It was originally a small village,News express。Just now Wang Youcai took someone to beat Er Lengzi,It’s been passed over long ago。So when they entered the courtyard,Wang Xiaomei’s brother-in-law has greeted him。

Wang Xiaomei’s brother looks like an honest person,But her sister-in-law has a sharp chin,Both eyes rolled around。She said delicately:“Yo!It turned out that the big boss came。This bitch,I don’t know to say hello to us in advance,I am ready to prepare”
Wang Youcai didn’t care about Wang Xiaomei and her sister-in-law,Instead, she grabbed Wang Xiaomei’s brother’s hand,Then asked coldly:“Do you have the final say in this house?”
“Oh!Calculate”Wang Xiaomei’s brother trembled slightly in fright。The scene where Wang Youcai led people into Erlenzi’s house just now,What this honest man sees is clear。Until he heard Wang Youcai was coming to his house,He ran back home desperately。
He just told his wife what he saw,Wang Xiaomei took these people through the courtyard gate。
Wang Youcai saw Wang Xiaomei’s brother like this,He immediately scolded:“Look at you,As a man,What does it look like at home??Wang Xiaomei is your sister,You dare to promise to Er Lengzi who has a wife in private,Don’t you know it’s illegal?”
“Yo!This boss may not know!Er Lengzi is so fierce,How dare someone like us provoke him??”Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law rushed to say。
Wang Youcai’s eyes widened and roared:“Er Lengzi ruined Wang Xiaomei’s happiness if you can’t afford it?”Wang Youcai’s appearance is a bit scary。
Sister-in-law Wang Xiaomei accidentally looked up and saw more than a dozen people standing outside the gate,She felt scared from the bottom of her heart。
“Xiaomei!Let these bosses sit in the house”Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law suddenly changed her tone。
Wang Youcai feels almost done,This brought Tian Wa and Wu Wu into the door of Shangfang。Wang Xiaomei’s wife is really coming,She hurriedly took out cigarettes and tea,It’s a cigarette,Tea again。Busy around all the time。
Wang Youcai lit a cigarette,Took a hard breath and said:“We are here to propose。You must know what happened just now。If Wang Xiaomei marries him,Er Lengzi dare not say a word。and also,Xiaomei’s parents died early,We just come here to take a form”
Wang Youcai is a ruthless man,So he was full of words,It means whether you want to,That’s it。
“Ah!Since Xiaomei is the master,She has the final say。But I want to ask,Who is this uncle?”Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law’s color on her face is extremely ugly,But she forced a smile。
“Is my sister-in-law,What’s going on at home,Just call”Tian Wa said,Smiled and said。
Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law looked at Tian Baby from head to toe and said:“Not ugly,Still talking about the past。Very strong,I don’t know what you do?”
“I am a veteran,Now work with Brother Wang at the Chenzhuang Scenic Tree Base,Xiaomei married me,Where can i work”Tian Wa may be too happy,So say five and ten。
Sister-in-law Wang Xiaomei,My eyes lit up and said:“Ok!not bad。Just i don’t understand,You are here to propose marriage,Let us know?”
“Oh!”Tian Wa,Hurriedly beckoned outside the gate,Immediately two people came in with big bags and small bags。