Party members and cadres in Yongjia County, Wenzhou build a "red protection barrier"

  On March 9, Wenzhou Lucheng District notified a case of positive cases of new crown pneumonia, and the city’s epidemic prevention and control faced a new severe situation and major test.

In the face of this round of the epidemic, grass -roots party organizations and party members and cadres in Yongjia County, Wenzhou Yongjia County resolutely implement the decision -making and deployment of cities and counties, give full play to the role of fighting forts and vanguard, and conduct in -depth action of "party flags flying." Strive for the prevention and control of the epidemic. After receiving a report from the epidemic "epidemic", 1157 party members and cadres were involved in the "epidemic". Essence At the same time, 25 fixed sampling points in Yongjia County are simultaneously opened to provide sampling services simultaneously, open a total of 128 sampling points, expansion sampling points, and 128 key areas sampling points (excluding isolation points). Regional nucleic acid detection. In this operation, party members and cadres gave full play to the role of modeling. A total of 61 volunteers teams were organized, all of which were put into the front line, or nucleic acid sampling, or streaming, or maintained order. At around 15:00 on March 11, more than 13,6900 people have completed nucleic acid testing in Yongjia County. The whole night’s nucleic acid testing of the whole member nucleic acid test is the "main battlefield" of the Yongjia epidemic prevention and control of the Yongjia epidemic. On the evening of March 9, after receiving the prevention and control instructions, the emergency response was launched as soon as possible. The plan is deployed, and the assembly is quickly assembled, and the dwelling is in place.

In response to 4 key areas including Wuzhong Garden and Oucheng Huayuan, more than 600 people including the two members of the party members, community committees, police stations, party member volunteers, and militias have organized all employee nucleic acid tests. At the point, more than 1690 nucleic acid samples were completed, and a total of 58 people were concentrated in isolation and densely connected objects, space -time secrets, sub -secrets, and other key objects.

  At around 6:30 am on March 10th, the second round of nucleic acid testing in key areas will be launched in the second round of nucleic acid testing in the second round of nucleic acid testing in the new area. The cumulative nucleic acid test on the day was more than 48,000. Starting from March 9th, the "red knock" operation from home to carry out home, Yongjia Sanjiang Custom City Party Mass Service Center and 6 communities party branches in the 6 communities in the 6 communities of the Sanxian City will carry out a round of "washing" investigation every day. In action, more than 30,000 residents were investigated, and 75 key personnel were found.

The party branches of each community have also formed about 70 party member volunteer service teams to fully cooperate with the organizational mobilization, order maintenance, on -site service, and publicity. The three -dimensional city party and mass service center also set up a new crown vaccination point, which specializes in serving residents of the community. Within two days, a total of 720 injections were completed.

  Facing the tightening of the epidemic situation of the party and the party, the party and the party rotate, the streets of Yongjianan City responded quickly. More than 400 volunteer teams, including various volunteers, have participated in prevention and control work. As of March 10, more than 7,400 nucleic acid sampling was completed. The "big horn" cycle of the streets of the streets of the streets broadcasts the epidemic prevention and control content. The key residents conducted a visit and policy explanation one by one, and took the initiative to investigate 150 reports. (Responsible editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

“I taught you what,I know,No, you don’t have to slap your tongue,gone”

Silently laugh。
Aughetic,Three people slowly disappeared in the wind and snow。
seaside,It is already the country of Tang。
“Just here.,You should also return to the wooden leaves.”The program suddenly turned and said to Spring.。
Spring,This is going to go back.,I still have something to learn.!
My Xianke,My yuyan,Although it is uncertain, you can learn,But so let me try it.!
Although the spring knows that he will go back sooner or later,It is impossible to follow the master。
“so fast”Spring is reluctant to say。
“What is so fast?,You have already learned enough now.,Go back to practice”
“OK then”Square is somewhat lost。
“go back,Help me to ask three generations and old age”I hesitate to say it.。
“knew,You wait for it, wait,I seem to forget what.”Said that the fountain is running。
“Um?”Outlet and mute,Forgot things, let us wait for you.。
Anyway, it is not bad.,The apeer and the mute will wait.。
After a while。
Spring ran over。
“what,Quan Yu, you have a shadow.”When the program, I see that the spring is the shadow.。
“Forehead,My body is gone,He let me bring you a few words”Squares of the shadow are careful。
“Talk badly?What should I make a shadow?”There is a bad sense of opportunity。 “Three generations of adults,Let me say that I don’t want to adjust the ninja,No matter what you are there,You are the ninja of wood leaves”
Blonde storm,“Is there still?”
“Ontology,The teacher will marry after the teacher who can see the past.,Our wooden leaves”
The movie of the Quan Wei scored a fist in a fist.。
Silently be a thief。
The fierce turned head stared at the mute,Silent, I will live.,No wonder the spring is shadow,Otherwise, I really don’t know how to die.。
“Spring,Your blindly born,F。。。。”
The farther’s springs quickly advanced body,I smile on my face.。
Then I will continue.。
“uncle,Where is the place?”Spring is very polite, asking an old man in the roadside selling mask。
Spring has been hurrying for a few days.,But he doesn’t know his position.。
“In front,The front is the place where the country and the fire in the country”Old man said。
“Wave country?I have been walking.!”
When I walked, I forgot to ask for a hand.,Fortunately, the ninja school is going to school.,Spring, I have seen a toraque map,Know the sea along the country of the soup,Can go to the country of fire。
“This time,I don’t know if I miss.,Do you want to see it?”Spring thought。
Then, the spring, I looked at the mask of the old man.。

Agricultural Issuance Lianyungang City Branch: Multiple measures to do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic

Facing the emergence of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, the Nongyungang Branch was issued by the Lianyungang Branch to hold a telephone meeting of the New Crown Pneumonia’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Group, launched an emergency plan, and formulated the "Notice of Prevention and Control and Control and Control of the Lianyungang branch. , Deploy the entire bank of the entire epidemic prevention and control work. The first is to strictly implement the prevention and control requirements. The entire employee cooperates with the local government’s epidemic prevention and control deployment, and take prevention and control measures such as nucleic acid testing and home isolation. As the first responsible person, the governor of the county and district branch deploy and grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic. The person in charge of each department of the organs should pay attention to the status of each employee, while maintaining smooth communication, and the emergency situation can be contacted at any time.

The second is the prevention and control of rigorous key areas. Constructing the epidemic protection network, strengthening the management of key links, and implementing daily disinfection of public areas such as office areas, corridors, elevators.

The business hall strictly implements the entry and exit registration inspection system. Customers enter the business hall and need to wear a mask, body temperature measurement, inspection, and real -name registration before entering.

Establish a report system for the epidemic prevention and control date, and the entire employee reports the daily prevention and control of the epidemic, so that there is something to report and have nothing to report to peace. Third, strict epidemic prevention materials reserve. Make every effort to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials. It has purchased protective supplies such as reserve masks, medical alcohol, disinfection, and temperature guns to ensure that the entire line of epidemic prevention items are sufficient and ensure that all financial services are continuously stipulated.

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Behind him,Follow all the teenagers who participate in the assessment,Even Chu Yang is also in it。

Although only 18 years old,Can high enough to have two meters,Bronze strong body,Muscles are like Dragon generally appear to be strong,Full of explosive power。
And his body is convorating a wild beast-like fierce,Double eyes!See him,Wu Heng and frown about the mountain。
These days,Surrounded by the same reputation,However, it is a 12-alliance.,Similarly, it is famous in the huntown list.。
Inversely the summer,Some surprises。 Previous time,He did not see inflammation,Hear the closed custom。
I didn’t expect him to come out.,I didn’t expect it.,Chu Yang et al. Also followed。
“Hit,I am afraid of you.。”
Teenagers named Wu Heng,“A magistrate,What is nothing?,Hey,There is also a summer country,Don’t anyone really?,The country’s genius is waste,I have to take the replacement of the magic scorpion,Almost forgot,You are originally a ancestor,Hahaha,Be a wild。”
Inflammation,Two blurred animal souls after body hovering,Faint sound。
at this time,Changping coldly。
His mouth hooked a curvature,“You want to get the corpse?
good,Then give you the body.,However, the head is not。
She comes to our hanging river unsuccessful purpose.,I have to take it back in my mind.!”
Talk,Void,Rolling smoke on the ground,It is directly taken in the hands。
Immediately read a summer,The eyes are deeply flashing,And then turned。
“Ha ha。”
About Mountain and Wu Heng hun haha laugh,Also follow。
After a few steps,The two heads。
One of the people thumbs up,And backward。
Another guy makes a moving movement in the summer,Smile and cruel。
“court death!”
Inflammation,Anger,I can’t help but want to do it.。
“inflammation,stop,Don’t impulsive!”
Duan Qing helplessly drink,Feeling。
Twelve Alliances have not received the assessment for 30 years.,But he is also coming over.。
Feel the big earth, my biggest,No one is in the eyes,Then I was being educated.。

Coordinating orderly system scientifically promotes carbon peak carbon neutral (some targeted)

Realizing carbon peak carbon neutrality is a wide and profound economic and social change, which can not be achieved easily. In 2021, the Central Economic Work Conference emphasized: "Realizing carbon peak carbon neutrality is the inherent requirements of promoting high -quality development. It is necessary to unswervingly promote it, but it is impossible to work in one battle.

"This provides a direction for correct understanding and grasping carbon peak carbon neutrality and the neutralization of carbon and carbon. , Solidly promote various tasks.

Carbon peak carbon neutrality is the inherent requirements to promote high -quality development.

Realizing carbon peaks and carbon neutrality are the two major domestic and international situations with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. After the major strategic decision -making made by careful consideration, it is an inevitable choice for resolving the prominent problems of resource and environment constraints and realizing the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. It is also the solemn commitment to build a community of human destiny. From an international perspective, new growth paths characterized by low -carbon development have become an important direction for the development of world economic development. Low -carbon technology, low -carbon industry and governance capabilities will become one of the core competitiveness of economic development of various countries. From a domestic perspective, the realization of carbon peak carbon neutrality is related to the future economic and social changes in my country, involving many aspects such as value concepts, industrial structure, energy system, and consumption model.

During the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, the construction of my country’s ecological civilization entered the key period of taking carbon reduction as the key strategic direction, promoting pollution reduction coordination, promoting the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and the improvement of the quality of the ecological environment from quantity to qualitative change. The development of green low -carbon, establishing and improving the economic system of green low -carbon circular development, and promoting the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development is imperative.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Coping climate change is the inherent requirement of China’s sustainable development, and it is also an international obligation that responsible great powers should do.

"Facing the complex and changing domestic and foreign situation, my country insists on responding to climate change as an important starting point for promoting the construction of ecological civilization and achieving high -quality development. Based on China’s inherent requirements and promoting the responsibility of building a community of human destiny, it is based on China. Adhere to the people as the center, unswervingly implement the new development concept, vigorously promote carbon peak carbon neutralization, and promote the pollution reduction and carbon and coordinated efficiency.

Realizing carbon peak carbon neutrality is a tough battle.

It is impossible to fight this tough battle.

In order to achieve the goal of climate change, my country adheres to the principles of national overall planning, priority, two -wheel drive, unblocked internal and external, and preventing risks, and actively formulate and implement a series of strategies, regulations, policies, standards and actions in response to climate change, increase greenhouse gas Emissions control, give full play to the role of market mechanism, enhance the ability to adapt to climate change, and promote major progress in my country’s practice of climate change. In 2020, my country’s carbon emissions intensity fell by%in 2015, exceeding the "13th Five -Year Plan" constraint, decreased by%from 2005, and exceeded that China promised to the international community by 40%-45%from 2020 to 2020 The target, with a cumulative discharge of about 5.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide, basically reversed the rapid growth of carbon dioxide emissions.

At the same time, it should be seen that if the carbon peak carbon neutrality must be achieved, the relationship between development and emission reduction, overall and local, long -term goals and short -term goals, government and market relationships must be coordinated. The relationship between the security of the industrial chain supply chain cannot be achieved in one battle. From the perspective of energy structure, in 2020, the proportion of non -chemical energy consumption in my country is%, and the energy structure is mainly coal, which greatly reduces the proportion of coal consumption.

We need to be based on the basic national conditions of coal -based, do a good job of cleaning and efficient use of coal, increase the ability of new energy consumption, and promote the combination of coal and new energy optimization. "". From the perspective of technological research, scientific and technological innovation is an important driving force to achieve carbon peak carbon neutrality and the neutral carbon carbon carbon, and it is necessary to pay close attention to green low -carbon technology research. The development of green and low -carbon technology and promoting the application of technological achievements need to be adhered to the rhythm of work and scientifically grasping the rhythm of the work of the market economy and the development of scientific and technological development. Protecting the high -quality development of the economy and ensuring that the carbon peak carbon neutrality is achieved as scheduled. (The author is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the president of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the executive director of the Carbon and Carbon Research Center of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment).

Zhou Zhijing again。

槐 is holding mobile phone,Head did not lift his head:“Have you eaten lunch?,I have smell your taste.,What to eat?”
“Huaxi Qing Dynasty。”
“Is it tasty?”
“Take you next time.。”
“Don’t regret it.!I am selling now,Do you want to eat??”槐 still doesn’t look up,“I am going to point some 馕。”
“Pizza is high,Gainful。”
“I am not a person……”
“I don’t eat it.。”
“Then you look at me, you won’t be 馋?”槐 finally aimed at the moment,“What pizza is still very delicious.,But than I have a good thing I have ever eaten before.。”
“What is the best thing you have eaten??”
“It’s awkward.,Just doing thin,fine,There is a meat filling inside,When you are hungry, you’ll,Click one’s tongue……”槐 序 把 开始 开始 开始 开始 开始 开始,“Unfortunately there is no barbecue string,Otherwise it is sandwich,Wow is called a beautiful!”
“Why not??”
“I can’t do it.……”槐 一 一 手,“The family only did it.,Baked,I am not so good to say something.。Anyway, I feel that it is better than this.。”
“Baked in the roasted pit is called,This is not called,Can only call a piece of cake。”
“You still have a say than I have。”
“……you win。”
Zhou knows that most of the remembrances are mostly in the Western Region,Span a considerable time span。At the beginning, the land belongs to the Central Plains Dynasty.,Later lost,Later, I came back again.。
Split,He is there.,And at that time he is not a person.,He also doesn’t care about these。
He has a very long history.。
Generally speaking, it is from Central Asia.,The earliest 馕 of archaeologists found is AD640Year of the funerary。However, he said that he was eaten in the Han Dynasty.,Obviously he is more authoritative in this respect。
“Mean something。”Vault reminder。
“what……Oh oh!”槐 finally remembered,“I got the clue from a demon.,Then I passed,I found that the victim had a breath of the demon,But the people of his family say that people are。”
“Take a closer look。”
序 sitting straight。
The main stay is in the new level of more than one hundred kilometers from Chunming.,Also a small county,But it is more important than Hu and the people.。It is said that he participated in a speech a week ago.,Half the way is falling in the ground.,It’s still unconscious in the hospital.。His family thinks that his physical reasons,He wakes up a midway,But it is said that it is a budget of competitors.。
槐 序 说 补:“These are all I am sitting on the window, listening to them.,They invited a lot and Shangdao.。”
“So far……How did you find a clue??”
“Hey!”槐 序 序,“Think about your mind,If your home is a strange thing,Who are you looking for first??It is definitely looking for those temples known as the province.,Those temples are very good.,Will always live a few demon……”
“Special communication method??”
“Or you are even more powerful。”
“I used to detect investigations before.……”槐 序 说 口,“Still we are famous,If we are famous, those people come directly to find us.,I also use these flowers.!”
“The police should also come to us.。”

How much is the twenty -four solar terms -Xiaoman Chapter

How much does the twenty -four solar terms know -Small Manchu Source: Editor: Release time: May 20, 2022: Xiaoman, is the second solar terms in the twenty -fourth solar terms, "Xiaoman Xiaoman, rivers are full" It reflects the climatic characteristics of heavy rainfall.

Xiaoman is divided into Sanqiu: a bitter dish show, the two -waiting grass died, and the three -waiting wheat autumn to the dild. Xiaoman’s last time began to mature.

Summer is the most prosperous period of yang. From a small solar term, the child’s daily diet and diet can be adjusted to allow them to spend the hot summer safely.

Xiaoman solar term is also a golden period for babies to strengthen the spleen and dampness. Some children are prone to skin and gastrointestinal discomfort at this time. , Can enhance children’s resistance. At the same time, parents can choose foods that strengthen spleen, clear heat and dampness, such as red beans, mung beans, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, yam, catfish, grass carp, duck meat, etc.; Waiting for water to drink, it can play a role in cooling the heat.

In order to strengthen children’s learning Chinese traditional culture, the solar term family health care was promoted to millions of households, and Shandong Radio and Television Economic Broadcasting and "Dasheng Drive" chain brand jointly launched the twenty -four solar term animation columns "How much to know how much the solar terms", so that children will form from childhood. Love Chinese traditional culture, respect knowledge, cultivate the health concept and cultural awareness of Chinese medicine, and create a new model of Shandong science popularization models combining traditional Chinese culture and Chinese medicine culture. Twenty -four solar terms are the special creation of ancient astronomy and meteorological science in my country. It is an experience summarized by the working people in the long -term practice. It reflects not only nature, but also an excellent culture. , Value.

On November 30, 2016, the "Twenty -Four Solar terms" was officially included in the List of the Representative of the Human Intangible Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO.

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, the "twenty -four solar terms" short films used the beautiful Chinese image and passionate ice and snow sports in the twenty -four solar terms, which conveyed the "Chinese -style romance" to the world, reflecting The cultural self -confidence of the Chinese people! By understanding the solar terms, children can be more familiar with the laws of nature, feel the mystery of nature, and promote the understanding of the relationship between man and nature.


“Oh!Brother Naqiang meant to make me apologize for Daoqian?”Xia Jian increased his voice,I can clearly hear his upset。

Brother Chen laughed and said:“No no no!Brother’s greatness, we have learned,This matter is turned over,But this place,Brothers don’t tell others”
Xia Jian let go,Smiled at Chen Sanqiang and said:“Which is natural,Goodbye brother strong”
Chen Sanqiang reluctantly smiled:“Goodbye”
Out159number,Xia Jian ran all the way,Stopped a taxi at the turn,After getting in the car, he felt how terrible it was just now,He is coercion,In case Chen Sanqiang resists,He’ll get caught。
I seem to be suspicious,Li Na really didn’t lie to him,Also pointed out Chen Sanqiang’s weakness,Now Xia Jian has a bottom in his heart,Turned out to be the best person,There is something to be afraid of。
When returning to the guest house,It’s a little past midnight,He opened the door gently,Just turned on the lights,He almost yelled in shock。I saw Zhao Hong wearing a quilt,Sitting on the bed,Look at him fixedly。
“Why don’t you sleep?Is this trying to scare me to death?”Xia Jian said,Walked over,This person is scary,Scary,Really true。
Zhao Hong turned her face angrily,Asked sharply:“Where did you go in the middle of the night,Did you go on a date with your mate?,You just can’t wait,Can you wait for me to go back”
The more Zhao Hong says, the more emotional,Just like Xia Jian really went on a date with a lover。“No,What is good or not,I’m going to do business”Xia Jian strongly argued。
Zhao Hong’s eyes rolled,Stretch his nose towards Xia Jian,Sniffed:“You lie!You still have a feminine perfume smell on your body,I told you,I beg you to marry me,But you can’t put me in the guest house and look for another woman!”
Damn!Xia Jian just remembered,On his body,More than a woman’s perfume,Which Sisi and Li Na,Have sat on his lap,Even if I jump into the Yellow River,Can’t clean it。

Part of the recent performance of the Grand Theater will be postponed or canceled

  This newspaper (Reporter Goryeo) The reporter learned from the Tianjin Grand Theater yesterday that due to the recent new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, in order to ensure the health and safety of the majority of audiences and actors, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the anti -control mechanism of the epidemic, the recent performance of the theater will be postponed. Hold or cancel.

  Specifically, the Gothic Burstone Variations, which was originally scheduled to perform on May 13 -Wang Xiaohan piano solo concert, will be postponed until June 18; The dance drama "Zhu Xi", which was originally scheduled to be staged from May 20th to 21st; the city of Philharmonic, which was originally scheduled to be staged on May 27, will be postponed until September 9; The city of Sky, which performed on the 3rd, will be extended to September 30th.

  Remind the audience who have purchased the above performance tickets, you can choose to postpone the viewing or refund. Select the extension of the performance without any operation, keep the original order or ticket. The audience who has collected tickets can enter the venue with the original performance ticket. The audience who did not pick up the tickets will be admitted after picking up the original ticket order. The original seat number remains unchanged. The audience who purchase tickets through the official channels of the Tianjin Grand Theater can scan the corresponding QR code to register the refund information as needed.

“Wind is not big,But smelled a sorrow,I couldn’t help but came over”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and laughed。

The lady boss pretended to be angry and gave a blank look. Wang Youcai said:“Just talk nonsense,Come in and sit down!You can’t stand still”
In fact, half a catty of liquor is for him,Just a piece of cake。He is not intoxicated,Happy when things are done。When I think of the fire in the mine,,Can the scene not excite him??
The lady boss helped Wang Youcai and sat on the chair behind the counter,She stood beside Wang Youcai,Leaned forward on the counter。
Wang Youcai was talking,One*Evil on this woman’s ass。Female Banniang did not lie down,But whispered:“Don’t mess around,It’s not good for others to see”
“cut!Stop talking nonsense,Everything behind the counter is full of goods,Unless someone hides in it”Wang Yougui said,I’m not honest with my hands。
The boss is holding on,Gradually turning red,She gasped and said:“Stop teasing me,Go to my house if you can,East alley632number,I’ll wait for you at the gate in half an hour”Woman talking,He pushed away Wang Youcai’s hand,Hide behind Huojia。
Wang Youcai is happy,He thinks this is a very exciting thing。He stood up busy,Glanced at the watch,Walked outside。
He is walking,While thinking,Is he going to do such a good thing or not??He suddenly felt that he was a little bit down,He wants to go to all kinds of women?He is a little ugly,But the boss doesn’t say he is four or five years older than him,Although a bit pretty,But her purpose is not pure。
A Ma Hongfang makes him annoying sometimes,If I get this woman again,Wouldn’t it be more troublesome。Wang Youcai hesitated,No idea,It seems that cheating is exciting and fun,But it’s not a simple matter。
“President Wang!Why are you here?”Suddenly someone took a picture of Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai surprised,I turned my head sharply,No one else is standing behind him,It’s Lu Monkey。This guy is unkempt,A sloppy look,Wang Youcai became angry when he saw it。
But a woman with a mask appeared in his mind immediately,The fire in his heart slowly went out again。Could it be that this monkey Lu was sent by some woman??When Wang Youcai was thinking about this problem。
Lu Monkey smiled awkwardly and said:“President Wang!long time no see,Good recently!”
“Can you care about you,Have something to say,Don’t get in the way”Wang Youcai said not angry。