Big Dipper (002151): the leader of Beidou navigation industry chain

Big Dipper (0都市夜网 02151): the leader of Beidou navigation industry chain

Beidou chip board, 5G components and car networking trio.

BeiDouXingTong started from the development of BeiDou navigation chips, and now has four major business sectors: basic products, defense business, automotive electronics, industrial applications and operation services. The downstream includes navigation and positioning, scheduling, precision measurement, mechanical control, target monitoring, and Internet of Things.And so on, formed the Beidou industry chain leader of Beidou chip board, 5G components and car networking.

The Beidou industry chain is the only chip leader to receive a stake in a large fund.

BeiDouXingTong is the only listed company in the BeiDou industry chain that has been invested by the National Integrated Circuit Fund, with a stake of up to 12%.

Subsidiaries and Xingxing mainly develop Beidou chip boards. They have won the navigation-type, advanced, baseband RF integrated chip comparison champion for 10 years, and created large-scale applications of Beidou in the field of vehicle front-loading, helicopters, autonomous driving and robotics.

Its “advanced dual-frequency differential baseband chip” is a domestic leader, expanding millions of orders each year, and has obvious advantages in terms of energy consumption, miniaturization, and cost.

The company’s newly developed 22nm process RF baseband integrated navigation and positioning chip supporting the new signal of BeiDou-3 will be mass-produced.

Hexin Xingtong is also a major supplier of positioning chips and modules in the unmanned field, providing high-precision positioning modules for DJI and other manufacturers, and exploring high-precision applications in automotive electronics.

5G antennas and automotive electronics are important considerations.

The Big Dipper’s compound growth rate over the past three years reached 38.

65%, mainly from mergers and acquisitions.

Due to the multiple decentralized characteristics of the satellite navigation market segment, outbound mergers and acquisitions are an important way for some companies to grow.

In recent years, Big Dipper has successively acquired companies such as Huaxin Antenna, Jiali Electronics, RxNetworks, in-techGmbH, etc., to achieve the entire industry chain layout of “antenna-chip-board-module-terminal-operation-service”.

In 5G, the subsidiaries Huaxin Antenna and Jiali Electronics are highly competitive in high-end antennas, ceramic filters, and RF components, and are expected to provide large-scale products for 5G base stations.

Jiali Electronics has been included in the priority list of suppliers by ZTE, Datang and others. Huawei has been fast-paced since the second quarter of 1919, releasing a variety of product replacement plans to Jiali Electronics and starting to supply some products in batches.

In terms of automotive electronics, the company has accumulated customer resources from domestic first-tier auto manufacturers such as SAIC Volkswagen, Changan, Geely, Chery, FAW, SAIC-GM-Wuling, etc., and it is expected to become the top three Tier 1 suppliers in the country in the future, and become the “Beidou connected car”Important support.

Additional issuance and expansion of 5G components and high-end car navigation equipment.

The company plans to raise an additional US $ 1 billion this time for the expansion of Jiali Electronics’ 5G communication core RF components and the automotive electronics project of Chongqing Company (intelligent central control, digital instruments, networked equipment and systems, integrated cockpitWait).

Jiali Electronics and Datang Mobile have begun a full-scale cooperation, and more than 20 models of base station terminal component products have been released; ZTE has completed the review and product verification of Jiali Electronics.

From 2016 to 2018, the company’s automotive electronics business revenue averaged a compound annual average of 93.


The global sales of driverless cars will reach 230,000 in 2025, and the number of driverless cars will reach 54 million in 2035.

With the popularization of intelligent driving, advanced navigation and positioning are becoming increasingly important, and the “Beidou Car Networking” has surfaced.

Profit forecast: 2020 is the first year of localization of satellite navigation, and the Beidou domestic application is expected to erupt after the global networking is achieved by June.

As a Beidou upstream chip board card, the company will 天津夜网significantly benefit from 5G communication components and downstream vehicle networking suppliers.

Although the company is still in the state of R & D investment in the past two years, it is in an excellent track and has better card slots, especially to replace the first-mover advantage on the core chips of Beidou III.

It is expected that the company will realize revenue 28 in 2019-2021.

50,000 yuan, 40.

9 ppm and 63.

900 million; net profit of -5 respectively.

7.7 billion yuan, 1.

1.9 billion and 2.

23 ppm, corresponding to -3.

49 yuan, 0.

72 yuan and 1.

35 yuan, the corresponding PE is -8.

56X / 41X / 22X.

The first coverage was given a “strong recommendation” rating. Risk warning: the company’s additional issuance is less than expected; Beidou’s development is less than expected.

Common People’s (603883) Equity Incentive Program Review: Establishing Pratt & Whitney Incentives to Accelerate Performance

Common People’s (603883) Equity Incentive Program Review: Establishing Pratt & Whitney Incentives to Accelerate Performance
Event: The company released a 19-year budget stock incentive plan (supplementary), and plans to implement a stock incentive plan by issuing shares to 208 people, including company executives and other core technical (business) personnel. Opinion: The incentive bill is inclusive, and it has obvious incentives for middle-level employees.The total number of stocks awarded in this plan is 181.80,000 shares, accounting for about 0 of the company’s total share capital.64%.From the scope of incentives, the 杭州夜网 shares awarded to senior executives account for less than 10% of the total number of plans, and at least 201 middle managers are planned to be awarded.We believe that although the total incentives of this scheme are not large, the general benefits are obvious, and the middle-level employees granted by the plan are 0 per capita.740,000 shares. Based on the current sustainable conversion, the per capita market value reaches 450,000 yuan. In the cumulative pharmacy industry (average annual income of middle class is about 200,000), this incentive maximizes competitiveness.If we consider that the company is in the expansion phase, the potential appreciation of the stock will change the incentive attractiveness. Increase the incentives for the middle level to promote the improvement of refined management.The “shareholding strategy for employees with wide-area coverage and deep constraints” proposed by our senior management is an important mechanism guarantee for the refined management of Yifeng Pharmacy, especially the binding of the interests of the middle-level team is an important means to maintain employee execution and consistency.Considering that ordinary people’s non-labor related management expense rate is as high as 2.16% (17-year data), while Yifeng Pharmacy is only 0.72%.Excluding the impact of incentive costs, ordinary people’s management expense ratio can also improve room. The assessment conditions correspond to 19?The company’s net profit will grow no less than 20% / 21% / 17% every year in 21 years. Higher growth rate shows development confidence.The company’s performance evaluation target for each year is set to 19?21-year net profit growth is not less than 20% / 45% / 70% compared to 18 years, and the annual income is converted to not less than 20% / 21% / 17%, which is an increase from the 17% annual increase in 2018.Higher assessment goals also demonstrate the company’s confidence in future development. Promote inclusive incentives, speed up performance can be expected to consider the uncertainty of the incentive plan, maintaining 18?The 20-year forecast EPS is 1.53/1.87/2.22 yuan, the current price corresponding to 19 years of PE is 32 times.The company promotes inclusive incentives to accelerate accelerated performance growth, improve refined management, and maintain a “buy” rating. Risk warning: the risk of goodwill impairment caused by the irregular integration of mergers and acquisitions; the speed of new mergers and acquisitions does not meet the expected risk.

Starnet Ruijie (002396) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Eye-catching Network Terminal Business Performance

Starnet Ruijie (002396) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Eye-catching Network Terminal Business Performance

The performance maintained rapid growth, and the company that met our market and our expectations realized revenue in advance91.

32 ppm, an increase of 18 years.

51%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 23 in ten years.

08%, net of non-attributed net profit4.

56 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

36%, performance maintained rapid growth, in line with the company’s performance indicators (10% -50% growth) and market expectations.

The growth of the company’s performance is expected to be rapid growth in network terminals, enterprise-level network equipment and other businesses. The 四川耍耍网 integration of the acquisition target and the passive gains from the revaluation of Kemi’s remaining equity.

The performance of the network terminal business was eye-catching, and Shengteng Information exceeded the bet in 2018, and the company’s network terminal business achieved revenue12.

78 ppm, a significant increase of 66 per year.


The company has a thin quantitative quantity of 67.

90,000 units, the domestic city share reached 48.

6%, ranking first; the desktop cloud independently developed by the company was shortlisted by the central government procurement catalog; the smart business hall solution has served nearly 260 financial institution customers.

Subsidiary Shengteng Information achieved net profit attributable to its mother.

48 trillion, over a total of 26.75 million yuan on gambling, has now completed 67 to gradually commit to net profit from 2017 to 2019.


Ruijie’s network revenue has maintained steady growth, and data center products have been commercialized at scales such as Ali.

69 ppm, a 12% increase over ten years, and a net profit of 3.

500,000 yuan, basically the same as last year.

The company’s 25G / 100G data center product solutions have achieved large-scale commercial use in Ali and Tencent; wireless products have won the bid for the EMU WiFi equipment project with the largest share, and more than 200 wireless city projects have been established in 27 provinces and cities nationwide; in domestic enterprise WLAN The market ranks third, and its competitiveness is further enhanced.

Communication products maintained rapid growth, and the overseas market expanded further. The company’s communication products achieved revenue18.

51 ppm, a sharp increase of 78 previously.


Deming Communication has extended its product space on the basis of deeply cultivating the US market, and has continued to steadily develop its business in Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. At present, it has achieved good results.

We are optimistic about the company’s various business developments, maintain a “buy” rating and benefit from it, and incorporate it into the vigorous development of enterprise informatization, data centers, smart POS and other fields.

We are optimistic about the company’s various business developments. It is estimated that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 109.12 / 128 / 14.9 billion US dollars, and the net profit attributable to the mothers will be 7.



52 ppm, the current sustainable corresponding dynamic PE is 20/16/14 times, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: competition in the enterprise WLAN market 杭州桑拿网 is intensified; the growth of the video information application industry is less than expected.

Stay away from the seven factors that lead to enlarged pores


Stay away from the seven factors that lead to enlarged pores

Core tip: The pores are so large that they can be seen clearly without the use of a magnifying glass. This is a very chilling thing.

Every girl wants to be a zero-distance beauty, and they want a perfect pore-free face, so they use a lot of skin care products for pore problems.

  The large and small pores on the face are really annoying, so the skin on the face is no longer smooth and delicate.

What should I do if my pores are large?

  In fact, all the real causes of large pores are actually caused by some bad habits in life.

If the bad habit is not corrected, the effect of long-lasting skin care products is actually just an act of repairing the dead, and fundamentally solving the problem of enlarged pores is the cure for the symptoms and the root cause.

Today, I will analyze the 7 major causes of enlarged pores, and let you fundamentally solve the troubles of enlarged pores.

  First, thick horny: stay up late, irregular life, seasonal changes and the influence of male hormones, resulting in abnormal keratin metabolism rate, thick keratin accumulation around the pores will make the pores rough, but also easily shortened, leading toForm blackheads, whiteheads, and gradually enlarge the inside of the pores.

This phenomenon is most likely to occur on the forehead, nose, and both cheeks.

  Second, dryness and lack of water: Once the horny is full of water, it will swell like a sponge that absorbs water, and the cells around the pores will swell when it is full of water, and the pores will naturally become inconspicuous; otherwise, the surface of the skinIn the absence of water, the stratum corneum appears dry and rough, and pores become more pronounced.

Too many young people rely on their own youthful skin and often ignore this. Poor skin moisture retention, in addition to making the skin surface look rough and having large pores, will make the skin dull and dull.

  Third, squeeze the facial blister, excessive acne irritation caused by sebum sac accumulation of excessive sebum, and the capillary pores and dirt interval, easy to produce pyogenic bacteria, hair follicles are prone to inflammation, resulting in acne, facial vesicles grow longer.

If the facial blister and acne are excessively squeezed again, the epidermis will be ruptured. Once the dermis is injured, and the skin lacks the regeneration function, it will be difficult to generate new cells, leaving bumps and scars, making the pores coarse.

Applying irritating cosmetics and creams. Long-term use of strong or astringent lotion, strong creams, anti-inflammatory water will lead to more serious pore complications, and fat can not be excreted. Such as sterilization and proper care, it will becomeSeriously, the pores will become larger.

  Fourth, the skin gradually intensifies, causing enlarged pores. As the age increases, the blood circulation gradually becomes smooth, and the subcutaneous tissue of the skin is also easy to reduce. The lack of elasticity. If there is no sufficient maintenance and care, the benefits will accelerate.Capillaries are naturally enlarged.

  Fifth, the accumulation of capillary pores causes the pores to enlarge the skin, and the basal layer of the epidermis continuously creates cells and transports them to the upper layer. After the cells age, they generally replace them naturally.

However, those with fissures in their pores will not have smooth skin metabolism and will not be able to shift as scheduled, resulting in enlarged pores.

  6. Smoking is also one of the causes of large pores. When you enjoy the floating feeling of swallowing clouds and mist, cigarettes make your blood vessels constrict, blood circulation slows down, and nutrients cannot reach skin cells smoothly.When you report early, your face lines will sag naturally and your pores will be enlarged.

   Seven, infected with moles.

After the parasite is infected, it is parasitized in a place with rich skin and fat glands in human skin. In the dark light at night, the worms creep to the hair follicle mouth to mate and lay eggs. As the parasite enters and exits the hair follicle mouth every day, the pores are stimulated over time.This is also a cause of large pores.

After the parasite is infected, it is parasitized in a place with rich skin and fat glands in human skin. In the dark light at night, the worms creep to the hair follicle mouth to mate and lay eggs. As the parasite enters and exits the hair follicle mouth every day, the pores are stimulated over time.This is also a cause of large pores.

10 places with the most bacteria

10 places with the most bacteria

When you think of the toilet seat in the toilet and the seat in the bus, everyone thinks that they are dirty and need to be cleaned at all times.

However, there are some seemingly clean items around you, and the bacteria content in them is very amazing, so you should always be careful.

Recently, a US magazine summarized 10 items that seemed clean but were actually “bacterial nests.”

  The clothes washed in the place with the most bacteria around you all feel that the underwear you wear is very dirty, and you can rest assured that you have washed them.

But Charles, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona?

Kibola found that the washing machine contained about 100 million E. coli, and even after the clothes were cleaned, these bacteria remained on it.

However, the solution to this problem is also very simple, raise the water temperature in the washing machine to 60?
66 ℃ can kill bacteria.

  Lemon slices in beverages Although lemons have antibacterial properties, lemon slices in drinking glasses are covered with bacteria.

A survey published in the Journal of Environmental Health showed that 70% of lemon slices in restaurants carry pathogenic microorganisms.

According to a survey by New York University, 50% of lemon slices are positive in human stool tests.

This may be due to improper handling of fruits by restaurant staff or contamination from raw meat in the kitchen.

Therefore, in order to avoid being infected by germs, it is recommended that when dining in the restaurant, do not ask for extra fresh lemon slices when ordering drinks.

  The dashboard of the car, Professor Kibola, tested bacteria in 100 cars and found that the dashboard is one of the largest bacterial accumulation areas in the cabin, and the amount of bacteria can “distinguish” the door handles of public places.

This is because on-board air conditioners and heaters can blow bacteria into the car at any time, they stay on the dashboard that the driver rarely touches, and multiply there, easily causing inhaled respiratory diseases to the driver.

Professor Kibola reminded to wipe the dashboard with disinfectant at least once a week.

  New clothes Philip, director of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology of New York University?

Dr. Ternor tested clothes purchased from the store and found that the new clothes contained some skin flora, feces and respiratory secretions.

Dr. Ternor advises everyone to soak in hot water before buying new clothes.

  Researchers in the contact lens case retina found that 34% of contact lens cases were contaminated with Serratia and Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause keratitis and even blindness in severe cases.

It is recommended that you do not keep the used cleaning solution in the contact lens case. Be sure to pour it out immediately after use. Use the boiling water to blanch the lens case every day, and replace it with a new one every 3 months.

In addition, since the cleaning solution for contact lenses will lose its ability to kill bacteria after eight weeks, it is recommended that you replace the bottle with a new cleaning solution every two months.

  Towels are used every day, and they are often in a moist state. Many people are used to putting towels in the bathroom, so there are a lot of bacteria in the towels. Long-term use of towels full of bacteria can cause skin diseases.

  Refrigerators Vegetables, fruits, and raw meat placed in the refrigerator will have a lot of bacteria, which will contaminate other foods in the refrigerator.

Therefore, you should never eat food taken out of the refrigerator directly. You should eat it after heating it completely, otherwise you may have a stomachache.

  Every time the washing machine does laundry, bacteria remain. The longer the washing machine is used, the more bacteria it will have.

Most washing machines are placed in shady surroundings, and the reproduction rate of bacteria is also reversed.

  When we are cutting the lettuce, the bacteria will stay on the chopping board. When we cut the cooked food again, cross-contamination will occur. If it is severe, poisoning will occur!

  Pillows Our pillows take a long time to clean. During this time, the dust on our hair, secretions from our bodies, and sweat stains will remain on the pillow.

When we sleep, the bacteria are close to us.

Pregnant women eat mango supplements in summer

Pregnant women eat mango supplements in summer

Can pregnant women eat mango?

Experts answered that, for pregnant women, mango is a fruit to eat in moderation.

  Can pregnant women eat mango?
Juicy mango pulp can relieve thirst and promote vomiting. It can alleviate the symptoms of vomiting in seasickness and sea sickness. It can also improve the symptoms of early morning sickness.

Mango is also rich in precipitated fibers, which can promote peristalsis and help defecation, so mango has certain effects on constipation during pregnancy.

In summer, proper eating of mango can also supplement the nutrition. Mango has good therapeutic effects, such as eyesight, expectorant and cough, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

  Therefore, pregnant women can eat mangoes, but mangoes contain some that are prone to cause human allergies. People with allergies can get “mango dermatitis” after contacting mangoes, and itching, rashes, and other symptoms appear on the skin.Eat mango.

Mango allergy is a late-type allergic reaction, and the rash usually appears 6 days after eating mango. Repeated contact may also appear within a few hours, so if you are not sure whether you are allergic, the best way is not to eat too much at a time, and observeTime, if not really allergic, then rest assured to eat.

If pregnant women develop allergic dermatitis, it is best to seek treatment from a professional dermatologist.

  So for pregnant women, mango is an appropriate amount of fruit.

It is best not to eat too much at a time, observe it, if you are not allergic, then rest assured.

If you have allergic dermatitis, seek a professional dermatologist for treatment.

The experiment proves that mango is rich in nutrition and has good therapeutic effect.

Therefore, if you are not allergic, eat mango is good, but eat it in moderation, especially pregnant women.

Of course, mango is rich in nutrition. If it is not allergic, eating mango is still very beneficial, just in moderation!

Because mango is a hot fruit, eating more will still get angry!

Four-style lazy favorite yoga

Four-style lazy favorite yoga

In fact, there is a simpler method: turn on the TV, watch a favorite show, and practice the “lazy yoga” that everyone loves.

  Many people want to practice yoga, but they do n’t really do much.

Humans are inherently inert, which can lead to many things being abandoned halfway through.

Now I will introduce four types of lazy yoga to lazy sheep-shaped MM. Lazy people have their own methods of lazy yoga.

In fact, there is a simpler method: turn on the TV, watch a favorite show, and practice the “lazy yoga” that everyone loves.
  First, the inverted type 1 makes fresh blood flow on the face, makes the head awake, improves attention, has the effect of beauty and eliminating fine lines.

  2. Promote Qi and blood circulation, make the lower legs and waist thinner, and relieve venous tumors.

  3, strong irritant, relieve constipation and menstrual pain, etc., toxins from the body.

  4, stimulate the thyroid and promote metabolism in the body.

  Psychological effect —- Relieve the tension of shoulders and fractures, relieve tension. Inverted and disease-free. Since the beginning of human upright life, the influence of gravity is often hindered, and low back pain, indigestion, circulation disorders and other damage.

Therefore, handstand is considered a method of extending life both in East and West.

Yoga classics also believe that 3 hours of handstands or handstands per day can suffer from diseases, especially handstands, which have significant effects on women’s health. This posture is called the Queen’s posture in yoga, just likeThis kind of naming is very good for health.

  Have you learned the yoga handstand pose?

Let us see the world upside down when we are free.

  Second, the mountain stands 1, sitting on the floor, with her back straight and taking a deep breath.

  2. Pull up the left foot and insert it into the right thigh. Pull the right foot into the left thigh and form a lotus position. (If you ca n’t cross your legs, you can put one foot on the other thigh and try to pull the other foot.To the perineum) 3. Inhale, straighten your hands upwards, try to open your palms and your fingers, but press your thumbs against each other and stay for a deep breath.

  4. Restore. Sit on the side of the foot and do it again.

  Three, heron-style 1, sitting on the floor and taking a deep breath.

  2. The left foot is turned out, the foot plate is pulled close to the shin, the right foot is bent, and the right foot plate is grasped with both hands.

  3. Inhale, lift your right foot, exhale slowly, pull your right foot close to your body, keep your back straight, stay for a few seconds and take a deep breath.

  4, restore, do a foot change.

  Fourth, the knee stands side-curved, King Kong kneels, takes deep breaths, and his back is straight.

  2. Inhale, straighten your left foot upwards, exhale, straighten your hands upwards and hold each other.

  3. Inhale, slowly bend your upper body to the left, exhale, and stop breathing.

  4. Restore, take a deep breath, and do it on the other side.

  The mountain stand can increase perseverance, endurance and attention, strengthen the knee joint, and promote peripheral blood circulation; prevent endocrine disorders, beautify the lines of the arms, and prevent paralysis of hands and feet and coldness.

  Heron type helps blood circulation in the lower body, enhances physical strength, eliminates leg swelling, adjusts the pelvis while beautifying leg lines, and prevents physiological disorders.

  The knee flexion type can eliminate excess meat in the vice and waist and strengthen the shoulder joints; it can also facilitate mystery, lower abdominal pain and diabetes.

  In this way, after practicing the four postures, several important parts of the whole body that need to be active have been strengthened.

Generally speaking, according to my experience, after starting physical activity, I will start to practice yoga, eager to practice more difficult movements.

Of course, if you have n’t finished your favorite show, and you ca n’t find any other action you can do in front of the TV, it ‘s also a good idea to repeat it in order.

Hair Care: Learn Soothing Massage Exercises for Head Skin

Hair Care: Learn Soothing Massage Exercises for Head Skin

Gentle magic from both hands will give soothing care to the sensitive and tortured head skin.

When bathing in the morning and evening, at the most drowsy 15:15, when you are eager to relieve the sensation of the sensitive scalp, do a skin soothing massage exercise, just a simple gentle pressure, you will relax and relax like never before.

  Soothing massage STEP1: Put your fingers close together, press your fingertips gently on the temples, and make 6 rounds in a clockwise direction; then make 6 rounds in a counterclockwise direction.

  Soothing massage STEP2: Put your hands on the forehead to separate the neat fingers of the fingers and block from the center of the eyebrow.

The penetration route is: eyebrow center (in reflexology, this part is the pressure point reflecting the cervical spine) → midline of forehead (lymphatic system) → midline of head (pituitary) → knead 10 times in Baihui acupoint (center of top of head, In charge of body water) → Finally rub the Fengchi acupoint 10 times (the depression in the hairline behind the pillow).

Massage the body’s five essential points, peace and trouble

Massage the body’s five essential points, peace and trouble

It is easy to get sick in the autumn of trouble.

Chinese medicine believes that the criss-cross meridians are the link between the organs, so the acupoints are the functional points and sensitive points on these ties.

Acupoints can be used for camping. When stimulated, they can open up the meridians, regulate blood circulation, exorcise and strengthen the body, and regulate the disease.

  Modern medical research has proved that properly stimulating the five major points of the human body can significantly improve the functions of the human nervous system, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and other systems.

  [膻中穴]”捶胸顿足” prolonged life position: located in the front of the body in the middle line, flat 4th intercostal, the midpoint of the two nipples.

  Role: stimulate the point to promote blood circulation, wide chest and qi, cough and asthma.

In particular, it can effectively treat all kinds of “qi” diseases, including respiratory system, digestive diseases, such as high blood pressure, chest tightness, palpitations, upset, angina and so on.

Can also treat postpartum lactation, mastitis, intercostal neuralgia, stomach spasm and other complications.

  Operation: You can cross your hands, hold a hollow fist, and then beat this acupuncture point.

You can also put one hand and four fingers together, use the fingertips to circle the clockwise or push it from the top, no less than 100 times a day for 2 to 3 minutes.

Modern medicine proves that the human body is aging from the thymus, and often “squats on the chest” and prolongs life.

  [Sanyinjiao Point]is effective and effective for gynecological diseases: located in the calf area, the tip of the tip of the foot is 3 inches, so that the bone (the bone of the calf part) is placed at the back of the edge.

  Function: Sanyinjiao is a spleen meridian point. It is the junction of liver, spleen and kidney. It is also known as “female Sanli”. It has the function of regulating blood and tonifying the kidney and nourishing the liver.

For gynecological diseases, this point is effective, such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, menopausal syndrome, swelling of the soles of the feet, cold hands and feet.

  Operation: Dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation, from 5 to 6 days before the start of menstruation, spend 1 minute per day to stimulate this point, have a good health effect.

Patients with complications such as climacteric syndrome often stimulate this point and can improve the condition.

But pregnant women are not suitable.

  [Zusanli Point]The first important point of human health care: 3 inches below the front and rear depressions, and a horizontal finger (middle finger) from the front of the vertical bone.

  Role: Zusanli claims to be the first point of human health care, and the folks have the saying that “there is often a moxibustion in the foot of Sanli, who wins the old hen.”

Stimulate the Zusanli point, restore the transplanted peristalsis strong and regular, enhance digestive function, increase appetite; improve cardiac function, regulate heart rhythm; often according to the foot Sanli points can prevent and alleviate many common diseases, such as gastroduodenal ulcer, acute gastritis, stomach ptosis, vomiting, enteritis, constipation, cholecystitis, gallstone and kidney stone colic and diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., the effect of eliminating acute stomach pain is obvious.

  Operation: Press the thumb three times a day for 2 to 3 minutes with the thumb, and feel the local acid soreness.

In an emergency, such as an acute attack of stomach pain, and the trousers are tightly worn, the point can be stimulated by the pen tip across the clothes to relieve the symptoms.

  [Guanyuan point]symptomatic yang chills, palace cold infertility position: located in the lower abdomen, the front of the body in the middle line, 3 inches under the navel.

In ancient times, there was a saying that “the man is hiding the essence and the woman is storing the blood.”

  Role: This point has the role of cultivating vital energy, kidney qi, warming down the yuan, a wide range of treatment, including gynecological leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, various gynecological inflammation, male impotence, premature ejaculation, prostate disease.

Sticking to or acupuncture points for 15 minutes every day can help improve sexual function, and it is better for cold waist, impotence, premature ejaculation and weak constitution, which can cure sudden fainting.

  Operation: You can use the ginger moxibustion method, use a thin piece of ginger to put some small holes on it, stick it on the Guanyuan point, then use Aizhu to moxibustion, once for about 15 minutes, feel the tide at the acupuncture point.

Yang deficiency and chills, palace cold infertility, the benefits are more significant.

  [Yongquan Point]can make the kidneys fully charged, and the ears are bright and clear. The position is located at the bottom of the foot, the front part of the foot is depressed when the toe is bent downward, and the first third and second of the second toe stitching line and the heel are connected. At the intersection of /3, it is the first acupuncture point of the kidney.

  Role: often massage this point, the kidney is full, the ears are clear, the fever is abundant, the sexual function is strong, the waist and knees are strong, and the walking is powerful.

By pressing this point, you can improve the symptoms of acute angina.

Yongquan points on sore throat, headache, insomnia, dysuria, shock, heat stroke, epilepsy, infertility, irregular menstruation, cold, impotence, nocturnal emission, menopausal syndrome and other complications.

  Operation: After soaking in warm water every night, first rub the palms of both hands, then massage the left breast with the right palm, and massage the right spring with the left palm until the heart is hot.

Massage this point before going to sleep every day, you can achieve the effect of heart and kidney, water and fire.

When you have a massage, you need to be quiet and peaceful, so you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Quick walk can be thin and healthy

Quick walk can be thin and healthy

According to Harvard University research, exercise for 1 hour can extend the healthy life span of 2 hours. As long as you accumulate more than 5,000 steps per day, you can help you lose weight and build health.

According to Harvard University research, the amount and intensity of physical activity prevention and prevention of health care does not need to be intense. Just use scattered time activities to accumulate appropriate physical activity.

  For example: use the scattered time activities, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and accumulate 2000 kcal per week.

Using the continuous consumption of energy such as leisure, walking, climbing stairs, etc., can reduce the total mortality rate by 43%, the risk of cancer by 32%, and the incidence of depression can also be reduced, that is, exercise for 1 hour, can be extended 2Hours of life.

Remind everyone to remember the principle of less sitting, more standing, more walking, climbing stairs, etc., at least five days a week, more than 30 minutes a day, systemic, similar to aerobic activities, can effectively prevent chronic diseases, maintain health, no needToo strong to strive for physical exercise beyond time and energy.

  People who do not have regular exercise habits can start by walking, brisk walking, gardening, walking the dog, washing the car, laborious family affairs, etc. In addition to exercising to the feet, they can also take care of the muscles of the whole body, reminding them to sit less, multi-station, and often move around.Every Friday, at least 30 minutes a day, can prevent chronic diseases to maintain health.

  Walking is the most convenient way to exercise. It is recommended to walk at a speed of about 100-120 steps per minute according to the state of physical fitness, to achieve micro-asthmatic, only to talk to the point (heartbeat about 120 / min), as long as 30 per dayPoints, or use 3 of the day.

5 minutes of space, 5,000 steps per day, can make the original inactive, obese middle-aged people, the average weight of 2 kg, waist circumference reduced by 3 cm, after 2-3 months can be significantly improved.