deal! Hefei Heping Primary School will build a new part of the new center in the eastern part

deal! Hefei City Peace Primary School will build a new part in the eastern part.

After the completion of the new school, it will implement a two-part school model, unified principal, unified teaching system, unified course resource, unified teacher training, unified student education, and give full play to the radiation effect of quality education resources, and show vitality education, learn the new image of Yaohai. To build a new growth of Hefei Education. The school is equipped with campus card, electronic class, wisdom classroom, library, recording classroom, computer classroom, gymnasium, art classroom, scientific laboratory, etc. High quality school.

Peace Primary School is located in the northwest side of Guangde Road and the Binhe Road, designing 36 units in designing schools, providing 1620 degrees. At present, the new school project is working on the preliminary work of the location, traffic discovery, pipeline migration and greening migration, laying a solid foundation for the formal construction construction, and is scheduled to be completed in August 2023.

After completion, it will greatly alleviate the pressure of the surrounding student, meet the children’s children in the near future, which is conducive to further optimizing the city’s education resource allocation, and improving the regional value of the new central center in Hefei, gathering popularity.

Original title: set! Hefei Heping Primary School is in the heart of the new center in the eastern part …

Bama held a wish to show a non-legacy project and folk customs

Original title: Bama hosted the festival to show non-legacy projects and folk customs on July 3, Bama Yao Autonomous County wishes the festival "Murleo" ceremony held in Bama Shouxiang Square, Yao compatriots passed this Selected the fifth batch of national "non-legacy" projects, showing the charm of folk customs and the cultization of Migoto.

Legend Legend Altenday, May 29, is the birthday of the Buno Yao, a grandmother, Mt., for commemorating the Murrettor, and Buno Yao will hold the festival in this day.

The Yao people wish the Historical changes, gradually become a festival and peace festival from the folk religious festival. On May 24 this year, the State Council announced the fifth batch of national-level intangible cultural heritage representative project directory, Bama Yao, I wish the festival successfully. Hold the ceremony of the ceremony, let the ancient song "Mt. Morotino", play copper inspiration, sing the wine song, bare feet under the fire sea … I wish the programs on the "Murlaro" ceremony of the festival, wonderful show Bunu Yao culture.

In addition, the activities also conducted a prevailing of national intangible cultural heritage projects such as Bama Zhuang Nationality and Take Old Customs, and Du’an Zhuang. In order to increase the interactivity of the masses, the Bama Yao people wish the festival, the Shouxiang National Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, the Art Performance, Shouxiang Health Health and Food Festival, the Songshan Song, National Traditional Sports. (Reporter Lu Wang) (Editor: Chen Luo, Li Minjun).

China @ 四 川 | Crossing machine with you "Flying" this "big country"

  On June 28th, the world’s largest, high-tech hydropower project was the highest technology – the first unit of Jinsha River Baihe Beach Hydropower Station put into production.

  Now, please follow the "crossing machine", simulate the perspective of the white crane in the sky, through the global single capacity largest water turbine group, the smart dam of the hundred layamer high, the world’s first "Dungeon" cave room.White crane hinges, nine days, dive in Jinsha River and cloud cliffs, rotation, pulsation, and multi-perspective shocking showing large national weeks.Planning: Hui Xiaoyong supervision system: Yang Sanjun, Ye Yong, Zhou Xiangji Director: Xue Chen Editor: Liang Wen Ya Xinhua News Agency: Yang Di, Hu Xu, Lu Wei, 冰 洁 穿 机 机 摄 影:: 摄 摄:: 摄 摄 摄 冰 冰 摄 摄 摄 摄: 小 穿 新 摄 华,Sichuan Branch.

2021 New Year Cup Sailing Competition Shenzhen ended

  Xinhuanet Shenzhen January 4th electric 2021 New Year Cup sailboat has ended in Shenzhen. The competition lasted 3 days, a total of 8 rounds, and 52 players in 7 clubs participated in 7 groups.

  The laser men’s group champion was obtained by Feng Ziming, who was the Viusa Viova. Ok, I am very satisfied with the results. "Open group champion, Shenzhen Wanxin’s Xia Xin said:" The overall feeling is a bit panic, and the last round is superior to the wind.

This game is quite small, I think my performance is OK, and there is a room. I am more satisfied with the result, but the process is not very satisfied.

"The referee of the event, Peng Yongfei said:" The overall wind is not good, the maximum is 9, the minimum is only 2. Topper group Some players are newers, small winds and wind swings are a big challenge.

The rank of each round of the game has a large change, greatly exercising the psychological endurance of the players. The level of laser group players is relatively high, and they are very obvious to the grasp of winds and water flows, and progress is particularly obvious.

"The New Year Cup Sailing Race is the New Year’s Eve, the New Year, Shenzhen Wanhang Say, which has been creating the new year’s sailing event. Since the first competition in 2017, since the first competition, it has become a special navigation activity of the national youth resignation.

  This competition is hosted by China Sailing Sailing Sports Association, Shenzhen Military Association, Shenzhen Dapeng New District Water Sports Association, Shenzhen Wanhang Sailing Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. , The Coordination of the Guangdong Provincial Sailing Association, the Shenzhen Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Sports Bureau provided support.

The 7th Legislative Council of the Hong Kong SAR will have more than 620 polling stations for 14 hours.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, on October 25, the Hong Kong SAR Electoral Management Committee issued the 19th Legislative Council Election Campaign Guidelines, which plans to set up more than 620 general polling stations, and the voting time is shortened to 14 hours. The 7th Legislative Council election nomination will begin on October 30th to end November 12, and elections at December 19.

The Electoral Office plans to set up more than 620 general polling stations in 10 constituencies in Hong Kong, and will set up 1 Election Committee in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

This legislative meeting will adopt an electronic voter register system and other improvement measures.

In order to let the polling station staff have more time for the relevant equipment for the final inspection, the election voting time will be changed to 8:30 am to 8:30 am to 10:30 am to 10:30 pm (15 hours) Up to 10:30 pm (14 hours). This new arrangement applies to a general polling station and a special polling station located within the police station. The special polling station is located in the Correctional Services Department, and the voting time will remain at 9 am to 4 pm.

In order to successfully complete the election and respond to new coronal pneumonia, the Electoral Services Department will implement multiple epidemic prevention measures, such as staff must wear a surgical mask.

At the same time, it is now planned to establish a polling station in the Bamboo Bay quarantine center to provide special voting arrangements for votes that are accepting forced quarantine, but will not provide special voting arrangements for those who are accepting homotropic or in designated quarantine hotels.

Therefore, voters who are currently not intentional to vote in Hong Kong should plan back to Hong Kong as soon as possible, so that the voting date can go to the voting station to exercise the right. The 7th Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be held on December 19th, and 20 Members selected from the local constituency, and 30 members of the functional selection, the election committee is selected to select 40 Members, and 90 members are selected. . (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.

Art Star opens, Zhang Fu Ruoqing, Zhang Yimou, and Zhang secretly secret "cliff" suspense

Snow forest, spy shadow heavy.

On the cliff, the desperate is living! The first spy battle film directed by Zhang Yimou is released on April 30, and a crisis is about to open.

How do Zhang Yimou’s leading perspective? How to shoot "electric horse"? What is it deeply hidden in the tip number of connector? At 8 o’clock on the evening of April 23, the director of the "Cliff" Director was Fu Ruoqing, and Zhang Yimou took the starring Zhang Yiwei people’s network "Art Star to open" red screening room, reveal the "cliff" behind the scenes, chat creation experience. The story of the "Cliff" took place in the Northeast of the 1930s.

Zhang translation, Qin Haijun, Zhu Yen, and Liu Hauchu played the Communist Party agents who have accepted special training in the Soviet Union, and they formed a task team, returning to the country’s secret action of "Utra".

Due to the sale of traitors, they have been in the Robin of the enemy’s cloth from the first moment of parachute land. Ice city is bloody, the enemy is difficult to distinguish, the comrades can get out, the task can be completed, the snow has been, the "Utra" action team faces a severe test. "Leave the last bullet to yourself", the film pays tribute to the unknown martyrs who donate for the country.

According to incomplete statistics, since modern China, about 20 million miles have died, only 1960,000 named surname. Among them, the underground workers live every day in the "cliff", facing sacrifices anytime, anywhere. As the special end of Zhang Yimou said: "Whether it is a life, it is sigh, people are struggling for faith.

(Editor: Cui Yuanyuan, Zhang Feng) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shanxi Province will focus on supervising schools to implement Lid Tree people

  Original title: Our province will focus on the implementation of the school to implement the situation of the Lidshu people in 2022, basically the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Education Supervision Institutional Mechanism Reform" in the Shanxi Characteristic Education Supervision System. (Abbrevant " Implementation opinions ") said: By 2022, the province basically built comprehensive coverage, operation efficiency, authority, accountability and powerful, and Shanxi characteristic education supervision system mechanism to better play the role of education.

  "Implementation Opinions" clearly, the education supervision institution implements the working mechanism of the three-level linkage of provinces, municipalities, and counties, strictly implement the annual work plan, major matters and supervision results of the undergraduate education supervision institutions. Our province will focus on the implementation of the school to implement the situation of the Lord Tree, guide the school to improve management level and treatment capacity, improve the quality of education and teaching, and promote the comprehensive development of students’ morality.

Strictly implement the supervision and supervision system of primary and secondary school kindergartens, reasonable partial supervision and supervision and supervision and supervision of supervision and supervision, and give full play to the daily supervision role of responsibility, and carry out normalized supervision on the school.

Continue to implement higher education assessment, conduct dissertation sampling, serious treatment of degrees, and other academic incidents. In addition, establishing a notification system, the problem of rectification of education supervision discovery, pushing the skin, does not act or does not complete the implementation of the mission, and the education supervision institution will supervise the supervision results, the work performance and rectification situation, the party committee and government As well as the competent authorities, it is recommended that the members of the party and government leaders may not evaluate the premium, promote the use or transfer to important positions.

The annual target task is not completed, the evaluation of education duties is unqualified, obstructive, interfered, and does not cooperate with education supervision and supervision work, in accordance with relevant regulations and accountable for relevant person in charge; private schools have such information, The responsibility of the education administrative department urged the school to remove the relevant person in charge according to law.

In the process of supervision, discover illegal schools, violations of educators and teachers and school legitimate rights and interests, teachers’ morality and other illegal activities, transferred to relevant law enforcement departments; suspected of crime, investigate criminal responsibility according to law.

(Reporter Xue Jianying).

The scenery "open the door" is no longer?

Original title: The "open door" scenery is no longer in the insurance industry? Compared with the past, the insurance industry "opens the door" in 2022.

According to the practice, in advance of November, it is an important stage of the "opening of the door", "opening the door", but many dangerous companies have delayed the time of "opening the door" this year.

At present, only several Chinese people, Ping An Life, etc. have launched related products.

As an insurance company’s annual weight, "open door" has always been a key period of insurance companies to complete the annual premium goals, but with the supervision, "opening the door" in the past two years gradually cools, and the insurance company will change the traditional marketing model. Realize high quality development? Dizza "open the door" into the industry consensus insurance industry "open red", generally regularly sells the tradition of certain insurance products in the end of the year.

During this period, most insurance companies typically push annual insurance products with high yields to attract customers, such as annual insurance attaches Universal account, pay more than 3 years, 5 years, and more 10 years during the guarantee period. the following.

However, this year, many insurance companies have delayed the start time of "opening the door", and fade "opening the door" has become an industry consensus.

In this regard, the industry analyzed that "on the one hand, under the influence of new crown pneumonia epidemic, life insurance reform, agents decline, major insurance companies are still pressing, and some insurance companies are also sprinting the full-year target task, and can allocate Give the ‘open red’ business limited resource; on the other hand, the last year of the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission released the "Notice on Strengthening the Stable Development of the Normal Management of Personal Insurance Company", emphasized the key nodes of the industry ‘opening red’, new policy implementation, etc. Company product development, sales and other acts for continuous monitoring, resolutely combat dangerous enterprises to develop insurance products, speculation products, and misleading publicity.

In the face of supervision of Jian, this year’s insurance company is more cautious in the start time of ‘opening red’. "From the 2022" opening "products launched by several insurance companies, they pay more attention to customer support. Demand.

Taking China Life Insurance as an example, the product provides an annuities for the 60-year-old customers and 75-year-old customer groups, providing a powerful guarantee for the customer’s retirement. That is to say, if you are 60 years old, under 75 years old, your health can be insured. Moreover, the annual collection method of the product is divided into two regular collar and lifelong collar, and the insured can choose one of the annuity of the contract as the contract.

It is not difficult to see that in the context of the industry, "opening the door", the dangerous enterprises have abandoned the top-sided pursuit of scale and performance, with high cost, in exchange for the development of short-term business development, regression risk protection.

Insurance enterprises pay more attention to starting from consumer demand, highlighting the risk guarantee function of insurance products, continuously optimizing product supply, meeting consumer real needs. Chen Bing, director of China Insurance and Risk Management Research Center, China Insurance and Risk Management, said in an interview with Economic Daily, said that insurance companies relax the insurance period, and launch annuity insurance for the elderly, and encourage individuals to buy commercial pension insurance, give elderly People choose space, which is not only to help develop third pillar endowments in the context of the aging acceleration of population aging, but also in accordance with international practice and the inherent logic of commercial insurance. Meeting the pension insurance demand into the insurance company, how do you design a product that does not even bring performance growth to the company while desalping the "open door"? It is understood that many insurance companies have met the pension security requirements as an entry point, and steady to provide different groups of differentiated pension security services.

Ping An Life Insurance Recently launched "Yu Enjoy Fortune Annuity Insurance" also puts the age to 75 years old, the payment period is available for 3 years or 5 years, and the guarantee period is 8 years.

Ping An Life Inn, as a new generation of new year-of-year insurance product plans to interact with "wealth + pension + inheritance", the launch of the wealth, is a safe life, the insurance surname guarantee, and the customer needs, enhances product supply capacity , Important measures to build a multi-level product system. Wang Xiangnan, deputy director of the Insurance and Economic Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told reporters that strengthening the product’s old-age requirement to relax the age requirements of the insured person, attract more insurance people who do financial planning for life cycle, can say that aggressive dealing with aging There is a positive impact on the insurance industry "open the door". However, the long life of the elderly is relatively small, and the accumulation of various diseases and the accumulation of nursing needs is relatively small. The long-term trend is not easy to predict, so the dangerous enterprises develop such products, but also build robust pricing and nuclear Intentional. "In addition, the old-age security products have the characteristics of long-term, large amounts of money, rich in product design, marketing and follow-up management, more tests, especially the financial insurance knowledge of the old population. The whole skill is weaker, which requires insurance companies to explain to consumers, help consumers, and provide products that are truly suitable for their needs, to be customer-centered, put the policy to a customer perspective. "Wang Xiangnan said. For the study of the "opening of the opening" sales environment next year, Zhan Zhong, Vice President of China Life, believes that the fluctuations of the economy and the epidemic will affect the extent of customer demand release, and the influence of the epidemic prevention and control is also large. The size of manpower declines, regulators, the company’s own requirements for high quality development, will also bring certain challenges. It is reported that the previous supervision emphasizes that the personal insurance company should scientifically formulate development strategies, reasonable planning all-year development tasks, balance business development rhythm, effective prevention and management risk, and promote the stable and healthy and high quality development of the personal insurance market.

From the context of human tactics to throops in the reform of the life insurance industry, the size reduction of agents is a general trend, but the dangerous enterprises will transfer some expectations to the "open red" performance from the past extensive person tactics.

The stress of the premium growth, the incentive effect of "opening the door" is more important. The BOCA data shows that the inventory of the original insurance industry is 36.514 billion yuan in the first three quarters of this year, a decrease in fell by 1 year-on-year;

Among them, the personal insurance premium income is 27.73.3 billion yuan, a decline in a year-on-year.

It is worth noting that the premium income in the first three quarters of this year has the only one-year-old decline in the same period in the past five years. The increase in payment is the highest speed in the same period in the past five years. It can be seen that the pressure of the insurance industry in the underwriting end.

However, China Merchants Securities pointed out in the "Insurance Industry 2022 Opening": Overall, this year’s annual insurance and lifelong life insurance and other savings sales will be better than last year, and the financial assets of the financial assets in the financial assets of wealth management. It is expected to deliver funds. In interviews, the demand for life insurance did not decrease, but consumers’ preferences and consumption behaviors have changed. In the past, many people buy insurance are "human guarantee", and the current consumer is more reasonable, pay more attention to demand matching And the professional level of the sales staff. In this regard, Chen Bing is admitting to the reporter, although the insurance company needs "opening the door" to boost performance, but should not overrun "opening the door", but to do the sales balance development, on demand, do not emphasize sales schedule; With the interests of customer interests, improve the overall quality of the agent. As consumers have become more and more expensive for insurance salesperson, future agent teams must help customers first conduct personal health risk assessments, and then propose reasonable guarantee It is recommended to truly do risk management for customers. At the same time, the past insurance agents will transfer to a specialized investment and financial team, only in this way can become one of the core competitiveness of insurance companies.

According to Huang Hongying, Chief Marketing Officer and Ping An Life, Chief Marketing Officer, Ping An Life, Ping An Launches AI and Short Video Production Tools to help agents "automation" self-made insurance knowledge, wealth management, healthy life, etc. High quality short video, follow Current short video marketing trend. In terms of claims, peace launched "smart prepaid", speed "flashing", improve claims experience, shorten the claim time, thus enhancing the customer’s recognition rate for the agent.

In addition, Peace is also fully supported by customer portraits, intelligent recommendations, intelligent access, etc., and fully supports differentiated service requirements for each agent accurately positioning customers. It can be expected that with the more reasonable planning of the annual development task, the product can better meet the market demand, the agent team is more integrated into transformation, and the value of new business value in the future will be an important indicator of high quality development in the insurance industry.

(Editor: Luo Zhizhi, Chen Ke) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Overview of Financial Data (20210611) – Forex – China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

  Available Bank announced interest rate resolutions.British Bank of Bank of Bank Publit Publit and participated in the question and answer on climate change and the Bank of England.In 2021, the FOMC Ticket Committee, the Chicago Fed President Evans speech on the economic status and monetary policy.

    Federal Reserve Releases Economic Status Brown Book, Minneapolis Federation President of Cashkari, Atlanta President Bostik, Dallas Federal Reserve President, Caplan, President of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, Participate in the theme for racial and economic online conference.Fed Chairman Powell Powell attended the International Clearing Bank on the online meeting of the climate.

Shanxi key sources of business for the better overall outstanding contribution tax

  Original title: [new data] Aspect new key sources of business for the better overall outstanding tax contributions November 8, reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation Tax Bureau of Shanxi Province, the first three quarters of this year, the province’s total storage revenue tax hundred enterprises billion, an increase% increase the contribution rate of more than four percent. Hundred enterprises, non-coal businesses performed better tax, which, Shanxi Fen storage revenue billion yuan, an increase of%; TISCO storage revenue billion yuan (excluding free arrival transfer library), an increase of times; platform Shanxi economy on behalf of the enterprise storage revenue faster as the logistics billion, an increase of times. Platform with comprehensive reform demonstration zone economy, for example, as of now, the region has reached 305 companies settled platform, accounting for more than 50% of the province’s enterprise platform, the platform economy presents a clustering effect.

1–8 months, an increase of corporate tax economic platform%. Founded in 2017, Shanxi soon as the logistics Technology Co., Ltd., is the first national "car carrier" pilot enterprises in Shanxi and the first freight network platform.

Has now become a "freight network, enterprise logistics information technology, supply chain after the vehicle market and financial services, the number of regions wisdom integrated logistics solutions," the country’s leading commodity circulation in one of the whole chain service providers.

As of March 2021, were quick to integrate social platform vehicles 560,000, 560,000 registered drivers, shippers thousand, a total of 500 million tons cargo carrier, the cumulative turnover of over 35 billion yuan, ranking Shanxi first continuous scale, forefront of the country, the size of the country’s first coal logistics and transport, digital logistics service network throughout the country 18 provinces. Soon into the online business platform combined with the traditional store sales, set up a "fast into a polymerization" platform, after the consumer market turnover (zero Agency) the cumulative billion. (Reporter Ren Zhixia).