Yutong Technology (002831): Performance Meets Expected Profitability Improvement

Yutong Technology (002831): Performance Meets Expected Profitability Improvement
Event: Yutong Technology released the semi-annual report for 2019, and the company’s revenue in 2019H1 was 36.8 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.1%; net profit attributable to mothers was 30,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.2%; net profit after deduction of non-return to mother 2.3 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.2%.The company achieved revenue of 1.9 billion yuan in the second quarter alone, an increase of 13 year-on-year.6%; net profit attributable to mother 1.4 ‰, an increase of 11 in ten years.8%; net profit after deduction is returned to mother 1.3 ‰, an increase of 6 in ten years.3%. The revenue of each product is maximized and the gross profit margin is reduced.In the first half of the year, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 28%, surpassing and increasing by 3.4pct.Strong US dollar pattern and paper price downward trend (2019H1 coated paper / white cardboard / double offset paper / corrugated paper averaged 5594/4970/5998/3482 yuan / ton, respectively, down 22.9% / 21.4% / 19.5% / 14.9%) had a positive effect on gross margin improvement measures.In terms of quarters, the gross profit margins of Q1 / Q2 companies were 27.1% / 28.9%, increase by 1 every year.9/4.9 points.By product: 1) Revenue of boutique box 26.20,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.3%; gross profit margin 30.4%, an increase of 5 per year.1pct.2) Brochure revenue 3.100 million, an increase of 3 every year.6%; gross margin 33.4%, an increase of 2 per year.1pct.3) Revenue from cardboard boxes3.500 million, increasing by 3.7%; gross profit margin 15%, an increase of 2 in ten years.2pct.4) Self-adhesive realized revenue of 80.59 million yuan, an annual increase of 72.6%; gross margin 24.7%, down by 6 per year.4pct.5) Revenue from other businesses 3.3 ‰, an increase of 99 in ten years.5%; gross profit margin 18.7%, down by 5 per year.5 points. The expense ratio has increased, and the net interest rate has remained flat.2019H1 company sales expense ratio 4.6%, a decline 南京桑拿论坛 of 0 per year.1pct; the rate of management expenses (including R & D expenses) is 12.6%, 2pct a year.Including R & D expenses 1.79 trillion, an increase of 46 in ten years.4; financial expense ratio 2.7%, increase by 0 every year.7 points.Among them, the exchange loss was 32.12 million yuan (23.11 million yuan in the same period last year). We judge that the exchange loss mainly occurred in the first quarter.The company’s net profit in the first half of the year was 8%, which fell by 0 in one year.1pct. Accelerate the volume of new customers and optimize the company’s revenue structure.In the first half of 2019, the company increased the development of smart hardware, tobacco and alcohol, health, cosmetics and luxury products.Especially in the cosmetics and daily chemical markets, we have deeply expanded high-quality large customers such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever and L’Oreal. After the initial running-in, some new customers have gradually increased their orders.At the same time, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Harman, Shuijingfang and other large customers have increased incrementally.In addition, sales of Gore, OPPO, Guizhou Xijiu, and some international customers increased rapidly.From the perspective of the income structure system, heavy-volume customers are mainly concentrated in the fields of cigarette packs, wine packs, and cosmetics packaging, which helps the company to gradually reduce its dependence on consumer electronics products and create new growth poles. The trend of increasing concentration is optimistic that the company will open the packaging value chain.According to industry online data, the packaging industry is a trillion-dollar market industry, with the United States’ leading market share of CR2 packaging exceeding 60%, and the current growth rate of China’s leading packaging cities (CR2 2).7%), there is room for improvement in the future.We are optimistic about the cost advantage of Yutong Technology’s packaging design experience and scale effect. At the same time, the company’s front-end design capabilities and terminal delivery capabilities can significantly enhance customer credibility, and it is expected to become a leading Chinese packaging company in the future. Investment suggestion: We expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.1, 14.1, 17.50,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.5%, 26.7%, 24.7%; corresponding to EPS 1.27, 1.6,2 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level. Risk warning: industry competition intensifies risks, exchange rate fluctuation risks, and raw material prices rise significantly

Fuling mustard (002507): channel inventory is well digested

Fuling mustard (002507): channel inventory is well digested

The channel inventory is well de-allocated, and the performance rebound trend is obvious. In the fourth quarter, the company ‘s channel sinking effect gradually appeared. The pre-holiday inventory has returned to normal levels, about 30-35 days.

The company has more than 1,200 first-tier distributors, and its traditional channel network has 杭州桑拿covered 264 prefecture-level cities, counties, and third-tier cities across the country through brand promotion.

The supplementary market planned to cover in 2019 has basically been covered, and the 500 dealers that have been supplemented are progressing smoothly. It is expected that the volume will start to increase in 2020.

We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent for 2019-2021 will be 6.

7 ppm / 7.

7 ppm / 9.

0 million, corresponding to 0 EPS.

85 yuan / 0.

97 yuan / 1.

14 yuan, corresponding to PE is 28/25/21 times, raised to “strongly recommended” level.

Cost estimates are not fluctuating much, capacity releases, category releases and boosts continue to increase the volume of green cabbages in Fuling area. The company’s raw material storage pool around 28 collects and stores, and its capacity for adjustment is leading. In order to stabilize the fluctuation of bulk raw material prices, it is expected to reach 2020.The purchase price of young cabbages did not fluctuate much.

The company has more than 10 modern production lines, the production capacity is ahead of the industry, and the Liling base has been transformed1.

6 Initial crispy mustard production line, Meishan base 5.

3 The initial mustard production line and the Northeast base 5 The initial radish project will gradually form an intensive production base as planned.

In addition, the “Huitong” old products are gradually delisted and sold on the Wujiang channel, and the kimchi business will become a strong support for performance.

The company plans to further expand the category, seek breakthroughs in the field of seasoning sauce, and further strengthen the large aircraft carriers in the food and sauce industry.

The epidemic has little impact on the company. It is recommended to pay attention to the chance of rebound by mistake. The downstream of the company mainly accounts for household consumption, which accounts for more than 80%, and the proportion of food and beverage is less than 20%. The epidemic mainly affects the sales of food and beverage. At the same time, the epidemic stimulates personal consumption.The region has been out of stock, and the destocking of channels has been accelerated.

The resumption of work in Chongqing is one week later than in previous years, which affects local supply. We judge that the epidemic has little effect on the production and sales of mustard. Low inventory also helps to smooth out the price system.

We are optimistic about the increase in performance brought by the company’s new market (the development of 300,000 new markets is completed, and the company plans to complete internal development in 2-3 years. The company will continue to expand the blank market in 2020, and will continue to contribute incremental growth for at least the next three years.)西安耍耍网 And the improvement of higher-level channel sinks (food is expected after the epidemic, and takeaway channels will also be heavily intensified).

  The company’s overall expectations are at historically low levels and the safety margin is high. It is recommended to pay attention to rebound opportunities after wrong kills.

Risk warning: product price increase affects sales, new product promotion is less than expected

May wish to eat yellow croaker

May wish to eat yellow croaker

It was spring again, and after taking off the heavy winter clothes, the women began to say the sentence of “No weight loss in March, but sadness in April.”

So, eating more fish is not only nutritious, but you don’t have to worry about getting fat. Why not?

  What nutritional value does fish have?

  Fish is not only nutritious, but also delicious.

The ancients had the saying that “the taste of fish is the taste of one hundred flavors. When one eats fish, the taste is tasteless”.

The old ancestors created the word, and attributed the word “fresh” to the “fish” department instead of the “meat” department, and regarded the fish as the “fresh” superb. Therefore, fish has always been a favorite food for people.

Not only does the fish taste delicious, it also has a variety of health functions for the human body.

  First, eating fish anti-depression scientists pointed out that 5% of the population in the United States suffer from more severe mental depression, while the Japanese suffer from only 0.

1% is 1 / 50th of Americans.

Studies have shown that the above differences are related to how much fish is expected to be in different dietary habits.

Studies have found that there is a special fatty acid in fish that is related to the “happy hormone” in the human brain.

It has the effect of relieving mental tension and balancing emotions.

People who do not eat fish or eat less fish often have insufficient levels of “happy hormones” and Americans do not eat fish often, so more people suffer from depression.

  Second, eat fish to prevent chronic sayings: “Fish makes fire, meat makes sputum.

“For a long time, many people have called eating fish an important cause of disease, so they have always taboo about eating fish.

However, recent research by relevant experts has found that regular consumption of fresh fish is not only harmless to surgical patients, but also beneficial to prevent the onset of surgical diseases.

Why does eating fresh fish reduce the incidence of surgical illness?

Because the unsaturated fatty acids contained in fresh fish can prevent or reduce the production of resonance media in the human body, the complications of acute diseases are related to the release of osmotic media.

In addition, unsaturated fatty acids also have a certain effect of reducing tracheal inflammation, thereby preventing the occurrence of disease, recurrence or the degree of symptoms of complications.

  3. Dementia with less fish eat Canadian scientists have found that the content of DHA fatty acids in the blood of healthy old people is much higher than that of dementia old people. The average ratio of DHA in the blood of people with dementia symptoms30% less healthy elderly?

Scientists believe that DHA is a nutrient necessary for brain cell activity and maintenance of vitality. It helps improve nerve information transmission and enhance thinking and memory.

Therefore, the elderly eat more fish, which can reduce the incidence of dementia.

  Fourth, fish eating and stroke prevention scientists have found through comparison that, with the same economic growth, the number of stroke sufferers in Japan is much lower than some countries in Europe and the United States, because the Japanese eat fish instead.

Eating more fish has protective effects on the heart and brain blood vessels.

Studies have shown that the protein in the diet, the sulfur amino acid component, the lower the incidence of hypertension.

Fish protein is rich in egg amino acids and taurine, both of which are sulfur-containing amino acids. It can affect the regulation mechanism of blood pressure and increase the output of urine sodium, thereby suppressing the effect of sodium salt on blood pressure and reducing the incidence of hypertension.

Experts suggest that one of the effective ways to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly is to take three or four grams of fish oil a day.

  Fifth, eating fish to prevent aging. A well-known prime minister in German history is Bismarck. He has been overeating and smoking for many years. When he was 68, his body was weak, his face was wrinkled, his eyes were cloudy and dull.As if death was beckoning to him.

But then he listened to the doctor and ate the fish every day. Soon, a miracle appeared: his skin was rosy, his eyes were bright, his spirit was full, and he lived healthy to 83 years old.

19 weird phobias

19 weird phobias

Phobia is a strange thing that can turn ordinary things into a source of fear.

Let’s take a look at this list of 19 phobias. Can you see it safely at last, or where can you find a shot?

  1, fear of heights fear of heights This is probably the most “normal” of phobias.

The exact height varies from person to person, but many people will feel like they are feeling dizzy and swollen.

If it is in a dangerous place, then fear is normal, and some experts even think that those who are not afraid have problems.

However, people who are afraid of heights can feel very scared even in a place known to be safe, such as a tall enclosed building.

Some people even get dizzy only a few meters high.

  2. Trypophobia Dense Phobia Dense phobia was named only in 2005, and the number of such phobias is alarmingly high.

This phobia is difficult to understand, but is basically triggered by densely distributed small holes, such as honeycombs, ant nests, and lotus seeds.

And netizens found happiness in the misfortunes of others, and PS had a lot of pictures full of lotus seeds.

  3. Megalophobia great phobia. This includes all huge objects.

These are usually giant statues and artworks that are much larger than real.

In front of these objects, the person with this phobia will be unable to move.

  4, phobia clown phobia clown was originally ridiculous, and many children who grew up afraid of growing up clowns are now grown up to become afraid of clowns.

In particular, Uncle McDonald’s was shot. See how cute he is, innocent, and human and animal harmless.

  5. Fear of scissor scissors, needles, pencils, knives, etc.

Everything that is sharp is afraid.

And sometimes this fear comes from the fact that patients are worried that they pick up sharp objects around them to poke passersby .

This is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that is too concerned with your appearance, and may even worsen into schizophrenia.

Many patients have cosmetic surgery, but because it is a mental illness, they are unlikely to be satisfied with the outcome.

And extreme patients will even self-destruct.

  7, Triskaidekaphobia 13 The number 13 in Western culture has a long history, so many people are extremely afraid of this number, especially when the 13th of a month is Friday.

In China, South Korea and Japan, the number is 4, which is linked to death.

   8. Fear of sinking holes. Fear of puddles. This phobia has no name.

It is mainly a sink for drainage in a dam.

Fear Fear people can’t see the bottom of it and feel sucked in.

Some people even think that they are connected to another time and space, and feel that some force is pulling them into it.

  9. Has Socmephobia social media phobia ever felt that it is impossible to leave Facebook and Weibo, and after checking for new things, feel obstructed and do not want to go back and watch?

The terrible jealousy and failure of friends when showing off their work and good social life can cause a sense of social loneliness and cause this phobia.

  10. People with phobias are treated as phobias. Being stared at by others is likely to frighten some people.

When they are in the crowd and are staring, the movements become awkward, causing more people to stare.

So they don’t like being in the crowd or even rearview mirrors.

People with a social disability are usually afraid to be stared at.

  11, claustrophobia claustrophobia everyone has heard of.

Fear of being in an enclosed space and unable to escape is reused in the film.

This is really terrifying to anyone, but for some people it can be terrifying to elevators, trains, or even closed rooms.

  12. Xenophobia rejects vomiting. Everyone does not like vomiting, but it is inevitable.

People who cause this phobia will avoid driving anything that could cause anyone to vomit, such as the tibia, boat, etc.Experts say it is likely that they had painful vomiting memories as a child, or had been vomited on their bodies.

  13, phobia mirror phobia locker room, hair salon, or rearview mirror.

If a person is even afraid of his reflection, this is often unrealistic.

  14, Pediophobia doll phobia, some people are some specific dolls, while others are afraid of all dolls.

This fear can cause the doll to resemble humans, and cause confusion in the brain.

Maybe it was a child’s night to wake up and mistake the doll at the bedside into a monster.

  15, spider phobia Spider phobia This is a very common phobia, especially for women.

This fear is often unreasonable, especially in the UK, where spiders are usually harmless and smaller than small fingernails.

But if you are in Victoria, this fear is much more reasonable.

  16, Odontophobia dentist phobia Everyone is afraid of seeing a dentist.

As the saying goes, “a toothache is not a disease, but it hurts people.”

If someone would rather bear the terrible pain than go to the dentist, you can probably imagine how scared they are about the dentist.

  17, phone phobia Phone phobia This fear can be so serious that even ringing the phone can panic the patient.

It is always a ringtone, and it is not enough to adjust it to vibration. The patient will feel that his pocket is constantly vibrating.

  18. Mysophobia dust phobia This is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that is afraid of being infected by bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye.

Even in a seemingly clean environment, hands are constantly washed and disinfected.

Even so, they still felt that they were not clean enough.

  19, Masklophobia mascot phobia is not because of their size or strange appearance, but their expressionless faces.

Especially for children whose expressions are how people feel, then the constant face can be especially scary.

That’s why babies cry at Disneyland.

Unchanging expressions are linked to death.

Yes, the fear of mascots is similar to the fear of zombies, so it can’t be said that it makes no sense .

Man 40 lose weight looking at the figure under the recipe

Man 40 lose weight looking at the figure under the recipe

Man forty, if you do n’t pay attention to diet and fitness exercises, your body will inevitably become fat. How can men with big stomachs lose weight?

Use different fitness methods according to your body shape.

  ”Bucket men” require aerobic abdomen men. At the age of 40, the body will have different degrees of “fat”. People with a large body fatness are commonly known as bucket bodies, which is related to the decline in hormone levels.

When men are 25-30 years of age, the hormone secretion in the body reaches the highest point in life. With the increase of age, the secretion of hormones decreases, the muscles in the body are lost, and the basal metabolic rate is correspondingly reduced. As a result, the rate of consumption slows down and the excess dose absorbed changes.Adult feces are stored in the body.

  Bucket-shaped people often have big belly and their whole body is covered by a lot of aunts.

Therefore, only through a large amount of aerobic exercise, unfortunately converted into energy is consumed by the body, can we reduce the trace content of the whole body, and achieve the effect of reducing fat.

  However, people who are struggling with weight can easily injure the joints of the lower limbs by performing intense aerobic exercises.

Therefore, people with bucket-type bodies should choose aerobic exercises that are moderate in strength and easier to adhere to according to their preferences.

For example, take a brisk walk in the community with your family after a meal. If the distance between the unit and your home is within 5 kilometers, you can choose to ride a bicycle to work, reduce the number of driving times, and swim after work.

  Abdomen reduction plan: three times a week, training every other day.

Warm up for 15 minutes before training, such as jogging, pulling and so on.

After warming up, perform aerobic exercise for 35-60 minutes.

The time and intensity of aerobic exercise will vary from person to person and gradually.

People with weak constitutions should start from brisk walking and keep the speed at 5.


5 km / h.

After the intensity is adjusted, the intensity of aerobic exercise should keep breathing short during exercise, but you can speak or control your heart rate between 220-age × 60% -80%.

  After one week of adaptation, the person who loses fat can increase the intensity of aerobic exercise appropriately.

Such as jogging, playing table tennis, etc., going to the gym for aerobics, and performing cycling exercise under the guidance of a professional coach.

  Compared with strength training, fat-reducing exercise is easier to achieve the predetermined goal. As long as it is carried out according to plan, initial results can be seen after one month, and weight and waist circumference can be reduced by about 5%.

  ”Apple man” needs strength. There is also a man in his 40s who, although he doesn’t look fat and has well-balanced limbs, has a round belly and an apple-shaped figure.

For a normal-weight middle-aged man, if the body fat in the abdomen exceeds 25%, it is also obese.

It is difficult to accurately calculate the trace content of the abdomen by visual inspection. People can go to the fitness club to ask the fitness instructor to use the aunt analyzer and aunt wallet to help measure.

  People with an apple-shaped body often sit in the office redundantly and lack exercise to cause a slight accumulation in the abdomen.

And more entertainment leads to excessive drinking and irregular meals.

  Middle-aged men with an apple shape should focus on strength training on the basis of a small amount of aerobic exercise.

Because apple-shaped men have just too much abdomen. If they do a lot of aerobic exercise like people in the bucket type, while consuming a small number of abdomen, the slightest parts of the limbs will start to consume muscle.

Therefore, for apple-shaped men, abdominal strength training is still the main method.

  Because muscles can consume more energy than adults, the more muscles in the body, the less likely it is that a person will gain weight.

After aerobic exercise, adding targeted abdominal training can increase the abdominal muscles and prevent them from accumulating.

But muscle strength training cannot be eager to achieve success, and may not see results in the short term, but it does not mean that your body has not changed.

Muscle exercise promotes metabolism and the body consumes more conversions than before, even at rest.

  Abdominal reduction plan: People with weak abdominal strength can start with only one action per day. After three days of adaptation, add one group for each action until it can maintain that each action can be completed in three groups.

After one month of training, if you don’t feel sore abdominal muscles, you can add another group on this basis.

As long as you exercise for three months, the belly belly will definitely leave you gradually.

  People who are beginning to reduce their abdomen need to perform aerobic exercise for about 3-5 times a week for about 30 minutes. After the waist-hip ratio is divided, the number can be reduced by half.

The abdominal strength training should be performed once a day, each exercise is done 15 times.

  Touch your feet on your back to train your upper abdomen. After lying down, stretch your legs and lift them up almost perpendicular to the ground, with your arms extended back to your head.Try to keep your legs tight and straight, use the power of the abdomen to lift your upper body, and try to touch your toes; touch your knees on your back to train your side abdomen. After lying down, cross your hands above and above, and lift your legs perpendicular to the ground.Bend your knees.

Guide your upper limbs with the mandible, touch your right elbow with your right elbow, and then touch your left knee with your left elbow, 15 times on each side; lie on your back with your legs raised to train your lower abdomen.Keep your legs perpendicular to the ground, then lower your feet without touching the ground.

  If you are training in a fitness club, you can use an exercise ball, dumbbells, and some professional fitness equipment to perform abdominal strength training under the guidance and protection of a coach.

  Wine is a stumbling block for men. Whether it is a “bucket man” or an “apple man”, in addition to exercise, there must be a reasonable dietary mix.

Try not to eat high-dilute food when drinking beer, because beer and fat are particularly difficult to digest together. Over time, visceral obesity is formed.

  Liquor will prevent adult consumption in the body.

Therefore, when drinking liquor, you can eat more low-salt, low-fat, high-fiber foods.

After exercise, you can drink a glass of milk or protein powder, eat two or three egg whites, etc., will not gain weight, but will help muscle growth.

Six tips to keep your baby safe

Six tips to keep your baby safe

In the first month after birth, sleeping all night long for a baby is just six hours of continuous sleep.

By 1 year, most babies can sleep 10 nights?
12 hours.

  You can regulate your baby’s sleep pattern from a very young age and teach him good sleep habits.

Unfortunately, in those days when the baby was just born, you really have no way to control his sleep pattern-he will sleep anytime, anywhere; if he is tired, nothing can wake him up; and if he is not tired, thenHe will stay awake.

  But from the beginning, you can refer to the following advice: Give your baby a “transition item”.

This “comfort”, a little, a blanket, a stuffed toy, are all likely to be the favorite baby to soothe a baby to sleep.

The best way to make a blanket or a teddy bear your baby’s favorite is to put it next to you for a while, so that it smells like “mom.”

The baby’s sense of smell is very sensitive. When they wake up at night (babies often wake up at night), the smell of mothers around them will make them feel at ease and make him fall asleep again.

  Distinguish between sleep and drowsiness.

During infancy, your baby may quickly switch between sleep and awake states.

Pay attention to your baby’s performance and use these signals: If your baby falls asleep while eating milk or calling him, put him in a fixed sleeping place, like a cradle, crib or stroller.

If your baby is awake, try to keep him awake and play with him.

By distinguishing between sleeping and awake babies, it helps him to connect sleep to a fixed sleeping place.

  Distinguish between day and night.

Although babies end up sleeping the most at night, many newborns repeat day and night.

To help babies learn to sleep longer at night, distinguish between napping during the day and sleeping at night.

In the evening, it’s time to start building a bedtime routine—quiet games, reading books, taking a warm bath, putting on pajamas, singing lullaby, shaking your baby, bagging, and turning off the bedroom lights.

  Differentiate naps during the day.

You do n’t need to have too many “rules” during the day ‘s nap. You can even use a cradle in another room to distinguish it from the baby ‘s crib that usually sleeps.Shorter than at night.

  Distinguish between nighttime and daytime feeding.

Since a newborn baby feeds during the day and at night, he will wake up once when you sleep.

In order to make feeding at night effective and reduce disturbing sleep, medical experts at the baby center recommend that feeding at night should be quiet, while feeding during the day can communicate with the baby.

For example, if your baby is agitating and humming in the middle of the night, you need to go right away and feed him before he is fully awake.

  This is easier if your baby is sleeping with you.

Don’t talk, don’t turn on the lights, just keep quiet and sleeping atmosphere, the baby will understand that it is not time to play.

During the day, the opposite is true: when you are breastfeeding, you are chatting, singing and communicating with your baby.

  When your baby is older, encourage him to fall asleep by himself.

In the beginning, your baby will definitely fall asleep while leaning on your arm while you are breastfeeding or shaking him gently.

He may also fall asleep in your baby’s harness, because your natural rhythm of walking and your body temperature cause him sleepiness.

But in the end, you still have to get your baby used to falling asleep.

  You need to guide your baby to sleep on his own: put him in bed when he is sleepy but not asleep.

Put him down when he is awake, but to make him aware of being cared for and comfortable, he may associate his falling asleep with this good feeling.

This may be easier said than done.

However, you must insist that when the baby is sleepy but awake, put him down, and soon the baby will get used to it.

  If you have tried these methods for a long time and your baby still can’t sleep all night, you may want to see if “let your baby cry enough” will work.

Gastrointestinal discomfort is different in medicine

Gastrointestinal discomfort is different in medicine

The accumulation of food additives Baohe pill spleen and stomach disease is generally manifested as stomach pain, there is always a sense of fullness, loss of appetite, and even hiccups, heartburn and other symptoms, the people are often referred to as “spleen and stomach.”

  After the holiday, the spleen and stomach discomfort is mostly due to stagnation of stomach cramps. Before the onset, patients often have a history of overeating or eating unclean, which is characterized by stagnation of diet, suffocation of dyspepsia such as sour qi, and treatment of digestive dysfunction.The law, with (plus flavor) Baohe pill, 枳 导 导 丸 ,, 木 榔 榔 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木

Among them, Baohe Pills focuses on digestion and heat; Jiawei Baohe Pills focus on Pingsu spleen and dampness and stagnation; stagnation stagnation pills focus on food stagnation and have heat and heat resistance.

  Abdominal bloating extracts fragrant sand and stomach pills. Modern people work under pressure and have a diet.

When the seasons alternate, spleen and stomach diseases are more likely to occur.

For most patients with spleen and stomach disharmony, the spleen and stomach are weak, the appetite is weak due to indigestion, the abdominal pain, the stool is not adjusted, etc. can be adjusted with the fragrant sand and stomach pills.

This side is based on Xiangsha Liujunzi Decoction, adding qi, digestion, and dampness Chinese medicine. It has the effect of spleen appetite, gas stagnation, and wide application range.

However, accompanied by bad breath, nausea, constipation, red tongue yellow and other obvious heat syndrome patients and dry mouth, red tongue Shaojin, stool dry and other yin deficiency patients do not apply this drug.

  If the patient’s stomach is uncomfortable, relieved by sputum or warmth, fatigue, hand and foot are not warm, choose Wenweishu, as the name suggests, it has a warm stomach effect, suffering from stomach cramps, cold, cold and cold.pain.
Deficiency stomach pain granules, stomach Qizhitong pills, Fuzi Lizhong pills are also such drugs.

However, if the tongue is found to have red tongue, yellow or greasy fur, and other symptoms of acute heat and stomach pain, it is not applicable.

  Atrophic gastritis replaces Moro Dandan stomach pain with stomach acid increase and thirst love to drink cold drinks, dry stool, urinary yellow and other heat like stomach heat symptoms, treatment can diarrhea and clear the stomach, you can use Niuhuang Qingwei pills, berberine supernatant tablets,Yiqing Capsule, Xinqingning Tablets, etc.

However, such drugs can not be used or long-term application, and a large amount of use can easily damage the spleen and stomach yang, making the human body empty.

If you do not see a significant improvement after taking it, you should go to the hospital for specialist treatment.

  The history of the disease, the upper abdomen pain and burning pain, dry mouth and throat, drinking water does not quench your thirst, hand and foot heart heat, weight loss, weak tongue, red tongue and other diseases such as stomach yin deficiency spleen and stomach disease, suitable for treatment of stomach and stomach, such drugs and yin deficiencyStomach pain granules, etc.

  If you see bloating, pain, nausea, sticky mouth, mouth bitter, dry mouth, bad breath, bad stools and other symptoms, are caused by damp heat, choose gastrointestinal health.

If diarrhea also occurs, you can take Pueraria chinensis pellets.

  For patients with atrophic gastritis, Morodan is used, and its drug composition is subdivided. As long as the syndrome is given, other stomach diseases can also be taken.

Mainly and stomach down, spleen and swelling, Tongluo analgesic effect, where there are yin deficiency, wet resistance, qi stagnation, blood stasis shift use, but there is qi deficiency, faceless, face and feet are not warm, etc.Patients should not take it.

  Chinese people have more spleen and stomach, and some Chinese medicines can be prepared at home, but they should be treated with symptomatic drugs. If they cannot distinguish them, they should go to the hospital for treatment.

Kidney deficiency, what to eat, homemade food, kidney deficiency

Kidney deficiency, what to eat, homemade food, kidney deficiency

The kidney is the congenital, the waist is the house of the kidney, the kidney is the master of the essence, and the bones are strong.

If you are tired of excessive lust, or suffer from long illness and loss of vitality, it is prone to kidney deficiency.

Kidney deficiency is divided into two types: kidney deficiency and kidney yin.

Kidney gas depletion is characterized by kidney insufficiency, or kidney yang, or kidney deficiency; kidney yin injury is kidney yin deficiency, or yin deficiency.

Kidney deficiency should choose to eat kidney and strong waist, strong bones and bones.

TCM health net thinks that it is partial to kidney yang deficiency, eat more warming kidney and kidney food; partial kidney yin deficiency, eat more nourishing kidney yin food; kidney is not gas, eat more kidney food; kidney deficiencyThose who drink water, eat more foods that are warm and temperate.

  15 grams of tea scorpion, washed in a tea cup, brewed with boiling water.

The scorpion is flat and sweet, and it can nourish the kidney and improve the essence.

“Materia Medica” is called “there is a lack of liver and kidney yin, and it is necessary to relieve heat in the body.”

The old man’s yin deficiency is ten or eight, so the food is served as the top of the product.

This tea is suitable for kidney yin deficiency caused by kidney yin injury, backache and soft legs, night sleep and spermatorrhea.

  30 grams of cowpea porridge with kidney beans, 100 grams of the previous rice, Taoping with a pot of porridge, for breakfast.

Bean is the product of Ganping, which not only strengthens the spleen and replenishes qi, but also replenishes the kidney and sperm.

With the same rice porridge with the same zhongqi qi, the kidney qi stagnation caused by kidney deficiency, kidney gas is not solid, men’s nocturnal emission, women take down and so on.

  Chestnut rice cake, 500 grams of chestnut meat, washed and cooked.

Glutinous rice flour, 250 grams of the previous rice noodles, put the chestnuts and white sugar in the pot, add the dough into the dough, put the drawer in the steamer and flatten it, and steam it.

After a little cold, cut into cubes and serve early and late.

Chestnuts are warm and sweet, and are known as the “fruit of the kidney”. They are good for kidney and strong waist, strong bones and strong bones, steamed cakes with two powders that make up the temper, and children’s constipation. How to treat it is suitable for kidneys, and the waist and feet are weak.The limbs are not warm and have a good effect on kidney deficiency.

  500 grams of Chinese yam walnut cake yam, peeled and steamed, add 250 grams of flour, mix well and make a round cake.

Sprinkle 200 grams of crushed walnut meat evenly on each cake and steam for 20 minutes.

Then heat the appropriate amount of honey on a small fire, pour the wet starch, and pour it on the cake.

When the breakfast is free to eat.

Yam tonifying kidney and filling the essence, nourishing the lung and relieving cough; walnut supplementing the essence, warming the lung and relieving asthma.

The walnut meat of Ganwen is made into cake with the yam of Ganping, and the seasoning is made with Ganrun honey. It is suitable for kidney pain caused by low back pain, impotence and smoothness, and asthma and cough.

  Mussel pork soup pork lean meat 250 grams, washed and cut into pieces; 100 grams of mussels, washed.

Put a pot of water and some yellow wine, salt, and cook until the meat is served.

Mussels are warm, sweet and salty, warm and kidney-dispersed, and are essential for nourishing the kidneys.

Pig lean meat is the product of Ganping, Bushen Yijing.

Both boiled for soup, kidney deficiency and weight loss, vertigo, night sweats, low back pain, impotence should be eaten.

  Astragalus burned pork loin 250 grams, to the head, tail and internal organs, washed and cut; pig waist 1 pair, cut open to the fascia, wash and cut.

Add the seasoning in the same pot, such as the common method of braised.

The waist of the pig is flat and sweet, and the kidney is weak, and the blood is nourished. The jaundice is the product of sweetness, big blood, and kidney and impotence.

This dish is used to replenish the kidney and make up the essence. It is suitable for kidney yang deficiency caused by kidney deficiency, waist and knees are sore, cold and cold, night sweats and nocturnal emission, tinnitus.

Definition of obesity

Definition of obesity

From a medical point of view, obesity refers to an excessive increase in body fat and causes serious harm to health.
I think obesity is a disease, not just a symptom, so here we call it “obesity.”
The normal human body has about 300 to 35 billion fat cells, and when the number and volume of fat cells increase, it forms obesity.
As the body weight increases, the volume of fat cells first increases, and then the number begins to increase.
It is not generally believed that only the increase in cell volume.
  The current diagnosis of obesity mostly uses the body mass index (BMI) method, and the body mass index is a relatively accurate and widely accepted and accepted diagnostic method.
On the homepage of the site, you can enter your weight (kg) and height (m), then click “Calculate”, the system will display your body mass index and give a diagnosis.
  The relationship between “body mass index” and “health risk” is listed below. The diagnostic criteria for obesity in China is a body mass index greater than 25.
The World Health Organization’s standard is that a BMI greater than 25 is overweight and greater than 30 is obese.
The ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference (WHR) should also be considered when diagnosing obesity. WHR is greater than 0.
9 is not good for health.
Body mass index health risk 18.
5-25 general 25-
<30开始增高30-<35较高35-<40很高>40 high

Look at your longevity potential

Look at your longevity potential

Maybe you don’t know that some living habits that seem to be unimportant, or your living environment, will affect your life.

The March 13
issue of the US Preventive Journal lists 14 long-lived performances that do have scientific evidence.


The mother was still young at birth.

  A study by scientists at the University of Chicago found that when a person is born less than 25 years old, their chances of living to 100 are a couple of mothers over the age of 25 at birth.


Love to drink tea.

  One for 4.

A study of 550,000 Japanese men and women shows that people who drink at least 5 cups of tea a day have the lowest chance of dying from heart disease and stroke.


Walk 30 minutes a day.

  A recent study of 2,603 men and women shows that people who walk for about 30 minutes a day, regardless of their high levels of feces, are four times more likely to live longer than those who walk for 30 minutes a day.


Drink less carbonated drinks.

  American scientists have found that drinking more than one cola a day is associated with high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

If you really want to drink a few mouthfuls of carbonated drinks, you can add some juice to it.


The legs are strong.

  ”The poor muscle strength of the legs indicates that the body is weak after entering the elderly.

“Strong legs, especially to prevent lumbar vertebrae fractures, have caused various complications due to fractures of the lumbar vertebrae, and 20% of patients will die within a year.


Eat purple food.

  A new study shows that purple grapes, blueberries and red wines can be polyphenols, which can reduce the risk of diabetes and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


The weight is normal in adolescents.

  The researchers conducted a study of 137 African Americans and followed them from birth to 28 years of age. They found that overweight at age 14 increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in adulthood.


Eat less red meat.

  According to a report from the American Cancer Institute, if more than 510 grams of red meat is implanted per week, it will increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

99 grams of processed meat (such as bacon and cooked food) per day will increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 42%.


Going to college.

  A Harvard Medical School study found that people who were educated for more than 12
years had a longer life span than those who were relatively educated for 18 months.



  ”Good interpersonal relationships are a response to a tense situation.

“Long-term stress can weaken the immune system and accelerate cell aging, ultimately reducing life expectancy by 4 to 8 years.

Friends are healthy.
  If a friend gains weight, the likelihood of the same thing happening to you will increase by 57%.

Strong self-control.

  Compared with those who are not responsible, those who believe that they are self-disciplined and organized are more likely to live longer.

Do not ask the babysitter.

  According to a study of 302 elderly people aged 70 or 80, using a vacuum cleaner, cleaning stairs or cleaning windows for more than an hour can burn about 285 calories for the average person and reduce the risk of death.30%.


Active personality.

  According to a study published in the journal Psychologist, about 17% of Americans are more active, and these people are healthier than those who are dull.