Featured names can increase impression points

Featured names can increase impression points

The researchers showed 20 female names and 20 male names to more than 7,000 celebrities and asked them to choose the name that best represented success, luck, and disadvantage.

The results show that prospects generally believe that Jack and Lucy are more likely to bring good luck, with people called James and Elizabeth most likely to succeed, and Ryan and Sophie more likely.

  The researchers said that the above results are because people are affected by habitual thinking.

“People often don’t correct, they have some inherent preferences for names, especially women.

“Wiseman said that early research shows that people’s intuition about names has a certain predictive effect, which may affect some people’s decisions.

For example, a girl named Elizabeth and a girl with the same name are interviewed at the same time, and the interviewer is usually hired for Elizabeth.

In doing so, Wiseman explained that Elizabeth is a royal-related name, which is generally considered to represent success and wisdom in people’s subconscious, so this name will help you increase your impression score.

  Special names are good, but Wiseman reminds them that they do n’t particularly mean that they are lonely, so parents should n’t use cryptic words to name their children.

In addition, the British “Times” wrote that this part of the latest research, if your appearance, locality, wealth has been determined, the name can not absolutely determine the role.

These seven sentences make men sweat cold

These seven sentences make men sweat cold

Lead: Some girls will ask: “Do you remember what I wore that day?”


I urge you not to be extremely embarrassed. He can’t remember just because men mostly regard you as having an evolving relationship, not a series of days . “What do you think?

“Men are most afraid of women invading their heads, and he doesn’t want to make you angry, so the answer is neither, nor the answer.

In the face of his embarrassment, you will feel that you are not asking for yourself, so give him peace and let him dream.

  ”Do you remember what day it is?

“It always surprises him, he will nervously” search “what is the important day today: acquaintance?


Go to bed?

. At the same time he would ask himself: “I don’t even remember such an important day, it will definitely irritate her. Besides, does it mean that I don’t know this feeling at all?

“Some other girls will ask again,” Do you remember what I wore that day? ”

You are advised not to be extremely embarrassed. He can’t remember just because men mostly regard you as having an evolving relationship, not a series of days.

  ”Do you say she is pretty?

The man looked at it as a minefield and was shocked step by step.

He knew in his heart, in fact, you were asking, “Is she better than me?


You must see through; is it true?

It’s not looking for “destruction”.

He had to avoid heavy things: “Dear, don’t ask this silly question, I only see you!

“What about the dress I bought for you?”


Sure enough, when a man didn’t like a certain piece of clothes that his girlfriend bought him, he had a headache.

Say you like it, and your girlfriend will ask why you never see him wearing it; if you do n’t like it, it will obviously cause trouble; finally saying “missing” will cause a series of complaints.

If you have never seen him penetrate, you better not mention it is the best policy.

  ”My period has passed 10 days.

“It would scare him!

Unexpected pregnancy, there is really no effective reassurance.

Unless you do diagnose, you must not scare him, because he will worry about your relationship with you in the future, he really does not want to take any responsibility too soon.

  ”When will you meet my parents?

“Most men are afraid to see” Taishan “, but it is a matter of time.

You have to help him overcome the obstacles. May wish to use the following simple tricks: A, before he sees his parents, allow him sufficient time to prepare psychologically, and do not notify him at the last moment; B, arrange some short gatherings, don’t letHe felt too painful and uncomfortable; C, sincere cooperation, let him pass smoothly.

  ”What is the prospect of our relationship?

“In this short sentence, he will feel that your relationship is too serious.

Listening in his ear, it became “It’s time, you make a promise!”

“So he felt pressured, persecuted, and then thought of getting married, putting on wine, and having children, which made him feel grown up, responsible, mature . all the things men fear most.
  Think about it, we can easily blurt out these words, but when the relationship with each other is not mature enough, and we haven’t thought of completely designing the future, some words can change the influence, so “be careful and act” is also our wisdom.

Twenty Recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Gastroptosis

Twenty Recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Gastroptosis

(1) Lamb bone porridge: take one lamb spine, mash it, cook it with 2500 ml of simmered water for about 60 minutes, remove the bones, add 200 grams of previous rice, add porridge, and add light onion to cook.

Take it every morning on an empty stomach.

It is suitable for those who are physically weak, have a drooping stomach, and have a loss of appetite.

  (2) Meat stuffing: Take 200 grams each of tender fat mutton and yellow hen meat, chop into mud, add 15 grams of ginger, salt, and rice wine, stir in the appropriate amount, and take an appropriate amount of flour as usual.Morning fasting.
Wages of enthusiasts.

  (3) Stewed yam of rabbit meat: Take 100 grams of rabbit meat, wash, cut into pieces, add salt, rice wine, ginger, and 30 grams of yam powder into the bowl, and simmer in the drawer and simmer.

Applicable to those with heat in the stomach.

  (4) Stewed silkworm kidney with walnuts: Take 100-150 grams of walnut kernels and 50 grams of slightly fried silkworm kidneys, place them in a bowl, put them in a drawer, and simmer them in water.

Stomach strengthening has good effects.

  (5) Steamed sweet potatoes: Take 200 grams of red sweet potatoes, wash and slice them, put them in a steamed dish, place them in a dish, add another pot, put in transparent water and boil, then add the appropriate amount of sugar and tomato sauce.

Reboil it and serve on sweet potato chips.

Take a separate meal.

Called gastric pituitary weakness.

Stomach acid is not appropriate.

  (6) Stewed pork trotters with ginseng: Take 1 pig’s hind hoof, scrape and clean, place in a casserole with 15 grams of ginseng, onions and ginger, 1000 ml of water, and simmer on medium heat until it is cooked.

  (7) Chicken liver porridge: take one male and black chicken liver porridge, fracture the ginger, and have 50 grams of rice.

Take once a day, fasting.

It can nourish the spleen and liver, and strengthen the muscles.

  (8) Sturgeon Astragalus Decoction: Take 1 tail of Sturgeon, wash and remove impurities, and stir-fry the soup with 40g of Astragalus and 15g of Stir-fried Carpaccio.

Take 2 times a day and eat soup.

Can make up for qi.

It can be used to treat sagging stomach and prolapse.

  (9) Turtle soup: Take 250 grams of turtle meat and stir-fry the simmered shell with 20 grams.

After the soup is finished, take medicine, eat soup and drink, and add salt as appropriate.

With treatment of gastric prolapse, uterine prolapse embolism.

  (10) Stir-fried diced hawthorn: take 12 grams of fresh hawthorn, tangerine peel, 9 grams each of husks, 6 grams of ginger, stir-fry 60 grams of lean pork, and cook in the pan.

Can Shugan qi and spleen.

  (11) Poria decoction: take fresh scallion, 250 grams each of carrots, 15 grams of Poria, 2 slices of ginger, and simmer in water.

It is advisable to add the three flavors together after cooking.

Can clear heat and dampness.

  (12) Qidou Yanggan Decoction: take 15 grams of astragalus, wrap it with cloth, and 50 grams of black beans, wash one goat liver, stew until the liver is cooked, remove astragalus, slice the sheep liver and then add it, Just add salt and cook slightly.

Served twice a day for 5-7 days.

It can disperse in the middle temperature and improve the Qi.

With the spleen and stomach, coldness, stomach drooping.

  (13) Anchovy and garlic soup: take 2 scutellaria baicalensis, wash it, and cook with 1 garlic and water.

When the fish is cooked, add 100 ml of rice wine and cook a little.

Can strengthen the stomach and qi.  (14) Pig spleen porridge: 15 grams of Codonopsis and 6 grams of orange red are washed, and decoction to obtain juice.

Then take 100 grams of previous rice, wash, and one pig spleen. After washing and slicing, add them to the medicinal juice, add ginger, light white, and appropriate amount of water, and simmer until the pork spleen is cooked.

Take once daily on an empty stomach.

With the treatment of sagging stomach, symptoms of abdominal distension, indigestion, loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss.

  (15) Guisheng Beef Liver Decoction: 15 grams each of Astragalus, Codonopsis, Poria, Atractylodes, Angelica, Pinellia, Chaihu, Muxiang, Cimicifuga, Chenpi, 10 grams each, licorice, Amomum 6 grams each, largeFive jujubes, 800 grams of beef liver, and appropriate amount of onion and ginger.

Add the above-mentioned Chinese medicine to the boiling and boiling juice, scrape the yellow beef liver, add salt and vinegar, rub and wash it, cut into long pots, place them on a hot fire, add a few pork bones to the bottom, add beef belly strips and fresh soup, and leave them behind.Remove the foam, add Chinese herbal juice, ginger, shallots, jujube, pepper, and wine, move to low heat and simmer until cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper powder to taste.

Eat belly and drink soup.

Yiqiyangxue, warm spleen and stomach, suitable for gastric ptosis.

  (16) One simmered bonito catfish, 50 g beef sauce, 50 g magnolia slices, 15 g codonopsis, 15 g yellow flower.

The codonopsis and yellow flower are boiled separately to extract 15 ml of each concentrated solution; the anchovies are cleaned; the beef sauce and magnolia slices are cut into small dices; the fish is golden brown and removed; leave a small amount of oil in the frying spoon to make it hot, add the onion,Ginger, aniseed, garlic flakes, bean paste, chili sauce, stir-fry until golden brown, boil cooking wine, add water, balsamic vinegar, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, white sugar, fried fish, boil, remove the foam, add sauceBeef diced, magnolia diced, stewed with simmered heat, add codonopsis, astragalus condensate, and when the soup is thick, fill it with fish and prepare the thick sauce and ingredients.

Serve with food.

Liweijianpi, Yiqi Buxu, suitable for both Qi and blood deficiency, weak spleen and stomach, such as gastric prolapse, uterine prolapse, anemia and other symptoms.

  (17) 500 grams of steamed mutton cooked lamb ribs, 15 grams of codonopsis, 15 grams of astragalus, 2 shiitake mushrooms, a small amount of magnolia slices, and appropriate seasonings.

Slice Codonopsis and Astragalus slices and boil and extract twice to obtain Codonopsis sibiricus. The astragalus concentrated juice is about 30 ml. Cut the mutton into about half an inch slices. Magnolia slices are placed on the bottom of the bowl with shiitake mushrooms. The mutton is placed neatly on top of it.Powder, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, spring onion, ginger and peppercorn, clear soup, codonopsis astragalus root juice, steam for 30 minutes and remove it; remove the pouch, spring onion and ginger.

Serve with food.
Yizhong Wen, qi and blood tonic.

For spleen and stomach weakness, Qi and blood loss, such as sagging stomach, prolapse, prolapse of the uterus embolism.

  (18) 10 grams of simmered beef tripe soup shell, 3 grams of amomum, the right amount of tripe, the right amount of seasoning.

First remove the fat from the beef tripod, wash it, add coix shell amomum seasoning, and cook together. After the tripe is cooked, drink the soup and stomach, and reduce the cooked tripe to other diets.

Drink soup and belly.

Buzhong Yiqi, and stomach digestion, apply to spleen and stomach qi after eating a lot of abdominal distension, stuffiness, indigestion.

Appetite loss symptom is a good dietary regimen for patients with sagging stomach and weak body.

  (19) Amomum villosum, Amomum villosum, 20 g, Codonopsis edodes, 10 g, husk, 5 g each of cimicaria, 1 pork belly, allspice powder, refined salt, monosodium glutamate.

Grind 5 kinds of Chinese medicine into fine powder, cut the pork belly into large cubes with a knife, and mix the traditional Chinese medicine powder, allspice powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. on the pork belly slices with mashed rice juice, wrap it tightly into a roll from the inside, and use hemp ropeSpread well, hang it in a ventilated place to air dry; steam it in the steamer when eating, and cool it into a disc shape.

Can be used as a cold sauce with wine.

Serve it.

Buzhong Yiqi, Jianwei Shengti, suitable for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, stomach sagging caused by depression in the middle of the stomach, stomach swelling and suffocation after eating.

  (20) Astragalus braised scallops and strips of fish 1000g, fried scallion shell 15g, astragalus 50g, salt, ginger, spring onion, monosodium glutamate, cooking oil and cooking wine.

Wash the astragalus and fried scallion shells, grind them carefully, wrap them with white gauze, and tie them tightly; remove the head of the fish, remove the internal organs, cut into 5-fin length segments, wash and flex, put them in a pan for a while, then putAdd the medicine bag and seasonings, and pour an appropriate amount of water.

After simmering over medium heat for 30 minutes, remove the medicine pack, green onion, ginger, and add MSG to adjust the taste.

Serve it.
It has the effects of nourishing the five internal organs, appetizing, warming the spleen and stomach, protecting Weiyang, enriching the scores, nourishing qi and blood, and lifting the spleen and yang to clear the qi.

Applicable to patients with sagging stomach, chronic diarrhea, prolapse of the anus, etc.

Hypoxic exercise is more conducive to human health

Hypoxic exercise is more conducive to human health

Hypoxic fitness is a fitness method that uses artificial methods to make the oxygen content of the gym lower than normal.

  In a hypoxic environment, in order to adapt to a hypoxic and low-pressure environment, people’s heart rate increases, the heart’s blood output increases, and the oxygen-carrying red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood also increase.Functions must also be strengthened.

As a result, the human body’s utilization of oxygen will increase accordingly.

  Hypoxia causes the body to accumulate the necessary carbon dioxide, which is very good for health. Human life depends on both oxygen and carbon dioxide.

There is 2% oxygen in human blood, and it must have 6.

5% carbon dioxide.

Too low carbon dioxide content in the human body will cause gas imbalance in the body, cause alkalemia with less acid and more alkali, destroy normal metabolism, damage the nervous system and immune function, and lead to defense ability against diseases.

  Medical experts in the former Soviet Union invented the “hypoxia therapy”, which allows patients to repeatedly recover low-oxygen air with only 10% oxygen content, and activates the human body’s potential to cope with the hypoxic self-defense system, achieving the purpose of treating disease and strengthening without disease.

This method has a significant effect on the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system diseases, and can relieve pain and eliminate fatigue.

  The emergence of this new fitness method has turned many previously accustomed to outdoor sports into hypoxic gyms for regular exercise.

For example, those who used to enjoy skating, climbing and adventurous adventures usually go to the hypoxic gym to get a sense of outdoor hypoxia.

Emotional analysis of club students

Emotional analysis of club students

As night falls, the bar is full of lingering music and dazzling lights full of mysterious colors, with unstoppable temptations.

Every night Shengge, midnight carnival, misty haze, hangover company.

This is an activity space for adults who have leisure time, but now there are some unwilling and lonely figures of middle school students-the star dream is always far away in Luohu, a couple is happy, Yifan classmate of a high school (3) class in a school is a personal thingThe boss went to the bar and did not know her.

Because Yi Fan can sing and dance, she has changed from a consumer here to a migrant worker.

Every night, they perform a duo or solo dance, or sing a few popular songs, which often wins applause.

Yifan’s brilliant performance boosted the bar’s business, and the boss gave Yifan a modest monthly salary.

Yifan went to the bar almost every afternoon after school. The picture shows that there are popular places to eat, drink and sing, and a part-time salary.

  When they were teachers in these schools, Yi Fan was a little excited: “I want to be a star and I don’t want to study because my grades are not good. The teacher discriminates against me. My classmates look down on me. Reading is really boring!

When it comes to the attitude of his family, Yifan’s eyes are red: “I don’t have a home, and I don’t want to go back because that home doesn’t belong to me!”

Yi Fan talked about her unfortunate life: “When I was 6 years old, my grandparents took me to Shancun Elementary School to study. It ‘s strange, how can someone else ‘s children have parents to send them, why do n’t I have parents?

I was noisy looking for father and mother, the two old men only sighed with tears.

Until I graduated from elementary school, an uncle and an aunt came and said that they were going to pick me up for secondary school in Shenzhen.

I came to Shenzhen with a series of question marks.

It turned out that Shenzhen was the place where I was born, that uncle and aunt just gave birth to me instead of supporting my parents.

All of these came to me gradually after I came to Shenzhen.

“” I was born to be a mistake in this world. The father of three generations of single passers hoped to continue the incense. Tie Xin wanted to have a son, but she gave birth to my daughter.

My dad put me at Grandpa’s grandparents’ house overnight and lied to a foreigner. I died as soon as I was born and made a fake grave.

They deceive themselves so much in order to give birth again.

Unexpectedly, the second child was still a daughter.

When I think of it, I resent it. I ca n’t even say the words ‘Mom and Dad’.

In fact, I started out at the bar just out of curiosity. Later, my boss invited me to work, and I would make the wrong mistake, so I could make money.

Now, I have a wish to make money to support myself, and to repay the grandparents’ grandma . “Yi Fan smiled shyly and did not want to continue.

  The bar owner said that Yifan has been a bit troublesome recently. Several unidentified boys often come to look for active troubles. Sometimes when drunk, they also use Yifan to manipulate their feet. We also can’t help.Lina loves photography, and the owner of the colleagues who have the theme of advertising photography, likes her, organized a personal photography exhibition for Lina.

Since then, Lina has become famous and seems to have found a little self-confidence.

At the bar, Lina greeted photography lovers and found her first love.

Do not go home at night, soak in the bar every day, do parents have comments?

Lina said that there is no second person in the family, except that I am a bird. I am afraid of loneliness, so I came to the bar.

  With that said, Lina’s eyes turned red: Dad started his own company, served as chairman, and mother as finance minister.

The only thing in their minds is business, efficiency, and earning money. I can only call box lunches during meals.

They seemed to think that everything was all right when they gave me money.

It’s rare to see them once a week, and it’s rare to have a meal at home for a month.

This year’s “May 1st” festival, I came here, and it was so easy for the family to gather at the hotel table. When pointing out my studies, my dad was still ridiculous.

The beautiful name called me a babysitter to take care of my life and study. In fact, the babysitter became my discipline, and often gave me small reports.

I couldn’t stand it, so I drove the babysitter away, and my father gave me a slap in the face, and he scolded me for being overbearing. I scolded my father for being a treacherous trader . At the bar, Lina learned to smoke and smoke, often after going crazyI went home drunkenly in the middle of the night and sometimes huddled all night with my boyfriend curled up in a bar box, but the photography level was not much improved.

  It ‘s going to be rainy. It ‘s another rainy night to marry someone. In a certain bar in Shekou, Bake sat in a corner and waited.

He was in high school and had a nickname “strike.”

In the classroom, he often commented on the teacher’s lectures and even raised some weird questions. He intentionally prevented the teacher from getting off the stage. The teacher got stuck in applause and the teachers and classmates respected him.

Barco is a student at school. According to school requirements, he should study by himself at night. However, he just could n’t sit still. He ran to a nearby bar for fun almost every afternoon after school. He hurried back to check in at 10:30 in the evening.Sometimes after checking the roll, I left the school and ran to the bar. Then I returned to school the next morning. Therefore, it is common to doze off in class.

  Parents thought Barco was living in school, and the school thought Barco was home.

The bar, however, has become a fringe area between school and family.

Why make wine?

  Barco said: “In order not to go home.

The bar is my spiritual sanctuary. Three years ago, my parents divorced. My mother played mahjong all day to vent her resentment because she was mentally decadent.

Even when I went back, my mother didn’t cook, but just gave me a box lunch.

Recently, my mother got married again, and the person who became my stepdad was the mahjong master that my mother admired.

I don’t approve of my mother finding such a person to marry. I feel embarrassed, so I asked to live on campus.

In fact, my home is very close to school, and it takes only 5 minutes to walk.

It’s going to rain, and mother will marry.

Although I am in pain, I can’t control it. Living at school is an excuse, and escape is a fact.

“For the” points “, people have missed the sophomore year of high school, with good academic performance, ranked fifth in the class, and also served as a monitor.

But the problem lies in the ranking of the scores. The father of Peregrine is dissatisfied that he is ranked fifth, and he must be defeated in the first place in the class.

The reason for You Yun’s father is: If a third-class school like this doesn’t rank first in the class, don’t even want to enter the university.

In order to concentrate on studying well, my father also asked You Ye to resign from the position of monitor, and refused to participate in all school activities.

  The girl who ranked first in the class was a girl who couldn’t say a complete sentence all day and didn’t participate in any activities. She never held any job or position other than studying, but for two years she had firmly retained the first place.

You Yun’s dad envied such a child, thinking that being a monitor of a class would affect learning, and only the highest academic achievement was the last word.

He even thinks that boys can’t learn better than girls, and let girls occupy the first place in the class, this class has little hope.

  Obeying Dad’s will, You Xuan resigned as the monitor and no longer participated in all school activities. There was only one goal in her mind: to defeat the first place and compete for the first place.

Sometimes the force is equal to the reaction force. When entering the first semester of senior year, Yu You did not enter the first place, but replaced the eleventh place.

From then on, You Xun felt shameless to see Jiang Dong’s elders, so he didn’t dare to go home on the weekend, so he went to the bar and lied to make up lessons at school.

  Bars are expensive, and they cost around one hundred yuan a night. Where does the money come from?

The money given by parents is far from enough, what should I do?

Peregrine began to borrow money.

First borrow it from relatives and friends, then borrow it from classmates, but they only borrow it and not pay it back. Others say he is a liar.

Later, You Xun simply asked his mother for money in private, “Not even for Dad!

“But the civilians who wanted money continued to increase their weight, and the mother-in-law began to doubt, so she followed them secretly, finally catching the cruiser in the bar and revealed the mystery.

  The bar is not a mental sanctuary bar for students, it is a place where the working class eliminates pastimes.

Students make bars to relieve pressure from schools, families, etc., and seek a space for adjustment or venting.

Middle school students in the flowering season, youthful emotions, conflicts with the values of parents and teachers, emotional changes with friends of the opposite sex, and the effects of physical development and psychological variation will inevitably lead to various problems.

But what are the methods and ways to solve the problem?

Parents are busy with their work, teachers are busy with their classes, and they often only focus on students ‘test scores and ignore the students’ psychological changes. Therefore, the bar has become the “third party” of homes and schools, and has become a spiritual refuge for students.

In addition, some unscrupulous merchants are profit-seeking, staring at the students’ money bags, playing frauds in bar culture, using every means to stimulate student spending, and establishing a so-called membership system to launch monthly card annual card consumption.

  In fact, students rely on the bar to dispatch psychological pressure and emotions, which is tantamount to drinking and quenching thirst. There will be more new problems and they will have any unexpected effects.

Isn’t the school equipped with a psychological counseling room (some of them are just useless, or even none at all)?

Is the counseling room really working?

Do parents have an equal conversation with their children for two hours a week?

Parents, we must care about both the giants of IQ and the gnomes of EQ.

Save the children, don’t let them become lost lambs in the bar!

Treatment of senile dry mouth with traditional Chinese medicine type 4

Treatment of senile dry mouth with traditional Chinese medicine type 4

Introduction: Xerostomia is a common disease symptom that many people experience, and senile xerostomia is also one of them. So how to treat senile xerostomia?

Senile dry mouth, TCM type 4 treatment.

  Patients with senile xerostomia mainly have visceral dysfunction.

In the treatment of the primary disease, TCM syndrome differentiation is used to treat both the symptoms and the symptoms, and effectively alleviate the symptoms.

  Yin deficiency and fire type manifested as thirst and drinking plenty of water, insomnia and dreams, dry stool, yellow urine, hot hands and feet, pulse count, red tongue, yellow dryness and so on.

Regulating Ziyin and lowering fire, optionally using Zhibai Dihuang Wan for treatment.

  Patients with real spleen and stomach type are thirsty and want to drink more water, and like cold drinks, yellow urine, dry stools, irritable temper, upset and insomnia, yellow tongue and greasy fur, and strong pulse.

Expelling heat and reducing fire, optionally with Huanglian Shangqing pills.

  The weak spleen and stomach manifests as dry mouth but do not want to drink water, or drink only a small amount of hot water, reduced appetite, poor digestion, red tongue, and weak pulse.

Expelling warm spleen and stomach, optionally with Buzhong Yiqi pills.

  Patients with kidney yin deficiency type show dry mouth and like drinking water, but do not affect eating, excessive urine, weak waist and knees, often accompanied by upset and dizziness, thin red tongue, atrophy of the tongue and nipples, and pulse count.

Expelling nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, optionally with Liuwei Dihuang Wan.

  Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right method for the treatment of senile dry mouth. The treatment of senile dry mouth and traditional Chinese medicine type 4 is good.

Psychological characteristics of a broken-hearted person

Psychological characteristics of a broken-hearted person

When faced with an increase in broken love, the male’s self-esteem may be precisely the fact that he accepts this fact calmly and vents his painful feelings alone.

In fact, the loss of love for men is huge, and sometimes it may collapse and collapse his life beliefs, make him lose his courage in life, and lead him to rush to end his life pursuit.

Because of the objective social reality, men have more obligations, responsibilities, hopes, and requirements. At the same end of failure, men often bear more pressure from themselves and society than women.

Therefore, for too many men, being forced to lose the woman’s love is spiritually unacceptable, which leads to his psychological “chain reaction” and affects the overall psychological quality and attitude of life.

In reality, some men lost their heart after tasting a glass of bitter wine, and the melancholy Huan became lonely and silent.

Because his disabled people are unfair and fair, women’s emotions are gentle and delicate, like a flood of autumn, quiet and clear, and the holes are bright and colorful.

It is not like a man’s emotional front like a storm, but it is like a spring breeze, and the moist is silent.

A woman who is indulged in the sweetness of love, is later intoxicated by cloud-like drift and mist-like hazy fantasy than her lover.

When the broken reality breaks up the girl’s sweet dreams, the girl’s innocence and empty emotional world may be swallowed up by the cruel darkness, which is sometimes devastating.

For every male proportion, women are more likely to regard love as the highest pursuit or life center of life, and are more full of dedication.

Therefore, when she regards love as her greatest happiness and satisfaction, love suddenly disappears, and it is often difficult for a woman’s weakness and infatuation to regain a good mood.

Admittedly, the minority are cheerful and demanding.

  Men and women of different ages also have different ways of dealing with broken love. Boys and girls in adolescence are always full of passion and fantasy, and they always feel mysterious and enchanted about their hurrying first love.

At this time, he or she is most likely to deepen his feelings, and lacks long-term consideration and preparation.

In addition, the innocence of boys and girls, though innocent, is immature and very susceptible.

In fact, a blow from a frog limb’s love affair is likely to cause a split heart, a physical intercourse, and a deep and painful situation.

There are also some bad idioms that offend and change love into him, both losing love and losing friendship, giving themselves and each other noisy huge spirits.

And mature men and women, before they fall in love, they will take a closer look at the object before him, after falling in love, they will calmly face no increase.

They have rich, mature and mature rational abilities and willpower, as well as relatively stable ways of expressing emotions. This allows them to remain calm and calm before the great pain, bury the spread in their hearts, and continue their life.

To the other side, he can also smile with tolerance and understanding.

Such an attitude to life can be considered mature and sensible.

  People with different temperaments, personality characteristics and social characteristics also have different emotional attitudes and relief methods for being in love.

  Broken love may be easier for a lively, multi-blooded person. When suddenly hit by the hammer of broken love, he may react very sensitively, sad and unable to himself.

But he could soon free himself from the pain.

The biggest frustration in love and harmony is love.

The annoyance and distress that a love affair brings to people is imaginable for those who have never loved it.

Broken love can be both depressing and uplifting.

Broken heart is complicated. Analyzing this psychology can help people understand it and eliminate it.

  Broken love, in its essence, is the breaking of the psychological balance of love, and the ungrouping of the emotional community between the two in love.

The reasons for this unbalanced reconciliation are social, family, and personal.

And the broken-hearted children sent their emotions to society!

That’s why there is so much behavior!

Stay away from the seven factors that lead to enlarged pores


Stay away from the seven factors that lead to enlarged pores

Core tip: The pores are so large that they can be seen clearly without the use of a magnifying glass. This is a very chilling thing.

Every girl wants to be a zero-distance beauty, and they want a perfect pore-free face, so they use a lot of skin care products for pore problems.

  The large and small pores on the face are really annoying, so the skin on the face is no longer smooth and delicate.

What should I do if my pores are large?

  In fact, all the real causes of large pores are actually caused by some bad habits in life.

If the bad habit is not corrected, the effect of long-lasting skin care products is actually just an act of repairing the dead, and fundamentally solving the problem of enlarged pores is the cure for the symptoms and the root cause.

Today, I will analyze the 7 major causes of enlarged pores, and let you fundamentally solve the troubles of enlarged pores.

  First, thick horny: stay up late, irregular life, seasonal changes and the influence of male hormones, resulting in abnormal keratin metabolism rate, thick keratin accumulation around the pores will make the pores rough, but also easily shortened, leading toForm blackheads, whiteheads, and gradually enlarge the inside of the pores.

This phenomenon is most likely to occur on the forehead, nose, and both cheeks.

  Second, dryness and lack of water: Once the horny is full of water, it will swell like a sponge that absorbs water, and the cells around the pores will swell when it is full of water, and the pores will naturally become inconspicuous; otherwise, the surface of the skinIn the absence of water, the stratum corneum appears dry and rough, and pores become more pronounced.

Too many young people rely on their own youthful skin and often ignore this. Poor skin moisture retention, in addition to making the skin surface look rough and having large pores, will make the skin dull and dull.

  Third, squeeze the facial blister, excessive acne irritation caused by sebum sac accumulation of excessive sebum, and the capillary pores and dirt interval, easy to produce pyogenic bacteria, hair follicles are prone to inflammation, resulting in acne, facial vesicles grow longer.

If the facial blister and acne are excessively squeezed again, the epidermis will be ruptured. Once the dermis is injured, and the skin lacks the regeneration function, it will be difficult to generate new cells, leaving bumps and scars, making the pores coarse.

Applying irritating cosmetics and creams. Long-term use of strong or astringent lotion, strong creams, anti-inflammatory water will lead to more serious pore complications, and fat can not be excreted. Such as sterilization and proper care, it will becomeSeriously, the pores will become larger.

  Fourth, the skin gradually intensifies, causing enlarged pores. As the age increases, the blood circulation gradually becomes smooth, and the subcutaneous tissue of the skin is also easy to reduce. The lack of elasticity. If there is no sufficient maintenance and care, the benefits will accelerate.Capillaries are naturally enlarged.

  Fifth, the accumulation of capillary pores causes the pores to enlarge the skin, and the basal layer of the epidermis continuously creates cells and transports them to the upper layer. After the cells age, they generally replace them naturally.

However, those with fissures in their pores will not have smooth skin metabolism and will not be able to shift as scheduled, resulting in enlarged pores.

  6. Smoking is also one of the causes of large pores. When you enjoy the floating feeling of swallowing clouds and mist, cigarettes make your blood vessels constrict, blood circulation slows down, and nutrients cannot reach skin cells smoothly.When you report early, your face lines will sag naturally and your pores will be enlarged.

   Seven, infected with moles.

After the parasite is infected, it is parasitized in a place with rich skin and fat glands in human skin. In the dark light at night, the worms creep to the hair follicle mouth to mate and lay eggs. As the parasite enters and exits the hair follicle mouth every day, the pores are stimulated over time.This is also a cause of large pores.

After the parasite is infected, it is parasitized in a place with rich skin and fat glands in human skin. In the dark light at night, the worms creep to the hair follicle mouth to mate and lay eggs. As the parasite enters and exits the hair follicle mouth every day, the pores are stimulated over time.This is also a cause of large pores.

Jiabao small sapling bath chair

Jiabao small sapling bath chair

— Non-slip anchoring for mothers and babies to play together. It is not easy to bathe the baby. The baby often plays in the water while taking a bath. It is not always possible for the mother to take a quiet bath.Only OK.

This is why the small sapling design bath chair, it has a suction cup-like anchoring system, which can be easily placed in the adult bathtub, so that your baby can sit comfortably in the chair, which is rare for yougood helper.

  The small sapling bath chair is a very creative non-slip chair. With its ergonomically designed soft back and plastic surroundings, even the most naughty baby, the mother no longer needs a helper.

With a bath chair, giving your baby a bath will increase your baby’s pleasure.

  Market reference price: 68.

00 yuan Manufacturer: Cixi Jiabao Children’s Products Co., Ltd.

May wish to eat yellow croaker

May wish to eat yellow croaker

It was spring again, and after taking off the heavy winter clothes, the women began to say the sentence of “No weight loss in March, but sadness in April.”

So, eating more fish is not only nutritious, but you don’t have to worry about getting fat. Why not?

  What nutritional value does fish have?

  Fish is not only nutritious, but also delicious.

The ancients had the saying that “the taste of fish is the taste of one hundred flavors. When one eats fish, the taste is tasteless”.

The old ancestors created the word, and attributed the word “fresh” to the “fish” department instead of the “meat” department, and regarded the fish as the “fresh” superb. Therefore, fish has always been a favorite food for people.

Not only does the fish taste delicious, it also has a variety of health functions for the human body.

  First, eating fish anti-depression scientists pointed out that 5% of the population in the United States suffer from more severe mental depression, while the Japanese suffer from only 0.

1% is 1 / 50th of Americans.

Studies have shown that the above differences are related to how much fish is expected to be in different dietary habits.

Studies have found that there is a special fatty acid in fish that is related to the “happy hormone” in the human brain.

It has the effect of relieving mental tension and balancing emotions.

People who do not eat fish or eat less fish often have insufficient levels of “happy hormones” and Americans do not eat fish often, so more people suffer from depression.

  Second, eat fish to prevent chronic sayings: “Fish makes fire, meat makes sputum.

“For a long time, many people have called eating fish an important cause of disease, so they have always taboo about eating fish.

However, recent research by relevant experts has found that regular consumption of fresh fish is not only harmless to surgical patients, but also beneficial to prevent the onset of surgical diseases.

Why does eating fresh fish reduce the incidence of surgical illness?

Because the unsaturated fatty acids contained in fresh fish can prevent or reduce the production of resonance media in the human body, the complications of acute diseases are related to the release of osmotic media.

In addition, unsaturated fatty acids also have a certain effect of reducing tracheal inflammation, thereby preventing the occurrence of disease, recurrence or the degree of symptoms of complications.

  3. Dementia with less fish eat Canadian scientists have found that the content of DHA fatty acids in the blood of healthy old people is much higher than that of dementia old people. The average ratio of DHA in the blood of people with dementia symptoms30% less healthy elderly?

Scientists believe that DHA is a nutrient necessary for brain cell activity and maintenance of vitality. It helps improve nerve information transmission and enhance thinking and memory.

Therefore, the elderly eat more fish, which can reduce the incidence of dementia.

  Fourth, fish eating and stroke prevention scientists have found through comparison that, with the same economic growth, the number of stroke sufferers in Japan is much lower than some countries in Europe and the United States, because the Japanese eat fish instead.

Eating more fish has protective effects on the heart and brain blood vessels.

Studies have shown that the protein in the diet, the sulfur amino acid component, the lower the incidence of hypertension.

Fish protein is rich in egg amino acids and taurine, both of which are sulfur-containing amino acids. It can affect the regulation mechanism of blood pressure and increase the output of urine sodium, thereby suppressing the effect of sodium salt on blood pressure and reducing the incidence of hypertension.

Experts suggest that one of the effective ways to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly is to take three or four grams of fish oil a day.

  Fifth, eating fish to prevent aging. A well-known prime minister in German history is Bismarck. He has been overeating and smoking for many years. When he was 68, his body was weak, his face was wrinkled, his eyes were cloudy and dull.As if death was beckoning to him.

But then he listened to the doctor and ate the fish every day. Soon, a miracle appeared: his skin was rosy, his eyes were bright, his spirit was full, and he lived healthy to 83 years old.