Side of the game handle while Qi Yu is excited,While explaining the situation at the time。

In fact, more than those fans,Sweetheart Prosthetic Ideas,Also quite quite。
In the original use“wack”After the power,He realizes that there will be such a result.,So he has already prepared it.。
And the sweetness is also hitting from the heart.,The other party is not wrong,The geeks should be eliminated,This is also one of his reasons he has been happing.。
For geek sweetheart prosthesis, the other party will be defeated in various violent means,But in the face of human,Sweetheart is completely do not want to let go。
It is a disgust that yourself,If you attack humanity,So you don’t turn into your most annoying existence。
This is the faceBeTime,Sweetheart prosthesis has not yet returned the reason。
Forning“New Heroes Association”,Night is actually a lot of understanding,Because when he crossed back,This so-called new hero association has just appeared。
At first, I still feel that the other’s idea is good.,After all, just like the other party.,There are quite a few drawbacks in the Heroes Association.。
But after hearing the feelings of sweetheart fake,Night wrinkled and frowned,Feel this so-called“New Heroes Association”,It seems that there is no pureness in his imagination.。
As long as it is a geek,No matter how bad,It should be eliminated?
This extreme work style,Let the night remember the naval red dog in the One Piece.,Belonging to relatively extreme justice。
“According to my secret investigation,Everyone who joins the new Hero Association,Will get a set of technicia。
This armor is not only strong,More substantially improved the body’s ability,I saw it.,A strong Pressenant guy,After using the armor,Actually, it is easy to defeat a tiger-level geek.。”
“After that, I will also collect the data back.,Give Dr. Curos,Through doctoral analysis,Actually found an amazing thing。
The science and technology warfare used by the New Heroes Association,The technology used above,Actually, I will bring it back before I am.G5robot。”
have to say,Jenos burst out,I really shocked the people present.。
From previous preparation attackkgofG4robot,Add the weirdo association afterwardsG5robot,Everyone knows,There is a huge organization behind the other party,Named“Machine god organization”。
And now the high technology used by the new hero association,The technique used is actually followed“Machine god organization”Same,So it is skeptical,BeWill not just be a puppet,Real Operation New Hero Association after the sceneNEOAnother person?
I was suspected in the night.,SThe metal knight in the level hero isG5People behind the robot,But listening to Jenos just said,He excludes the previous idea。
the reason is simple,Metal Knights Before the Hero Association,I have already worked with the Hero Association.,It can be seen that the metal knight itself is also one of the behind-the-scenes of the Heroes Association.。
And the other party actually has enough rights since the Heroes Association,So naturally don’t need to go to the far-reaching to support another hero organization,This is for him,No good benefits。
In addition to metal knights,SLevel hero,In fact, there is another person.,It is also quite high in technology.,That is the same asSLevel hero’s drive knight。
Knight driver,With the metal knight, the tacit,Ranking is also different from metal knights,And once reminded Jenos,Need to be careful with metal knight。
Before attacking the monsters,Drive the knight, one person, sneak into the monsters,Then there was no news.。
Then in the same time,G5The robot appeared in the Wirker Association.。
WaitingG5After Jenos gave it,Drive the knight suddenly appears,Participated in the final big battle。
Before the Heroes Association Wars with the Woman Association,G5The robot is actually a fight with the metal knight.,This point from the Son of the Heroes Association shareholders with another child,SeeG5Hands holding a metal knight’s head,You can see it.。
With Jenos’ description,Night seems to feel that everything becomes clear。
SLevel hero drive knight,Very likely to be manufacturedG5robot“Machine god organization”People in people。
Now think about it now,Powerful than metal knights to weapon technology,Drive the knight’s black body with transformation capabilities,Really followG5More similar。
Can guess it boldly,SBetween metal knights in the level hero and drive knight,It should be a hatred。
And after aware of the shadow of the people behind the hero association, the shadow of the metal knight,In order to better fight metal knights,Drive the knight“Machine god organization”Support the current new hero organization,The purpose is to better fight metal knights.。
As for the warning of Jenos,Probably also giving the metal knight zip hatred,As for the person who has always been looking for, it is a metal knight.,In fact, it has always been an unknown.。
Narens’ enemy,Not a metal knight is the driving of the knight.“Machine god organization”,This should not be wrong.。
Even the night is doubting,Have the support of Jenos’s Cuolos,It is very likely that it is also a person who organized by the gods.,And this point from Jenos starts backG4Wreckage,The expression of Curos exposed can be seen.。
Even if the other party is not“Machine god organization”Man,At least it is also known.,It is because of understanding,Significant,So I have been persuading Jenos to give up revenge.。

Liu Qingqing rushed to the summer,Stand straight,Slightly recovering emotions,Go to the front to open the door。

Middle age stood at the door of a suit,Changpi Pop Tong,It has a temperament that you can’t say.。
“You are……”“Liu Miss,Hello,Liuhe Mountain。”
Middle-aged belt smile,“Summer is here。”
Liu Qingqing has doubts,But still let the body,“Please enter。”
Top to look at summer,“Find you。”
Summer nice head,Nature heard the sound。
But after seeing Liuhe Mountain,Laugh,“You really dare to see me.。”
“Why don’t you dare??”
Liuhe Mountain is not restrained,After coming in,Sitting directly on the couch。
At the same time,“Before our cooperation is not very happy??”
Summer is cold and cold,Also sitting down,Stare at the opposite direction,“I have never seen your true face.,Is it necessary to wear a mask??”
Liuhe Mountain also laughed,“How do you know?,The previous appearance is true.?
these years,I have been more than a dozen times in Gao Li.,I don’t even know myself.。”
Since Xia Qianyun can cut him at the airport,Liuhe Mountain does not mind disclosing some information。
In his opinion,This information is only afraid that he has been mastered in summer.。
“Brilliance……”Summer spit out two words,Immediately,“So to say,The Korean woman named Hanmeiji,It is also your person?”
“Right,My person。”
Liuhe Mountain recognizes,Also,“But,She has missing for a long time.。”
Summer frown。
“Moi brother,She has no disappearance,I have been tracing,But there is no news from the news。”
Merely,Liuhe Mountain,Don’t want to continue this topic,Swift,At the same time。
“It seems that rumors don’t match.,Others say that you have been shake.,But what you have before,Unlike a serious injury。”
He has already arrived.。
And I know what happened before.。
Summer is not available,“Indeed,But it is not so serious.。”
Liuhe Mountain eye flashes,Laugh,“So to say,You are fishing?
Hehehehe,I understand,Jun’s death,Always let the capital of the capital,But until now no one acts.,Over time,This dark stream will become more and more turbulent,You want to use the injured news,Put in advance,I don’t understand what I don’t understand.,Why do you give up??”
Toned,Contemporary face on the face,“It is obviously to provoke and testing before those who don’t enter the flow.,According to reason, you should be responsible.……Um?
He stared at the summer,Surprised in the eyes,A word a day,“You have to be big?”
Summer laughs and not speak。
The Liu Qingqing sitting next to it is some inexplicable。
She feels that she can’t keep up with two things.。
Fortunately, the words of Liuhe Mountain soon made her show a shock and suddenly color.。

Why is the body of Spring?。

That is because he is itself a thousand hands.,Moreover, the development of soil is developed to the ultimate,Even the use of breathing, combining two Chakra into the body.。
He also also sang,Developed a bloody limit,Directly complete the warm bed of the wooden。
Plus, in the gene itself, it has a cloudy eyes.,This slightly presses the activity of the column cells.,Addition of the bits of the two。
So the big snake pill said,The columnar cells seem to be prepared for the spring.。
But this also brings a problem。
Once you get the wooden pill,That strength is horrible,Almost is a thousand hand。
But is it really so simple??Does the column cells really ridicule??
All this is unknown,But the look of the big snake pill is ready to study.。
Springs’ cells directly let the research direction of the big snake pill,A major change has occurred,Also let the future go to unknown。
In a room not far from the laboratory,A teenager is waving the blade in his hand。
I saw the sharp edge flying,Several wooden piles were cut into two halves。
“hehe,Are you dead?,This is the cost of no power”Sasuko does not precaution,Then look at the grass sword in your hand。
“But this knife is not bad.,I accept it.,But I can more stronger”
A sharp bird is called,Sasuke’s hand outlet,It is covered in the grass sword in an instant.。
Let the whole sword shine with the arc,Get some micro-blue。
“Activate?,I can do it too”
Sasuke’s body disappears in an instant,One wooden pile in the distance is cut off,Sasuke’s figure。
His left hand instant electricity,A blue white light column project。
“Thousand birds sharp”
Directly penetrated the cut-off pile that has not fallen yet.。
“Hahaha,Sure enough, I am stronger,You have lost”
Sasuke’s thunder and light,Laughter。
It seems that the pediced pile of breakdown is the first skull.。
But immediately, his eyes are so gloomy.。
“Yisiza,I will find you”
Sasuke put the grass roof sword back to the sheath,The write wheel in the eyes also restores the normal state,It’s just that the light in your eyes is still flashing.。
Time has been in the past few days。
Squecing in the rain in the rain,He wears a cloak,Take your head on your head,Blue water that occurs in the sky。
Just he is now strange,The body seems to be short.。
He is now in a town,The people around them also bring rain tools.,River is also close to the city。

“I?”Qing Palace,Then there is no need to smile,“Uncle, you think more,I am one of the strongest eight people in the school.,level 5Level super subject,How can I have something??”

“Humph!”Timming chasing soul snort,Not talk,Just reach out to the position of the scapula of the Qing Palace.,Next moment,The body of the Qing Dynasty fierce,Then I slammed,The sweat of Bean is flowing from the forehead.。
“got it?”Timming chasing soul snorted,“I don’t know what kind of fights you are.,But I know that your health is already in a certain point.,I just smalled it in the place where you were sad.,To a certain extent,Even when you come here six years ago, you have to be bad.!now,Do you still insist that you are very powerful to cope with everything??”
“well enough。”The Qing Palace is trembled for a while,Gradually stabilized,Pale and handsome face is blooming out of a smile,“This extent,Unless it is too bad to hit the above,In fact, it doesn’t affect the battle.。”
“Do not affect the battle?”The old man is extremely loud,“Do you know how much you have a dark injury??So as soon as possible,Can I say when?,Once a vibration will make your bones crack!”
“about this,I know almost knowing.。”Hear this news,Qinggang faint smile,Face in your face,“But I can’t rest.。”
Slowly stand up,Looking at the old man behind,In the light golden scorpion of the Qing Palace with sincere feelings,Mild smile。
“At least in the rest of the rest9971Child before,I can’t rest.!”
“My time is not much,Probably used to chat time,Only this evening。”Qing Palace looks at the elderly,Whispered,“so,What exempted body can mediate?,Just watching Uncle。”
“Later,No matter what the battlefield is,As long as I have a person, I am enough.。”
“after all”
Listen to the Qing Palace,The old man speechless,Half,I don’t know the teenager who is not very high in front of you.,The old man’s face revealed a smile,I have a distressed in a smile,Also gratified。
“The Qing Palace has a good child.。”Silk chasing soul sighs,Subsequently smile at the Qing Palace,“All right,If you just adjust the body, one night,It is also enough。”
“after all”
“Who do you think I am??”The two said at the same time,Then look at it,The teenager and the old man laughed at the same time.。
“but,Not only left9970Is a sister??How9971indivual?”The slide of the soul is slightly spent,But when he saw the expression on the palace face,It seems to understand what。
“Indeed9970Sister。”The face of the Qing Palace is revealing a smile,Smile with a faint gentle,“How much”
“That9970Sister,There is also a common stupid sister.。”
Franda looked at Yunchukuia, who was sleeping in front of the workbench.,I also looked at the eyes of the armchair who were quietly relying on the armchair.,I can’t help but sigh.。
“You two this look, I seem to be salty fish.。”Franda slightly discredes,But she still stands up.,Give two people to each other after a blanket,Sit back and returned to your seat,Looking slightly with a headache。
“A total of one hundred and thirty-two, this guy,are you crazy?”Franda,A face helpless,“How can I destroy it so many places?,Even the purpose of Ya Ya is harassed,But the attitude is indicated, and it is necessary to run everywhere. If you add Freelia and the third one, it is impossible.!Then,”Franida sighed,“How can the third one may act with the dark?!Hey,and many more?”
“Action with the dark tissuelevel 5”Franda is a pair of legs,Slim fingers in your own chin a little bit,Laughing like a little fox,“That is not ready-made?”
She hit her finger.,A delicate female mobile phone appeared in her hand,After the finger is pressed on the phone,An email。
“Just try you‘compensate’Sincerity。”Franda looks at the recipient of the email,嘿 嘿。
One secret headquarters。
“Or cooperation?”Siqi loves to look at the brunette woman sitting opposite,Can’t help but snort,“Flanda This guy really is an extraordinary!”
“According to‘owlet’The information provided and subsequent commitments and we will jointly fight against‘school’Commitment to see,This cooperation is not lost。”After the 壶 is still a look like a deepening,It seems that there is always a faint expression that I have not awake.,Followed by turning the head,Looking back to the brunette woman,“Mai Yon feels that??”
“estimateowletThe leader does not have a skill to manage your organization.。”Ma Ye Shen Siki snort,“The guy we negotiated is always the same guy like a fox.,Franda said,The woman named Yunchukui did told us.,Although I don’t trust the so-called confrontationschoolPromise of,But on the current situation,We are indeed playing。”
Poster on the desktop in front of the three people,Two materials,One of them is the Qing Palace and others have always tried to stop‘Absolutelanced Evolution Plan’。
“It’s really miserable。”Mai Naki snort,“my owndnaThe map actually leaked,Also made, the cloning is really lostlevel 5s face。”
“but,Is Mai Nany not the same??”Siqi in the side worship the eyes,Can’t help but speak,“thatstudy”
“Don’t spit my slot at this time!”Mai Nak is a bit angry, and the favorite of the flag.,Subsequently, look at another information,“Spring tree”
Even so,The heart of Mai Na is also vigilant.,Although these two events have no relationships,There is no impact of her interests,But but let her ring a alarm,When I think of the Qing Palace, I used to have even research institute.,Also let her secretly shocked。
Although yourself and others are expensive as the superiority of the urban city,It seems that no one dares,Powerful power,But in a darkly related to their experiment,How much is it??
So much,I seem to have someone else,There is no difference in the mice on the test bench.。
evenlevel 5Will be in general research like mice,So,What is the extent?,In order to really stand in the urban city?

The ancestors helped Gao Bo Yi out an idea。

“That line,I will let four eyes to prepare。”Gao Baoyi,After told the four eyes,I called a servant.,Pick a gift toward Wang Shengguan。
“you again?”
This is still Wang Yuansun,Seeing Gao Biyi just frowning。 to be exact,Wang Yuansun was captured with Wang Shengzheng,Send to Yucheng,I have never seen my wife in my family.。After he came to Yucheng, he did not learn alone.,In addition to several servants,It is the two of him with Wang Shengzheng.。
Use it to describe it to describe it.。
“I admire Wang Shangshu’s Wu Yong Zhi.,Specially send a small gift that is worthless,Please laughter,Don’t refuse。”
Gao Baofei polite arched。
Wang Yuansun looked,The gift box is a little meat.,A little one m。Valid money,Not worthless。
He put down his heart,I nodded and received a gift.,Then close the door into the yard。
“Father,The high-altitude of the last time,This time I sent a gift.,People are still waiting at the door。”
Wang Yuansun,I said that the old man sitting on the side said。
The hair is white,Quite burly,It seems that it is like a small air.,To put it bluntly, it is an old state.。The national character faces long,Didn’t take care,It looks a little bit。
He is the Western Wei, who is playing Dong Wei, will not temper Wang Shengzheng.!
Just look now,Although the time is only five years,But I have already gone to the style of the year.。
“Yuanson,Please come in.。”
Seeing something in a gift box,Wang Shengzheng’s discourse with obvious helplessness。
Since ancient times, like a beauty,Don’t see it in the world。
Gao Baoyi enters the yard,The 的 station fixed in the door of the door,Do not enter the house。
“Yuanson,You stay outside the door.。”
Wang Shengzheng,Let the eldest son Wang Yuanson retract into the yard,Greeting Gao Bao。
“You want to ask me,Can you fight now?,right?”
Wang Sheng refers to the gift box on the ground.。
“Lian Po is old,Can not eat if。Kid does have this meaning。”Gao Baofeng,Do not avoid this problem。People have come,It’s not a guest.。
“You, you.!Calling the old man saying what you are good?。”
Wang Shengzhi laughter。
“If the old man is put on,I am still in Chang’an.,How do you call them??”
Wang Shengzheng did not say some bad truth with Gao Baoyi.,But directly point out。
He also captured with the eldest son Wang Yuansun,Home is small in Chang’an!If Yitai knows that he is fighting in the north,Why do you think?
At least will give him a small shoes in Changan’s house.?This is almost a certain thing。
If you are more excited,Persecution can also eliminate this possibility。
“Then have you ever thought about it?,Wang Yuanshaoxia,Just destroyed by you??”
Gao Baoyi is opposed。
“actually,You are willing,Also want to understand。
then,In Chuan,What two years,Changan does not send troops to support you?If you can get support,You will be forced to surrender on the mountains of Sichuan?”
Gao Bo Yi’s last sentence,Like the shard lead in the heart of Wang Sichuan!
This long-awaited battle,Actually, I stood up.,For Gao Bao’s anger!

If you are in a high level just to eat,Play woman,What is the difference between with salted fish??Rely on gall,Can save a few people?Only,In order to let more people avoid the tragedy of refugees。lt;/Pgt;

Rencheng’s victims,Gao Boyi looked at the dog’s legs and pulled it out from the man’s pile.,Muttering:lt;/Pgt;
“I am a noble person.,I am a person who is out of grade.……”lt;/Pgt;
Several,With another slot of a sauce with a ferry in Jihe,,cloth,Wood and other goods,People outside Rencheng also began to act,Construction of the disaster area in the original tent。lt;/Pgt;
These wooden rooms can only be considered a temporary residence,The role is to build a city“New district”The victims provide living residences,Because Xuncheng is not one or two。Expansion of the ferrytack bridge,Shui Village,Dredging of the river section,There is also a lot of human labor。lt;/Pgt;
Rencheng’s Fu Hall,Both the big family sent people to cluster“Join”,Some still more than one person。Gao Boyi has prepared a dish and drink under the hand.,Enjoy the family here to contact“messenger”。lt;/Pgt;
Hongnang Yang,Qinghe Cui,Boling Cui,Zhao Ye Li,Fan Yang Lu,Guangping,Taishan Sheep,Some people are in the banquet。lt;/Pgt;
They are not giving high-alone face,Instead, in the golden bronze coil,It is also to give Zhao County Li’s East House.。lt;/Pgt;
“The sincerity of each relief,My Gao Baoyi has seen it.,His Majesty has also seen it,it’s here,I respect it,Drink!”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Biyi put the wine in the wine glass。lt;/Pgt;
Everyone loves to listen to these scenes.,Everyone is a smile,Waiting for the back of Gao Baoyi。lt;/Pgt;
The high officials can’t change food and cloth.,Changeable medicine,Food for these disaster relief,They are all from these people who don’t spit their bones.“Credit”Back。lt;/Pgt;
certainly,These big families,It’s all gave a high school,Look at his white cloud sword,I am willing to try water.。From the center guarantee,It is Gao Baoyi’s quasi-father-in-law Li Zugui。lt;/Pgt;
Because Li Zuolheng only supports the family of Jeju floods.,I have the eligibility to eat the meal of the rest of the family.。lt;/Pgt;
“Allocate,You know,Now,In fact, wealth distribution has no room.,Each home is divided into scope,To get new,Will use the means,Solve people who have posted those interests,I don’t know if I have to be accurate.?”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bi smiled and stared at the middle-aged fat man who was sent in Zhaoji Li.。lt;/Pgt;
The reason is this truth,However, it is a little too straightforward.。But here,In fact, it is a person who operates the family industry.,非 非 家 读 公 公,They naturally know what Gao Bao is meaning.。lt;/Pgt;

Gan Xin looked out the window with a gloomy expression,These little fish and shrimps in the city don’t care about themselves,Can’t get over any storm,The most worrying thing is that I don’t know who the hall will send to check!

A golden light descended over Parkway City,Lin Heng’s figure gradually revealed,Everyone in the city is looking up at the sky,Morfin looked at the figure in the sky,Shocked。
“How come the warlord under the seat of the Holy God!”
“Is that the warlord??”
“Oh my god,I can actually see the legendary warrior in my lifetime!”
People underneath are talking,Lin Heng walks in the sky,The golden wings behind him slowly stir,Fell in front of Gan Xin,Gan Xin has long been on her knees,Shaking all over。
“The most he thought about was that some officials came to investigate,I never thought it was a war general coming!
http://www.tianlaiba.cnGan Xin, the person in charge of a fifth-tier city,See Lord Warlord!”
Lin Heng looked at Gan Xin who was kneeling on the ground,There is no slightest fluctuation in the eyes,Walk into the house,Gan Xin got up and followed。
“This time i come,Was ordered by the Lord,Come to investigate the cause of death of Wang Zhenming and Sun Qin,Also take me to the place where you last fought,I want to view!”
Lin Heng’s voice is very slight,Look at Gan Xin and say。
“Let’s go”
The two turned into rays of light and flew away。
Fuming has just arrived at the place right now,Frown and look to the sky,Two rays of light in the sky, one gold and one blue, quickly pass by,The Suzaku’s wings behind it was trembling slightly。
“Sister,what happened to you?”
Feel the trembling body of the bird,And extremely unstable emotions。

Chen Yueqin put the wooden box in front of Wang Degui,Just listen to the loud noise coming from the box,It feels like metal objects collide and make a sound。Chen Yueqin took a look at her sons,Opened the small wooden box。

Wang Youcai and Wang Youfa immediately surrounded them,I saw half a box of silver dollars in a small wooden box。Wang Youcai on a whim,Reached for one,Then took a breath,Put it in your ear and listen to laughter:“Really,And it’s Qianlong’s,I heard that this thing is very valuable now“
“I first explain,The origin of this box is not glorious,But to support the family,I became a villain。So that I am now,Still can’t speak in front of Xia Zecheng。Anyway, maintain the family,Rely on these things。There are only 31 left now,Let’s settle the heads!“When Wang Degui said this,Looks extremely sad。
Wang Youdao,Said with a straight face:“What to divide,These things do not belong to the three of us,Should be kept by your elders,Although it’s illegal to take it out now,But this matter is caused by history,Keep it as a souvenir!“Wang Youdao is not the one who has read,A few words relieved my dad from the shackles in my heart。
“Nice to say,Let me not say how many boxes of this thing are,Take this box as an example,A large box,That’s a little bit left now,Where did the rest go,Who can tell“Wang Youfa looks like a rogue。
Wang Youcai quit as soon as he heard it,He laughed and said:“Big brother!Are you short of money now?So just talk nonsense。Where did this thing go?Don’t you know?Where did all the expenses for the family members in these years come from??Don’t you remember!“
“Less this set,I want to say that the one who spends the least money is me,I went out to make a living when I was 16,How much bitter,How many sins suffered,Do you two brothers know??“Wang Youfa said,Stood up excitedly,Point your finger on Wang Youdao and Wang Youcai。
Wang Degui can’t stand it anymore,He shouted:“Bastard stuff,Just say how to deal with this?Hurry up when it’s over!I really don’t want to see you again“
“Two one plus five,You two elders have one share,I have a share,None of them,They have already spent the ones that should be spent“Wang You said sharply。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“well said,I really don’t want,Don’t say it was for me,Even if you give it all to me,I still feel tired of moving“
“Ok!I agree with the third brother,Share it with your parents!“When Wang Youdao said this,,Blue with anger。
Wang Youfa is really an unfilial son,He lifted the small wooden box and buckled it on the kang,When screaming, I poured out all the silver dollars in the small wooden box。Then move both hands together,Soon separated into two piles。
“31 in total,I take sixteen“Wang Youfa said,Put these sixteen silver dollars in the two pockets of the pants。And then ignore everyone’s eyes,Turn around and leave。
Wang Youdao stood up abruptly,He said coldly:“You stop!“
“Don’t you want it?Why should I go back?!I think you just forget it!You are also the mayor of a city anyway,Are you embarrassed to fight for this money with me, an old farmer??“Wang Youfa said with a smile,A look of disdain。
Wang Youdao said with a cold snort:“brother!You really told me to look at you differently。Turns out I thought that the most ineffective is wealth,I didn’t expect him to change in the past two years,And you have changed,I don’t know you anymore“
“Alright!You are the mayor,I didn’t know us farmers,Have something to say,It’s okay i’m leaving,I have to go to the city at night,Qin Shuifeng is here,I have to report to work“When Wang Youfa said this,,Raised the voice on purpose,He wants the whole family to hear。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“You don’t deserve to say you are a farmer,Because farmers also know what filial piety is。So what I want to say to you is,You can share these silver dollars with your parents,But you have to leave the living expenses of your parents“

Come to the office of Luzi,He didn’t knock on the door.,Intouly went straight.。

“Lu Director,Do you have anything to find me??”
“Will not want to continue with me??
This time you want more than what?”
Li Hui ridiculously looked at Lu Zi,Lu Tian’s face is also a hard time.。
But in the end, he still endured。
“hehe,Teacher Li, I don’t talk about it.,This time I want to talk to you.。”
Is it that the director of the land is looking for so people betting me is not a matter?”
Seeing that Li Hui Feng grabbed the previous thing,Lu Tianqiang rushed into the anger of the heart,Laugh:“Row,I am wrong in the past.,I apologize to Teacher Li.,And the guarantee will not bother Qin teacher in the future.,This total baggage is?”
Li Hui has some unexpected look at each other。
Understand this young master,That is the master who killed。
How do you know inexplicably today??
But seeing the other party’s advition attitude is not bad.,He also don’t want to be more than the other party.。
As long as you don’t bother Qin Xue,He will not be difficult for the other party.。
“okay,okay,The director of the land can really apologize, I have to make me surprises.,However, this land director is looking for me to apologize.?” “no,I apologize this time.,But more important, I think about it with you.,Simultaneously solve this,Our campus is absolutely good.。”
Lu Zi Xian Xu Xian said。
And Li Hui is quietly waiting for the other party to say the theme.。
“Lu Director,What do you say?,As long as I can do it,I must do it.,But can’t violate professional ethics,Professional ethics!I don’t do things.。”
“Haha, you can rest assured,Absolutely talking to you。”
“The land of your class, I think you should know.?”
Li Hui said, listened to Lu Zi, mention land and frown frown.,He doesn’t understand that Lu Zi Tian is what medicine sold in gourd.。
“knowledge,He is still your cousin,I heard that he can be the boss of Banli Yaowei,It’s entirely your relationship,Without you, he seems to be a boss of the class.,I don’t know if there is this?” “Cough cough and cough, listen to a group of children,This is entirely a matter。”
“Oh,That is the director of my misunderstanding.,I don’t know what Lu Zi Xiu.?
He made a mistake?”
Although Li Hui, I don’t understand what Lu Zi Tiandi has been repaired.。
But nothing more than two things,Either help take care of Lu Zi,Either it is helping to repair it.。
No matter which one,He is not willing to help。
After all, this is his class.,He doesn’t want someone to finger the hand。
“Not mistakenly mistaken,But I can only say that I haven’t made mistakes recently.,There is a lot of mistakes before him.,The previous class teacher has not dare to handle,I want to deal with it is also very pressure.。”
“Now you come,I feel that you should deal with these things should have no pressure.。”
“Forehead,whats the matter?
”Li Hui is a bit wrong。
But the heart is calm,He understood that land repairs must be sinned land.,Otherwise, Lu Zi will not be so good to die.。
“Before he led to a classmate disability,Also bullying a female classmate,Even things that are forcibly attempted,These are not serious?”

Zuo Luo Huan:【Star owner in the face,Be careful,Not afraid。Go to the hospital in the afternoon Yan Yan parents。】

Yan Yan parents have unexpected,Now in conjunction with the test report,It is very likely because of the insistence mining east,Be harmed by people。
Yan Yan will hide the test report from last night.,Pay back to the hospital to take care of the parents,His father’s injury is almost very different.,Only the mother has not woken up。
“Small rock,Take care of your mother here.。”Yan Yan father,“I am going to the mine.,Head of the head377All collection。”
Yan Yan remembered the test report that I saw last night.:“You have to leave Xijiang stream.?”
“I can’t walk now.。”Yan Yan father helpless laugh,“Yesterday evening, the port stop is destroyed.,At least one week can be repaired。”
Yan Yanyi:“Then you collect……”
Yan Yan father’s eyebrows brought a little conception,“Your uncle is open for us,The study always dragged,He finds another person to detect the rock.,I found that there is a silver green in it.。Although the outside detection equipment is not particularly accurate,But the head of the head has decided to detect the mine in the east.。”
“There will be silver。”Yan Yan looked at the smile of his father,Low voice。
“hope so,Then we have a lot of hard work so many years.。”Yan Yan father suddenly went out of the hospital。
After waiting for the Zuo Luohuan several people,Listen to the Yan Yan to talk about this。
The eyebrows are flourishing,too fast,Hong Tong Road that hides behind is too fast,I am afraid I will push it out for the sins.,Yinqing’s incident,People hiding in the dark are shrinking again。
as predicted,Not a few days, the Star Lord skewers from Zhang Zhenzhen’s death.,He concealed the true test results of the mine of the east.,Want to wait377After the army,Sign the mine,Cooperate with Gamshro,Selling Youth to Gaslo Empire。
This is a person who betrayed the federal,Opening suicide after being exposed。
and377The army will also send the sample to other institutions to re-send the research institute.,Again detect,This time377Head witness,Confirm that the mine in the east of the West Range is Yintan。
Xijiang flowing star star is very shocking,Encourse to the federal report。
“The professor of that research firmly said that he had done this time.,The previous mine did not detect Yinqing。”Jiang Hong pulled the mouth,“Who can believe?”
“They don’t know who is stolen and the test report,Who killed Zhang Zhenzhen,Can only break the end。”之 看 看 欢,“Hong Yao is probably not knowing that you are water。”
Zuo Luo laughed,Zhang Yuzhen is confident to a blindness,I have been waiting for her so many days alone.,Certainly didn’t say anyone,Hong Yao is estimated to be thinking about why it is in the institute。
That day in the stop vendure,Xijiang flowing star ushered in the true North District,Black pressure,The winter army is uniformly stepped into the West River.,The first thing is that all the Star Lord and Hong Tong Dao is detained.。
Star owner,Need to wait for the survey,Check if he is related to Gamshrui。
As for Hong Tong Road,Reported by Zuo Luo Huan,Concealing the truth of the mine,Cooperate with Gamshro,Directly detained,Send to the capital。
The opportunity of the two people can not resist,All industries of Star Mains and Hongjia have been controlled,People are also all duty,Winter army handling things,Very efficient。
“Go back early,Don’t come out with a Jijia son.。”During the communication, Zuo Duhong frowned to look at Zuo Luohuan,“He made a thing,Who is responsible?”
“He is not a child,Know what you do。”Zuo Luo Hao,“Ji Xiu’s son,Will not be bullied。”
Zuo Duhong stunned,The majestic look is loose:“You will talk to others?”
Zuo Luohuo。
“Your mother has already remembered it a few times.,Usually not home,Now I also take people to run around。”Zuo Dihong Road,“You go back early.,Xijiang flowing star, I will find someone to take over。”
Yan Yan’s mother has not awake,Finally, I can only go to the capital with them.,Treat。