Five Breakthroughs in College Students’ Performance

Five Breakthroughs in College Students’ Performance

Professor Fan Fuyi, director of the Psychology Research Office of the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University, believes that 69% -80% of college students in China have no plans for the future and are easily stressed when they are employed.

The reporter’s investigation found that lack of opinion, lack of self-confidence, will grab the limelight, unwilling to work hard at the grassroots level, unrealistic salary requirements and other five performances are easy to ruin the future of college students.

  75% of college students believe that the stress is mainly from employment. A recent survey of the mental health of college students completed by the Chinese Social Survey shows that 75% of college students believe that the stress is mainly from social employment.

50% of college students are confused about their future development after graduation and have no goals; 41.

7% of college students said they didn’t think too much at the moment; only 8.

3% of people have clear goals and full confidence in their future.

  According to the “China Youth Development Report” recently released by the China Youth Research Center and the International Liaison Department of the Communist Youth League of China, according to estimates of China’s future population increase, the population of China’s youth population will remain between 15 and 22 million in the next few years.High levels, oversupply, directly lead to high employment pressure.

In addition, due to the gradual popularization of higher education in China, the number of college students who need employment after graduation has increased year by year, and the initial employment rate of college graduates has decreased year by year.

  Five types of performance have a bad future Zheng Fuhong, executive general manager of Xiamen Borg Management Consulting Co., Ltd., told reporters that recently, a well-known foreign company hired a famous university in Shanghai to recruit. A girl who came to apply for a written Chinese test and a foreign language oral testThey were all excellent, but eliminated by the last round of interviews.

He said, “I ended up inadvertently asking her that you might be placed in the position of assistant to a key account manager, but you still need to try if your account can enter Shenzhen. Are you willing?

As a result, she hesitated and replied, “Go back and discuss with your parents before making a decision.”

“No opinion has ruined her good future, and students who rely on their parents for everything are hard to be in the workplace.

  Zheng Fuhong also said that two types of graduates are common at college job fairs. One is lack of self-confidence, while the other is the opposite.

People who lack self-confidence will make people have poor learning ability and push the blame on Lenovo. Companies do not welcome such graduates.

Those who will gain the limelight will give the impression that they do not have a team spirit, and the employer will never like a solo fighter who is alone.

  Although the state has encouraged a lot of policies at the grassroots level, a survey by reporters found that preferential policies are still difficult to relieve graduates’ concerns.

“This is not a double-faced issue. The grassroots, especially the western region, is relatively underdeveloped, the income level is different from that of developed regions, the cost of urban-rural conversion is too high, and college students are worried that‘ it ‘s easy to come up and difficult to go.

There are also issues with the basic level itself, as well as the crowding out of talents and the old system.

“The teacher responsible for student employment at the school’s Chinese department told reporters.

  Xia Lei is a graduate studying mechanical engineering in Xiamen. He has participated in more than ten job fairs in universities around the world.

He rushed to Guangzhou to attend a job fair not long ago. The manager responsible for recruitment in a Guangdong company was very satisfied with him, so he began to talk about the final salary.

Xia Lei felt that the prospect of finding a job this year was severe, so he replied: “It doesn’t matter, it can be done!

“The manager didn’t say anything at the time. Ask him to go back and wait for the notice.

The employer said: “A man who doesn’t even care about his salary can still expect him to be motivated for his future work and company?

Reference table for the types and dosages of daily supplementary foods for infants and young children

Reference table for the types and dosages of daily supplementary foods for infants and young children

The number of months of supplementary food types, the number of times a month, 1 drop of concentrated cod liver oil, 1 vegetable water or fruit juice.
1 drop of milk, 2 months of cod liver oil, 2 drops of 2 vegetable soup, or fruit juice (more than 22 seconds in the middle of the milk, red persimmon, orange juice), 3 months of cod liver oil, 3 drops of 3 vegetable soup, or fruit juice, 2 or 2 milk3 drops of cod liver oil in the middle 4 months 3 drops of vegetable soup or fruit juice 3 two or two milks middle middle egg yolk 1/4 2 vegetable puree or red date puree 0.5 2 2 5 months of cod liver oil 3 drops in 3 vegetable soups or juice 2-3 milkMiddle egg yolk half 2 vegetable puree or fruit puree 0.
5两2鱼泥0.2两1 6个月鱼肝油3滴3菜汤或果泥3两两奶之间中间烂粥半两        2蛋黄半个2菜泥0.5两1肝泥0.5Two 2 7?
9 cod liver oil 3 drops 3 vegetable soup or juice 4 two or two milk middle congee or rotten noodles 12 or 2 vegetables 12 or 1 whole egg custard half 2 liver or fish puree or minced meat 0.
5 2 1 tofu 0.5 2 1 10 biscuits or steamed buns or noodles 2 112 cod liver oil 3 drops 3 porridge or rotten rice or noodles 12 2 steamed buns or bread 2 2 2 vegetables 2 2 2 whole eggs 1 1或肉末或鱼1两2      水果        1两       1      豆腐        0.5两     1      植物油       半茶匙      2

Skin Care Tips Spike Up

Skin Care Tips Spike Up

A tiring day, and a plan to stay up late at night, when the biological clock is disrupted.

The delicate eyes must be hurt first.

For dark circles, prepare for homework before and after staying up late, and use acupoint massage to plan ahead.

Do your best to reduce the impact before the big dark circles problem is shown.

  Before staying up all night, encourage acupoint massage step1 to massage the head. Before staying up all night, gently sooth the head with the strength of the palm, and gently step on the head about 40 times from front to back with your fingertips to help the blood flow more relaxed and nervous.

  Step2 massage the ring finger around the eye with gentle force and insert it into the eyesight corners of the inner corner from the inside and outside, and the weeping points at the center of the eye each 5-10 times; help to reduce swelling and fatigue and promote blood circulation.

  Step3 massage the bamboo bamboo points at the depressions on the tops of the two heads. Use the ring finger to insert this acupoint, which can help clear the meridians, improve the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of the eyes and the face. It can be applied with a little force and pain.

  Step4 Gently press the outer corner of the eye to massage the acupoints on the pupil corner of the outer corner of the eye, which can promote blood circulation in the eye and effectively improve dark circles.

  Prepare hot, cold towels for each of the dark circles caused by staying up late. The responsibility is naturally caused by poor circulation. Using the hot and cold replacement method to inject power into the soft eyes is like opening the second pulse of Rendu, the harm of dark circlesNaturally no longer.

  Product: benefit to dark circles cream Reference price: RMB 360 yuan Wake up early in the morning, bubbles under the eyes are definitely easier to scare a cold sweat than dark circles.

Bags of blood under the eyes, but need a higher level to easily flatten.

Unblock the body’s circulation, eliminate excess water, and the eye bags are not a big problem.

  Lymph massage step1 before staying up all night. Massage the arm part. The arm part is where the lymph glands are. From the wrist to the root of the arm, don’t apply too much force. Use gentle friction.

  Step 2 Step on the lymph nodes under the tibial lymph nodes and the recesses of the armpits of the lower limbs as the lymph nodes. Use the four fingers except the thumb to gently step down for 7 consecutive times, and then repeat the same action by changing hands.

  Step3 caress the abdominal lymph node drainage and the left and right hands overlap. From below the heart, do a clockwise circular massage on the abdominal cavity. Push slowly and rhythmically. The best is 1 circle every 2 seconds.

  After staying up late, the spoon will reduce the swelling step1. Put the eye essence containing green tea, arnica and other ingredients on the eye and belly, and then use the frozen iron spoon to gently press the eye and belly for about 1 minute.

  Step 2 Cover the whole eye, close the eyes, and lightly stop the whole eye with the spoon for about 1 minute.

  Step3 Drag and massage the upper eyelids starting from the center of the eyebrows, and gradually gently massage the eyelids to the end of the eyes.

  Product: SUPPEME AUPRES Eye Bag Firming Essence Lotion Reference Price: RMB 480 / 15ml Eye week relaxation and fine lines coping with age, as well as the deepening of bad expression lines, the skin around the eyes and the appearance of symptoms after staying up late.
It is more obvious that the eye contour is tightened by strengthening the muscles around the eye.

  Before staying up all night with eye cream lifting massage + eye movements to solve the problem of poor blood circulation in the eye, do a good circulation massage before staying up all night to completely say goodbye to dark circles.

  Step 1 After applying eye cream with scissors, the middle finger and ring finger are in the shape of scissors. Put the upper and lower eyelids lightly. After sliding gently from the nose near the bridge of the nose to the temples, lift the scissors together and slightly lift up. Repeat three times.

  Step2 Step into the tension and insert the eye socket and eyebrows from the top of the eye to the end of the eye. The action should be gentle, and it becomes a soothing eye cream to help muscle tension. Repeat 3 times.

  step3 ironing the eyelid with both hands inward, covering the upper eyelid and forehead, the colleague’s head center of gravity moves forward, and the weight of the head is placed on the palm for 10-20 seconds.

  Emoticon step1 Keep your eyes tense and grow your eyes so that your eyes are in tension for about 10 seconds. Step2 Look up at your eyes and tilt your head back slightly. Move your eyes to look up and hold for 15 seconds.

Makes blood circulation in the eyes clear.

  After staying up late, the hydrating eye mask is fully moisturized. After staying up late, make a beautiful SPA for the eyes, and pay attention to inject water into the thirsty eye skin in a short time.

Soothe tired eyes all night.

The nutrients that penetrate into the skin of the eyes release the energy like a sweet spring, so that the eyes can stay comfortable all day long.

  Product Urara Clay Eye Mask Reference Price: RMB 240

Gastrointestinal discomfort is different in medicine

Gastrointestinal discomfort is different in medicine

The accumulation of food additives Baohe pill spleen and stomach disease is generally manifested as stomach pain, there is always a sense of fullness, loss of appetite, and even hiccups, heartburn and other symptoms, the people are often referred to as “spleen and stomach.”

  After the holiday, the spleen and stomach discomfort is mostly due to stagnation of stomach cramps. Before the onset, patients often have a history of overeating or eating unclean, which is characterized by stagnation of diet, suffocation of dyspepsia such as sour qi, and treatment of digestive dysfunction.The law, with (plus flavor) Baohe pill, 枳 导 导 丸 ,, 木 榔 榔 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木 木

Among them, Baohe Pills focuses on digestion and heat; Jiawei Baohe Pills focus on Pingsu spleen and dampness and stagnation; stagnation stagnation pills focus on food stagnation and have heat and heat resistance.

  Abdominal bloating extracts fragrant sand and stomach pills. Modern people work under pressure and have a diet.

When the seasons alternate, spleen and stomach diseases are more likely to occur.

For most patients with spleen and stomach disharmony, the spleen and stomach are weak, the appetite is weak due to indigestion, the abdominal pain, the stool is not adjusted, etc. can be adjusted with the fragrant sand and stomach pills.

This side is based on Xiangsha Liujunzi Decoction, adding qi, digestion, and dampness Chinese medicine. It has the effect of spleen appetite, gas stagnation, and wide application range.

However, accompanied by bad breath, nausea, constipation, red tongue yellow and other obvious heat syndrome patients and dry mouth, red tongue Shaojin, stool dry and other yin deficiency patients do not apply this drug.

  If the patient’s stomach is uncomfortable, relieved by sputum or warmth, fatigue, hand and foot are not warm, choose Wenweishu, as the name suggests, it has a warm stomach effect, suffering from stomach cramps, cold, cold and cold.pain.
Deficiency stomach pain granules, stomach Qizhitong pills, Fuzi Lizhong pills are also such drugs.

However, if the tongue is found to have red tongue, yellow or greasy fur, and other symptoms of acute heat and stomach pain, it is not applicable.

  Atrophic gastritis replaces Moro Dandan stomach pain with stomach acid increase and thirst love to drink cold drinks, dry stool, urinary yellow and other heat like stomach heat symptoms, treatment can diarrhea and clear the stomach, you can use Niuhuang Qingwei pills, berberine supernatant tablets,Yiqing Capsule, Xinqingning Tablets, etc.

However, such drugs can not be used or long-term application, and a large amount of use can easily damage the spleen and stomach yang, making the human body empty.

If you do not see a significant improvement after taking it, you should go to the hospital for specialist treatment.

  The history of the disease, the upper abdomen pain and burning pain, dry mouth and throat, drinking water does not quench your thirst, hand and foot heart heat, weight loss, weak tongue, red tongue and other diseases such as stomach yin deficiency spleen and stomach disease, suitable for treatment of stomach and stomach, such drugs and yin deficiencyStomach pain granules, etc.

  If you see bloating, pain, nausea, sticky mouth, mouth bitter, dry mouth, bad breath, bad stools and other symptoms, are caused by damp heat, choose gastrointestinal health.

If diarrhea also occurs, you can take Pueraria chinensis pellets.

  For patients with atrophic gastritis, Morodan is used, and its drug composition is subdivided. As long as the syndrome is given, other stomach diseases can also be taken.

Mainly and stomach down, spleen and swelling, Tongluo analgesic effect, where there are yin deficiency, wet resistance, qi stagnation, blood stasis shift use, but there is qi deficiency, faceless, face and feet are not warm, etc.Patients should not take it.

  Chinese people have more spleen and stomach, and some Chinese medicines can be prepared at home, but they should be treated with symptomatic drugs. If they cannot distinguish them, they should go to the hospital for treatment.

Hair Care: Learn Soothing Massage Exercises for Head Skin

Hair Care: Learn Soothing Massage Exercises for Head Skin

Gentle magic from both hands will give soothing care to the sensitive and tortured head skin.

When bathing in the morning and evening, at the most drowsy 15:15, when you are eager to relieve the sensation of the sensitive scalp, do a skin soothing massage exercise, just a simple gentle pressure, you will relax and relax like never before.

  Soothing massage STEP1: Put your fingers close together, press your fingertips gently on the temples, and make 6 rounds in a clockwise direction; then make 6 rounds in a counterclockwise direction.

  Soothing massage STEP2: Put your hands on the forehead to separate the neat fingers of the fingers and block from the center of the eyebrow.

The penetration route is: eyebrow center (in reflexology, this part is the pressure point reflecting the cervical spine) → midline of forehead (lymphatic system) → midline of head (pituitary) → knead 10 times in Baihui acupoint (center of top of head, In charge of body water) → Finally rub the Fengchi acupoint 10 times (the depression in the hairline behind the pillow).

Yang Mi pk

Yang Mi pk

Liu Shishi’s skincare method “Scared Every Step” finally unveiled the mystery to meet you.

The TV series presents the classics of the novel to the audience one by one.

At the same time, the actress Liu Shishi’s interpretation has also been recognized by a considerable audience.

At the same time, the game “Scared of Deer” is open for beta on September 19.

This game is fun and not tired. Blessed by all major game fans!

In September of this year, Liu Shishi must be the most important “harvest month”.

In her daily intense work, Liu Shishi worked hard on skin care to maintain healthy and white skin and met the audience.

  Tip 1.

Decompression skincare method is physically and mentally exhausting and harmful to the skin. It is important to maintain a good and happy mood. Liu Shishi has her own set of decompression skincare methods. If you are unhappy, you will talk to friends and family. Find a good way toWhen the pressure is removed, the body hormones will not be disturbed, and acne or blackheads will not be returned.

  Tip 2.

Moisturizing, moisturizing, skincare, filming, or advertising requires a lot of physical energy. For Liu Shishi, it is very important to maintain healthy skin and prevent acne and blackheads.

In the dry weather of autumn, moisturizing is the skin care step she must do.

Drink plenty of water and fruit to keep your body and skin hydrated.

  Tip 3.

Nude makeup allows the skin to breathe. When not receiving work, Shishi likes to let the skin breathe and allow the skin to breathe freely. At the same time, it will apply ice to the skin, so that the damaged skin is hydrated and calmed by the ice water.

Pay special attention to the change of seasons, pay more attention to the skin that is susceptible to allergies.

  Yang Mi’s skin care method: Yang Mi’s career is like a breeze. She is not only popular in TV movies, but now she is also a singer.

It is the preparation for the development of the song, film and television.

In a series of accelerated work, Yang Mi also knows her appearance and skin care very well. What kind of skin care products and methods does she like?

  Yang Mi said that he did not like DIY facial masks or blending essential oils. It is more assured to use products with big brand reputation, which is the most worry-free beauty method.

Looking at Yang Mi’s almost flawless skin, she was quite persuasive.

  Tip 1.

Facial washing tips Yang Mi, who likes dry skin, likes to wash her face with a moisturizing facial cleanser, and the highlighting method should be light. It is best to use cold or warm water, because such skin will become firm and difficult to relax.

  Tip 2.

Face creams should be changed frequently. If you use the same cream for more than half a year, the skin absorption effect is not good. At this time, you must change other face creams.

  Tip 3.

Exclusive Eye Cream You must be excited about an eye cream specially formulated for yourself in the world!

Yang Mi has such a moisturizing eye cream.

She bought it in Hong Kong. The service staff at the counter will arrange an eye cream on the spot according to the condition of the skin around the eyes of the customers and the customers’ demands.

It takes only ten minutes to complete and no preservatives are added, so it takes up to three months.

Care for premature infants, parents should pay attention to a few points?

Care for premature infants, parents should pay attention to a few points?

Premature babies are newborns born less than 37 weeks of age.

Most premature babies have a birth weight of less than 2500 grams.

Premature infants have a higher mortality rate, because the organ systems of premature infants are immature and prone to a variety of comorbidities. Therefore, most premature infants need to be treated in hospitals.

  When premature babies can suckle by themselves and guarantee daily intake; indoor temperature 21?
Can maintain normal body temperature at 24 ℃; daily weight gain of 10?
30 grams, and more than 2300 grams; no complications; no need to inhale oxygen, no anemia and other nutritional symptoms, you can be discharged.

But after the child is discharged from the hospital, his body is still very weak, and parents should take care very carefully.

  Prevention of infection: Except for those who look after the child (mother or grandmother), it is best not to let anyone into the room of the premature baby, let alone show the child to relatives and neighbors.

Those who take special care of children should put on clean clothes (or special disinfection gowns) and wash their hands when feeding the baby or doing other things.

When a mother has a cold, she should wear a mask to breastfeed, and wash her hands with soap and heat before breastfeeding to avoid cross infection.

  Keep warm: pay attention to the issue of thermal insulation for premature babies, but thermal insulation is not the same as covering the child tightly. In home care, the indoor temperature should be maintained at 24-28 ° C and the indoor relative humidity between 55% -65%.If the indoor temperature can not reach, you can consider warming your child with a warm water bag, but be careful about safety.

The baby’s body temperature should be maintained at 36-37 ° C. In the afternoon and afternoon, when the body temperature is measured once, if the maximum temperature or the minimum temperature difference is 1 ° C, corresponding measures should be taken to ensure the stability of the body temperature.

When the baby weighs less than 2.

Do not take a bath when 5 kg, every 2 available cooking oil?

Rub the baby’s neck, under the arm, and thigh roots for 3 days.

If you weigh more than 3 kilograms, you can bathe like a healthy newborn every time you eat 100 ml of milk.

In cold seasons, special attention should be paid to the room temperature and water temperature during bathing.

  1, carefully selected: premature babies need breast milk replacement.

Because the milk of premature mothers contains more nutrients and amino acids than the milk of full-term children, it can fully meet the nutritional needs of premature babies: and the milk of premature mothers is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of premature babies, and can also improve theImmune ability, plays a great role in fighting infection.

Therefore, mothers must be confident that their breast milk is the best substitute for their children. They must find ways to let their children eat breast milk, or find ways to let their children eat breast milk after they leave the hospital.

The mother must adjust the contact with the premature infant. If the child’s hospital has a mother-infant ward, the mother must accompany the child to the mother-infant ward.

For children who cannot suck or have weak sucking power, the mother must milk the milk on time (at least every three hours), and then feed the squeezed milk to the baby.

  2. Infant’s touch: The tactile stimulus brought by the touch will form a reflection in the child’s brain. At this time, the child’s eyes, hands, and heels will move. When this connection and activity between the brain cells occurs, Has promoted the development of children’s intelligence.

Another benefit is that children can cry less and sleep better.

And abdominal massage can enhance children’s digestive and absorption functions.

  3. Please contact the doctor in time when: ① the body temperature drops below 35 ° C, or rises above 38 ° C, and the corresponding temperature increase or decrease measures have no effect; ② cough, foaming, breathingWhen rushing; ③ Sudden decrease in milk intake, yellowish complexion, and weak crying; ④ Sudden abdominal distension; ⑤ When there is impact or convulsions.

  When caring for premature babies, don’t be impatient. You must carefully design and observe your child’s changes, but don’t be overly nervous, you must be scientifically adjusted, you must have confidence, and your child will grow up healthy.

Practice has proved that before the age of 2 is valuable time to make up for the congenital deficiency. As long as it is scientifically noticed, it is completely possible for the premature baby to catch up with the normal baby before the age of two.

Such premature babies will not be physically weaker than normal.

These fitness men can do at home

These fitness men can do at home

Men may not have time to go to the gym because of their work performance, but they can still do fitness after returning home. Here are the fitness exercises of several men’s homes.


1 push-ups and chest muscles This action is mainly to exercise the man’s pectoralis major muscles, in the living room or dining area at home, find two separate stools placed one by one, with two hands for support, lean over on it, 12For a group, do three groups.

Remember to do a push-up, you should stretch your cheekbones and make your chest muscles full and shape.

In addition, this action also has the effect of correcting the hunchback.


2 sitting posture abdomen lifting legs This action is mainly to exercise the abdomen, placed a single stool on the open space in the home, sitting on the top, relying on the strength of the abdomen to lift the legs, to the legs crossed upwards.

  Initially reduce excess fat in the abdomen, making the abdominal muscles strong and perfect.

Each time you raise 15 times, do three groups, and you can take a break in the middle, but it is not too long.


3 biceps lifter this action mainly exercises the hand.

As long as you sit on a single bench in your home, you can do it, very simple.

Use two unopened mineral water bottles as dumbbells, and raise them in parallel, but remember to make the upper arm close to the main shaft when doing it, and fix the biceps with the strength of the biceps to increase the strength of the hand.

In 15 groups, do three groups.


4 Guarding the wall and holding a wall, you need to choose a wall at home. While holding the wall, you can slowly squat on the strength of the leg. It is best to take a small object in your hand. You can boil water.Exercise the legs and eliminate the extra aunts in the legs, making the shape of the legs look better.

In 15 groups, do three groups.

5 lean over the boat back to this exercise mainly to exercise the buttocks, increase the strength does not say, but also reduce the hips slightly, modify the title line.

Choose a hollow station, take two bottles of unopened mineral water, bend the knee slightly, collapse the waist, chest and hips, tilt the force forward to lift the mineral water by hand, and at the same time, shoulders.

In 12 groups, do three groups.

  Prone to stretch the waist: This action mainly exercises the waist.

Lying in bed at home, leaning on the head, and then leaning upwards on the strength of the waist.

To strengthen the waist strength, 15 groups, do three groups.

Kidney deficiency, what to eat, homemade food, kidney deficiency

Kidney deficiency, what to eat, homemade food, kidney deficiency

The kidney is the congenital, the waist is the house of the kidney, the kidney is the master of the essence, and the bones are strong.

If you are tired of excessive lust, or suffer from long illness and loss of vitality, it is prone to kidney deficiency.

Kidney deficiency is divided into two types: kidney deficiency and kidney yin.

Kidney gas depletion is characterized by kidney insufficiency, or kidney yang, or kidney deficiency; kidney yin injury is kidney yin deficiency, or yin deficiency.

Kidney deficiency should choose to eat kidney and strong waist, strong bones and bones.

TCM health net thinks that it is partial to kidney yang deficiency, eat more warming kidney and kidney food; partial kidney yin deficiency, eat more nourishing kidney yin food; kidney is not gas, eat more kidney food; kidney deficiencyThose who drink water, eat more foods that are warm and temperate.

  15 grams of tea scorpion, washed in a tea cup, brewed with boiling water.

The scorpion is flat and sweet, and it can nourish the kidney and improve the essence.

“Materia Medica” is called “there is a lack of liver and kidney yin, and it is necessary to relieve heat in the body.”

The old man’s yin deficiency is ten or eight, so the food is served as the top of the product.

This tea is suitable for kidney yin deficiency caused by kidney yin injury, backache and soft legs, night sleep and spermatorrhea.

  30 grams of cowpea porridge with kidney beans, 100 grams of the previous rice, Taoping with a pot of porridge, for breakfast.

Bean is the product of Ganping, which not only strengthens the spleen and replenishes qi, but also replenishes the kidney and sperm.

With the same rice porridge with the same zhongqi qi, the kidney qi stagnation caused by kidney deficiency, kidney gas is not solid, men’s nocturnal emission, women take down and so on.

  Chestnut rice cake, 500 grams of chestnut meat, washed and cooked.

Glutinous rice flour, 250 grams of the previous rice noodles, put the chestnuts and white sugar in the pot, add the dough into the dough, put the drawer in the steamer and flatten it, and steam it.

After a little cold, cut into cubes and serve early and late.

Chestnuts are warm and sweet, and are known as the “fruit of the kidney”. They are good for kidney and strong waist, strong bones and strong bones, steamed cakes with two powders that make up the temper, and children’s constipation. How to treat it is suitable for kidneys, and the waist and feet are weak.The limbs are not warm and have a good effect on kidney deficiency.

  500 grams of Chinese yam walnut cake yam, peeled and steamed, add 250 grams of flour, mix well and make a round cake.

Sprinkle 200 grams of crushed walnut meat evenly on each cake and steam for 20 minutes.

Then heat the appropriate amount of honey on a small fire, pour the wet starch, and pour it on the cake.

When the breakfast is free to eat.

Yam tonifying kidney and filling the essence, nourishing the lung and relieving cough; walnut supplementing the essence, warming the lung and relieving asthma.

The walnut meat of Ganwen is made into cake with the yam of Ganping, and the seasoning is made with Ganrun honey. It is suitable for kidney pain caused by low back pain, impotence and smoothness, and asthma and cough.

  Mussel pork soup pork lean meat 250 grams, washed and cut into pieces; 100 grams of mussels, washed.

Put a pot of water and some yellow wine, salt, and cook until the meat is served.

Mussels are warm, sweet and salty, warm and kidney-dispersed, and are essential for nourishing the kidneys.

Pig lean meat is the product of Ganping, Bushen Yijing.

Both boiled for soup, kidney deficiency and weight loss, vertigo, night sweats, low back pain, impotence should be eaten.

  Astragalus burned pork loin 250 grams, to the head, tail and internal organs, washed and cut; pig waist 1 pair, cut open to the fascia, wash and cut.

Add the seasoning in the same pot, such as the common method of braised.

The waist of the pig is flat and sweet, and the kidney is weak, and the blood is nourished. The jaundice is the product of sweetness, big blood, and kidney and impotence.

This dish is used to replenish the kidney and make up the essence. It is suitable for kidney yang deficiency caused by kidney deficiency, waist and knees are sore, cold and cold, night sweats and nocturnal emission, tinnitus.

Refreshing and spotless. Have you mastered these daily tricks?

Refreshing and spotless. Have you mastered these daily tricks?

Guide: exposure to the sun, staying up late, irregular diet, work pressure, improper use of cosmetics . these are all likely to cause all kinds of annoying spots to appear!

The weather is hot, and the wicked spots are more easily incorporated into this hot sunshine, which is annoying for those who want to show sexy curves and perfect skin in summer.

If you want to be fresh and spotless, follow the skincare experts to learn about the daily methods and latest technologies to eliminate spots.

  Sunburn Exposure After exposure to the sun, the skin may develop erythema, pimples, swelling and other symptoms, especially the exposed parts of the outside of the forearm, the back of the hand, the front of the calf and the face.

  Elimination strategy: sunlight is naturally the number one driver of spots, so if you want to have white skin, you must always pay attention to sun protection. Do not think that you only need sun protection in summer. Sun protection is a compulsory course for spot removal all year round.

Choosing the right sunscreen may create the first line of defense for your baby’s skin structure, which can effectively inhibit the precipitation of pigments and the formation of stains.

  Every 3?
Apply sunscreen once every 4 hours; you can also apply sunscreen foundation or dry powder; if you are often in the storm, you need to use SPF30, PA +++ sunscreen, and every 3?
Make up every 4 hours.

In addition, sun protection tools such as sun hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc. will also help you to effectively prevent sun spots.

  Chloasma, commonly known as butterfly spot.

There are many reasons for its formation, most of which are related to endocrine, especially estrogen levels, irregular menstruation, pregnancy, taking contraceptives or poor liver function, and chronic kidney disease can easily lead to melasma, sun exposure and stressWill greatly aggravate the appearance of melasma.

  Elimination strategy: internal regulation and external nutrition is the most effective method to combat melasma. Internally, it can be adjusted by traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and the circulation can be improved by removing stasis and clearing collaterals, thereby adjusting endocrine, eliminating internal siltation, and restoring the human body to a good physiological state; And external breeding can use some whitening products; if the chloasma is severe, you can go to a reputable laser beauty center to seek medical whitening treatment.

  In fact, preventing the occurrence of melasma is a daily care problem. We must develop good living habits, maintain an optimistic mood, stay up late, reduce stress, eat scientifically, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; we should also pay attention to weather changesProperly protect your body, drink plenty of water, and take physical sun protection, so that your skin can return to white and moist.

  Freckles The formation of freckles is mainly caused by the excessive production of melanin by the melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin. Its formation is related to heredity, physique, hormone secretion and diet.

If there are too many freckles and the color is getting darker, it may seriously damage the beauty of the appearance.

  Elimination strategy: Freckles are usually located on the epidermis, so some tips for external use are very effective in improving the appearance of freckles.

Eat a slice of vitamin C and vitamin E every day. After a period of time, the small spots are not so obvious; tomatoes are rich in glutathione, which can inhibit melanin and help reduce pigmentation orDisappear; lemon juice also has a magical effect on freckles. Stir the lemon juice and add the right amount of sugar water to exchange it. It can not only whiten the skin, but also precipitate melanin to achieve the effect of removing freckles.

In addition, the use of some more effective whitening essence products, such as light spot serum and mask, can also effectively eliminate freckles.

At the same time, sun protection needs to be strengthened so as to maintain the results of freckle removal.

  Experts remind vigilance of fast-acting whitening freckle area. At present, there are many beauty salons under the banner of fast-acting freckle, claiming to make the skin whitening instantly, and the spots disappear.

In fact, it is very likely that the product claimed to be able to instantly whiten and freckle contains bleaching powder, which can bleach the skin in a short period of time, making the complexion look much whiter, but temporarily suppressing the appearance of dark spots on the surface.

  Forcible and quick freckle removal is usually the removal of the outer protective film of the epidermis, that is, the skin’s natural protective coat is peeled off, and the red blood cells of the skin cells have also been damaged by bleaching, resulting in reduced metabolism, melanin deposition, thinning of the stratum corneum, and skin conditionIt gets worse. If you encounter ultraviolet radiation again, you will also have allergic, redness and other cosmetic problems, resulting in fragile and sensitive skin.

  The correct freckle attitude should be carefully maintained in order to obtain whitening effects, but there must be a gradual process, because skin cells are metabolized layer by layer and need to be consumed.

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