Zuo Luo Huan:【Star owner in the face,Be careful,Not afraid。Go to the hospital in the afternoon Yan Yan parents。】

Yan Yan parents have unexpected,Now in conjunction with the test report,It is very likely because of the insistence mining east,Be harmed by people。
Yan Yan will hide the test report from last night.,Pay back to the hospital to take care of http://www.hzxhr.cn the parents,His father’s injury is almost very different.,Only the mother has not woken up。
“Small rock,Take care of your mother here.。”Yan Yan father,“I am going to the mine.,Head of the head377All collection。”
Yan Yan remembered the test report that I saw last night.:“You have to leave Xijiang stream.?”
“I can’t walk now.。”Yan Yan father helpless laugh,“Yesterday evening, the port stop is destroyed.,At least one week can be repaired。”
Yan Yanyi:“Then you collect……”
Yan Yan father’s eyebrows brought a little conception,“Your uncle is open for us,The study always dragged,He finds another person to detect the rock.,I found that there is a silver green in it.。Although the outside detection equipment is not particularly accurate,But the head of the head has decided to detect the mine in the east.。”
“There will be silver。”Yan Yan looked at the smile of his father,Low voice。
“hope so,Then we have a lot of hard work so many years.。”Yan Yan father suddenly went out of the hospital。
After waiting for the Zuo Luohuan several people,Listen to the Yan Yan to talk about this。
The eyebrows are flourishing,too fast,Hong Tong Road that hides behind is too fast,I am afraid I will push it out for the sins.,Yinqing’s incident,People hiding in the dark are shrinking again。
as predicted,Not a few days, the Star Lord skewers from Zhang Zhenzhen’s death.,He concealed the true test results of the mine of the east.,Want to wait377After the army,Sign the mine,Cooperate with Gamshro,Selling Youth to Gaslo Empire。
This is a person who betrayed the federal,Opening suicide after being exposed。
and377The army will also send the sample to other institutions to re-send the research institute.,Again detect,This time377Head witness,Confirm that the mine in the east of the West Range is Yintan。
Xijiang flowing star star is very shocking,Encourse to the federal report。
“The professor of that research firmly said that he had done this time.,The previous mine did not detect Yinqing。”Jiang Hong pulled the mouth,“Who can believe?”
“They don’t know who is stolen and the test report,Who killed Zhang Zhenzhen,Can only break the end。”之 看 看 欢,“Hong Yao is probably not knowing that you are water。”
Zuo Luo laughed,Zhang Yuzhen is confident to a blindness,I have been waiting for her so many days alone.,Certainly didn’t say anyone,Hong Yao is estimated to be thinking about why it is in the institute。
That day in the stop vendure,Xijiang flowing star ushered in the true North District,Black pressure,The winter army is uniformly stepped into the West River.,The first thing is that all the Star Lord and Hong Tong Dao is detained.。
Star owner,Need to wait for the survey,Check if he is related to Gamshrui。
As for Hong Tong Road,Reported by Zuo Luo Huan,Concealing the truth of the mine,Cooperate with Gamshro,Directly detained,Send to the capital。
The opportunity of the two people can not resist,All industries of Star Mains and Hongjia have been controlled,People are also all duty,Winter army handling things,Very efficient。
“Go back early,Don’t come out with a Jijia son.。”During the communication, Zuo Duhong frowned to look at Zuo Luohuan,“He made a thing,Who is responsible?”
“He is not a child,Know what you do。”Zuo Luo http://www.tianchifang.cn Hao,“Ji Xiu’s son,Will not be bullied。”
Zuo Duhong stunned,The majestic look is loose:“You will talk to others?”
Zuo Luohuo。
“Your mother has already remembered it a few times.,Usually not home,Now I also take people to run around。”Zuo Dihong Road,“You go back early.,Xijiang flowing star, I will find someone to take over。”
Yan Yan’s mother has not awake,Finally, I can only go to the capital with them.,Treat。

“As for you Dao ancestors, don’t think about it。”Li Ming took a look,Name the two wonders and quantity。

Fuxi and Xiaoyao Daozu are speechless。
“Ice Mind Leaf,Only in the Three Realms is Yuexiatan,Daozu needs ten thousand roots to upgrade the golden core?!”Fuxi’s wry smile,The whole Three Realms,Bing Xin Ye knows only a few flowers brought out by Buddha Zhongyuexiatan。
“Yanyang Shenhua,I have never heard of it in the Three Realms,Need enough。”Xiaoyao Daozu shook his head even more。
Li Ming knows this treasure,Can be cultivated with Jiu Yan,There are also in Yuexiatan—But the difficulty of training itself is extremely high,Yuexiatan is a method arranged by the world god of Beixiu, only to cultivate a few flowers.。
“But the promotion is really immortal、There is still a hint of possibility in Tianxian Jindan。”Li Ming will promote the true fairy、The strange things needed by the gods are said。
“It is also very difficult to upgrade the golden core,That’s all about Jiuyan slurry,There are many in the Three Realms,Kebing Core,Only Yuexiatan in the Three Realms can produce!”
“Raise the wonders of the gods,The same is Jiuyan syrup and ice core,Just a small amount,Only one percent of what a true fairy needs!”
Fuxi http://www.wsx2.cn and Xiaoyao Daozu are a little speechless。
“and also,Tell you another news,Although the gods want to enter the Moon Lake, they can get the four wonders I mentioned,But the number of those two exotic flowers is definitely not enough—And Jiuyan syrup and ice core,Even if the gods can break through, they can’t make much。”
The ice core in the Moon Lake is equivalent to the cornerstone for cultivating special spiritual flowers and grasses,Yuexiatan may be willing to give a little at first,But the more you are behind these two treasures。
There are storages of various strange objects in the ancient human races and Taomen,Jiuyan pulp is not lacking,But the amount of ice core—At most, you can cultivate a few gods。
of course,If an immortal does not break through after he realizes the great path,Improve Jindan first,It can be cultivated‘Half http://www.hlddh.cn trail ancestor’,This is already very meaningful。
“Candle dragon。。。”Fuxi and Xiaoyao Daozu spoke at the same time,Talk and stop。
“How about this!”Li Ming smiled:“I am a human in this life,Is also one of the founders of Taoism,So as long as you produce a half-and-half strange thing,I’ll help the gods of Taoist and Human Race upgrade their golden core。”
For Li Ming,It’s definitely not a bad thing to have more powerhouses in the Nuwa camp of the Three Realms,Let Dao Sect and Human Race find a way to get the ice core,He can also make some difference。
As for the method of nurturing golden pills,Looks easier,In fact, it’s much more difficult to survive the catastrophe。His two major disciples,Only the big disciples have successfully cultivated,The power of the catastrophe is not weak。
Like those first-class celestial beings of http://www.yuanpanshazhi.cn the Nine Fang Chaos Kingdom—Are all shots from the world,But never experienced the celestial calamity。

This group of Chakra is,Saved is the original will。

Spring does not give glow night treatment,The ability to purify the original origin is not just ten tails。
Can do the strength of the safety of the space。
But he will not say it out.,Bright night is so beware,I have to know that my ten end is in front of the spring.,I don’t know what to do.。
Although he can also force the origin of the origin,Without the origin of your own body to abrasive。
Can even get a part of memory。
But his memory is not interested in memory.,Anyway, it is impossible to find his current position.。
“have nothing to say,Spring,I admit that I am not your opponent now.,But you can’t fight against big cylindrical,Hui Night just wants to pull you with water.”It’s faint to say。
“Of course I know,But I am willing.,She has http://www.naturebestow.cn her thoughts,I have my idea,At least we are the same display”Spring smiles。
Hui Night just wants to get rid of the control of the big tube.,Although some are very careful,But no harm。
Spring is also impossible to bow down to the big tube.。
“I know what you care is to bear,I can let you control,But you have to kill the night,Join the coefficient of wood,With your ability,Soon you can occupy a high level in this home”Speak。
Look like,He wants to pull the spring。
“You know,I have a contract with Hui Night.,Is it impossible to do this?,And I don’t trust you.,A family with only destroyed inner heart,And my idea is very large”Spring is disdainful。
“Ah,That’s nothing to say.,You are ready to meet the destruction”I know that he can’t pull the spring.。
Springs are from the heart, they can’t afford the big cadre.。
“rest assured,I absolutely let them come back,But I am curious about why you don’t go back?”
“Be afraid of shame,Or you have no ability to turn over the space to be transferred.”Spring smiles。
Just his smile with malicious。
“But with your lower limit,It should have no ability to go back.,I am also assured.”
“I clearly tell you,As long as you dare to appear,No matter what I will appear in the first time.,Destroy you”Horror’s pretty bloody hollow。
Let Chakra constituting his body are in constant fluctuations.。
The information mastered is a big trouble.,Without him,Even,It is impossible to be over。
In this way, you can have more time.,Even for the time,Surface adding an large tube-based wood home is not。
“Next,Because of my survey,You’d better give me a long time.”Spring converges the momentum。
What else is I want to say?,Springs directly,Eliminate his will。
Only left a pure source will,Then absorbed into the eyes by the springs。
Chapter 36
Absorbing the spring of the source will go to the eyes。
After a while,His eyes suddenly opened,Among them, the blue ten star appears,Send a blue light。
A blue star appeared next to the cross of the quarter。
“Strengthening the control of space”Spring muttered。
When the Blue Star turned into a flash disappeared。
No, Springs, can also absorb your own meaning,Blue Ten Star Evolution。
The four-star blue ten stars of his forehead,It is because Spring is fully integrated into the body.,Open by Blue Nanturbing。
This makes the Quan Wei have achieved the ability to open the space.,It can also have a certain level of control for space。
But Hui Night did not tell Spring,Their eyes can also evolve。
The Quanqi wants is the absolute master of http://www.jzsmg.cn space.。

Cultural self -confidence is the foundation of China’s "web to go to the sea"

Original title: Cultural self -confidence is the foundation of China’s online literature industry for the development of China’s "online text"? The two sets of data were revealed from the two aspects of "inside" and "outside".

  On the one hand, the number of online literature users in my country exceeds 100 million, and the group of online literature creators has accumulated over 21.3 million, and a large number of post -95s and post -00s have flowed in; on the other hand, as of 2020, Chinese online literature has spread 10,000 to overseas works to overseas. For the rest, websites subscribe to and read more than 100 million apps.

Some of our familiar online works such as "Full -time Master" and "Breaking the Sky" have been on overseas. A few days ago, the conversation show "The Youth of the two sessions" produced by China Youth Daily · China Youth Online focuses on the topic of China’s "web to go to the sea". The well -known writer Liu Xiahuang and the networpacoue Su Yang, a well -known writer of the reading platform, became a guest room, and connected Fan Xiaoqing, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference to talk about "how to establish cultural self -confidence and better promote culture to go to sea."

  The masterpieces of the web writer Liu Xia’s waves include "Hunting" and "Doctor Genius" and so on. "Hunting" is the main line of cultural relics, interspersed with the elements of suspense and urban emotions, which makes Liu Xiawang the most satisfactory is the description of the cultural relic repair bridge.

The "Thousands of Blades" in the book, "Following Powder" without trace repair, "sticking bowls" and "lattering method", seemingly artistic fiction, and actually can find the corresponding skills in reality.

  Liu Xiawang, who especially loves traditional Chinese culture, found that many overseas readers are fascinated by the cultural relics restoration of the cultural relics in his book. At the same time, they are very interested in traditional cultural elements such as poetry, tea, swords, and roads in the novels, and marvel at these. The content is "so amazing." "Traditional cultural elements can not only enhance the fun of the story, but also increase the sense of weight.

"Liu Xia watched his emotion, in the process of" cultural overseas ", if we blindly present the traditional Chinese cultural elements in front of foreigners, the other party will not form deep memories, but if it is integrated into the literary form of novels, It will produce completely different effects. Chinese online literature rooted in traditional culture, spread to overseas, comes with a "charm halo".

However, the overseas promotion of online literature is still facing some dilemma.

  Fan Xiaoqing, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Honorary Chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Writers Association, said: "In recent years, China’s online literature has attracted a lot of attention.

Of course, there are still some problems, such as our translation power is still lacking. We should make more efforts in this area. "In the" Youth of the two sessions "program, Su Yang, a network enthusiast, believes that the overseas promotion work of Chinese network articles must be aware of equality and respect overseas readers.

In his opinion, the foundation and premise of respect are that we must strengthen cultural self -confidence.

  Su Yang said: "I hope to show the good things in traditional Chinese culture to readers around the world, and adhere to our core value. Once they perceive the content you want to express at a certain point, the inner fan in the heart is the inner fan. The door opened.

We must change our hearts and feel affection.

"Liu Xiawang agreed to this. He believed that Chinese netwerstes must have cultural confidence." When we ‘webwers are going out of sea, they must not make their knowledge system light and shallow in order to cater to others. " Member Fan Xiaoqing looks forward to that China’s online literature creation is really full of flowers, and online literature authors are even more "highlighting their creative personality" and let overseas readers understand Chinese stories through online literature.

(Responsible editor: Yang Yu Polo, Lian Pinjie) Share let more people see recommended reading.

Fujian Province leaders attended the video conference on the conversation of China -US Friendship City Dialogue

Original title: Provincial leaders attended the video conference on the Video Conference of China -US Friendship City Dialogue. Guo Ningning, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Executive Deputy Governor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Lin Songtian, President of the Chinese People’s Association of Friendship with Foreign Friendship, Chairman and CEO of the American International Sisters City Association Loore Allara, the Chinese ambassador to the United States Qin Gang, and former American ambassador to China Terry Branstad attended the meeting.

On behalf of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Guo Ningning expressed warm congratulations to the conversation between China and the United States.

Guo Ningning said that Fujian Province has always attached great importance to and actively conducts exchanges and cooperation with the city of Friendship City, and has achieved fruitful results in the fields of economy, trade, science and technology, agriculture, environmental protection, and cultural tourism. It is hoped that the two parties will further strengthen interactive exchanges, deepen the cooperation in the field of climate change, and promote the development of mutual investment in the green industry; welcome to the United States to participate in the major economic and trade exhibitions held in our province, etc. Carry out investment promotion and project docking; hold a series of activities of the "Guling Fate" China -US Folk Friendship Forum, continuously enhance people’s exchanges, promote people’s hearts, and jointly write a new chapter in Sino -US local cooperation.

The topic of the Town dialogue covers sports, diplomacy and local cooperation, climate change and green development, and the outlook for innovation economy and cooperation. Relevant provinces and cities in China and American Friendship City representatives made exchanges, narrating Chinese and American friendship, and prospects for cooperation.

(Reporter Zheng Yuxuan) (Responsible editor: Chen Chuchu, Wu Zhou) Share more people to see the client download.

Member of the hound forces for the urban dark part,At this time, you must save the guardian.,I feel so funny this scene.,But one party’s face is slowly overcast.。

He can don’t care about the slaughterhouse,However, it is impossible to do in front of the policeman who represents the http://www.yifeng8.cn urban defending power of the school.,And the darkness is only a dark and dark mutual compromise,But if you kill in front of the policeman,The consequence of that may not be imagined.。
“Ha ha ha ha!I have to save it.!”The man of the hound troops seems to feel the hope of life.,The pressure in the heart suddenly,Let him suddenly lose the madness,then,His face turned to the head,Looking at one party,“If you shoot,Xin Xincu is protecting and the day of the dead devil.!”
Originally there is no one,After hearing this sentence,Both eyes slowly,Among them, a strong ray。
“original,You are hitting this idea?”One side, I have already noticed this scene.,A guard who gradually comes to the police,Muttering,“I think so, I can force me.?”
The scene in the mind flashes,Daily life in Huang Quanchuan apartment、Girl naughty smile in underground street、Suddenly appeared hound、I http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn have been forced to give up whenever I think of a scene,One party’s face is gloomy,till the end,All residual warmth,Leave only cold and cruel in the teenager icy。
“I’m sorry。”One side said softly,“I don’t want to do this.,pity”
“Put me to this point,In addition to the little ghost,”The one-party slowly raised it has been behind the right hand.‘Steel domain’,“Others are not within my forgiveness.!”
Suddenly sound,next moment,The members of the hound troops fierce their eyes,then,A bowl of bloody blood cave suddenly appeared in the man’s chest,Along with Yang Tianzhu is like a fountain-like blood spring。
The men’s mouth is ambiguous, spit out, a few words can’t understand.,The face is still with unbelievable look,It seems that I can’t believe that one party is actually daring to do in front of the policeman.,It seems that I can’t believe yourself.,finally,He http://www.hackersha.cn slowly fell down,Only a hole in both eyes。
“what!”Two guards saw this scene and smashed their eyes.,The next consciousness raised the gun in the hand,But when he lifted his head,But the discovery,When the white-haired teenager did not know when it had disappeared。
Plant’s roof,One side looking at the sky,Thoughts have some divergence。
I have destroyed the life of the little ghost.,And all possible scenes in the future,Let one touch some slightly。
Continue like this,Even if I saved the little ghost,I am also afraid that I haven’t returned to the previous life.?One side shouted,He suddenly wanted to smoke,Although he has never tried the paralysis of the nerves.。
No matter what you will become,One side shouted,I have a decision again in my heart.。
I have to pull the little devil from the dark.!
Seventh district,At this time, the battle of the water in the Qing Dynasty and the rear has long been starting at a few minutes.。
When the fire wing and the burst of ice touch,Blazing gold and blue color are filled with the whole sky,Countless ice is melted into droplets,Form a large piece of cloud in the air。
The Qing Palace is pulled down from the sky,Directly into the cloud in the cloud,at the same time,The water on the ground is from the water,The direction is also the cloud in the cloud.,As it happens,The goal of the two is consistent.!
Front of the front!
The wind in front has been frozen into ice in the battle of the Qing Dynasty.,And in depth coma,Ice is melting at this time,But the wind in front is not so easy to wake up.,and,Lost the support of ice cubes,The shape of the wind in front of the front of the front of the front。
The movement of the rear is very fast,But the speed of the Qing Dynasty is even more amazing.,He took the left arm of the wind in front.,And almost simultaneously,The water in the rear also grasped the right foot of the wind in front.!
The palace pupil is suddenly bursting,then,The left hand of the Qing Palace did not hesitate to vigorously played against the front of the front.,Suddenly a light gold‘Heat sword’It’s straight to the right leg of the wind in front.,If the rear of the water still caught her words,That air blade will definitely cut the right leg of the wind of the front of the force without resistance.!
Rearwf eyebrows,Some unpackored hands,At the same time, the right hand stretched out,A blue shadow suddenly condensed,Directly break the sword of the hot flow。
Qing Palace,Faceless noisy,Pick up the wind in front,Run your hand pinch the face of the front of the front,then,Qing Dynasty snort,The metal chain is not losing the metal chain of the wind in the front of the front.!
The tongue is hit hard,Although it is in a coma,The wind in front is still a sorrow,There is a touch of blood flow in the mouth,And the Qing Palace is indifferent,Right hand,Suddenly a pale flame flame,Follow the cross in the hand into a tabetry metal liquid。
“All right。”The Qing Dynasty said coldly,Then then throw the wind in front of the front of the rear.,“She can also give you。”
“now,What,Just casually.。”
See this scene,The face of the water in the rear is finally overcast.。
(This chapter is over)
NS498chapter College city‘represent’
“now,What,Just casually.。”

Shandong Provincial Finance Arrangement of 1.08 billion yuan to support creating a high -level teacher team

Original title: Shandong Province’s finance arrangements for 100 million yuan to support building a high -level teacher team on April 20. The reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance that in 2022, the provincial finance will improve the quality of the teacher team as the top priority to promote the high -quality development of education.Further increase investment and arrange funds by 100 million yuan, an increase of 5%over the previous year.Specifically, arrange funds of 100 million yuan to increase the level of funding for undergraduate majors to ordinary majors, support the strengthening of the construction of teachers, improve the ability to cultivate the training of teachers;Provincial teacher training system, promote the continuous and steady improvement of the quality of the teachers; arrange 200 million yuan in funds, support the training of public teachers, and subsidize the standard for 10,000 yuan per person per year; arrange funds of 100 million yuan to support the implementation of the "three districts" talent support plan, Improve the quality of education in the underdeveloped regions.(Wang Heying Zhang Ning) (Responsible editor: Nie Junqiong, Liu Yingjie) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

“Go back。”

“Is it arranged in the day??”Baozi said,“Tomorrow, Nan Ge, we go to the ring pool,The day after tomorrow is right。”
“Then I gave me my parents.。”
Pick up the phone,I read one side:“I also bring Nan Ge home in the way.,The next day, they gone.,More and less people in schools in these two days,Leff is not good in the bedroom.。Anyway, she has also been to my house.。”
Zhou I want to think,She said。
Nan Ge is committed to thinking about his head,I didn’t find the reasons for refuting.,Finally she said:“You have a long time.……”
The she is a thousand and thousands of thousands begins to complain‘Two of them’I will replace them.,They are clearly named。Zhou Li, knowing that buns are taking them in the bedroom.‘Two of them’or‘You two’,The dissatisfaction in their heart has been a long time.,The little girl’s poor makes Zhouzhi feel cute.,Can’t help but show a smile。
It is twenty minutes later,Finish。
Nan Ge’s mouth was spicy red,She said to other four people while sucking:“Go back to bedroom,I encyclonic。”
“Really sleep in the car?”
The tone of Nan Ge will make Zhou Silent.,He thought that Nan Ge was just a joke.。But think carefully,It should be that Nan Ge will make anything, he will not feel strange.。
“Can you feel comfortable??”he asks。
“do not know。”
“Will catch cold?”
“Right!”Nang Ge shoots a brain,“It seems that I have to take a bed blanket.,Um,I have to go back to the bedroom.。”
Day night,Nan Ge is really in the car.。
It’s just that she is playing games in the middle of the night.,Zhou Zhiyuan also went to the window to visit her。Sewing by the window top, she sees her whole person curled up on the back seat.,The blanket only took the belly,The long legs wrapped in jeans are very eye-catching。
Zhou Siyun http://www.jllongda.cn opened the car door to sit down to the front row,Can Nansang is still awakened,Look up and look at him。
Fortunately, she only muttered a few words and slept.。
Zhou Zhi this only pulls out the phone,Long press the volume button,ten minutes later,Album《Li Daishi》Depend on35Zhang Zeng42open。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 178 The blood is not worth mentioning at this time.
“You are cool!”Zhou looks at the nanong who wakes up。
“What you have taken here early??”Nan Ge blinks,Talking is unclear。
“I see how you sleep in the car.。”
“You just want to create me……”
“I am so bored.。”Zhouzhi Some contemptuous road,“You still don’t return to the bedroom to wash your face,Make another feeling,If you sleep well last night, I wrote my name.。”
“I slept well.。”
“Do not believe。”
http://www.yiweishenghuo.cn “Look,shameless,I said that you don’t believe it.,Interpretation right is in you。”Nan Ge continues to blink,“I still sleep tonight.。”
“Not asleep。”Circumference。