“what?I’m afraid you won’t remember,I’ll tell you again。”That little koi wags its tail,Swimming in the air,It looks a bit like standing in a private school,Teacher walking slowly。

“But you have said this paragraph seven times today。”Said the little girl with soaring braids。
“That’s all for today’s class,Go and play。”Said the floating little koi。
The children broke up,Chasing the butterflies near the mountain stream quickly disappeared。
That little koi carp around the top of the stream,Swam a few times。
Zhu Minglang went there too,I just walked about seven steps,I heard the little koi yelling。
“These little bunnies,No one came to class today,When I look back, I will criticize their parents from house to house,Pissed off,I’m so angry with Lord Yu!”That little koi,Swimming faster and faster,Fish whiskers rising,Stare bigger!
Zhu Minglang almost didn’t laugh out loud。
Mr. Dementia,Sure enough, Mr. Dementia。
These seven steps of memory,I don’t know how the fish can hold so many weird things。
“Mr. Koi,I wish Minglang came to see you。”I wish Minglang walked to the mountain stream,Shouted。
“Zhu Minglang???”Mr. Koi made a sudden leap,I was in front of Zhu Minglang in an instant,A pair of fish eyes staring at Zhu Minglang。
“it’s me……”
“You baby,Eat those lake fish feed,Why did you grow so big all at once???”Mr. Koi fish face is very strange,Can make a surprised expression like a human。
“Mr. Koi,I am now the Dragon Shepherd,I have many questions to ask you。”Zhu Minglang is used to Mr. Koi’s words。
“Mu Long Shi??You are the Dragon Shepherd,Hahahaha!!”Mr. Koi suddenly stood up with his tail,A pair of short fins actually make a akimbo movement,There was a fish head up there and laughed,“What swordsman,I haven’t made a big deal in my life,Finally, I worked for Mulong Master。It’s not too late to raise a dragon,You are here,Make sure that you can easily dominate the world!”
I wish Minglang a while speechless,Master Yu is really Master Yu。
“Now i have four dragons……”
“Where’s the white dragon,Is the white dragon who grew up with you dead??”What did Mr. Koi suddenly think of,Surprised。