“Yoona,What’s wrong with you?Everything was fine just now,Why are you suddenly upset??”Xiao Fan frowned and asked。

Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty One Sweet share
“Xiao Fan,I am in your eyes,Is it so useless??”Lin Yoona didn’t want to talk to Xiao Fan,But she also knows,The most taboo between husband and wife is the cold war,has a problem,Should be resolved early,Shouldn’t be held in my heart。
because,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,If there is a problem that cannot be solved early,Sooner or later this little question,Will be a big problem。
Although Yoona Lin doesn’t know how to couple,Before,I haven’t had any boyfriends,But he felt,This way of husband and wife should not be much different from company management, right?。
because,Deal with some business matters of the company,When you find a small problem,Solve it early,Because at this time,Is the best time to solve the problem。
In case you missed the best time,Well, this originally small problem,May become bigger,Solve it,It will become more troublesome。
so,Just now when Lin Yuna,Even though he is so angry with Xiao Fan,But it was still when Xiao Fan asked himself such a question,She gave a direct response。
And the purpose,Just because she doesn’t want it because of her,And the relationship that made her and Xiao Fan finally established,And be affected。
After Xiao Fan heard that Lin Yuner asked him that question,,The whole person was relieved。
Because he is in the relationship between men and women,Not as good as Lin Yoona,and so,He is really afraid that Lin Yoona will ignore him,And chose to fight with himself。
If Lin Yoona really chose the cold war with him,Then Xiao Fan might really encounter a huge problem。
Because he doesn’t deal with such cold war issues,Even though he has lived for hundreds of millions of years。
and so,When he saw that Lin Yoona was very knowledgeable and did not choose to fight him coldly,I really feel very happy from the bottom of my heart。

After Abao is gone,Wang Shuai said with a smile:“Listen to,Listen to him for granted!You help for free,He dared to urge。It seems like,If you forget to trade someday,Still guilty、I still owe him!It’s amazing!”

“I’m really lacking motivation now。Why am I helping Abao make money??I’m helping Qiangwei and you make money!”Chen Wenjin is speechless,A leopard like this,He helped send money to the stall,Still can’t keep the wealth,How sad this is!
“This is fate!some people,You can’t pull it up, you can’t pull it up!No such person,Where can I be such a proud man of heaven??You said,How long can you be dragged down by him?”Wang Shuai burst into laughter,Very happy to gloat,Do not hide。
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Seven Calm
Wang Shuai is very happy,Chen Wenjin wanted to pour a bucket of cold water。
“You don’t have to be so happy!I thought about Abao,He didn’t cheat me so far,Strangers in the securities department can let them eat meat,Am I not happy to bring Abao??What is depressed now is that Abao is making money for you and Qiangwei,Right?Seeing you gloating so happy,I just take the money you earned from Abao as a management fee,The share that Qiangwei earned is also deducted from you,Is she yours!Reasonable,It’s not my little depressed,Better to make you depressed,Just do that!Calculate back,How much did you squeeze from Abao,How much did Qiangwei earn,I will charge you as much management fee。”Chen Wenjin said so,Wang Shuai said angrily:“If I don’t squeeze Abao, you won’t charge management fees, right??”
“The roses have to be harvested!”Chen Wenjin made up his mind not to be cheap, Qiangwei。“Anyway, sooner or later, Rose will be used by you at least ten times the value。”
“When i’m stupid?Then I might as well not earn Abao’s money!By the way, let him be a little grateful to me。okay,He has enough money back,To redeem,Just pay twice as much as the contract,I have to take the 60,000 yuan that you lied to me today。I won’t cheat him anymore,Satisfied?”Wang Shuai said badly:“Said it didn’t save him,Is this saving him now??”
“Your complaint is reasonable……That way,How much did you squeeze,Half of the management fee。The money that left him can’t be kept,It makes no sense to make you smile so happy。”Chen Wenjin considers that Abao will be too miserable in the Rose Pit in the future,He received this sum according to the situation before deciding whether to fund Abao、And how much,Even if it’s the last pity。
“Almost half!”Wang Shuai still can’t get better,He doesn’t care about the money,I care about being intercepted。It’s okay if you say it’s easy to charge his management fee,He should have given。The problem is that he cut off the verbose meat from Abao in half,You don’t even have to say thank you,This is not good!
Wang Shuai gets more angry,Angrily:“If you gloat for misfortune, you have to make me unable to laugh,Retaliation,Narrow-minded!”
“no way,Must be like this to you。It makes you feel gloating and fun without a price,You will be fine,I have to make you feel boring or even depressed,You just missed it。”Chen Wenjin didn’t look at the market,Put two extra stools,Ready to sit more comfortably。
Wang Shuai looked at him coldly and said:“Am i that kind of person?”

Show off what awards you have won,I don’t have to show off,Let me show off my teacher’s head office?

This teacher Hyun’s photographer has helped others who have not won awards、But for this100Ten thousand dollars jealous and scratching their heads and other photographers opened the door:Yes indeed!I haven’t won any international awards,I haven’t been shortlisted in any awards,But my teacher is amazing,My teacher is so good,Can my level be worse?
Hyun your teacher’s voice higher than the other。
Holding back the feeling of wanting to laugh wildly,Chen Geng nodded repeatedly,Speak loudly:“Media friends present,Including photographers and assistants,One counts one,Everyone can participate in this big bet of the century,Bet《Terminator2》Can you get it from1991Year only1994Both the global box office and North American box office in the past four years——Just go back and register your name and unit in the register。”
Chen Geng said this,The reporters suddenly boiled……
Someone shouted:“Mr. Fernandez,I love you!”
More beautiful female reporters shout:“Mr. Fernandez,I want to give you a baby。”
In the noise,Only Cameron frowned slightly,He had already guessed in his heart why Chen Geng did this,But will the effect really be as good as expected??and also……
Mr. Fernandez is really right《Terminator2》So confident?
Once the ventilation session is over,Cameron didn’t even wait to return to the back lounge,As he walked back, he asked Chen Geng impatiently:“Mr. Fernandez,Your bet……You are serious?”
“What do you say?”Chen Geng asked back:“In this situation,Do you think I can still take it seriously?”
Also,It’s all for this,Whether Chen Geng really wants to take it seriously,Must be taken seriously,The media coming today exceeds100Home,In order for so many media reporters to get this100Ten thousand U.S. dollars,After I go back, I can’t even desperately propagate. Today is really a gamble of the century、So that we can use the power of the media to make this a solid matter?
“Then you really……Really……So confident in our new movie?”
“Of course,”Chen Geng gave Cameron a strange look,Seems to be very puzzled why he would ask such a naive question:“James,you need to know,《Terminator2》We polished the script together,Even many sub-shots were drawn together by us,To this movie,I have enough confidence,You told me during the shooting that you were equally confident……how,At this time,On the contrary, you lack confidence?”
“Of course i am《Terminator2》Have confidence,but……”Cameron’s helpless way:“Mr,You are talking about the four consecutive years of North American and global box office champions.……”
Even if i am right《Terminator2》Have confidence,Even confident《Terminator2》Able to win1991North American Box Office Championship of the Year,But I dare not boast《Terminator2》Able to win1991Year to1994The annual North American and global box office champion,This is no longer confident,This is arrogance,Arrogant almost endless。

Absolutely count!

As long as the announcement is made, it can obviously raise the stock price.,Must have vigorous publicity、Uproar,The more media you invite, the better,“PR”The budget should also be made rich,Make sure that every reporter who comes is happy to come,Satisfied,Let the reporters use their own brilliant pens to speak good things for themselves。
Supposedly such an important moment,As the general manager of this project and a soul-level existence, Fernandez Chen must come out to attend this press conference.,It’s just embarrassing,Fernandez Chen is not only the head and soul of this project,Still own boss……Jack Welch came to ask for instructions.,What else can he do?
Chen Geng did not disappoint Jack Welch,He shook his head,Without hesitation:“Of course the press conference should be a little bit lively,But I won’t go there。”
“ok,I will arrange。”Although I feel sorry,But Jack Welch understands better,The boss said not to participate,Then he will definitely not participate,No longer reluctantly。
Look atamcFor the public relations fee,There are many reporters from various media,But tell the truth,Common people rightamcThe decision to develop a new generation of high-power and low-fuel consumption engines is not very interesting.,It’s the stock market’s response speed is fast enough:I haven’t waited for these reporters to go back、willamcNews of the development of a new generation of engines,From 10:50 in the morning,amcSuddenly uncharacteristically began to soar,By the end of the afternoon,amc’S share price soared that day6.11%。
Although this increase cannot be compared with those enchanting stocks that guarantee more than ten percent or even thirty or forty percent a day,But also to see what type of stocks are、Under what circumstances did it rise so much,In traditional industries,Can rise in one day6.11%of,Something big happened。
Li Aikeka received news faster,Not even waiting for the press conference to end,He already knew that Chen Geng was going to be withamcNews of the joint development of a series of new engines……Too many people are willing to tell him the news,A lot of money“information fee”。
As Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Automobiles,When I heard the news, Li Aikeka frowned.:“amcReady to develop a new engine?”
Several old brothers don’t understand why their boss’s brows are so frowning,Don’t think asking:“Boss,Fernandez wants toamcDevelop a new engine,This one……Nothing to fuss about?”
They don’t understand,Why is my boss so nervous?。

Wang Shuai laughed,Chen Wenjin said:“I thought he was!Just that、You have seen,The man Xiao Xiao also knew!I go,Can’t see it!Gentle,It turned out to be the crooked master outsider!”

Chen Wenjin understands what Wang Shuai is referring to,The person who opened stock accounts for Wang Shuai and Xiao Xiao,That person must be the boss of Huajian Company,So Wang Shuai was able to confirm immediately,From the first impression,Really can’t see。
“You know the crooked master?”Fleas are unexpected。
“More than just knowing。”Wang Shuai said with a smile:“Then this matter is settled,There will be no trouble in the follow-up,You go ahead and do it。”
The flea promised,But a little doubtful。
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Six Is it bad to eavesdrop?
Chen Wenjin’s thinking about this is quite simple,This time may be complicated。
He wanted to be simple,It’s a pity that a flea is not a simple person,The relationship behind,It’s not easy。
When Tank and Xiao Xiao came back,Brought a group of people here,Everyone is lively,The fleas have been with them。
Wang Shuai is in a great mood,I thought it was troublesome,Finally became a pleasant thing。
What surprised him more is,He felt that he was always threatened by the violence of these people in the market,But did not expect,It turned out that his father ate under his hands,It’s the existence that these people in the market respectfully look up to。
If I knew it,Wang Shuai has already used the name of the crooked master。
Since this group of fleas belonged to Master Crook,Then he can use it,Where is the problem。
although,Wang Shuai can see it,Except for him and Chen Wenjin,Only tanks can enter the eyes of fleas,The other men are in the eyes of the fleas,That’s a useless kid。
But it doesn’t matter,Wang Shuai already knows,Fleas and those playing around,Really different。

“You drive!”Chen Wenjin takes a solid step,Then deliberately lifted up the foot slowly,Tell that person,He’s going to keep going。

“Really shoot again!”The man sternly threatened,Of course Chen Wenjin is not afraid,but,Xiao Xiao is already outside the fence at the moment,But worried and yelled:“I have called the police!You should put down your weapons now!”
“There are people out there?”Under the sign of the leader,Several other people have to climb the wall immediately to see the situation。
Chen Wenjin, where would I let them out?,Go straight over and punch one,Four in a row。
The one in the lead yelled threateningly:“You are looking for death!I’m going to shoot!”
People fall one by one,The one who takes the lead can’t be forced,Seeing that I can’t beat this masked guy,Before the last two companions are attacked,Finally pulled the board!
‘boom——’When the gunfire sounded,Xiao Xiao outside the wall can’t help but think of Chen Wenjin being shot,Scream in surprise,That voice,Far more than when she was watching a shootout movie!
Bullet flies out of the chamber——
then,Under the effect of the counter-movement force of matter,Slowly,Fly backwards。
Chen Wen heard Xiao Xiao’s exclamation in his ears,Watching the bullet fly upside down from the hole in the wall,Cement powder、Fragments,Fly back,Restore the bullet holes。
This wonderful process,Chen Wenjin has never been bored。
Flaming bullets spinning,Fly back。
Chen Wenjin’s double fists knocked down two people one after another,The bullet flew past him。

It’s okay to help Yiming deal with some things。”

Xiao Fan said:“That won’t work,You have to do things right and right,You always have to have a job when you do these things,In this way, it is convenient to deal with things。
It won’t make people think you’re pretending here,Relying on Yiming’s relationship to intervene in company affairs,You have a job position of your own,Maybe I set you up a bit higher,In this case, you will be his manager in the future。”
Yiming smiled and said:“Okay, Brother Fan, I don’t care,As long as you are happy。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Come on you,But Chu Yao’s ability is really not worse than you,Chu Yao will do better by then,You just wait to roll down from your position,Then let Xian give Chu Yao。”
Yiming said with a smile:“Ugh,Got it,My wife is better than myself,I am proud。”
Then the three of them smiled and they were ready to go to the meeting,Because this time the preparations are relatively hurried,So everyone is preparing for the meeting in a hurry。
But in front of Xiao Fan, everything is handled in an orderly manner,Because this is a habit of their company,No matter what you do, you have to be calm in front of the boss,Not impulsive or flustered。
Because this is Xiao Fan’s discipline to them, right?,It is also a compliance requirement for them,I hope they can deal with everything calmly in their work,Not in a hurry,Do something bad。
So in fact, everyone still engraved some regulations on Xiao Fan in their hearts,No matter what you do, you can think of some of Xiao Fan’s rules,So in this meeting。
Everyone can save face after seeing Xiao Fan come,Not panic,And present things in front of Xiao Fan in an orderly manner。
Xiao Fan feels quite satisfied,Although it can be seen that everyone has gone through some panic treatment,But he didn’t say much,At least they did very well in front of him。
According to his rules,So Xiao Fan also knows that they are not easy,Sometimes it will give them some understanding,As long as there is a correct attitude,You can slowly correct the remaining minor problems。

Xiao Fan felt that sometimes they should be able to taste more sweetness,Only then will they feel that what they are doing is really their own choice。

Not because other things make them feel they should be here,Xiao Fan feels that in many cases, he has to go hand in hand with the people under him。
Can’t always look high,Although his aura makes others respect him very much,Also very afraid of him。
But in fact, Xiao Fan feels that the real cooperation is to be born and die with all the brothers,Go fight together,Only in this way can you truly reflect that you are a responsible person,Can be trusted by others。
Only you give others trust,Make others feel that this person is trustworthy,Can follow him,Others will follow you to help you do things。
Otherwise, it will always be just the surface content,Xiao Fan can now easily see what others are thinking。
And Xiao Fan also feels that sometimes there is actually no need to see a person so thoroughly,Everyone has their own inner thoughts,As long as what they really show is acceptable。
It won’t hurt anyone,Xiao Fan thinks that is enough。
After Shen Lin and Su Ran returned to the room,Shen Lin took Su Ran’s hand and said:“Ran Ran,I feel sorry for you too,If it wasn’t for me to be unworthy, injured or unconscious for so long,You might not be punished。”
Su Ran hit the back of his hand and said with a smile:“Why are you talking stupid again,Both of us share joys and sorrows,I was by your side,My only wish is that you can wake up。
Now you wake up and can stay by my side,Don’t talk about this small punishment,I can accept the big punishment,I can accept it as long as you can do well。
Besides, this matter is really my responsibility,If Brother Fan doesn’t punish me,What do the brothers below think。
If one day they think back to this matter and think it’s my responsibility,But I was not punished,They will be unbalanced in their hearts。
How will you manage this base?,So what Brother Fan does has his truth,The two of us just have to accept it。”
Shen Lin nodded and said:“Yes,I know Brother Fan is really doing it for our good,So I didn’t say much,I just feel sorry for you,Been taking care of me for so many days,Now I will be punished for a while。”
Su Ran said:“These are small things for me,As long as you can do well,What I do is so sweet, you know??”Shen Lin nodded。
Xiao Fan called the manager of a branch company abroad,Because during this time, Xiao Fan was working on a public welfare project。

Celestial computers like big clocks have,What can be more exaggerated than this?

Tony:Group leader,is this real?The traversing talisman can travel through the world of group members?
Shen Ziyao:I guessed it,I just didn’t expect the mall to have all the items in the world of each group member。
Wu Xing:These are true,Now only I can see and buy,But wait until the chat group reaches30people,After upgrading to level 3,It’s open to everyone。
Then everyone issued a series of exclamation marks again。
Flower pity:Brother Wuxing is bad,Hua Lian was happy for a while,Was hit。
Tyrant:Points are already low,Now see the picture of the group leader,I feel even less useful。
Tony:But then again,Didn’t you open up the group mission function?,Does anyone know what it is?
Shen Ziyao:Yes,The task function should be rewarded with points,Has anyone received it??
Wave wind water gate:No,I am still working on enhancements,I found that this enhancement seems to only enhance a single attribute。
Yun Yun:I seem to have received the task function you mentioned(Attached drawing)。
Group task(individual):Go to the Xiao family to help the apprentice to retreat peacefully,Random reward100-1000integral。Note:The more relaxed the Xiao family, the higher the reward。
Flower pity:Wow,Sister Yun Yun is lucky,I received a group task as soon as I arrived。
Tony:Single mission?It means there will be multiplayer missions in the future?
Shen Ziyao:should be,Through,There will definitely be a multiplayer mission。
Flower pity:That’s great,I can work with the handsome brother Wu Xing from now on。
Get,I was still talking about Wu Xing’s bad Hua Lian,In a blink of an eye it became a fan girl。
Tony:Sister Hua Lian,It’s not Uncle Tony who hit you,The strength like the group leader,What kind of group task will I need to be with you?
Flower pity:……。

Took a deep breath,She flushed and said:“and so,boss,As long as our urea and synthetic ammonia production line can be built,I don’t have to worry about selling,You don’t have to do anything,Just lie at home,Money will continue to pour into your home……”

“Can’t do,Is that we have to find a way to do,”Leilani·Taylor gritted his teeth:“I think10Ten thousand tons of urea production line is a bit too stingy,Considering the pressure and obstruction that Lutianhua may bring to us in this process,We must make this project something that Bashu province and even Huaxia senior officials are paying attention to、Super projects that affect and radiate the entire Yangtze River Basin……”
Fortunately,Leilani·Taylor finally remembers who her boss is,Secretly glanced at Chen Geng,After confirming that Chen Geng has no dissatisfaction,,She gritted her teeth:“We can divide this project into three phases,Eventually build an annual production of urea3010,000-ton super factory。”
First1113chapter Is it so cheap?
Although heartbeat,But the trouble to be found must be found,Such as looking for a mountain city“trouble”,For example, go to Liu Daliang“trouble”……
“LiuSlong,You are a bit unkind,”Chen Geng said to Liu Daliang honestly:“I treat you as a friend,You dug such a big hole for me?”
Liu Daliang has roughly guessed why Chen Geng came to him,But he blinked,Decided to play stupid:“This one……Mr. Chen,What do you say,When did i dig you?”
Chen Geng doesn’t go in circles with Liu Daliang,Outspoken:“Let’s not talk about how much investment a urea project needs、solve1000Does the livelihood of many farmer brothers need such a project?,I just ask you,Have you considered Lutianhua?Have you considered the influence of Lutianhua in Bashu Province?,They absolutely cannot sit back and watch me invest in such a urea and synthetic ammonia production line and remain indifferent?”
Liu Daliang understood immediately,Chen Geng“Lutianhua”Clicked his name,If you play stupid,Then there is really no sincerity of cooperation:As the largest chemical company in Bashu Province,How could Lutianhua watch Chen Geng behave like a demon on his own territory and remain indifferent??
His face is a little embarrassed,But he defended himself:“Mr. Chen,This one……Lutianhua cannot produce urea……”
Not finished,Meet Chen Geng“You are joking?!”Emoji,Liu Daliang shut up immediately,He reacted violently,I have a problem with my attitude towards this matter:Chen Geng is not an investor who can easily fool,Treat Chen Geng,Once you make him think you are unreliable,He doesn’t care who you are,That’s definitely going away,Not to mention how important a large urea production base is to Bashu,Only these two projects can be implemented,For Prachuap Khiri Khan
Realize this,Liu Daliang’s tone immediately changed:“of course,Although Lutianhua cannot produce urea there,but……Ok,The factors of Lutianhua really have to be considered,But don’t worry, Mr. Chen,As long as you can really invest in such a urea project here,I can represent Quanshan City now2000Duo Wan, the old folks assure you,No one can put any pressure on you,Mountain city2000All the fathers and villagers are on your side。”
Chen Geng blinked,Did not speak,Leilani·Taylor spoke,She looked at Liu Daliang and said softly:“LiuSlong,What you said is out of space,We need something to see、Something to touch。”
Liu Daliang thought for a while,Leilani·Taylor asked:“Miss Taylor,May I ask how big a urea plant you are going to build?”
“20Ten thousand tons。”