“Top three in this competition,Official members who can get the Iron Blade,The fourth to the tenth can get the reserve members。”

“I declare the game officially started,Draw now,The competition is divided into preliminary and final。”
“Ten rounds of preliminary rounds,Choose the twenty most victories。”
“Ten rounds of finals,The top ten can choose their opponents。”
“Draw now,”Draw is the machine used to draw,This is to keep fair。
“by,Brother Hao,You met this popular person in the first game,Wang Yanbing……”
“Your luck……”
“Haha,I met98number,Isn’t this the kid just now??”
“It seems that God wants me to take revenge,I won’t beat him down this time,I am not Huang Xiaoding。”
Huang Xiaoding’s face showed a cruel smile。
“Now I declare the game officially started。”
“Qin Hao,I heard you,You are strong,Can beat Chenguang,But it’s about close combat,You may not be able to beat me。”
“Bibi knows it,”Qin Hao said lightly。
Anyone with He Chenguang,All his enemies。
“In this case,Then we’ll have a showdown。”
Wang Yanbing chooses to strike first,A sweeping leg,Qin Hao directly resisted,Step back。
Wang Yanbing uses both hands and feet,Shift,After attacking from the left,Immediately turned to Qin Hao’s right。
“Show your true strength,”Wang Yanbing can naturally see that Qin Hao didn’t show his strength。
“Row,as you wish,”Qin Hao took advantage of Wang Yanbing to attack his left chest,Dodge his blow。