BYD (002594): Rapid growth of new energy vehicles with performance in line with expectations

BYD (002594): Rapid growth of new energy vehicles with performance in line with expectations

The core view performance is in line with expectations.

The company achieved operating income of 1,300 in 2018.

55 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

8%, net profit attributable to mother 27.

80 ‰, 31 years ago.

6%, deducting non-net profit 5.

8.6 billion, 80 in the previous decade.

4%, EPS0.

93 yuan.

It is planned to distribute cash dividends to all shareholders for every 10 shares2.

04 yuan (including tax).

Affected by the expansion of subsidies, gross profit margin declined.

Gross profit margin in 2018 was 16.

4%, a decline of 2 per year.

6 grades, of which the gross profit margin of the car is 19.

8%, ten years ago 4.

5 units.

The company’s 武汉夜生活网 gross profit margins for the four quarters of 2018 were 17 respectively.

1%, 14.

9%, 17.

2% and 16.

3%, the period fee is 12.

7%, down by 0 every year.

6 units.

Net cash flow from operating activities in 2018 was 125.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 90 in ten years.

4%, the improvement is obvious.

The ending inventory was 263.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 32.

5%, mainly due to increased demand for automotive business.

The rapid growth of new energy vehicle sales has driven revenue growth.

The automotive business achieved revenue of 760.

07 million yuan, an increase of 34 in ten years.

2%, of which new energy vehicle business income was 524.

22 ppm, an increase of 34 in ten years.

2%, the company’s new energy vehicle sales in 2018 were 24.

80,000 vehicles, an increase of 125 in ten years.

5%, of which new energy passenger car sales reached 22.70,000 vehicles.

In 2019, a number of pure electric vehicles including the new Tang EV, Song EV, and Qin EV will be launched, as well as the built-in plug-in hybrids including the new Song MAX DM, Tang DM, Song DM, and Qin DM.Sales will increase by more than 70%.

The company made an important breakthrough in new energy vehicle technology in 2018 and released IGBT4 in the field of automotive regulations.

0 technology to help the rapid development of new energy vehicle business.

The company continued to promote the external supply of power batteries to create new profit growth points.

In 2018, it signed a cooperation agreement with Changan Automobile to jointly establish a battery factory with an annual output of 10GWH to supply batteries for Changan Automobile.

With the company’s Qinghai base’s ternary lithium battery production capacity fully put into production in 2019, the company will have all 40GWh of power battery capacity, replacing the second internal position, the export of power batteries will gradually become the company’s new profit growth point.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestion: Slightly adjust the gross profit margin, and forecast EPS for 2019-2021.


79, 2.

01 yuan (original 19-20 years 1).


81 yuan), comparable companies are new energy vehicles, power batteries and other related companies. Comparable companies have an average PE evaluation of 39 times in 19 years, with a target price of 59.

67 yuan to maintain the overweight level.

Risk reminder: New energy vehicles, traditional car sales exceed expected risks, new energy vehicle replacement shrinks more than expected risks, government subsidies, etc. are lower than expected, and mobile 合肥夜网 phone parts business is lower than expected risks.

Zoomlion (000157) in-depth report: The prosperity of core products of concrete machinery and lifting equipment continues

Zoomlion (000157) in-depth report: The prosperity of core products of concrete machinery and lifting equipment continues

Key points of investment: The core segment has grown at a high speed and the operating quality has been significantly improved. In the first half of 2019, the company’s two core segments of lifting machinery and concrete machinery achieved operating income of 110.

05 billion, 74.

90 ‰, an annual increase of 94.

8%, 31.


Long-term companies have strengthened customer assessment and access mechanisms and increased down payment ratios, which has led to rapid contraction of the company’s risk exposure.

In 2017, the company made a large amount of impairment provisions, fully cleared the historical burden, and the company’s financial stability has been significantly improved.

In addition, the company’s accounts receivable and inventory turnover rate continued to rise, the operating cash flow continued to improve, and the company’s operating quality was significantly improved.

  Leading in the market, “National III” equipment eliminates the need to stimulate and update: Zoomlion’s concrete machinery and lifting machinery have a leading position in the market.

In terms of concrete machinery, the company is one of the duopoly of concrete machinery in the world.

In the field of engineering cranes, the company’s market share ranks among the top three in China, and it also overlaps with leading segments in the international market.

In terms of tower cranes, the company’s domestic market share in 2019 is expected to exceed 40%, and it is located in an absolutely leading market area.

With 杭州夜网论坛 the accelerated implementation of the “National VI” standard for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, a large number of “National III” standards of concrete machinery and engineering cranes will be phased out, and the need for the replacement of existing equipment will become the main driving factor for industry growth in the next 2-3 years.

  Prefabricated buildings have generated the demand for large and medium-sized tower cranes; prefabricated buildings have generated the demand for large and medium-sized tower cranes; and the requirements for the number of heavy-duty equipment and large lifting weights.

With the increase in the penetration rate of prefabricated buildings, the demand for large and medium-sized tower cranes in the downstream market has increased rapidly. From 2016 to 2019, Pangyuan leased tower cranes for prefabricated buildings with an annual compound strength of 126%.

According to our calculations, the area of new prefabricated buildings in 2021 is expected to reach 4.

700 million square meters, the demand for large tower cranes reached 5.

80,000 units.

At present, the market for large-scale tower cranes is large, and the incremental space is large under the pull of prefabricated buildings. The large-scale tower crane market is expected to achieve leapfrog growth from “0 to 1.”

  Profit forecast and investment recommendations: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019/2020/2021 will be 44.



69 ppm, corresponding to PE of 2019/2020/2021 is 11.



1 times.

For the first time, Zoomlion was given an “overweight” rating.

  Risk factors: The growth rate of real estate and infrastructure investment is lower than expected risk; the promotion of prefabricated buildings is lower than expected risk; the speed of replacement of construction machinery is lower than expected risk; the risk of intensified market competition; the risk of raw material prices

Quit smoking and limit alcohol to prevent acute gastritis

Quit smoking and limit alcohol to prevent acute gastritis

Acute gastritis is more common among military officers and soldiers, and it is necessary to correctly identify its cause and take appropriate preventive measures.

Acute gastritis is an acute complication of the gastric mucosa caused by a variety of factors. There are three main causes: first, physical and chemical factors, excessive cold consumption, excessive diet, strong tea, coffee, spirits, irritating condiments, rough foods,Stimulant medicines (aspirin, buta pine, etc.), swallow strong acids, alkalis or other corrosive agents; second, biological factors, eating food containing bacteria and toxins, and prone to acute enteritis; third, endogenous factors, including the whole bodySevere infection, trauma, major surgery, shock, excessive mood swings, fatigue, etc.

  The main clinical manifestations of acute gastritis are: fullness of the upper abdomen, pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting; acute gastritis caused by bacterial infection is often accompanied by diarrhea, fever, and severe cases of dehydration, acidosis, shock and other symptoms;Erosive gastritis is characterized by sudden gastrointestinal bleeding, vomiting, and melena.

  To prevent acute gastritis, quit smoking and limit alcohol, try to avoid aspirin damage, try to live regularly, avoid irritating, rough, cold, excessive food and overeating, pay attention to diet hygiene, do not eat rot, deterioration, pollutionfood.
You should eat a light liquid food when you are sick, fast if necessary, and actively cooperate with your doctor to prevent chronic gastritis.

Different seeds have health benefits

Different seeds have health benefits

For some people, melon seeds are indispensable.

Sweet or salty watermelon seeds, milk flavor, green tea flavor sunflower seeds, the more fragrant pumpkin seeds, the various flavors of melon seeds are very popular in the roasted meat market.

Common sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, and pumpkin seeds are similar in nutritional value, but they make a difference in medicinal value.

  Fundamentally, sunflower seeds are not only rich in unsaturated fatty acids and high-quality protein, but also contain potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, selenium and vitamin E, vitamin B1 and other nutrients, which can prevent excessive plasma and arteriosclerosis.Potassium can protect heart function and prevent high blood pressure.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, sunflower seeds are flat, sweet, and have phlegm and asthma, liver and wind, and deworming effects. Therefore, it is suitable for people with hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and insomniacs.
  The nutritional value of watermelon seeds and sunflower seeds is almost the same. From a medical point of view, it has the effect of clearing the lungs and removing phlegm, and has auxiliary effects on cough and sputum and hemoptysis.

Watermelon seeds have high-pressure fats, which have a stomach-invigorating and laxative effect. It does not prevent eating some watermelon seeds when there is no appetite or constipation.

  Pumpkin seeds not only taste fragrant, but also contain carotene, protein, and vitamins, B1, B2 and other nutrients needed by the human body, which can relieve mental tension and improve temperature resistance.

Pumpkin seeds are flat and sweet. According to the “Chinese Medicinal Plants Manual”, it can be used to treat swelling of hands and feet and diabetes after delivery.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and also contain male hormones, which are helpful for the treatment of early prostate hypertrophy and prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer.

Therefore, pumpkin seeds top sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds with their various medicinal values.

  It should be pointed out that it is not advisable to eat too much sunflower seeds at one time, it is advisable not to exceed one or two, in order to avoid causing obesity, getting angry, and sore tongue.

How should an anemic elderly budget

How should an anemic elderly budget

The cause of iron-deficiency anemia is very clear, mainly due to insufficient replacement of iron or low absorption rate of iron in the replacement, which cannot meet the needs of the human body.

Costs must be allocated reasonably for legal iron deficiency anemia: 1.

First, choose foods with high iron content and good absorption and utilization, such as animal liver, animal blood, lean meat, poultry, fish and other animal foods.

The iron contained in these foods is heme iron, which has a high absorption rate.

After eating, iron in food can be directly absorbed and used without being affected by other additional factors.

In addition, there is a “meat factor” substance in meat foods, which can promote the absorption of iron. Human experiments have shown that adding iron to bread, if you do not eat meat, the absorption rate of iron in bread is onlyThere are 2.

1%; if you eat bread and eat some lean meat, the iron absorption rate increases to 6.

3%, three times as much as not eating meat.

The iron contained in plant foods is mainly non-heme iron, which must be reduced to ferrous ions under the action of gastric acid to be absorbed. Therefore, plant foods containing non-heme iron are affected by many other factors.Its absorption constant.

However, a reasonable combination of meat with “meat factors” will increase the absorption and utilization of iron in plant foods.

Therefore, choosing plants with high iron content and increasing absorption is also one of the measures to improve anemia.

The iron content of millet and sorghum in staple food is more than twice that of rice, and the iron content in flour is higher than rice.

Soy and its products also have high iron content.

Vegetables are black, green leafy vegetables have higher iron content than light-colored vegetables such as bamboo shoots.

The deeper the color of vegetables, the more iron content.

Such as black fungus, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, black sesame, sesame sauce is rich in iron.

Jujube, longan, raisins, black dates, hawthorn and other iron oxides in nuts.

  It is obvious that milk, which is an animal food, contains compounds that are not good for iron absorption. The iron in the yolk is combined with high phosphoprotein, and the absorption rate is only 3%, which is lower than soybeans and some green leafy vegetables.

Milk itself contains less iron, 100 grams of milk contains only 0.

About 15 millimeters, and lactoferrin affects the absorption of iron, it is rarely used by the human body.

Therefore, the elderly who often drink milk, eat eggs, do not eat meat, green leafy vegetables are unlikely to improve iron deficiency anemia soon.


Precipitation of anemia elderly also need to pay attention to eat more foods containing vitamin C.

This is because vitamin C forms a complex with iron, which makes it easy to dissolve iron initially and can be absorbed by iron.

It has been tested that after adding iron to corn and oats, different doses of vitamin C are added. As a result, the absorption of iron increases with the increase of vitamin C. Adding 25 mg of vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron by 3 times;100 mg of vitamin C increases by 4.

6 times; adding 200 mg of vitamin C can increase 6.

1 times.

The results prove that vitamin C is beneficial to the absorption of iron.

Of course, in the name, vitamin C fruits instead of vitamin C tablets will have the same effect.


Do not drink strong tea or coffee.

This is because of the combination of inorganic acids with iron in coffee and tea.

Forms insoluble compounds that are difficult to absorb and use by the body.

  In general, the key to iron deficiency anemia is the reasonable allocation of compensation to ensure compensation balance. When there is sufficient energy and high-quality protein, pay attention to increasing iron substitution and absorption and utilization, improve cooking methods, and treat diseases that cause anemia.Is a comprehensive approach to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia.

The secrets of women’s footsteps

The secrets of women’s footsteps

Do you want to know if the girl across from you likes herself?

Don’t look at those bright eyes, don’t listen to the crisp laughter, look at her feet.

  The magical “foot language” Professor Jeffrey Betty, head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Manchester, has been studying human “foot language” for decades.

The British “Daily Mail” quoted him on the 3rd to report that we usually pay attention to people’s expressions and gestures, but we don’t notice that our feet “speak” a lot of content. By observing the way a person moves their feet, you can glimpseThis person’s inner world.

  He said that standing in front of a male suitor, if a woman’s one leg is stretched forward, she likes the man; if her feet are crossed or not moving, she is not interested.

But this “footnote” does not apply to men.

  If a man feels nervous, he will increase his foot movement to express this emotion.

Women, on the other hand, keep their feet still if they feel nervous.

  ”Elite” men and women have relatively high leg and foot movements because they like to dominate the conversation process and also control their bodies.

  Extroverts have fewer foot movements, and shy ones move relatively relative.

Arrogant people usually have better control of their bodies and fewer foot movements.

  Whether to lie Observing your feet can also determine whether a person is lying.

If a person’s feet are completely still and they are a little too restful, then he is lying.

  Betty said that many people think that when a person lies, he will increase his movements because of nervousness, but in fact, the liar often sends the completely wrong signal.

“Everyone pays attention to the eyes and face, but people are good at controlling movements (of those parts),” he said, “so a reliable alternative to lying is foot movements.

He imitated that politicians often acted a lot. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair participated in an election campaign, addressed a group of young mothers, and gestured while talking.

“He said that when Cherie (Blair) was working, looking after children was the most difficult thing he had ever done, and at this point his gestures stopped.

“If we lie, we do suppress what we are doing, including foot movements,” he said.

  Unconsciously Betty said that many people knew that facial expressions and gestures would reveal their minds, but they did not realize that their feet were moving their minds a little bit.

  ”The secret language of the feet reveals our personality traits, perceptions of personality objects, emotions and mental states in a few.

Feet are a magical channel for communicating without language, “he said.

  ”The reason why our feet expose us is probably because they are the body parts with the least feedback,” Betty said. “Most people know what their facial expressions are. They can put on a smile mask and cover their eyes. Some people noticeWhat our own hands are doing; but unless we think about it, we have no idea what our feet are doing.

These fitness men can do at home

These fitness men can do at home

Men may not have time to go to the gym because of their work performance, but they can still do fitness after returning home. Here are the fitness exercises of several men’s homes.


1 push-ups and chest muscles This action is mainly to exercise the man’s pectoralis major muscles, in the living room or dining area at home, find two separate stools placed one by one, with two hands for support, lean over on it, 12For a group, do three groups.

Remember to do a push-up, you should stretch your cheekbones and make your chest muscles full and shape.

In addition, this action also has the effect of correcting the hunchback.


2 sitting posture abdomen lifting legs This action is mainly to exercise the abdomen, placed a single stool on the open space in the home, sitting on the top, relying on the strength of the abdomen to lift the legs, to the legs crossed upwards.

  Initially reduce excess fat in the abdomen, making the abdominal muscles strong and perfect.

Each time you raise 15 times, do three groups, and you can take a break in the middle, but it is not too long.


3 biceps lifter this action mainly exercises the hand.

As long as you sit on a single bench in your home, you can do it, very simple.

Use two unopened mineral water bottles as dumbbells, and raise them in parallel, but remember to make the upper arm close to the main shaft when doing it, and fix the biceps with the strength of the biceps to increase the strength of the hand.

In 15 groups, do three groups.


4 Guarding the wall and holding a wall, you need to choose a wall at home. While holding the wall, you can slowly squat on the strength of the leg. It is best to take a small object in your hand. You can boil water.Exercise the legs and eliminate the extra aunts in the legs, making the shape of the legs look better.

In 15 groups, do three groups.

5 lean over the boat back to this exercise mainly to exercise the buttocks, increase the strength does not say, but also reduce the hips slightly, modify the title line.

Choose a hollow station, take two bottles of unopened mineral water, bend the knee slightly, collapse the waist, chest and hips, tilt the force forward to lift the mineral water by hand, and at the same time, shoulders.

In 12 groups, do three groups.

  Prone to stretch the waist: This action mainly exercises the waist.

Lying in bed at home, leaning on the head, and then leaning upwards on the strength of the waist.

To strengthen the waist strength, 15 groups, do three groups.

Classic advice from loving father to daughter

Classic advice from loving father to daughter

(1) For those who are not good to you, don’t be too concerned. In your life, no one has the obligation to be nice to you except me and your mother.

Because those who are good to you, in addition to cherish and grateful, please be more prepared, because there is always a reason for everyone to do everything. He is good to you, not necessarily because you like you, pleaseYou have to figure it out, and you don’t have to be too real to be a true friend of the other party.

  (2) No one is irreplaceable, and nothing is necessary.

Look through this point, in the future, people around you no longer want you, perhaps lose all the world’s favorite things, you should also understand that this is not a big deal.

  (3) Life is short-lived. Today you are still wasting your life. You will find that life is far away from you tomorrow.

Therefore, the sooner you cherish life, the more days you enjoy your life. With the hope of longevity, it is better to enjoy it earlier.

  (4) There is no such thing as the most love in the world. Love is just a feeling of embarrassment, and this feeling will definitely change at any time.

If your so-called favorite leaves you, please wait patiently, let the time wash slowly, let the mind slowly precipitate, your bitterness will gradually fade.

Don’t overdo the beauty of love, don’t over-exaggerate the sadness of losing love.

  (5) Although many successful people have not received much education, it does not mean that they can succeed without having to study hard.

The knowledge you have learned is the weapon you have.

People, you can start from scratch, but you can’t be unarmed, remember!

  (6) I will not ask you to support me for the rest of my life. Similarly, I will not support you for the rest of my life. When you grow up to be independent, my responsibilities are over.

In the future, you have to take the bus or Mercedes, eat shark fins or fans, you have to be responsible.

  (7) You can ask yourself to be trustworthy, but you can’t ask others to be trustworthy. You can ask yourself to be good to others, but you can’t expect others to be good to you.

How do you relate to people does not mean how people will treat you. If you don’t see this, you will only add a little trouble.

  (8) I bought the 6-color lottery for twenty-six years, or I was poor and white, and I didn’t even have the third prize. This proves that people should be developed, or they must work hard. There is no free lunch in the world.

  (9) Only one fate of a loved one, no matter how long I will live with you in this life, please cherish the time of cohesion. In the next life, no matter love or not, you will never see again.

Old people have more sun exposure to prevent fatal fractures

Old people have more sun exposure to prevent fatal fractures

Li Zurong, deputy chief physician of the Department of Orthopaedics, City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the bone mineral density of the elderly showed a low change in winter, and the trabecular bone became extremely fragile.

Insufficient intake of calcium in the elderly when young people are too young, coupled with factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, drinking, and women’s menopause, lead to the prevalence of osteoporosis in the elderly.

  Therefore, the bones of the elderly with osteoporosis are very fragile, and fractures may occur when a slight external force is applied.

In addition, the old man is bloated, reduced and lowered, and the action is not enough. It is easy to fall or reverse the setback.

“A small number of elderly people have the mentality of acknowledging the old and dissatisfied with the old. Everything has to be done by hands, temperament, numbness in thought, and disapproval of family care and reminders. Many fractures are happening between the defenses.”

  The spine, hip and femur are bones that support the weight of the human body. If these parts break, the body cannot move.

Compared with young adults, the fracture healing period of the elderly takes a long time, and the elderly themselves may have various serious chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Some elderly people simply cannot bear the risks brought by surgery and can only adopt conservative treatment.

  According to research, after the hip fracture in the elderly, the mortality rate is as high as 40%, and the 5-year survival rate is only 20%.

Therefore, the hip fracture is called the “last catastrophe” of the elderly. Some elderly people have a healthy state of health after a hip fracture. They can only stay in bed for a long time and even die within one year.

  ”Fractures can be fatal to the elderly!

However, the redundant person thinks that it is an ordinary thing for an old person to fracture, so he did not know it.

This is very dangerous.

Li Zurong said.

  ■ Warm reminder for the elderly to prevent fractures 1.

Wear soft and comfortable, like cold underwear, down and other warmth, local soft and soft clothing is a good choice, avoid wearing heavy and bloated clothes to increase the volume of action.


Don’t always cat at home, always go to the outdoors for moderate exercise. More sun and exercise are a good way to supplement calcium. Warm sun can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, relieve calcium loss and strengthen bone.


Pay attention to the safety of the ground when walking, install handrails in the bathroom, use anti-skid devices on the floor; use canes when going out, do not go out in case of rain or snow, reduce the risk of falling.


The flavor of tobacco and alcohol affects the absorption of calcium. It should be less smoking, less alcohol, more dairy products, soy products and other calcium-containing foods, and balanced diet to delay the aging process.


Once the old man falls, the family should check whether there is any damage. If pain is found, the swelling is obvious, and the joint is deformed, the hospital should be promptly examined and treated.

These 6 kinds of breakfast are best not to eat harm

These 6 kinds of breakfast are best not to eat harm

The harm to the body without eating breakfast has been recognized by more and more people.

Breakfast must be eaten, but also pay attention to how to eat, should not eat.

Inappropriate breakfast and eating habits will also damage your health and take away your happiness.

There are several popular breakfasts that are common and you have to remember: you can’t eat like this!

  Eat one: “aftertaste breakfast” breakfast content: leftovers, or leftovers fried rice, leftovers cooked noodles, etc. Popular reasons: Many families of “mothers” will do more during dinner, secondMake fried rice for children and family in the morning, or heat up the rest of the food.

This kind of breakfast is easy to make and rich in content. It is basically the same as a full meal and is usually considered to be comprehensive in nutrition.

  Expert comment: After the leftovers, the vegetables may produce nitrite (a carcinogen), which is harmful to human health.

  Suggestion: Try to stop eating the leftover vegetables; make the rest of the food for breakfast, so be sure to preserve it so as not to deteriorate; the food taken from the refrigerator should be heated.

  Eat 2: Fast Food Breakfast Content: The reasons for the popularity of various Western-style fast foods: Western-style fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken wings, etc., have always been the dietary preferences of the fashion crowd.

And now many fast food restaurants also offer door breakfasts, such as hamburgers with coffee or milk, black tea, convenient and taste good.

  Expert comment: This high-transit breakfast is easy to cause obesity, and long-term use of fried foods can also be harmful to the body.

Use Western-style snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner must eat low-altitude food.

In addition, this Western-style breakfast has the problem of uneven nutrition, the transition is relatively high, and often lacks vitamins, minerals, cellulose and other nutrients.

  Suggestion: Choose Western-style fast food for breakfast, you should add fruit or vegetable soup to maintain a balanced diet and ensure the intake of various nutrients.

Also it is best not to eat for a long time.

  Eat three: traditional flavor breakfast breakfast content: fritters, soy milk popular reasons: many people are from a young age under the transfer of grandparents, used to eat fritters and soy milk in the morning, not only taste is used to this way,And emotionally there are years of “savings.”

  Expert comment: The fritters are high-temperature fried foods, which have the same problem of high fat as burnt cakes and fried dumplings.

After the food is fried at high temperature, the nutrients will be destroyed and then produce carcinogens; and the conversion of fritters is relatively high, the oil is also difficult to digest, and the soymilk is also a medium-fat food. The amount of oil in this breakfast combination is obviously exceeding the standard.Not suitable for long-term use.

  Suggestion: There must be vegetables or fruits for breakfast. It is best to eat less soy milk sticks. It should not be more than once a week, and the afternoon must be as light as possible. Don’t eat fried, fried, fried food, and more.Add vegetables.

  Eat four: snack breakfast breakfast content: a variety of snacks, such as snow cakes, biscuits, chocolate and so on.

  The reason for the popularity: Many people put some snack reserves at home in case of emergency.

After getting up in the morning, the time is not very abundant, and I often pick up snacks for breakfast, which is convenient and quick.

  Expert comment: Usually you are hungry to eat some biscuits, chocolate and other snacks are OK, but the most important breakfast in three meals a day on snacks is very unscientific.

Snacks are mostly dry foods, which are not conducive to digestion and absorption for people who are in a semi-dehydrated state in the morning.

Moreover, the main raw material for snacks such as biscuits is cereals. Although it can provide energy in a short period of time, some people will soon fall back again. Gradually, the blood sugar level will drop significantly at noon. Eating snacks at breakfast will easily lead to insufficient nutrition, which will lead to a decline in physical fitness.Caused various diseases to invade.

  Recommendation: It is not advisable to replace breakfast with snacks, especially not too much dry food. The breakfast food should contain enough water.

If the breakfast for the day is too dry, you can add a cucumber.

  Eat 5: Sports breakfast breakfast content: breakfast purchased on the roadside, eating while walking, manual, foot movement, mouth movement, body movement. The most popular reason: the morning of work is spent in a hurryEspecially when the residence is far from the unit, breakfast is often resolved on the road.

At the entrance of the community, buns, tea eggs, meat clips, pancakes and other foods sold near the bus station are their first choice. Buy one and eat while walking. Expert comment: Eat stomach and health for walking.Unfavorable, not conducive to digestion and absorption; In addition, street foods often have health hazards, and may be sick from the mouth.

  Suggestion: If you choose street food to make breakfast, first, pay attention to hygiene, and second, it is best to buy home or go to the unit to eat.

Try not to eat breakfast on the way to work, so as not to damage your health.

  Eat Six: “Nutrition” breakfast breakfast content: fruit, vegetables, milk and other nutritious foods, is the lack of “nutrition value is not high” staple food.

  Popular reasons: This type of breakfast is generally popular with women because the staple food is a variety of major sources, and the transfer is a natural enemy of slim women and dieters. so all kinds of high-nutrient foods should be eaten.The alternation is to be reduced.

  Expert comment: Many people mistakenly believe that the staple food only provides a little bit, and it can’t be linked to nutrition. In fact, it is also a range of nutrition, and it is extremely important to the human body. Because there is not enough transportation, the human body will automatically decompose and release.Eating a staple food can cause malnutrition and lead to a reduction in various functions of the body.

In addition, yogurt and tomatoes, bananas, snow pears, plums, apricots and other acidic fruits and crude fiber flavors should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

  Recommendation: It should increase the staple food such as bread and taro. This kind of cereal can make the body get enough carbohydrates and also help the milk to absorb.