19 weird phobias

19 weird phobias

Phobia is a strange thing that can turn ordinary things into a source of fear.

Let’s take a look at this list of 19 phobias. Can you see it safely at last, or where can you find a shot?

  1, fear of heights fear of heights This is probably the most “normal” of phobias.

The exact height varies from person to person, but many people will feel like they are feeling dizzy and swollen.

If it is in a dangerous place, then fear is normal, and some experts even think that those who are not afraid have problems.

However, people who are afraid of heights can feel very scared even in a place known to be safe, such as a tall enclosed building.

Some people even get dizzy only a few meters high.

  2. Trypophobia Dense Phobia Dense phobia was named only in 2005, and the number of such phobias is alarmingly high.

This phobia is difficult to understand, but is basically triggered by densely distributed small holes, such as honeycombs, ant nests, and lotus seeds.

And netizens found happiness in the misfortunes of others, and PS had a lot of pictures full of lotus seeds.

  3. Megalophobia great phobia. This includes all huge objects.

These are usually giant statues and artworks that are much larger than real.

In front of these objects, the person with this phobia will be unable to move.

  4, phobia clown phobia clown was originally ridiculous, and many children who grew up afraid of growing up clowns are now grown up to become afraid of clowns.

In particular, Uncle McDonald’s was shot. See how cute he is, innocent, and human and animal harmless.

  5. Fear of scissor scissors, needles, pencils, knives, etc.

Everything that is sharp is afraid.

And sometimes this fear comes from the fact that patients are worried that they pick up sharp objects around them to poke passersby .

This is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that is too concerned with your appearance, and may even worsen into schizophrenia.

Many patients have cosmetic surgery, but because it is a mental illness, they are unlikely to be satisfied with the outcome.

And extreme patients will even self-destruct.

  7, Triskaidekaphobia 13 The number 13 in Western culture has a long history, so many people are extremely afraid of this number, especially when the 13th of a month is Friday.

In China, South Korea and Japan, the number is 4, which is linked to death.

   8. Fear of sinking holes. Fear of puddles. This phobia has no name.

It is mainly a sink for drainage in a dam.

Fear Fear people can’t see the bottom of it and feel sucked in.

Some people even think that they are connected to another time and space, and feel that some force is pulling them into it.

  9. Has Socmephobia social media phobia ever felt that it is impossible to leave Facebook and Weibo, and after checking for new things, feel obstructed and do not want to go back and watch?

The terrible jealousy and failure of friends when showing off their work and good social life can cause a sense of social loneliness and cause this phobia.

  10. People with phobias are treated as phobias. Being stared at by others is likely to frighten some people.

When they are in the crowd and are staring, the movements become awkward, causing more people to stare.

So they don’t like being in the crowd or even rearview mirrors.

People with a social disability are usually afraid to be stared at.

  11, claustrophobia claustrophobia everyone has heard of.

Fear of being in an enclosed space and unable to escape is reused in the film.

This is really terrifying to anyone, but for some people it can be terrifying to elevators, trains, or even closed rooms.

  12. Xenophobia rejects vomiting. Everyone does not like vomiting, but it is inevitable.

People who cause this phobia will avoid driving anything that could cause anyone to vomit, such as the tibia, boat, etc.Experts say it is likely that they had painful vomiting memories as a child, or had been vomited on their bodies.

  13, phobia mirror phobia locker room, hair salon, or rearview mirror.

If a person is even afraid of his reflection, this is often unrealistic.

  14, Pediophobia doll phobia, some people are some specific dolls, while others are afraid of all dolls.

This fear can cause the doll to resemble humans, and cause confusion in the brain.

Maybe it was a child’s night to wake up and mistake the doll at the bedside into a monster.

  15, spider phobia Spider phobia This is a very common phobia, especially for women.

This fear is often unreasonable, especially in the UK, where spiders are usually harmless and smaller than small fingernails.

But if you are in Victoria, this fear is much more reasonable.

  16, Odontophobia dentist phobia Everyone is afraid of seeing a dentist.

As the saying goes, “a toothache is not a disease, but it hurts people.”

If someone would rather bear the terrible pain than go to the dentist, you can probably imagine how scared they are about the dentist.

  17, phone phobia Phone phobia This fear can be so serious that even ringing the phone can panic the patient.

It is always a ringtone, and it is not enough to adjust it to vibration. The patient will feel that his pocket is constantly vibrating.

  18. Mysophobia dust phobia This is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that is afraid of being infected by bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye.

Even in a seemingly clean environment, hands are constantly washed and disinfected.

Even so, they still felt that they were not clean enough.

  19, Masklophobia mascot phobia is not because of their size or strange appearance, but their expressionless faces.

Especially for children whose expressions are how people feel, then the constant face can be especially scary.

That’s why babies cry at Disneyland.

Unchanging expressions are linked to death.

Yes, the fear of mascots is similar to the fear of zombies, so it can’t be said that it makes no sense .

Sydney black bean soup can nourish blood and remove skin spots

Sydney black bean soup can nourish blood and remove skin spots

Black beans, commonly known as black adzuki beans, belong to the same soybean class as soybeans.

Sweet, warm and non-toxic.

Into the heart, spleen and kidney.

It has the effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing yin, nourishing blood and eyesight, and dehumidifying water.

Indications: kidney deficiency, low back pain, blood deficiency, unclear vision, abdominal distension and edema, spontaneous sweating.

Sydney, sweet and cold, containing malic acid, citric acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, carotene, etc., has the effects of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

  Black beans and Sydney stewed together can improve skin problems such as blurred and dull complexion, dark spots, dark circles and oily flushing on the face, skin ulcers, etc. At the same time, it can treat weak hair and whiteness caused by lung yin deficiencyHere is a food therapy prescription.

  Take 30 grams of black beans and 1 pear?
Two, peel and slice the pears, add an appropriate amount of water and black beans to the pot, boil over high heat, and then simmer over low heat.

After eating pear and soup, even after eating for 1 month, you can see obvious results.

Late Autumn Healthy Soup Spectrum Fig Cabbage Dried Pig Soup

Late Autumn Healthy Soup Spectrum Fig Cabbage Dried Pig Soup

Late autumn healthy soup spectrum Fig cabbage dried pig soup Ingredients: This soup takes 4 dried figs, 100 grams of fresh cabbage, 200 grams of fresh pork (month + exhibition)

  Production: Soak the dried cabbage with water and wash the mud.

The fresh pork moon show meat was washed with water and cut into coarse pieces.

Figs are washed with water.

Then put the above three kinds of soup materials into the soup pot together, first use Wuhuo, then use Wenhuo to cook the soup, and cook until the cabbage is dry and soft.

  Efficacy: This soup can nourish yin and clear lungs, moisturize phlegm.

Does eating eggs raise blood lipids

Does eating eggs raise blood lipids

The nutrition community is gradually realizing that health comes from the overall estimated structure and promotes healthy eating patterns, rather than “taboo” certain foods.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that the daily egg absorption for adults is 25-50g.

One whole egg a day for healthy people is good for health.

It is recommended that patients with hypercholesterolemia eat 3-5 eggs per week, and pay attention to check serum plasma levels regularly.

  Fundamentally, eggs are a kind of food with high nutritional value. It is recognized that proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are the source of nutrition for the human body.

Egg yolk contains higher cholesterol, up to 1510mg per 100g, which is several times or even dozens of times that of other meat foods.

Therefore, some people think that eating eggs can increase blood lipids, which is the bane of coronary heart disease, so they have doubts and fears about the value of eggs.

  Whether eating eggs raises blood lipid levels depends mainly on the amount eaten.

Eating eggs in excess may be a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

However, proper supplementation will not promote arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease, but will be beneficial to human health.

Many foreign research data show that for elderly people aged 60-80, including those with arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and hypertension, eating two eggs a day for 3 consecutive months, no increase in serum cholesterol and blood lipid levels.

The cholesterol content of the two eggs is about 700 mg, which far exceeds the expert’s recommendation that the daily plasma intake does not exceed 300 mg, but why can it keep blood lipids normal?

This has to do with the rich forms of lecithin and plasma present in eggs.

  Lecithin is a strong emulsifier, which can make plasma and trace particles smaller and keep suspended, which is beneficial for lipids to be used by tissues through the wall of blood vessels and reduce plasma in the blood.

Egg yolk-rich lecithin is digested by enzymes in the intestine, which releases choline, which is then transported to the brain by the blood, where it is combined with acetyl in the brain tissue to convert to acetylcholine, which increases the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain, which is transmitted by nerve cellsThe chemical substances of information are very useful for improving and improving human memory.

  If you want to lower your cholesterol levels, it is more important to reduce the amount of saturated traces in your diet, such as fatty meat, whole milk products and cakes, biscuits, snacks, etc.

The most common behavior that parents sadden their children_1

Something that parents feel most sad about their child

Home is like a window light in the winter night. Parents’ love for their children is more warm.

However, love is an art that needs to be learned and cultivated. It is not known that some casual omissions may make the home a sad place for children.

  The first question was contradictory, and the child escaped from the “Don’t Become the Great Bearer Tart” in Dream of the Red Mansion. In order to educate Baoyu, Jia Zheng adopted the “tartlet”, and Mrs. Wang came forward to block it and threatened: “To strangle him, take a rope to strangle me, and strangle him again.

“Although this plot is an ancient literary creation, it is not common in today’s life.

When educating children, parents often sing white faces and sing black faces.

Yang Fude, deputy director of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, was very serious about the hidden dangers of this type of parenting in an interview with Life Times.

  ”This morning, I just received a little girl and lived in such a family transformation.

Yang Fude told reporters that this girl is in junior high school, her mother has strict requirements for her studies, and her father is used to playing the role of “savior” and always speaks for her.

But recently, the child said that he did not want to go to school.

  ”Parents’ differences in their children’s attitudes make it easy for them to become dependent on others when they are in trouble, and they like to evade and even develop evasive personality.

“Yang Fude said.

From an early age, people have the instinct to protect themselves, and they know how to “benefit from harm”.

When a child makes a mistake and one of the parents punishes them, the child instinctively seeks asylum.

At this point, if the other party comes out and lover “sings to a Taiwanese opera”, it is exactly in the arms of the child.

Over time, the child will develop inertia thinking-there will always be people to help me, even I did wrong.

“It is conceivable that when such a child is an adult, it is easy to see the difficulties to go around or rely on others. If he does something wrong, he will justify himself and have no sense of responsibility.

“Yang Fude said.
  In addition, Li Xinying, associate professor of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also pointed out that the split of parents may also affect the normal development of children’s self-control ability.

Self-control ability began to sprout from early childhood. When some children have leftovers, if their parents tell him repeatedly that “the leftovers are not right”, the children will clearly notice that they are wrong, and they will try to eat them later.

This process of constantly adjusting misconduct and promoting correct behavior develops self-control.

Conversely, parents often disagree, and this ability naturally cannot develop.

  Although bridging the gap in parenting styles is not easy, a little change can make parents get unexpected results.

First, it is reasonable to break through the barriers of “self-righteousness” psychologically, without prejudice to let the wife or husband discipline the child. It is reasonable to believe that the other person is just like himself.

Second, if there is no consensus for a short time, then don’t openly confront the child.

When the other party teaches the child, you can go out and turn around, and when the couple is alone, it is not too late to transform with the lover.

Third, if it is impossible to reach an agreement, they can learn the knowledge of educating their children together, adjust the two’s cognition by “authority”, and change the wrong behavior of the boots.

  Question two blames each other, the child inferiority “How do you become a mother?

The child is always following a bunch of babies, can’t you see?

Zhao Ming’s (a pseudonym) father shouted loudly.

“Just know me, don’t you be responsible for being a dad?

You don’t care about anything, now I blame me!

“Mother retorted indifferently.

  Zhao Ming stared at the TV show.

For him, such a scenario has long been strange.

Seeing Zhao Ming’s appearance, her mother angered and shouted at him, “Things that don’t fight!”

It’s because of you!

“Zhao Ming turned off the TV, and threw a loud voice of” you are irresponsible “,” It’s your fault “. Yang Fude said that children born in such a family have the lowest self-esteem.The general psychological characteristics, the worst case is to let them go on a wrong way.

In life, there is nothing wrong, let alone young children. In the process of developing from a natural person to a social person, they need to make mistakes to grow up.However, some parents, like Zhao Ming’s parents, started to blame each other after their children made mistakes, and put their responsibilities on each other. “Some parents will inevitably blast with their children.

Yang Fude pointed out that children’s psychology is relatively fragile and sensitive. When they see their parents quarrel because of themselves, they are prone to the idea of “this is all because of me.”, Feel that they are useless, and feel shame and helplessness.

Over time, children will become depressed and inferior.

“Anyway, I’m going to give people trouble, so just make it a reality.

Yang Fude said that inferiority gave birth to the feeling of self-violence and self-abandonment, thus “breaking the pot and breaking down”, making some children really bad boys.

  This type of parenting is arguably the most irresponsible. Yang Fude suggested that parents should thoroughly reflect on it.

“It may be more effective to look at the problem from another angle.

Yang Fude said, parents should not rush to find the cause from the other side, they should focus on the child, just think about the child’s recent actions and analyze why they did so.

Then, talk to the children and ask their true thoughts side by side. For example, Zhao Ming ‘s parents can start with “I ‘ve been with some friends recently”, “Is it true that they can talk better than their previous friends?”Wait, to judge whether the child really made bad friends as he thought.

In the end, you need to reflect on yourself and exchange ideas with your lover, but never blame the other person or yourself too much.

  Question 3: Parents are doting, the child is indulging in ancient times. Someone has acted arrogantly since childhood. His parents never imposed restraint. As a result, he was sentenced to capital punishment for murder.

Before he died, he offered to suck his mother’s nipples again.

Surprisingly, after the mother opened the placket, he actually bit his mother’s nipples fiercely and cried loudly: “If you had disciplined me earlier, why would you die today!

“This story seems extreme, but it makes people see through the scourge of doting.

In an interview, Yang Fude said that blindly indulging the children’s lack of assertiveness, poor communication with others, inability to cope with the crisis, and the child’s indulgence.

  Maybe some parents spoil their children and do everything instead.

“It’s quite a lot to go to school to help children with hygiene.

Yang Fude said that although these things are not big, it is easy for children to feel that everything can be asked about their parents, and even pushed to their parents, so that they develop the habit of not thinking about everything and having their own opinions.

Once these children enter the society, they will take it for granted that the people around them take care of themselves, which will cause obstacles in interpersonal communication.

What’s more serious is that because they are used to being cared for, they will be extremely vulnerable when they encounter difficulties.

  In addition, children have limited self-control capabilities and can do whatever they want. They often only care about satisfying their own desires and do not know how to follow the rules.

For example, parents’ non-compliance with their children’s exclusive toys in kindergartens will allow children to realize that they can do whatever they want, and they will likely become overbearing and unbridled in the future.

  If you want to change your doting parents, Yang Fude said that what reminds parents is “don’t use affection.”

Parents should try to be “ruthless”, reject the excessive demands of multiple children, and lead to responsible punishment for misconduct, so that both children and parents form the habit of “clear rewards and punishments.”

  Question 4 is tightened and loosened. The child ‘s extreme parents are in a good mood, and they are very addicted to the child. Once they are in a bad mood, they will feel uncomfortable when they see the child.

In the view of Zheng Yi, deputy director of Beijing Anding Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, a tight and loose family rearing style is really bad.

  ”Many people think that strict upbringing is not good. In fact, the way parents are tight and loose is even more disadvantageous.

Zheng Yi analyzed that in the critical period of a child’s growth, strict parental control of the child will have a positive effect. It can help them learn to abide by the established rules and grow into a qualified social person.It is the child’s personality defect.

  This, Liang Yuezhu, director of the Department of Child Psychology at Beijing Anding Hospital, explained that parents are the child’s first teacher, and their actions are the object of the child’s emulation.

The fluctuation of parents’ emotions directly affects the children, which causes the children to not control their emotions well. After the adult, the emotions will also fluctuate and become cold and hot.

The lighter affects the child’s interpersonal relationship, and the more important one may evolve into a marginal personality, that is, the object is treated as one or the other, or black or white, and it is easy to go to extremes.

  Liang Yuezhu pointed out that the key to the problem is the parents, “I suggest that such parents first learn to control their emotions.

“Parents are stimulated outside. They can find a suitable way to remedy before returning home, such as talk to someone, exercise, divert attention, etc. It is more effective to find a psychological counselor to learn about emotional control.

Take a step back and say that if parents are in a bad mood and their children are making trouble, then when it comes to education, do something wrong and do n’t hurt the child ‘s self-esteem, otherwise teach them to take responsibility for mistakes.

How to warm up before training?

How to warm up before training?

Warming up for a few minutes before training or competition is a good preparation process for both body and attention.

Warming up stimulates your brain and prepares your body for stronger exercise.

Sudden strain on muscles during warm-up suicide.

Many other injuries can also be prevented by proper warm-up exercises.

  Warm-up exercises are best started with systematic stretching activities.

Stretch slowly to avoid sudden force. Don’t force the stretched muscles.

After stretching, some general preparatory activities should be done, such as a slight running and jumping in place, which not only mobilizes internal organs, but also allows the joints throughout the body to warm up.

You may find that many people start fast exercise without warming up, but you don’t do that because you know that warming up makes you healthy and makes you win.

  Another thing I want to remind you is, don’t run out of energy before training or competition starts!

  热身时主要几处应该被拉伸的肌肉  [大腿后部] [大腿内侧] [小腿] [背部] [肩部]  拉伸大腿后部肌肉  坐在地上,把要拉伸的腿在体前伸Bend the other leg straight. The outside of the entire leg is close to the ground. It forms a triangle with the straight legs. It tries to bend forward from the crotch. Hold the straight toes of the straight legs with both hands. Keep this position for 20 minutes.Stretching has a spring action (it does n’t matter if you do n’t touch your toes) Stretch your thigh muscles-Method One: Sitting position, feet soles close to each other, stretched together and close to the ground with both hands to grasp the feet to replace, keep this posture, count 10 to relax,Then repeat 3 times to stretch the thigh muscles-method two sitting position, straighten your feet in front of the body and keep the alignment and alignment straight, bend your body forward from your hips, stretch your hands from your legs to grab your legsKeep your toes in this position, feel that the thigh fracture is tightened and relaxed, and then repeatedly stretch the calf (back) muscles to lean over, support your body with your arms and one leg (straight, toes on the ground), and bend the other leg in front of your bodyRelax body center of gravity set中At the toe of the supporting foot, press the heel backwards, and feel the muscles at the back of the calf are tightened to maintain tension. Relax 10 times, repeat 3 times, then change the other leg to do 3 times to stretch the hip muscles supine,Raise one leg, hold the thigh close to one end, and pull firmly to the other side to keep the other leg straight and close to the ground, and you ca n’t keep the posture vertically, leave it on the ground, repeat 10 times 3 times, and change the legs to stretch the shoulder muscles-methodUse one hand to grab the elbow of the opposite arm from the back and back, hold the posture to the opposite side of the grasped arm for 10 times, repeat 3 times, then stretch the other shoulder to stretch the shoulder muscles-Hold the fingers of both hands on top of the head and hold each other crosswise, with the palms facing upwards and tilting backwards for 15 seconds to stretch the shoulder muscles-method three. Straighten one arm upwards, then bend the forearms backwards to the brain, relax with the contralateral handGrab his elbow from the back of his head and slowly pull to the opposite side for 15 seconds.

How to make good use of three double-edged swords in the workplace

How to make good use of three double-edged swords in the workplace

Miss Yang, born in 1976, unmarried, is currently unemployed.

She studied advertising in junior college and later studied undergraduate English.

In the past 10 years, I have changed to 8 companies and served as assistants such as secretaries and business assistants. I am not familiar with each industry and have no experience.

In her letter, she said: “I have always sought a more stable job for government, public institutions, etc., but I have been able to achieve it for objective reasons.

I don’t want to work like a gendarmerie nanny all the time. I want to choose the right direction and gradually move to the middle position.

But at the moment my age is disabled, I am in a junior position, and intermediate ones cannot ask me to do it.

Rising age, lack of experience, and high or low positions make me very contradictory. What starting point and direction should I choose?

I am confused and even have depression, and I am very eager to get your advice.

The reporter learned that there are not a few people in the workplace who have similar concerns.

Age is about to reach the age of 35, but 10 years of work experience has not gained a skill; extending age, experience, and requirements for positions makes it impossible to start from the root, so occupation envelops the dilemma.

Here are three suggestions: First, the disadvantages change.

Everyone here knows that age, experience and position are the three “double-edged swords” in the workplace.

If you are young, you have more opportunities to carve yourself, and of course you need to sharpen and exercise. As you grow older, the accumulation of age allows you to master your career, but at the same time, it is the beginning of your career that makes you hard to defend.

The amount of experience is the same as the position.

Therefore, don’t be intimidated by your own age and stagnation of positions, learn to turn your disadvantages into advantages.

For example, in his early thirties, he is in the golden age of his career, has more or less industry experience, has also held some basic positions, and has had grass-roots experience. These are powerful capital.

As long as the requirements are not too high, you will find that 10 years of work experience has indeed given you a good foundation for development.

  First, do a good job analysis.

Although the military is an assistant job and has not entered the core department or core position of the enterprise, this does not mean that you are hopeless for promotion and development.

Combining your own professional advantages in the workplace, from extension to the core, uniforms to promote positions, the story of “curve to save the country” is not small. The key is to comprehensively analyze all aspects such as your own experience, professionalism, and family situation, so that a feasible careerDevelopment route.

Take Miss Yang, the advantage of English is to enter the workplace.

  Finally, improve professional skills.

We say that every successful professional has a set of workable skills or rules of procedure.

And everyone in the workplace is likely to have a fault in personality, work attitude, handling skills, and so on.

Therefore, put away your weaknesses and depressions, learn the resumes of successful people, interviews, work methods, work skills, professional attitudes and other advantages, and then follow the career plan, the better and better.

A few small moves to easily save your cervical spine

A few small moves to easily save your cervical spine

Introduction: The problem of the cervical spine is already commonplace for office workers, especially when we bury our heads and work every day. When we suddenly want to relax and twist our necks, we find that the health behind us has quietly left the normal track.

Why are white collars’ necks so fragile?

In the face of various cervical problems, how can we take the right measures to treat the disease and improve our physical condition?

Here are some good Chinese medicine methods to do health exercises to prevent cervical spine problems.

People who work for a long time at the desk often start to fail. Someone suddenly feels that their neck and shoulders are hurting together. When they go to the hospital to take a photo, it turns out that cervical spondylosis has quietly struck.

Studies have shown that lowering the flexion and extension position is closely related to the pressure on the cervical spine. The lower the person’s head is, the lower the pressure on the cervical spine is.

If the head is slender or lowered, the muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules around the cervical spine can be loosened and strained, affecting the stability of the cervical spine.

Therefore, in normal work and life, acknowledge that you should maintain a neutral posture.

The height of the pillow during sleep should be based on the physiological curvature it maintains, and the hardness of the pillow should be moderate.

Cervical spondylosis needs to be assisted by medical gymnastics.

The gymnastics includes neck and shoulder muscle strength exercises and supplementary activity exercises, which can reduce the strength of the neck and shoulder muscles and maintain the stability of the cervical spine; replacement can improve blood circulation, promote attenuation and fade, and reduce pain.

Even if there is no cervical spondylosis, regular exercise can prevent it.

Neck and shoulder muscle exercises include 4 sets of movements: 1. Backward extension: Cross your fingers at the back of your head, arm forward, apply force to the back, and maintain integrity when you apply force.

2. Lateral force: Insert one palm above the head, and force the arm against the opposite direction.

Then change direction.

3, forward flexion force: hands on the forehead, arms backwards, against the guidelines forward.

4, anti-gravity muscle training: lying sideways, supine or prone, respectively, above the shoulders, do lateral flexion, forward flexion, and extension anti-gravity muscle training.

The above exercise is 10 seconds at a time, 10 seconds apart, 10 times per group, and exercise 2 times a day.

Gradually increase the intensity of exercise, it is advisable to have a slight soreness in the muscles after exercise.

The method of implanting joint mobility and stretching exercise is that the patient sits firmly, the head does flexion, extension, lateral flexion, rotation and other complications, increases joint mobility, stretches muscle and other soft tissues.

It should be noted that the above gymnastics should not be done during the complications of cervical spondylosis. Exercises should be performed slowly and gradually. Patients with cervical spondylosis should exercise caution. If the symptoms worsen after exercise, avoid the range or intensity of exercise, or even stop exercising.
For patients after surgery, the non-healing period of bone graft implantation (usually within 2 to 3 months of intervention) should be worn with a neck brake. During this period, muscle exercises can be performed, but interventional joint mobility exercises cannot be performed.

After the X-ray was taken to prove that the bone graft healed, the joints were moved again, and various rehabilitation measures were taken to help the spinal cord and nerve roots restore their functions.

One in ten high school students in Guangzhou thought about suicide

One in ten high school students in Guangzhou thought about suicide

Guangzhou released adolescent and child happiness index survey report. The integrated high school students thought about suicide. The results of the “Guangzhou Youth Happiness Index Survey” survey released by the Guangzhou Children’s Palace Growth Education Research Center the day before showed that:

5% of high school students have suicidal thoughts because of the stress of learning.

And because parents and teachers refused to allow “early love”, more than half of elementary and middle school students had psychological barriers to intercourse with the opposite sex.

It is reported that the survey report was jointly carried out by the Guangzhou Children’s Palace Growth Education Research Center and Guangzhou Yuanhongkang Market Research Company, and randomly interviewed 700 primary and secondary school students in Guangzhou using the scattered intercept method.

  A survey of more than half of adolescents with heterosexual interactions showed that 78.

9% of students can do what they like, and children who can freely choose their favorite entertainment methods are up to 85.


Nearly 80% of teens think that they are smart, maybe better than others and satisfied with their looks, and rarely blame themselves.

Feeling that parents and teachers love themselves very much, and that friends and classmates like themselves very much as much as 90%.

  Surprisingly, there are 61 respectively.

4% of elementary school students and 53.

9% of middle school students think that they are more uncomfortable with classmates of the opposite sex.

Many students stated in an interview that parents and teachers have repeatedly made five applications not to “early love”. Classmates are very jealous of developing closer friendships with students of the opposite sex.

Therefore, in the process of intercourse with the opposite sex, they will actually shrink their hands.

Some students simply don’t deal with students of the opposite sex for insurance.

  Cheng Fucai, a PhD from the Department of Sociology of the University of Hong Kong, pointed out that the avoidance attitude of Guangzhou teenagers towards heterosexual intercourse is incorrect.

Learning about heterosexuality is one of the most important social goals in “adolescence” and is an important part of the growth of young people. However, adolescent education in current schools is mostly in the form or emphasis on knowledge transfer.

Dr. Cheng suggested that adolescent education should pay attention to the guidance of the concept of heterosexual communication, and learn the correct attitude and good communication skills.

  It ‘s a little too high. High school students are too stressed and want to commit suicide and suicide. It must be noted that starting from the lower grades of elementary school, as the age increases and the grade increases, the level of happiness of Guangzhou teenagers and children has been declining, while the stress index has gradually increased.

  Some high school students said in an interview that they used to be very happy and free, but now their homework is getting tighter and they have no mood to think about other things.

Some high school students also said that they were tired of this kind of life besides studying or studying. They had thought of playing truant and playing truant, and there was more than one classmate who had this idea.

  Therefore, Dr. Cheng Fucai believes that fierce social competition, high pressure for further studies, and high parental expectations do cause heavy pressure on young people; and the lack of psychological education, many children, such as greenhouse flowers, eliminate subsidence when they encounter slight setbacks.The determination and will to overcome difficulties.

It should also be noted that 12 were found in the survey.

5% of adolescents have the idea of “thinking of ending their lives”, which should attract the attention of teachers and parents.

Studies have shown that suicide has become 15?
The first cause of death for 40-year-olds.

Mr. Zhao Chonglian, director of the Psychological Counseling Center of Guangdong Business School, suggested that schools and parents should strengthen their children’s mental health education, pay more attention to their children’s emotions, ask more about their children’s friendship status, and pay attention to the children’s subtle emotional changes.

  Nearly half of the students are unhappy because their grades are not good. When asked to sort the three reasons that make them happiest in order, 60% of the 12 options are called “Good or Progressive”The most preliminary to make yourself happy; relatively relatively, nearly half of them choose “poor academic performance or regression” as the most important reason for unhappiness.

From the survey data, it can be grinded that for Guangzhou teenagers, “learning” is still a omnipotent baton, affecting their happiness and sadness.

Pale race, several medicated meals to help you beauty

Pale race, several medicated meals to help you beauty

Everyone has a love for beauty, especially female friends, who want to have rosy and shiny skin, so a variety of skin care products, cosmetics are placed on the makeup table, daily skin care, facial mask, spa, exfoliationWait.

However, the real life is busy, because of life and work, it is easy to cause irregular schedules. We often stay up late, always eat spicy and greasy food, etc., have a serious impact on our skin, dull skin, dark circles, wrinkles, Dryness, acne, etc., no matter how much skin care products are used, it can’t be saved.

  In fact, the skin condition caused by these reasons is poor, and light skin care cannot completely solve the problem. We need to start from the inside and nourish the skin from the inside to the outside, and the effect will be more significant.

  If you want to have rosy skin, you must first correct some bad habits, make the diet light and nutritious, maintain the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, insist on more exercise and more water, and then use some medications to detoxify the body and replenish Qi.Blood, slowly and naturally the skin is just fine.

  The following introduces several medicated diets that help to condition the skin. Interested friends can try them.

  1. Hawthorn cake ingredients: safflower, hawthorn, rock sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Boil the safflower with clear water, then filter the soup residue and set aside; 2.

2. Hawthorn is washed and pitted, and boiled with rock sugar until cooked; 3.

Add safflower water to the pot, let it cool down, and condense and serve immediately.

  This hawthorn cake can help to promote blood circulation, appetite and digestion, nourish yin and lungs, and is a good food to nourish the body and improve skin.

  2. Ingredients for Tianma Bazhen Soup: Chicken, Gastrodia, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, Licorice, Angelica, Baiji, Ginger.

  Method: Wash the chicken and cut into pieces. Rinse with boiling water, wash the rest of the ingredients, add water to the pot together, simmer at low heat and simmer slowly until cooked.

  This soup can help to nourish blood and nourish qi, and friends with poor complexion due to deficiency of qi and blood can try to eat it.

  Three, beauty porridge ingredients: rice, chicken soup, chuanxiong, angelica, astragalus, safflower.

  Method: Wash the medicinal materials cleanly, put them into the net gauze bag, put them into the pot with the rice, add the chicken soup and the right amount of water, and slowly boil the porridge, then remove the medicine bag and drink the porridge.

  This porridge can nourish qi and blood, and eating it can make the skin moist and delicate.

  Fourth, Astragalus brown sugar porridge ingredients: Astragalus, Chenpi, brown sugar, previous rice.

  Method: Wash Astragalus and Chenpi. After sliced Astragalus, put it in a pot and add decoction. After the soup is finished, filter out the drug residue. Put the soup with the rice into the pot, add the peel and brown sugar, and boil with water.Just porridge.

  This porridge is good for qi and blood, and the effect of stomach qi, can improve the pale state caused by weakness of qi and blood.

  Five, chrysanthemum pork liver soup ingredients: pork liver, fresh chrysanthemum, eggs, fresh soup, cooking wine.

  Method: After the pork liver is cleaned, smash it into a mud with the back of the knife, add egg white and an appropriate amount of fresh soup, stir the cooking wine evenly, then put the fresh chrysanthemum in a stew pot and simmer it in water for cooking.

  The effect of this soup is nourishing blood and nourishing face, clearing liver and eyesight.

  The above several medicated diets are all formulas that can help to nourish and nourish the face. If the face is not good due to qi and blood problems, and the skin is poor, you can often eat this kind of medicated diet, and nourish it from the inside.

Of course, if you want to look good, don’t forget to strengthen your exercise while maintaining a good mood.

Internal conditioning and external health care are much better than using a bunch of expensive and ineffective skin care products.