Fang Yu doubts。

Could it be that Mr. Ming’s friend again?
That’s a tricky problem!
“I let him tell you!”
Fang Deyun finished,Handed the phone to Mingzun。
“Good doctor Fang……Hey,This time,I’m going to trouble you again!”
Ming Zun sighed。
His friend,Really too persistent。
right now,Failed again!
then,Think of ancient medicine again。
Mingzun naturally dare not take over easily,So rejected。
then,I hit Fang Yu again。
“It’s him again?If it’s him then forget it……I can’t help!”Fang Yu Shen said。
That person’s business,Fang Yu is tired。
Three things!
This is the third time。

“Brother Wen,The car behind is a local license plate,Can it be convenient to check the identity of the other party??”Tao Meng was already sitting on the back of the chair,Pay close attention to the movement of the car behind,It’s just that the rear windshield of the Jinbei car has a layer of film,Not really。

“no problem,let me try。”Wen Feng immediately took out his phone,Can’t see anything from the expression,Mood seems to have returned to normal。
“it is good!”Tao Meng pulls the car window,Poked his head out,And then turned back loudly,“‘YunnanQ9K362’”
Wen Feng enters immediately,And found a number,Edited,Sent out。
The car is likely to be a deck,But Chaby doesn’t make sense,The reason for this,Tao Meng also wants to further eliminate the barrier between Wen Feng,Moment of crisis,Everyone must cooperate sincerely,In addition,He needs a visual angle,When necessary,He will take decisive measures。
At this moment,The piercing horn sounded continuously,Old Gu almost didn’t release the horn button,The first overtaking failed,Almost squeezed onto the barrier,The other party is a big drag,I’m afraid the front and rear car length is more than 15 meters,The car is still driving fast,The driver is also a thief and bold,It’s a two-shot,May be disgusting with horns,Or bully people with the car,Not only not letting,Instead, slowly squeeze the front of the car in the middle。
Liu Yongzhi is a little angry,Open the window of the co-pilot,Slapping the car door hard,In order to remind and warn each other,But the driver seems very happy,I didn’t see it at first,Later, he slapped the car door for fun,I turned my head and laughed from time to time。
咣,Muffled,The Jinbei car was smashed by Lu Xun,The whole body rushes forward,Then there is a severe shaking,At this time, Old Gu’s hands are quite steady,Hold the steering wheel tightly,Tap the brake pedal,But there is no significant slowdown,So as not to create a second chance for the opponent,Exquisite driving skills are fully utilized at this time。
despite this,Jinbei car is still dangerous,The body clashed with the isolation block several times,Set off a series of sparks,Quite thrilling。
Liu Yongzhi looks back now,With his right hand squeezed into a half fist, he waved twice at Tao Meng,This is a gesture that can only be understood between them,Means to warn the car behind。
Tao Meng has this intention,I just thought about whether I was acting rashly,And from the reaction of Old Wen just now,Always seems to be half a beat,Maybe he has his problems,I’m afraid that the identity of this field worker is so good,It might be as Liu Yongzhi said,He really has a problem。
But moments of crisis,Too much,Tao Meng took out his pistol,Pull the window again,He has observed the angle of the rear car just now,No matter how accelerated the impact,The front of the opponent always swings from right to left,He opened insurance,First fired twice into the sky,It is necessary to fire a warning shot,It’s a pity that there is no spare loudspeaker,Otherwise the effect will be better。
really,The opponent’s car slowed down suddenly,Seems to be frightened by two gunshots,I was driven by a Jinbei car for tens of meters in an instant,And get farther and farther。Another side effect,It just frightened the very arrogant big trailer driver next to it,He clearly saw Tao Meng’s gun shooting through the inverted mirror,I immediately realized that I was a little too loud just now,Provoked people who shouldn’t be provoked,Under a cold sweat,Right now,Gave up overtaking。
Take this opportunity,The Jinbei car whizzed over,Ahead is the overbearing red Cummins,Old Gu still keeps his concentration,And the car didn’t slow down,Because although the Toyota Land Cruiser was frightened,But still far behind,Obviously not giving up,Waiting for new opportunities。
Liu Yongzhi fully understands what Old Gu means,Must cross this dangerous section as soon as possible,Although Lu Xun temporarily retreated,But no one knows what kind of follow-up moves the other party has arranged,So he slapped the car door again,Deal with Lu Xun,Because the relationship between ourselves and the enemy has been determined,You can use a gun as a warning,But for ordinary people,If you take out your gun and make gestures,That’s a mistake。
Chapter six hundred play hard
After Liu Yongzhi’s constant beating and calling,Cummins actually leaned to the side slowly,Gave up the entire lane,It doesn’t seem as difficult as you think,But Old Gu seemed to hesitate suddenly,And didn’t blast the throttle up。
“what happened,Old Gu?”Liu Yongzhi is unclear so。

Everyone else knows,If Han Tianlong said that,This also means,This time something may have happened。

Don’t talk about anything else,Since something is going to happen,Then anyway,They must also give up,Also solve these things。
So thinking of these,Everyone around,Nodded again and again。
“The boss is right,right now we,I’ll let you arrange everything。”
“Of course,No matter how good they are,If you can,Just let go!”
“Humph,Li Fei failed,But does not mean,We will fail too!”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
The more so,Actually, when looking at these。
Han Tianlong looks more and more serious and direct。
But other things,For the time being, there is nothing left to struggle。
And from now on,What should I do,This is an important thing。
“All right,What you want me to say,Don’t worry about these things now。”
“Now that I have decided to do this,I see,Let’s deal with it quickly!”
When Han Tianlong looked at these,Han Tianlong at this time,Is very direct。
The more so,The people around see here,In fact, deep down in their hearts,Even more eager to try。
And looking at this scene,at this time,Han Tianlong suddenly felt that these things should speed up。
“This is Jiangzhou,I don’t care where you came from。”

After taking the holy fruit of the Yuntai mother tree,Zhu Minglang even thinks it will be advanced soon!

This is much earlier than expected。
“Zhu Minglang,That is Yunjing,Can make your spiritual realm grow faster,Three days is equivalent to several years。With this spiritual eye,Before leaving the Cloud Dragon Kingdom,Bai Qi can reach completion!”Mr. Koi exclaimed with excitement。
Zhu Minglang looked up,Found a sea of clouds ahead。
Sea of clouds,There is a cloud eye in the distance,You can see countless Honghui nearby,Like the water that is slowly being drawn into the whirlpool,Infused into the eyes of that Yunhailing。
Can see a large group of dragons and beasts,Around the cloud sea spirit eye,I seem to want to fight for the right to live there,Many of them have reached the Jun level!
“The territory so many dragons want to fight for,We want to have a place there,It’s not easy。”Zhu Minglang said。
indeed,Cultivating there is great。
Including the mortal,If I can stay there for a few days,Strength can make a qualitative leap。
“You keep a day,I keep a day。”Nan Lingsha is obviously also very interested in the Yunhai Spirit Eye。
“can。Otherwise keep fighting,It’s hard to concentrate on practicing。”Zhu Minglang nodded。
This Yunhai Spirit Eye is also a phenomenon unique to the Dragon Kingdom of the Cloud,Like a rainbow after the rain,Only formed under certain specific factors。
The opportunity can be said to be very rare,Enter this cloud dragon country,To find this kind of heaven and earth spiritual eyes,Let the strength leap again。
Nan Lingsha’s proposal is very good。
They all need this kind of spiritual eye cultivation。
But there are still so many powerful creatures in the Dragon Kingdom of Cloud,They are also eager to fly into it,Absorb the treasure gifted by nature。
If a large group of creatures enter Yunhailing’s eyes together,Aura spreads to every creature,The effect is greatly reduced。

Xiao Xiao heard Xia Jian say this,Can’t help but get angry,She stood up abruptly and said:“up to you,You have to go,Tell my dad yourself”Xiao Xiao finished,Opened the door of the meeting room and strode away。

Xia Jian took a breath,A bit relieved。He recovered himself,And went back to his office。
Half a day slipped away inadvertently,Xia Jian took out a small book,Wrote some management suggestions to Xiao Xiao,When he closes the notebook again,Everyone in the company is off work。In an office building,Only his office is still lit。
Busy till seven o’clock,He turned off the light reluctantly,After the lock, the office door went downstairs。It may be the reason he has been upstairs。A few security guards stood straight at the door,No one dares to be lazy。
Xia Jian stopped a taxi on the side of the road,Told the driver where he was going。The master frowned and said:“Boss!The place you went is in traffic jam now,We have to detour,It will take a long time”
“It’s ok,There is no problem if you arrive before eight o’clock“Xia Jian finished,I closed my eyes,He has to take a good rest。For a while, I don’t know what Xie Xiaoya is going to give him.。
I do not know how long it has been,When the car stopped,Xia Jiancai opened his eyes,The taxi driver smiled and said:“Boss!To the place,You should get off“
Xia Jian took out a hundred yuan and said:“keep the change“The driver,I couldn’t help but smile。
Xia Jian entered the hotel,Find the elevator,Just follow the address Xie Xiaoya gave him on the phone,I took the elevator to find it。There is no one in the elevator,Xia Jian couldn’t help but doubt,Why did Xie Xiaoya come to such a remote place?。
Out of the elevator,I found the room number soon,Xia Jiangang rang the doorbell,The door opened,Xia Jian didn’t even look at it,Stepped in。Just hear the door click and lock again。
“I thought you wouldn’t come“Xie Xiaoya’s nice voice came from behind。
Xia Jian raised his wrist to take a look,It turns out it’s already 8.15,No wonder Xie Xiaoya said that。Xia Jian was taken aback,Walked inside。


Dai Yun waved,Chen Xiu’s sword qi all vanished in smoke。
“This is a master!”
“The ancestor of Baihu is already a master of the eighth real qi, and he can’t do his understatement and break my sword qi.!”
“Who is he?”
Chen Xiu couldn’t help but secretly startled,Stepped back。
Dai Yun said to the party martial artists:“Go out。”
Everyone lost to Chen Xiu,Although unwilling,Or walk out of the room in turn。
Dai Yun is looking at Chen Xiu again,Nodded and said:“I checked your body when you were unconscious,Although the bones are strange,But it’s just a genius seen in a century,Nothing more。”
Chen Xiu’s original martial arts talent is actually very average,It’s just been three times,Send out impurities in the body,The muscles and bones are gradually becoming talented。
“However, in the duny world, the wizards that have been seen in a century are rare,But not without。They have worked hard all their lives, but they only practiced to the end of the initial stage of feeling qi.。”
This made Chen Xiu’s Bajiquan father Han Jinsong suddenly sounded。
Han Jinsong is definitely a very talented person in martial arts,It’s not until the age of 60 to get angry,It is difficult to make progress in the next two decades。
“You can cultivate your Zhen Qi to the 9th rank in the duny world,It must be your practice。Your master is a master!”

Xia Yueshu hurriedly put the money on the table,Quickly pull up the song,“Go fast。”

“What are you anxious,The scars on my head have not yet agreed。”The man biting the cigarette,Wave,The people behind immediately rushed over and surrounded Xia Yueshu。
“what happened?”Yu Ge asked quietly。
Xia Yueshu saw them all surrounded,Of course nervous and scared,Slightly sweaty palms,There is no time to explain to Yu Ge,Stand still。
“beauty,superstar!”Man stroking Xia Shuyue’s hair with his hand,“We are really destined,I will meet wherever I go。”
Xia Shuyue turned her head away,“Please be respectful。”
The man looked at Xia Shuyue playfully,laugh it out,“Yo ha,What are you pretending,Also let me respect?I touched you to respect you,what happened,dislike?”
“Wang Ge,how,She offended you?”Chunmei walked to Xia Shuyue。
“Not offended,She just left a scar on my head,”The man named Brother Wang lifted the hair on his forehead,There is a scar on the forehead,He pushed Chunmei,“Go away,none of your business,Go do your business。”
110 Wang Ge
The boss saw this scene,Hurried over to pull Chunmei,“Wife,go,Go barbecue。”
Chunmei pushed him away,Akimbo,“Wang Ge,This is my booth,You are making trouble with me,Just don’t give me face!”
“Did you hear,The boss still has face?”Brother Wang said to the group。
The group also cooperated with Brother Wang,“If you want face, you have to give it to our brother Wang!”
Brother Wang smiled evilly,Pointing to his left cheek,“Correct,Kiss your brother,My scars are just fine,I’ll give you face,Promise not to embarrass her,Do you think it works?”
“Boss lady,Just kiss one,Brother Wang is thinking of you crazy,Praise your water spirit every day。”A group of people booed with hippie smiles。
Boss worried,The cat walks over and drags Chunmei hard,“go,go,none of your business。”Chunmei just stood still。
“Chunmei,It’s none of your business,You go away,Don’t affect your business。”Xia Yueshu saw that Chunmei was so righteous,Touched。
“Nothing,This is my booth,I am in charge。”Chunmei still doesn’t move。

Eating side dishes,Taste the special shochu in the shop,There are beautiful women around,Xia Jian suddenly felt,All the unhappiness is gone。

“President Xia,President Jin and IlsAfter the company has gone through the relevant procedures,Immediately called Mr. Xiao,His old man is happy,I’m full of praise for you“Wang Lin said with a smile。
Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“The golden land is taken,How to drive,This is a difficult task,This land is different from other land,Will definitely be constrained by the government,After all, it is located in the center of Bucheon City,It’s also a facade in Bucheon,This requires us to spend a lot of time“
Wang Lin sighed and said:“Let’s talk about these things in the company!It’s relaxing time,Have a nice meal“
Xia Jian nodded obediently,Really eat in such a good environment,Talking about work is a bit sad,He immediately changed the subject and asked Wang Lin:“What’s the arrangement for my English study?“
“As long as you have time,I’m always here“Wang Lin replied readily。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“No way,Can’t take up your private space,Or two hours every Saturday night!He just finished,The phone in my pocket vibrated。
Maybe some information came in,Not many people know his mobile number,He took it out,Open it,Indeed a text message,Click to take a look。
“build,Please allow me to call you like this once,I know I am not qualified to call you like this,You care about Xiao Xiao,I can’t compare with her,But her?Cherish everything!I hope you can live in the moment,Don’t expect too far,Because everyone’s best years are limited“
Tick,Another one“Jack and I went to Hong Kong,I know I do this, you look down on me,But all I want is he can give me,Jack this time because of the bidding,The boss is very unhappy with him,Probably,He returned to college6Will not have much time,me too,Which night I will be sealed in our memory forever,Please don’t contact,Goodbye“
Look at these two text messages,Delicious dishes in your mouth,Xia Jian suddenly felt dull,He absently drank two mouthfuls of soup,Suddenly said to Wang Lin:“In the afternoon, a company executive meeting,You prepare the relevant information of the golden land“
Didn’t you stop talking about work??Xia Jian suddenly assigned another task,Wang Lin was taken aback,Nodded immediately:“Ok,Where we go back!“
He said yes, he invited Wang Lin to lunch,When you can go out,Xia Jian said nothing,Went straight,As if you don’t have to pay for this meal,Wang Lin behind,Helplessly shook his head,She knew,Suddenly Xia Jian,It must have a lot to do with Zhou Li’s sudden departure。
Three o’clock in the afternoon,The meeting room of a startup group,More than ten group executives,Sat in two rows,Top,Xia Jian sits in the center,Wang Lin on one side,On the other side is Jin Yimei,You can tell at a glance,This is the current core figure of the startup group。

And at the top of the ninth level of Warcraft,Such as Wright’s Peng Diao Egg,Auction words,The price may be two to three billion gold coins。Such a top ninth level monster,Can easily kill level 9 fighters,Nine-level magician,It can be said to be the top combat power in Sanctuary!Of course, Sanctuary is another level。

The spineback iron armored dragon is slightly stronger than Peng Diao,But can’t fly,On more than ten ninth-level fighters with ordinary combat effectiveness,It’s no match for an adult spinyback ironclad dragon!
The practice notes of the Juggernaut in the fourth auction,But there are some opportunities to improve my strength。There is such a slight chance,Higher probability to step into the sanctuary。And a cub with a spinyback iron anchovy,As long as the forces behind you can hide,Twenty years later, there will be a very strong nine-level beast protection!
“what happened,Carl,You don’t want to buy it!”Wright is strange,“You are sick!We can’t get the reserve price of this auction!”
“Okay third”Carl’s sweaty response“I just notified my father,Maybe he will find a way to mix it up,Let’s watch the excitement!”
In the box on the third floor,Baruch’s eyes lit up,And inform the tribe quickly,Let them send gold coins。
Cromwell is quite calm about this,If it’s not for the students to arrange some helpers,He doesn’t care much even as a cub of Sanctuary Monster!Betty, his youngest student, has eight levels of Warcraft protection enough.。If you contract a stronger monster,But easily coveted!And Wright has a better helper himself。
As for himself?His strength ranks in the top ten among all the sanctuary of humans and monsters on the entire Magnolia continent.,Even if a dozen heads are like golden bimon、The top sanctuary monsters of the Hydra Emperor come to besiege,As long as these monsters have no sense of the law,It’s really one or two tricks for him!
“Little Baruch,Are you going to buy this ninth-level monster?The blood of pure ninth-level dragon clan monster,It may not be able to awaken the blood of your descendants。”
“But the sanctuary dragon,Easy to beat,Hard to kill,Capture alive and let them surrender,That’s too hard。”Baruch said sincerely,“The Spinyback Iron Ankylosaurus is already the smallest among the ninth level dragons,The strongest,Its bloodline power is also closest to the sanctuary dragon clan。”
“What you said too,But do you have enough gold coins??”Don’t look at the Cromwell Saint Magister even asking Baruch to pay for himself.,But in fact, he is a 5,000-year-old ultimate magician,The wealth he has is really much richer than the Dragon Blood Warrior family that has only appeared for more than a century。Is among the four ultimate fighter families,The wealthiest Hyde family who is good at making money,Family wealth is far inferior to him。
Baruch is not too polite,Said it really needed the help of the Cromwell Saint Magister。
“176.3 million gold coins once。”
“176.3 million gold coins twice。”
“176.3 million gold coins three times。”
“Congratulations to the guests in Box No. 18,You got the cub of the thornback ironclad dragon!I wish you a ninth-level warcraft!”,Bald Luke has a high voice,“This auction,All auction items are auctioned off,thanks for your support,I,Luke solemnly announces,This auction……Officially ended!!!”
finally,Box No. 18 on the third floor,At an amazing price of over 100 million gold coins,The top two most expensive auction items in this auction。Even the great aristocrats who have provoked are really angry and want to investigate and revenge,In the end it kicked on the iron plate,Of course these are for later。
Chapter Eleven Teacher Summoned
The auction is over,Wright and Karl also followed the auction staff to pay the auction fees。
“Two gentlemen,Welcome to this auction。”A beautiful girl with long hair in aqua blue smiled and said,There is a charming charm in every smile,Seems to have been specially trained,“The auction item is the signature card of the Golden Sage and a set‘Snake bone wood’Bed,This auction house will deliver to the Golden Eye Lion Mastiff Street in the North District of Wright’s First Magic Academy within three days17Dormitory。Thanks for supporting us。”

Cow Devil’s Concubine,It’s not just a jade-faced fox,But his attention to the jade-faced fox is no less than that of Princess Iron Fan,This is also the most fundamental contradiction between him and Shenghuo Daozu。

The issue is,It’s enough to secretly spread Taozu’s family gossip,This is the ancestor of the Holy Fire!
Even if they didn’t know,Li Ming’s actions just now,They can’t guess that the ancestor of the holy fire has always been hidden around。
Is it okay to stimulate the ancestor of the Holy Fire in person??
Li Ming has a volume,Entrapped the gods and true celestial beings tore the space into the chaos outside the sky。
The matter with the bull devil,It has ended,At least for him。
As for his disciples,That’s another matter。
And at the same time,Moon under the lake,Li Ming’s eyes are far-reaching and profound,Look at the last guard。
“It’s almost time to end。”
Chapter 21 The end of Moon Lake
Moon Lake,The end of Thousand Star Island。
And stopped in front of Li Ming,Is the last guardian。
Guardian of the last level,Looks exactly the same as Li Ming,With a mysterious smile on his face。
Li Ming’s deity did not perform any magical magic,Just stand there,Ten swords turned into clouds and mist,Around the body。
If you observe this cloud carefully,But I can see tiny stars. ?°。