Quick walk can be thin and healthy

Quick walk can be thin and healthy

According to Harvard University research, exercise for 1 hour can extend the healthy life span of 2 hours. As long as you accumulate more than 5,000 steps per day, you can help you lose weight and build health.

According to Harvard University research, the amount and intensity of physical activity prevention and prevention of health care does not need to be intense. Just use scattered time activities to accumulate appropriate physical activity.

  For example: use the scattered time activities, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and accumulate 2000 kcal per week.

Using the continuous consumption of energy such as leisure, walking, climbing stairs, etc., can reduce the total mortality rate by 43%, the risk of cancer by 32%, and the incidence of depression can also be reduced, that is, exercise for 1 hour, can be extended 2Hours of life.

Remind everyone to remember the principle of less sitting, more standing, more walking, climbing stairs, etc., at least five days a week, more than 30 minutes a day, systemic, similar to aerobic activities, can effectively prevent chronic diseases, maintain health, no needToo strong to strive for physical exercise beyond time and energy.

  People who do not have regular exercise habits can start by walking, brisk walking, gardening, walking the dog, washing the car, laborious family affairs, etc. In addition to exercising to the feet, they can also take care of the muscles of the whole body, reminding them to sit less, multi-station, and often move around.Every Friday, at least 30 minutes a day, can prevent chronic diseases to maintain health.

  Walking is the most convenient way to exercise. It is recommended to walk at a speed of about 100-120 steps per minute according to the state of physical fitness, to achieve micro-asthmatic, only to talk to the point (heartbeat about 120 / min), as long as 30 per dayPoints, or use 3 of the day.

5 minutes of space, 5,000 steps per day, can make the original inactive, obese middle-aged people, the average weight of 2 kg, waist circumference reduced by 3 cm, after 2-3 months can be significantly improved.

Laowu Lao: Five tips on male spring health, recommended collection

Laowu Lao: Five tips on male spring health, recommended collection

We often say that the day is in the morning and the year is in spring.

Spring is the best season for our health care, especially for men, the next small series will introduce you to the five major considerations that men should do in the spring, so that our body is healthier.

[1]Massage three acupuncture points during the Spring Festival, people are very easy to get angry, at this time you can massage the three major points of our body, they are Dazhui, Quchi and Fengmen.

Dazhui points just below the most prominent vertebrae behind us when we bow our heads.

At the Quchi point, we bend the elbow into a right angle and form the outer end of the elbow.

The damper hole moves down the two bone joints in our large cone hole, and then moves to the left and right and then shifts to one and a half.

Usually we often use our fingers to stop these acupuncture points, which can improve our local blood circulation, help us prevent the fire, and improve our body’s immunity.

[2]Vitamins and vitamins are essential nutrients for our human activities. They occupy a very important position in our body. They can effectively resist the invasion of certain foreign bacteria and enhance the vitality and quantity of our immune cells.

Therefore, in the spring season, which is very easy to catch cold, we must remember to replenish some vitamins in the body.

You can eat some fruits and vegetables with high vitamins and vitamin C, such as kiwi.

Eat more foods with high levels of vitamins and vitamins, some carrots.

Or eating some sunflower seeds and walnuts with high vitamin A is especially helpful for our health.

[3]Washing hands many times a day in the spring, we are very susceptible to colds, it is easy to stick some cold viruses on the hands, and bring them to various places.

At this time, it is especially necessary to wash your hands frequently. It is found through scientific research that some cold viruses can live on our hands for about two hours, and the surface of some hard objects can survive for 72 hours.about.
We often wash our hands to reduce some of the respiratory tract, infectious diseases and the risk of getting the flu.

[4]Sleep more than one hour a day. In the spring season when the disease is frequent, we can sleep an average of one hour every day while sleeping.

It is a good way to increase the number of some immune cells in our body, so that our immune system can rest normally every day, so that when we wake up the next day, we feel comfortable.

[5]Perform some gentle exercise. For men, it is necessary to carry out some moderate exercise activities to improve their cardiopulmonary ability during the Spring Festival, such as swimming, jogging, etc., which can enhance our body’s immunity.Strength is very good for our human health.

All in all, male friends in the spring of the disease-prone season, must pay attention to their health from sports, diet, sleep and other aspects, so that they can have a healthy body.