Wang Youcai looked a little unhappy,Asked with a smile:“Second brother!You are in the provincial capital,How do you know about me?“

“Humph!Don’t forget,Your boss Hu Huiru is a classmate of my university。She will naturally tell me about you。But I warn you,You have to be a man with your tail between,Your business has just passed,Don’t have trouble again”Wang Youdao said with a cold snort。
Chen Yueqin saw Wang Youdao’s serious look,Can’t help but rush to say:“Alright!Don’t scare him anymore,Finally come back,Everyone should be happy”
“Humph!Want me to say,Brother’s wedding tomorrow, you shouldn’t be back”Wang Youdao looked serious,I can see that he is serious in saying this。
Chen Yueqin became a hit when she heard it,She just got angry。Just listen to Wang Degui breathe out:“There is a reason,If you are rich, don’t show your face in front of everyone tomorrow”
“Isn’t it so serious!It’s been a while since,Besides, this money and wealth has not been given to them?”Chen Yueqin is still sticking to her point of view。
Wang Degui suddenly roared:“fair sex,Long hair and short knowledge。Whether he attends this wedding or not, he will end up with it,But in case someone reports,Isn’t it troublesome to have money??”
“All right!Stop fighting,Brother and Dad’s considerations may be correct。I will leave tomorrow before dawn,It’s better to be careful”When Wang Youcai spoke,Chen Yueqin stopped talking now。
Just last time,He returned to Pingdu from Xiping Village。Didn’t I meet his former friend Lan Ling one night?。Lan Ling took him to her house,In the end, another woman, Chen Na, was there。
These three meet together,It can be said that I almost played crazy。Drink first,After drinking too much,Wang Youcai used Jiujin to take off the clothes of the two women。
He slept in Lan Ling’s room the previous night,I sneaked into Chen Na’s room in the middle of the night。It can be said that he barely slept that night。He feels that he can’t waste any time with these two women。
When he went down the next day,Almost leaning on the stairs。But before going out,Lan Ling’s words made him cheer up。Lan Ling said in confusion:“You should be careful recently,In case of being reported by someone,Then you still have to go in”
Dad and 2nd brother said this today,Wang Youcai can’t help but listen。Lan Ling said this,Maybe it scares him,But Dad and 2nd brother should all be talking for him,He can’t help but listen。
A few people talking,The boss is back happily,As soon as he walked in, he found both younger brothers were here,Couldn’t help but smile:“Really awesome!Brother still has face,Both brothers rushed over”
“Don’t say these kind words,Are you finished?Is there anything I need to help?”Wang Youdao is straight to the point,His brother works,He really can’t flatter him。

Aunt Ding nodded with tears,And then hugged Sun Yuejuan,The two old people cried suddenly。

Xia Jian drove the car,In Bucheon,Xiao Xiao found a bank,Bid Aunt Ding for ten thousand dollars。Aunt Ding thought about it,Did not decline。
Along the way,The hearts of the three people are very heavy。Aunt Ding always finds happy topics to talk about,But the three of them had nothing to say before talking。
Xia Jian knew,Going abroad at the age of Aunt Ding,Maybe with them is the last side。So when I thought of this,Xia Jian suddenly felt,Things in the world are sometimes too cruel。
Difficult to meet,Don’t be difficult。
First2013chapter negotiation
Farewell is a sad thing,Not to mention that Aunt Ding left at such an old age。Actually everyone understands in their hearts,This is a goodbye。
When Aunt Ding dragged her luggage into the security check,Xiao Xiao has become a man of tears。During this period of time, she was like made with water,She burst into tears at every turn。
Aunt Ding went in,Can’t see anymore,But Xiao Xiao is still standing there, crying。Xia Jian gently pulled her and said:“Let’s go!We should go back”
Xiao Xiao at this time is on the verge of collapse,She turned around,I put my arms around Xia Jian’s neck,Burst into tears。
“What should I do Xia Jian?Dad is gone,Even Aunt Ding。Do you have to leave next time??” Xiao Xiao cried,Questioning Xia Jian。Xiao Xiao’s tears wet Xia Jian’s collar,He really didn’t think about this issue。
People passing by in the hall,Looked at them with surprise。Xiao Xiao at this moment completely ignored,The more she cried, the more sad she became。
“Don’t worry,We won’t go now,I promised Mr. Xiao,I want to hit the entrepreneurial group” Xia Jian said this coldly。The weight of this sentence is not light to him and Xiao Xiao。
Xiao Xiao heard what Xia Jian said,She immediately stopped crying。She whispered:“But we have nothing,What to do?”
“Rest assured,Milk will have,Bread will also have”Xia Jian made such a joke。Xiao Xiao stopped tears,Holding Xia Jian’s hand,Two people walked out of the boarding building quickly。
on the car,Xiao Xiao reminded Xia Jiandao in a low voice:“Hu Huiru, this woman is not easy,Try to be careful when you talk to her,Don’t fall into her way again”
“You put this away,I know what to do”Xia Jian said very confidently。
Sent Xiao Xiao to Yijuyuan on Finance Road,Xia Jian hurriedly went to the more famous Lishui Pavilion in Buchuan。Xia Jian hasn’t been here much before,He still listened to Guan Tingna,Two people have a meal,Just one or two thousand。Eat with Hu Huiru,He can’t be too stingy。
The more upscale place,Fewer people eat。After all,There are always fewer rich people than no rich people,This is the truth everywhere。

The more I think about it, the bigger the head,Xia Jian turned over several times,Without any choice,He had to get lucky again,When the breath is evenly balanced,No distractions,Xia Jian entered the state。

This trip took him more than two hours,When he opens his eyes again,The person sitting by the bed has been replaced by Lin Wei。Xia Jian couldn’t help but asked in surprise:“How did you come?“
“Wang Lin has something temporarily,Let me change her“When Lin Wei said this,Happy face,I can’t see her tossing back and forth like this,I have a little bit of resentment。
Xia Jian glanced at Lin Wei,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“Tell me the truth,Did something happen to the group??“
“What can happen to the group?I really don’t know this,I didn’t go to the group today,During these two years, Mr. Wang didn’t tell me when he called me“Lin Wei looked calm,I really can’t see anything。
Xia Jian saw that Lin Wei couldn’t ask anything,He smiled and said to her:“How about you find my phone,I want to call my friend“
“No way,This time,You can’t contact with outsiders,The group blocked the news because of your incident,If you accidentally leak out,No tabloid reporters can handle it in one day“Lin Wei is very reasonable,And it’s still serious,This makes Xia Jian impeccable。
But there is something in him,He can’t lie down if he doesn’t figure it out。So he got out of bed,And started walking around the room。So scared that Lin Wei followed him back and forth and told him nice things。
But this exercise,Xia Jian felt a lot easier,Not only the brain feels a lot better。Even the whole body is a lot easier。Walked for a few minutes,Lin Wei can’t do it,She brought Xia Jianlian to the bed,Her move,Even Xia Jian didn’t expect。
Looking at Lin Wei standing by and panting,Xia Jian’s eyes brightened。Because she saw Lin Wei panting,The two things on my chest trembled and trembled,Very pretty。
Maybe Lin Wei found Xia Jian’s strange vision,She gave Xia Jian a coquettish look:“you are so bad!Just know to bully me“What she said is very meaningful,Xia Jian couldn’t figure it out for a while,What she said。
Two people calm down,Lin Wei cut the fruit for Xia Jian,And Xia Jian is thinking,He doesn’t want to break the gap from Lin Wei,You have to change。He thought of Guan Tingna, the sales director,This woman will tell him,This is intuition。

“Follow the speed,The news has been known by the eclipse idiot。”

“Those two geniuses,Face your home star being taken away,What will you do?”
“If you return to earth,Take hands to fight,It’s not just that it will be suppressed by Eclipse’s subordinates。。。There are also gods hidden in human beings。”
“Even if you can’t kill,Also blow up that planet,Unless Eclipse Fire comes to Earth in person,Otherwise there is absolutely no way to suppress,This makes Eclipse get into trouble,Maybe we have to go to Star Prison。”
“If you watch the earth be taken away,Then I will blow up the earth。And because of the destruction of the family star,Compared to your mind and will will be hit,Future achievements will also have an impact。”
“Hahaha,Human race,I want to see how you deal with my hand。”
“No matter what you do,The human race will suffer!”
The hatred and madness flashed in the eyes of the powerful mechanical race,It’s exactly the same as the eyes of Venerable Lieyun。
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Chapter Twenty Chase
I didn’t kill your people,Why are you still chasing me?!”Li Ming helplessly communicated to the immortal He Ling behind him。
Li Ming’s forward flight,And the immortal river spirit behind him is chasing frantically,The speed of both sides is infinitely close to the speed of light。

Did Shen Yingjie yell out?,For fear of disturbing Xu Wen who is slowly moving forward,She took out a pistol,Staring nervously at the dense rocks in front of you,She swears that she has never seen so many、Such a scale、Rock like a marching queue,Can’t believe this is a creation of God,If another grimace appears,She can’t help but pull the trigger。

however,This weird thing never happened again,On the contrary, Xu Wen in the distance suddenly stopped,He squatted down,What seems to be looking at,Stand up after a long time,I looked around and didn’t move on,But started to return,Carefully,I seem to be holding something,Too far apart,Shen Yingjie can’t see clearly。
Xu Wen approached step by step,Seems to be struggling,Shen Yingjie didn’t dare to relax at all,The hand holding the gun was shaking slightly due to excessive force,She finally roughly distinguished what Xu Wen was holding,Should be part of the skeleton,As the distance gets closer,The skeleton is getting clearer,Curved like a sickle,Several side by side,Like the ribs of a large creature。
The bones are white,White glaring,It is in sharp contrast with the surrounding black rocks,Gives a strong sense of oppression,Xu Wen’s strenuous pace,Not just the effect of the gravity field,It seems to have a great relationship with this invisible oppression。
Seeing Xu Wen is about to step out of the Black Stone Formation,Suddenly the whole person rises into the sky without warning,Like being suddenly picked up by something,Five or six meters high at once,Then he fell heavily to the ground,Those dazzling white bones disappeared without a trace as soon as they landed,And Xu Wen lay on the ground with his feet upright,The body is struggling,But I can’t stand up for a while,It shows that I fell heavily。
Shen Yingjie rushed over in exclamation,Just run a few steps,The image of the mountain ghost just now suddenly flashed before my eyes,Because her nerves collapsed too tight,Such a sudden scene made her uncontrollable pull the trigger,Loud bang,The whole valley seems to be shaking,The bullet unbiasedly hit the rock that turned into a ghost face just now,Abruptly dug a deep hole。
The ground under my feet seems to shake,From the depths of the valley came a misty voice,Like birds singing,Like singing again,Just like what Shen Yingjie just heard,Her heart is tight,It feels like something bad is going to happen,An instant,It seems to be foggy in the distance,It’s actually black mist,The mist rolls,Getting thicker,She didn’t care to stare at that rock,Desperately running towards Xu Wen,Leaned over and grabbed the other’s arm to ask,“How are you?”
“Nothing……Cough,A little dizzy……”
“Hurry up!”Shen Yingjie wants to carry the other party without saying anything,But I feel Xu Wen’s body is very heavy,So I just grabbed his arm,Desperately dragging him out of the stone formation。
The fog began to spread quickly,Very purposefully swept over Shen Yingjie,The rolling fog is menacing,There seems to be something terrible hidden inside,The bird’s song just now became sharper,Then it became neighing and roaring。
“Work hard!”Shen Yingjie crying up to heaven,The body bursts out to its full potential,Xu Wen also tried his best to kick the ground,Reduce pressure to peers,At the moment when the black mist is coming,The two finally walked out of the black stone formation,The fog actually stopped the momentum at the edge of the stone formation,No matter how screaming voice rages,But still can’t break out of the edge of the stone formation。
Shen Yingjie didn’t know it,Still gritted his teeth and desperately pulled Xu Wen forward。
“Ok……It can’t get past,Yingzi,Yingzi,Ok。”Out of the Black Stone Circle,Xu Wen’s pressure suddenly eased,Continuously rolling and wanting to stand up,But helpless,And being dragged by Shin Yingjie, even the center of gravity can’t be suppressed,Had to shout again and again。
Shen Yingjie finally stopped,Look back,The breath held in my heart dissipated,Suddenly sat softly on the ground。
Black fog can’t pass,No other danger for now,The two of them just gasped for breath,I almost ran out of energy when I was desperate just now,Paralyzed,Once the willpower is relaxed,I just want to run but can’t get up。

Black shirt Shura can’t judge the depth of Li Tianchou’s cultivation with his insight,I only know that the soul of this person has been hit hard,If you apply great supernatural powers,Even if the soul is not destroyed,Will cause irreversible damage,So the heart of hands-on is still not dead。

“Hard mouth is useless。”Li Tianchou sneered,“I can’t wait to give it a go,But every energy release of great supernatural powers may trigger the explosion of this mortal realm Dao law,One burst can kill me all,Even if not this time,It will be next time,Your supernatural powers have reached the realm of gods and demons,Presumably not too bad in knowledge,Think about whether there is any truth in my words?”
“Even if it’s annihilation?”Shura’s grumpy temper,“How domineering thinking you are,Westward Expedition,The disturbed heavens cannot be peaceful,Spurned by all worlds,Seeing today is the life and death,Don’t worry about it……”
“Wait a minute!”Shura in the green shirt who has not spoken on the left side quickly stopped his companion,Not all Li Tianchou’s words are credible,But the truth is correct,They came to the mortal realm to force misfortune and they had no alternative,Must be suppressed by the laws of the mortal realm,The Great Asura God who led them was seriously injured,Is the proof。
Power of law,Can resist,So came to the mortal world,Everyone lives like a mouse,Not dare to show his true colors,Not dare to use magical powers easily,Not even dare to hurt mortals,Shura world has been destroyed,Where is everyone’s future,There is no outstanding talent to stand up for the great Asura God,Solving problems for all Shura,Until I met Kampot, the preacher of the Demon World,It seems to open a window to everyone’s gloomy heart。
But after a while,Fangzhi Gongbu is a disciple of the great demon god Mo Panmang,And the head of the master Panmang’s Great Demonized Realm’s supernatural powers was sealed in Dala Mountain,It is commonly called Spark,So they call this head of Panmang Brother Xinghuo,The magical power of this demon is overwhelming,Not inferior to the heyday of the Great Asura God,This made all Asuras see hope,Feel the crisis again。
Because the former two worlds were not hostile forces,But never been friendly,Take refuge in this mortal world together,Xinghuo’s intentions are terrifying,Did not notice at first,But it’s exposed after exposure,This old demon didn’t do well,He didn’t fully explain to the Great Asura God,But the ambition of conspiring to swallow the mortal world is becoming more and more obvious。
To this,The Asuras split into two opinions,One faction is to try to avoid the creation of Xinghuo,So as not to get into trouble,The other faction is to suggest and Xinghuo virtual and commit snake,Secretly expand Shura’s own power,After the general trend is established, we will find a way to replace Panmang and Xinghuo。
No matter what other Shura thinks,But the green shirt Shura thinks that there are problems with both opinions,Maybe it will destroy all the remaining creatures in the Shura world,But the green shirt Shura obviously has no better way to resolve the current crisis.,But never thought,Today can meet the creatures of the former enemy God Realm,Is it good or bad,She can’t predict,But I agree with what this Li Xiucheng said,For the gods of Shura,It might not be an opportunity?
“There is some truth in what the gods say,But the nobles also entered the mortal world,Does it mean that the God Realm no longer exists??”Green shirt woman Shura takes advance as retreat,Although it is a test,But sharp。
“Not bad!There are also relics of the gods in the endless void。”Li Tianchou’s calmness surprised all Shura,Looking at each other,I don’t know if it’s happy or worried,The excitement of destroying the feud is not at all。
“But the ancient gods still exist,The Divine Realm still exists!”
Li Tianchou’s later words immediately shocked all the Shura present.,They all know that the God Realm nests two heavenly worlds,The new generation of gods occupy the big world,And squeezed all the Daosheng ancient gods into the small world,This is an ancient feat and legend,Distinguish all other heavenly worlds,The small world is the original god realm,And the big world was created by countless powerful people among the new gods who used the power of law to steal the soil of the small world.,In the universe except the gods,No one can do this!
A simple sentence shocked all Shura,And let them see real hope,Among the heavens and all realms, only the God Realm has the ability to recreate the world,Although the mighty ones are gone,But there is interest,There is hope,Instead, I have to worry about the historical lag of the Asura world and the God world.,Can someone take you to play?
“in this way,I’m too worried。”Green shirt Shura smiled at Li Tianchou,Looking at Shura in the black shirt again,Li Tianchou knew they had something to discuss,A thought,Evacuated the war puppets。
“Nothing,This one will not fight today,But I have a ruthless please,I don’t know if the gods can answer?”
“tell me the story。”
“Trouble god,Wait for me to meet the Great Asura God,Let’s talk about the ancient gods and the land。”
“Not today。”Li Tianzhen shook his head flatly,But my mind is active,I have been fighting alone,But there are more and more powerful alien creatures,It’s beyond your own power,The only natural ally of human beings in the mortal world,But it’s still too weak against these monsters,He doesn’t want these innocent relatives and friends to die in vain,If there are more reliable allies in other worlds,He couldn’t ask for it,Can help him solve**bother。

Even than the original Jiang invincible。

Even if it is invincible in the pursuit of Qin Xue’s things,He remembers that Qin Xue has not given a step.。
“Let’s go now.!Let’s go to a relatively fun place。”
Say,He also calls Zuo Gaopeng directly,Let the other party gave it to the third floor of the Di,He is going to play tonight.。
Zuo Gaopeng is now hate for Lujia.。
After all, this is a business that has just started.,Many people are not as good as Lujia。
If simple is land repair,He has 100% grasped。
But land, he really doesn’t have a big grasp.。
Qin Xue is with Li with the wind to the place,Also a glimpse。
Li Hui also did not expect the other party to choose this Di Hall in the school gate.。
He knows that this disco is not simple.,In the middle of the bottom room,It is not a matter of ordinary disco.。
“Qin Da Beauty,please!”
Lu Tian is very gentleman, let Qin Xue first pass,While directly blocking the body。
Li Hui Feng saw this scene could not help but wrinkle。
“Lu Director,what do you mean?”
“Means nothing,It is reminding you that Qin Xueyuan is a little bit.,You do not deserve!”
Lu Zi suddenly said this,The companion next to him is also smiling and smiling.。
“Brothers,Don’t hit people like this.?
Who said people do not match?
I look very well, Miss Qinchi!”
“Hahaha, I look at it.。”
Li Huihe listened to the words of these people,But I laughed.。
“Snowman,We still go,These people say that I can’t help you.,But I feel that these people have tarnished your noble temperament.。”
Just just come to walk?”
Qin Xue looked at Li Hui’s look like a smile,Know that he didn’t have a part of the world.。
Otherwise, these people are probably being flying.。
“I don’t want to go,These people want to let me give you shoes.,Their brains have problems.。”
“Still go!Not suitable here!”
Qin Xue nodded:“OK then,Let’s go back。”
Lu Tian did not expect Qin Xue to listen to Li Hui’s words.。
“Miss Qin,All come,Let’s play together.!”
“I said it is not enough.!I listen to him.。”
Qin Xue’s exit,Lu Tian feels like ate。
Especially looking at Li Hui’s smiling appearance,More uncomfortable。
“Lu Director,If you apologize to me,Maybe I will stay.。”

Li Tianzhi helpless,The soul contract is activated in the divine consciousness,Two great apes roared in agony at the same time,One clutched his head and jumped into the air,Another lifeless running forward,With a bang, the small building that had already collapsed halfway collapsed completely。

Unicorns are also painful,But it can’t break away from Bei Ming’s palm,Roar like thunder,Four hooves collapse,Tremor,Li Tianzhen twisted and wanted to save,It’s too late,The center of the battle group burst out with a bloody light that is difficult to see directly,Then came the extremely hot air waves overwhelming the sky,Quickly enveloping the radius,The last is the terrifying energy shock wave,Sweep all the objects standing nearby like a plow,Including buildings,Life form,No exception。
Beiming’s soul blew himself up,This is the first great god and demon Li Tianzhen has seen blew himself up,Terrifying,Although he reluctantly used the body method,But it was still impacted by a wave of energy that was higher than the wave.。
Li Tianchou finally stabilized his figure and returned to the scene,But found that the sky began to roll,Bei Ming blew himself up and provoke Mortal Life’s will,Although annoying,But he obviously can’t leave right away,Searched quickly,Rescued the four monsters,All seriously injured。
Beiming does not exist anymore,And the unicorn is gone,Obviously it is impossible to survive the distance between the two,The other one missing is the great ape,It’s the one that suddenly jumped to the sky after being stimulated,It’s hard to survive。
Li Tianzhen blames himself,But I really did not expect to be a great god and demon who has been famous for tens of thousands of years,The temper is so violent,I blew myself up,Leave no room,Are the Asuras all this temper??When he guessed the intention,It’s actually too late。
Pan Mang is gone,But Li Tianzhen believes he is alive,When Beiming blew up,Panmang is the farthest away from the center,and,He and Li Tianchou judged that Bei Ming was going to explode almost at the same time,The speed of escape will only be faster,This monster is really cold、Slick。
Recall that eleven monsters were brought out from the town magic tower before and after,Except for the black unicorn who has been healing in the small world,The total number of missing and killed has reached seven,Far more than half,This loss ratio is too big,Li Tianzhen feels that he is definitely not a qualified conductor,Even if you lead a battle on the front battlefield,,This casualty is also unbearable,He actually gave birth to the identity of a god of war,Isn’t it too ironic?
Can’t tolerate Li Tianzhen’s self-pity,Struck by a flash of lightning,Directly hit the big black gun he was holding,The terrifying electric current and energy knocked Li Tianzhen away,He was full of fireworks and smoke,Rolled into the masonry,Fansheng will not be able to curb the urge to attack as soon as he sees Li Tianzhen,Knowing that this foreigner is not hostile to it,But instinctively just can’t control it。
When the second lightning strikes,A big fluffy claw quickly dragged Li Tianzhen’s body into a pit hidden by a half-drawn prefabricated panel。
The dark clouds don’t know when they will disappear,When Li Tianzhi woke up,The sky is getting dark,There is a huge shaggy body next to it,A pair of bulb-like eyes are extremely bright,Has obvious complex emotions and vigilance。
“You saved me?”Li Tianzhi has an impression,This is the liger beast squatting under the space rift,Seems to have suffered serious injuries,The previous huge body shrank to less than one-third,Even so,Still pressed by the prefabricated board,Clinging to the bottom of the pit。
Since the opponent is also a monster,Li Tianzhen communicated with spiritual knowledge,There should be no barriers to understanding,really,Liger understands,Shake your head,Then nodded again。
“Where are you from?”

“Dun Tissot·Sword matrix!”

“Wailing~”The Thunder Dragon Emperor’s right front paw slammed against the sword matrix,Make a strong crash。。。And the painful howl of the Thunder Dragon Emperor’s front right paw being torn by the sword matrix。
“dead!”Li Ming takes advantage of the victory,The sword matrix becomes the swordfish array again,Stabbed at the wound of Thunder Dragon Emperor’s broken arm。
Came with great force,Li Ming’s original force jersey relieved 90% of this power,And then evenly distributed to all parts of the body,And Li Ming himself suddenly relieved,At the same time, the body was hit by this force and hit the ground。
original,The Thunder Dragon Emperor’s tail hit him silently。
“puff~”Spit out blood。
Thunder Dragon Emperor of Planet VI,In terms of physical fitness, it’s almost as good as a planetary seventh-level human,And the long life commands it to be smart,Although there is no martial arts system like human learning,But long-term experience still makes its power increase not less than ordinary human planetary powerhouse。
If the tail is really photographed from the front,Li Ming may have fallen directly。
But fortunately,Li Ming has alloy armor on his body,Forced suit。Relying on mental power to retreat,Plus from the line of Meteorite《Warrior basics》The defensive augmentation method。Combination of many means,Thunder Dragon Emperor has about one-twentieth of his power to bomb Li Ming’s body。
But even so,So powerful,The effect on Li Ming is also close to the full blow of the planetary third-level warrior.。
And Li Ming himself is only a planetary second-class warrior,There is no resistance to the attack of the third-level planetary fighter,Internal organs shake and shatter,Muscle tear,Broken bone。Whole body tossed away,Fell to the ground。
But the will of the spiritual teacher is extremely firm,Li Ming is one of the best。Serious injuries that are enough for normal people to faint,But still keep the will。
A thought,Under the control of the surging mental power,Swordfish array turned into sword matrix,Protect by your side。Sure enough, there was a fierce beating from Thunder Dragon’s tail,Like a strong whip bombardment,Make the sword matrix chuckle。However, the thunder dragon emperor’s own tail was injured by several beatings.。

“and also,Do you really think,You will be stronger than us?”

Wei Tenglong raised his eyebrows and looked at Wang Teng,Curiously asked。
When Wei Tenglong said these words,It makes Wang Teng in front of him,The whole person is very indifferent。
Don’t talk about anything else,at least,Wang Teng feels,Wei Tenglong is a little complacent。
“Your Wei family,After all,I’m just eating my money。”
“right now,Are you really naive to think,You have a future?”
When Wang Teng looked at Wei Tenglong,Wang Teng even said directly。
Finished,The feeling,Like something,Took a heavy shot。
place it here,The feeling,no doubt,It still makes everyone feel tricky。
So next,What should I do,In the hearts of these people,Actually very clear。
And this time,Wei Tenglong saw here,The whole person’s face changed suddenly。
“hateful,Damn bastard,What are you doing!”
When Wei Tenglong said these words,By his side,Those people don’t forget to say here。
“That’s right,It looks like,Such a thing,There is nothing to continue。”
“Actually want me to say,They are purely making trouble here。”
“Is this still necessary?,It’s almost there anyway,Just let them,Just let go。”