Tianshan South China Exhibition Shi Yan – Write the first anniversary of the third Central Central Xinjiang Work Symposium

In September, Xinjiang, Jinfeng refreshed, fruit and vegetable fragrance. In the city, rural, pasture, you can feel peaceful and peaceful.

Last year, the third Central Central Xinjiang Work Symposium was held, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and published an important speech, and explained the new Times of the new era, from the strategy and global height, doing Xinjiang for the current and future. Make a major deployment. In the past year, the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang have implemented in depth of the spirit of the conference, seeking a long time, and the rejuvenation of the people is striving to build a new era of united and harmonious, prosperous, civilized progress, peacekeeping, and good ecological.

Harmonious and stabilizing the development of Changzhi, the new article, the new article, Xinjiang society, the social stability and Changzhi Dynasty, the relationship of the national reform and development is stable, the reunification of the motherland, the national unity, the national security, the relationship between the Chinese nation. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that adhere to the social stability and Changzhi Di’an as the total goal of Xinjiang. Important of General Secretary General Secretary, in the past year, the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang have focused on the total objectives, lay a combination of punch, highlight socialist rule of law, promote the spirit of the rule of law, and insist on strictly crack down on violent terrorist crimes, and pay attention to the source governance, the biggest Eliminate the soil and conditions of breeding terrorism, religious extremism, and ensure that citizens’ basic rights are guaranteed from violation. At present, Xinjiang has not had violent terrorist cases, criminal cases and public security cases have been significantly reduced for more than 4 years.

Do a good job in Xinjiang, inseparable from strong and powerful grassroots party organizations.

In the Town, Xinjiang, Yining County, Wantairi, Wantali, and a paragraph of the asphalt road, a new house of a red roof was surrounded by green trees, and a new solar street light stands on the side.

All this is inseparable from an old book.

In the "July 1 Medal", I bought another 30 years of the secretary of the Village Party Branch, and the Buli opened the village, turned into a home industry. Everyone has a wealthy village. , Civilized village. In the past year, Xinjiang has strengthened the party’s leadership and cadres, especially grassroots cadres, and the grassroots party organizations actively contact the masses, serve the masses, condense the masses, benefit the masses, play the fighting fortress, lead the children of the people in the new era of Kangzhuang Avenue . Since ancient times, Xingxin is borderly.

Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps is a strategic force for realizing the total goals of Xinjiang. Since the 3rd Central Xinjiang Work Symposium, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps surrounded the development of short boards, extended industry chains, and system planned a series of market prospects, large-scale volume, economic benefits, sustainable major projects. In order to implement a rural revitalization strategy and promote high quality development injecting power, stabilizers of the side of Dunjui, the exemplary area of ??the large furnace, advanced productivity, and advanced culture of the various groups. The development of Xinjiang is inseparable from the support of the country.

The huge picture of the country’s actions of Xinjiang is a touching collection of the stories in all areas of all nations. Currently, thousands of aid projects are fully promoted. Take the cotton textile industry as an example. As of 2020, the production capacity of Xinjiang cotton textile industry has reached 20.38 million ingots, a total of 600,000 employment, and became an important production base in the national textile industry.

Behind the rapid development of the industry, is the policy support of the national and autonomous regions, and inventory in the 19 provinces and cities, the power of the national industries will enter the country.

Watching each other is a multi-ethnic group, which is a multi-ethnic group. It is closely related to the children of Xinjiang. It is interdependent, and it is related to the joint, jointly building Xinjiang, and jointly maintains the stability of the frontier, the national unity, national unity. On the evening of April 30 this year, an emergency rescue vividly interprets the harmonious relationship between the people of the people of Xinjiang, a harmonious relationship between mutual assistance. In order to rescue an unexpected arm, Uighur boy is urgently traveled to Urumqi, and the land of Xinjiang Hetian Airport fly to Urumqi took off and returned to the corridor "secondary opening".

Visiting the second full rescue, the operation is successful.

The family of Abduli Jigi Yimi said excitedly: "Our family is happy in China, living in Xinjiang." General Secretary Xi Jinping "Let the Chinese National Community Consciousness Treatment of the Treatment of the Treatment of the Treatment" The people in Xinjiang have extensive exchanges, comprehensive communication, deep blending, like pomegranate seeds, together, condense, united, and prosperous and prosperous development.

Adhere to the direction of Islam in Xinjiang, realize religious health development, significant. Hetian area in Mo Yumu County has a good facilities such as Baghg Street, Water, Electricity, Radio and Television, but also equipped with pharmaceutical services, air conditioning, fire, drinking water and water-shaped toilets. It is very convenient to believe in the masses. Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai, the mosque, said that the country’s religious policies have been implemented well in Xinjiang. He will always guide the people who love the motherland, defend the law, and to make a society, and contribute to the hometown. .

In the past year, Xinjiang has comprehensively implemented the party’s religious freedom policy, adhering to my country’s religious China, safeguards the normal religious demand and normal religious activities of the letter from the law, and actively guides religion and socialist society.

Cultural Run, moisturizing the field.

At the beginning of the school, the students of Yangming Primary School in Kuqiu, Aksu, were in the traditional Chinese national costume, held the Chinese traditional cultural ceremony such as "Enterprises".

It is understood that the headquarters of Ningbo, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, has repeatedly launched the topic activities of China’s outstanding traditional culture into the campus theme event, so that children grow up in the interest of the Chinese excellent traditional culture.

Strengthening the big unity, long-term and fundamental of the Chinese nation is to enhance cultural identity and build a spiritual home in the construction of all ethnic groups.

A series of cultural Runwar Projects are constantly carrying forward China’s excellent culture, so that the flowers of China’s outstanding traditional culture are more beautiful in Xinjiang.

Since the third central Xinjiang Work Symposium, it is close to the Xinjiang Work Symposium, and the Party Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has implemented the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, historic solving absolute poverty. The poverty poverty is not the end, but the new life, the starting point of the new struggle.

In the past year, Xinjiang has tight around the promotion of employment and prevents regeneration, and constantly enhances people’s livelihood.

In the Golden Autumn Festival, in a industrial park in Hetian District, Macato, Akwood, is skilled in a textile and apparel business.

His home lies in Bassas, Baghg Village, Tianxian Ximzaza Town.

Two years ago, he appointed a textile and apparel company at home to work, soon growing into a mature worker in the workshop, with 5,000 stable revenues per month. Local, industrial workers like him are very common. The development of industrial development is an effective way to prevent the poverty poverty to poverty and enhance people’s livelihood. In the past year, all local conditions have been in Xinjiang, broaden the employment channels, drive industries with projects, and promote employment with industries, and improve people’s livelihood.

At the same time, in order to consolidate the poverty reduction, effectively prevent the new poverty, Xinjiang relying on the poverty reduction of the big data platform, establishing anti-retroception, poor monitoring and warning and dynamic help mechanism, ensuring that the poor should not return poverty, general households do not need to be poor .

The green mountain is Jinshan Yinshan. Good ecology is an important feature of Xinjiang, Chinese characteristics.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xinjiang has driven green development and protecting the ecology, has begun to harvest the environmental improvement.

The three sides of Mai Caiti County, Kashgar, accounts for more than 90% of the total area of ??the county. The lack of water resources, the vulnerability of the ecological environment, and severely constrained the local economic and social development.

Improve the desert, Mai Caiti County planned to build millions of mu of anti-wind and mouth ecological forest project.

More than 100,000 cadres in the county have planted Xinjiang Yang, Hu Yang, Shazu, Red willow, Shuhu, etc., built a green Great Wall on the edge of the desert. Today, Wheat Taxi is reduced by more than 50 days from 2010 in 2010, and the annual rainfall increased from millimeters in 2010 to 110 mm. Today’s Xinjiang, the ecological environment is obviously improved, and it is livable to the north and south of Tianshan, the Great New Jintian is blue, the mountain is greener, and the water is clearer.

Xinjiang has a unique location advantage. At the third Central Central Xinjiang Work Symposium, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward hopes to Xinjiang: creating inland open and open highlands along the edge.

Clan Unicom Eurasian, Silk Road Riga Long Ming. From January to July this year, the accumulation of 3,561 in the Oshankou Port of Xinjiang, and the transportation of 10,000 tons.

Today’s Xinjiang is based on the deployment of General Secretary Xi Jinping to promote the construction of the core area of ??the Silk Road. The level continues to improve. The grand blueprint has been painted, and the dream is only struggling.

People who live in this hot soil have firmly believe that future life will be more happy, and Xinjiang will will be more brilliant.

(Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, September 24, Electronic Reporter Wang Qi, Yu Tao, Gao Wei, Sun Zhe).

Provide the same brand product to participate in the sub-contract sub-contract proposal for multiple bidders

For multiple bidders, the same brand products are provided to participate in the sub-contract sub-contract sub-contract sub-contract Source: [] The Ministry of Finance has drafted the "Administrative Measures for the Administration of Government Procurement Goods and Service Bidding" (Draft of the Draft) (hereinafter referred to as " Draft for the comments "), disclose opinions to the society. The introduction of the comment is one of the major measures to implement the spirit of "Deepening the Government Procurement System Reform Plan", aimed at dredging, cracked a series of difficulties, pain points, and blocking problems in the practice of government procurement bidding practice. However, there is still a need to be discussed with the provisions of the bidders to provide the same brand products to participate in the same contract. According to the description of the Administration of Government’s Procurement Goods and Service Bidding, the Administration of Tendering Bidding, the Draft for Drafts of Revised Draft "(hereinafter referred to as" Drabs "), the current" Administrative Measures for Government Procurement Goods and Service Bidding Bidding "(Ministry of Finance No. 87, hereinafter referred to as "No. 87 Order") About the same brand of bidders to participate in the contract of the bidding under the same contract contract is too cumbersome, it is not easy to understand and operate in practice. Therefore, it is easy to travel, and the effectiveness should be the primary goal of this 87th revision. According to the provisions of Article 37 of the Subject, Non-single product procurement projects, to provide the same brand product, the bidders exceed 50% of its bidders, the bidders, as the same brand bidders, calculated according to a qualified bidders. The same brand bidder needs to "PK" first, then the winner will again "PK" with other brand bidders to decide the final winning candidate.

  But the draft on the same brand more bidders to participate in the bidding process prescribed under the same contract does not address the actual operation of the non-single product items from a fundamental confusion, and may even trigger a new round of controversy.

Non-single product items, the current number of 87 orders there is controversy on the "core products" setting, there is draft priority dispute on more "50%" of. It is this priority dispute and there is still too cumbersome and inconvenient operation problems when the party in government procurement bidding process under the same brand in more bidders to participate in the same contract.

  Let’s assume, for a procurement three kinds of goods, a total of six suppliers to participate in the tender, cast concrete products, brand, price and overall score is shown in Table. Vendors and suppliers between 1, 3, 4, 2 and between suppliers 4 suppliers, vendors and suppliers between 3 and 5 are present, "offers the same brand of product prices are more than 50% of its total bid price "situation.

According to draft Article 37 and draft instructions to the bidders between the same brand of non-single product items to "PK", and then choosing the winner, and then with other brands bidders "PK", must the successful candidate. The first case: if the first supplier for "PK" between 1 and 2,3,4 supplier, the supplier 2 win, supplier bid process as invalidity 1,3,4; and 2 suppliers and vendors then "PK" between 5, 5 wins suppliers, vendors 2 press invalid tender process; the end, only two suppliers 5,6 bid is valid, the project bid rejection.

  Second case: if the first performed "PK" between vendors and suppliers 5 2, 5 winning supplier, supplier 2 by invalid tender process; supplier 1 and then further between suppliers 3,4 "PK "suppliers 1 win, 3 and 4 by the supplier invalid tender process; 1,5,6 final three suppliers as a valid tender, the supplier 5 the highest score. The third case: if the first supplier for "PK" between supplier 2 and 5, 5 winning supplier, supplier 2 by invalid tender process; and 3 between the supplier and the supplier then 6 "PK", 3 winning supplier, supplier bid process 6 by invalid; supplier then finally "PK" between 1 and 3,4 suppliers, supplier 1 win, supplier 3,4 press invalid tender process; only the final vendor 1,5 two is valid tenders, the project bid rejection. Case 4: the first supplier for "PK" between the supplier 3 and 6, the winning supplier 3, the supplier bid process as invalidity 6; and suppliers "PK" between supplier 2 and 5, the supply 5 winning supplier, supplier 2 by invalid tender process; supplier then finally "PK" between 1,3,4, 1 winning supplier, supplier bid invalid processing by 3,4; 1,5 ultimately only supplier two is validly tendered, the project bid rejection. Fifth case: If the vendor first be "PK" between 3 and 6 vendors, suppliers 3 wins, 6 by suppliers invalid tender process; and suppliers "PK" between 1,2,3,4 , 2 wins suppliers, vendors 1,3,4 by invalid tender process; and finally supplier then "PK" between 2,5, 5 winning suppliers, vendors 2 press invalid tender process; ultimately only supplier 5 It is a valid tender, the project bid rejection.

  As shown in the above hypothetical case, the first "PK" link, choose a different priority order supplier "PK", different results purchases may occur.

To avoid controversy, to improve procurement efficiency, the proposed abolition between the same brand bidders to "PK" link, adjusted to the tender offer (lowest evaluated bid price) or a composite score (overall score) the revision of Decree 87 determine the order validly tendered suppliers, ie non-single product procurement projects, participate in the tender under the same contract of two or more bidders, provided the price of the same brand products are more than 50% of its total bid price, according to the tender offer from low to high (the lowest evaluated bid price) or a composite score (overall score) in descending order, according to the same brand bidders review the highest scores continue to participate in the assessment, the other with brand bidding process according to the principles of the tender invalid click OK effective supply tender business.

  In the above hypothetical case, for example, in descending order of total score: 5 Supplier> Supplier 2> Supplier 1> Supplier 3> Supplier 4> 6 ??suppliers.

First of all, determined in accordance with 5 composite score first supplier with brand suppliers 2 is invalid tender; second place due to the combined score 2 supplier has been determined in accordance with the above provisions is invalid tender, followed by a composite score based on the third supplier 1 determine with brand suppliers 3,4 invalid tender, and so on, eventually to effectively meet the above three bidders so far, otherwise the project bid rejection.

  In addition, for the procurement of integrated score, between the same brand bidders to "PK", equal to the total score inform in advance the procurement and evaluation experts on behalf of these suppliers can easily lead to follow-up review of a "Man under Caidie" Case. Processing rules after the execution of adjustment, not only can reduce the level of practical operation of controversial disputes and manipulated space, but also better able to prevent the procurement parties aim at a "known scores of suppliers" link in the assessment carried out "under the Caidie Man" .

The higher the same time, according to the processing rules adjusted to provide the same degree of polymerization of branded products, the successful qualification of suppliers to obtain the greater the difficulty, but also help promote effective competition.

As hypothetical case, the vendor provides a degree of polymerization of the same brand of the highest (total of four suppliers 1,2,3,4), the supplier obtained a successful qualification needs at least two different brands offer products supplier . [Author: Tianjin Public Resource Exchange Center (Tianjin Municipal Government Procurement Center)].

Sichuan only! Jinsha Site likes two archaeological awards

Original title: Sichuan only! Jinsha Site likes two archaeological prizes on October 18, the 3rd China Arctic Conference opened in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, and the "100-year hundred archaeological discovery" and archaeological sites were released. Excellent project.

The Chengdu Jinsha Site was discovered by Chengdu Cultural Relics Archaeological Team, and the Chengdu Jinsha Ruins of Chengdu Jinsha Site was selected as a "100-year-old archaeological discovery" and archaeological site protection show excellent projects. This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese modern archeology. In the past 100 years, several generations of archaeons have been rushing, unremitting efforts, and achieve a series of major archaeological discovery, showing the origin of Chinese civilization, development of the contribution to the world civilization, in order to better understand the source of the source, the profound Chinese civilization Important role.

In May of this year, after the "100-year-old archaeological discovery selection promotion" launched, 337 application materials were received throughout the country.

In the end, Chengdu Jinsha Site stood out and was selected as "a hundred years of archaeological discovery".

  On February 8, 2001, Jinsha was shocked, known as "the first major archaeological discovery of China’s 21st century". In the past 20 years, the Jinsha Site has been discharged from 133 locations. The exploitation area exceeds 200,000 square meters. It is basically confirmed that the Jinsha Site is another political, economic and cultural center, ancient, economic, cultural center, ancient The country is in the late stage of the Shang Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period. The foundation of the Sands Site not only answers the mystery of Samsung’s civilization, but also advances from Chengdu’s urban history to the distance from the history of Chengdu Plain, the Samsung Requires, the Warring States Shipping Tomb, and the Tomb of the Out of Civilization course. In the past 20 years, the Sands Site has won many honors in the new national top ten archaeological discovery in 2001, and is announced by the State Council as the national key cultural relics protection unit, and the Chinese Cultural Heritage Preparation Directory is selected; the Jinsha Site Museum has successfully declares the national level museum , The first batch of national archaeological sites and national wisdom museum pilot units.

The "Jinsha Site Sacrifice Zone Excavation Report" is coming soon.

  It is worth mentioning that the selection activities also selected five major archaeological sites from the national list of archaeological sites in the country, and the Sands Site is the only archaeological site from Sichuan. In the past 20 years, as the beginning of Chengdu’s urban history, the Jinsha ruins turned gorgeous from the archaeological site, and became an archaeological site park with historical site protection and urban green space, and it also became the theme museum that was developed with the city and shared with the public. Relying on the unique archaeological site, the cultural connotation of distinctive characteristics, the Sands Site has been constructed by the industry and the public. In order to enable the Sands Site Museum in the national list of all archaeological sites in the country, one of the five archaeological sites, which has been ranked one of the excellent projects, and won the site of this award including Beijing Zhoukou Site, Zhejiang Yuhang Liangzhu Site, Fujian Sanming Wanshou Rock Site, Shaanxi Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, etc.

(Cover Journalist Zengjie) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Sofaran Cultong Pei Entrepreneurship: Little wipes big dream

  Plateau alkaline wipes. Plateau alkaline wipes are a new product in Sofaran Capi and his team, which is used for leather products such as leather shoes, leather clothes and car seats. Sofang Capi said, although there are many types of wipes, no matter whether it is in the area, there is no particularly prominent such brand, so their alkaline wipes have a certain market prospect. . "With the rapid development of economic society, people’s requirements for life have become higher and higher. The alkaline wipes developed by our company, the main components contain glycerin, silicone oil, etc., and some of the local flowers, not only appearance, not only beautiful. Small packaging, easy to carry, strong clean, high utilization … and cheap, it is very affordable to consumers, can greatly save people’s cleaning, maintenance of leather products, providing great convenience for people’s daily trivial life.

"Talking about your own products, Sofaran Capi’s face is full of confidence. Strengthening the promotion of the brands say this competition, Sofang Capi said that he can achieve the current achievements, in addition to its persistence and team members In addition, it is also inseparable from the current good entrepreneurial environment. "Thank you very much for this competition platform for the organizers, let us have a chance to show your brand and product, and thank the judges and the audience to support our products. We will assume the social responsibility of the enterprise with practical actions, which gives the strength of the economic and social development.

"It is understood that in the process of entrepreneurship, Sofang Capi has also been supported by government entrepreneurship subsidies, so dedication, giving back to society is also a matter of his heart.

"At present, the company can provide a small number of employment positions. It will provide more employment positions and to help local college students and farmers and herdsmen, and their team plans to use local various holidays in the next three years. Activities, such as horse racing, winter, New Year’s event, etc., have a strong promotion of its products. At the same time, it is planned to cooperate with Taobao, Tmall and other e-commerce platforms, to do a good job of strong and e-commerce business, to improve product reputation, with brand effects, and achieve the company’s further growth.

  "Next, we will continue to improve the quality of the product, through further optimization of packaging, broaden sales channels, etc., create good market identity and competitiveness, continue to provide more environmentally friendly, fashionable, health products for consumers. Service experience, I hope our products will be widely used in the field of personal home care, automotive maintenance, and strive to become an environmentally friendly pioneer in the industry. "Solan said. The reporter learned that in addition to making a plateau alkaline wipe product, Sofaran Central Pei and his team also do some investment operations in the field of sharing charging treasure, Cordyceps sales. It can be said that there is a sound color.

This year, Xiji Hongxiao Co., Ltd. jointly joined Tibet Houssil Trading Co., Ltd., and opened a driving company in the song – Tibet Yak Dynasty Driving Company. With the continuous improvement of its industrial structure, and its business model is mature, it is believed that Sofang Culti and his team will get more far from the future of future entrepreneurship, and their lives will be more exciting because of entrepreneurship. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

The death of the female anchor: netizens start, depression, drink pesticide suicide

  Young Zhuzhou Net Red "Luo Kitty Guard", due to depression and emotional troubles, live pesticides in Shandong live broadcast, after death, death, no number of people regret.

  On October 18, Sanxiang Duoji reporter multi-contact investigation incident passed, anger, when the incident, some netizens started to "hurry", "don’t speculate." At present, the family of "Luo Xiaogang Gu" is dealing with afterwards, and friends hope not to be disturbed.

  ■ Text / Video Reporter Yang Jie Regulations [Progress] Family plans to be respoted on October 18th, Sanxiang Metropolis reporter calls the "Luo Kitten Gu" mother and friends, even the interview, "I don’t want to talk about this matter again." I hope that everyone will put the center in other events.

"Luo Xiaogang Gui" said on October 17, said that they are working on their daughters in Shandong, but also revealed that "daughter suicide has nothing to do with the former boyfriend, and there are netizens in the live broadcast when the incident is finally caused. Tragedy happened, considering the legal responsibility of pursuing lazy.

"[Event] The anchor of the anchor is a" Luo Kitten Gu ", wearing bloggers, usually sharing some popular Selfie, more than 700,000 fans. Tragedy is from live.

On the evening of October 14, "Luo Xiaogang Gui" took the pesticide when the short video platform was broadcast live.

When she took out the pesticide, some netizens began to ridicule, said that they were soaring that they were selling in the live broadcast, and more netizens constantly got a message. She "I will drink it", and some netizens should advise her not to do stupid things.

  On the same day, "Luo Xiaogang Gui" published a video in a personal video account, "This is probably the last video, thank you all the way."

In the video, she revealed that she had a long time, and even hospitalized for more than two months. "You see me happy, it is to show you.

I hope that everyone will see my video is happy, but I can’t afford it recently.

"In the video, her face is pale, the emotion is low. On the 15th, the bad news came, the girl was separated from the rescue. The insider revealed that" Luo Xiaogang Gui "did not intend to commit suicide, then I want to save this way. Prior to his boyfriend, the pesticides in live broadcasts were against the drink. "She didn’t want to die at the time. "Then, after 120 and 110, it is also her own. This founder believes that" the truly suicide is because of the live broadcast of netizens. "

  In a video of "Luo Kitten Gu", the user "You is most precious" comment: "Hahaha, really drink."

"After the comment is deleted, the platform cannot be searched.

  Sanxiang Metropolis reporter today reviewed the official microblogging of the short video platform, netizen "your most precious" has been banned account, the reason is to combat online violence.

  [Lawyers] After the lazy must bear the legal responsibility tragedy, most of the netizens are distressed and angry, and they have published the audience of ruthless encouraging speech in the live broadcast.

  Is there anyone who started from the death and live broadcast? Yang Gang, Lawyer, Hunan French Law Firm, believes that some onlookers in live broadcasts, from the way to vent, some netizens only pictures of the mouth, no consequences, "from ethical morality and social responsibility perspective, this incident The kitcher must bear the corresponding legal responsibility. "Yang Gang believes that live broadcast of pesticide suicide is negative for the law, should not release, disseminate, show, platform operators should bear the social responsibility of the company, if the platform exists Discuss suicide or other "dangerous" content, should take measures such as shielding, ban, disconnecting links, and determine the identity and behavioral location in the first time, notifying the local public security department as soon as possible to prevent tragedy.

  Reporter’s memory died in onlookers? Solver! A young life, under the eyes of the eyes, under the wafer, alone.

  When her dead news is spread, I don’t know those Icy, those calls make her fast onlookers, have you feel the shackles of the big evil.

  Because a flower season can be persuaded, it is possible to look back at this cold onlookers. Many years later, people still remember her, this girl who went to death in the unscrupulous of violent netizens. – How is this creepy scene.

  Mr. Lu Xun said: Mr. Lu Xun said: Anything that is weak, even if the physical improvement is perfect, how to thrive, and can only do meaningless illumination materials and viewers. Many years later, in the live broadcast, these angered mobs have also repeated the same mistakes, fools, and do not seek. Save people, or pursue a person, reality, can easily choose the question of life, in a small number of netizens, and easily leave the problem. The Internet is not a gentle place, and it is a key ring of society.

The platform must strengthen supervision and intervene in time; netizens should be good, fearful. When the walker is surrounded, it will be broken, and those who are, will it be cold? This is the harsh behavior of the jumper in real life, and the poor behavior of the river is there? Life is never gaining a fan of fans, nor is the game of Bo.

An irritating consequences, a ruthless indifference, which may become the last straw of the dead girl.

  If you are sunny, the network will not be dark. Perhaps you are hidden behind the screen, you can escape the sanctions of the law, but the condemnation of the conscience will never disappear.

  Keep good, start from the language, starting from each word of the knock. Netizen voice netizen "AVRIL source": silly girl, others, let you give up your lives easily. Netizen "Panongchi": People who hope that online violence can be sanctions. Netizen "Xiaofei Classmates": a three-wheeled, a word, wounded in June.

  Netizen "VOV": The original network can also "kill".

  Netizen "Xiaolin Yan": The network violence is too horrible, I hope everyone can manage their hands and mouth.

  Netizen "Li Junjie": When the avalanche, there is no snowflake is innocent.

Transfiguration "Epidemic Prevention Little Warrior"!Visiting the deposits of various vaccination 3 to 11 years old

Each vaccination of the vaccine has received an epidemic prevention, a small warriors bookmark, and distributed "a letter to Grandpa grandmother, grandfather."Beijing News reporter Pudfather Photography reported on November 16th, the 3 to 11-year-old new crown vaccination point, primary school and parents were collected, waiting for vaccination.At present, the city began to advance the new crown vaccination of 3 to 11 years old, and Xicheng District involves thousands of primary and secondary school students, thousands of children.Guang’anmen’s foreign street children’s vaccination site is divided into four floors, a layer of registration, two-layer vaccination, three or four layers.

Under the cooperation of staff, teachers, parents, all processes are in order.

As of 12:00 on November 16, Guangwai Street was shared in 3 to 11 years old 6796.

The picture shows: The teacher leads the student to wait.

Shijiazhuang employees medical insurance implementation municipal co-ordination next year

  A few days ago, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Tax Office jointly issued the "Shijiazhuang City Workman Basic Medical Insurance City Coordination Implementation Plan", clearly implement the scope of the employee medical insurance, the construction of the employee medical insurance, the payment policy, the treatment level will Fully unified, give full play to the health of the health fund to protect people’s livelihood and promote the role of economic and social development.

This policy will be officially implemented from January 1 next year. After the employee medical insurance municipal level, Shijiazhuang’s minimum payment base will be unified.

The total amount of employees in the job is higher than the average wage of the employment personnel of all-diameter urban units in the city. According to my last year, the total amount of actual salary is used as a payment base; the average wage of the employment personnel of all-in-one urban units in the city is lower year, according to the city’s previous year The average salary of the employment personnel of all-diameter urban units serves as the payment base. The basic medical insurance premium of flexible employees pays 8% of the average salary of all-diameter urban employees in the city, flexible employees do not pay a birth insurance premium. At the same time, the level of medical treatment will be unified.

On the basis of the current employee medical insurance policy in Shijiazhuang City, adjust the medical policy in the city’s coordination area, and the employee workers can be based on the condition, the medical insurance, the medical insurance, the medical expenses, the medical expenses, direct settlement, and coordinate interior The safeguards of the safeguards are all intended to achieve unrendrites in the coordinated area.

  In addition, the employee medical insurance fund implements the municipal-level harvesting branch, and the fund’s income of the city is returned to the municipal social security fund finance for the financial account, the city’s medical security department and its operational agencies unified to approve the city fund spending plan. The municipal fiscal department is unified to arrange funds.

Establish employee medical insurance risk adjustment, and risk adjustment is 5% per year, with 5% of the basic medical insurance premiums of the previous year, and the accumulated extraction of risk adjustment is no longer extracted when the income of the overall fund is 10%.

(Reporter Huo Xiangbo).

The second red line of Green Space is connected to the green, and the original plan is 8 months in advance.

People’s Daily Network Changsha December 11th, the real estate finance prudent management system of "three red lines" as the core, the green space ushered in the second red line to reach the green. As of the end of October, according to the relevant indicators of the joint implementation of the central bank and the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Green Space Holding Net Rate Indicators have dropped below 100%, and the label is shining, and the original plan is 8 months in advance.

This is based on the first red line cash short debt, on the basis of reaching the green line in advance in February this year, the second red line reaches the bid to the green, marking the relationship between the green land loss, and the overall progress, overall progress Quick node requirements of the central bank. Green House Holding Loss Liabilities, go to the lever continuously to meet the standard, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of "three steps" and lowering the liabilities.

In the first year, according to the central bank’s window guidance, Green Space Holdings will develop the "three-step" reduction road chart and timetable, that is, from June 30, 2020, a year, until June 30, 2023 completed "Three Red Wire" turns green. At present, the asset-liability rate after the green space holding off the pre-receipt will continue to decline, and the last red line will be sprinkled to the green.

At the same time, the total amount of interest and liabilities will drop 7 billion yuan in October, which has fallen by 71.5 billion yuan this year, and it has fallen by 137.9 billion yuan over the high last year.

In the year, the balance balance balance is expected to be reduced to 230 billion yuan, and the history is new.

Among them, the balance balance of real estate industry is expected to be reduced to 120 billion yuan.

In the context of continuous loss of debt, the Greenland Holdings will still achieve smooth development. On the one hand, according to the three quarter reports of the company, the main economic indicators of the green space have increased, and the main industries such as real estate and infrastructure are steady. In the first three quarters of this year, the accumulated business income is 426.8 billion yuan, an increase of 33% year-on-year; the total profit is 21.6 billion yuan, and the net profit of the shareholders of listed companies is 11.2 billion yuan, the net asset yields are%; the net funds are 49.1 billion Yuan, an increase of 880% year-on-year. On the other hand, after adjusting structure, quality, green space asset structure, business structure, continuous optimization, quality and efficiency improvement, and pre-development expectation, and deterministic increase.

As of the end of the third quarter, the company’s total assets were 1394.3 billion yuan, net assets were 94.8 billion yuan, while the total assets were stable, net assets increased by 12% from the beginning of the year.

Next, the Greenland Group will also have to pay for the sold projects to be completed, and ensure product quality, and effectively maintain customer interests.

At the same time, the steady development, anti-risk is placed in a more important position, continues to practice internal work, quality, and consolidate the basis of high quality development of strengthening enterprises.

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To "shadow" for the media to history as a "warning" Liuyang Yongan town red film tribute to a century

The event site.

People Changsha Liuyang Yonganzhen courtesy April 24 to promote the Party electric learning education among the masses, grassroots, popular, Liuyang City Yongan Town to carry out "revisit classic red, to celebrate the founding of years" in the town within a hundred red film screenings, through a Department of red classic film, a story of a revolutionary hero to the masses doorstep, guide party members and cadres and the masses to "shadow" for the media to history as the "Kam", drawn forward from the classic red film wisdom and strength, brought together the future of majestic mighty force. Red beginner’s mind "dial" heartstrings "We greet the rising sun, walking on the new road, we are good sons and daughters, and write a new chapter in the times." April 23, Yonghe Village Cultural Square outgoing party building a loud and clear voice, more than 200 party members in unison singing "revival", opened a hundred film screenings red prelude, everyone’s emotions are also fully mobilized, then led in Liuyang City, responsible person Yonganzhen next, they face the red flag solemn oath, clank oath echoed in the square, Sincere commitment to encourage each other before the line. "Formally join the party once in a lifetime, to join the party ideologically whole life, I joined the party in order to make themselves more motivated, to make contributions on the job, I want time to party membership demands on themselves, to live up to the party’s culture, help parenting, gay . "Chen Yonghe village party members to make long party deep in the General Assembly" confession ", but also here to party members demonstrated their determination to serve the people. "As a party member, I have been actively participating in the activities of Party organizations, Tan sway man, working sense, wholeheartedly serve the masses.

"Old party members Guo Yilong to share their own" party why "the beginning of the heart and" what to do for the party, "the mission." We should always bear in mind their party membership, can pick the heaviest burden, dare bite the hardest bones. "Yonghe village Party branch secretary Shao meter red placed on all party members eagerly look forward to. When the road did not forget to firm the foot of the road, Dawn of the way, Yonganzhen all party members and cadres to nail the spirit of solid work, written at the beginning of the next mission to the heart of responsibility defensive responsibility, diligence, the writing action in serving the public’s.

Red song "ring" thorough heart History is the best textbook, History is the best nutritional supplement. Yonganzhen the History of Education in conjunction with the red song pull song competition, review the history of the song, to further enhance the appeal and resonance force. Familiar song after another classic songs boosting the red tide event. "I was young, liked to sing, especially red song, people in high spirits, a few days ago I started practicing at home." Yonghe Village Peng Guiping old party of famous songs full of interest.

"Let me sing red songs mood boosting, both sing our voice, also singing voice of the times." CHEN Li-ping Party led by party members singing the patriotic love for the party the strongest voice.

Red movie "reflect" into the heart to wait until 19 o’clock sharp, the film "Party Albert" on-time player, to come to the viewing masses more and more. The film recreates the period of stormy period 1911-1921 history and relive the older generation of martyrs in order to save the people from untold miseries, in order to save the crisis in the country and the nation, after hardships and untiring struggle finally created a difficult process of the Communist Party of China. As the story progresses, the movie’s a wonderful scene, one touching detail, a section of wonderful lines, so many people are viewing red eyes, in exchange Taking the martyrs, the people from history get past the reality of revelation, drawing a strong spiritual force.

"I have not seen the movie many years, and this event makes me relive happy childhood, but also deepened the understanding of the Party, and I have to look after each issue." Yonghe villagers Liu grandfather reading after something more to say. "I have seen this movie before, let me look back at this time there are not the same sentiment, the Communists are not afraid of sacrifice, brave spirit so admirable a.

Without the Communist Party would be no new China, no we are now a stable life, we must cherish the moment, the party loving the motherland and love the people. "Old party members Shao Liangping said excitedly.

It is understood that the Yonganzhen orderly way "revisit classic red, to celebrate the founding of a century," a hundred red film screenings, the film sent to the red campus, enterprises, village group, into the community, into millions of households, the majority of guide party members and cadres and the masses love to know the history of the party, known Shi Aiguo, increasing responsibility and play a real work of our posts.

Yonganzhen innovative learning History "Open", relying on the early red hearts, red songs and red film for the majority of party members and cadres and the masses Shang Hao "History lesson", passing red spirit, to assume responsibility mission, effectively to education as an opportunity to learn History in red classic movies as a carrier, the cadres and masses for the audience, the final formation of the whole society to participate consciously view red shadow, learning History, real work, good atmosphere.

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Purple Mountain, south of the ancient lunar sample study was important progress

  Original title: Purple Mountain, south of the ancient study of the lunar samples were obtained important progress "Chang-e V" landing zone may occur many times a volcanic eruption reporter learned from the Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the station and its planetary researcher Xu Weibiao Nanjing chemical joint research team Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, has made important progress in the study of Chang-e V first lunar samples, the results show that Chang E on the fifth landing area history may have been many volcanic eruptions occur.

  Purple Mountain Observatory is one of 13 research institutes domestic first to obtain samples of lunar research, Xu Weibiao approved as a responsible use of two lunar basalt sample.

Team using high-resolution microscopic CT, scanning electron microscopy, electron probe, a sample of which (No. CE5C0000YJYX065) conducted a detailed study of mineralogy and three-dimensional tomographic imaging.

The results show that the sample belongs to the moon volcanic basalt, with fine – grained structure views diabase, olivine phenocrysts small amount distributed in the matrix pyroxene, plagioclase, ilmenite and other minerals consisting of the main components chemical composition and evolution of the tendency of mineral pyroxene, and high titanium basalt type returned by the US Apollo program and the Soviet Luna program highly consistent. The sample contains a high content of ilmenite, the abundance of close to the maximum value Awa Luo Yuehai basalt, and phosphate-rich mineral, is a relatively rare high-Ti mare basalts enriched in rare earth elements, suggesting that Chang E V the landing zone history may have occurred many times volcanic eruptions, it will be expected to interpret different temporal and spatial distribution of the fine material composition, energy source volcanic magma and volcanic activity of the moon late may mantle source region. (Tsai Shu Wen).