As for the brain-computer society?

Believe in the director’s ability to recruit people with those mentors。
Have the resources of one of China’s top universities,Basically won’t fall into the dilemma of no one。
And in Wang Yufei’s opinion,Most of the researchers are now on the brain-computer interaction task in the next stage of homework,This is waste。
After completing the recruitment task of the Quantum Brain Lab,Wang Yufei is preparing to discuss personnel allocation with Brother Cao,But got a call。
The call was made by Lan Xuefeng, the leader of the solid-state high-energy battery R&D team of Brain Machine Society。
Generally speaking,The contact between Wang Yufei and the members of the Brain Machine Society is usually through email.。
Occasionally also chat on WeChat。
His phone number is also reserved for the leader or person in charge of several R&D teams。
Used to contact in an emergency。
But so far,No one has called him from the eight team leaders。
This is the first time I have received a call from the project team leader,Wang Yufei went to the corner of the second floor of the research room and no one answered the phone.。
Then a young and excited voice came from the earpiece:“President,We seem to succeed!We seem to be really successful!Oh my god,We succeeded!Our solid-state batteries have made a major breakthrough!Energy density reached3700Wh/kg!”

Wang Lin stopped for a while,Just came back with such a message“I miss you。Pay attention to your body when you are outside,Is the money gone?,You have to find a way,I’ll bring you some money,All your cards have been frozen,Remember no matter what,Your ID can no longer be used”

“I miss you too,You have to take care。Make things happen,I don’t know if we have any chance to meet again。Have a chance to see my parents for me,The people I’m most sorry for in this life are them”Xia Jian wrote here,Tears are almost streaming down,He has always been strong,Seldom say such things to people。
Obviously Wang Lin was infected by Xia Jian’s emotions,She replied:“I will visit my uncle and aunt,You don’t stay in the north,Go south as soon as possible,Where is warm,The body is the most important”
Two people inqqWe talked until eight o’clock in the morning,Under the urging of the network manager,Xia Jiancai turned off the computer and left the Internet cafe reluctantly。
A red sun hangs in the sky,A new day is about to begin,But Xia Jian looks tired,I don’t even know where I should go。Life without a goal seems to be the saddest life。
The vehicles on the street crawled slowly like a snail,A few children are chasing on the side of the road,They grabbed the snow on the ground and beat each other,Happy laughter resounded throughout the sky。
Xia Jian looked at him unconsciously,He suddenly remembered his childhood。
“Hey!Why are you?”A familiar voice rang behind Xia Jian。
He hurriedly turned around,Standing behind him is the fat driver who drove him to Zi County yesterday。As the saying goes,Bridal night,Although Xia Jian and this fat man don’t have a common language,,And gave him a punch on the road,But meet again,He is also very happy。
“It is you!“Xia Jian laughed and greeted him。
The fat man said with a smile:“I didn’t expect to meet you here,If not for this heavy snow,I’m already on the road at this time,It seems that we two have some fate”
Xia Jian nodded,Can’t help asking:“Where are you going?”
“Hey!Where else to go,Come out for a stroll!Come here often,But every time it’s one trip,I still don’t know what the head of Purple County looks like.,So come and see if you have nothing to do,Actually, this county is quite small,The root of Bucheon City is bad for more than one time”The fat man said,Shook his head,A look of disdain。
Xia Jian had the same idea as Fatty,But Bucheon is better now,He can’t go back,Thought of here,Xia Jian is unavoidably sad。
Don’t look at this fat man,But Xia Jian’s expression of Luoji couldn’t escape his eyes,I saw him smile and said:“There is nothing good about this ice and snow,How about we find a place,Fried two dishes,Get a bottle of wine,How about two sips?”
The fat man’s words are in Xia Jian’s mind,He laughed and said:“Which relationship is good,Go now”

“You still look down on my little boss。”The fat boss was disappointed。

“Your shop is too small,The shop where the market enters is big,Good location,I saw that the transfer notice was posted,You rent it。”Zhang Siwei also spoke like a big boss。
The fat boss was stunned by her aura,“Sister,Little girl……Oh,Do not,Classmate,The blind can see that the position is good,But I want money,Money, money,The lifeblood of the poor,I have no money。”
“Can’t pay rent?”Zhang Siwei asked bluntly。
“That’s not it,The rent can still be paid,But paid the rent,Paid the deposit,And transfer fee,A lot of money went out,I have no money to sell goods,Can’t rent it empty。”The fat boss spread his hands sadly。
“Oh,That simple,If you can’t pay the rent,I really can’t help you,right now,You can rent the store,To be a specialty store for these two color TVs,I’ll sign the agreement for you,I’ll help you solve the problem。”Zhang Siwei is like a commander on the battlefield。
Fat boss eyes wide open,Look at Zhang Siwei seriously,Look at her temperament and talk,It’s not like a joke,“girl,Classmate,What you said is true?Can you help me solve the problem?You can get the goods first and then check out?Can also help me sign the contract of the store?This can’t be a lie!”
“nonsense,Can this deceive?”Zhang Siwei gave him a disdainful look。
“You are my god of wealth,I saw it early,Your family must be the big boss selling color TV,or,You, a girl, may not be so familiar with the functions of color TV,The average girl only pays attention to the appearance of the TV。”The fat boss gets more excited as he talks,It seems to have opened a specialty store。
“Row,that’s it,We are done,You rent the store first,I will give you the decoration drawings,These two color TVs are the main products this year,The advertisement will be broadcast on TV next month,Sure to sell,Do not worry。”Zhang Siwei raised his eyebrows。
“I know that,I heard about it when I went shopping,The cost of specialty stores is quite high,You are my god of wealth。”The fat boss wanted to bow down to Zhang Siwei。
“I have to go。”Zhang Siwei waved,Out of the shop。
“You are too stupid,Even guarding a god of wealth can’t use it,Come to me every day and eat lunch。”The fat boss whispered to Ye Boping。
“specific situation,He can just contact you。”Zhang Siwei turned around and said。
“I know,you busy,you go first,I won’t keep you。”The fat boss now knows that Zhang Siwei is the big boss,I dare not say anything to invite her to dinner,I must invite someone to eat,People don’t like it。

Next night,People just finished eating,The village committee’s loudspeaker first played music,Then I started shouting:“Song Fang,Zhao Hong,Please go to the village committee“Chen Gui is shouting again。

The villagers guessed,It’s been a long time,Why did Zhao Hong go back to the village?,The big horn sounded,And this informs the people in the meeting,There is still Zhao Hong,The talker started chewing his tongue again,Anyway, I have everything。
Zhang Er who is chatting with everyone,Listen to the loud speaker,He immediately got the spirit,Hurry to greet Chen Erniu and say:“Erniu,Let’s go and listen“
Chen Erniu who is getting bored,Just listen to it,Immediately led a few young people and Zhang Er to touch the compound of the village committee。
Through the door,In the office of the village committee,Around a big table,Sitting Wang Degui,Chen Gui and Song Fang,The one sitting next is Zhao Hong,Her tonight,Although not dressed up,Still looks so charming。
“All right,Everyone is here,Let’s talk about Zhao Hong renting the common land in the village“Wang Degui speaks first,Yan Ran looks like the village chief。
Song Fang glanced at Zhao Hong,I felt a little unconvinced:“Rent it!As long as you are willing to pay“
“rest assured!I will definitely pay for the rent,Never take a penny in the village“Zhao Hong tit for tat,Doesn’t give Song Fang any face。
Where has Chen Gui been sitting,I keep looking at Zhao Hong,He did not expect,This woman is getting more and more beautiful,No wonder Wang Youcai is so fascinated。
Wang Degui glared at Chen Gui,Gave a dry cough,Only then did Chen Gui withdraw his stunned eyes,Cleared his throat and said:“Sister-in-law Zhao Hong wants to rent the common land in the village,It stands to reason that this is a good thing,But I really can’t rent this land to you“
“what?Why can’t you rent it to me?I don’t give money,Or I am not from Xiping Village“Zhao Hongyi listen,Anxious,This is what she planned,And she asked,This land has been deserted,No one rents at all。
Wang Degui glanced at Zhao Hong,Slowly:“This place is in the village,The village committee has the right to rent to others,But to whom,It depends on who rents first,Because you rented it later than others,So this land has been rented out“
“I do not believe,Bring out the lease contract,I can’t just say nothing!”Zhao Hong is angry and anxious,If the land can’t be rented,,Where will her greenhouse be built next year。
Zhang Er watching the excitement in the yard,Ask Chen Erniu:“No one rents this place, right!Seems to be deserted all the time”
“Rent an egg,No one wants to give it away,Sandy beach,Dying,What to grow,Obviously a lie,I just want Zhao Hong to pay more”Chen Erniu shook his head,A confident look。

At the end of the first night,She would stand here and take a look。In fact, she knew,Xia Jian can’t wait for her。The most hateful thing is that this man didn’t even call her when he went out。

she does not know,Do you like the wrong person in your life??She suspected this problem many times。But she just can’t be sure。I think she wanted to marry Xia Jianshi wholeheartedly,I persuaded her if I had a good friend,Say that Xia Jian is romantic and suave,Too many women around。But she just doesn’t believe in this evil,Now it seems,Her decision seems to be wrong。
I have doubts about Ma Yan,When going home,Suddenly the lights flashed in the distance,A citySUVDrove over quickly。Ma Yan’s little heart jumped wildly,Because she recognized at a glance,This is Xia Jian’s car。
The car suddenly stopped in front of her,As soon as the glass window is put down,Xia Jian stuck his head out of the car window。Followed by,Xia Jian handed out a plastic bag from the car window like a trick。
“give!Give you a set of exquisite cosmetics。FromSZBrought back,Don’t say you don’t need it”Xia Jian laughed and said to Ma Yan。
Ma Yan’s little mouth turned up,I snatched it from Xia Jian and said:“Who said I don’t want it”Ma Yan grabbed the plastic bag,I couldn’t wait to open it。
Xia Jian jumped out of the car,Took Ma Yan by the arm and said:“Go!Look back at home”
“Do not!I want to watch now”Ma Yan is like a child,I was so spoiled。Xia Jian smiled,Did not speak,Until Ma Yan finished watching,He just talked and laughed with Ma Yan back home。
Sun Yuejuan, who was busy in the kitchen, saw that her son was back,She laughed:“The bastard can really hurry up,One step later,I can just cook this rice”
Xia Jianzheng said a few words with my mother,Unexpectedly, Dad Xia Zecheng’s voice was heard in the upper room:“Hey!son,Come to me quickly,I want to ask you a few words”
“You go quickly!Dad asks me every day these days when will you come back,It seems that he is really busy”Ma Yan hurriedly urged Xia Jian to say something。
Sun Yuejuan snorted coldly:“What can he do,Didn’t I see Wang Degui got another grandson?,He feels uncomfortable!”Sun Yuejuan knows the old man’s mind very accurately。
Xia Jian smiled,So he hurried to the room。as expected,Xia Zecheng’s first sentence was:“what’s up!Why does Wang Degui have another granddaughter out of thin air?!”
“Oops dad!That’s Song Fang’s daughter,This time we goSZ,So he asked for the child’s custody,It’s that simple”Xia Jian said,Can’t help but shook his head。


Bai Ting looked at Fuming with a humble smile on his face,I don’t know why I want to draw him,Just work hard,How to let other people live!
Qi Tianxiao squeezed through the crowd and came over。
“not bad,Already at the peak of the mid-war spirit”
Fuming hammered Qitianxiao’s shoulder,This guy’s cultivation speed is okay!
“I’m the help of the great elder to make great progress”
Qi Tianxiao smiled slightly,If it weren’t for the great elders who would often give himself some spiritual things,I’m afraid I won’t be able to break through even in the middle。
“is it?”
“Big long.
Chapter Three Hundred and Three
“Tell the truth,This time the blessing of heaven and earth,Is the one that makes me the most jealous!”
Xiaomeng’s eyes are full of envy,Just ask about the combat skills used by the God of War,Who doesn’t envy and hate!
“Made a profit!”
Fuming feels his head is dizzy,It’s like an ordinary person was hit by tens of millions of prizes。
“Let’s go back,I’m tired”
Stand up,Ran away quickly。
As soon as I arrive at the gate,I saw two attendants waiting at the door。

Bang,A dazzling barrier bounced Li Tianzhen’s body out,Immediately afterwards, there was a series of harsh crackling sounds in the space,There are countless shining points following the flight path of his body,It didn’t fade until it landed。

The space is shaking violently,I feel like the sky is falling apart,Li Tianzhen’s kick did not trigger the power of the rules,Just simple、Do your best,Unexpectedly, it inspired a series of defensive organs inside the space,The energy bombardment is like growing eyes,Pursue Li Tianzhi with infinite tracking,Every flash is a thunderous blow,Li Tianzhen’s body was suddenly blasted into black charcoal。
This kind of defensive mechanism with chaotic attributes naturally comes from‘Creation’Handwriting,The power is as powerful as the Xeon’s full blow,‘Creation’It was originally a backhand for its own safety and internal fighting.,Was triggered by Li Tianzhen for the first time,It is equivalent to getting countless punches from the strongest without any resistance,Every punch beats Transition Heaven Smiting Thunder,How to bear it?
Not only did Li Tianzhen’s body suffer severe damage,Shenzang Space has also been bombarded in a mess,White highlands are torn apart,Chaos Little World in the Core Area,Four barriers broke three,A lot of chaotic matter gushes out,Like a flood,Rushing around in the sacred space,Crash everywhere,The void is full of chaotic matter,The whole world is extremely dim。
Chapter One Hundred and Three Young man
Chaotic matter except primitive、confusion、Beyond rude,There is also an attribute,Encroachment and devour,In Li Tianzhu’s divine possession,There are not many celestial bodies left in the void,Not enough to swallow these overflowing chaotic matter,So the torn apart white highlands became the object of chaotic matter scrambling。
In an instant,Almost all the white highland fragments have been gnawed away by chaotic matter,Only a few fragments that flee to the distance escaped the catastrophe,One of the largest highland fragments bears‘Conservation’The mountain where he stood when he recovered,It keeps going far away,Did not stay for a while,Regardless of the flood behind him。
The other larger piece is not milky white anymore,But light blue,It flies farthest among the broken pieces,The fastest escape,Like desperate, draw a light trail and fly in the opposite direction,It quickly becomes a light spot and disappears。
‘Full’After the chaotic matter gave up chasing,Gradually get together,Merge again,Soon became a huge group,Wandering in the void as a whole,The speed and momentum are extremely terrifying,But it seems to have no purpose,Suddenly left,But turned around and circled and turned back to the right。
After losing the support of the white highlands,Chaos matter doesn’t seem to be affected,Feed on fragments of the white highlands,It becomes more powerful and fierce,It’s just more boring and disorderly,There are still fierce and chaotic conflicts and collisions inside,More violent than before being bound in the barrier、Uninhibited。
The eternal spar has long since turned into nothingness in this chaos,And forcibly broke in‘Creation’It even disappears cleanly in the entire chaotic system,It seems that there is only a light blue light and shadow that fled away,No more news。
When Li Tianzhen woke up, he was in a splendid palace,Before opening my eyes,He found a strong breath around him,No other evil spirits exist.。
“This is where?”Li Tianzhen sat up,On the high platform opposite him sits a handsome young man,It’s actually another evil spirit that looks like a mortal life,Somewhat nondescript in dress,Kind of like a medieval thinker,A snow-white sheet dug a hole in the middle,I slip over my head and wrap my whole body,There is a beautiful dark gold belt on the waist,The calf to the toe are red fruits,This made him suddenly think of a movie by the comic master of the world《Modern age》Character modeling,Suddenly it felt extremely absurd。
The young life is very clean,The smell of evil spirits on the body is also very weak,On the contrary, there is a strong atmosphere of chaos,If Li Tianzhen guessed well,,The other party should be the boss of the skyscraper,And it’s one of the dead chaos rough stones,I just don’t know which period it is。
“You should guess。”Young people’s conversation is gentle and elegant。
With the recovery of strength,The vitality of Li Tianzhen’s brain gradually increased,He remembers this breath,It was the strongest who came last outside the high platform of the open sky circle,The fighting between the two sides was extremely intense,But he failed to take advantage of this great opportunity to escape,Instead, the trigger mechanism passed out,Since I was brought here,Just explain‘Creation’’S men are in a mess,The high platform was breached by this little brother。
“Then……you are‘Creation’、‘destroy’or‘Conservation’Which one of?”Li Tianzhi deliberately put‘Conservation’Put it last,The reason is that he and‘Creation’Learned from the conversation,Among the three rough rocks of each cosmic age,‘Conservation’The least dead souls survived,In addition,He could not sense the more familiar and close elements from the young man’s breath。
“It doesn’t matter which one it is,You just need to remember that we are from the same source。”

“Aunt Zhou,Don’t get excited,Talk to Kaijie。”

Yuhan ordered two glasses of juice for them,And took Ji Yunfeng away,Wait for them outside。
She thinks it would be better for them to talk alone。
As a mother, you will never forget the appearance of your son,Even if the child grows up,Changed appearance,Mother can recognize。
Although Yushi did not ask Zhou Yafang,But she expected that she should have recognized Li Kaijie as her son who had been lost for more than ten years,Otherwise I won’t be so emotional。
Fortunately,A few days laterDNAAppraisal results come out,Zhou Yafang and Li Kaijie affirm the parent-child relationship,In line with the law of inheritance,Probability of paternity is greater than0.9999。In other words,Li Kaijie is Zhou Yafang’s son。
Looking for more than ten years,Experienced too much pain and suffering,Finally found my son,Besides excitement and happiness, Zhou Yafang,And gratitude to Yushi。
She immediately signed the relocation agreement,Moved out of the old house。
Watching their mother and son get together,Yushi is very pleased,It makes her more happy than Zhou Yafang agreed to move。
Ji Yunfeng sighed,Do more good deeds will bear good results,Yushi helped Zhou Yafang,I accidentally helped myself。
Because of this,Yushi has a better reputation in the company,Those who once doubted her ability,Also take her seriously。
First41chapter High price auction
A few days later,The auction of the land next to the commercial center of Luohu District was held as scheduled。
Every time this kind of local auction,There will be real estate developers large and small in attendance,Placard,But many people just come to the show。This kind of land auction,It’s just a game between powerful developers。
Wu Zesheng accompanied by assistant Kang Yuze,Appeared at the soil auction site,Walk calmly to the first row position。

Work the next day,Secretary Wang called a party group meeting,Of course the meeting Xia Jian also attended。Because of Zhao Delin’s affairs at the meeting,,Had a big fight。But the ending is Xia Jian’s compromise,Secretary Wang asked Zhao Delin to go to Hejiaping,And the main focus is in a poor village。

This is something that everyone did not expect,Because since Xia Jian entered Pingyang Town,。The two have never quarreled in public,Even if there is an argument,Every time Secretary Wang asked Xia Jian。
So some people talk about them behind their backs,Say that Xia Jian is too strong,Seized the rights of Secretary Wang。Because no matter which town you are in,The secretary leads everything,I didn’t expect it to be the other way around in Pingyang Town。Of course,For these discussions,Secretary Wang seems to have not heard。
When Zhao Delin, who was a little proud, went to Hejiaping Village,,He was even whistling while riding on a motorcycle,A little provocative of Xia Jian。This irritated Tong Jie,She cursed coldly as soon as she entered Xia Jian’s office:“Villain,I think his grasshopper after autumn can still jump for a few days“
“Just know,Let him go!“Xia Jian’s voice just fell,The thunderstorm has rushed in。
He told Tong Jie to close the door and say:“I sent the seeds to the city overnight last night,Waiting for them to test early today,The result is that the seeds of these potatoes contain a lot of pesticide paraquat“
“what?This is very poisonous!If this is eaten by mistake, it will kill you“Xia Jian said silently。
Thunderstorm nodded and said:“I think this problem is very serious,So as soon as I came out of the inspection office, I went to Director Mao,Gave him a brief report。His meaning is very clear,The investigation should be conducted secretly,Can’t cause villagers to panic,But you must dig out the perpetrator“
“Director Lei!The water in Hejiaping Village is deep,If this incident is not possible, a major case will be involved,There should be a lot of people involved。The pressure is on you now,You not only have to deal with the people of Hejiaping Village,And above“Xia Jian reminded the thunderstorm in a low voice。
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,Secretary Wang pushed open the door violently and rushed in,He yelled:“Mischief!It’s just nonsense!What are they trying to do?“
Look at Secretary Wang like this,Lei Yu and Xia Jian looked blank,They don’t know who caused Secretary Wang to make such a big fire。
Tong Jie smiled and asked:“What’s wrong, Secretary Wang,Is it worth it to have such a big temper??You still have something to say!What the hell happened?“
“They want Xia Jian to stop working temporarily,What to say to be investigated“Secretary Wang was so angry,Speak loudly。
Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but feel cold,He didn’t expect this to come so soon。In fact, he had already thought about this problem,His hand may have touched some people’s nerves,That’s why it’s strange that people don’t do anything to him。

Things have reached this point,Wang Youcai feels that there is no need to conceal this matter,No one will hold it anyway。

When Tian Wa saw Xiaolonglong,Full of energy。He ran over,So he played with Xiaolonglong。Wang Youcai, this son,Courageous。In a few words, I chatted with Tian Wa,The two were still frolicking in the yard。
Wang Youcai put his hands on his shoulders,While watching Tian Wa playing with his son,The office phone rang again。He ran in quickly,Called from a mobile phone number。Wang Youcai hesitated a bit,Connected to the phone。
Julan’s anxious voice came on the phone:“Come to the little clinic!Doctor Lu and his son ran to the small clinic to make trouble,Dr. Lu fainted with anger。This guy doesn’t care about his father’s life or death,I still stay at the small clinic,I can’t do anything with him alone”
“Where is He Jingren?Let her get this bastard out first,Even if I rush over,More than an hour”
When Wang Youcai heard Lu Monkey went to the small clinic to make trouble,This makes him angry。But others are in the mountains now,It’s really beyond reach。
Julan on the phone sighed and said:“Doctor He came for a while in the morning and left,Something happened at home。I’m alone in the small clinic right now,This guy sits here,Gibberish,Get some people to buy medicine,I left without buying any medicine”
“All right,You keep the counter,I asked him to come and clean him”
Wang You Cai is very angry,He hung up the phone。
Find Wu Wu’s phone number on your phone,Wang Youcai called him。After arrangement,He took the car key and walked out of the office door。
He went to the kitchen,To Yao Chunni who is busy:“Something urgent in the city,I need to deal with it immediately。If i don’t come back tonight,You take Xiaolonglong to sleep on my bed”
“Ok,Go ahead!Drive slowly on the road”
Yao Chunni said with a sweet smile。She will always support Wang Youcai,I never feel like saying no,
Wang Youcai said hello to Tian Baby,When he is free,Multi-belt dragon,I drove away after the arrangement。
When the car is going through Baishui Town,Wang Youcai slowed down the car accidentally。What a coincidence is,When he passed Du Xiaohong’s grain and oil store,This woman is holding a broom,Sweeping the floor in front of the store。She saw Wang Youcai,Rushed over,Directly in front of the car。
Wang Youcai had to stop the car,He asked a little unhappy:“What’s the matter?”
“Wait for me,I closed the shop,Go to the city with you”