Yuantong Express (600233): The growth rate of non-net profit in a single quarter increased beyond market expectations

Yuantong Express (600233): The growth rate of non-net profit in a single quarter increased beyond market expectations


Yuantong Express released the 2019 third quarter report.

Among them, 2019Q3 operating income increased by 16 year-on-year.

87%, net profit attributable to mother increases by 13.

47%, net non-profit increased 17.


  Performance growth continued to improve month-on-month, exceeding market expectations.

From the quarterly perspective, the growth rates of non-net profit deducted for Q1, Q2, and Q3 were 19 respectively.

41%, 0.

41%, 17.


The reasons for the faster-than-expected performance growth in the third quarter of 2019 include three aspects:杭州夜网 The first is the increase in single volume growth. In April 2019, the company’s core leadership adjusted. After taking office, President Pan Shuimiao began to pay close attention to service quality.In the post office, the effective refractive index of the company’s million pieces has significantly decreased. Q3 continued to rank in the top two in the rookie index, and the single volume growth rate increased from 32 in Q2.

08% increased to 44.

11%; the second is the continuous optimization of the cost side, we invest in Q3 single ticket cost2.

At RMB 42, it reduced to a comparable caliber. Q3’s single ticket cost continued to drop by 8-10%, and the single ticket transportation and distribution cost gradually decreased by 15-20%. Third, the freight forwarding performance improved significantly, and Q3 minority shareholders’深圳桑拿网 profit and loss was zero.

08 million yuan, compared with 0 in the same period last year.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.

3%, can push back Q3 freight forwarding performance growth of 30-40%.

  In the short term, 2019Q4 results will continue to exceed expectations.

First, at present, major companies in the industry have issued high-customer books on peak season peak response plans, resetting the express delivery fee from November 11, 2019.

From the perspective of the industry, the price increase and volume control in the peak season can improve the profitability of Q4 outlets and the headquarters. Second, the Yuantong Express itself has been in the complementary short board process in the past two years. Through rapid own vehicles and automated sorting equipment,Enhance yourself.

After entering the peak season, these two expenditures will further reduce the impact of short-term changes in external capacity and labor costs on Q4 gross profit margin, and single ticket costs will usher in surpassing alternative improvements.

  In the long run, behind the difference in the cost of a single ticket for the Tongda department is the difference in capital strength.

First, the path of cost reduction of Tongda Department is relatively similar, but the difference in internal hematopoietic capacity will be an important reason that the cost of Tongda Department will always keep the difference.

From the perspective of reducing costs, the core lies in increasing the proportion of large-capacity trucks in mainline transportation and investing in automated sorting equipment, which is ultimately reflected in capital expenditures.

Second, the capital required for capital expenditures comes from its own hematopoietic and external financing. Differences in the scale of net profit will bring about differences in net cash flow from operating activities, and it will also be reflected in financing capabilities.

For Yuantong Express, the industry ‘s $ 3.6 billion convertible bond financing before the dogfight constituted a rapid catch-up in cost reduction and created conditions.

  Investment suggestion: Maintain “Buy” rating.

The verification of Yuantong Express’s single ticket cost continued to decline in the financial report will be a catalyst for the estimated repair.

Taking into account the industry’s Q3 competition, the profit forecast for 2019-2021 is adjusted, and the net profit of the mother is expected to be 21-20 in 2019-2021.

7.2 billion, 26.

2.6 billion, 29.

80 ppm (original value of 22.

9.1 billion, 28.

8.6 billion, 34.

04 ppm) and EPS is 0.
76 yuan, 0.

92 yuan, 1.
05 yuan, corresponding to PE is 17 times, 14 times, 12 times.

  Risk warning: Macroeconomics misses expectations, price war exceeds expectations

New Wufeng (600975) 2019 Interim Report Review: Sow Inventory Continues to Growth

New Wufeng (600975) 2019 Interim Report Review: Sow Inventory Continues to Growth

Core point of view Pig price rises, driving the company’s profit in the first half of the year.

The sow inventory continues to grow, which is expected to escort the company’s own capacity growth.

In the first half of the year, the growth rate of listing was faster than expected. We revised down our profit forecast and lowered our target price to 13.

6 yuan, downgraded to “overweight.”

   The price of pigs has risen, turning losses into profits in 2019H1.

In the first half of 2019, the company realized revenue8.

20,000 yuan (10% increase), a profit of 6.01 million yuan (turning losses into profits over the years).

The increase in revenue was mainly due to the expansion of the scale of the slaughtering and refrigeration business and the increase in sales prices.

In the first half of the year, the company’s slaughtering and refrigeration business realized revenue.

900 million (the 上海夜网论坛 same increase of 62%), of which the company’s slaughtered meat sales reached 2.

3 Cobalt (37% increase).

Earnings growth was mainly due to the rising pig prices driving the company’s hog breeding business to stop losses.

The average selling price of hogs in the first half of the year was approximately 14.

2 yuan / kg, an increase of 16%.

The company’s performance was in line with expectations.

   The sow inventory continued to grow, and the number of pigs on the market exceeded expectations.

As of the end of June 2019, the company’s productive biological assets increased by 45% and 12%.

The company’s breeding pig inventory is from the initial 3.

10,000 heads increased to 3.

60,000 heads, indicating that the company’s sow size is still growing against the trend and is expected to escort the company’s own production capacity growth.

In the first half of the year, the company produced 34 pigs.

390,000 (same increase of 0.

2%), 16 of which were slaughtered in 2019Q2.

280,000 heads (same drop 4).


The decrease in the number of pigs slaughtered in the second quarter of 2019 was mainly due to the replacement and replacement of piglets at the end of 2018, which resulted in damage to the company’s outsourced piglets.

We each revised down the market forecast in 2019/20/21 to 900,000 / 1.15 million / 1.8 million heads (previously 1.1 million / 1.6 million / 2 million heads).

   Pulled by the pork gap, the period of high profit growth is approaching.

The current number of capable sow stocks has continued to accelerate since April 2018, and there was no marginal change in July 2019.

Accordingly, we expect domestic pig production to continue to decline from 2019Q2.

The second half of the year is usually the peak season for pork consumption.

Under the combined effects of supply and demand, pig prices are expected to increase day by day, and the profit elasticity of pig farming will promote release.

   Risk factors: epidemic risk, pig price rise is not up to expectations, raw material prices fluctuate.

   Investment suggestion: The growth rate of slaughtering volume in the first half of the year exceeded expectations, but pig price performance was stronger than expected.

Revised EPS forecast for 2019/20/21 to 0.



84 yuan (was 0.36/1.


94 yuan).

With reference to the company’s average profit level in the previous cycle and the historical forecast level of its peers, the 2020 EPS is given 11 times PE, and the target price is reduced to 13.

6 yuan, downgraded to “overweight.”

Yuanzu Shares (603886): Pre-receipt Steady Increase and Price Increase to Promote 19-Year Performance Acceleration

Yuanzu Shares (603886): Pre-receipt Steady Increase and Price Increase to Promote 19-Year Performance Acceleration

Key points of investment: The first net increase in stores in 18 years, the pre-collection at the end of the year highlights the high demand.

In the initial period, there were 40 net new stores, with a total of 631 stores, +6 per year.

8%, while single store revenue is +3 for ten years.

2%, solid performance.

In 武汉夜生活网 terms of categories, mooncake / cake / cake / fruit income plus +12 respectively.

5% / 12.

7% / 4.

0% / 8.

1%, the ton price is +10 per year.

0% /-1.

3% /-10.

8% / + 13.

8%, mainly due to a series of effects during the store promotion process.

The company’s advance payment at the end of 18 years +21.

7% to 6.

09 trillion, mainly due to the increase in sales of union welfare card coupons, showing a high degree of prosperity.

Affected by cost, gross profit was skipped, and a new round of price increase cycle was launched in 19 years. In 2018, Yuanzu ‘s overall gross profit margin decreased by -1.

52ppt to 64.

8%, of which moon cake / cake / cakes / fruit gross margin were -3 in a row.

8ppt / -2.

1ppt / -0.

9ppt / + 7.

8ppt, the average direct material cost per mooncake / cake is +26 per year.

3% / 12.

5%, mainly due to the use of ice cream cold packs and the rise in packaging material prices.

From April 1, 2019, Yuanzu started a new price increase cycle for related cakes and fruit gift boxes. The price increase range is about 10-25%. Assuming the same sales volume, it is expected to contribute more than 4% of revenue growth.
There is room for future sales expenses to decrease. The growth rate of Yuanzu ‘s overall sales expense rate in 2018 is +0.

52ppt, mainly due to the increase in labor costs and advertising costs.

The company’s sales staff increased by 442 in 18 years. If the cost of sales personnel is calculated based on this caliber, it will be about -2% in 17 years, and the single store rent will also total -0.

8%, it is expected that the cost will be lowered after sinking to third- and fourth-tier cities and re-planning.

And by expanding the scope of delivery, the transportation cost rate has increased slightly.

We believe that during the continuous expansion and sinking of Yuanzu, the unit rental cost is expected to decrease while the cost-effectiveness of employees is prominent, and there is room for the company’s future sales expense ratio to continue to decline.

Earnings forecasts and estimates We expect the company’s revenue for 2019-2021 to be 22 respectively.

2 ppm / 24.

4 ppm / 26.

6 trillion, each year +13.

2% / 10.

2% / 8.8%, net profit is 3 respectively.

0 ppm / 3.

56 ‰ / 4.

US $ 0.6 billion, at least + 25% / 17% / 14% respectively. Currently, the total corresponding 19/20 PE is 18X / 16X. Maintaining the “Buy” rating risk indicates that mooncake demand is affected by policies / increase in store rent and labor costsBeyond expectations / food safety risks.

Meijim (002621) annual report commentary: consolidated financial performance company officially changed its name to Jimmy

Meijim (002621) annual report commentary: consolidated financial performance company officially changed its name to “Jimmy”
Core point of view: Events: Meijim released the 2018 annual report, and the early education business consolidated the results significantly. On April 17, 2019, Meijim (formerly known as the third base stock) released the 2018 annual report.Realized operating income in 20182.65 ppm, an increase of 49 in ten years.78%; net profit attributable to mother was 3,155.150,000 yuan, an annual increase of 71.90%; if the fair incentive fee is excluded 2,515.30,000 yuan, net profit attributable to mother was 5,670.50,000 yuan, an increase of 208 in ten years.94%; basic profit return is 0.09 yuan / share, an annual increase of 80%; increase in average net asset income by 2.60%, increase by 1 every year.07 points.The growth of the company’s performance is obviously due to the report of the company’s completion of the acquisition of Tianjin Meijie Education Technology Co., Ltd., the consolidation of the early education business 成都桑拿网 significantly increased the company’s revenue and profits. The education business exceeded its performance commitments, and the growth rate of the early education center exceeded the plan; the steady growth of the manufacturing industry According to the data disclosed in the annual report, Meijiemm achieved operating income in 20183.600 million, net profit attributable to mother 1.9 trillion, exceeding the 2018 annual performance commitment.Megem began consolidation in December 2018, and consolidated revenue for a month contributed 33.01 million yuan and contributed net profit of 21.59 million yuan.As of December 31, 2018, there are 434 “Jimmy” brand early education centers across the country.The 389 companies ranked 2018/6/30 had a net increase of 45, and the speed of opening stores exceeded the plan.Kaide Education achieved a net profit of 28.83 million yuan in 2018, exceeding the 2018 annual performance commitment.Since Kaide Education was acquired by the third base, its profitability has continued to improve.The education sector is expected to have little problem in completing future performance commitments in the future. Officially changed its name to “Meijim”, executives plan to increase their holdings, highlighting the confidence of the education industry layout 2019/4/17, the company announced the completion of business registration, the company name was changed to Dalian Meijim Education Technology Co., Ltd., and the company’s securities abbreviation was officially changed to “”Jimmy”, the determination to deepen the education of the main business.March 3, 2019, announced that the general manager of the company, Mr. Liu Junjun, plans to use no less than 30% of the transaction price (after-tax) stack to increase the holding of third base stocks. The management team of Midgem continues to bind deeply with listed companies, demonstratingConfidence in future business development. Investment suggestion: Maintain “overweight” rating. We expect US Jim to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019/20201.64/2.250 thousand yuan, EPS is 0.47/0.65 yuan / share, the current sustainable corresponding PE for 2019/2020 is 47.4/34.5 times.Considering the growth of the industry and the scarcity and leading position of US Jim in an early education sector, as well as the upward movement of the sector’s estimated center brought about by the favorable policy release of the education sector since 2019, US Jim’s 2019 PE valuation of 52 times, a reasonable value244 yuan / share, maintaining the “overweight” rating. Risks suggest that education policies fell short of expectations; competition in the early education industry intensifies risks; and the risk of goodwill impairment.

Essentially a loan prime why can’t you easily buy private stocks?

Essentially a loan prime why can’t you easily buy private stocks?

Why can’t First Class easily buy private stocks?

  Source 北京夜生活网 WeChat public account: In the early days of China Times, Ran Xuedong, some researchers suggested that China Swaps can buy private stocks or A-share ETFs. After heated discussions in the market, their views were quite divergent, but they also attracted the attention of some senior finance scholars.

Recently, Wu Xiaoling, the former deputy governor and dean of the Wudaokou School of Finance at Tsinghua University, wrote in this post that she believes that she will gradually purchase non-government assets before the severe economic and financial crisis.

  She focused on candidates. The Chinese economy has not faced a serious economic crisis. Enterprises with problems can exit and merge through reorganization through normal means. What the government has to do is to enforce law fairly, make assets realise smoothly, and improve social insurance.Social underpinnings.

  Wu Xiaoling believes that there must be a red line for long-term purchase of stocks, that is, a serious financial crisis, and she did not explore further.

However, the author believes that fundamentally, if a financial crisis occurs, asset prices will fall steeply, assets cannot be realized in people’s hands, the development of the real economy will be severely hit, the economic development system will collapse, and a large number of companies will be closed down and employees will be closed.The reduction of wages or unemployment will further increase the decline of the whole society’s income and family income, and some people’s lives will fall into a difficult state, and a large number of social problems will occur, thereby further threatening social stability.

  At this time, one of the most essential roles of transcendence-the lender of last resort-cannot help but play.

According to the general definition, the last lender is when an economy has a crisis or a shortage of liquid funds, the central bank generally purchases qualified assets from the banking system in the open market, or through a discount window to a solvent but temporarilyBanks with poor turnover provide loans.

  The size of the lender eventually developed to go directly to the market to buy stocks in advance, subdivided the Federal Reserve to buy AIG stocks during the 2008 financial crisis, and Japan gradually bought stock market ETFs to save the stock market, which is also known as quantitative easing.

  In fact, the short-term purchase of stocks is essentially an alternative loan. Although it is an equity investment on the surface, the gradual purpose is not to earn the difference, or to hold it for a long time, and to support liquidity.

  This is because in the modern financial system, credit is the core. In the event of a complete collapse of credit in a market, it is actually a certain degree of failure in the operation of the market, because people who lose their confidence start to tread, if there is no necessary liquidity support to increaseConfidence, the credit system will collapse, and expansion can theoretically provide unlimited liquidity, which is a hedging mechanism for market failure.

  However, if it were to buy stocks, the Fed would do much better than a Japanese merger.

The Japanese stock market bought stocks and bought shareholders, and the economy did not show much improvement. After the Fed bought AIG, it waited for AIG and the financial market to stabilize, and then quickly withdrew. This not only saved this big and irresistible financial giant, but also stabilized the entire financial system.The market, as a government agency, has made a lot of money for a long time.

  From this point of view, long-term purchase of stocks is not impossible, but it must play the role of the lender of last resort in the event of a financial crisis, and exit in a timely manner once the purpose is achieved.

  Any policy has cost-benefit consideration. Gradually, if you buy stocks during the economic crisis and not during the economic crisis, you will not only fail to get the results you want, you may even get yourself into a quagmire, making it difficult to extricate yourself.

More importantly, gradually buying stocks by printing banknotes hides great moral hazard and is obviously unfair, because this is to save individual companies by replacing the wealth of most other people, and to redistribute wealth using monetary policy.Distributing the wealth of the masses to individual private companies has delayed the opportunity for reform that has been difficult to achieve.

  The downturn of the Chinese stock market in recent years still reflects the development cycle of China’s macro economy as a whole. The downward pressure on the economy is high, and corporate profitability is weak, which will naturally lead to a decline.

However, it cannot be ignored that there are huge flaws in the basic system of China’s stock market, which may make it difficult to launch the registration system, make it more difficult for the delisting system, over-financing, ignore the interests of investors, and issue and price and 佛山桑拿网 refinancing., Government control over death, incomplete information disclosure and weak law enforcement.

The market function of the market to allocate resources is difficult to play effectively, and the market function is gradually converging, which makes China’s A shares worse.

  The stock market has been in a bear market for a long time. It is a big test for investors and market intermediaries, including regulatory authorities. The so-called Tibetan machine is a good time to start structural reforms in this market environment. At this time, I still want to takeThe way in which money is invested to increase leverage triggers stock market growth is actually a mussel harming children and grandchildren.

Summer anti-tadpoles have particular attention to talcum powder

There is a big difference in talcum powder in summer

In summer, babies are most likely to sweat long mules, and many parents have prepared mules early.

However, experts point out that parents should be cautious when using rice dumpling powder and talcum powder to protect their babies. If they don’t pay attention to the use method or too much, it may be counterproductive.

The talcum powder is very different from the hot summer season. Long-term supermarkets have put talcum powder as a hot summer product, and the tartar powder has been placed on the shelf.

According to its applicable population, the products are mainly divided into two types for adults and children.

A supermarket salesperson said that many consumers often replace glutinous rice flour when buying talcum powder.

Hospital dermatologists said that the gardenia powder and talcum powder both have cool skin, absorb sweat, and itching, but there are also differences.

The main raw material of talcum powder is talcum powder, which is divided into two types for adults and children.

In addition to absorbing body sweat, talcum powder can smoothen the skin and reduce the occurrence of boils.

After a summer bath or after a haircut, it can be sprinkled on the body or head to give people a comfortable and fragrant feeling.

Because talcum powder removes some chemical components from gardenia powder, it is relatively irritating to the skin relative to gardenia powder.

In addition to the ordinary rice dumpling powder and talcum powder containing talc powder on the market, many brands have also launched pure plant talcum powder for children. This talcum powder mainly focuses on excluding talcum powder, and the price is 2-3 times higher than ordinary productsthe above.

Zongzi powder is also a kind of zongzi powder, which is also divided into human zongzi powder and children zongzi powder.

Adult zongzi powder and children zongzi powder contain different doses, but the raw materials of zongzi powder are talc, spices, sublimated sulfur, menthol and so on.

Therefore, gardenia powder has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and bactericidal effects.

It should be noted that adult gardenia powder contains boric acid, and boric acid is prohibited from being added to children’s gardenia powder. This is the biggest difference between adult gardenia powder and children gardenia powder.

In addition, adult gardenia powder contains menthol, camphor (or borneol) 3 to 4 times more than child gardenia powder, and salicylic acid has 4 times more skin irritation.

Therefore, children should not use adult rice dumplings.

Do not use talcum powder immediately after bathing. For most parents, after bathing their baby in the summer, it is a habit to apply talcum powder or glutinous powder on their bodies.
It is understood that talcum powder in talcum powder contains lead, which cannot be excreted soon after entering the baby’s body.

When accumulating in the human body for a long time, it will harm the nerves, hematopoietic system and digestive system, and seriously affect the baby’s intelligence and physical development.

The doctor reminds that if you have to use talcum powder for your child, you must pay attention to the method.

Pour the powder on your hands or puff away from the baby, and then apply it carefully on the baby to prevent the powder from flying around.

When using, lightly pour (wrap cotton with powder puff or gauze), especially on key areas, such as the shoulders, underarms, leg sockets, under the neck, etc.

In addition, when the powder is applied, the wrinkles need to be pulled apart and spread.

Be careful not to puff the powder in your eyes, ears, or mouth, and avoid spilling it in the air duct.

Close the lid immediately after use and put it away properly.

Parents must not let babies use adult talcum powder and rice dumpling powder because of the convenience of pictures.

In addition, parents should not apply talcum powder immediately when the child is sweating or just after taking a shower, because at this time, the talcum powder and water will form lumpy particles after mixing, which will constantly rub on the tender skin, which will easily damage the skin.Pores appear. In this case, the effect of preventing cripples will never be achieved, but cripples will grow.

Parents are advised to understand the main ingredients of talcum powder before purchasing it.

Ten drops of water bath can prevent cripples. Experts remind that if you want your baby to get rid of cripples in summer, parents must bathe the baby frequently. Use warm water when bathing. The water temperature must not be too high or too low. Corrosive cripples may cause irritation when the temperature is highInstead, he made the sister-in-law worse.

The low water temperature feels cool and comfortable when taking a bath or just after taking a bath, but it will cause pores to contract and is not conducive to the smooth flow of sweat glands.

Therefore, the water temperature should be controlled below 40 ° C.

Add ten drops of water to the bathtub when taking a bath. Do not put too much, because there are peppers in the ten drops of water, which will cause irritation of the baby’s skin.

After taking a shower, when your body is completely dry, put on clean, soft, loose, moisture-absorbing and breathable cotton clothes.

In addition, the baby should avoid sweating a lot when playing, and do not copy the baby in the hot summer, so as to avoid covering the mule.

If you have grown dumplings, you can use bitter melon to boil water to remove the dumplings.

First cut the bitter gourd in half, dig out the white bitter gourd seeds into the pot, add 300ml of water.

After the high heat is boiled, turn to medium heat for 8 minutes, and let it cool down naturally.Remove and discard the bitter gourd core, soak a small towel in water, twist it to half dry, and gently wipe the place where the cricket is long.


A few small moves to easily save your cervical spine

A few small moves to easily save your cervical spine

Introduction: The problem of the cervical spine is already commonplace for office workers, especially when we bury our heads and work every day. When we suddenly want to relax and twist our necks, we find that the health behind us has quietly left the normal track.

Why are white collars’ necks so fragile?

In the face of various cervical problems, how can we take the right measures to treat the disease and improve our physical condition?

Here are some good Chinese medicine methods to do health exercises to prevent cervical spine problems.

People who work for a long time at the desk often start to fail. Someone suddenly feels that their neck and shoulders are hurting together. When they go to the hospital to take a photo, it turns out that cervical spondylosis has quietly struck.

Studies have shown that lowering the flexion and extension position is closely related to the pressure on the cervical spine. The lower the person’s head is, the lower the pressure on the cervical spine is.

If the head is slender or lowered, the muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules around the cervical spine can be loosened and strained, affecting the stability of the cervical spine.

Therefore, in normal work and life, acknowledge that you should maintain a neutral posture.

The height of the pillow during sleep should be based on the physiological curvature it maintains, and the hardness of the pillow should be moderate.

Cervical spondylosis needs to be assisted by medical gymnastics.

The gymnastics includes neck and shoulder muscle strength exercises and supplementary activity exercises, which can reduce the strength of the neck and shoulder muscles and maintain the stability of the cervical spine; replacement can improve blood circulation, promote attenuation and fade, and reduce pain.

Even if there is no cervical spondylosis, regular exercise can prevent it.

Neck and shoulder muscle exercises include 4 sets of movements: 1. Backward extension: Cross your fingers at the back of your head, arm forward, apply force to the back, and maintain integrity when you apply force.

2. Lateral force: Insert one palm above the head, and force the arm against the opposite direction.

Then change direction.

3, forward flexion force: hands on the forehead, arms backwards, against the guidelines forward.

4, anti-gravity muscle training: lying sideways, supine or prone, respectively, above the shoulders, do lateral flexion, forward flexion, and extension anti-gravity muscle training.

The above exercise is 10 seconds at a time, 10 seconds apart, 10 times per group, and exercise 2 times a day.

Gradually increase the intensity of exercise, it is advisable to have a slight soreness in the muscles after exercise.

The method of implanting joint mobility and stretching exercise is that the patient sits firmly, the head does flexion, extension, lateral flexion, rotation and other complications, increases joint mobility, stretches muscle and other soft tissues.

It should be noted that the above gymnastics should not be done during the complications of cervical spondylosis. Exercises should be performed slowly and gradually. Patients with cervical spondylosis should exercise caution. If the symptoms worsen after exercise, avoid the range or intensity of exercise, or even stop exercising.
For patients after surgery, the non-healing period of bone graft implantation (usually within 2 to 3 months of intervention) should be worn with a neck brake. During this period, muscle exercises can be performed, but interventional joint mobility exercises cannot be performed.

After the X-ray was taken to prove that the bone graft healed, the joints were moved again, and various rehabilitation measures were taken to help the spinal cord and nerve roots restore their functions.

These 4 habits in life are the trigger of liver disease

These 4 habits in life are the trigger of liver disease

For a long time, liver disease has always been close to us and has been lurking around us.

Some small bad habits may be the cause of liver disease, so do n’t look for liver disease far away from you, this will make you deeply trapped and unable to extricate yourself . At present, there are many types of liver diseaseClasses have their own unique pathological characteristics, some are contagious, and some are caused by eating habits and are not contagious.

Just like people’s understanding of liver disease, viral hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E are all contagious.

Unfortunately, liver, drug-induced liver injury, and alcoholic liver injury are not contagious.

  What habit is the fuse of liver disease?

  Drinking regularly Many people know that drinking alcohol often can hurt you, but do you know that drinking alcohol regularly can cause liver damage?

In life, many workplace staffs work at the wine table every day, talking with customers and friends.

At this point, you ignore the harmful effects of long-term drinking on the body, which can easily lead to slight infiltration, liver cell degeneration, and abnormal liver function.

It is generally believed that drinking high-concentration alcohol 80 per day?
150 grams for more than 5 years can cause liver damage, such as alcoholic minority liver, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis.

  When traveling frequently on business, family members are always tired of the month’s annoyance, “Going out, you must pay attention to eating.”

This is because, when you are recovering, you will encounter all kinds of people. In addition to the fatigue of the journey, the immunity will decrease, and it will be easy to get sick from the mouth.

Especially at this time, we should be more vigilant about the occurrence of hepatitis A and E, because at this time, this type of hepatitis virus is most likely to enter the hospital and cause acute liver fire.

  People who lack exercise often have a strong body and rarely get sick.

Conversely, if you don’t like sports and can’t consume excess nutrients in your body, it will turn into nausea, which will lead to unfortunate liver over time, or excessive disease.

If you exercise regularly, you can accelerate the body’s consumption of excess nutrients to prevent the onset of minor liver attacks and eliminate these potential stealth killers.

  Often staying up late “staying up late” is not a new word for people now, staying up late to work overtime, staying up late to watch the ball, stay up late to chase dramas . It seems a very common thing, and it really hurts your liver.

There is sufficient evidence that prolonged staying up late can affect the function of the immune system.

People who often need to work night shifts have a higher percentage of people with abnormal liver function than normal people, and secretion of hormones such as adrenaline is higher than ordinary people, which increases the metabolic pressure and increases the risk of chronic diseases.

Y-shaped abs exercises

Y-shaped abs exercises

Editor’s note: “Y” shaped abdominal muscles are popular now.

  Body sculpting: The new index of “Y” type abdominal muscles is the easiest to rebound because the abdomen is slight, so even after practicing the “Y” type, how to maintain it is a big cause.

In addition to persisting in training, please keep the following tips in mind.


Buy a lot of good-looking umbilical outfits and put them in the most conspicuous places. Wear fitness training clothes when exercising and self-motivate.


Frequent abdominal breathing.


Participate in Pilates training to shape the waist and abdomen through static control.


Latin dance, Indian-Pakistani style dance, shape the most seductive belly.

Refreshing and spotless. Have you mastered these daily tricks?

Refreshing and spotless. Have you mastered these daily tricks?

Guide: exposure to the sun, staying up late, irregular diet, work pressure, improper use of cosmetics . these are all likely to cause all kinds of annoying spots to appear!

The weather is hot, and the wicked spots are more easily incorporated into this hot sunshine, which is annoying for those who want to show sexy curves and perfect skin in summer.

If you want to be fresh and spotless, follow the skincare experts to learn about the daily methods and latest technologies to eliminate spots.

  Sunburn Exposure After exposure to the sun, the skin may develop erythema, pimples, swelling and other symptoms, especially the exposed parts of the outside of the forearm, the back of the hand, the front of the calf and the face.

  Elimination strategy: sunlight is naturally the number one driver of spots, so if you want to have white skin, you must always pay attention to sun protection. Do not think that you only need sun protection in summer. Sun protection is a compulsory course for spot removal all year round.

Choosing the right sunscreen may create the first line of defense for your baby’s skin structure, which can effectively inhibit the precipitation of pigments and the formation of stains.

  Every 3?
Apply sunscreen once every 4 hours; you can also apply sunscreen foundation or dry powder; if you are often in the storm, you need to use SPF30, PA +++ sunscreen, and every 3?
Make up every 4 hours.

In addition, sun protection tools such as sun hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc. will also help you to effectively prevent sun spots.

  Chloasma, commonly known as butterfly spot.

There are many reasons for its formation, most of which are related to endocrine, especially estrogen levels, irregular menstruation, pregnancy, taking contraceptives or poor liver function, and chronic kidney disease can easily lead to melasma, sun exposure and stressWill greatly aggravate the appearance of melasma.

  Elimination strategy: internal regulation and external nutrition is the most effective method to combat melasma. Internally, it can be adjusted by traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and the circulation can be improved by removing stasis and clearing collaterals, thereby adjusting endocrine, eliminating internal siltation, and restoring the human body to a good physiological state; And external breeding can use some whitening products; if the chloasma is severe, you can go to a reputable laser beauty center to seek medical whitening treatment.

  In fact, preventing the occurrence of melasma is a daily care problem. We must develop good living habits, maintain an optimistic mood, stay up late, reduce stress, eat scientifically, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; we should also pay attention to weather changesProperly protect your body, drink plenty of water, and take physical sun protection, so that your skin can return to white and moist.

  Freckles The formation of freckles is mainly caused by the excessive production of melanin by the melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin. Its formation is related to heredity, physique, hormone secretion and diet.

If there are too many freckles and the color is getting darker, it may seriously damage the beauty of the appearance.

  Elimination strategy: Freckles are usually located on the epidermis, so some tips for external use are very effective in improving the appearance of freckles.

Eat a slice of vitamin C and vitamin E every day. After a period of time, the small spots are not so obvious; tomatoes are rich in glutathione, which can inhibit melanin and help reduce pigmentation orDisappear; lemon juice also has a magical effect on freckles. Stir the lemon juice and add the right amount of sugar water to exchange it. It can not only whiten the skin, but also precipitate melanin to achieve the effect of removing freckles.

In addition, the use of some more effective whitening essence products, such as light spot serum and mask, can also effectively eliminate freckles.

At the same time, sun protection needs to be strengthened so as to maintain the results of freckle removal.

  Experts remind vigilance of fast-acting whitening freckle area. At present, there are many beauty salons under the banner of fast-acting freckle, claiming to make the skin whitening instantly, and the spots disappear.

In fact, it is very likely that the product claimed to be able to instantly whiten and freckle contains bleaching powder, which can bleach the skin in a short period of time, making the complexion look much whiter, but temporarily suppressing the appearance of dark spots on the surface.

  Forcible and quick freckle removal is usually the removal of the outer protective film of the epidermis, that is, the skin’s natural protective coat is peeled off, and the red blood cells of the skin cells have also been damaged by bleaching, resulting in reduced metabolism, melanin deposition, thinning of the stratum corneum, and skin conditionIt gets worse. If you encounter ultraviolet radiation again, you will also have allergic, redness and other cosmetic problems, resulting in fragile and sensitive skin.

  The correct freckle attitude should be carefully maintained in order to obtain whitening effects, but there must be a gradual process, because skin cells are metabolized layer by layer and need to be consumed.

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