People’s Network held a campus media salon training excavation "potential news people"

Wang Shhuai, edited the reporter of the student, introduced the media integration development pattern, the operational model of the People’s Daily’s Weibo, and the training model of the full media talents, but also extended the olive branch of the major college media representatives of the participation, welcome potential News talents join the team.

Chen Ning used a new media to disseminate the new media in a new media, and analyzed the characteristics of network public opinion, analyzed the relationship between the official public opinion and the private public opinion, and finally shared the content of lying jobs. The intended misunderstandings of public opinion. College students have asked the guests, put forward themselves in new media operations, reporting topics, etc., the guests will answer one by one.

The school media salon is co-organized by the People’s Daily News () to build communication and promote growth, excavate, and cultivate potential news talents for college students’ reporters. The event will continue in the future, and the university student forum specializing in the strong country will promptly release the exciting content of the school salon to hold information and guest sharing.

As a national key news website, the People’s Network has long been a good cooperative relationship with major universities. Over the years, he has been supporting the thinking, research and practical activities of college students in the field of news communication. There are currently 11 colleges and universities have launched "People’s Network Scholarship".

From the People’s Daily, the "Most Substant News People Competition" jointly hosted by the National College Campus Website Alliance, is currently the registration stage, and the students can be before August 31.