Just after washing the pot, Julan wiped her clothes and walked out of the room,Wang Youcai stepped forward,So he stuffed the food he had called into Julan’s hands。

Julan is a little embarrassed and wants to refuse,But Xu Lihong said coldly:“Take it!Don’t be ignorant。Brother Wang has never been so good to a person,I don’t know why he did this?”
Julan blushed,He hurried back to the house with the plastic bag。Her child is playing with toys alone,The child is getting older,It’s better not to let him know about some things。
Once back in the house,Wang Youcai lay on the bed on all sides。Crying tired,Keep the mouth open,Yawning endlessly,It’s like a big smoker。
“Wang Ge,I know you fierce。But you have to relax,You can’t see a woman, you want it!As the saying goes,There are exhausted cows,Land that hasn’t been ploughed yet,Know you are a cow”Xu Lihong sat next to Wang Youcai,Speak softly。
Wang Youcai stretched out his arm,Hugging Xu Lihong’s fat but not greasy*,Then he laughed:“You guys know a lot,The medicine for me?”
Wang Youcai asked,Xu Lihong quickly stood up,Trot into the kitchen。About a few minutes,She brought a medicine and came over with a hot soup。
Wang Youcai received,I tried the temperature with my mouth,And drank it all in one sip。This is baby,If not for this thing,Wang Youcai may be over in his life。If there is no woman in his life,It’s better to tell him to die。
Anyway, this is his philosophy of life。Nothing in life,Only women can’t。
Wang Youcai drank the medicine,I didn’t forget to lick the edge of the bowl with my tongue,Xu Lihong laughed aside。Let Julan give him medicine today,I didn’t expect a good medicine to be burned。I knew this,He might as well get the prescription back,But everything is too late。
Not long after drinking this medicine,There is a flow of heat in the belly。Wang Youcai walked out of Xu Lihong’s room with a little excitement,Walking around in the yard。
The sun has already set,The entire city is full of lights。The lights in Julan’s room also lit up,But the door is closed,From time to time there are the voices of mother and son。
Xu Lihong also came out,She glanced at Wang Youcai,Whispered:“Some things should be cut off,Keep chaos”
“You better take care of my business,Understand?”When Wang Youcai heard Xu Lihong talk about it again,Can’t help but get irritable。Xu Lihong knows Wang Youcai’s temper,I was so scared that I stuck my tongue out,Dare not speak anymore。
Kung fu in the blink of an eye,The night fell。Wang Youcai estimated,Wu Wu’s call should be coming,Because people who like nightlife,Action has started at this time。
as expected,The phone in my pocket beats,Followed by the sound of music。Wang Youcai took out his phone and took a look,Wu Wu really came here,He calmly pressed the answer button。
“Wang Ge!Chen Feng is really here,But when he comes tonight,Only brought two brothers。What do you say about this?”Wu Wu on the phone asked Wang Youcai for advice。
Wang Youcai said with a cold smile:“How to do?Cool office。Figure out his room number,I’ll be there in a while”Wang Youcai is very domineering when he speaks,Like a boss。

His strength,Is also absolutely superior to the Chaos Fairy。

In fact,Before Li Ming’s rise,No one in the world of Tianqiong Sect will be Bai Meng’s opponent。
Even so,No one would have thought that the Chaos Immortal would lose so quickly!
“Admit defeat!”
Only one field collision,Even the celestial chaos immortal did not fall under the wind,Then he surrendered directly。
“Why give up?Of course it’s because I can’t beat!”Facing Li Ming’s probing gaze,The primordial chaos fairy rolled his eyes。
“My best field,And Baimeng World God Realm is just one of his methods,How do i fight him?”
“That’s the Baimeng World God,I am not his opponent!”
“not to mention,I am the Chaos Fairy,It’s not that the world god can resist。Very weak,Will be beaten to death by him。”The chaotic fairy is full of helplessness。
of course
Words are so,There is still a bit of loss in the eyes of the Chaos Fairy。
If his opponent is the former Quan Snake World God,Can fight,Are 70% sure!
“It seems that I won this game!”A light flashed in the eyes of the Lord of God。
“Next game,Junior Brother will definitely win!”Yuan Yu Daojun’s eyes condensed。
First29chapter Bidou(under)
Above the ring。

Above,Niu Deyan reveals the body,Sports,From the head to the tail than Wuyue Mountain, the big white cattle has been standing.。

犄 犄 like two iron towers,Two steel teeth blamed cold,Nasally through the black demon cloud,Red-red,The cover is covered with a bad face。
“Niu Shi,you misunderstood,Poor not to mount。”
Liao Wenjie,Just join,No problem,It is movable to give people a mount……
Not only fare,It is not responsible for the small ends.。
I am not afraid that he is the same as Manjushri.,Give you your hand.?
Niu Deyang Wen Yan is more angry,Big mouth opened,Spray out of the boom flood,Water waves,Forming a river in the blink of an eye,Dozens of high huge huge waves are crushing。
Liao Wenjie,Be unwilling to use‘Drink water’The magical turn will take this trick,This is the principle problem,It is the cow, and the people come and resolutely。
His eyes are flashing,Wan floods disappeared,High-altitude,Rolling Yin Yun,Pressing the demon cloud slowly calming the land。
But a few breathing skills,Thunderstorm,Thunder snake。
Pumding rain,Every drop has a sized size,噼 啪 啪 拍 沙海,However, the film is soaked in all the arid places around Wuyue Mountain.。
Niu De Wang does not recognize,Cattle,Two iron tower。
In roaming,Ground collapse abyss crack,Underground river,It was actually pulled by him.,Topped on two angles。
Niu De Wang Orange,Punning the cattle head throws the Wingshan Mountain,Daching the Liao Wenjie。
Shanchuan vibration,Whitelon。
The big five-in-mountains landed from the sky,Wrap the lightning thunder,Shocking, rainy screen。
“Have a good time!”
Liao Wenjie welcomed,People are in the air,Couching this five-finger mountain in one hand。
【Watch(Mount hill,Unobstructed)】
He is bright red light flashing,by‘Mustard’God traffic compression Wuyue Mountain,Treatment of size,This throws it in the past.。
Open road,Golden light。
Earth,Great palm recess,Niu Dey,Intimately supporting huge consumption,Change the state。
Looking at the top of the head,And the wind and so on,He double boxing chest,Strong head skull,Put up your hands to get the mountain。
The mountains have steadily,Press the Niu Deyan no more no one to say。
After a moment,A cattle drilled from the foot of the foot,Gasstation:“This world Tang San Tibet is really evil door,It’s really able to put the old cow in the five-way mountains.,Because he is lucky,Old cow is more inferior to him.,I don’t take him big feast.。”
Just climbed out of Wuyue Mountain,The Niu De Wang Ying saw a smile, Liao Wenjie,There is no problem with the banana fan,Silently returning to Wuyue Mountain。
Of course,Drill,Head must be outside,This is his last stubborn。
“Humph,You said that you are outside.,Don’t I face it??”
Liao Wenjie double-eyed red light flash,Bull’s body body,Changed to your ass,Two legs。
Liao Wenjie is thinking about it,Look at the front of you,I am afraid that he just takes the foot.,The king will escape behind the feet after the king。
Think about it,Take a seal from the law,手 手 牛 牛 牛……Fang’s mountain。

If he and his future team can create a quantum brain as quickly as possible,These losses can actually be recovered。But judging from the information currently available,Wang Yufei does not have the confidence to complete this big project in half a year。

After all, it will take at least two months for the reconstruction of the underground part alone。
But the part just said is enough to make Pan Wenyue look away。
Especially the last sentence,“It doesn’t matter if money is not,Anyway, I didn’t think I had to make money。”
This makes Pan Wenyue feel very ashamed,Although he doesn’t think money is important,But you can’t have money。For example, his project still needs financial support,No money,Where do those sky-high equipment and materials come from??
“So if Microsoft and Intel join forces,Changxiang Technology chooses to blew up?”
Wang Yufei smiled shyly,Answered:“Can’t be considered self-destruct,Actually delaying domestic development,Take the initiative to attack their main battlefield,Then detour back home。But you also saw,The domestic response is actually the same as the software。Even if not inPCInstall Xin system directly on the equipment,You can also use third-party virtual software towin10Run our system under the environment,Development will not stop,Just a period of coexistence。”
This is really cruel!
Give up tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of dollars of interest,Just to disable Microsoft。
This kind of person doesn’t have a headache?
Such a decisive method is probably only the young man in front of him who dares to implement it.?
of course,Wang Yufei does have this confidence。
After all, there is no capital investment,Wang Yufei alone occupies more than 90% of the company’s equity,He really wants to do something like this,No one can stop it。
“Ok,It seems that you are ready to give up so many benefits。Microsoft executives should almost be able to see this video of you,Do you think they will really work with hardware manufacturers to put pressure on the Xin system??”
“High probability is not。I met with Mr. Stephen from Intel,We once strolled along the Qinhuai River。how to say,He is actually a nice person。If Microsoft sells enough benefits before, or he will be moved,But now I don’t think he will reach a cooperation with Microsoft。I told him during the chat,We have a very mysterious chip research team。”
“The video you just saw,Mr. Stephen can definitely see it too。The software department we set up later can achieve this level,He will definitely doubt what our mysterious chip research team can achieve。Even if we only have14nmI don’t think Intel dare to bet。After all, the China market is very attractive to Intel。”

Jasmine looked at Boss Guo conscientiously in front of the computer,Like a child who never grew up,It seems that I haven’t seen him look like this for a long time……

“Hit black wind mountain yesterday,The one invited by the other party1Ten thousand2Power leveling,At least the level of Black Wind Mountain is pulled to4、5Level up?So I don’t think we need to be afraid,Youth without limits,Let’s do it!”Zhang Song is fanning the flames again。
Also as deputy head Shunzi,Look at Lu Yi with hesitation,He wants to hear Lu Yi’s opinion。
Lu Yi naturally understands Zhang Song、Zhao Ping’s meaning,But if you want to quickly score,I have to do something extraordinary at an extraordinary time,So said:
“I thought about it last night,In order to improve the overall level of the team,Based on the technical characteristics of each team member,Want to reposition,Change the existing professional mix,Increase more tactical possibilities……”
For this major adjustment,Lu Yi also sent it to Feng Xichuan in the group。
“No comments,Now our team’s sudden breakup has4A,Really need to be adjusted,It’s all about Lu Yi brother’s arrangement。”Feng Xichuan responded quickly。
“Very curious,Where do i want to play?”Anna Cao really can’t go out recently, it’s boring,I quickly jumped out of the chat。
“Let’s start with Anna!Anna has the potential to break up,At the same time driving a vehicle also has specialties,You can break up and break up the driver as needed……”
“no problem,I alsoOKof!”Anna Cao responded quickly。
“Ok,The following is President Feng……”
Lu Yi started the first adjustment to the internal team of Huacao,Find your own position for everyone,Highlight individual differences,Thereby increasing the team’s coordination and combat effectiveness。
“President Feng,Still the best at breaking up this profession,Able to maximize his technical characteristics……”
“Hehehe……”Zhang Song、Straight、Guo Yinzhe、Zhao Ping smiled badly,President Feng’s technical characteristics are“short”Well!
“Cough cough,No comment。”Feng Xichuan does not need to change his position,It’s a lighthearted,Of course, the premise is that he didn’t hear the wretched laughter of those people at the scene.。
“Zhang Song,Flexible in the battlefield,In the future, you can focus on the two positions of scout and driver……”
“Master,Do you dislike me for a bad breakup??You speak straight?”

Qin Xiaomin’s answer,Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing。He smiled and said:“After we got married,I will change myself,At least for you”

“No way,I can’t marry myself to you so easily,Moreover,If you propose to marry me,No sincerity”Qin Xiaomin raised her neck pretending to be angry。
Outside the window at this time,The snow has whitened the road,Even on the branches,Has piled up snow。Listen to what Qin Xiaomin said,She didn’t agree to Xia Jian,But asked to show his sincerity。
Xia Jian is not stupid,But it was still snowing in the middle of the night,Even if he has money, he can’t realize his wish。When Xia Jian thought about it,Eyes are fixed on a bunch of fake flowers that Qin Xiaomin placed next to the TV cabinet。
He ran over in two steps,Draw out fake flowers,Then turn around,I learned the scene on TV,Kneel on one knee,And said plausibly:“Xiaomin!Marry me!I will fill you up with flowers and rings tomorrow“Xia Jian is very serious。
Qin Xiaomin was moved by Xia Jian’s sincerity,She took the flowers in Xia Jian’s hand。Said with tears in his eyes:“You have to think carefully,If you really want to be with me,Then think about the future。Regardless of no assembly,We must all grow old together”
“Most definitely”Xia Jianmeng stood up,He took Qin Xiaomin into his arms。
Qin Xiaomin hugged Xia Jian’s waist tightly,She hugs tighter,I’m afraid Xia Jian will run away。Just when the two are immersed in this happy moment。Xia Jian’s cell phone rang out of time。
The good atmosphere was broken。Qin Xiaomin let go of her tightly holding Xia Jian,She whispered:“Answer the phone soon!The curtains are not closed,Shame”Xia Jian really didn’t expect,Qin Xiaomin, who was calling for rain outside, was so conservative。
Xia Jian took out his phone and took a look,Could not help but whisper to Qin Xiaomin:“Your mom’s phone!”
“Then hurry up!Just say you are with me,Otherwise she will be worried”Qin Xiaomin at this time,Looks very generous,The previous cringes are gone。
Xia Jian answered the phone,Li Lan’s slightly anxious voice came from the phone immediately:“Xiaoxia!Did this Xiaomin contact you??Why does her phone keep turning off,Nothing will happen!”
“Okay aunt,Min’s phone is broken。But when I was working in Pingdu,,Happened to run into her。Her whole condition is good,Don’t worry”Xia Jian said,Secretly glanced at Qin Xiaomin beside him。
Li Lan heard Xia Jian say this,She will:“Oh!”With a,Then continued:“Since you ran into,Should explain things,Don’t miss it again”
“Aunt!I think so too,But Xiaomin said,She doesn’t want to marry me,Said I’m not handsome,No money”When Xia Jian said this,,Almost laughed。Qin Xiaomin is so angry,Hold Xia Jian’s back straight with your fist。
Who is Li Lan,When she heard Xia Jian say this,I immediately understood。Suddenly her voice changed:“Don’t be careful,Since you two are together,Then I’ll tell the truth。Before marriage,I don’t agree with you two living together”
“Aunt who won’t,It’s ten thirty,I leave your house on time at eleven。We just finished dinner together,Because of the snow outside,Less pedestrians,So i sent her back”Li Lan changed face,Xia Jian had to confess honestly。
Li Lan heard what Xia Jian said,He said with a smile on the phone:“it is good!I believe you Xia Jian,Then go back early!”
Xia Jian said quickly:“Good aunt!Go to sleep!”
Xia Jianyi hung up the phone,Qin Xiaomin rushed forward,She hit Xia Jian with her small fist,Said coquettishly:“What are you talking about,So self-explanatory,Who is my mother?You talk nonsense like this,She can’t hear the flaw?”

This is also very famous for the wandering martial arts gym【Wandering Conference】,Can participate in this meeting,Only warriors beyond the God of War,And the top management of the wandering martial arts hall。

suddenly,The door of the conference hall opens automatically,Carrying Dun Tissot,Li Ming in the black god suit walked straight in。
These twelve figures greet Li Ming with different names。
“It’s all here,well,The fifteenth time【Wandering Conference】Officially begin!”
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Chapter Three Development and Conference
Time distance between Li Ming and Babata,Worship under the master of Meteorite,Decades have passed since he introduced Hong and Lei Shen to join Meteor Star.。These decades,Thanks to the excavation of ancient civilization,And some treasures and basic secrets and materials that Li Ming brought back into the universe several times,The strength and rapid development of human civilization,And Li Ming, Hong and Raytheon created three martial arts centers respectively,That is“Extreme Martial Arts Hall”、“Raiden Wuguan”with“Wandering Wuguan”。
These three martial arts,It’s extremely high in the human society on earth,All major countries and base cities must allocate funds to support these three martial arts centers。
same,The three major martial arts halls have also opened all over the world,Almost every base city has these three martial arts centers,At the same time, these three major martial arts centers have also sent countless powerful players to the five major countries and 20 base cities.。
And Li Ming is very caring about his martial arts gym.,Headquarters of Shandanwuguan,Was designed and built by Babata himself。With what Li Ming said to Babata,“This also represents the face of our Meteorite line。”
On the headquarters,In the eyes of laymen, the spire of the wandering martial arts hall may not be as stylish as using a spaceship directly in the headquarters of the ultimate martial arts hall.。

“Guo Lao,I was looking for you。

Do you know where Gu Rimou’s family is??
I have something important to him!”
But Guo Yingdong’s words poured cold water on him。
“Master Gu called on the phone the day before yesterday and said he was going to retreat for a while,I don’t know where he is。”
“Correct,Master Gu would have been in retreat for a long time before,No one can find him when he is in retreat!”
Not retreat early,Stay late,It happened to be closed at this time,It was so angry that Chen Xiu burst out directly,I remembered that the person on the other end of the phone was Guo Yingdong who had a kind heart,Is to say quickly:“Guo Lao,I am not scolding you。”
“I know。”
Guo Yingdong doesn’t mind,Just say:“I know about your girlfriend too,I understand your mood。but……if it is possible,I hope you can come to Santa Maria Hospital,Lin Han wants to see you one last time!”
“Lin Han is dead!?”
“This old guy has had heart bridge operations several times before,The doctor said they were powerless。”
Guo Yingdong said guiltily:“This guy keeps hiding from us,I knew that this gambling game would not stimulate him!”
“Ok,I will rush over now。”
Although I don’t have much friendship with Lin Han,Chen Xiu was also curious why Lin Han had to see himself before。

“Prince,Just put the people,Is a single signal,Surrounded by other full truth,I am afraid that I will come.,It is necessary to be a poor.,First ofk……Rescue?”The jade realist said at the side of Wu Sangui.。

He see Chu Deirers are not,This is the tones——I don’t know Chu Deirers and the mysterious master.,What is the relationship?,Jade realist does not want to go to him。
Liang Zimin can’t help but,Drink each other,The previous few days were not these dog thieves steal their own treasure snake……
However, no one cares about him.!
“The thief tied Wang Hao,Intent to escape,Be careful when you shoot,Don’t hurt Wang Hao。”Wu Sangui is a little covered。
Only can’t hear any fluctuations in tone,It’s like this.——Ren and the original,At this time, I panicked in Hong Kong.。
The jade ribbons and others are also installed, they did not hear other things.,One“rescue”Wang Hao is the goal。
Chu Deirers also cover the face at this time,and……The method of increasing bones just happened,Change the body higher、Slim!
“Jiuyin residue”Slatum,Not only the range of spatients is larger,And under the state of osmium,Can also keep five six battles,加 楚 楚 人“Small chaotic work”,This can change the pulse,To suit the body after the bone,Give a problem of seven eight-eighth war。
So the Chu Deirers have some grasp,Can hide identity……
Chapter 188 Crisis(800Moon ticket plus more)
At this time, Wang is a serious injury,Guo Jing、Yang Tiexin can only say that it is a very common rivers and lakes.,How is Yu Zhenzi、Ouyangk、Libra、Liang Zihua et al.?
If it is really tied to the package,Perhaps some room for mediation,However, when they couldn’t really threaten Wu Sangui with unfortunately……
“Who is stolen by Laozi??Grandmother……But it has been eaten?Kill thousand knives,Laozi must eat you one by one.,Good to make up!”Liang Zhimong is two eye red,As if I really want to eat people。
Ouyangki, a white,I don’t care much at this time.,Still laughing in the whisper and a men’s clothes。
The jade realist is also wanting to be too cold.……
However, when the Wangfu is attacking,He“Wangfu’s first master”,It is extremely bad,It’s not good to continue water.。
Guo Jing is the most brave,I have to make a better than knowing the people.,As a result, the chest was printed by the chest.,Vomit blood fall back。
King is a strong spirit,Want to fight with jade,As on the side of Yang Tie,Has been hit the iron gun by Liang Zhin……
“is that you、is that you!I want to drink your blood.!”Liang Zhun hurts Yang Tiexin’s neck,I really want to bite it.。
“stop!”I saw that the package was weak and picked up.,Drag the gun、Take your own throat。
Liang Zhng lost because of his twenty years,Some heads,I don’t listen to the discouragement of Wang Hao.——In the original, he is also crazy.,Even in the Huashan arnise,I dare to pay for Guo Jing, which is already a first-class master.。
Ouyangke,I am disappointing to see him,However, after Wu Sangui, Xiao Sheng,,Ouyangki still shot。
I saw it all white clothes.,Paper fan in hand,Knock on the wrist of Liangzhi,After the latter is settled, it will lose Yang Tiexin.。
I used to have such a person.,I don’t know how,I mixed a red white too old.……
Liang Zihua,But see Is Ouyangke,When the fire is dead, it is weak.。
After all, Ouyangk itself is much higher than him.,And the head is also big,Uncle is the West to Ouyang Feng!
Ouyangk also ignored him,It is more disappointing to Yang Tiexin,After that, the weak opening road:“We are still still coming now.‘rescue’,Wang Hao still considers clearly。”
“I……Prince!I will go back with you.,You put them……”The package is weak at this time.。
Wu Sanui touched the nose,After that, he said:“Can!”
Ouyangke is also a laughter:Put them?how is this possible……
With his understanding of Wu Sangui,Wu Sangui will probably take guards,There is also Wang Hao, go back to him.,After that, secretly, these people will cut Yang Tiexin and others.。
Just out,I only see the movement of two towns in the east side.,It’s galloping,In the mouth:“Wang Shi is motivated,Brother!”“No!Wang Ye wants to be wrong again!”
Heard this sound、Especially the front,Wu Kang is almost scared from it.——Master of yourself,Wu Kang’s heart is still respectful and fearful。
As for another,It’s all true, today’s palm palm.!

“Don’t worry,The village chief will solve it for you,”Aunt He was afraid that Huang Xiaoding would do something irrational,Quickly persuade。

Aunt He’s words directly confused Huang Xiaoding,He doesn’t even know what happened。
“Aunt He,I came back from a few days off from the army,Haven’t figured out what happened,Tell me。”
Huang Xiaoding saw Aunt He’s face a bit ugly,I understand that something must have happened at home。
Anxious,Then he begged Aunt He to tell him what happened。
“Don’t worry,Nothing can’t be solved,”Qin Hao patted Huang Xiaoding on the shoulder and said。
“this is?”
“This is my comrade in arms,Come to my house to play,”Huang Xiaoding explained to Aunt He。
“Is your house going to be demolished??The original plan was to build the railway here,Don’t your brothers and sisters fight?”
Then your father was injured by your second uncle。
“Your dad is too honest,Because of honesty,I’ve been bullied by your uncle and uncle in the past two days。”
Aunt He continued,Then I told a lot of things。
Huang Xiaoding’s face becomes ugly the more I listen,Qin Hao can’t listen anymore。
This year,These people don’t say anything for a little money,It’s all the ruffians taking advantage of the fire。
“Murakami’s mediation has also been several times,But your uncle and uncle seem to know someone who is called,Li Shoucheng in a county seat,Then things are gone。”
At this moment,The village bus stopped at the entrance of the village。
“Black baby,You have to be careful,I have something else here,I won’t accompany you。”
Aunt He got out of the car,Her home is the waste collection place at the entrance of the village。
“Brother Hao,let’s go,”Huang Xiaoding’s face is ugly,Qin Hao didn’t expect to hear this once Huang Xiaoding’s hometown。
“Don’t worry,We will solve it step by step,”Qin Hao is not worried,Although he doesn’t know anyone,But he is confident that he can solve this problem。