4 good habits for women to get rid of their intestines

4 good habits for women to get rid of their intestines

Do you have any troubles about your little belly?

The so-called graceful body curve is composed of a chest, a hip, and a thin waist.

Even if I am determined to make 30 rounds of abdominal muscle training every day, there is a certain achievement, but this is also a training that is difficult to last for a long time.

  Old Chinese medicine introduces four daily habits to help you easily improve your headache!


Correct posture poses to help you adjust your stomach, hips, and muscles inside your body.

The slanting posture is enough to cause excess excess meat on your stomach and make you slowly become fat.

  In order to have a perfect body, I hope that everyone will carry out the necessary pelvic correction and posture correction and training.

Maintaining a correct and graceful posture will cause you to quickly remove excess meat from your stomach, and the muscles under your stomach will have a previously biased state of movement and exercise more evenly.

  In order to make the posture more beautiful, here is a small coup to put a book on the head, and walk straight in the case of ensuring that it does not fall, this will be very effective.


Reducing stress and pressure is one of the culprit to prevent the increase of excess meat in the stomach.

The body releases a hormone called cortisol due to stress.

This hormone causes the aunt to accumulate in the body.

  The way to get rid of excess meat on your stomach at home without paying for it is to pay attention to breathing.

It is not repeated that the daily self does not have the consciousness to breathe simply, but to breathe hard and breathe out the abdominal breathing.

This method can completely remove the excess aunt on the stomach, and indirectly can train the muscles.


Keeping adequate sleep In addition to excessive stress, lack of sleep can lead to excess aunts in the abdomen.

If you don’t have a good night’s sleep, it will have a very bad effect on your body.

Of course, too much or too little sleep time is very bad for the body.

  Especially regarding the lunch break, the key is to have two points in a regular and short time, and the taboo is too long.

In the same way, you must schedule your time at regular intervals and arrange your own sleep time regularly.


Reducing Alcohol Intake The increase in alcohol content in alcohol is incorporated into the body, causing excessive meat production in the body.

Do those who drink too much drink feel that it is difficult to lose excess meat on their stomach?

So control the amount of alcohol and drink plenty of water, which will drain the harmful substances in the body and rejuvenate the cells and muscles.

  Strengthening exercise is important, but you can completely erase the excess meat on your stomach by starting from the bit by bit in your life.

So hurry up!

Effective method of thin thighs fist massage + exercise

Effective method of thin thighs fist massage + exercise

First, clenching a fist is very simple, clenching a fist, then tapping the thigh, the front side needs to be beaten. Everyone knows that tapping the gallbladder can be a stovepipe, but here is not necessarily a mere biliary tract, it can be everywhere, when you hit it, some parts willMore painful, you can tap more targeted.

Personal experience: I feel that my thighs are a lot tighter in a week.

Second, the fist is scraped 1, absorbs olive oil on the thigh or massages the skin. It is mainly used for lubrication. Essential oil is also a good choice. Generally, I will use essential oils and choose good quality essential oils.Greasy feeling.

2, still use the fist, with the second knuckle, forcefully, from the front and forward to the roots of the thigh, this process will be very painful, you can use a little light, but can not be completely painless.

Personal experience: This action is very ideal for improving the orange peel effect. It is the recommended thin thigh method for the model. Oh, I also hurt very much. Don’t prevent excessive bruises. Slowly, you will see your favorite thighs.line.

Third, twist the towel. Everyone knows that this can be done with this, mainly to make the legs more symmetrical, and to twist the shape of the towel, from the thigh to the calf.

Go back and forth.

Personal experience: I think this action can be evenly called the line of the calf, which is not very hard.

Fourth, the side of the leg on the side of the bed or yoga mat, the right side of the left is the elbow to support the body, the right hand assisted to put on the chest yoga mat, and then lifted the leg, the better, 25 per side.

The best is three groups.

Five, squatting this position, I don’t know what the professional name is, that is, the left leg is a step forward, the right foot is on the toes, and then the squat and the body, mainly the sports hind legs, this action is very exercise thigh,If you do 25, you will feel that your legs are sour.

Upgraded version: Take one step at a time, this I feel really tired, but the effect of tightening the thighs, you can see.