Badminton Summary: Guoyu "Airborne" super expected Japanese encounter "Waterloo"

  On August 1, Chen Yifei was in the game.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Wei took this badminton event, the Chinese team won the first gold 4 silver bit project medals list. Compared to the 2nd gold 1 copper of the Olympic Games five years ago, the national feathers of many young players were picked up in the total number of major prices and medals. However, compared to the 2012 London Olympics 5 gold 2 silver history best record, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics 3 gold 2 silver 3 copper local combat results, Guoyu will continue to work hard. Zhang Jun, Chairman of China Badminton Association, said that the low-key generation of Gui Yu did not represent no confidence. "I believe that the players will re-recognize their own." He said that the task of this competition is basically completed. In addition to harvest, there is a slight regret to lose 3 games in five finals, "If you can get more gold medals".

  The Yizhen has a breakthrough, and there is also a cold door Danish An Sanlong has become the second European who is in the Olympic badminton men’s singles project after Larsen, the Olympics of the Olympic Badminton.

Boli / Laha, for the first time, I won the Olympic women’s double gold medal for Indonesia. Li Yang / Wang Qi Lin also won the first Olympic billing gold medal for the Chinese Taipei team.

Already 34-year-old Guatemalake Kevin Kodon, the World Badminton Stadium, which is ruled by Asia and Europe, is incredible, and the first time I occupy a male singles. Before the game, from the strength of paper, the main opponents of Guoyu will be the Japanese team. However, the performance of the host is very bad. The male single-top seed of the highly hope is eliminated in the group. After the Japanese player seems to lose the soul, only the mixed doubles in 5 single items are all over the top four, and the copper card is taken.

Beijing Winter Olympics Committee: Artificial Snow will not affect regional water safety and ecological environment

People’s Daily November 19th (Reporter Hu Xue Rong) Recently, the National Mountain Ski Center, the State Off-road Ski Center launched artificial snow work. Zhao Weidong, Minister of Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, said that artificial snow will not affect regional water safety and ecological environment.

Beijing Winter Olympics Snow Project Competition is mainly located in Yanqing and Chongli Mountains. There are unique climatic conditions in these two regions. There are more natural snowfall.

On November 6 this year, Beijing ushered in this winter, and the early snow time was 23 days in advance than all year round. On the same day, Zhangjiakou also ushered in a wide range of snowfall weather.

According to the observation, the snowfall in the Yanqing Division and Zhangjiakou Division has reached the flour level, of which the precipitation in Yanqing Division reaches millimeters. The depth of snow in the mountains is more than 20 cm; Zhangjiakou Fair area is 25 mm in this round of snowfall. The depth is up to 30 cm. Using this round of cooling and snowfall weather, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou District have launched artificial snow operation. Zhao Weidong said that from the global snow project, Zhao Weidong is held in the world. In order to protect the quality of the game, the international major events are basically artificial.

"Artificial snow will not affect the safety of regional water safety and ecological environment. A concentrated water supply plant is concentrated under the Daku Dam.

"The data of the Beijing Water Affairs Bureau shows that the water consumption will account for the total amount of water in Yanqing District, accounting for 4 ‰ of the local water resources of Yanqing District; the amount of water required to use the current situation in Yanqing District It accounts for 6 ‰ of the local water resources. Therefore, the Yanqing Division does not have a shortage of water resources. When the Winter Olympics is coming, the water is not impact on the water safety in Yanqing District. "Zhao Weidong said.

"When Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou is required for the total amount of water in the Chongyuan area, accounting for% of the water resources of Chongli District. The above data shows that the living water of Zhangjiakou resident will not be affected by the snow.

"Zhao Weidong said that" Zhangjiakou City has implemented Yunzhou Reservoir Water Supply Project, since the project has been built into the Chongyuan District, which has effectively reduced the amount of groundwater mining in Chongrage District to prevent groundwater levels from decrease. "It is worth mentioning that through the development of water safety protection, sewage treatment, saving water and other measures, it also effectively improves the water environment carrying capacity of the sectic water resources. The ski resort preferred to collect natural precipitation, surface runoff, etc. as artificial creation Snow water source.

The artificial snow system uses the world’s most advanced energy-saving artificial snow equipment and intelligent snow system, which can maintain optimal snow efficiency according to the external environment, saving water.

Through real-time monitoring of meteorology, start the snowfall under the most appropriate conditions to avoid waste of water resources. (Editor: Liu Jia, Gao Lei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Cangzhou City gelanceerd Lei Feng Jeugd Vrijwilliger Service Month-activiteiten

  "Hallo, je diastolische druk is 71, de krimpdruk is 110, alles in het normale bereik, let meestal aandacht aan meer lichaamsbeweging, enz." "Meestal moet scannen van code betaling voorzichtig zijn, nu is elektriciteit veel frequent, om je persoonlijke persoon te beschermen privacy.

"… Op de 9e, op de ochtend van 4 maart, de Communistische Jeugdcommissie Cangzhou Municipal Comité, Cangzhou Civilization Office, de Cangzhou City Civil Affairs Bureau Hosted" Civilization Creation Youth First – Learning Youth Full Willerteer Service Month Activity ". Het evenement heeft in totaal meer dan 290 jonge vrijwilligers van 45 bedrijven en de jeugdvrijwilligersvereniging.

De activiteiten zijn het thema van "Civilization Creation Youth", vervoer beschaafd vervoer overtuigen, 12355 jeugdrechten en onderhoud, financi?le anti-fraude, anti-medicijn anti-AI en andere gecentraliseerde propaganda, de site biedt gratis gezondheidskliniek, juridisch advies, enzovoort. Tijdens het evenement zijn vrijwilligers die rood vest dragen overal worden gezien, hun drukke figuur vormt een prachtig landschap van Wei Wu-plein. Het is duidelijk dat het Municipal Comité tijdens de periode van het leren van Lei Feng Youth Volunteerservice de rol van jonge vrijwilligers zal blijven spelen, die zich richt op de creatie van geciviliseerde steden, voert het United Municipal Education Bureau uit "Bevordering van de Geest van Lei Feng In het jonge team "Om de Geest van Lei Feng te promoten, streeft ernaar een beschaafde bewaker te zijn – de Red Sjaal Civilization-hoofdstuk" Battle Activities, organisatie Mobilisatie Organisaties organiseerden jonge vrijwilligerswerkactiviteiten zoals "Civilization", "Jeugd, Vrijwilliger", "Jeugd", "Jeugd", "" Jeugd, welzijnsbeschaving "," Jeugd ".

Door actieve integratiemiddelen, sterke samenwerking, verbetering van het bewustmakingspercentage, de ondersteuningssnelheid, participatiegraad van het cre?ren van een nationale beschaafde stad in adolescenten in de stad, bijdragende jongeren voor het cre?ren van nationale beschaafde steden in Zhangzhou. (Reporter Dingyuan).

Chengdu Qingbaijiang: Concentrateing the Society to meet the "very" college entrance examination

At around 8 o’clock in the morning, outside the big bending middle school test center, the teacher who concentrated on the test was unified to distribute the admission ticket for the students. Finally, they did not forget to put their hands together, shouting out the slogan of mutual encouragement. The parents who sent the test, seized the opportunity to enter the school, and explain some precautions from time to time. Sweet smile, warm hug, give your child endless power.

It is understood that this year, the Qingbaijiang District college entrance examination candidates have 2013, and the test sites are located in the big bending middle school. After the preliminary investigation, the candidates are statistics on the 14-day health status of the candidates before entering the examination room. At present, all reference students and the supervision of the examination The teacher is in good health.

Candidates are more dispersed this year.

According to the party group of the Qingbaijiang District Education Bureau, the Director of the Research Point, the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination, because the epidemic, this year does not stipulate the time of unified entrance examination room, as long as the students entered the test center, they can go to the examination room.

Therefore, the working time span and workload of the push staff have also increased.

In the morning, I took the time to arrive at the bus, the traffic police worked on, the medical staff was in time, the firefighters were waiting, the food and drug supervisors walked into the cafeteria … "The college entrance examination is not only the college entrance examination of the students, but also a common society ‘Test’. "Wang Xiaobin said how to ensure the stability of the college entrance examination while doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, is a major test for the whole society. To this end, the member units of the various departments of the district will also active action, introduced in advance, and will be completed as a heavy work.

At the scene, it is different from previous years. This year, the parents waiting outside the test site are very small. Most parents will leave immediately after sending the child. Only very little parents stayed slightly outside the warning line. When he heard the test ringtone, these parents were reluctant to leave the test.

Wang Xiaobin said that the school has made some relevant work through the form of the school, telling the student book, etc., advised parents to minimize people’s gathering, and parents are also very cooperated in this special context of epidemic prevention and control. "Although this year is a bit special, the security measures are arranged very in place, we are very peaceful." A parent said that when he was tested, he saw many units of staff in this college entrance examination. Serving, especially thank you for your hard work, and I hope that the children have struggle and tough, there is a future and distant, cherish the precious youth, and take good results, and take wind and waves for the ideals! (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).

China Telecom: Casting Information "Acta" in economic and social development

Li Zhengmao, General Manager of China Telecom.

On November 7th, the 2nd World Digital Economic Forum, which was jointly hosted by the China Science and Technology Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom, entitled "Accelerating the Construction Intelligent Comprehensive Digital Information Infrastructure. The statement of "aorta" in the economic and social development, sharing the understanding and understanding of digital economy, as well as China Telecom’s exploration and practice. Li Zhengmao said that today’s world is experiencing a big change in the past 100 years, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is reconstructing global innovative layouts, reshaping the global economic structure, and digital technology has deeply affected economic growth path, productivity development stage and various lines. The development process of the industry is concentrated as "three acceleration evolution": the world economy is leading eviscence from the industrial economy to digital economic driving; the productivity development stage is evolving from the dynamic era to force the era; the base of the digital economy is connected The main network infrastructure accelerates evolution to the digital information infrastructure integration of cloud network. Li Zhengmao pointed out in his speech that China Telecom’s main army is the main army of the national team of network strong countries and digital China, maintaining Netcom safety, and actively adapt to the development trend of global information and communication industry, fully implementing "cloud reform" strategy, and building "high-speed forward In, heaven and earth, cloud network integration, intelligent agility, green low-carbon, safe and controllable intelligent comprehensive digital information infrastructure "as a responsibility mission, to create a service type, technology type, security company, and vigorously promote technology. Innovation, providing users with flexible, integrated convenient, quality experience, safe and reliable integrated intelligent information services, and deeply promotes the development of digital economy and physical economic integration, and continuously enhances the people’s sense, happiness, sense of security.

First, speed up the construction of a high-speed and extensive boutique network.

Accelerate construction of 5G networks.

Leading to develop the world’s first "5GSA Deployment Guide" to promote the healthy development of the world’s 5GSA industry; build the world’s first 5GSA commercial network, take the lead in achieving scale commercial. Cooperate with China Unicom to build a total of 5GSA networks in the world’s largest co-construction, achieving all prefecture-level cities, county urban areas, and some key towns, 5G network coverage. A deep tillage base network. Carry out the Gigabit light network upgrade, focusing on key cities and townships to carry out 10gpon network construction, covering more than 300 cities.

Create a digital family full-light Gigabit WiFi network, realize the whole house Gigabit coverage; promote the home broadband service by the whole house Wi-Fi to expand the total Gigabit Wi-Fi, provide users with large bandwidth, low delay, high quality, Smooth upgraded business bearing capacity to meet high quality business needs.

The first to propose the concept of "force network" and actively put it into practice.

Based on ubiquitous network connections, multi-level power resources are integrated, realize cloud, edge, and network efficiency, improve the efficiency of integration resources, and implement the consistency of the user experience, the flexibility of service. Second, accelerate the full business ability of the heavens and the earth. As a telecom operation enterprise in China, the "network covering domestic and foreign, the main industry is the same, the heavens and the world", China Telecom has been committed to building the land of the sky, through the layout Tiantong satellite, aviation internet, ocean Broadband three emerging business, building a three-dimensional network of heavens and earth. In the future, the core technology research will be accelerated, and the satellite communication technology is combined with 5G, 6G technology, accelerate the promotion of the access network of the world, and realize the "region of the area" area between the satellite access network and the ground network "area, network architecture complement, empty mouth system The goal of mutual integration, core NE interworking, providing customers with the intelligent integrated information services of the cloud network intelligence integration, and all things. The third is to speed up the construction of the new information infrastructure of cloud network integration. China Telecom took the lead in the industry to propose "network is the foundation, cloud core, network with cloud, cloud network integration" cloud network integration direction, and promoting enterprises to transform from the connection provider to cloud service providers. China Telecom is the second data center service provider of the global scale. Tianyi cloud is the world’s largest operator cloud, which is the fourth largest public cloud service provider.

At present, we are actively promoting the construction of the national cloud, further improve the "2 + 4 + 31 + x + O" cloud and big data center layout in accordance with the construction requirements of the national integrated big data center hub, and build a ladder, the cloud Collaborative, multi-technical integration, new information infrastructure for green intensive.

Creating a fusion resource pool in the two national cloud bases; a large-scale public cloud is built in 4 major districts such as Beijing; 31 provincial capital and key cities construction belong to the exclusive cloud; in X nodes to create differentiated edge clouds The landscape "One Belt All the way" will extend the force system to overseas. The fourth is to continue to improve intelligent agility. Quickly promote the construction of a new generation of cloud network operations, horizontal pull clouds, nets, edges, ends, and vertical penetration resources to customers, providing intelligent agile integrated information services.

At present, the cloud network base capability has covered the IP virtual private network, OTN, 5G custom network and other cloud network facilities, and support the cloud network integration business is open, realize the interior of the enterprise, and the client installation is completed. Enlarge with cloudy pair coverage. At the same time, actively promote the internal access to the number of wisdoms, promote the "New System 100% Cloud, Subscription System 3 Years Cloud" action plan, concentrated on the construction of four on-cloud foundations, and the entire network is more than 75%. With the AI ??intelligent means and digitized transformation, the company’s improvement, fueling, and efficiency, such as through the base station AI energy-saving platform, fully excavating energy-saving potential. The fifth is to adhere to the green low-carbon development model. With the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, the high-quality development path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon, explore the formation of "1236" green low-carbon development model to help achieve "double carbon" goals.

"1" is an important part of adhering to a strategic focus and putting green low-carbon development as an important part of the corporate strategy. "2" is to grasp two force directions, strengthen technology innovation and management upgrade, continuously reduce carbon emissions intensity; external optimization product supply and service quality, empower digital technology to the whole society’s green low-carbon development. "3" is the three basic strategies to handle energy-saving and low-cost and 5G / IDC high-speed development, full competition and open cooperation, scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development. "6" is to promote six green actions, build a green new cloud network, build green new operations, build green new ecology, enabling green new development, giving green new technology, building green support.

China Telecom promises to "fourteen" period, realizing the total energy consumption of unit telecom business and more than 23% of carbon emissions; 4G / 5G network co-share saving capacity exceeds 450 billion, new 5G base station energy saving proportion is not low 20%; large, super large green data center accounts for more than 80%, and the new data center PUE is lower than.

Six is ??to adhere to safety controllable targets.

Strive to build an operational business level, full network, initiative, automated, intelligent security system, ensuring that the cloud and nets can be met in their hands. Reconstructing the safety structure, relying on safety middle platform, coordinating planned data fusion, capacity aggregation, architecture and unity, ecological open cloud network to end safety capacity system, and gradually realize security data centralization, safety analysis intelligent, safe operation and selection, Security service ability.

Building an end-to-end security defense system, forming cloud network data depth fusion, longitudinal and deep protection of cloud network, cross-network cross-platform automatic arranging, all-round cloud net trend awareness and other four unique advantages.

Increase security independent controllable strength, strengthen the key core capabilities of Cloud Network Security Management Platform, 5G Automation Orchestration System, etc., enhance the supply chain independent controllable, unified security technical standards to ensure data security compliance. Next, China Telecom will firmly grasp the strategic opportunities of digital economic development, firmly implement cloud reforms, with the fundamental power of reform and innovation, and accelerate the establishment of intelligent comprehensive digital information infrastructure, strengthen the depth integration with the entity economy. Support thousands of foreign digital transformations, making new and greater contributions to digital economic health development.

(China Telecom Contributation) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

China @ 四 川 | The 13th China Music Golden Bell Award opening concert played in Chengdu

  Xinhua News Agency, October 17 (Reporter Li Qianwei) On the 16th, the Chinese Literature Arts Association, hosted by the China Musician Association, the 13th China Music Golden Bell Awards hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government in Sichuan The Grand Theater is staged, marking the official opening of this China Music Jinzhong Award.

  The opening concert was held by the vice chairman of the Chinese Phonet Association, Yu Long, Yu Feng, Zhang Guoyong, Li Xinma and other four commanders, Liao Changyong, Lei Jia, Wang Hongwei, red and other singingists and Lu Siqing , Wang Zhongshan, Yuanjie and other players, bring "Oriental Boat", "One can’t be less", "Tour" "Chengdu" "Long live!" The great Chinese Communist Party "," the national audience presents a high-level concert, giving gifts in the Communist Party of China, and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the China Music Golden Bell Award.

  This Golden Bell Award has a piano, vocal music (美 声), vocal music (ethnic), four projects of the Guzheng, semi-final, final.

At the same time, this Jinzhong Award will jointly launch China’s Philharmonic Group Special Concert with "Rongcheng’s Autumn", "Jinzhiti" instrument music concert (Chengdu Symphony Orchestra), Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Special Concert "Jin Zhong’s Star" Vocal Concert (Guiyang Symphony Orchestra), Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra Concert and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Special Concert. Since its establishment in 2001, China Music Academy has been committed to promoting the prosperity and development of professional music.

(End) [Editor: Jiang Yan].

Beiliu: "Service Enterprise is now" refreshed "speed"

Since last year, Beiliu City has to accelerate the integration of "two bay" industries, and undertake industrial shifts. In the "Red Motion Beiliu", the "Service Enterprise" is now running, and further creates a good business environment.

The city’s "service enterprise immediately" column is on online construction of various departments and facilities for enterprises, "issues distributed center", one-button distribution task, "Master-run Command Center", and Problem Treatment Management " Performance Assessment Center.

Underline, adhere to the party building leadership, and build the municipal party committee as the central axis and polymerization functional department, the relevant town street units, social forces, etc. The problem, realizing the comprehensive improvement of the business environment.

In addition, the main leaders of the municipal party committee and municipal government, the city "Service Enterprise" The Command Center Office can view the processing process and processing progress through the mobile phone, the computer end, dynamically master all units, and lazy, bully, Do not act as, the department responsible for the pushing is disciplined or tissue disposal. Up to now, the column receives more than 220 problems, limited time efficient processing, resolving 178 problems, strengthens the people, and serving the company. (杏 园) (Editor: Li Minjun, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.

The film and television drama encounters "Profile Review" "Water Army" control evaluation disturbance market

  absurd! The film and television drama encounters "Profile Review" "Water Army" control reviews to disturb the market. Many people are used to going to watch the film and television drama to go to the network platform to make points and reviews, which is also convenient for users who haven’t viewed netizens.

However, everyone has heard that the film and television drama has not yet been broadcast, is there a lot of score in the Internet? A few days ago, there were two film and television dramas that appeared in the "super review".

  The film and television drama encountered the first evaluation of the "Water Army" control evaluation hidden rules "Water Army" on the behavior of film and television drama, not only has adverse effects on netizens, film industry development, and score platforms, but also possibly Suspected violations.

  On December 1st, a costume drama was on the Internet platform.

For some reason, the official online time of the drama is more than an hour later than the original "official Xuan" time.

However, in a short-term score area of ??a well-known score platform, a large number of scores are concentrated in the original online time.

"Profile Review" incident quickly fermented, by many media concerned, although most of the "super review" content has been deleted, but through the screenshot in the media report, these short comments show a star and five-star two-pole differentiation status. In a noble, in a suspense web drama first broadcast on December 5, after the first two episodes of the female starring did not appear, the online social platform has emerged on time, and the argument and one star commented on their acting and line comment on time.

The "Profile Review" in the two film and television dramas is questioned by netizens and media.

  Professor of the Drama Film Academy of China Communication University, Dai Qing, a batch of articles in a batch of tone in a short period of time, in a short time, densely arranged, including the step, and there are different posts On the cooperation of the content side, you can feel that he is a choice and each other.

  Industry insiders pointed out that when you evaluate film and television works, it is inevitable that it will be affected by "fan filters" because you like or don’t like an actor, giving a higher or lower score to the work.

However, the so-called network "Water Army" has broken the basic rules of "first look at the work". The film and television drama produced people Mi Wei: We often see this phenomenon, in fact, there is a lot of traffic actors to participate in film and television works. After the "Water Army", after receiving the mission, he did not have seen this drama, there will be an exact same review in the comment area, copy the same content. During the survey, the reporter entered a "water army" sent a single group with fans and found that in this chat group, frequent people have issued information about recruiting part-time brushing accumulation. Industry insiders pointed out that there is often a price of 1 yuan or even a few corners to attract a large number of "Water Army" to check. Professor of the Drama Film Academy of China Communication University, Dai Qing, Dai Qing: It is the rhythm of the public’s aesthetic acceptance. Then he will do not understand the actual situation, this viewer will definitely have a misleading. After the film and television drama, the phenomenon of such brushing points, it is possible to adversely affect the word-of-mouth or watching data of this drama, and the production company may also be economic will also be affected. It is conducive to subsequent normal creative work. Experts also pointed out that the behavior of the "Water Army" control assessment will also destroy the objectivity and credibility of the score platform, and even affect normal literary reviews. Professor of the Drama Film Academy of China Communication University, Dai Qing: Sometimes the network "Water Army" control review has formed a large noise, and the literary review in normal state is no way to definite.

We said that the so-called control review is to control certain sounds, then it interferes with normal literary reviews, normal average vocal.

The healthy development of the film and television industry, the aesthetic acceptance of film and television art is also a big destruction.

  The film and television drama "Controlled evaluation" or suspected of illegal this year, some netizens commented on the official website of the State Market Supervision Administration: "Is the TV series legal assessment?" Just Ask for Competition Law, adequate evidence materials can be submitted to report to the county level market supervision and management department, or directly dial 12315 or log in to the 12315 Internet platform to carry out the complaint report. Zhu Wei, Associate Professor, Communication Center, China University of Political Science and Law: First, it affects the rights of operators, and another is the legitimate right of consumers. So, for the control review, the consumer’s legal rights are in the right The angle and the angle of the right to free evaluation. Therefore, from these two perspectives are the range of "anti-unfair competition law".

  The Net Letter Office has also issued a number of "Internet user public account information service management regulations" "Internet user public account information service management regulations", "Internet Fair Commissioner" Regulations, etc. Comment also has a more refined regulation.

  Researcher, Associate Professor, Communication Center, China University of Political Science and Law: Zhu Wei: the main responsibility of the platform, actually gives it very specific.

For example, I know that others are engaged in this "Water Army", then you must have a necessary measures to filter out the "Water Army". In the process of control review, these "Water Army" They are engaged in some illegal business things, and the surface look at him is a normal dissemination order, the market is operating order, he may involve a criminal law special charge, called Illegal business crimes may also have criminal laws to regulate. Multi-partial integration rectification control reviews also literate the Qing dynasty environment experts pointed out that for the control review of film and television dramas, it is necessary to have a multi-party joint efforts to deal with a clear environment. In February of this year, the National Netcom Office has launched a special action of the "Qinglan Spring Festival Network Environment", one of which is the focus of rectifying brush control evaluation behavior, highlighting the attitude of resolutely governing such bad network behavior.

  Experts pointed out that in addition to the special rectification actions of the relevant departments, the platform should also increase the response. Researcher, Associate Professor, Associate Professor: Platform Governance, I think the subject’s responsibility is still to be implemented, then how do the platform is "the water army" evaluation, which is the freedom of the people, which is insulting nature The evaluation of words with defamation is that the platform can be used to reach the resolution by means of the technique.

Many small, many "Water Army" numbers, there is a credit joint discipline, he has a violation, the permissions of the speech should be reduced, and even more stringent, such as the title. At the same time, experts recommend that the transparency of the film and television institution marketing promotion behavior should be improved, and the netizens should be guided forward. Professor of the Drama Film Academy of China Communication University, Dai Qing, a director of the Chinese Literary Reviewer Association: To clarify this range, there are some of us saying that it is a film and television agency, or the middle school commissioned by the film and television agency, who is doing marketing promotion, this Marketing promotion We said that it is just right or not.

I think the second one, we need to improve the influence of mainstream culture, create a healthy cultural environment, I think it is necessary to actively lead the benign development of fan culture, including improving the aesthetic reproduction of young people, increase leading strength and impact.

  (Total reporter Xu Pan Pan Zhou Yu Dong Yan Yan Liuhao).

A Thursday, the 93-year-old Japanese McDonald’s clerk said, "I like work"

The work of the field is responsible for cleaning and preparing ingredients, working four days a week, working every night for 5 hours. The store manager is very appreciated by the work of the field. "He will shop very clean, and the preparation before morning will also be very comprehensive, and we support us." In Japan, older laborers are common, taxi drivers, restaurant service personnel have no shortage of white-haired old people.

According to the data released by the Japanese Nevocontal, there are about 68.68 million in Japan’s labor in 2020, of which is 14.666 million, accounting for the total number of employment. This ratio is expected to exceed one quarter by 2040, and the elderly have become an indispensable labor force in Japan.

In April this year, Japan officially implemented the revised "Elderly Hiring", requiring companies to ensure the employment opportunities for people within the age of 70 through the return, extended employment.

In the context of aging, labor shortage, lack of pension, Japan began to move toward "70-year-old retirement". Why is it willing to continue employment after retiring? Considering the physical and mental health is a lot of people’s consensus. You can feel self-worth, maintain interpersonal relationships, while you can active your body.

According to reports, Japan’s longest-lived county magic county, its elderly employment rate is also the first.

In addition, for the elderly, economic factors are also one of the main causes.

According to Japanese Nevocontal, the "Millennium Social White Paper", in 60 years old, about 40% hopes to continue, this part of the respondents, 51% of the work is "in order to get income", or for yourself The pension has no sense of security, or wants to stay more wealth for the children and grandchildren, and hope to get more income through the work under the conditions allowed by physical conditions. For the Tian Tian, ??the reason is very simple, "I like to work", "I want to continue working as long as my body can move."

This McDonald’s can be said to be the largest shop of the clerk, and the oldest clerk is a 15-year-old high school student. How to work with young people who have been nearly 80 years old, Tamada said: "If there is a difference, we must understand each other.

"When you rest, you will also go to the store to buy French fries and drinks.

He said that he maintains a healthy secret is "replenishing moisture and activity."

薮 薮 精 精 充 工作 人 人 人 人::::: 使 使 使 使………. 使. 使.. 使…. 使 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 我 我 我 自 自 我 我 我 自 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我. "

The 7th Legislative Council of the Hong Kong SAR will have more than 620 polling stations for 14 hours.

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, on October 25, the Hong Kong SAR Electoral Management Committee issued the 19th Legislative Council Election Campaign Guidelines, which plans to set up more than 620 general polling stations, and the voting time is shortened to 14 hours. The 7th Legislative Council election nomination will begin on October 30th to end November 12, and elections at December 19.

The Electoral Office plans to set up more than 620 general polling stations in 10 constituencies in Hong Kong, and will set up 1 Election Committee in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

This legislative meeting will adopt an electronic voter register system and other improvement measures.

In order to let the polling station staff have more time for the relevant equipment for the final inspection, the election voting time will be changed to 8:30 am to 8:30 am to 10:30 am to 10:30 pm (15 hours) Up to 10:30 pm (14 hours). This new arrangement applies to a general polling station and a special polling station located within the police station. The special polling station is located in the Correctional Services Department, and the voting time will remain at 9 am to 4 pm.

In order to successfully complete the election and respond to new coronal pneumonia, the Electoral Services Department will implement multiple epidemic prevention measures, such as staff must wear a surgical mask.

At the same time, it is now planned to establish a polling station in the Bamboo Bay quarantine center to provide special voting arrangements for votes that are accepting forced quarantine, but will not provide special voting arrangements for those who are accepting homotropic or in designated quarantine hotels.

Therefore, voters who are currently not intentional to vote in Hong Kong should plan back to Hong Kong as soon as possible, so that the voting date can go to the voting station to exercise the right. The 7th Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be held on December 19th, and 20 Members selected from the local constituency, and 30 members of the functional selection, the election committee is selected to select 40 Members, and 90 members are selected. . (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.