Because of Zhu Zhengkang’s sudden death,It really made the Zhu family lose a lot,Many people present also benefited from it。The mall is like a battlefield,No one will sympathize with the sudden changes in the Zhu family,And give up their own interests,People don’t want to kill themselves。

“Kid,Let my son go quietly today,good or not?”
Zhu Guoquan looked at Xiao Ke,No matter what his reason,I must stand by my family today。
“Uncle Zhu,I have been fighting with Zhu Zhengkang since childhood,But we are definitely not the enemy,Believe me on this point?”
Xiao Ke didn’t back down because of Zhu Guoquan’s appearance,Instead, it has a posture of more war and courage,It seems that no matter who comes forward,Can’t stop him。
Zhu Guoquan did not speak,Everyone knows what he said is the truth。Zhu Zhengkang also said that,Someone who can make him want to stay together,Only Xiao Ke!
The eyes returned to Guo Enting again,Xiao Ke still doesn’t mean to give up,Even Xiao Zhubo and Zhu Guoquan have given reasonable steps,Xiao Ke didn’t answer。
“I heard that Mr. Guo recently opened a new route,I do not understand,Why increase marginal costs in the face of stable interests,Enjoy the power?Still another picture?”
Chapter four hundred and ninety six Deadlock
Xiao Ke changed the way he used to be,In front of Guo Enting and Zhu Shiyao,domineering,Even if a few older people have already hinted at the reasons, I’ll talk about it later,But Xiao Ke still doesn’t regress in the slightest。
I don’t even plan to calm down,Xiao Ke raised his head,Said to Zhu Ruzhi:“Grandpa Zhu,I’m not here to make trouble,But I feel that the murderer will be brought to justice for the last time,Is the best explanation to him。”

“Are you planning to zoom in?”

The gunman behind Xiang Chen sneered at Xiang Chen mercilessly,I also took the opportunity to adjust my breathing。After all, just now I really beat this kid in front of me very badly,But I’m too tired!
Finished talking,The gunman glanced at Sun Songtang quietly,I found that the latter didn’t mean to blame myself,Then he let out a sigh of relief。
Sun Songtang glanced at the gunman next to Xiangchen,The latter knows,Regardless of why the kid in front of me appeared here,Anyway, he can’t see the sun tomorrow morning!
Bent over and plan to carry Korean Xiang,Elegant,This is Sun Songtang’s trophy tonight。But Sun Songtang bends down,Before my hand touched Korean Xiang,Xiang Chen’s voice interrupted his action again。
“Hey!Take care of your hands,Otherwise it’s not yours!”
Xiang Chen looked at Sun Songtang,His eyes gradually became cold。
Sun Songtang looked at Xiang Chen who was so confident,Then he cast his eyes on the gunman who was approaching Xiang Chen,The gunman who realized that the boss was impatient,Directly released a nitrogen acceleratedbuff。
Sun Songtang smiled satisfied,Reach out and grab Korean Xiang,Directly on one’s shoulders,Very exciting tonight,It’s time to treat yourself well!
Xiang Chen wants to chase Sun Songtang,But the dagger in the gunner’s hand is already very close to his body,Strong body sideways,The dagger that stabs at me passes through the body,But nothing can be pierced。
Raise your hand and grab the gunman’s wrist,Xiang Chen forced downward,The dagger completed an arc under the operation of Xiang Chen,Then it pierced into the gunner’s body without error。
The gunman’s eyes widened,At first I just felt the pain from my arm was a bit unbearable,Then there was a cold in the abdomen,Followed by more unbearable pain,But more is,Shock in the eyes of the gunman。
After meeting Korean Xiang and Xiang Chen,Many thoughts flashed through the gunner’s mind,It’s just that I never thought of this scene。I have already thought about the success of this kid after he returned to the Wolf Gang,But now why is the body that the dagger pierced by his own?The gunman did not understand,No more time to imagine and reason。
The gunman leaned on Xiang Chen’s shoulder,No longer have the strength to stand up straight,Then slid down to the ground along Xiang Chen’s side。

So at this moment, refusing to wave his hands and retreat,I don’t mean to keep up。

“Do not worry,How could i let you die,and so……come on!”
“what……Xia Chenglong,You die for grandma!”
Familiar situation again,Grab one hand directly without the woman preparing,Then lightning appeared in this ice temple。
Not seeing the end is equivalent to not being able to judge the location of the channel,If the door is in front,And they are standing still,That’s not worth it。
I’m blinded by fog here,Maybe the wall is fifty meters ahead,In other words, after 100 meters,After kilometers!
If it is the first way,That’s it!
Without preparation,Impact inertia formed by the weight of two people,Advance at the speed of light,How much power does Nagu gain,This is unimaginable。
They will be smashed into flesh in an instant,Even the shadow can’t find out。
Okay,The facts are not as cruel as he thought,They are still alive,It’s just rushing forward at high speed。
And this rush has not stopped,Explain that the front is still part of the ice hall。
According to his speed,I’ve already left Lingxiao City by now,But at the moment it looks like nothing has changed,There is still white mist around,Still no way。
Even because of these white fog,Cause his speed to drop,It’s impossible to drop to any degree,This is weird。
No end?
impossible,Because he can feel,The white fog around is obviously different from before,The one here is much richer,And it feels colder。

Hum!Qin Nanming and Bei Gongzhong both held the Anger Swordsman at the same time,Neither party will let go,Two huge forces are injected into the Anger Slasher at the same time,Fighting against each other。

Chapter nine hundred and thirteen We’re friends
() At this moment,Bei Gongzhong has made his wishful thinking,Qin Nanming is stronger,Only one person,And I still have two masters from Beigong,As long as I resist Qin Nanming for a while,The two masters of the Beigong family will definitely take action,At that time, three forty-level fighters will use their strength at the same time,Qin Mingming, no matter how good you are,It can only be difficult to sing alone!
As long as the Anger Slasher is in hand,With Qin Nanming’s forbearance character,It’s impossible to turn face with Beigong’s family,The big deal is to give him more benefits from the Mu family。
That’s what Bei Gongzhong thought,That’s why I did my best without scruples,Compete with Qin Nanming for an angry sword。
And at the moment,Qin Nanming held one end of the angry sword weapon,Degree of irritation,it goes without saying。
He really wants this magic weapon,But he is also very clear,At this critical moment,It is not suitable to officially turn face with Beigong family,Even if you want to turn your face,Also annexing the Mu family,Only after digesting Mu’s power。
and so,If this magic weapon falls directly into your hands,Big deal to give up some of the benefits,Just soothe the three of Beigong family,But if you can’t get it,But was snatched away by the opponent,It’s hard to come back!
Blame that alien boy!Dare to play tricks at this time!I’ll make him die later!Qin Nanming’s secret hatred,But he didn’t want to relax,Continuously inject strength into the magic weapon,Fight hard。
Bei Gong felt the power coming from the divine soldiers getting stronger and stronger,I’m getting more anxious,Yelled:“Qin Nanming!You still grabbed me?Do you think I dare not work hard??”
This Bei Gongzhong was originally a simple and rude warrior,I only know how to practice and fight,Don’t care about other things,In the Beigong family, there is always no dispute,muddle along,but now,He stubbornly looked for this angry chop,Must grab。
The other two masters of the Beigong family,Beigong Changhe and Beigong Break,They are obviously thinking more heavily than Beigong。
This time came to Qin Mansion,The most important task is to kill Mu Nan,Annexed Mu family business,This matter is only halfway through,Because of the appearance of an angry sword,Almost turned over with Qin,This is for the overall interests of the Beigong family,Not a good thing!
And even though the rage weapon is important,Sit down and talk slowly with Qin,Everyone exchanges suitable benefits,Then decide the ownership of this magic soldier,This is the most beneficial for the two。

When Xiao Fan arrives,Found a hidden place to stay,I can see the scene downstairs clearly。Darkness has never been an obstacle to him。

People from the sea city were led to the river by Qi Zheng,Here, Shen Lin also took his brother out of the car,Not to mention,This kid puts on a black trench coat,Bringing a few people is really like that,Xiao Fan’s mouth hooked。
Shen Lin looked at these people opposite,I thought Brother Fan really believed him,Just give him ten people,But he is not afraid,Think I can solve it。
Shen Lin adjusted his clothes,I learned this action from Xiao Fan,Shen Lin felt very proud of himself when he did this action。
Xiao Fan couldn’t help but look funny,This Shen Lin,I really know how to apply what I have learned,Observe carefully。
Both sides are not talking nonsense,The people in the sea market saw ten people opposite,I feel even more contemptuous,I think Shen Lin and the others will not get out of the river,Waiting to be fed fish。
Only a moment,Strong wind,The blowing leaves swish downwards,The two parties started to compete together。
Shen Lin did not know when he studied Xiao Fan’s shadowless feet in the villa,Although it is not mature,But more than enough to deal with the opposite,Xiao Fan gave Shen Lin extra points in his heart。
Seeing that there are fewer and fewer people in the sea market,One by one fell to the ground,The other side is a little anxious,Xiao Fan also felt that this battle should have ended perfectly。
at this time,A man who was knocked down to the ground in Haishi shivered and raised his gun,Aimed at a base brother,The brother is facing another man with his back to the gun。
Shen Lin reacted quickly,I found the man’s gun immediately,But it’s too late to get the gun in front of the man,None of them have Xiao Fan’s teleport ability。
Shen Lin had to rush towards the brother of the base,Pushed him out,At the same time, the man shot a shot,Bang。
It seems Xiao Fan is right,Sure enough,There are silver needles in the rings that Xiao Fan often wears,Xiao Fan pulled out the silver needle when he found someone was about to shoot,For backup。
At the juncture,Everyone thought Shen Lin would be shot,As a result, the bullet suddenly changed its trajectory,Fly to the other side,It happened to hit a man in the sea on the chest。
Shen Lin was a little surprised,He also thought he couldn’t avoid this shot,Knowing he saw the silver needle on the ground,Suddenly understood something,Brother Fan is here,It’s Brother Fan who made him save him。
The man with the gun is already under his control,The remaining people Shen Lin solved it by himself,And it seems that because they make a trick,More angry,Used Xiao Fan’s chaotic fist,Beaten up。
This mission,In general, Shen Lin did a very good job,I just didn’t expect them to make a trick,But he has no experience,I’ll be long experience this time。
Xiao Fan returned to the base first,Called Yiming,I asked about Lin Yoona.,No danger。
Not after a while,Shen Lin is back,Xiao Fan motioned for him to come in,Shen Lin is a little embarrassed,I feel I’m not perfect tonight。

Dang Tian Lu turned her head,Glanced at the man again,Found him slumped on a roadside stone,Looks like frost,Faintly feel like crying。

Tian Lu was taken aback,She probably knows that a man has tears and does not flick。Tian reveals compassion,Walked over curiously again,According to outsiders, a little worried,Asked:“May i know what you are looking for?”
The man choked up:“I am his colleague。”
An idea flashed in Tian Lu’s mind,Asked:“Are you Zhao Jialun??”
The man immediately stood up when he heard,Eyes glowing,A trace of life emerged from the lost eyes。The low voice has an uncontrollable surprise,Activate endogenous power,Repeatedly said:“I am,she was、She told you?Do you know where she went?”
It sounds like Zhao Jialun,Tian Lu is angry,I think the man in front of me is really a little bit awkward,A girl who loved him so deeply,I love him and wish I lost myself,But can’t get a trace of return,This man has an iron heart。Think again,Not right,Logically,He won’t come to Ding Yan,Isn’t it hard hearted??The sun is coming out from the west today。
Listen to his name,Tian Lu pretends to be cold,Asked him without a face:“What are you looking for her?”
Zhao Jialun seems to see the dawn to find Ding Yan,Asked with a trembling voice:“You must know where she went, right,Please tell me?”
Looking at such an urgent look,Tian Lu is still stern,Said in a demon voice:“I used to treat you with love to death,People ignore you now,But came here。So cheap。”
The words cursing at the back did not make a sound,After all, someone with knowledge,No matter how jealous you are, you can’t show it,This is called restraint,But I was ironicing him like that,Is it what the onlookers want to say,But I don’t know how to vomit,Out of injustice against female compatriots。
Zhao Jialun kept her breath down softly:“Sorry、Sorry,It’s me,I shouldn’t treat her that way。”
“You should tell her in person。”Tian Lu coldly reminded him。
“But I can’t see her now,The reception center said he would expel her directly。”Zhao Jialundao。Sands Chinese
Tian Lu realized that he had to get back to business,I haven’t contacted Ding Yan for a long time.,So I took out my mobile phone and called Ding Yan,Phone is off,I sent a text message before for a long time。I thought,Isn’t something wrong??Sing,Don’t think badly。
Can’t reach Ding Yan,Leave Zhao Jialun in place,Tian Lu trot all the way,To the owner of the rental house where Ding Yan is,Ask the boss if he knows where Ding Yan is going。
The boss smiled:“do not know,Several people contacted her these days,What’s wrong?”The boss recognizes her as the tenant next door。In order to avoid the original tenant rent dispute,Although in temporary housing,The boss still keeps the few tenants before,Including Ding Yan。This is why Tian Lu can still be neighbors with Ding Yan now。

“How do you think I have the current strength?Born?That’s all I learned bit by bit,Once the battle to destroy the monster race,Even if I plan carefully,But I’m not confident that I will be safe。”

“but,Why i survived?Why can’t even the emperor’s casual blow kill me?Because i don’t believe in fate,Don’t believe in the future,my life,I have the final say。”
“Even the most powerful enemy,Want my nezha life,First of all, make me powerless to resist,otherwise,As long as I have a breath,A trace of strength,I will fight to the end of my life。”
“How about you?Don’t believe in yourself?Still don’t believe what i said?You can only rely on yourself in this world,Can only be myself,What kind of curse hasn’t come yet,You’re just waiting to die,Are you trying to laugh at me?”
Nezha looked at the depressed face of the magic pill Nezha,Said in a leisurely tone,What is the future,What is destiny,He really doesn’t know,He only knows that if one day he becomes a real strong,Even the world,Have to fear him,Have to fear him。
not to mention,This Heavenly Tribulation Curse hasn’t appeared yet,Magic Maru Nezha is just waiting to die,It really makes Nezha feel ridiculous,Is this him in this world?So weak,Embarrassing。
“you’re right,I don’t believe what the teacher said,Why can’t i live past three?Who can assert?What is my future,I have the final say。”
After Maomaru Nezha heard another word of himself,Looked up,Seriously,No matter how powerful the robbery curse that day,He will fight to the last moment of his life,Even if it’s dead,He will only accept the arrival of death calmly after being powerless。
“Zhaer,do not be afraid,Father and mother will protect you tomorrow。”
Mrs. Li looked at her son who was cheering up again,Mildly,Parenthood,How could he watch his son die in front of him so unrelentingly?
therefore,Mrs. Li has already discussed with her husband,tomorrow,They will protect their son with their lives,No matter what the danger,They will face with their son。
“Real person,What kind of curse was that day?,Awesome?”
Nezha looked at the real Taiyi on the side,Curiously asked,He really didn’t know the existence of Heavenly Tribulation Curse,And when he was three years old, he seemed to be dealing with trivial things in Chaoge all day,I didn’t see any danger coming?
“Little nezha where was your third birthday?Heavenly Tribulation Curse is the teacher’s method,Can summon Sky Thunder,Destroy all living things。”
After Madam Taiyi heard Xiao Nezha’s question,,Surprised,Could it be that the teacher of that world let go of Little Nezha?Otherwise, why hasn’t Xiao Nezha seen the Heavenly Tribulation Curse??
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Eight Humane luck appears
“When i was three years old?Doppelganger patrolling the entire Terran territory,Ontology handles those trivial matters every day in Chaoge,Busy people don’t have time to sleep,Third birthday,I had a good meal with Di Xin in the palace,And then continue to deal with those trivial matters。”

“Thank you,Fernandez,thank you,”Holding Chen Geng’s hand,Unspeakable gratitude in little Macdonald’s heart:“You helped me a lot。”

Although I couldn’t get these two orders,But even so,Little MacDonald is also very satisfied:at least,I still have a chance,the most important is,This news will definitely play a role in boosting McDonnell Douglas stock, which has been declining for more than six months.,I can finally feel less pressure。
“You’re welcome,”Chen Geng said:“And one more thing,I want to ask what you mean。”
“You said。”
Chen Geng asked:“Is it possible for Lockheed to join youMD-12project?”
“Lockheed?Join usMD-12?”Little MacDonald’s eyes widened in an instant,Asked Chen Geng with surprise:“You are serious?No kidding?”
at this time,If Lockheed is really willing to join McDonnell DouglasMD-12project,The meaning is really too great!
Although the specific cooperation method will have to go through a long negotiation,But just let the news out,Little MacDonald dared not think about how the market would react。
Looking at the surprised and happy face of Little MacDonald,Chen Geng hurriedly explained to you:“Don’t think too much,Not LockheedMD-12Interesting project,You know,Lockheed’s Macomb·Hughes came to me,I hope I can acquire their civil aircraft business,But I think Boeing is the best candidate to acquire Lockheed’s civil aircraft business……”
That’s what Chen Geng said,Little MacDonald has understood what Chen Geng meant。
Of course he knew that after losing decades of money in the civil aircraft business,Even the wealthy Lockheed can’t support it,The worst is,Lockheed still sees no hope in the field of civil aircraft business,So Lockheed is ready to give up the civil aircraft business、It is well known in the industry to specialize in military aircraft business in the future。
But it’s like going to the things we’ve said several times before,Lockheed’s civil aircraft business is in a very embarrassing situation:
For Boeing,Lockheed’s civil aircraft business has technology,They all have,So there is no need to spend money to buy;
For McDonnell Douglas,Lockheed’s civil aircraft business is a bit technical,They also have,And not to mention whether there is any need to spend money to buy it,McDonnell Douglas’ current debt,They don’t have the intention to buy;
As for aircraft manufacturing companies in other countries,Even the closest to the United States、Airbus in Europe,Americans will never sell to them。
So the problem comes:Rich don’t want to buy,Want to buy it, the US government doesn’t allow it,This piece of business can only fall into Lockheed’s own hands。
And now,Chen Geng is promoting the value enhancement of Lockheed’s civil aircraft business,Once Boeing feels that Lockheed’s civil aircraft business may pose a certain threat to Boeing,So in order to eliminate the threat in the bud,Do you think Boeing will act in advance、Spend some money to acquire Lockheed’s civil aircraft business?

Lu Menglin nodded,Casually smiled:“Turned out to be a fellow。Take care。”

Zhang Bo nodded,Tao:“I’mXCity,CHave never been to the city,Far away from us。I have a chance to play in the future。”
The nerd Liu Taosheng saw the three of them talking very hotly,I even recognized the fellow,For fear of being isolated,Hurriedly said:“I brought hot sauce from my hometown,Do you want to try?Delicious。”
Zhu Xiaoguang waved his hand,Le Dao:“fool,No one eats the sauce directly,Eat together later。Bring your baby sauce。”
“it is good,it is good!”Liu Taosheng nodded quickly。
Lu Menglin looked at the bunks in the dormitory,Turned around and asked:“Is this a five-person room??Is there anyone else here??”
Liu Taosheng quickly replied:“No one has come,I didn’t see anyone。”
Zhu Xiaoguang nodded,Point to the lower bunk on the other side of the window,Tao:“Or just sleep there!That location is good。I like the upper bunk,Zhang Bo sleeps on a single bed。”
The voice has not fallen,The four in the room only heard the dormitory door rang again,A person came in from outside。
I saw this person coming in at first sight,All four people present were taken aback。
Not because of how scary this person looks,Just the opposite,But he looks so good,Clean eyes,At first glance it looks like a girl。
Everyone thought it was a girl who went to the wrong dormitory,No wonder everyone’s faces have changed。
When this boy and girl classmate came in,Lie down towards the rest of the window without thinking。
“Worn out,Worn out!I’ll sleep first,You guys go eat,Do not bother me,I’ll talk to you when I get over。”This guy doesn’t say anything,Lie down and sleep,The worst is less than three seconds,I even snored。
“this is?”Zhu Xiaoguang is a little unhappy,Frowned。
Zhang Bo looked at the man on the bed,Wryly smiled:“At least sure,He is male。”
“Grow like this,Broke in suddenly,Too scary!”Zhu Xiaoguang displeased。
Lu Menglin looked at the sleeping guy on the bed,I thought this person’s heart is really big,Unexpectedly disagree,Fall asleep,It doesn’t look like an ordinary person!
“Call him up!There must be rules in everything,First come first。”Zhu Xiaoguang shouted。
“Forget it,I think he is really sleepy。I sleep well on the upper bunk,quiet。”Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled。

Teacher Gong doesn’t even bother to lift his head,Just waved,Tao:“Go back to class!There is nothing for you here!”

It’s really worthy of carrying handles on a street back then,It’s a perfect fit!
Lu Menglin praised Teacher Gong as a powerful acting school,But running fast,I ran back to the building of Wang Shaoxiao’s house。
Quiet in the corridor,This time period,Adults are at work,Kids are all going to school,Whether on the street,Still in the corridor,There are no people。
Lu Menglin pushed open the concealed door of the Du family,A cat got in。
I saw in the living room,Five boys sitting neatly,Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the TV screen,Everyone keeps their eyes on,Only the corners of the mouth drool。
Lu Menglin crept to the root of the wall,I walked all the way to the big dark green suitcase。
Quickly took out the blue account book from the bag,Gently stuffed into the gap of the suitcase,Lu Menglin smiled and said:“Hey!Do you want everyone to be so devoted??I don’t even know when people come in!”
I don’t know everyone didn’t even turn their heads,Only Wang Shaoxiao raised his hand,Tao:“Don’t make noise,Don’t make noise,It’s a critical moment!”
“You guys,Almost done!I’m going home for dinner,Broke up!”Lu Menglin quickly disrupted the situation。
The matter has been done quietly,He doesn’t want to be blocked by Wang Shaoxiao’s parents in the end,This scene is simply not too spectacular!
“Ugh,You guy,Not good looking,Still have to influence us!”Wang Shaoxiao muttered a few more words。
“going to finish get off work,I have seen someone on the road,You really want to be blocked by your parents!”Lu Menglin smiled。
Liu Yi was shocked,Stand up immediately,Shouting:“okay,okay!Are all gone!Xiaopang, clean up the place,Lu Menglin is right,We just accept it!”
Even Boss Liu has spoken,Everyone can’t sit still,Stood up one after another。