“Follow the speed,The news has been known by the eclipse idiot。”

“Those two geniuses,Face your home star being taken away,What will you do?”
“If you return to earth,Take hands to fight,It’s not just that it will be suppressed by Eclipse’s subordinates。。。There are also gods hidden in human beings。”
“Even if you can’t kill,Also blow up that planet,Unless Eclipse Fire comes to Earth in person,Otherwise there is absolutely no way to suppress,This makes Eclipse get into trouble,Maybe we have to go to Star Prison。”
“If you watch the earth be taken away,Then I will blow up the earth。And because of the destruction of the family star,Compared to your mind and will will be hit,Future achievements will also have an impact。”
“Hahaha,Human race,I want to see how you deal with my hand。”
“No matter what you do,The human race will suffer!”
The hatred and madness flashed in the eyes of the powerful mechanical race,It’s exactly the same as the eyes of Venerable Lieyun。
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Chapter Twenty Chase
I didn’t kill your people,Why are you still chasing me?!”Li Ming helplessly communicated to the immortal He Ling behind him。
Li Ming’s forward flight,And the immortal river spirit behind him is chasing frantically,The speed of both sides is infinitely close to the speed of light。