“It’s best to be careful from now on,Today,Down here,Yuxin is a public figure,Talking too much will not affect her。”

Qin Feng frowned,When I went there by myself,Why is Shangguan Yuxin so sure that it is three people?
Qin Feng thought about it carefully,Ergouzi?Brother of the second donkey,jlgroup,Jiang Zhiyuan?
Qin Feng man thought of these data,Ergouzi was to avenge his brother,But Ergouzi didn’t know,His brother was in jail for himself。
These must be told by Jiang Zhiyuan,And Jiang Zhiyuan wanted to get himself hooked,Found someone kidnapped Shangguan Yuxin,But Jiang Zhiyuan was afraid he would recognize him,So today he simply
Not in the villa。
Think of these,Qin Feng can basically be sure that the third person is Jiang Zhiyuan.。
“Qin Feng,You go back and tell Yanyan,I want to stay with Su Rou for a few days。”Wang Mengmeng thought for a while and said。
“it is good,I’ll pick her up later,You should also pay attention to safety,Especially the people around me they can kidnap Yuxin,Not to mention you guys。”Actually Qin Feng wanted to say,He and Shangguan Yuxin are not very familiar yet,She was tied up, let alone you。
But the speaker has no intention,Listener,It sounds far and near to others,But Qin Feng himself didn’t care。
“Shangwu,I really don’t want to bother you,Sister Qin and I will pay attention from now on,I won’t trouble you anymore。”Do not know why,Shangguan Yuxin sounds uncomfortable,Suddenly I don’t want to be here。
“That’s it,You are in Honghai for a day,I have to be responsible for your safety,As long as you don’t leave Honghai,Just live here。”Qin Feng said in a cold tone。
“Why should i listen to you?”Shangguan Yuxin doesn’t know where her temper comes from,Said angrily。
“Because it happened because of me,You are kidnapped because you know me so you were kidnapped,Not just you but them,Anyone around me is possible,It was the first time I met you and you were kidnapped。”
“Not to mention them,So arranging you all together is not necessarily safe,So i separate you,Arranging someone to protect you,So I can rest assured。”Qin Feng said solemnly。
“What do you mean?”Shangguan Yuxin suddenly understood,I misunderstood Qin Feng’s meaning again。
“Boss,Don’t worry about us,I will protect them both。”Su Rou confidently said。
“Ok,I don’t worry about you。”Qin Feng nodded,If everyone is like Su Rou, why should I worry about myself?。
“Thank you all today,Also sorry everyone,Made you worry about me,I toast everyone。”Shangguan Yuxin looked at their care for themselves,Take care of yourself,Make her feel in this strange city,Can feel the warmth。
If it’s not kidnapped this time,Qin Feng that Sister Qin was looking for,I believe Shangguan Yuxin won’t bother them。

Tap toe,Body shape shakes slightly,Lu Menglin came to the mine。

The purity of the crystal veins under your feet is too low,After seeing the next few floors,Lu Menglin found that he could not see the veins of the second floor at all。
“Alex!”Lu Menglin whispered。
Alex heard someone calling,Look up,Smiled suddenly。
“land,You’re back!Great!I knew you would come back!”Alex laughed。
Lu Menglin handed him the little baby girl in his hand,Smiled:“Look,What a cute little life。Do you want to hug her?”
Alex stretched out his hand quickly,But hesitated again,As if I’m afraid of touching this little thing。
“Amazing!How can there be babies here?Where did she come from?”Alex asked in surprise。
This is a question anyone in the mining area will ask,Because this little baby girl really shouldn’t be in such a place。
“Picked up on the road。You help me take care of her。I’ll find a way to get you off this island。”Lu Menglin said solemnly。
He didn’t tell the extraordinary origin of the little baby girl,Not only because the scene was too weird,Unbelievable,Also because he has a faint feeling,This little baby may be special,It’s better not to let anyone know of her existence,Especially the owner on this island。
Lu Menglin knew that as soon as he left the mining area,Tu Chunchun will definitely appear,And the existence of this little baby girl,I can’t hide it from him。
That’s why I have to give it to Alex first,His goal is not big,Maybe outside the mine,Less noticeable。
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Seven Xiao Long Bao
“what is her name?”Alex holds this little baby girl,I can’t put it down more and more。
Lu Menglin smiled,Replied casually:“Xiaolong?Forget it,Just call her Xiaolongbao!”

Scientists at their level,Broad horizons,Instead of just believing in science,A popular saying in the twentieth century was regarded as the most logical saying by them,“The end of science is theology”。

The more you know about the world,The more I feel I know too little,The larger the known circle,I know the area outside the circle is bigger。
So the three words alchemy came out of Liu Cixi’s mouth,Not irony,But awe。
“Is there a way to reverse it?I can only use the power in my body to inhibit the activity of changes,But can’t stop this ghost completely。”Jiang Chuyu’s gloomy face,Said。
Liu Cixi nodded,Then shook his head again,Asked curiously:“I want to know how this is formed?You should be as detailed as possible,I can help you。and also,It’s best to put the biochemical lunatic,And Li Hejing who is doing genetic engineering,Call them all to discuss together。”
“it is good!You call them all,I will say it in detail。”Jiang Chuyu had to hold back his unhappiness,Promised。
He knows that these old people in scientific research have a weird temper,They only focus on what they are interested in,For places that are not of interest,Ignore it。Even if you are a great sage,,Just because of identity,Only gained the surface politeness and respect of these people。
Not long,A group of scientists filed in,Came to the front of the Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu。
Faced with these eager and curious faces,Jiang Chuyu had to be patient,Retell the battle between Lu Menglin and himself at the time。
“This looks a bit like Baiwan Magnet’s extraordinary ability?”Li Hejing, a master of human genetics, was amazed。
“what?Is the apostle who can control metal?Call him,Reverse operation,Should be able to resolve it?”The lunatic Fang engaged in biochemistry screamed。
Jiang Chuyu frowned,Shen Sheng:“Bai Wan Ci has died in battle。The killer took away his power。”
“impossible!The extraordinary abilities of those apostles are formed by genetic mutations in the body,Everyone is a unique individual,How could it be taken away?”Madman Fang’s eyes rounded,Furiously。
The formation of the extraordinary powers of the Twelve Apostles,Of course it is related to their personal talents,But behind it all have a close relationship with these big scientists。
If it weren’t for these great scientists to induce and guide extraordinary abilities in their respective fields,It’s impossible for those apostles to form effective control。

But once someone dares to break through300Billion dollar mark,Limited by high short-selling costs,They must win the new version of the pound exchange rate prevention and control system,Otherwise they will be overwhelmed by the high cost of short selling。

But they don’t know300The billion-dollar mark has triggered a fund swap agreement,Their opponent is no longer the Bank of England,But the most powerful Federal Reserve in the world,Then they will only sink deeper and deeper,Lost money in the end!
so“Tripping principle”Firmly grasp the investor’s desire to win and fear of losing,Tightly trap the attacker in the belief that he must win!
Different from the objective law of natural science research that does not depend on human will,Although economics and finance are also subjects that study economic development and financial investment laws。
But the main body engaged in economic development and financial investment is human,Therefore, the laws of economics and finance are greatly influenced by people’s subjective consciousness.。
Therefore, a true economist and financial investment master does not believe in a cold economic principle or financial investment dogma.。
They tend to take advantage of the commonalities and weaknesses of human nature to their advantage,Win the game by influencing the opponent’s mental state。
For example, the famous financial crocodile Soros,He summarized his life investment experience,came up with“Reflexive theory”,The reflexive theory has also become the core theory in Soros’ investment philosophy。
general speaking,Reflexive theory refers to an interactive influence between investors and the market。Soros thinks,The relationship between the financial market and investors is:
Investors based on the information they have and their understanding of the market,To anticipate market trends,And act accordingly。In fact, actions actually affect、Change the trend of the market,The two constantly influence each other。
So what Soros’ reflexive theory describes,It is the relationship between the mutual influence and restraint of the market and investor psychology。
First0489chapter Shameless
so,A good financial investment master must be a good philosopher and psychologist,Cannot grasp investors’ investment psychology and its changes well,Destined to eventually fail in the investment field!
To know,Before Soros engaged in financial investment,His major in university is philosophy,And Soros is also quite accomplished in philosophy。

“The second son of the Li family in the south of the city,Grandma looks good,A table of talent,It matches our Xinxin very well。”

“say something,Why don’t you speak?If Li Gongzi doesn’t match,,Song’s master has no girlfriend yet,Let’s meet this?”
Lu Xin grew up on her heart,Of course know who she likes,But they disagree,She can’t help it。
This time,She has been paying attention to other candidates,The second son of the Li family and the young master of the Song family are outstanding figures,She is satisfied,Borrow my wife’s birthday,Invite them all,Let Xinxin pick it herself。
The old lady talked for a long time,I didn’t see my granddaughter respond,Found something wrong,Reach out and raise her face,The teardrops rolling down,Scared her。
The old man’s heart is pulling,Pull a piece of tissue to wipe her tears,Repeated inquiries:“what’s wrong,Why are we Xinxin crying??Tell grandma,Who bullied you,Grandma is your decision。Don’t cry,what?”
Grandpa also put down his fishing rod,Come over and see what happened。
Lu Xin almost cried,To wipe away the tears from the corners of my eyes,Long eyelashes are wet,My shoulders twitched,Really endless grievances,Endless complaints。
“grandmother,grandmother,”Lu Xin’s eyes are red,Choked and said:“I only like Yun and Brother,No matter how good other men are,I dont like it either,Don’t you betroth me to someone else, OK??”
Old lady can’t bear her granddaughter sad,What to say,Still have to say,“Xinxin,As long as grandma can do it,Grandma will help you,Last banquet,Grandma talked to you about this,But your grandma Huo said,Yunhe only treats you as his sister,Grandma has the heart but is powerless。”
Lu Xin didn’t know about this,The red and swollen eyes are amazed,“grandmother,Did Yun and Brother really say that??”
Chapter Fifty Cold Field King
Mrs. Lu likes little granddaughter the most,See her sad,Very distressed,To make her happy,But this kind of thing can’t deceive people。
Nodded,It’s okay to let her die。
Lu Xin didn’t believe it at all,Keep shaking his head,Holding grandma’s hand,Tears are falling down,“grandmother,I must be haunting Yun and Brother,Annoyed him,He doesn’t like me.not real,This is not true。”

The owner of the dress shop took the opportunity to flatter Chen Geng:“perfect,It’s perfect,Mr,This evening dress is simply tailor-made for your wife,Annie,Mark this dress as not for sale,Except for this beautiful lady,I don’t think anyone else is qualified to wear this evening dress。”

Chen Geng can’t say anything,Deny this time,Elizabeth’s face is lost,Elizabeth took a peek at Chen Geng,See Chen Geng didn’t mean to refuse,Bow your head,A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth。
Out of the dress shop,Keep following Chen Geng、Elizabeth who bowed her head and said nothing,Suddenly summoned the courage to say to Chen Geng:“Chen,in case……I mean if,If you have similar activities in the future,If I didn’t find my female partner for another moment,Can ask me for help。”
A trace of this is already obvious:If you speak,I’ll be your girlfriend。
Also,A person like Chen Geng has accumulated a huge amount of wealth that ordinary people can’t earn in almost a lifetime.、A single young man with a great future and a humble low-key,Almost all single women in the United States are the ideal life partner,Of course you must seize the opportunity firmly——I don’t know how many coquettish bastards are going to compete with themselves.,You can’t hesitate at this time。
Does Chen Geng understand the meaning in Elizabethan??Of course he understands,But he can only pretend that he doesn’t understand:“Ok,Before i find a girlfriend,I’ll trouble you。”
The light in Elizabeth’s eyes dimmed,She is a few years older than Chen Geng,No longer a teenager、I only know the rebellious and maverick little girl,She has begun to think about her future life。Although Chen Geng refused,But she still wants to strive for her happiness:“I know,You are conservative about sex,But I did not intend to ask you anything……”
“I understand what you mean,I am also a normal man,Have normal needs,”Chen Geng poked his chest backhand,Smiled:“I just feel sorry for myself,of course,It’s okay if you understand this as the conservativeness of Chinese men。”
“Ok,”Sniffed hard,Elizabeth gave a strong smile:“I suddenly envy your future wife,She must be a very happy woman。”
No matter how liberated、revolution,But the yearning for pure and beautiful love in human hearts will not change,Who doesn’t want to meet someone who is loyal to himself、A lover who only loves himself in his life?But Chen Geng’s refusal made Elizabeth understand,I have no chance。
First60chapter The worst did not happen
Chen Geng thought that it would take four or five days for the investigation of the other three scrap car dismantling companies in Detroit to have results.,But Chen Geng’s surprise was,Noon on the third day,Stan God brought good news to Chen Geng。

But the next moment they stopped their movements。

Because they saw that Leng Ling had an extra small notebook in his hand。Even if her share has been written off,But the rank of major is still here。
“Ugh,Comrade Major,We came here after receiving the news。I don’t know you are working here!”
They certainly have the least respect for such a young major。After all, this is definitely not comparable to ordinary military officers,At least this person must have done military merit。
“Our young master called the police。This woman is the criminal who disturbs public order。the most important is,She buys.kill,See the wretched boy over there
No,His hand was interrupted by this woman。Do you need to investigate this matter carefully??”
“Must complete the task!”
The agents showed respect to Leng Ling at this time。
Lin Xinxin is not willing,“Is not,Don’t wrong me。I know Wang Fang, President Wang,He can give me a guarantee。You can’t catch me,Otherwise, President Wang will definitely be angry,Your Detective Bureau will also be very troublesome。”
“This one.”
The agents were somewhat concerned when they heard the name Wang Fang,After all, this is a giant that has stunned the business world for 20 years。In the capital, a person who stomped and shook three times。
The head of their detective bureau needs to be respectful when meeting Mr. Wang,Let alone these little agents。
But now so many people around are watching,Can they really do nothing??
I didn’t see anyone taking out their phone to make a video,Waiting for their next move??
Okay,There will still be some courageous presence among the agents,After gritting his teeth, Lin Xinxin was handcuffed and taken away。At least now we must do a good job of face engineering,As for the rest,Then leave it to the people above to worry about it。
After all,They are errand runners,Basically not much decision-making power。
“well,Count your acquaintances!”I saw the agents take Lin Xinxin away,Qin Feng nodded in approval,At least the agents in the capital are of high quality。It’s not like the detectives in some places will be suppressed by some high-ranking business or official bosses。
“All right,Nothing to see,Everyone is gone!”The dean doesn’t want everyone to keep watching,After all, this is the hospital,It’s normal to be quiet。
After everyone is gone,Qin Feng finds Zhao Kuo。

Finally, I can only ask:“Gang brother,Get help,Who are you looking for。”

Wu Gang lit a cigarette,Sternly:“Master Zhou,I plan to ask Mr. Zhou for help!”
Master Zhou!
Hear this title,A touch of surprise flashed across Song Litao’s face。
This title,inrFrom the city’s perspective,It’s completely an unshakable existence。
rThe city is an ancient city,Have a long history。
rThe city was once a fief,Zhou’s fief。
The ancestor of the Zhou family as a general,In BanghGuoping rebels,Was sealed here,And inherited from generation to generation。
New laterhCountry establishment,rThe city has not suffered much damage,After the reform and opening up,Also in its own way into the new era。
right nowrThe richest people in the city,Are all descendants of the Zhou family who went out。
And these people are proud of it,And get together often,They controlrMany large companies in the city。
These people are compared with the people who came here in the morning,It’s not a bit strong。
Master Zhou as the heir of the Zhou family,Is the big brother of these people,What he said is true,No one dares not listen。
If he is willing to help,Then Song Litao’s affairs should be fine。
“Gang brother,I just don’t know if Mr. Zhou is willing to help。”
Song Litao heard that Mr. Zhou was asked for help,Happy,But then I thought of this question。
Yes,The old man Zhou will spend his old age at home well,Sunset is red,Why help him?
“rest assured,Mr. Zhou has a big idea,As long as we explain things to him,He won’t care,After all this isrcity,It’s Mr. Zhou’s site。”
“If we just lose,His face is dull,And Mr. Zhou often said,werCity people,It was a family five hundred years ago,Trust me,He will help。”