reacted immediately stood up,She rewinds the door,While pushing Tianwa out。
Tian Wa looked dumbfounded,She asked silently:“What’s wrong with my boss?”
“Don’t ask,I’ll know when I go”Wang Guilan pulled down the scroll box door,Take Tianwa and run。People on both sides of the shop are looking at them。Things have reached this point,Wang Guilan can’t care too much,Just watch!
Tian Wa saw Wang Guilan’s anxious look,So I didn’t ask much,Followed her and rushed into her small yard。The courtyard door is open,No one is here。
The door of the main house is also wide open,Wang Guilan glanced at Tian Wa,So he rushed in。Living room sofa,Wang Youcai is yawning,It looks like he is still a little awake。
Be careful with Wang Guilan,Read it in every room。But there is one person in the house except Wang Youcai,I can’t find a second person。And when she went out just now,The door is locked,Except she has this key,Another one held by her husband,And he just called,What about others?

The elite will no longer care about gains and losses on the planet,But to look farther。

The universe you see now is like the ocean in the Middle Ages,It’s nothing more than the environment may be more abusive and dangerous,But when humans solve some key problems,And started on the journey,All the problems facing now will no longer be problems,Of course at that time,People think about new problems。
And to achieve this goal,The first thing that must be solved is the material and communication issues。
Materials that can resist cosmic rays for a long time,Supply stations all over the space,Escort in the universe,Ability to communicate with the home planet。
Obviously with the current technological development progress,It’s still far away until humans can really set foot in the mysterious universe to find a planet to inhabit.,Even sending people to other planets in the solar system is too weak。
Quantum brains are like catalysts,Wang Yufei is about using quantum brains to break the current cryptosystem,So it is not very interested in establishing the so-called quantum digital hegemony,But the quantum brain is the real artificial intelligence,And great tools for big data processing。
Design new materials、Keep communicating、Exert the ability of environmental deduction to the extreme,Is a problem that human beings must solve when going out of the earth。
And these all require quantum brains。
So the conversation between him and Lu Yuxin is the conclusion he reached through thinking。
This universe is mysterious,Humans’ current understanding of the universe is no more than primitive people’s understanding of thunder and lightning thousands of years ago。
This is for the civilization of an era,Undoubtedly very sad。
Science is advancing rapidly,But even if it develops quickly,But it also brings more questions。
parallel world、The Big Bang、Quantum entanglement、Gene map……
The reason why gods and religions have always existed in this world,Even popular,Just because there are so many things that existing science can’t explain。
Wang Yufei hopes to explain more,I hope someone can help him explain,So he doesn’t mind Lu Yuxin recording the entire video and sending it to Shi Xulin,Of course, I don’t mind Shi Xulin sending it to someone he thinks smart。
The development of Yuxin Technology Service Company requires the hard work of countless smart people。
A highly developed brain makes Wang Yufei know better than anyone to realize his subconscious dream,What is needed is the cooperation of more smart people。
Relative to the development of an ethnic group,A person’s ability is not enough even at a large age。
For example, Wang Yufei can read a thousand books in a day,But he can’t write a thousand books in a day。

Wang Youcai looked a little unhappy,Asked with a smile:“Second brother!You are in the provincial capital,How do you know about me?“

“Humph!Don’t forget,Your boss Hu Huiru is a classmate of my university。She will naturally tell me about you。But I warn you,You have to be a man with your tail between,Your business has just passed,Don’t have trouble again”Wang Youdao said with a cold snort。
Chen Yueqin saw Wang Youdao’s serious look,Can’t help but rush to say:“Alright!Don’t scare him anymore,Finally come back,Everyone should be happy”
“Humph!Want me to say,Brother’s wedding tomorrow, you shouldn’t be back”Wang Youdao looked serious,I can see that he is serious in saying this。
Chen Yueqin became a hit when she heard it,She just got angry。Just listen to Wang Degui breathe out:“There is a reason,If you are rich, don’t show your face in front of everyone tomorrow”
“Isn’t it so serious!It’s been a while since,Besides, this money and wealth has not been given to them?”Chen Yueqin is still sticking to her point of view。
Wang Degui suddenly roared:“fair sex,Long hair and short knowledge。Whether he attends this wedding or not, he will end up with it,But in case someone reports,Isn’t it troublesome to have money??”
“All right!Stop fighting,Brother and Dad’s considerations may be correct。I will leave tomorrow before dawn,It’s better to be careful”When Wang Youcai spoke,Chen Yueqin stopped talking now。
Just last time,He returned to Pingdu from Xiping Village。Didn’t I meet his former friend Lan Ling one night?。Lan Ling took him to her house,In the end, another woman, Chen Na, was there。
These three meet together,It can be said that I almost played crazy。Drink first,After drinking too much,Wang Youcai used Jiujin to take off the clothes of the two women。
He slept in Lan Ling’s room the previous night,I sneaked into Chen Na’s room in the middle of the night。It can be said that he barely slept that night。He feels that he can’t waste any time with these two women。
When he went down the next day,Almost leaning on the stairs。But before going out,Lan Ling’s words made him cheer up。Lan Ling said in confusion:“You should be careful recently,In case of being reported by someone,Then you still have to go in”
Dad and 2nd brother said this today,Wang Youcai can’t help but listen。Lan Ling said this,Maybe it scares him,But Dad and 2nd brother should all be talking for him,He can’t help but listen。
A few people talking,The boss is back happily,As soon as he walked in, he found both younger brothers were here,Couldn’t help but smile:“Really awesome!Brother still has face,Both brothers rushed over”
“Don’t say these kind words,Are you finished?Is there anything I need to help?”Wang Youdao is straight to the point,His brother works,He really can’t flatter him。

Black shirt Shura can’t judge the depth of Li Tianchou’s cultivation with his insight,I only know that the soul of this person has been hit hard,If you apply great supernatural powers,Even if the soul is not destroyed,Will cause irreversible damage,So the heart of hands-on is still not dead。

“Hard mouth is useless。”Li Tianchou sneered,“I can’t wait to give it a go,But every energy release of great supernatural powers may trigger the explosion of this mortal realm Dao law,One burst can kill me all,Even if not this time,It will be next time,Your supernatural powers have reached the realm of gods and demons,Presumably not too bad in knowledge,Think about whether there is any truth in my words?”
“Even if it’s annihilation?”Shura’s grumpy temper,“How domineering thinking you are,Westward Expedition,The disturbed heavens cannot be peaceful,Spurned by all worlds,Seeing today is the life and death,Don’t worry about it……”
“Wait a minute!”Shura in the green shirt who has not spoken on the left side quickly stopped his companion,Not all Li Tianchou’s words are credible,But the truth is correct,They came to the mortal realm to force misfortune and they had no alternative,Must be suppressed by the laws of the mortal realm,The Great Asura God who led them was seriously injured,Is the proof。
Power of law,Can resist,So came to the mortal world,Everyone lives like a mouse,Not dare to show his true colors,Not dare to use magical powers easily,Not even dare to hurt mortals,Shura world has been destroyed,Where is everyone’s future,There is no outstanding talent to stand up for the great Asura God,Solving problems for all Shura,Until I met Kampot, the preacher of the Demon World,It seems to open a window to everyone’s gloomy heart。
But after a while,Fangzhi Gongbu is a disciple of the great demon god Mo Panmang,And the head of the master Panmang’s Great Demonized Realm’s supernatural powers was sealed in Dala Mountain,It is commonly called Spark,So they call this head of Panmang Brother Xinghuo,The magical power of this demon is overwhelming,Not inferior to the heyday of the Great Asura God,This made all Asuras see hope,Feel the crisis again。
Because the former two worlds were not hostile forces,But never been friendly,Take refuge in this mortal world together,Xinghuo’s intentions are terrifying,Did not notice at first,But it’s exposed after exposure,This old demon didn’t do well,He didn’t fully explain to the Great Asura God,But the ambition of conspiring to swallow the mortal world is becoming more and more obvious。
To this,The Asuras split into two opinions,One faction is to try to avoid the creation of Xinghuo,So as not to get into trouble,The other faction is to suggest and Xinghuo virtual and commit snake,Secretly expand Shura’s own power,After the general trend is established, we will find a way to replace Panmang and Xinghuo。
No matter what other Shura thinks,But the green shirt Shura thinks that there are problems with both opinions,Maybe it will destroy all the remaining creatures in the Shura world,But the green shirt Shura obviously has no better way to resolve the current crisis.,But never thought,Today can meet the creatures of the former enemy God Realm,Is it good or bad,She can’t predict,But I agree with what this Li Xiucheng said,For the gods of Shura,It might not be an opportunity?
“There is some truth in what the gods say,But the nobles also entered the mortal world,Does it mean that the God Realm no longer exists??”Green shirt woman Shura takes advance as retreat,Although it is a test,But sharp。
“Not bad!There are also relics of the gods in the endless void。”Li Tianchou’s calmness surprised all Shura,Looking at each other,I don’t know if it’s happy or worried,The excitement of destroying the feud is not at all。
“But the ancient gods still exist,The Divine Realm still exists!”
Li Tianchou’s later words immediately shocked all the Shura present.,They all know that the God Realm nests two heavenly worlds,The new generation of gods occupy the big world,And squeezed all the Daosheng ancient gods into the small world,This is an ancient feat and legend,Distinguish all other heavenly worlds,The small world is the original god realm,And the big world was created by countless powerful people among the new gods who used the power of law to steal the soil of the small world.,In the universe except the gods,No one can do this!
A simple sentence shocked all Shura,And let them see real hope,Among the heavens and all realms, only the God Realm has the ability to recreate the world,Although the mighty ones are gone,But there is interest,There is hope,Instead, I have to worry about the historical lag of the Asura world and the God world.,Can someone take you to play?
“in this way,I’m too worried。”Green shirt Shura smiled at Li Tianchou,Looking at Shura in the black shirt again,Li Tianchou knew they had something to discuss,A thought,Evacuated the war puppets。
“Nothing,This one will not fight today,But I have a ruthless please,I don’t know if the gods can answer?”
“tell me the story。”
“Trouble god,Wait for me to meet the Great Asura God,Let’s talk about the ancient gods and the land。”
“Not today。”Li Tianzhen shook his head flatly,But my mind is active,I have been fighting alone,But there are more and more powerful alien creatures,It’s beyond your own power,The only natural ally of human beings in the mortal world,But it’s still too weak against these monsters,He doesn’t want these innocent relatives and friends to die in vain,If there are more reliable allies in other worlds,He couldn’t ask for it,Can help him solve**bother。

“Grandma’s,Back toSZ,I regroup,Still doing the old job。I said it at the time,Whoever dares to ask for troubles will clean up。The influence of outsiders has expanded,Those local gangsters naturally can’t tolerate us。First find the fault,Then there is a lot of work。Oh shit,It was more direct then than now,He smashed my stall,I will demolish his warehouse,Burn his car。

“Numbness、Ruthless,Our mud legs don’t bother anyone。Haha,Or brothers together,Its profit。Those gangsters were scared,Some changed,Some disappeared。of course,There was some accident,The fifth wounded man was locked in,It’s just a matter of squatting for a few years,There are almost no other big losses。In short, a big win。”That’s it for kiwi,Excitement gleamed in the eyes,It’s like returning to the glorious years of giving me away。
Li Tianchou can’t hear it,I didn’t expect this old gangster to have such a family history。He handed the wine bottle to the kiwi fruit,For encouragement。
Old man drinking,Wipe your mouth,Continue topic,“Then the business was done well,No two years,We have taken most of the aquatic products wholesale channels in our own hands。you can say so,entireSZ,Except for the public fishery company,Is the oldest brother。
“Business is getting better,It was smooth sailing,Many people came from home,We have completely stepped out of the aquatic trader business。What to make money for,Commodity wholesale、Building materials、Package engineering,Finally developed the hotel、Entertainment businesses such as bathing centers。At that time our business was all overSZAll walks of life。Ha ha,My old man has served as a representative of the National People’s Congress,Really bullish。”Kiwi’s nose is getting more red,Speaking of it at the end, it’s almost frothy,These old things have been held in the heart of the old man for a long time,Now it’s really out of control。
“What happened later?”Li Tianchou is also interested,He thought of himself and Hongmao,The predicament now seems to be worse than that of Kiwi。
Kiwi’s eyes suddenly became a bit blurred,The excitement just now disappeared without a trace,Li Tianchou felt that the next words were the old man’s focus,I am afraid it is also a turning point in his legendary experience。
“Then it was not interesting,Hey,Ups and downs,Don’t talk about it。”Unexpectedly, Kiwi shook his head,Unwilling to continue talking。
Li Tianchou is not interested,I didn’t hear the key place,Itchy heart,Racked my brains for a long time,Suddenly,“Old man,Are Uncle Geng and Uncle Hai from your brothers back then??”
The old man shook his head,“Can tell,Can also be said to not count。Geng Xiaowu is our fifth oldest brother,Demobilized to help his brother take care of business,After Lao Wu came out,He left us and went alone with that nasty bald guy。”
Li Tianchou nodded secretly,Basically confirmed my guess,It seems that Uncle Geng and the old man are really related。“Where’s that Biao Qi?”
Kiwi stared,“My grass,I wanted to give you peace of mind,Damn, you guys took it out?OK,Don’t ask like squeezing toothpaste。For the sake of our fate,Let me say a few more words,You just listen to the show,Just don’t put it in your heart。”
The old man rubbed his eyes,My lips squirmed,Seems a little difficult to speak,Just have another drink on Monday,“Hey,The next thing is hard to say,Long story short。Later it developed enough,We have established many companies,The days have passed and become more comfortable,But brothers slowly started to change,All have their own circle and influence,Not united anymore,Eventually everyone started breaking up。”
Chapter One Hundred Five Leave without saying goodbye
Speaking of this,The old man is a little excited,The beard on the lips trembled slightly。Li Tianchou moved,My momentary curiosity shakes out the old man’s sad past,Quite sorry,“Old man,Drink bar……”

I told you to bring more experts,Why doesn’t the dean listen?

Continue like this,Shenfan Academy is about to lose its reputation!
On top of Lian Feiling’s head,Chill。
The peacock robe on his body has been torn in several places,But he still supports。
He continues to lift off,Intend to use cloud energy to cover his whereabouts,Good chance to breathe。
Those chills are a bit biting,Lian Feiling was very confused,Even in winter,These clouds are not like ice fog,Feel that I am not in the sky above the clouds,Like falling into an ice cave。
suddenly,Lian Feiling hit an extremely hard object,Staring at gold stars,The forehead is directly red and swollen!
“what!”Lian Feiling scolded,He looked up,I found that the clouds did not know when they completely condensed into ice,Fly into the clouds by yourself,It’s like hitting his forehead on the iceberg。
A gust of wind from the east,The icy fog in the sky was completely lifted,Revealing the full view of the clouds in the sky,When Lian Feiling saw all the clouds frozen into ice,And after all the ice has become a magnificent glacier,The whole person is pale,I couldn’t help shaking。
The brilliance of the sun,Sprinkled with this shocking floating glacier,Let the glaciers look like ice clouds,The mirage is so spectacular and terrifying!
The huge Bingxia is pressing down,Falling,At this time, even Feiling saw the shining sun,A white dragon stands on top of this floating glacier,Is performing the Canglong Profound Technique that caused this Yunkong Glacier to collapse!!

Next night,People just finished eating,The village committee’s loudspeaker first played music,Then I started shouting:“Song Fang,Zhao Hong,Please go to the village committee“Chen Gui is shouting again。

The villagers guessed,It’s been a long time,Why did Zhao Hong go back to the village?,The big horn sounded,And this informs the people in the meeting,There is still Zhao Hong,The talker started chewing his tongue again,Anyway, I have everything。
Zhang Er who is chatting with everyone,Listen to the loud speaker,He immediately got the spirit,Hurry to greet Chen Erniu and say:“Erniu,Let’s go and listen“
Chen Erniu who is getting bored,Just listen to it,Immediately led a few young people and Zhang Er to touch the compound of the village committee。
Through the door,In the office of the village committee,Around a big table,Sitting Wang Degui,Chen Gui and Song Fang,The one sitting next is Zhao Hong,Her tonight,Although not dressed up,Still looks so charming。
“All right,Everyone is here,Let’s talk about Zhao Hong renting the common land in the village“Wang Degui speaks first,Yan Ran looks like the village chief。
Song Fang glanced at Zhao Hong,I felt a little unconvinced:“Rent it!As long as you are willing to pay“
“rest assured!I will definitely pay for the rent,Never take a penny in the village“Zhao Hong tit for tat,Doesn’t give Song Fang any face。
Where has Chen Gui been sitting,I keep looking at Zhao Hong,He did not expect,This woman is getting more and more beautiful,No wonder Wang Youcai is so fascinated。
Wang Degui glared at Chen Gui,Gave a dry cough,Only then did Chen Gui withdraw his stunned eyes,Cleared his throat and said:“Sister-in-law Zhao Hong wants to rent the common land in the village,It stands to reason that this is a good thing,But I really can’t rent this land to you“
“what?Why can’t you rent it to me?I don’t give money,Or I am not from Xiping Village“Zhao Hongyi listen,Anxious,This is what she planned,And she asked,This land has been deserted,No one rents at all。
Wang Degui glanced at Zhao Hong,Slowly:“This place is in the village,The village committee has the right to rent to others,But to whom,It depends on who rents first,Because you rented it later than others,So this land has been rented out“
“I do not believe,Bring out the lease contract,I can’t just say nothing!”Zhao Hong is angry and anxious,If the land can’t be rented,,Where will her greenhouse be built next year。
Zhang Er watching the excitement in the yard,Ask Chen Erniu:“No one rents this place, right!Seems to be deserted all the time”
“Rent an egg,No one wants to give it away,Sandy beach,Dying,What to grow,Obviously a lie,I just want Zhao Hong to pay more”Chen Erniu shook his head,A confident look。