“I have discussed with his father,This time he came back by himself for help,The condition is naturally to come home,We know you are good friends,he isAThe city gets you a lot of care,There is also a slight improvement in career,This is inseparable from your support,His father and I are very grateful to you。”

Yangliu’s cheeky is only for people who know him well,Although Zhou’s father and Zhou’s mother are Chengyu’s biological parents,,But it was the first time we met after all,So praised,Very sorry。
“Auntie, you are serious,Chengyu is flexible,Hardworking,Also like to study,He has made it by himself today,We did nothing。”
“Good boy,very eloquent,Auntie heard you praise him so much,So happy。”
A mother likes others to praise her son,Strong woman Sun Xiaoqin is no exception,Smiled and looked at my son,Turn the conversation,Tone changed,“But you are right,The mess he is making now,It is indeed his own reason,And made you and Ningning get angry。”
“No no no”
Yangliu didn’t mean that,Mrs. Zhou looks very smart,Why is the ability to understand words so urgent??
“All right,Auntie understand what you mean,Teasing you。We come this time,Really want to take him back,But he doesn’t want to leave you,Refuse to follow us,Especially not worry about you。”
Perennial high position,Few people disobey,Almost ten years,The only one who dare not listen to them,People who made them helplessly give in again and again,Only baby son。
Sun Xiaoqin’s gentle expression became serious,Said it was a discussion,Actually made a decision,“Yiyi,Chengyu is our only child,The son of someone else’s family began to enter the company to learn management,But he stayedAcity,Although I am studying management,Will also go to the branch office,But that’s all on paper,There is still a long way to go,Otherwise, I won’t be so big。Wasted time cannot be repeated,Too much truth is chanting,this time,He must go back with us,As the only heir of Chenyu Group,You can’t steer without real talents。Auntie said,Can you understand?”
Willow nodded,She just said the same thing,This is not considered the same as what a hero sees?
But my friends for so many years really left,She will think。
I usually only find him annoying,Not nagging,It’s controlled,Made her want to hide away,How to leave,See him so pleasing to the eye?

“What is called‘The most miserable mayor among the big cities in America’,At all‘The most miserable mayor of all mayors in the United States’Just right。”

A group of idle and bored reporters,Started to make fun of the past mayors of Detroit。
A rant,《Detroit News》’S reporter glanced casually,Suddenly it was discovered that Alex, the candidate for mayor of Detroit who initiated this charity dinner·Goodrich accompanied by members of the campaign team,Walking quickly towards the hotel entrance,Subconsciously whispered:“Hey,guys,You see,It seems alex·Mr. Goodrich came out of the hall,Could it be that someone is here??”
“No way,What big people will be?”
The reporters who were reminded looked up in disbelief,But I was surprised to find that my colleagues were right,Alex, the mayor candidate who initiated this charity donation dinner·Goodrich, accompanied by assistants and campaign team members, is walking quickly to the door,Respond quickly and quickly picked up the camera,At the same time, he quickly turned his head and looked towards the direction of the hotel entrance,An extended Cadillac limousine is slowly coming up。
Could it be……
What big man really came?
The reporters who squatted suddenly became excited,The flash has begun to point at Alex·Goodrich and the long black Cadillac slowly approaching took pictures,When seeing alex·Goodrich really went for this Cadillac,The reporters are completely excited,While pressing the shutter at the fastest speed,I can’t help but become extremely curious about the identity of this distinguished guest:This is worthy of Alex·Who is the distinguished guest that Mr. Goodrich came out to meet in person??
But when the doorman helped open the door,Saw the man walking off the car,The reporters were stunned,Even forgot to press the camera’s shutter:How is an Asian?
Yes,Is an Asian,A very young and young Asian。The reason for using“Very young very young”To describe this young Asian man,Because he is really young,Although he is tall and strong,But his face is really too young,Don’t know if there is20?
Just when the reporters doubted whether their judgment was wrong、Alex·It’s not necessarily this Asian time that Goodrich greeted,Alex walked out of the hotel lobby, accompanied by assistants and campaign team members·Goodrich,Step forward and hold the young Asian man’s hand,Passionate way:“Fernandez,welcome,Your arrival makes tonight’s banquet splendid。”
“you are too polite,”See reporters around,Chen Geng can’t say much,Just to alex·Goodrich nodded:“Let me introduce to you,This is my female companion:Miss Elizabeth,Miss Elizabeth will be responsible for my company’s business in Canada from now on。”
Alex·Goodrich understood immediately,This Miss Elizabeth is also a general under Fernandez,Immediately reached out to Elizabeth:“Beautiful lady,You are so radiant tonight。”
The two met,Chen Geng told Alex·Goodrich introduces Rosemary:“Alex,Miss Rosemary, you met,Now I solemnly re-introduce you,Miss Rosemary is now the general manager of my company。”
Not only alex·Goodrich,The whole team members behind him moved collectively!
Last time I was invited to the executive meeting of United Community Bank,Alex·Goodrich is flattered,Naturally remembered Rosemary·Kasowitz, deputy general manager of the united community,But it’s only a few days,Chen Geng actually bought the total assets of his family20Billion-dollar deputy general manager、Such an absolutely right senior management dug his own company?
Alex·Goodrich looked at Chen Geng impolitely,Face slightly changed:What magic did you use,I was able to invite such a real elite?
Before, he thought that Chen Geng was just a second-hand car and automobile aftermarket.,I don’t think how Chen Geng is,I just feel that I need his money now,Can be joined by an executive from a medium-sized bank,Jean Alex·Goodrich immediately began to weigh Chen Geng’s weight and status in his heart。

After I heard that Chen Geng was ready to start the production of the second movie,He can’t wait to come,Trying to persuade Chen Geng,I hope Chen Geng can agree to accept the investment and actors of 20th Century Fox:“Mr. Fernandez,As the top eight film production companies in Hollywood,Twentieth Century Fox is making、director、You don’t have to doubt the energy of distribution,I promise,As long as you can agree……”

“Mr. Reynolds,”Chen Geng interrupted Reynolds’ words without giving face:“Please remember,This next movie is mine。”
Reynolds knew what Chen Geng meant,I can think of what the general manager said to me before I came here,Hesitated,Reynolds is going to play stupid with Chen Geng:“Of course yours,Mr. Fernandez,This movie is yours,No one can deny this……”
“That’s boring,”Chen Geng looked at Renos with a smile:“Mr. Reynolds,Do you think I am the kind of person who needs to invest everywhere??Spend several million or ten to twenty million dollars to make a movie,Do you think this is a matter for me?Still do you think there is《bodyguard》After the success,I won’t find a strong enough distribution partner for my next movie?”
Looking at the face“Think of me as those idiots who need to ask you to invest?!”Chen Geng,Reynolds was suffocated by what he wanted to say。
Yes,Fernandez·Chen is really different from those coquettish bitches。
Before Reynolds came,The management of Twentieth Century Fox thinks very much“simple”:Our Twentieth Century Fox Company is the eight largest film and television production and distribution company in Hollywood,You Fernandez·Chen wants to make money in this Hollywood site,We have to do what we want。
For management’s decision,Reynolds disagrees,He thinks this idea of management is simply stupid,Fernandez·Is Chen comparable to those coquettish bastards outside?
But it can’t stand the management of 20th Century Fox in Hollywood for too long.,I always feel that I am one of the eight largest film and television production and distribution companies in Hollywood,It is entirely possible to force Chen Geng to bow his head and submit by relying on his position and influence in Hollywood——When the company makes a decision,Reynolds as Director of Distribution,There is no room for rejection。
Good now,Chen Geng refused without hesitation,Didn’t save me a bit of face……The difference in status and status between the two,Mr. Fernandez does not seem to need to save himself。
Looking at Renos with his mouth open and not talking,Chen Geng patted him on the shoulder:“Reynolds,For the sake of our previous cooperation very pleasant,I’m not difficult for you,Let’s go back,Go back and tell you those idiots at the company,I will pay for the production cost,As for the release of the film……I think,With《bodyguard》Success,If I ask Universal Pictures、Colombia、MGM companies send out invitations to watch movies,No one will reject me?”
of course not,No one is stupid enough to reject Fernandez·Chen。
With《bodyguard》After the success,Fernandez·Chen is no longer countless“Have some money,Come to Hollywood to make a movie,I always thought my luck was against the sky,Relying on a few movies to make money several times”One of the silly forks,As long as he didn’t mean to replace one of the eight major film and television giants,No one will refuse his invitation……Who would refuse a partner who can make a lot of money??

Several guards felt immediately blocked in front of Jiang Tao and others,They understand this murderous,That’s the aura from the dead。

Even them,There is no such strong aura as Qin Feng,It even made them out of breath!
“Qin Feng,Don’t mess around.”Seeing that Qin Feng really wanted to kill someone,Jiang Yan is also afraid,So opening to stop。
What Jiang Yan said,Qin Feng really reduced his breath。
But his eyes didn’t change at this time,Still staring at Jiang Tao and the section chief。The killing intent in the eyes is not hidden at all。
Chapter Eighty Nine The face is a fat man
“Guards, listen up,If Qin Feng does anything,Give you the power to kill on the spot!”Jiang Tao just broke in cold sweat,At this moment he is sure,Qin Feng is the kind of desperado。Maybe there are many lives on hand。It’s not impossible for such a person to really kill。
So at this moment,He no longer regards Qin Feng as those arrogant boys who don’t know the heights of the world,But treat the opponent as a murderous demon。
But there are a few guards around,Still have guns,So Jiang Tao can rest assured。
In his eyes,What if Qin Feng has terrible murderous aura?Could it be comparable to the equipped guards?
However, the guards were even more depressed when they heard Jiang Tao。They are also people who come up on the battlefield,Experience tells them,Before they shoot,Qin Feng might kill them。
They are now retired,No longer a soldier,Just mixed with a guard。So they are also afraid of death,I don’t want to really fight Qin Feng’s life or death。
So they dare not act rashly。
If it is replaced by some higher status official personnel,Maybe there will be some special forces bodyguards around,But Jiang Tao’s level does not have this right。
City-level personnel unless hired at their own expense,Otherwise, it’s really not easy for someone with personal protection。
otherwise,Jiang Tao would not think that Qin Feng can be controlled by a few guards。
“Don’t resist anymore??Then accept it obediently!”Jiang Tao saw that Qin Feng and the guards did not move,I thought Qin Feng’s clothes were soft,Dare not mess up。
But such a person cannot easily let go,So Jiang Tao continued,“Press down and send to the game,Then investigate him slowly,This person is not a good person at first sight。There are a lot of lives on hand!I was sent to shoot immediately after the investigation!”
At this moment Jiang Tao does have a big boss style。Maybe he really thinks he is safe。

Now this woman appears so suddenly,It’s no wonder they think so。

have to say,Lei Xiaoxiao’s idea is still very good,She also found the problem all at once。
The woman said without caring:“Is there something wrong with this?Water flows to lower place, man goes to higher position,This time there is such a good opportunity,If he doesn’t grasp it,,I’ll probably stay in this place for the rest of my life。”
“He had no chance before,My family has such a big view,But now he has a chance,Is there anything wrong with this thing?”Qin Feng also had to sigh,People will really change。
And just
Many people are too self-righteous。
If nothing happens,Qin Feng estimated that Gao Xiaofang might be leaving,But at this moment if Gao Xiaofang is willing to leave,Qin Feng’s name can be written upside down。
This is not,Gao Xiaofang’s expression is also somewhat bleak,Because he already guessed something,But he never thought,The woman I loved deeply,Turned out to be such a woman。
Just think of the things before,Gao Xiaofang said in a very unhappy heart:“All right,I already know what you mean。”
That’s you because I might want to go to such a company to do things,So you were arranged to persuade me。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter 980 An extremely sad story
If i want to go,Then your family will look at me too,Does this thing mean like this?
“This thing is not like this,I just want to say,We have a way to live a better life。”That woman is not a fool,She also felt that kind of disgust from Gao Xiaofang,So she quickly said。
“Ha ha。”Gao Xiaofang’s sudden smile,That also let Qin Feng know,There is nothing to worry about about this matter。
Some people always think that interests can change everything,But they don’t know,Some people don’t like being manipulated by profit.。

Cool night breeze,Misty drizzle。

“The storm tonight is very noisy……Tut tut,Another batch,This is the first few people?”Bai Ze through the temple window,Saw a string of fire rushing into the earth house far away。
“Twenty-six……But there are a lot of people in this batch……How do you look like you,Feel very happy?”Zhao Feng is also observing in secret,It has been three hours since Ye Xiao entered the house,During this period, nearly a hundred people entered,But no one left。
“Don’t always look sad,Everything that happens in the dirt house cannot be interfered by ordinary people like us,Both,We should enjoy the joy of being ordinary people,no matter what the result is,None of our interests,On the contrary, I saw a good show,Isn’t it blood earned??”
Zhao Feng is speechless,Secretly Tucao:The whole thing is controlled by you behind the scenes from beginning to end,You are an ordinary person?
“I am very simple,Make good use of what you have,Don’t force what you can’t have,The big things like saving the world are left to the group of capable people,Responsible for being rescued,To some extent, it is also irresistible destiny!You and I are the same kind of people,Should be able to understand my words……Hehe,Another batch……”Bai Ze couldn’t hide his joy,Seems to myself“Ordinary people”Is very satisfied with。
Zhao Feng thinks for a long time,Suddenly said:“Since you know everything in the world,Then I want to ask you someone,I don’t know if it’s possible?”
“who?”Bai Ze’s eyes are still on the earthen house,Casually asked。
“Qi Xian’er!”
“Qi?Is Qi Tian the Great Sage??”Bai Ze still doesn’t care much。
“probably。”Zhao Feng is actually not sure,After all, he only heard Qi Xian’er say it that night,and“qi”This sound as the last name,It seems only“Qitian”of“Qi”。
Bai Ze was silent,He reduced the joy on his face,There is only the sound of pattering and rain in the whole temple。
About five minutes later,Bai Ze suddenly let out a suspicion。
“what happened?”Zhao Feng asked nervously。
“In the world,There are fifty-three thousand six hundred and eleven people who call Qi Xian’er,But none of these people have intersection with you……Maybe I missed it,The person you are talking about should be a woman, right,What is his age?”
“Is a woman,Look at her,very young,Under thirty……Do not……Maybe even under twenty……but,That doesn’t matter anymore,Thanks for your answer,What I have been unable to figure out is answered。”Zhao Feng smiled。

“I don’t think he will care,When combing the data before,I found that those chemical molecules have hundreds of permutations and combinations,Without him,Others don’t know which one is the correct order。”

Robinson smiled indifferently,Originally copied in front of Evincent,So there is nothing to hide。
“So it was printed and distributed,We don’t have to worry anymore!”
The equator gave a relieved smile,Then in the sound of gunfire,Shouted at Shan You:“Are you considering surrendering now?Still hold on until we find your other partners,Get you together?”
Except for the constant gunfire,No other voice cares about the equator。
The explosion sounded suddenly,A pile of sand and rubble is also jumping around。
The equator and Robinson, hiding behind the bunker, kept dusting off their bodies,In the melee,Looks a little embarrassed。
“How do I feel that you are deliberately irritating them?”
Robinson looked at the equator helplessly,Then I checked my body repeatedly,No other injuries were found,Then he let out a long sigh of relief。
“I’m just an unsuccessful persuasion,Have you forgotten that one-armed guy??The willpower of Chinese soldiers is terrifying,So some of our thoughts,Can only think about it!”
Looking at Robinson with a smile,The equator thought he was cautious enough,I didn’t expect this guy next to me to be more conservative than me。
“How long shall we stay here?”
With the experience of being accidentally injured last time,Robinson has always had lingering fears about the scene before him,No matter what,I just want to end soon。
“One minute left!Watch it!This time must be a very interesting game!”

“Ugh,I knew it was like this!Forget it,I will call home tomorrow,Ask for more money!”Zhang Bo shook his head and smiled。

Zhang Bo’s family should be good,Although the family has strict requirements on him,One
Usually don’t give more money,But as long as there is a good reason,I can still ask for some money。
After such a thrilling night,402The feelings of all the roommates in the dormitory have undoubtedly been greatly sublimated,The combat effectiveness is more solidified。
About the friendship between men,There is such a saying,Said to be together,Carried guns together,Share the spoils together,Only after prostitution together will be deep,right now402Three of the four dormitories,Just sit down and divide the spoils。
So Zhang Bo made up his mind,Even if you make your parents unhappy,I have to get some money back,Let everyone have food to eat。
Actually they all know,To say rich,Lu Menglin must have,And maybe he is the richest person in the whole dorm,Just after experiencing what happened last night,Everyone has noticed that Lu Menglin’s past is very different from everyone else,Unless he takes the initiative to speak,Otherwise, he won’t ask him for money。
“it’s all my fault!I’m so stupid,So everyone has no money!I’ll go through the suspension procedures tomorrow,Find a job and pay off the debt。”Liu Taosheng suddenly said。
His tone is very calm,I can’t hear any anxiety,It means he has thought clearly,Also willing to start from scratch,Use my sweat to erase the mistakes made because of simplicity。
“I don’t think it is suitable。”Lu Menglin’s voice came from the upper bunk.。
Liu Taosheng said solemnly:“I know,You have the ability to help me pay off my debt,But I really can’t hide behind you anymore。Up to one year off,Even hard work,I can definitely pay the debt。”
“you misunderstood,I’m not going to help you pay off your debt。Your own debt,Must pay。”Lu Menglin yawned,Lightly。
402The dormitory suddenly became quiet,No one spoke。

“no problem!”

Body can’t move,Reiki cannot be used,This is the requirement!
Very simple,Can only use the power of artistic conception to compete,Looks simple,But the specifications have been raised。
However, those present are all ninth-level to eighth-level sacred masters,They certainly have confidence in their understanding of artistic conception。
With seventeen crystal nuclei flying to the sky,The power of everyone’s artistic conception is released in a rush,So many powers of artistic conception blended together,Extremely spectacular。
Xia Chenglong has been waiting,He didn’t mix in,Because in that case it is very likely to be attacked in many ways。
He just needs one chance,Just grab it back when there is a crystal core,And this person already has a goal!
Not to mention,The guy who yelled just now was lucky,Refining the artistic conception with one hand is now dominating one side。
but……Just when the fat guy is happy,He unexpectedly lost control of his horizontal refining mood,It’s just one or two seconds,The whole lottery is over。
Everyone showed the crystal nucleus in their hands,of course,This includes Xia Chenglong!
“Do not,This,Do not,I got it,I got it!”
“Brother Yu,Since you are so righteous,I’m so ashamed to wait,The vanguard of our Southern Route Army is your Heng Lian faction!”
Chapter Eighty One Three Ways
Everything is finalized,Next is the time to attack the terrible thing。
The big bosses return to their own team,north,east,The South Third Route Army will start marching tomorrow。

The imperial capital must go,Don’t talk about it yet,The previous boxing tournament was held in the Imperial Capital。

He swore to be the first in the country,Let Feng Buxi look at this bullied young man step by step towards the peak。
But in the remaining three months,There are a few more important things to do。
The most important thing is Zong Xueqin。
Where did the other party take the treasure box?,With his current ability, he can be tough,It’s not just for Zhao’s past。
Think about that treasure box,After the Dark Lord gets it, he can almost easily single out all of them,Even if you use the ancient sword formation, you can’t deal with it。
If it’s not for the problem,,Or it was calculated by Zong Xueqin,I guess they are all there。
So the box must not fall into the opponent’s hands,Take advantage of the other party’s not grasping,Get it back as soon as possible,This is important。
The second is the Xiaotianjian!
The strength of Xiaotianjian can almost become his magic weapon,If you can’t use it for a long time,That would be a big trouble。
So he still has to go to Jiancheng,Completely solve this problem。
The most important thing is these few things,Xia Chenglong thought about it and left quickly,The others should have gone to Shura City,Go see them first。
This is the way they came before,The energy tide at this time has ended,Everything is restored to its original state,forest,swamp,Spirit beast,All the characteristics of Daxinganling。
Xia Chenglong, who has entered the middle level of the questioning god realm, naturally does not need to have any burden in such a place,Appeared almost instantaneously and then disappeared instantaneously,It will be a few kilometers away after the next appearance。
Like a practitioner,The higher the level,The gap will get bigger and bigger every time you reach a level,The mainland is generally wandering in the lower level of the gods。