Dry in autumn and winter, want the skin to be tender and tender?

This yin hydrating tea should have learned it!

Dry in autumn and winter, want the skin to be tender and tender?
This yin hydrating tea should have learned it!

In autumn and winter, dryness is everywhere, and hydrating is a critical issue.
You may have used a variety of hydrating methods: drinking water; applying moisturizing skin care products; using humidifiers and sprayers.
In fact, these are not awkward. It is really true to improve the body’s own “water retention”. This is something that someone really thought about, that is Chinese medicine!
Chinese medicine believes that the three organs that are most closely related to the metabolism of the body’s water are the lungs, spleen and kidneys.
Among them, the spleen is mainly responsible for reducing excess water, that is, dampness; while the lungs and kidneys are closely related to the hydration of the skin and the water retention capacity of the body.
The advanced hydration method is more advanced than ordinary hydration, because it can alleviate the “thirst” of various organs of the body.
For example, the mouth is thirsty, nourishing yin can produce fluid; skin is thirsty, nourishing yin can moisturize; intestinal thirst, nourishing Yin can moisten the intestines.
Therefore, a person with sufficient yin liquid, from the outside, is delicate, moist, delicate, even in the air-dry autumn and winter seasons, the skin can show a sleek state, instead of scales, dandruff flying.
Chinese medicine says that women are yin and men are yang. It is not necessarily that women have more water in their bodies than men, but women’s “water retention” is better than men’s.
The meaning of nourishing yin is much wider than that of hydrating. This is a calming, vipassuous, stable and peaceful force.
Recommended: Ziyin lock water tea stone 斛 5 grams, 5 grams of medlar, 10 grams of figs, 5 grams of jaundice.
One dose per day, one time of frying, three doses per week, for three days.
Add about 1000 ml of water each time and substitute tea.
Jun medicine stone sputum, medicinal scorpion are all into the kidney, deep hydration, adjuvant figs, make medicine jaundice into the lungs, nourish the skin.
In addition to jaundice, this side has the effect of nourishing, nourishing yin and hydrating.
What is the role of Huang Qi?
The medicine is ascending and balancing the cold and heat – so it is a “medicine”, commonly known as a medicine primer.
The head is in the upper part of the human body, so this side is the most effective for the drying of the face.
Decoction method: 1.
Health pot cooking method: the whole party into the health pot, according to the flower tea function key, automatic boiling to the heat preservation function.

Home cooking method: open fire on open fire, simmer for 15 minutes on low heat.
Tips: 1.
It is suitable for dry skin, dry throat and dry cough caused by yin deficiency and water shortage. It is not suitable for patients with acute illness such as cold and diarrhea, and it is not suitable for dry mouth and tongue caused by overeating and indigestion.
2. If the fig is whole grain, it can be cut or cut into two mouths, the tea tastes sweeter and the effect is better.

The latest vibrating drainage game is dry goods!

The latest vibrating drainage game is dry goods!

Vibrato is a very magical thing. Children as young as they are, grandfathers who are dozens of years old are playing.

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In addition, the modern brothers and fans in the street some time ago will have more or less good traffic.

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First of all, from the perspective of the platform, the authors prefer the original, and the corresponding resources will be tilted to these original authors.

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If we want to divert the sound, we have to work hard on the content. The content is the most important thing to be eye-catching, creative, interesting and in line with the user’s taste.

A good video can get very high exposure.

Our best way is to shoot by ourselves.

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In the platform where the user has a huge amount of vibrato, we can grab a lot of fans as long as we make it with our heart.

Learn to be a little friend to hurry!