Celestial computers like big clocks have,What can be more exaggerated than this?

Tony:Group leader,is this real?The traversing talisman can travel through the world of group members?
Shen Ziyao:I guessed it,I just didn’t expect the mall to have all the items in the world of each group member。
Wu Xing:These are true,Now only I can see and buy,But wait until the chat group reaches30people,After upgrading to level 3,It’s open to everyone。
Then everyone issued a series of exclamation marks again。
Flower pity:Brother Wuxing is bad,Hua Lian was happy for a while,Was hit。
Tyrant:Points are already low,Now see the picture of the group leader,I feel even less useful。
Tony:But then again,Didn’t you open up the group mission function?,Does anyone know what it is?
Shen Ziyao:Yes,The task function should be rewarded with points,Has anyone received it??
Wave wind water gate:No,I am still working on enhancements,I found that this enhancement seems to only enhance a single attribute。
Yun Yun:I seem to have received the task function you mentioned(Attached drawing)。
Group task(individual):Go to the Xiao family to help the apprentice to retreat peacefully,Random reward100-1000integral。Note:The more relaxed the Xiao family, the higher the reward。
Flower pity:Wow,Sister Yun Yun is lucky,I received a group task as soon as I arrived。
Tony:Single mission?It means there will be multiplayer missions in the future?
Shen Ziyao:should be,Through,There will definitely be a multiplayer mission。
Flower pity:That’s great,I can work with the handsome brother Wu Xing from now on。
Get,I was still talking about Wu Xing’s bad Hua Lian,In a blink of an eye it became a fan girl。
Tony:Sister Hua Lian,It’s not Uncle Tony who hit you,The strength like the group leader,What kind of group task will I need to be with you?
Flower pity:……。