To achieve cost efficiency, the implementation of safe construction

At 10:00 on July 4, built in the Second Board company East Ocean Wuzhou II project manager for the Ministry of Commerce, presided over Juan "to achieve cost efficiency, promote safety construction" meeting and elaborated on how safe construction to achieve cost increase efficiency point of view.

Cost control of construction engineering construction safety, first based on past construction experience data security, the security of construction costs to predict, based on the total construction cost forecast data plan and preparation of the construction safety measures cost plan, as a basis for cost control; and the total cost of the construction plan decomposition, inspection costs and promote the implementation of responsibility in the implementation process, the responsible person should implement dynamic supervision and control of the security situation and the process of construction costs; and finally, the actual cost of construction work accounted for construction safety and planning costs, and on this basis to factor the cost of security measures in the form of the construction process and the impact of changes in the cost analysis, in-depth to reveal the cost of changing the law, an effective way to further reduce costs found.

After the meeting, the project manager Ma Jie said that an important way to maintain long-term competitiveness is the cost efficiency and implementation of cost control and better cost management is the primary means of business to achieve cost efficiency.

Cost control of content range, so it should also focus on ways to achieve diversification.

To well implement cost control and effective to achieve cost efficiency, we should first clear their own lack of cost control, and local conditions to develop a reasonable coping strategies. Benefit is the eternal theme.

Due to long-term construction industry at a lower level of management, thus reducing cost and increasing construction is not unfathomable, as long as the business managers in-depth practical, theory with practice, to absorb new experiences, we will be able to explore more effective this synergistic way down. But construction companies cost efficiency but also a "double-edged sword," do a good job will make the company more competitive, otherwise it will backfire.

Ocean Continental II project will continue to promote the construction of production safety, improving cost efficiency and management, and strive to achieve production efficiency both hands, correct! (Guo Di) (Editor: Wu Di, HAN Qing).

People’s Network held a campus media salon training excavation "potential news people"

Wang Shhuai, edited the reporter of the student, introduced the media integration development pattern, the operational model of the People’s Daily’s Weibo, and the training model of the full media talents, but also extended the olive branch of the major college media representatives of the participation, welcome potential News talents join the team.

Chen Ning used a new media to disseminate the new media in a new media, and analyzed the characteristics of network public opinion, analyzed the relationship between the official public opinion and the private public opinion, and finally shared the content of lying jobs. The intended misunderstandings of public opinion. College students have asked the guests, put forward themselves in new media operations, reporting topics, etc., the guests will answer one by one.

The school media salon is co-organized by the People’s Daily News () to build communication and promote growth, excavate, and cultivate potential news talents for college students’ reporters. The event will continue in the future, and the university student forum specializing in the strong country will promptly release the exciting content of the school salon to hold information and guest sharing.

As a national key news website, the People’s Network has long been a good cooperative relationship with major universities. Over the years, he has been supporting the thinking, research and practical activities of college students in the field of news communication. There are currently 11 colleges and universities have launched "People’s Network Scholarship".

From the People’s Daily, the "Most Substant News People Competition" jointly hosted by the National College Campus Website Alliance, is currently the registration stage, and the students can be before August 31.

The basement signal coverage task is over complete

This newspaper (Reporter Xu Guanying) achieves 70,000 elevators, 2500 basement 4G / 5G signal coverage is one of 52 real things in the provincial government this year.

On November 16, the reporter learned from the Provincial Communications Administration that as of the end of September, the province completed 66,481 elevator signal coverage, completion rate reached%; complete 3502 basement signal coverage, completion rate reached%. This people’s livelihood is expected to be completed in advance.

The elevator, the basement wireless signal coverage, the relationship between the communication experience and security, but coverage is large, the cost is high, and there is also a difficulty in public resources, charging, charge, electricity fee, etc. In order to successfully promote this people’s livelihood, the Provincial Communications Authority jointly established a job test, the emergency, market supervision and other departments, and timely coordinate the problem.

The task share is refined to various telecom operators, and the timing progress is decomposed to the quarter, and the responsibility of compaction is ensured. Provincial Communications Administration also organizes expert groups, third-party units, sampling of the provincial elevators, and the basement signal coverage is completed, ensuring that the signal is covered in place.

According to the latest statistics of the Provincial Communications Administration, as of the end of September, Suzhou and Yancheng exceeded the annual elevator signal coverage task, Suzhou completed 12662, which was% of the annual task; Yancheng completed 4642, which was% of the annual task.

In terms of basement signal coverage, 11 sets of districts complete the annual task. Among them, Changzhou, Suzhou actual completion exceeds twice the number of tasks, and the completion rate reaches% and% respectively. The elevator, the wireless signal coverage of the basement will continue to advance.

By 2023, the provincial residential community and the business building have a coverage of 50%. The basement wireless signal coverage is 60%, the transportation hub, large venues, party and government organs, Grade A office buildings, star hotels, Elevators and basements such as shopping malls, large businesses, and basements should be 100% coverage.

Rui’s reference Trump was abandoned …

Although Trump has refused to recognize the selection, after the election governor confirmed the results of the election, Trump’s important supporters, Senate Republican leader Mickey McConnad broke the silence of the results of the presidential campaign. Congratulations to the President of Biden is elected by President in the 15th, becoming the highest level of republicans with Trump.

The US media said to this review that his statement represents a republican party finally admitted that Biden won.

McConnad said that after the election governor confirms the results of the election, the United States has officially elected president and elected vice president.

He also said: Many of us hoped that the presidential election will produce different results, but my country’s system has some determination of the processes who will swear on January 20. Considering that the results of the election must be approved by the Cross-State Course, McConnell also urges other Republican Senators to approve the election results on January 6, do not join hands with any Republican Democrats.

Biden later told reporters that he had called McConnell to thank him and had a good conversation with him.

After the end of the US election, Trump refused to recognize the selection, and most Republican Members have always kept synchronizing with him, and I don’t want public acknowledgment and congratulations. But on the evening of the 14th, a number of senior republicans, such as Lin Sai Gregham, John Condon, Chak Glasley, etc., and admitted to the wins. Why is these republicans who are no longer in Trump, but have begun to jet? Have to say, the electional group confirmed that Biden was elected to Trump’s fatal.

Although Trump has always refused to recognize the selection, he continued to launch legal challenges, but he did not have a hard evidence that his legal team lost dozens of lawsuits in court, and his allyned cases were the highest. The court dismissed, and he could not override the results of the election by legal war. Although Trump also constantly accused the Republican in the election, Trump is still in the election, but this kind of public opinion can only win some supporters sympathy and cannot change their own reality. The Republican camp knows this, and most people think that Trump’s allegations of the election fraud are unregistered, and also know that Trump is weak, and now I can only boover boat, accept reality. Although the election results also require approval of the CPC, since 1887, the Congress has never overturned the presidential election results since 1887. Including McConnell, Senate Republican Party Whole, John Tun, Republican Committee President Roy Brent’s Republican, etc., as well as the same view, and believes that a few Republican members have no meaning. On the other hand, many Republicans have suffered a long time, and finally waited for the opportunity to counterattack.

Many republicans believe that Triang’s various moves can’t afford to hurt the image of the United States, so that they are in the city of the mountains, so that their self-recognized democratic lighthouse is dark, lost the moral foundation for other countries . The results of the election are in fact that dust is settled and can be cut with Trump.

For example, the US Republican House of Republicans Paul Mitchell, suddenly announced that it will formally withdraw from the Republican Party on the 15th. He said in the disclosure of the party, Trump should accept the result of the selection, rather than a selfishness of the US electoral system bad. The Republican Senator, the Republic of Louisiana, also shouted the Trump supporters on the 13th, also shouted the Trumpet supporters accepted the results, he said: If we are still a rule of law country & hellip; & hellip; our next president Biden Will be legally generated.

In fact, the performance of these Republicans is still in accordance with the poll, and the US Fox News Net has shown that 58% of the visited voters do not believe that there is a large-scale elective fraud, 56% of voters believe that Turki Publisher map overturned the results Instead, weaken democracy. At the same time, the Republicans must look forward, they need to begin to ease the relationship with Biden.

McConnell et al. Admitted that the attitude of Biden wins reflect the basic political reality facing the Republicans, and the Republican Congress will have to cooperate with the Biden government in the next four years.

If the two parties are just addicted to the inner fight, they cannot cope with the economic recession and new crown epidemic. The Republican recognizes that the Republican recognizes that they must cooperate with the Biden government on these issues. If they admit that the worship, they can lay down. Base. However, so far, the White House still refuses to accept.

In the case of being asked, the Trump will effectively imitate McConner, the White House News Secretary Kelly Mc Ni said: The president is still involving the election lawsuit. And Trump has not arrived in the Republican parties, he still maintains a high support rate, still have some people whispering in the Republican Party. For example, the Republican Republican House Mo Brookster swear on the 15th that will never fight the dance, and support Trump.

This part of the person continued to be loyal to Trump, and heavily valued the influence of Trump in the supporters. After all, Trump received more votes than his previous president. But now, Trump, who is being abandoned by the Republican, may only be hoped to fight 2024.

All works that are indicated "Source: Reference Message Network" are not allowed to be reprinted, extracted or used in other ways.

The first "Smart Fire Fighting" monitoring center runs online in Wu Xuan

Wu Xuan County Wisdom Fire Data Monitoring Platform.

Lei Fengke photo "Since installed this’ wisdom fire, my heart is much more.

The switch short circuit in the warehouse last month, I first received alert information, and the hidden dangers were quickly excluded, and I avoided the loss. "The autumn of Heaven, Mr. Chen recalls this experience, still has a lingering. Since December last year, the Wu Xuan County government has put more than 800,000, and the first" smart fire "monitoring platform is built in the guest market, using big data, Mobile Internet technology, implement fire facilities, electrical equipment, "Terminal", through remote monitoring systems and mobile APP platforms, real-time monitoring of operating conditions of users, further improving unit itself fire management capabilities.

In Wu Xuan County Smart Fire Monitoring Center, Zhang Jianqiao, fire rescue brigade, the current monitor monitoring, the merchant electricity exception, the smart fire monitoring center will send (SMS) to the head of the household, the household can control the switch through mobile terminal Timely cut off the power to prevent the disaster situation. The investment of Wu Xuan’s "Wisdom Fire" is a minimalistic study of party history education in Wu Xuan County, and realizes the transformation of the transformation in "I do practical things for the masses". In August of this year, Wu Xuan County Smart Fire Monitoring Center successfully launched, all the county fire protection key units access the smart fire platform, and more than 200 houses along the city are also completed the wisdom fire construction.

Since smart firefighting, the successful warning and disposal of electrical equipment failure fire hidden dangers, avoiding economic losses of 5 million yuan, realizing fire warning and monitoring function, the overall fire protection situation of the jurisdiction is continuous. Liao Guijian, secretary of the party committee of Wu Xuan County Fire Rescue Brigade, the next brigade will continue to promote local increasing investment, realize the "smart fire" coverage to township rural areas, solve short boards that are difficult to reach due to remote location, fire extinguishing power, maximum reduction The risk of fire is effective in improving the level of fire supervision and supervision in rural areas.

(Wang Yong Lei Fengke) (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Shuangyang District blows "big docking, big investment, big training" winter battle charge

The cooperation of the mouth is deepened.

According to the sixth party congress of Shuangyang District on "implementation of great open strategy, China cooperation to expand a circle", Qu Chunyu has a comprehensive cooperation with Xihu District to exchange, improve the tightness and synergies of cross-regional cooperation, and in the field Investigate the living room in Xiaowen Tea Town, "Wanjol Tea Township", Shangcheng Village and "Exclusive Tongwu", and has a wide and deep deep and deep and enthusiasm for the relevant partnership of the West Lake District Participation. Sincerely talk about communication. At the joint work exchange symposium, two places in strengthening the communication between party and government, town street, department, village, enterprise, etc. Advantageous complement, resource mutual promotion, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win, etc. The two places will continue to advance forward on the basis of good cooperation, so that the two places will cooperate more specific, more ground, and more effective, and strive to promote the industry’s industry industry to achieve higher quality development.

The investigation took the pioneering perspective.

According to the sixth party congress in Shuangyang District on "Carrying out the leading industry to attack the strength, doing excellent national tourism", Qu Chunyu, a row, "strive to create a national tourism demonstration area, building Changchun’s most distinctive cultural tourism new sector" goal, Going to Yucun and Rujia Village, Zhejiang Province, surrounded by the whole domain tourism.

In the study, Qu Chunyu pointed out that Yu Village explored the combination of autonomous rule of law and rule of rule of law, the typical experience of production and life and life, and the "company Village Family Farm", the "Company Village Family Farm" in Lujia Village, new model, , The effect is real, providing a lot of inspiration for the future development of Shuangyang, it is worth learning from learning.

Next, Shuangyang District will rely on the superior natural environment and profound historical heritage, and unswervingly do this big article in the whole country, specifically "three persistence": adhere to the full space layout, pay attention Online combination, high standard preparation of national tourism development planning, focusing on northern casual intensive tourism line, southern ecological sightseeing tourism line, western characteristic experience tourism line, Eastern farming research tourism line, cultivating ocean hall, Lu Yumu Valley Ecology Botanical Garden, etc. Detonation point.

Adhere to the extension of the whole field, enrich the "five-color" tourism product system, carefully organize the linkage of winter and summer, driving the spring and autumn, driving the whole year, launch the "Shuangyang Gifts" series of rural tourism products.

Adhere to the full-matter supply, improve the reception center, boutique accommodation, smart tourism service, etc., give full play to the tourism association, the scenic area alliance service function, let the tourists experience the upgrade.

(Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

Queen of the Button Empire The Commercial Legend of China’s First Private Business Owner

", AndIhadtofindawaytosurvive, anddoingbusinesswastheonlyoptionthen,", theteenagedZhangbecameastreetvendorsellingsmallcommoditiessuchasbuttons ,, butthatwasalmostenoughtomeettheentirefamily”sbiggestfearbackthenwasthatshemightbedetainedforconducting "speculativeactivities." Backinthe1970s, theterm "businessman" wasequivalentto "pettycriminal" inChina, asthecountrystrictlyforbadeprivate-ownedbusinesses, evenifthisso-called "business" wasnothingmorethananoutdoortablepiledwithknick-knackslikebuttonsandzippers. ", AndIhadtosetupmystalloutsidemyhouse, sothatwhentheofficialscame , IcouldwrapupeverythingandfleeasfastasIcould, "ouldsoonbejumpingonthebandwagontobecomeChina ‘, thedebateonw, Zhangquicklyappliedforabusinesslicensebysubmittingherpersonalinformation ,, shebecamethefirstofmorethan2,000vendorsinWenzhou,", Iwasnolongeraspeculator, andmychildrenwouldnotbeteasedbecauseofmyoccupation, ", Zhangtriedherhandatanumberofdifferentbusinesses ,, oncewhenherbrotherwasbadlyinjuredandshehadtocoverthemedicalbills, andtheotherwhenanun successfulinvestmentinleathershoesincurredtensofthousandsofyuanindebt, adevastatingamountatthattime. "Atthemostcriticalmoment ,, onlyfocusingonbuttons, butwithmyowndesignofthelatestfashions,", with200squaremetersofshopfloorinWenzhou’scommercialcenter, alongwithdesign ,, andhasbec ,, "ladyboss," shewasactuallya "boss", Zhangdecidedtoretire ,, withwhichashygirlwitnessedChina’srapideconomicdevelopmentandprogressover40years. "Afterall, weareallsmallbuttons, butdon’tforget, buttonswillalwaysbeneededandwillalwayshavetheirplaceonclothes ".