“Don’t hide,Old man, I got a military order,Do not clean up these alien monsters in three days,I’ll get out!”Old man Dong lit a cigarette for the first time,Practitioners taboo these hobbies,He’d ignored it long ago,It can be seen that what we have been forced to do。

“What habits of monsters?How is the combat effectiveness?”
“Similar to those things that ran out of Xinglong Mountain,Belong to the primitive and uncivilized state,Bloodthirsty,And big,Rough skin and thick flesh,Special resistance,Ordinary special forces team members gathered in a group,Full firepower,Killed one at the cost of two casualties。”Lan Ling took the call,And handed the phone to Li Tianzhi,Above is a photo of a dead monster。
The monster dies beside a low brick house,Body length exceeds a car,The cortex is very wrinkled,Very little hair,Very strong and strong limbs,Small head,Inverted triangle shape,The torso is less than a quarter of the entire length,Kind of like a mountain ghost,This strange shape is indeed similar to the monsters that appeared in the early days of Xinglong Mountain.,It can be judged initially from the same world。
Li Tianzhen slowly breathed a sigh of relief,Alien creatures in this primitive state,After all, there is no superpower,Not enough to cause major problems,As long as thunder means,Clean up in time,Still controllable。
Those who are afraid of are monsters with superpowers,From Li Xiucheng’s memory,He has seen huge monsters resembling flying birds at the scene of Xinglong Mountain,Not only very smart,And will emit lightning,The combat power is equivalent to the practitioners in the late stage of alchemy,For this kind of thing,Conventional methods have been difficult to work,This is something to be wary of。
The key is that I don’t know what kind of space the third space fissure is.,Don’t be as rascal as the rift in Xinglong Mountain,Can only go in but not out,Is the rogue among the rogue,And the fracture structure is still changing,This is very annoying。
“Type?……”The practitioners really don’t have this information,Except those scientists,No one seems to pay attention,Everyone is busy blocking these invading creatures,Where can I take care of it?If there may be a certain formation in the space rift,He doesn’t even know,Among the thirteen practitioners,Except that the guy who is obsessed with puppets has a lot of research on the formation method,The rest belongs to Old Man Dong,But old Dong wants to get an overview,No time to study this?
Li Tianzhen doesn’t force it,Array runes are quite elusive to ordinary people、Mysticism and Metaphysics,Even the existing practitioners are difficult to understand and master,Let him focus on,Each has a division of labor。
“How is Xinglong Mountain??”
“Okay,Suddenly eased in these two days,Not many monsters ran out,Not strong,But the types are very diverse。”
“But i think,These aliens are not idle,There must be a more terrifying shock brewing,Not fun afterwards,We are extremely lack of high-end combat power。”Old man Dong look at the instructor,Then he turned his attention to Li Tianzhi。
The instructor did not say anything,Li Tianzhi frowned,Although he doesn’t speak up,But also feel bad,I regret that I came out of Yuanjie in a hurry,It’s cheaper Dayan,Since I keep saying that they are allies,Naturally have to work hard,As a metaworld powerhouse,Only one,Is enough to guard several space rifts,There are many means,But if Dayan appears,Too shocking,This question is very contradictory。
and,Li Tianzhen previously guessed that this small meeting would target him,The key can be seen from the instructor’s face and not saying a word,Old man Dong is really helpless,Need resources,To support,Still unable to meet the stretched combat power,I can only use his idea,The most important thing is the war puppet,The old man keeps thinking about it。
But Li Tianzhen doesn’t plan to meet the old man’s requirements,Because the puppets can’t exert their best combat power in their hands,Gu Changfeng is the one who has been in contact with puppets the longest,But at the peak, only 50% of the puppet’s combat power can be stimulated,It’s a waste。
In addition,The number of war puppets is currently only 53,Has dropped to launch‘Jade’The minimum of formation,As the last life-saving card,Li Tianzhi will not destroy the Great Wall,How many supernatural powers like the Great Shura God are still hidden in this world,Hard to say。
And especially annoying,Even the great gods and demons have not been completely killed.,This has always been Li Tianzhen’s heart disease,Recently, I have been troubled by the space rift and there is no way to spare my energy to track down the injured‘Nirvana handkerchief’,and also‘Demon Lord’Soul,Even Zhang Zhiqiang hid after being demonized,Are sometimes fried from time to timeda

All of the above issues require Li Tianzhen to maintain peak combat power at all times,And there is no way to explain it too clearly,But he won’t let Old Man Dong be too disappointed,With the recovery of the unicorn beast,Both Jia Chou and Three-eyed Green Toad can be deployed as high-end combat power to the old man,In addition,He will try his best to repair the paralyzed puppet in the fierce battle,Even think of a way to discuss with the spirits in the town magic tower,Choose a few usable monsters as a supplement to high-end combat power。


Ten minutes later,The people who installed the bombs were evacuated。
Wu Yuanjia watched the time count down,The wooden house in front exploded,Blaze,Some soldiers burned all over from inside the wooden house、Screamed and ran out。
Wu Yuanjia has no mercy at all,Order the soldiers who survived the explosion to be killed one by one。
Various gunshots,Chachai soldiers who survived the explosion were ruthlessly killed。
Chen Xiu is observing all this in the dark,Suddenly I saw a small team of more than ten people escaping towards the woods on the left。
Chen Xiu’s sharp eyes,In the dark, I still see a different person in this small team,Holding a golden one in his handAK47,The people around are all guarded in the center,Flee in a hurry。
“This person guessed it!”
“If this guy didn’t run away, he still had such a swagger weapon,Really let him run!”
Chen Xiu said to Wu Yuanjia:“Don’t leave any liveliness,I’ll go after the team!”
“Mr. Chen……”

Victoria really fell to the point of translating everything,The bald man laughed wildly,Said another bit of bird language to Victoria,Victoria has a big change。

“what did he say?”Chen Xiu asked。
“He said,Angus had four ribs broken by him during the underground black boxing competition before he ran to Xia Guo to take care of the old.!”
Chen Xiu kicked his big feet suddenly,Charge at the bald man with lightning at the most violent speed in this life,Throw two uppercuts!A punch belly,Punch in the face!The bald man flexed his abdomen and bent his arms,Steady block!
These two powers are more than twice as powerful as before,It made his arms hurt!
286 IQ Tax
“Who are they?”
When Victoria is relieved,Chen Xiu asked,Xia’s strict control of firearms,This group of people who dared to shoot at Xia Guo’s place is definitely not an ordinary mob。
“I do not know either。”
I saw Chen Xiu staring at me,Know he doesn’t believe,Victoria quickly explained:“I really do not know。but,It might have something to do with my painting!”
“painting!What painting?”
“A painting handed down by our Alexander family。”Victoria explained:“I had received a threatening letter before I came to Xia Country,Let me paint them。But I thought it was a spoof letter。”
Chen Chen

After all this thing,Although on the surface,It really looks like this。

But Wang Teng is still confident,Wei Shasha will definitely stay。
And Wang Teng’s side,The bodyguard of Hawbao Camp stands aside,Don’t forget to say to Wang Teng。
“Lord,Otherwise, let’s leave this young lady?”
When the people around you finish,Deep in their hearts,Even more eager to try。
After all such a thing,For others,May be difficult。
but,If it is for the people around Wang Teng,It’s a breeze。
And see here,Wang Teng waved his hand。
“Do not,Now words,Don’t be so anxious yet。”
“And i believe,She’ll figure it out sooner or later。”
Wang Teng finished,The bodyguards of the Tiger Leopard Camp around,Are pondering here。
“Although I don’t know,So what does it represent,But it seems to make sense。”
“Who said no,To be precise,Seems to be like this。”
“But now look,We have nothing to deal with for the time being,Let’s solve these things first。”
slowly,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,What will this bring。
Actually all of this,It’s already unexpected。
And looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng said directly:“In addition,Let people follow Wei Shasha。”
“The Wei family has surrendered to me,Inevitable,No one will do anything to Wei Shasha。”

Just only,Want to dirty less,Don’t be enough,After all, people have a thousand years old,Self-majestic and reputation。

But now North Shaolin“True”,But the Chu Deiren saw a breakthrough!
Then the Chu Deiren rushed back to the inn,Ring Huang Rong’s door,Abstract now although the sky is late,However, Huang Rong should have not slept yet.。
“kindness?What is the tight thing??”Huang Rong saw the Chu Deirers,I also guessed that he might be called what is related to the heroic conference.。
“Unique thing,Go in。”Chu Deirers said to the room,The whisper and Huang Rong have a circular thing。
As for why I know that the circle is Chengkun,Chu Deirens did not mention,Huang Rong didn’t ask。
Huang Rong does not know who Cheng Kun is,After all, it is a matter of Chen Zhima.,Have been too long,Still the Chu Deirers to her popular——Golden Drum Wang Xunxun’s thing,Huang Rong is faint, heard。
“Chu Da Ge is trying to expose a circular identity,Take this at the Hero Conference to attack Shaolin?”Huang Rong understood the meaning of Chu Deirens。
“Not attack,Be exposed!”Chu Deee said。
Huang Rong is only white——She is from the word line,Be able to feel,Although the Chu Deirers do not believe that Qiao Feng is the murderer,But it also doesn’t believe that Shaolin is the murderer.。
For the question of Chu Deirers,Huang Rong stood up,Walk in the room,Afterwards:“Unhappy,According to you,Chengkun’s martial arts、Round rumors,As long as you can force his magic yin,It is enough to prove its identity,But to put this matter,Combined with Qiao Feng’s case……Contact is not enough!”
“What should I do??”Chu Deirers are also a headache.。
Huang Rong didn’t leave at this time.,Smile:“Yes,what should I do?”
Chu Deiren saw Huang Rong like this,I know that she has already had an idea.,But not。
“Then you have to smart Xiao Huang to find a way.!”Chu Deiren gave Huang Rong to the tea,After that, she took her down and asked.:“Need to pinch?”
Huang Rong nose wrinkles:“do not want,Wood sister said,I can’t marry it by you.……And you will not mass,Will only pin pin。”
“never mind,Since you are sincerely asking,Then I will tell you.!If I am a big brother,Now you don’t promote this secret first.,And the messy martial arts,Send to Wudang together……”Huang Rong’s gaze,Single and god。
“Wudang?”Chu Deirers heard a sentence。
“good,The death of Zhang Wujun couple,Isn’t it for Xie Xun and a Dragon??If Chengkun is the beginning of Xie Xun incident,That is not the culprit of Zhang Wu Xia.?Give these two things to Zhang Zhen people,Mud people also have three points of fire。
Even if Zhang Zhen people will not be respectful to participate in what the dog bear meeting,Ten eight can also have one or two‘Seven people’Come to make this lively。
As long as Wudang,That is‘There are Shaolin Gao Yan to kill the disciple.、Guide the rivers and lakes,There is another batch of Shaolin Gaozi,In the hundred-year-old birthday banquet, this is difficult,Forced to die’……
At this time, throw out the head of the big brother may come from Shaolin’s doubt,That is the matter of Wudang with Shaolin that year.,same——‘Priority,Reappear’,Two things will naturally contact together,And also pulled Wudang!”
Huang Rong said his own meaning。
Chu Deirers took this idea for a long time,I found that Huang Rong said not only reason.,and……Calculate every link,I have not done anything bad.、Tell any lie。
Even after the peak is jumped out from the first,No one can say a Chu Deirers“not good”,However, even together,It is possible to point the spear to a goal.——Shaolin!
Chapter 196 A thousand miles
Chu Deirers’ idea for Huang Rong“Amazing”……
“Can you‘Amazing’The expression is collected?It’s too exaggerated.。”Huang Rong slammed the flat mouth。
“But the dog bear meeting is two months later,Want to go to Wudang,I am afraid……”Chu Deiren has accepted Huang Rong’s idea,It is only some difficulties in the implementation of the implementation.。
Put the Shaolin should be back,Tortune,What kind of behavior is this??Everyday is good.!
As for these pots,Will not produce a fit effect?,There is other association,It’s not about the deer.,Not to mention……Let Huang Rong say this,The Chu Deirers feel that there is really in contact.。
Just from Kaifeng to Wudang,Back from Wudang to Henan,Two months……I am afraid that it is not enough.!
If the Chu Deirens have not practiced recently“Dream god”,With its own“Infinite blue”Characteristics,It’s more than enough.,However, now“Dream god”,The internal force is still slightly strong than the body,Fierce、but no“Infinite blue”Effect。

and,The monster is getting bigger and bigger,The Denon who first bought the monster looked at someone else’s monster a head taller than himself,Can they be willing?

and so,Leo bought a monster, I’m afraid it will last a long time。
It is estimated to be possible in two or three years!
As for more than two or three years……
Many people will see Leo’s profit,I’m afraid I will tame the monster in other ways,Then sell。
Leo’s monster business cannot withstand shocks,There are too many monsters in this world,Leo is not a monster,In the previous life, it is equivalent to a little piglet。
So once it is impacted by others,There is no profit in this industry。
Leo won’t compete with this group of people for the little profit,Too many monsters are worthless,May be the same as a normal slave,Sold for millions or even hundreds of thousands。
“But this year or two must be fine!”
Want to provide a stable monster,Simple taming is useless,It’s to make sure that it won’t violent when the Tianlongren’s stomach is riding.。
This is the hardest thing。
Next,Leo is standing at the door,Help Trangot deal with the ensuing Draco。
For a time,A group of dragon people appeared in the shampoo place。
It makes the shampoo land like a joke,There are too many people in Tianlong,It brings countless troubles。
But Leo used the power of slaying several Draco dogs in succession,At last it shocked these Tianlong people。
These dozens of Tianlong people are all lawless things,Leo says there are no monsters?
They don’t care,Anyway。
Leo can only be forced to shoot。

There is only work in the rest.。

Le Yu:“Hexi,nothing,My sister just came over to see you.。”
Still can’t bear to tell him。
Le Zhenxi is just a smile:“elder sister,This is not as you,If you have anything, you just say it.,I have already released it.。”
Le Yu 妍 神 神,Before the heart is even more:“Hexi,Did you really want to talk??”
Le Zhenxi smiled and nodded,Remember that fresh,slim,Pure girl,His black eyes spilled with a softness,“sister,Falling in love with a person is to make her happiness,Even if you don’t have that person,As long as she can see her happiness,I am happy too.。”
Le Zhenxi voice hoarse,But very calm,visible,During this time, you can’t avoid it.,He really wants to make a lot of things.。
But,This world,Only her,Remember his preferences,He doesn’t even cut apples.,Her face is blaming, the speech,“You are a life idiot。”
This is the first sentence she said to him.。
Le Zhenxi smiles,Body of the heart, the uncomfortable spread,Ok, it is difficult to suppress excitement,But I was easily hooked by my sister.,It seems that he is still not strong enough.。
He feels that he has already come out.,But,I mention this thing,He feels that he is getting deeper.。
“elder sister,You have something to say, let’s talk.。
You also know that blue is the most important person in my life.。”
Whether it is friendship,Love is still affectionate,These for him,Very important,More importantly, they have joined together。
But he believes,There is a love in the world,Do not own,But you can accompany silently,There is another feeling in this world.,Beyond love,Beyond all the feelings,Permanent love than anything。
Le Yu wants to think,Still thinking telling him better:“Hexi,Lu Haocheng pulled the blue blue,so,They are now husband and wife.。”
Le Zhenxi,The whole person is instantaneous pain in a needle。
His black light,Eclipse,He knows that there is such a day between them.,But I didn’t want to be so fast.?
“Xi Xi,Are you OK?”
Le Yu is worried about him。
Le Zhenxi took a deep breath,Low voice:“elder sister,you say,In Fan City,We are all very good.,But why come back to Jiangyou,I lost the blue blue.?
Love with love,I lost her.。”
He thought that he can be strong in the face of all,But now he knows,He dare not face。
Le Yu also sighed,Looking at his painful look,Advise:“Hexi,You don’t have it too sad.,Since there is no,This is also very good。”
Le Zhenxi appeared rare pain,He is not good,He is not good at all。
The girl who changed his life,Burned his desire to work,Strive to life and hope,He wants to make your own achievements with her。
Seven years ago,As an old decadent boy,His all day, in addition to playing games is at the bar orktvIn the middle。
Mom and Dad can’t manage him abroad.,My sister has no way to him.,Sadness all day,And he still doesn’t think,The conditions in the family are excellent,He doesn’t have to do anything in this life.,Can also have money to have a big hand,His days are extremely decadent。
Suddenly there is one day,His life broke into a girl working hard,Design fashion clothing,When a life goal,When he played games,She draws on the night-night drawing,When he went to the bar,She is working hard for work,I don’t know how tired。
She successfully successfully successfully,Infected with a decadent heart。

Even the old master is present,He is almost bullied by people.,Actually no one helped,And also pushed。

Think of these,She doesn’t have so much about the other’s idea.。
Li Huihe heard this,It’s also laughing.。
Although he is now dealing with the existence of a good family, he can believe in hand.,I can even make these people disappeared without knowing the ghost.。
But he also understands the words of the city,With such an ability to deal with those who have that capabilities。
If you deal with ordinary people,So there are indeed a little price,At the same time, it will be chased.。
I immediately gave Su Cool directly.。
Su Qing is also a bit busy,However, the two experts who Li Hui Found came indeed helped very much.。
Especially in the construction of the school,Two experts provide the best solution。
The power supply of the school is basically a day-energy coverage.。
And school design is also unique,But give people a very comfortable feeling。
The playground is also a region divided into a piece of block.,More refined。
The construction of the building around has also been completely started。
It is winter now,So many projects stopped,He is also preparing to go back to the Song Ting to negotiate.,Get married。
He can even feel that Song Ting’s urgent needs。
As for Li Hui,He also wants to contact it.,But thinking about Li Hui’s,He also gave up。
Now I suddenly received a call from Li Hui Feng.,He is the first time, I feel that Li’s wind should be back.。
Otherwise, I will not call him.。
“Hey,Lee brother,I called me so late.,Be back?”
“Hey-hey,Su big brother,I am just coming back to prepare you.,Where are you?”
I heard that Li Hui Hui came back to call him the first time.,Suwa’s heart is still warm。
Even the feeling of trust makes him comfortable。
“I am already in Red Rise County.!”
“Su big brother,How much do you know by Magic Safe??”
Li Hui Feng suddenly asked Xujia,Su cool, I feel that Li Ping should be the trouble of find a family for Xu Ruzhen.。
Go on:“I don’t know much.,After all, after I got the garment factory,Waiters basically ended over,But recently, I listened to the old gold, saying that the family seems to start the winery.。”
A listening winery,Li Hui Rong stunned,Turn it back。
“Row,Native brother is busy,Waiting for me to go back to find you。”
Hang up,Li Peng also looked at Xu Rushan and Xu Donghai.。
“You recently in the winery?”
This exit,Xu Rushan and Xu Donghai are all,At the same time, I also started some drums.。
I don’t understand what Li is the wind.,But the other party can hit their family so quickly.,Still how many scared in the hearts of the two people。
“Correct,We have no relationship with you.?”
“hehe,It doesn’t matter,But you can open the winery,But can’t afford two thousand pieces of rice?
Do you say there is any relationship??”

“boss!Go to bed!Let me warm you up”Women’s Mandarin is good,But listen carefully,Still audible,She should be here。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“My wife will be here in a while,You better go!Got the wrong object”
First0955chapter Basement of small hotel
In the warm room,A sexy woman standing in front of a man,The atmosphere is kind of weird。
“Don’t lie,They are your Xiaomi at best,Let’s change my taste!As the so-called radish and eggplant have their own advantages,That’s why men steal fishy”The woman’s rhetoric is still different。She said,Took off his coat。She who didn’t wear any clothes,Wrapped in a tights,Looks exquisite,It’s really attractive。
Xia Jian admits that he is a womanizer,But he has his own bottom line,When can I color,When can’t color,This is his brilliance。
“move!My wife has a good skill,Be careful to throw you down here”Xia Jian said,So he pulled over which woman’s clothes,Put on her。
The woman shook her head helplessly and said:“Your boss is so stingy,How do you tell us to live?”
“Damn!So many people live upstairs and downstairs,You just find another one!You look so good,Definitely rush to ask”Xia Jian said,So he was going to push this woman out of the door,But I didn’t think it right,So I took the outstretched hand back。
Woman turned around,Sigh and say:“A rich person like you can’t bear it,Let alone drivers who drive big cars,It seems that I missed my sight”Woman talking,Opened the door gently。
Xia Jian’s heart moved,Draw a hundred dollars from his pocket,Chased up,Into a woman’s hand。The woman said to him a little gratefully:“Thank you!You are a good person”
Xia Jian back in bed again,Suddenly feel a little regretful,He really shouldn’t send any woman away,This long night,It might be a good thing to have a quilt。
at this time,Someone knocks on the door again,Xia Jian thought,If you really come back,He really left her behind,People are not romantic, not young,I am in the age of playing,Not playing now,It’s rare to have to wait until you’re seven and eighty to play,That’s really old。He made excuses for himself,Jumped out of bed again。
The door opened,Boss Lin came in。She looks like she has been cleaned up specially。High bun,A light makeup on my face,Little red mouth,Looks sexy and dignified。Under the suede coat,A pink sweater,Two round mountain bags were lifted up by her tall chest。
Is it because the women here are well-developed eating beef and mutton,These things are relatively big?When Xia Jian was thinking about this question,,Boss Lin gave a slight push to Xia Jian and said:“What to watch?it is true,Not fake,Don’t you believe it?”
Xia Jianyi heard what boss Lin asked him to touch her,Can’t help being surprised,He laughed:“Really,How could it be fake,Can be seen at a glance”