The smell of blood is still permeating the wind,Li Tianzhen knew that the drivers of the three vehicles and the soldiers accompanying them had already encountered an accident,The green canvas in the back of the car has been fully opened,Many supplies were looted,Only the third car has a few long wooden boxes,Very tightly encapsulated,Li Tianzhen recognized at a glance that this was a personal rocket launcher。

After all, one step too late,Li Tianzhi knew it was made by a mantis,And there must be someone like Shen Wenyu in his entourage,Otherwise I won’t hijack so many supplies,This is a very troublesome thing,So many supplies were removed at once,They should have space baby,Or it’s just an illusion,Like a sneak attack on a camp,Just destroyed three puppets?
The cunning of the praying mantis is beyond Li Tianzhi’s expectation,Do only half of everything,It is often difficult to judge its whereabouts and purpose,It matters,He immediately called to inform the situation of the attack on Old Dong’s convoy,And it is recommended that the troops that have reached Xiaoqinggou in the northwest to temporarily stop and rest.。
Boss Dong was surprised,But no panic,Not furious,Suspected Carnage Report,He received several copies in a short time,From different places,Very tragic,Civilians were attacked,Armed mobilized materials were also attacked,The bloodiest is,All the people in an office building died in an instant,Zhong Sanpu rushed to the scene,Confirmed to be the blood。
Because of the emergency,Old man Dong didn’t say too much,He believed in Li Tianzhen’s earliest news and judgment,Wasteland is the point,Only by strangling the opponent firmly on the wasteland can you get the upper hand,So order him,Now that the previous operation has already started,You have to stick to it,Peripheral matters,And the coordination of strike force。
The blood is crazy,Li Tianzhen’s anger has also burned to the top of his head,Inferred from the traces and smells left in the carriage,He turned his eyes to the wasteland again,After a while, collect all the 17 boxes of supplies left in the carriage into the space baby,The body is flying high into the sky。
In the Colts Deep in the Wasteland,That huge altar has been built to the second floor,The outline of the entire shape has been seen,It should be an oversized frustum,Looking down from the air,There are countless dense black spots busy,Many are transporting stones,They have their own ancient equipment,The main capacity is a small car with magical power to support power,Similar to Fansheng’s small truck,Fill many stones in one performance。
There is also a handful of black spots gathered in the north of the altar,Those are the big men of the blood family,Except elders、priest,And the powerful lord who just arrived、noble,Some people kept hearing Xin Na’s call,Come from all over the world。The number of blood races has increased significantly,I just don’t know how they came to the vicinity of Xiaoqinggou,And then into the col。
Li Tianzhen is lurking on the slope of a mountain at this time,It is inclined at 45 degrees to the entrance of the col,Very broad vision,I can see almost every corner of the mountain col,After repeatedly confirming the opponent’s ambush on key points and passes,He started a nervous arrangement,This time he must give the blood clan a very heavy blow。
Seventeen boxes of supplies were all unpacked,Almost all heavy equipment for individual combat,Grenadier、Bazooka、High explosive**,Ultra-long rangejuShotgun,There is even a heavy machine that can interrupt steel pipes instantly。
Chapter Eighty Ten Pass three barriers
A group of gods are whispering around Venerable Palmprint,No time to take care of a large pile of colorful treasures next to me,And the colorful streamer flying from outside Nantianmen exploded directly in front of them,The end is amazing。
“I am coming again!”

“Old thief,Don’t say one thing and do another,Release so many evil poisons in one breath,I’m afraid I can’t get to your home,I will die。”

“Hey,What do fellow daoists say,You are the body of chaos,Why not be afraid of the little breath in my mouth。”
“Why don’t you brush your teeth for thousands of years,More than just a little breath?”
“You and I have magical powers,Don’t talk about the hobbies of those mortals。”‘Perish’Chatting with each other,Suddenly remembered something,“that‘Son of Metaverse’Can be in the body?”
“You are afraid of him?”
“He Zuya?The old man is just guessing that your chaotic body can store living people,Knowing the Sea God Zang is by no means as simple as the Xumi Realm,Or it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s a small world,Haha,Haha。”
Li Tianzhi was surprised,Secretly, this old man looks like a rogue,His eyesight is extremely vicious。
Chapter one thousand and thirty ‘Perish’’S past
‘Perish’Very proud,Although Li Tianzhen is not proud,,But not afraid,He is even considering how to induce this old thing into his little world,Just like the method used in the Battle of the Wasteland,Although there is no strong mortal world will,But he has his own small world will。
Can you rely on the willpower of the small world‘Perish’,It’s very challenging,Even another extremely risky gamble,Do not know why,This time, Li Tianzhen’s confidence is very great,And believe‘Perish’Will definitely enter his little world。
The only thing hard to control is the passage of time,I don’t know where exactly this very cunning old gangster lives,It’s been a long time and I still don’t mean to stop,It feels farther away than Dayan’s Metaworld Secret Realm,
although‘Perish’Reduced one’s consciousness,But it doesn’t prevent Panmang’s vicious language from reaching Li Tianzhen’s ears,Others can’t tell,But he believed that Pan Mang dared to speak and act,There is no bottom line,If you say revenge, you will definitely use the cruelest、Acting in the most vicious way,If you are worried,Only this。
Dayan once said,If you can’t let go of the emotions of mortal life,Li Tianzhen’s road to awakening will not be complete,I can’t wake up Li Xiucheng who is sleeping,Even if you wake up, it’s hard to find the lost Godhead,So it is difficult to reach the peak state of God of War。
Li Tianzhen believes that Dayan’s words are not exaggerated,But he is not too concerned,The road to awakening comes to an end,If only resurrected or recreated a god of war,Actually quite boring,Because he is a chaotic body,Even Li Xiucheng was surprised,Explain that things are variable,What becomes of,No one knows,As for the Godhead of the God of War,He still has no idea。

“Top three in this competition,Official members who can get the Iron Blade,The fourth to the tenth can get the reserve members。”

“I declare the game officially started,Draw now,The competition is divided into preliminary and final。”
“Ten rounds of preliminary rounds,Choose the twenty most victories。”
“Ten rounds of finals,The top ten can choose their opponents。”
“Draw now,”Draw is the machine used to draw,This is to keep fair。
“by,Brother Hao,You met this popular person in the first game,Wang Yanbing……”
“Your luck……”
“Haha,I met98number,Isn’t this the kid just now??”
“It seems that God wants me to take revenge,I won’t beat him down this time,I am not Huang Xiaoding。”
Huang Xiaoding’s face showed a cruel smile。
“Now I declare the game officially started。”
“Qin Hao,I heard you,You are strong,Can beat Chenguang,But it’s about close combat,You may not be able to beat me。”
“Bibi knows it,”Qin Hao said lightly。
Anyone with He Chenguang,All his enemies。
“In this case,Then we’ll have a showdown。”
Wang Yanbing chooses to strike first,A sweeping leg,Qin Hao directly resisted,Step back。
Wang Yanbing uses both hands and feet,Shift,After attacking from the left,Immediately turned to Qin Hao’s right。
“Show your true strength,”Wang Yanbing can naturally see that Qin Hao didn’t show his strength。
“Row,as you wish,”Qin Hao took advantage of Wang Yanbing to attack his left chest,Dodge his blow。

Xia Jian never thought,The bald eagle boasting of his special leather,When I see Lu Wanting, I’m so soft,He couldn’t help but be happy,Watch Lu Wanting clean up this guy。

Bald eagle with smiley face,How did Zhao Longlong’s earthmoving truck hit Wang Gui to death?,How did you lose money?,Tell Lu Wanting from start to finish,How they planned this,I also said it all in an old-fashioned way。
“Humph!You’re a fucking joke,I went to Zhao Longlong!how?You do not dare,But i tell you,I dare to Lu Wanting!As long as it involves Mr. Xia,I, Lu Wanting, will never sit back and watch,Do you understand it?“Lu Wanting said,Grabbed the vulture by the neckline,Lift him up。
Vulture seeing it,Tongue knotted and said:“Miss Lu!We really don’t know you and Xia are always friends,This time you let us go!Not as an example“
“Not as an example!Do you want the money then?“Lu Wanting asked。
The vulture said with a smile:“Dare not ask,I’ll take people back immediately,Never come to Venture Group again,I can guarantee this“
“Ok!Go immediately,Don’t let me see you when I get down“Lu Wanting let go。The vulture turned hurriedly,Opened the office door and ran away。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but laughed and said:“Dragon Ball,Quickly make tea for Miss Lu“
“Hey!Don’t come to you,Suddenly treat me so good,Surely thievery“Lu Wanting laughed,Sat back on the sofa。Xia Jian always listened to her bragging,I didn’t expect she was really capable。
Dragon Ball glanced at his watch and said:“President Xia!Mr. Wang went out just now,It’s lunch time“Just finished Dragon Ball,Xi Zhen walked out。
“President Xia!What to eat for lunch,I will arrange,Mr. Wang has something to do and can’t come back“Xi Zhen said,Glancing at Lu Wanting who was sitting on the sofa。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Just book a seat across the road!Let’s go eat together“
“no need,I have to go,But you have to owe me this meal,I’ll talk to you next time when I have time“Lu Wanting finished,Really swaggered away。Makes Xia Jian confused,This woman is really moody,Her mind is really hard to guess。
Dragon Ball is very smart,He knew that Xia Jian was going out for dinner just now to invite Lu Wanting,Since she’s gone,It’s not necessary to go out to eat。So she smiled and said:“Let me order some of us!Send them here,Eating out is also very troublesome“
Xia Jian did not speak,It is also the default。Soon,Four dishes and one soup here,This soup is obviously for Xia Jian,He’s also welcome,Drink it。
Xi Zhen looked at Xia Jian and frowned,I don’t know what he is thinking,But he dare not ask。The dragon ball on the side laughed and said:“President Xia!Did you leave Miss Lu for dinner?,Then take it to find Zhao Longlong?“

It was originally a small village,News express。Just now Wang Youcai took someone to beat Er Lengzi,It’s been passed over long ago。So when they entered the courtyard,Wang Xiaomei’s brother-in-law has greeted him。

Wang Xiaomei’s brother looks like an honest person,But her sister-in-law has a sharp chin,Both eyes rolled around。She said delicately:“Yo!It turned out that the big boss came。This bitch,I don’t know to say hello to us in advance,I am ready to prepare”
Wang Youcai didn’t care about Wang Xiaomei and her sister-in-law,Instead, she grabbed Wang Xiaomei’s brother’s hand,Then asked coldly:“Do you have the final say in this house?”
“Oh!Calculate”Wang Xiaomei’s brother trembled slightly in fright。The scene where Wang Youcai led people into Erlenzi’s house just now,What this honest man sees is clear。Until he heard Wang Youcai was coming to his house,He ran back home desperately。
He just told his wife what he saw,Wang Xiaomei took these people through the courtyard gate。
Wang Youcai saw Wang Xiaomei’s brother like this,He immediately scolded:“Look at you,As a man,What does it look like at home??Wang Xiaomei is your sister,You dare to promise to Er Lengzi who has a wife in private,Don’t you know it’s illegal?”
“Yo!This boss may not know!Er Lengzi is so fierce,How dare someone like us provoke him??”Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law rushed to say。
Wang Youcai’s eyes widened and roared:“Er Lengzi ruined Wang Xiaomei’s happiness if you can’t afford it?”Wang Youcai’s appearance is a bit scary。
Sister-in-law Wang Xiaomei accidentally looked up and saw more than a dozen people standing outside the gate,She felt scared from the bottom of her heart。
“Xiaomei!Let these bosses sit in the house”Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law suddenly changed her tone。
Wang Youcai feels almost done,This brought Tian Wa and Wu Wu into the door of Shangfang。Wang Xiaomei’s wife is really coming,She hurriedly took out cigarettes and tea,It’s a cigarette,Tea again。Busy around all the time。
Wang Youcai lit a cigarette,Took a hard breath and said:“We are here to propose。You must know what happened just now。If Wang Xiaomei marries him,Er Lengzi dare not say a word。and also,Xiaomei’s parents died early,We just come here to take a form”
Wang Youcai is a ruthless man,So he was full of words,It means whether you want to,That’s it。
“Ah!Since Xiaomei is the master,She has the final say。But I want to ask,Who is this uncle?”Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law’s color on her face is extremely ugly,But she forced a smile。
“Is my sister-in-law,What’s going on at home,Just call”Tian Wa said,Smiled and said。
Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law looked at Tian Baby from head to toe and said:“Not ugly,Still talking about the past。Very strong,I don’t know what you do?”
“I am a veteran,Now work with Brother Wang at the Chenzhuang Scenic Tree Base,Xiaomei married me,Where can i work”Tian Wa may be too happy,So say five and ten。
Sister-in-law Wang Xiaomei,My eyes lit up and said:“Ok!not bad。Just i don’t understand,You are here to propose marriage,Let us know?”
“Oh!”Tian Wa,Hurriedly beckoned outside the gate,Immediately two people came in with big bags and small bags。

“what?I’m afraid you won’t remember,I’ll tell you again。”That little koi wags its tail,Swimming in the air,It looks a bit like standing in a private school,Teacher walking slowly。

“But you have said this paragraph seven times today。”Said the little girl with soaring braids。
“That’s all for today’s class,Go and play。”Said the floating little koi。
The children broke up,Chasing the butterflies near the mountain stream quickly disappeared。
That little koi carp around the top of the stream,Swam a few times。
Zhu Minglang went there too,I just walked about seven steps,I heard the little koi yelling。
“These little bunnies,No one came to class today,When I look back, I will criticize their parents from house to house,Pissed off,I’m so angry with Lord Yu!”That little koi,Swimming faster and faster,Fish whiskers rising,Stare bigger!
Zhu Minglang almost didn’t laugh out loud。
Mr. Dementia,Sure enough, Mr. Dementia。
These seven steps of memory,I don’t know how the fish can hold so many weird things。
“Mr. Koi,I wish Minglang came to see you。”I wish Minglang walked to the mountain stream,Shouted。
“Zhu Minglang???”Mr. Koi made a sudden leap,I was in front of Zhu Minglang in an instant,A pair of fish eyes staring at Zhu Minglang。
“it’s me……”
“You baby,Eat those lake fish feed,Why did you grow so big all at once???”Mr. Koi fish face is very strange,Can make a surprised expression like a human。
“Mr. Koi,I am now the Dragon Shepherd,I have many questions to ask you。”Zhu Minglang is used to Mr. Koi’s words。
“Mu Long Shi??You are the Dragon Shepherd,Hahahaha!!”Mr. Koi suddenly stood up with his tail,A pair of short fins actually make a akimbo movement,There was a fish head up there and laughed,“What swordsman,I haven’t made a big deal in my life,Finally, I worked for Mulong Master。It’s not too late to raise a dragon,You are here,Make sure that you can easily dominate the world!”
I wish Minglang a while speechless,Master Yu is really Master Yu。
“Now i have four dragons……”
“Where’s the white dragon,Is the white dragon who grew up with you dead??”What did Mr. Koi suddenly think of,Surprised。

Ni Xiaoli chased up from behind,She was crying,Complained:“What did you guys do,Can’t even bring a child”Wang Youcai turned around and gave her a fierce look,Ni Xiaoli hurriedly stopped,Didn’t say a word。

First1654chapter Hard to change nature
When Ni Xiaoli saw her sick son,Tears couldn’t stop streaming down。Calf cow looking at mother,Feel a little rusty,He hid his head into Chen Yueqin’s arms hard。This makes Ni Xiaoli even more sad。
Same woman,Chen Yueqin naturally understands Ni Xiaoli’s feelings for Mavericks,She smiled and said to her grandson:“Niuniu!This is mom,Didn’t she buy you delicious food??”
Chen Yueqin said,Nodded at Ni Xiaoli,Ni Xiaoli walked over gratefully,Reach out gently,Took the calf cow in his arms。This time, Mavericks didn’t escape,But asked in a low voice:“mom!What good food you bought me?”
Wang Youcai listened,I quickly passed the millet porridge in my hand to Ni Xiaoli’s hand。Ni Xiaoli’s eyes are red,Tears shed。at this time,The attending doctor may have to change shifts,He came to take the temperature of the calves。
What is gratifying is that the body temperature of Mavericks has dropped to 37 degrees.。The attending doctor glanced at Ni Xiaoli,Said in an extremely unfriendly voice:“How did your mother become,The child had a fever of more than 40 degrees before being sent to the hospital,Are you afraid of burning his little brain seeds??”
Ni Xiaoli glanced at Wang Youcai,I can only bow my head aggrievedly。She has no right to speak at this time,Because it also has her responsibility。
The attending doctor called Maverick’s pulse again,Turn around and say to Wang Youcai:“Continue the infusion in the morning to observe,If the body temperature does not rebound,,Go back this afternoon!It’s not a good thing to use more medicine”
“Thank you doctor!”Wang Youcai said,Sent the attending doctor out of the room。
Calf’s body temperature has dropped,This is a happy thing。Ni Xiaoli fed Xiao Niuniu and finished porridge,I was a little embarrassed to say to Chen Yueqin:“Aunt!Niuniu is fine now,I have to go to work,I’ll come to see him again at noon”
“Go ahead!Child is older,Obedient,Much better。Just a little negligent yesterday,Blame me if you blame it!”Chen Yueqin changed from the past,Whispered to Ni Xiaoli。
Ni Xiaoli took a breath and said:“What’s so weird,It is normal for the child to be sick,But be careful”Ni Xiaoli finished,Away with tears。
at this time,Niu Niu who finished the millet porridge also fell asleep。This kid is strange,Which is not very sticky to Ni Xiaoli。Every time Ni Xiaoli leaves,He didn’t say a word。
time flies,Mavericks’ body temperature did not rebound,In the afternoon, the child felt a lot more energetic,It seems I really have a cold。
Wang Youcai went through the discharge procedures,Called a taxi outside,The family went back to Xiping Village。At the entrance of the village,When he just got out of the taxi holding Maverick,I just ran into Xia Jian and drove back to the village。
“Mayor Xia!Thank you so much,Trouble you every time”Wang Youcai yelled out loud。
Xia Jian did not speak,He parked the car first,Then asked coldly:“The child is okay?What’s sick?”No matter how much hatred there is between adults,Children are always innocent。

Although I thought quickly in my mind,But the movement of the Red Mansion Lord is not slow at all,The white jade pillar turns into a strange arc in the air,Obviously it is an extremely domineering weapon,But in the hands of the Holy Master of the Red Mansion, it shows a kind of artistic conception that cannot be detached from the red dust,Even if an ordinary emperor stares at this weapon,Will feel a whole trance。

So smashed,Power is 30% stronger than before,Go straight to Li Ming, who was smashed into the air just now。
A thunder,Hit the white jade pillar。
Thunder,Still mixed with a little flame,Although there is no eternal rhythm,But power is above the ruler。
There is only a black spot on the extremely hard white jade pillar,But the Holy Lord of the Red Mansion took three steps back in the void,My hands tremble faintly。
《Hunyuan Thunder Tribulation Formation》
Li Ming’s real formation killer。
At the time of the three-step road,Use this move to kill the demon flame emperor who is the ultimate lord of the holy city。
And now,Especially after combining the unique skills of a flame and the ultimate Daoist,Not only in the control effect,Conceived‘Thunder fire’Can also kill most masters。
“Boom boom boom~”
Three Thunders in a Row,The holy lord of the Red Mansion is waving a white jade pillar,Abruptly carried it down,Although the power of the thunder and fire has caused scars on the red mansion saint master,But this kind of injury is meaningless to an eternal master。
“It seems,Can only be used‘That one’Killer!”Was under the wind by a Taoist master,The Emperor of the Red Mansion was surprised but also a little angry,Performed a hidden trick!
First24chapter Star Dharma Body

“innocent?”Li Tianchou wondered,If it’s not wearing a crown,He really wanted to reach out and scratch his head,But suddenly realized,Yes,Blame yourself for acting recklessly,Didn’t tell the other party clearly,“Don’t get excited,It depends on me,You look at these people first,Including what’s hidden in the car,And time is too tight just now……”

“Don’t move!”Watching Li Tianchou want to come over,Shen Yingjie took two more steps back vigilantly,She didn’t want this person to be far beyond her peers,The hand holding the gun began to tremble slightly because of too much excitement,“Don’t fool me by talking nonsense,Li Tianchou,How did you become like this?”
“it is good!I won’t move。The scene is here,You can take a closer look。”Li Tianchou smiled bitterly and shook his head,Shen Yingjie’s temper is the same as before,Straightforward and hot,And hate it,Don’t really annoy her。
Shen Yingjie breathed a sigh of relief,Use your eyes to hint the two lads around to check,And hold a pistol,Staring at Li Tianchou。
Two people are not talking nonsense,Secretly stared at Li Tianchou,I quickly ran to check the condition of the vehicle and the circle of people on the ground,After a while, he brought the guy back to report,“report,Three cars crashed and damaged severely,but……”
“but what?”Shen Yingjie suddenly saw one of the young men holding a Type 95 semi-automatic rifle in his hand,Even more impatient。
“We found no dead or injured in the car,But found this。”Talking,The guy with the gun handed the rifle to Shin Yingjie。
“A total of eleven wounded were lying on the ground,No one is life-threatening,Did you call120emergency rescue?”Another guy reported。
“Ok?”Shen Yingjie can’t believe it,But I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief,There were no victims in such a tragic impact,This is great,But how is it possible?She witnessed the tragedy of the first car with her own eyes,There is no crew inside?
Shen Yingjie’s eyes on Li Tianchou became complicated,despite this,She still ordered the two boys to watch Li Tianchou,I personally ran over to check。
Doesn’t matter,Shocked at a glance,There is more than one standard weapon in the car,Shen Yingjie has drawn at least three more,Plus pistol parts around the wounded,She took a breath,Carrying so many weapons and trailing all the way behind,It’s really like Li Tianchou said that he’s going to plot something wrong。
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Two The sky has changed
Shen Yingjie incidentally checked several injured people who appeared to be more seriously injured.,Suspicious cloud suddenly arises,Bruise、You can tell at a glance,fracture,As long as you have a wealth of experience and general surgical knowledge, you can judge the same。
But it’s weird that a few people have broken calves,All hurt in the same position,And the coat is not wrinkled or damaged,Not like an accidental impact。

But Xin system uses another file name retrieval service through macro language,This makes Microsoft very embarrassed。

According to the preliminary report of the technical department,For the time being, there are no questions that can be questioned in the kernel part,Can only rely on operation methods to defend,If all the American technology companies in the past are on the side,Microsoft can also use this to thwart the attack of Xin system。
But now Apple、Google is on the side of Xin system,This trick is not very useful。
Bill·Gates takes these documents seriously,But the look is pretty relaxed。
After half an hour,The founder put aside a stack of screened documents,Rubbed his eyes and asked:“do you know?I actually tried the Xin system before coming,Although the level of English is not high,But it does have a brand new feeling to use。Especially entertainment translator,Simply awesome,I used this software to translate a short paragraph《the great Gatsby》,do you know?The content translated by our computer is different from what the director filmed,There is an absurd and thought-provoking taste。”
Hear this,Brad and Satya looked at each other,Then kept silent at the right time。
“Ok,Could our allies just fall into trouble?If I were you, I would reconsider with Google、Intel’s relationship。”Bill·Gates shrugged,Asked。
“Actually,We can’t get them now。We are also jointly developing a new generation,Our brain-computer chip,This is a difficult task that requires unity,And we even need this technology sooner than Intel。Only in this way can we make the next generation of products perfectly match this brand new hardware。In addition, Google also gave us some help,They opened up a lot of code to us,And patent library。These can help us make the next generation of products more perfect。”Satya Tandoor。
indeed,Although these technology companies in Silicon Valley do not seem to be doing authentic,But the technical support is spared no effort。
This also makes Brad、Although Satya hates these so-called allied companies,But I have to take the other side’s kindness。
of course,This is also a hit。
Look,brothers,It’s not that we don’t help you,But we are so partial to you,You still can’t help,Then you can’t blame us!