Now this woman appears so suddenly,It’s no wonder they think so。

have to say,Lei Xiaoxiao’s idea is still very good,She also found the problem all at once。
The woman said without caring:“Is there something wrong with this?Water flows to lower place, man goes to higher position,This time there is such a good opportunity,If he doesn’t grasp it,,I’ll probably stay in this place for the rest of my life。”
“He had no chance before,My family has such a big view,But now he has a chance,Is there anything wrong with this thing?”Qin Feng also had to sigh,People will really change。
And just
Many people are too self-righteous。
If nothing happens,Qin Feng estimated that Gao Xiaofang might be leaving,But at this moment if Gao Xiaofang is willing to leave,Qin Feng’s name can be written upside down。
This is not,Gao Xiaofang’s expression is also somewhat bleak,Because he already guessed something,But he never thought,The woman I loved deeply,Turned out to be such a woman。
Just think of the things before,Gao Xiaofang said in a very unhappy heart:“All right,I already know what you mean。”
That’s you because I might want to go to such a company to do things,So you were arranged to persuade me。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter 980 An extremely sad story
If i want to go,Then your family will look at me too,Does this thing mean like this?
“This thing is not like this,I just want to say,We have a way to live a better life。”That woman is not a fool,She also felt that kind of disgust from Gao Xiaofang,So she quickly said。
“Ha ha。”Gao Xiaofang’s sudden smile,That also let Qin Feng know,There is nothing to worry about about this matter。
Some people always think that interests can change everything,But they don’t know,Some people don’t like being manipulated by profit.。