Yoga regimen: women make their own flowers

Yoga regimen: women make their own flowers


Mountain posture (the action of expanding lung capacity and increasing blood oxygen content) (I) The front toe and the rear heel are tightly attached together, and there is no air attack.

There must also be no gaps in the positive electrode.

(To tighten the thigh muscles), do not tilt your hips back, tighten the sphincters, tighten your stomach, and straighten your waist.

The palms are naturally forward and vertical.

Start breathing, inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds.

When doing this breath, shut up and breathe with your nose.

Inhale deeply and exhale.

The line of sight is naturally forward, looking at the direction of 45 degrees, feeling the airflow from the palm of the hand to the body (the body should have fever) (II) The two arms are extended to the sky, and the line of sight looks toward the end of the hand.

Note: Do not use your neck and gently lean back.

Same as before, do 10 deep breaths.

Use your legs and hips to tighten your abdomen tightly.

Stretch the spine to make the body warm.

From the finger to the heel, I feel the biggest stretch.


Half moon posture (this action can get the bee waist legs) The front toe and the back heel are completely together.

The thighs, the contraction, and the chest are all tightened and stood straight.

Put your hands together and lift them toward the sky.

Both arms cling to the ears.

Inhale and exhale and bend your body to the right, then inhale and exhale to the left, then stand straight.

Stretch your body again, inhale deeply, exhale.

Push the chest to the left (the body bends to the right) for 30 seconds!

The inhalation recovery station is straight.

Inhale deeply and exhale to the left, the same 30 seconds.

Standing straight, the neck is tilted back 45 degrees, swinging to the left and right of the top of the two sides.

Broad bends to the chest and then to the sky.

Inhale and exhale, lean back, then inhale forward, exhale and bend downwards.

Get up, the order of getting up is: hands, neck, spine.

It is placed close to the ear, the palm of the hand is completely close, and the breath is exhaled backwards for 30 seconds.

The pelvis pushes forward to the maximum extent, tightening the sphincter and supporting it with the lumbar spine.

Inhale and exhale, bend forward and bend forward. Hold the heel with both hands, align straight, and put your arms close to your calves, keep your face close to your legs for 30 seconds.

(Stretching the waist and measuring the thigh, it can eliminate leg fatigue) The front of the hand, standing straight.

Release your posture, relax your body and breathe easily 3 times.


The posture of the chair (which can reduce the excess meat of the legs, buttocks and thighs) can be opened with two punches in the middle.

Keep your feet straight, stretch your arms forward, and inhale while pushing your back (body leaning forward)?
90 degrees) In this state, while sitting exhale, sit down, keep 90 degrees, weight on the heel, and cation over the toe.

Don’t use too much force in front to relax down, as if the neck is in front of the stretch.
Then lift your toes for 30 seconds (tighten your abdomen) and slowly stand up, relax your body and breathe easily 3 times.

Bowing posture (eliminating excess excess meat, beautifying the curve of the buttocks and legs) The left hand is attached to the ear and lifted to the sky, and the right hand is placed 90 degrees beside the rib.

Raise your right foot backwards, hold your ankle with your right hand, and slowly lift your legs to the sky (the body should not bend forward, try to raise your legs, avoid lifting it up, push it in).Slowly bend your body forward for 30 seconds.

The left hand tries to stretch forward, and the entire body weight is evenly distributed on the soles of the feet.

Focus on the front.

Change your left leg.

(The point is to concentrate) relax and breathe 3 times.


The eagle pose (uses the obese person in the lower body, relaxes the tight shoulder muscles) and lifts the arm into the air and breathes.

When exhaling, the right hand is below, and the left hand is divided on top (two arms twisted).

Bend forward, straighten your arms and stand up.

Twist the two strokes, push forward and backward (body bends forward), sit on the chair, lift the right leg on the left leg, cross-tighten, and twist the right foot to the left leg.

Hold for 30 seconds.
Change legs and change territory.

Relax and breathe easily 3 times.

The triangle posture (corrected posture) opens to 12
0CM with the left and right legs and hands together, the right foot is extended by 90 degrees, and the left foot is 10 degrees inward.

Inhale, bend your right knee to 90 degrees when exhaling.

The positive electrode does not exceed the foot.

Don’t go backwards, you have to tighten forward.

The arm should try to stretch.

Then put your right hand down and put your arm on the right knee joint.

The left hand tries to reach out into the air, looking at the left fingertip.

Hold for 25 seconds.

The right leg is straight up.

Change legs.

(When doing it: the pelvis is tightened forward and the abdomen is tightened.

The upper body is at 45 degrees to the ground. The two feet are close to the middle and stand straight.

Relax and breathe easily 3 times.

The tree pose (beautiful legs, repair damaged pelvis, especially postpartum) left hand grabs the right leg and lifts it.

Keep your left leg knees straight.

Exhale, when inhaling, extend the upper leg upwards and put it back (inwardly, the pelvis pushes forward).

Put your right hand on your chest and your left and right hands on your chest.

Cross your thumbs and straighten your arms in the air for 40 seconds.

Slowly move your hand to your chest and relax.

Change legs.
Relax and breathe easily 3 times.
The following is the shaping of the chest and sputum.

8.Camel posture (can cure low back pain, shaping a perfect shoulder shape.

) 跪 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Starting from the abdomen, slowly reclining in turn, the head is the last.

Place your hands on your feet and push your hips forward (keep your lower body into an L shape) for 25 seconds.

– Put your hand on your waist and slowly lift your upper body.

Relax and breathe easily 3 times.

Rabbit posture (shrinking the abdomen, detoxification, face-lifting) In fact, the posture is the same as before, grasping the heel with both hands, the chest and waist are straight.

Abdomen, push forward, squat close to the neck, watch the navel bend down, stick the forehead down, the body into a round shape (about 60 degrees between the big calves), hold for 30 seconds.


Cat posture (shrinking the lower abdomen) (1) Step on the pedal, open the hand to the same width as the shoulder, hand, step on the ground.

The waist is bent down to the maximum and the hips are up.

Then, the waist is arched so that the back is rounded and the back cannot be rearward and should be upward.

Inhale when the waist is pressed, exhale when arching (when lifting, maximally contract the lower abdomen), repeat 3 times.

(2) The arm should be stretched as far as possible, and the chest and shoulders should be attached to the ground instead when exhaling.

Hold for 30 seconds.

Squat and relax, breathe 3 times.

(Effect: Lifting the hips) 11.

Cobra pose (beautifying the curves of the legs and hips, can treat low back pain) (1) kneeling on the ground, from the heel to the buttocks, the abdomen, tightly applied.

Place your hand on a specific part of your chest (all your fingers open to increase your strength) and your arms close to your body.

Use the waist strength to lift the upper body (not with arm strength), inhale and exhale to raise the upper body, and look at the 45-degree sky for 25 seconds.

(2) Start the same as above, but when you lift your body, straighten your arms and the pelvis tries to press down on the ground.

Look at the sky.

Hold for 25 seconds.
(Bei can’t bend, push the chest forward, tighten the pelvis tightly) Slowly lower the upper body.

Kneel on the ground and relax.

The bow posture (effective for shaping beautiful legs and buttocks) squats on the ground, the chin is placed on the ground, and the legs are bent upwards.

Grasp the toe correction with both hands, inhale and exhale, and the navel sticks to the ground, trying to lift the body and legs to make the body arched.

Hold for 20 seconds (compression can not be too extended, compression can not reduce distance beyond the pelvis)13.

Baby posture (corrected body shape, remove excess meat, tight and straight) Squat on the ground, bend the upper body, and put the forehead on the ground.

Put your hands on the ends of your body and your palms facing the sky.

Relax the whole body and spine (the chest can’t leave the heel) for 40 seconds.

Breathe easily.


Tightening the pelvic posture (Arkro legs will cause pelvic asymmetry, this action can correct the asymmetric pelvis, repair the postpartum pelvis) The left leg is bent on the ground, the right leg is bent and placed on the left leg, and the two segments are in a straight line.

Hold the hand tightly in the middle of the foot.

Inhale deeply, exhale, while slowly bending down the body, the upper arm and lower arm are 90 degrees.

Place the lower jaw between the carbon dioxide.
Hold for 30 seconds.(The order of the downward bend: waist-chest-head.

Reverse when lifting.

The front end cannot leave the ground, the neck is as relaxed as possible, and the asymmetric pelvis feels pain).

Restore and lift your upper body.

Change direction.

(The order of the downward bend: waist-chest-head.
Relax in the reverse order) Relax your body and breathe easily 3 times.


Twist the spine posture (correct the spine posture, eliminate the shoulder, back, waist, excess meat of the arm). Bend the left leg and lay the ground flat.

The right leg is erected and placed crosswise on the left knee (the two are aligned in a straight line).

Keep your back close to the ground, raise your left hand, and turn your right to the foot, and grab the top of your right foot (you can also put it on your left foot).

When the right hand is inhaling and exhaling, it is placed behind and turned back.

The spine should be straight.

Can not leave the ground before.

Hold for 30 seconds.
Change the other side.

Hold for 30 seconds.
Relax and breathe easily 3 times.

Hold your knees in a steady breathing position and put your hands on your lap.

When inhaling, the expansion of abdominal dialysis, the tightening of the onset of diabetes during exhalation, and the tightening of the abdomen and back to be implanted.

Inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth.

Do it 50 times quickly.

The last time you have to slowly call out.

Close your eyes, breathe easily, and touch your little belly.


Rest and lie flat, with your hands on your side, and your heels closed for 10 minutes.

Feel the energy from the heel to the top of your head and feel the breath.

Older people want to live longer and not greedy

Older people want to live longer and not greedy

First, not greed.

Excessive plasma poisoning in the elderly can cause imbalance of nutritional balance and metabolic disorders, and is prone to hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia, which is not conducive to the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Second, not greedy.

The elderly have long been paying attention to eating white rice noodles, and the absorption of less cellulose will attenuate bowel movements and prone to constipation.

  Third, not greedy.

The digestive absorption and absorption function of the elderly is weak. If you eat hard or boiled food, you will have indigestion or stomach problems for a long time.

  Fourth, not greedy.

The elderly are incomplete due to tooth loss. If the diet is greedy and chewed, it will increase the digestive burden of the stomach.

At the same time, it is also prone to accidents such as fishbone or meat bones.

  Five, not greedy.

The diet of the elderly should be full of eight points. If the long-term greed is full, it will increase the burden of digestion and absorption of digestion, and it will induce or aggravate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and sudden death.

  Six, not greedy.

The elderly have long been greedy for drinking, gradually detoxifying the heart, losing normal elasticity and increasing the burden on the heart.

At the same time, the elderly drink more alcohol, but also easily lead to cirrhosis.

  Seven, not greedy.

Excessive amounts of sodium in the plasma of the elderly are prone to high blood pressure, stroke, high blood pressure and kidney weakness.

  Eight, not sweet.

Too many sweets for the elderly can cause dysfunction, causing excessive symptoms, diabetes, hair loss, etc., which is not conducive to body health.

  Nine, not greedy.

Three meals should be eaten at a time that is not greedy, which is conducive to food digestion and rest after meals, avoiding food accumulation or low blood sugar.

  Ten, not greedy.

The diet of the elderly should not be hot, because hot food is easy to damage the mouth, esophagus and stomach.

If the elderly take long-term hot food stimulation, they are also prone to stomach cancer and esophageal cancer.

Create a muscle fitness plan for the muscles

Create a muscle fitness plan for the muscles

The training of the Marine Corps is called devil training, but not every man has the opportunity to personally accept this devil training. It is undeniable that the Marine Corps drill course has excellent effects on body shape modification and physical exercise.

  This training exercise was developed from the warfare of foreign Marines. Those who do not have time to go to the gym can exercise and have an enviable body through the following 10 exercises.

After practicing, I believe that you can become a macho with muscles.


Lift your legs and raise your legs and put your back on your back. Put your hands on your hips, then use your buttocks as a fulcrum. Lift your legs and upper body up about 60 degrees, then slowly lower your legs, but do not touch the ground.

You can also lift your feet together and lift them off the ground, then open your feet.

Repeatedly and repeatedly.

If you persist, you will have a proud 6 pack abs.


Pull the thighs sideways to open your feet, then squat your body to the right foot, hold your right foot toes with your right hand, and hold your right heel with your left hand. Hold for 20 seconds, then slowly stand up, then squat to the left foot, do the same.The action, holding the left heel in the right hand, repeat 8-10 times.

Don’t underestimate this movement, often do not only can practice the thigh muscles, but also can enhance the “life fun.”


Waist strokes are the so-called “land swimming”, which is one of the signature actions of the Marine Corps.

This is a must-have for men who want to shape the upper body into a bodybuilding line.


Diving Volley Standing This is a modified push-up body that not only strengthens the strong muscles, but also strengthens the neck, back, waist, buttocks and leg bones.

The foot was opened and the hand was opened more open.

  The chest is lifted, the upper body is pressed down, but it can’t touch the ground. After the hands are stretched for 20 seconds, the head is tilted back, bending and bending, and the legs are raised. After a while, the body is displaced and lifted.The back end is raised higher, of course, it must be supported, and finally restored to the preparation position, repeated 8-10 times.


Roll back and pull your hands up and lie flat on the floor.

Lift your feet and bend your head until your hands can hold your toes.

After 20 seconds, hold both hands on the toes of your left foot and relax your right leg. After 20 seconds, hold your right toe for 20 seconds, then slowly return your body to a flat position.

Repeatedly exhausted.


When you do this action, you must get it in one go to get the best results.

The feet are close together and reasonable.

Kneeling, palms flat on the ground, kicked out with both feet, hands up the upper body, then bend it, the body is parallel to the ground (keep up or down or touch the ground), at least 20 seconds, and finally,The two feet are reset to form a kneeling position, and then slowly stand up and repeat 8-10 times.


Sitting on the floor with your legs twisted, your left foot is straight, the right leg is bent across the left leg, and the left hand is not in the upper right.

Then the body slowly rotates to the right rear (the right hand can be balanced on the floor) and stays at the limit for 20 seconds.

After doing 8-10 times repeatedly, change the side and do it again.


Sitting on the floor with the hurdle stretched out, the right leg straight forward, and the left foot bent the plate down the hips.

Tilt forward slightly, hold the left foot plate with your right hand and push it backwards. Place your left hand on the right thigh to prevent the right knee from bending, keep it for 20 seconds, then gently relax and repeat 8-10 times.Change the side and do it again.

Bend your hands and feet apart and shoulder width.

Try to bend forward as far as possible, with your head as far as possible, while holding your hands together, then slowly lift your hands up to the limit behind your body. Hold for 20 seconds, then slowly release your hands and repeat 8-10.Times.
The pelvis disk sits on both sides of the foot, and the two feet sit on the ground, holding both hands on the toes.
The upper body is gently pushed forward and downward by the head to the limit, and after 20 seconds, the body is slowly restored to the preparation posture, and repeated 8-10 times.

This action can be used to warm up before the intense exercise.

Although this action is simple, it does not help to reduce sports injuries.

A few cups of tea can prevent computer radiation

A few cups of tea can prevent computer radiation

Astragalus jasmine tea yellow peony root 10 grams, jasmine 0.

5 grams, add 85 degrees Celsius to soak for one hour.

It can prevent computer radiation from affecting the body’s circulation, immunity, reproduction and metabolism, and reducing the chance of electromagnetic waves inducing cancer.

  Xianling spleen rose tea Xianling spleen 10 grams, 1 gram of rose, add 85 tons of boiling water soak for one hour.

It can prevent electromagnetic waves from causing men’s sperm quality to decrease, women’s hormone secretion is not normal, and can also prevent spontaneous abortion and distortion caused by electromagnetic waves.

  Suanzaoren white chrysanthemum tea 10 grams of jujube kernels, 3 grams of white chrysanthemum, add 85 potassium water to soak for an hour.

It can prevent headache caused by electromagnetic wave radiation, palpitations, insomnia, some women’s menstrual errors, bradycardia, decreased heart rate, sinus arrhythmia, leukopenia, decreased immune function.

In addition, it can also reduce the incidence of high blood pressure, high blood pressure and dementia caused by electromagnetic radiation.

  10 grams of medlar medlar flower tea, 3 grams of medlar flower, add 85 potassium water to soak for an hour.

It can prevent the impact on the vision system due to excessive electromagnetic radiation.

Such as decreased vision, dry eye, cataracts, etc., as well as retinal reflexes caused by severe conditions.

  The ground scorpion flower tea is 10 grams, 3 grams of gardenia, and 85 water can be soaked for one hour.

It can prevent skeletal dysplasia caused by electromagnetic waves causing loss of calcium ions in the plasma of the minor, as well as memory loss and hematopoietic function caused by loss of hepatic blood.

Qigong health function Qi and nose Qigong health care

Qigong health function Qi and nose Qigong health care

The ear is an auditory organ.
Chinese medicine believes that the function of the ear depends on the cultivation of essence, marrow, gas and blood, especially the tone of the kidney.
The ear is closely related to the visceral meridian, so the auricle has the reaction points of the whole body and the limb, and the treatment of the ear disease requires the improvement of the whole body function.
  First, the ear qigong health care ear is the auditory organ.
Chinese medicine believes that the function of the ear depends on the cultivation of essence, marrow, gas and blood, especially the tone of the kidney.
The ear is closely related to the visceral meridian, so the auricle has the reaction points of the whole body and the limb, and the treatment of the ear disease requires the improvement of the whole body function.
In addition to the prevention and treatment of ear disease, ear work can also enhance the function of other organs.
Ear work is practiced in a very quiet and static qigong state, with a degree of legality.
  1、龟咽健肾  思想先静下来,口微闭,以舌在上下牙列外徐徐搅动,待唾液满口后,使所吸之气下行归根(气海穴),在吸气时如忍大便Inducing the true gas from the perineum to the tail to follow the Jiaji to the jade pillow, the head and neck as the top object will lift the brain mud pill, stop for a moment, bite the teeth, such as swallowing hard objects, swallow the body fluid, squeaky, inWhen swallowing, exhale deeply, and then relax the head and neck and the whole body, slightly smiling, and the real gas is taken down by the liquid to the dantian.
So swallowed 7 times in succession.
Practice has proved that this method is effective not only for kidney disease, but also for some patients with tinnitus.
  2, hit the sniper drum The two feet open in parallel, shoulder width.
两手心掩耳,两膝微屈,做打躬状,低头过膝,两手交替以食、中及无  以两手小指缓缓插入两耳孔内,抬头仰面呼气,倾听耳内嗡嗡声,头Slightly low-cut chest, suddenly pull your fingers out.
Exhale slowly.
So pulled out 7 times.
Due to the delay in the disease, the tinnitus caused by the tympanic membrane subsidence has a certain preventive effect.
  3, 揉 press the auricle The palm of the hand holds the same side of the whole ear, and rotates 100 times in the clockwise direction. The ear feels hot, and the palm has a gap at any time to prevent negative pressure in the ear and discomfort.
Then, the tip of the ear was pulled 3 times with the two points of the thumb; the earlobe was pulled down 3 times; the middle of the outer edge of the auricle was pulled back 3 times.
Pull the force to feel the slight pain.
The predecessors said that this is “the rule of the city, so that people can listen.”
  4. Rubbing the ear roots Separate the index finger and the middle finger of both hands and clip them around the roots of the ears.
Use the palm of your hand to rub the points before and after the ears.
Rub up and down once for a total of 36 times.
It can prevent tinnitus, deafness, Meniere’s disease and hearing loss.
  Note that this action should be gentle and unstoppable.
This potential can improve blood circulation in the head and neck, prevent headaches, dizziness, and long-term practice to make the eyes and ears smart.
  Second, the qigong health of the nose The nose is the portal for breathing out, the lungs.
Therefore, nasal diseases are related to the lungs.
Nasal disease is related to the spleen and gallbladder.
  Clinical practice proves that nasal work has a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of colds.
Others such as prevention and treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, excessive nasal discharge, excessive sneezing and unfavorable nasal discharge, and olfactory failure.
And can regulate the nervous system to make it excited or inhibit.
揉 Press Yingxiang points have a nasal effect.
  The nose feels sharp and the muscles are thin, so the massage technique should not be too strong.
Before each exercise, wash the nose with cold water for 4-5 minutes, then practice calm, and perform the following exercises in Qigong state: 1. Tip of nose: nose tip is also named head, nose or face king, nasal needle here is kidney, spleen points, left and right hands alternately with the hand-hearted labor palace points on the tip of the nose, counterclockwise gently rotate each 10 times.
  2, snoring nose: with two hands pointing to the belly, pressed on both sides of the nose, by the nose wing along the bridge of the nose up, through the two eyebrows until the hairline, and then back to the nose part for a total of 36 times.
  3, 揉 press Yingxiang: Yingxiang points belong to the hand Yangyin large intestine, the nose needle here is the large intestine, located in the nasolabial groove next to the nose.
Press the rib surface of the left and right index fingers at the same time and press each time 36 times.Pressing this point while squatting helps to facilitate laxation.
  4, unilateral nostril breathing: through the skull on the nasal cavity.
Modern science proves that the left nostril can make people calm, and the right nostril can make people excited.
This law was published in the Song Dynasty.
Wang Zhen popular 诀 中 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》The circulation of the Zhou and Zhou dynasties, screaming, and then spit out when the gas is full, so you must not let yourself hear it, so ten times.
In the initial training stage, one finger can be used to block the nostrils, and the left nostril can be slowly breathing. After the hot training, it can be done without blocking, and can play a calming effect.
If you want to improve your excitement, block your left nostril with one finger and breathe slowly with your right nostril.

Effective method of thin thighs fist massage + exercise

Effective method of thin thighs fist massage + exercise

First, clenching a fist is very simple, clenching a fist, then tapping the thigh, the front side needs to be beaten. Everyone knows that tapping the gallbladder can be a stovepipe, but here is not necessarily a mere biliary tract, it can be everywhere, when you hit it, some parts willMore painful, you can tap more targeted.

Personal experience: I feel that my thighs are a lot tighter in a week.

Second, the fist is scraped 1, absorbs olive oil on the thigh or massages the skin. It is mainly used for lubrication. Essential oil is also a good choice. Generally, I will use essential oils and choose good quality essential oils.Greasy feeling.

2, still use the fist, with the second knuckle, forcefully, from the front and forward to the roots of the thigh, this process will be very painful, you can use a little light, but can not be completely painless.

Personal experience: This action is very ideal for improving the orange peel effect. It is the recommended thin thigh method for the model. Oh, I also hurt very much. Don’t prevent excessive bruises. Slowly, you will see your favorite thighs.line.

Third, twist the towel. Everyone knows that this can be done with this, mainly to make the legs more symmetrical, and to twist the shape of the towel, from the thigh to the calf.

Go back and forth.

Personal experience: I think this action can be evenly called the line of the calf, which is not very hard.

Fourth, the side of the leg on the side of the bed or yoga mat, the right side of the left is the elbow to support the body, the right hand assisted to put on the chest yoga mat, and then lifted the leg, the better, 25 per side.

The best is three groups.

Five, squatting this position, I don’t know what the professional name is, that is, the left leg is a step forward, the right foot is on the toes, and then the squat and the body, mainly the sports hind legs, this action is very exercise thigh,If you do 25, you will feel that your legs are sour.

Upgraded version: Take one step at a time, this I feel really tired, but the effect of tightening the thighs, you can see.

The latest vibrating drainage game is dry goods!

The latest vibrating drainage game is dry goods!

Vibrato is a very magical thing. Children as young as they are, grandfathers who are dozens of years old are playing.

Everyone is willing to share the stories in life, funny, emotional, health, fun places, good-looking scenery.

For the partners who are doing Internet projects, it is natural for everyone to prefer the APP search. It can be said that the vibrato is the largest traffic pool at present, and we certainly can’t let go of such a good place.

Here to summarize the first tricks of several drainage tips: 蹭 Attractions 蹭 hot spots are the most common drainage method, and the most effective drainage method, just like the current IG wins.

In addition, the modern brothers and fans in the street some time ago will have more or less good traffic.

The second trick: the first music is to find interesting music around yourself, is spoof or other, the first to send the music you think may be fire, then others use this music to shoot the same worksIndirectly, in order to make an advertisement, the third trick: originality, no matter which social platform is created, originality is always the best choice.

First of all, from the perspective of the platform, the authors prefer the original, and the corresponding resources will be tilted to these original authors.

The original content will get more recommendations. The fourth measure: prepare to locate and identify your own customer base, and continuously output high-quality content.

Choose a field to be vertical. To put it bluntly, you don’t have anything to do, leaving a label for others. Some say that when you mention Ningge, you know that it is a modern brother.

If we want to divert the sound, we have to work hard on the content. The content is the most important thing to be eye-catching, creative, interesting and in line with the user’s taste.

A good video can get very high exposure.

Our best way is to shoot by ourselves.

Some friends may have questions, I can’t have it, and I don’t have experience. In fact, don’t worry, you can connect other people’s videos to see how others do it.

In the platform where the user has a huge amount of vibrato, we can grab a lot of fans as long as we make it with our heart.

Learn to be a little friend to hurry!