“I taught you what,I know,No, you don’t have to slap your tongue,gone”

Silently laugh。
Aughetic,Three people slowly disappeared in the wind and snow。
seaside,It is already the country of Tang。
“Just here.,You should also return to the wooden leaves.”The program suddenly turned and said to Spring.。
Spring,This is going to go back.,I still have something to learn.!
My Xianke,My yuyan,Although it is uncertain, you can learn,But so let me try it.!
Although the spring knows that he will go back sooner http://www.artlinks.cn or later,It is impossible to follow the master。
“so fast”Spring is reluctant to say。
“What is so fast?,You have already learned enough now.,Go back to practice”
“OK then”Square is somewhat lost。
“go back,Help me to ask three generations and old age”I hesitate to say it.。
“knew,You wait for it, wait,I seem to forget what.”Said that the fountain is running。
“Um?”Outlet and mute,Forgot things, let us wait for you.。
Anyway, it is not bad.,The apeer and the mute will wait.。
After a while。
Spring ran over。
“what,Quan Yu, you have a shadow.”When the program, I see that the spring is the shadow.。
“Forehead,My body is gone,He let me bring you a few words”Squares of the shadow are careful。
“Talk badly?What should I make a shadow?”There is a bad sense of opportunity。
http://www.yeamax.cn “Three generations of adults,Let me say that I don’t want to adjust the ninja,No matter what you are there,You are the ninja of wood leaves”
Blonde storm,“Is there still?”
“Ontology,The teacher will marry after the teacher who can see the past.,Our wooden leaves”
The movie of the Quan Wei scored a fist in a fist.。
Silently be a thief。
The fierce turned head stared at the mute,Silent, I will live.,No wonder the spring is shadow,Otherwise, I really don’t know how to die.。
“Spring,Your blindly born,F。。。。”
The farther’s springs quickly advanced body,I smile on my face.。
Then I will continue.。
“uncle,Where is the place?”Spring is very polite, asking an old man in the roadside selling mask。
Spring has been hurrying for a few days.,But he doesn’t know his position.。
“In front,The front is the place where the country and the fire in the country”Old man said。
“Wave country?I have been walking.!”
When I walked, I forgot to ask for a hand.,Fortunately, the ninja school is going to school.,Spring, I have seen a toraque map,Know the sea along the country of the soup,Can go to the country of fire。
“This time,I don’t know if I miss.,Do you want to see it?”Spring thought。
Then, the spring, I looked at the mask of the old man.。

Behind him,Follow all the teenagers who participate in the assessment,Even Chu Yang is also in it。

Although only 18 years old,Can high enough to have two meters,Bronze strong body,Muscles are like Dragon generally appear to be strong,Full of explosive power。
And his body is convorating a wild beast-like fierce,Double eyes!See him,Wu Heng and frown about the mountain。
These days,Surrounded by the same reputation,However, it is a 12-alliance.,Similarly, it is famous in the huntown list.。
Inversely the summer,Some surprises。
http://www.gzballs.cn Previous time,He did not see inflammation,Hear the closed custom。
I didn’t expect him to come out.,I didn’t expect it.,Chu Yang et al. Also followed。
“Hit,I am afraid of you.。”
Teenagers named Wu Heng,“A magistrate,What is nothing?,Hey,There is also a summer country,Don’t anyone really?,The country’s genius is waste,I have to take the replacement of the magic scorpion,Almost forgot,You are originally a ancestor,Hahaha,Be a wild。”
Inflammation,Two blurred animal souls after body hovering,Faint sound。
at this time,Changping coldly。
His mouth hooked a curvature,“You want to get the corpse?
good,Then give you the body.,However, the head is not。
She comes to our hanging river unsuccessful purpose.,I have to take it back in my mind.!”
Talk,Void,Rolling smoke on the ground,It http://www.360jzfw.cn is directly taken in the hands。
Immediately read a summer,The eyes are deeply flashing,And then turned。
“Ha ha。”
About Mountain and Wu Heng hun haha laugh,Also follow。
After a few steps,The two heads。
One of the people thumbs up,And backward。
Another guy makes a moving movement in the summer,Smile and cruel。
“court death!”
Inflammation,Anger,I http://www.yumich.cn can’t help but want to do it.。
“inflammation,stop,Don’t impulsive!”
Duan Qing helplessly drink,Feeling。
Twelve Alliances have not received the assessment for 30 years.,But he is also coming over.。
Feel the big earth, my biggest,No one is in the eyes,Then I was being educated.。

Zhou Zhijing again。

槐 is holding mobile phone,Head did not lift his head:“Have you eaten lunch?,I have smell your taste.,What to eat?”
“Huaxi Qing Dynasty。”
“Is it tasty?”
“Take you next time.。”
“Don’t regret it.!I am selling now,Do you want to eat??”槐 still doesn’t look up,“I am going to point some 馕。”
“Pizza is high,Gainful。”
“I am not a person……”
“I don’t eat it.。”
“Then you look at me, you won’t be 馋?”槐 http://www.sister365.cn finally aimed at the moment,“What pizza is still very delicious.,But than I have a good thing I have ever eaten before.。”
“What is the best thing you have eaten??”
“It’s awkward.,Just doing thin,fine,There is a meat filling inside,When you are hungry, you’ll,Click one’s tongue……”槐 序 把 开始 开始 开始 开始 开始 开始,“Unfortunately there is no barbecue string,Otherwise it is sandwich,Wow is called a beautiful!”
“Why not??”
“I can’t do it.……”槐 一 一 手,“The family only did it.,Baked,I am not so good to say something.。Anyway, I feel that it is better than this.。”
“Baked in the roasted pit is called,This is not called,Can only call a piece of cake。”
“You still have a say than I have。”
“……you win。”
Zhou knows that most of the remembrances are mostly in the Western Region,Span a considerable time span。At the beginning, the land belongs to the Central Plains Dynasty.,Later lost,Later, I came back again.。
Split,He is there.,And at that time he is not a person.,He also doesn’t care about these。
He has a very long history.。
Generally speaking, it is from Central Asia.,The earliest 馕 of archaeologists found is AD640Year of the funerary。However, he said that he was eaten in the Han Dynasty.,Obviously he is more authoritative in this respect。
“Mean something。”Vault reminder。
“what……Oh oh!”槐 finally remembered,“I got the clue from a demon.,Then I passed,I found that the victim had a breath of the demon,But the people of his family say that people are。”
“Take a closer look。”
序 sitting straight。
The main stay is in the new level of more than one hundred kilometers from Chunming.,Also a small county,But it is more important than Hu and the people.。It is said that he participated in a speech a week ago.,Half the way is falling in the ground.,It’s still unconscious in the hospital.。His family thinks that his physical reasons,He wakes up a midway,But it is said that it is a budget of competitors.。
槐 序 说 补:“These are all I am sitting on the window, listening to them.,They invited a lot and Shangdao.。”
“So far……How did you find a clue??”
“Hey!”槐 序 序,“Think about your mind,If your home is a strange thing,Who are http://www.ccyhg.cn you looking for first??It is definitely looking for those temples known as the province.,Those temples are very good.,Will always live a few demon……”
“Special communication method??”
“Or you are even more powerful。”
“I used to detect investigations before.……”槐 序 说 口,“Still we are famous,If we are famous, those people come directly to find us.,I also use these flowers.!”
“The police should also come to us.。”

“Oh!Brother Naqiang meant to make me apologize for Daoqian?”Xia Jian increased his voice,I can clearly hear his upset。

Brother Chen laughed and said:“No no no!Brother’s greatness, we have learned,This matter is turned over,But this place,Brothers don’t tell others”
Xia Jian let go,Smiled at Chen Sanqiang and said:“Which is natural,Goodbye brother strong”
Chen Sanqiang reluctantly smiled:“Goodbye”
Out159number,Xia Jian ran all the way,Stopped a taxi at the turn,After getting in the car, he felt how terrible it was just now,He is coercion,In case Chen Sanqiang resists,He’ll get caught。
I seem to be suspicious,Li Na really didn’t lie to him,Also pointed out Chen Sanqiang’s weakness,Now Xia Jian has a bottom in his heart,Turned out to be the best person,There is something to be afraid of。
When returning to the guest house,It’s a little past midnight,He opened the door gently,Just turned on the lights,He almost yelled in shock。I saw Zhao Hong wearing a http://www.qmxsg.cn quilt,Sitting on the bed,Look at him fixedly。
“Why don’t you sleep?Is this trying to scare me to death?”Xia Jian said,Walked over,This person is scary,Scary,Really true。
Zhao Hong turned her face angrily,Asked sharply:“Where did you go in the middle of the night,Did you go on a date with your mate?,You just can’t wait,Can you wait for me to go back”
The more Zhao Hong says, the more emotional,Just like Xia Jian really went on a date with a lover。“No,What is good or not,I’m going to do business”Xia Jian strongly argued。
Zhao Hong’s eyes rolled,Stretch his nose towards Xia Jian,Sniffed:“You lie!You still have a feminine perfume smell on your body,I told you,I beg you to marry me,But you can’t put me in the guest house and look for another woman!”
Damn!Xia Jian just remembered,On his body,More than a woman’s perfume,Which Sisi and Li Na,Have http://www.mamorux.cn sat on his lap,Even if I jump into the Yellow River,Can’t clean it。

“Wind is not big,But smelled a sorrow,I couldn’t help but came over”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and laughed。

The lady boss pretended to be angry and gave a blank look. Wang Youcai said:“Just talk nonsense,Come in and sit down!You can’t stand still”
In fact, half a catty of liquor is for him,Just a piece of cake。He is not intoxicated,Happy when things are done。When I think of the fire in the mine,,Can the scene not excite him??
The lady boss helped Wang Youcai and sat on the chair behind the counter,She stood beside Wang Youcai,Leaned forward on the counter。
Wang Youcai was talking,One*Evil on this woman’s ass。Female Banniang did not lie down,But whispered:“Don’t mess around,It’s not good for others to see”
“cut!Stop talking nonsense,Everything behind the counter is full of goods,Unless http://www.zhuangyan086.cn someone hides in it”Wang Yougui said,I’m not honest with my hands。
The boss is holding on,Gradually turning red,She gasped and said:“Stop teasing me,Go to my house if you can,East alley632number,I’ll wait for you at the gate in half an hour”Woman talking,He pushed away Wang Youcai’s hand,Hide behind Huojia。
Wang Youcai is happy,He thinks this is a very exciting thing。He stood up busy,Glanced at the watch,Walked outside。
He is walking,While thinking,Is he going to do such a good thing or not??He suddenly felt that he was a little bit down,He wants to go to all kinds of women?He is a little ugly,But the boss doesn’t say he is four or five years older than him,Although a bit pretty,But her purpose is not pure。
A Ma Hongfang makes him annoying sometimes,If I get this woman again,Wouldn’t it be more troublesome。Wang Youcai hesitated,No idea,It http://www.sagalove.cn seems that cheating is exciting and fun,But it’s not a simple matter。
“President Wang!Why are you here?”Suddenly someone took a picture of Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai surprised,I turned my head sharply,No one else is standing behind him,It’s Lu Monkey。This guy is unkempt,A sloppy look,Wang Youcai became angry when he saw it。
But a woman with a mask appeared in his mind immediately,The fire in his heart slowly went out again。Could it be that this monkey Lu was sent by some woman??When Wang Youcai was thinking about this problem。
Lu Monkey smiled awkwardly and said:“President Wang!long time no see,Good recently!”
“Can you care about you,Have something to say,Don’t get in the way”Wang Youcai said not angry。

This group of Chakra is,Saved is the original will。

Spring does not give glow night treatment,The ability to purify the original origin is not just ten tails。
Can do the strength of the safety of the space。
But he will not say it out.,Bright night is so beware,I have to know that my ten end is in front of the spring.,I don’t know what to do.。
Although he can also force the origin of the origin,Without the origin of your own body to abrasive。
Can even get a part of memory。
But his memory is not interested in memory.,Anyway, it is impossible to find his current position.。
“have nothing to say,Spring,I admit that I am not your opponent now.,But you can’t fight against big cylindrical,Hui Night just wants to pull you with water.”It’s faint to say。
“Of course I know,But I am willing.,She has http://www.naturebestow.cn her thoughts,I have my idea,At least we are the same display”Spring smiles。
Hui Night just wants to get rid of the control of the big tube.,Although some are very careful,But no harm。
Spring is also impossible to bow down to the big tube.。
“I know what you care is to bear,I can let you control,But you have to kill the night,Join the coefficient of wood,With your ability,Soon you can occupy a high level in this home”Speak。
Look like,He wants to pull the spring。
“You know,I have a contract with Hui Night.,Is it impossible to do this?,And I don’t trust you.,A family with only destroyed inner heart,And my idea is very large”Spring is disdainful。
“Ah,That’s nothing to say.,You are ready to meet the destruction”I know that he can’t pull the spring.。
Springs are from the heart, they can’t afford the big cadre.。
“rest assured,I absolutely let them come back,But I am curious about why you don’t go back?”
“Be afraid of shame,Or you have no ability to turn over the space to be transferred.”Spring smiles。
Just his smile with malicious。
“But with your lower limit,It should have no ability to go back.,I am also assured.”
“I clearly tell you,As long as you dare to appear,No matter what I will appear in the first time.,Destroy you”Horror’s pretty bloody hollow。
Let Chakra constituting his body are in constant fluctuations.。
The information mastered is a big trouble.,Without him,Even,It is impossible to be over。
In this way, you can have more time.,Even for the time,Surface adding an large tube-based wood home is not。
“Next,Because of my survey,You’d better give me a long time.”Spring converges the momentum。
What else is I want to say?,Springs directly,Eliminate his will。
Only left a pure source will,Then absorbed into the eyes by the springs。
Chapter 36
Absorbing the spring of the source will go to the eyes。
After a while,His eyes suddenly opened,Among them, the blue ten star appears,Send a blue light。
A blue star appeared next to the cross of the quarter。
“Strengthening the control of space”Spring muttered。
When the Blue Star turned into a flash disappeared。
No, Springs, can also absorb your own meaning,Blue Ten Star Evolution。
The four-star blue ten stars of his forehead,It is because Spring is fully integrated into the body.,Open by Blue Nanturbing。
This makes the Quan Wei have achieved the ability to open the space.,It can also have a certain level of control for space。
But Hui Night did not tell Spring,Their eyes can also evolve。
The Quanqi wants is the absolute master of http://www.jzsmg.cn space.。

Han Jiang releases the 玉 丸,The 玉 丸 seems to have a smell of the smell.。

“Big sister,I seem to know you.。”玉 丸 said very happy。
Eight sighs:“Don’t call me big sister,Who are you,Why know me?。”
Zhan Yu Pill hugs his head to make a dedication:“I have no idea,I remember that I slept for a long time.,I really know you.。”
“What’s your name?”Eight heavy cords are asked to see Hanjiang:“Mr. Han Jiang gave her a name??”
Looking at the state of the eight heavy cherry is to have http://www.njspwl.cn officially named Huandu Pills.,Han Jiang thought:“get up,Dog egg。”
“I do not want,I don’t call the dog egg.,Big sister,You save me,I don’t call this name.。”玉 丸 到 八 八 八,Hair pulls eight heavy cherry hiding behind,It seems to be afraid of Hanjiang’s way.。
Eight heavy cherry,Hanjiang said:“I feel that this little thing is very fate.,or,How about it called her 玉 丸?”
玉 丸 听 自己 自己 新 新 名 头,Han Jiang smiles at Zhen Yu Pill does not speak,She continued to retreat。
Do you want to pull the hair with eight cherry?,玉 丸 差 点 下 下 下 下。
“I don’t call the dog egg.,This is not good。”玉 丸 小 声。
Han Jiang shrugged and said:“Looking at the face of Miss Eight Cherry,That is the 玉 丸。”
“Hey,What are you talking about?,I can’t see anything.,I can’t enter the gods.!”De Lisa on the side listened to the three people,Three sounds,Anxious straight feet。
“Feel sorry。”Eight Sakura apologizes http://www.huaitw.cn to De Lisa。
“Open the door of the Tianchie Court requires two power,But there is a terrible thing.,Do you really want to open it??”玉 pill asked。
Eight Sakura Head said:“It must be removed,Otherwise it will come out later.。”
“Tianchie Court has a total of seven floors,The demon inside is powerful than one layer,The uppermost layer can be very terrible。”玉 丸 looked up at Tianchie Pavilion,Endery is very dignified。
“I can feel it.,The topmost monster is very evil。”
Chapter 45 Bold idea
Han River is close to eight cherry,A cerebonalum ran 玉 丸 个 个,Say:“Don’t open the door,Been here!”
玉 丸 hugged his head,Big eye water,Tears in my eyes,Poor look at the eight heavy cherry。
Eight heavy cherry seems to like Zhan Yu Pills,Shake your head with Hanjiang。
The face of the eight cherry can’t give,As for this little guy,Well clean up。
“Open door,Otherwise I have http://www.shoujiwaike.cn to pack you.,do you know?”Han Jiang said as a fierce。
玉 丸 not dare not,Crying, said to Hanjiang:“You and big sister”
玉 丸 trembled,Reread:“Big brother and big sister put his hand on the door,The rest is given to me.。”
The two people listen to the indication of the 玉 丸 把 一 一 一 一 一,De Lisa Spirit,I finally went in.。
玉 丸 fly into the middle of Hanjiang,Holding a small fireball bombardment。
De Lisa has a big eyes,Before she used, I couldn’t open this door.,So small fireball can open?
With the Sixth of the Quarter Pills bombarded,The door appeared on the gate, and the hands of Hanjiang two people appeared.。
After that, Han Jiang felt that the door seems to be absorbing his collapse.,Probably absorbed one tenth,The door is open。
Door response,Separate countless dust,De Lisa is the most affected,Constantly cough,Saving smoke。
Eight Sakura and De Lisa look at the eye,Ready to step into the door。
“Han Jiang stayed outside the door.,Go find a female Wu of the task。”De Lisa returned to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang is a sound,I plan to look at the two after entering.。
Who knows Fei prison pill holding hands sitting in the air, shaking his head:“After that, I will need him to need the strength of the big brother.,Big brother must follow。”
This moment, Hanjiang has the idea of swearing.,Tianshuge Seal so many demon ghosts,He is a smallCClass in?

Gao Biyi is to make the people around Hou Hou.,Made a lot of people here,Then take the champion of the challenge to the opponent’s face!lt;/Pgt;

“Yang Su,Have an important task!”Gao Baoyi Shen Sheng to Yang Su Road。lt;/Pgt;
“Lord please!”lt;/Pgt;
“You played the Southeastern Zhuzhou Recruitment,The banner of the Greater Governor of Jingzhou Curtain,Go to Hou Wei,Then give him an official。lt;/Pgt;
Um,Seal him as the town of Zhunan,Jiangzhou thorn history,Kaifu Tongs。Then come back directly,Remember,Don’t http://www.jlgold9999.cn be more。”lt;/Pgt;
This official position,Is it too embarrassed?!You are all painted.!lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su has orange pepper 麦 麦 不 不 当 当 不 不 不。lt;/Pgt;
“Don’t ask more,Yourself。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao is too lazy to explain with Yang Su,This is just a pony.。Even now give Hou Yu, the soldiers and Malaysian master,The other party will also throw the scribe directly。lt;/Pgt;
NS233chapter 兵 县 县
Gao Baoyi Pai Bamboo Star Night Square Wang Lin,Send your own personal letter,Put forward“borrow”Ai County,Afterwards。lt;/Pgt;
Wang Lin considers that Xiangzhou and Bazhou are quite far from Ai County.,Some whip,Coupled with Murong invaded several cities in the south of Zhangzhou,It is quite close to Aixian County。Sincere“generous”Cutting it http://www.jiuzhouzhenye.cn gave Gao Baoyi。lt;/Pgt;
This county is not intensively,Wang Lin’s place,Always or Jiangling。Once the occupation of Jiangling,So far from Ai County,The control is even more weak.。Not as good as a smooth, send it to Gao Baoyi?。lt;/Pgt;
Wang Lin this person,Still gone and grievances,This is his advantage,Of course, it is also his shortcomings.。lt;/Pgt;
“Leader,I will go to Jiujiang today today.,Do you really don’t want me to go to Ai County??”Yang Su is somewhat asked,He didn’t want to be a letter at all.。lt;/Pgt;
But Gao Baoyi’s fundamental letter is not yet others。Only eleven years old Yang Su,Can you guarantee that Hou does not hurt the killer?。lt;/Pgt;
Dry down a ten year old,Juveniles who have not http://www.etprj.cn yet crown,I don’t have any blessing but kill Gao Baoyi.。lt;/Pgt;
“rest assured,What you do is very important,It is not easy at all than the battlefield.。Hou Hou,You strand randomly.,Give him the court of the court,Give my letter to him”lt;/Pgt;

Fortunately, no problem,Not all possible possibilities,The land god of the land is extraordinary,Daily and world exchange,Have a lot of gains,No teacher, I realized that some of the magical skills。

For example, refilling。
He intended that after winning the evil sword to dry the blood supply,Exchange several rare materials from the system mall,The scepter of the black Luosa,Re-forging。
Because it is late at night,The people who have already slept,Liao Wenjie failed to see Huangquan and God this palace home.CP,Instead, the home owner of the Tuyong home is not sleeping at night.,Liao Wenjie excuses mobile phone without electricity,I talked to him for an hour in the yard.。
Brush hard,Suddenly think of the http://www.kskcsc.cn bait that you are placed outside‘Wu Pei Ye’,I hurriedly figured out the mobile phone.。
“Mosimoxi,it’s me,Is it a piano wine opposite??”
“not talking,It should be,Qin, you are still so embarrassed。”
Liao Wenjie looked at the moon on his eyes.:“Say you may not believe,Neon security is too bad,I was stolen in my mobile phone.,I have a good hard to find it back.。This is not,When the electric is full, I will call you a call.,Ask a matter,BOSSNot dead yet?”
“Piano wine,What does not speak?,Do you want me to mourn??”
“Collapse your curse,BOSSThe body is very good!”
Opposite,Qinlu wine bite teeth,Grievance:“BOSSLet me keep in touch with you,Confirm that you have been in neon,Several energization,I have never dial your phone.。”
“Be stolen,Is the mistake of neon security,The strange police will not give strength。”
Liao Wenjie hit the pot,And http://www.rendegushi.cn laughing and saying:“Piano wine,Do not be angry,You will not be checked on the road on the road.,The ability of the police hall can be seen,I can’t catch the thief.。”
“asshole,I am not a police hall.……”
The piano wine is more prosperous,Two words,It is undoubted that it is undoubtedly a bastard that is not worthy of death.,Never pretend possible,Don’t want to continue,Directly cut off。
“Strong is so violent,Live, you have a big hair early.。”
Less phone,Liao Wenjie,Five fingers,A group of stars from the sky。
Near the night of the Night,Road light illumination,It is unbeaten by a remote warehouse.,Two cars and three motorcycles in front of the door。
One of the cars,Is a very rare retro Porsche356A,Piano wine love baby,The status is far from the partner.。
“asshole,I am not a police hall.……”
Qin wine, anger, hang up,Semi-cigarette,Steeled,狠 http://www.jdxycl.cn 蹂 几。
Voda just wandering from the warehouse door,I don’t want to return it back.,Big brother is very mood,He will not find a murder.。
Warehouse,Moonlight passed through the door,And the broken vents,Visible can be seen in the dark in the dark。
This painting wind,At first glance, evil organization is meeting。
Except for vodka,Three men and three women in the warehouse,Carvados with sniper、Kayii、Cohen Triple Group,And Bell Mad, which is mainly responsible for intelligence collection、Kilier、Boben。
After a moment,Qin wine reorgano cold face into the warehouse,Take out the lighter,Ignite the cigarette in my mouth:“Continue before conversation,This task is performed by I and Vodka,you……”
“Piano wine,With this,Don’t let you talk, do you talk??”
Bell Mad smiled and asked:“The piano wine in my impression has always been calm.,Suddenly violent,I heard your roar.……I really want to know who is the phone opposite?!”

See a small door on the left side of the bed,Su Yuhui understood what happened?。

I shouldn’t bring this yard to the girl。
I actually forgotten it.,This room,The http://www.hrblqsxz.cn bedroom and study are actually together.!And the study is still behind。
Early knowing this,I will knock on the door last night.!
Su Yuhui felt that he was breathing.。
“master,Someone reports!”
“it is good,I see!I changed to my clothes.!Let Master look at some!”
Su Yuxi’s chair of this master,Just a good show,But the case is powerful。
Just let Su Yuhui hit,In the income of the chapter。
“This…This matter…”
“what happened,Have something to say,!”
“This case is the master.,I am afraid that it is not convenient to let Master hosted!”
Small and strong。
The father has always been hidden.,But today’s obvious look is not very mood.,Don’t hit the muzzle.。
“Be relevant to Master?I have to see what the case is,It was related to the people in our county.!”
Xiao Yan quickly retired,Let your grandfather let a look。
“Take this door to http://www.tjjielian.cn me!The window is also told me.!Then give me the key!”
“Her girl…”
Looking at the two brothers and sisters.。
The rumor is good,Sujia’s brothers are trending this sister for treasures.。
“She fell.!”
I mentioned this Su Yuhui.,狠 一…
So the master is still not understanding for a long time.,I am drunk after drinking.,Dressing is uncomfortable to sleep in front of others a night,How can I get twenty big boards?…
306 Transfer
“Miss,You can be coming.!”
Since I sent a letter,The uncle is guarded at this day and night.。
So I saw the carriage of Niu Niu.,Rapida greeted。
“How is Whez??”
“Every day is in the house,I can’t see people.!How did her mother persuade?!”
Hao uncle sighed a breath,Very 惆怅。
This child,One day to night,I have a few mouthfuls of cool water.,Everything else is not willing to eat。
I hope that Miss can http://www.9989bba.cn advise her.。
People are only alive,Only hope。
Everything else is the secondary。