Usually,In this map,Underdeveloped,Gangsters are very bad。

Not surprisingly,After the summer killed three people,The first sentence lost。
Second game,If you don’t buy a props,Gangsters can strong。
Most of the gangsters have chosen a strong,Yun Yoo six people are no exception,But only two people,The rest is a smaller gun,Saved money bought props。Summer does not shoot,No props,But I bought a desert eagle。
NS625chapter Brush frequency
Lose out the opening,Under the premise of no smoke bombs and flash bombs and whistle,Second Bureau is unfavorable to gangsters。
More than 20 seconds,The gangster has died four people。
Killing is not the purpose,For gangsters,Install the thunder and make the explosion。
Summer stare at the screen,Headphones,The character works a sandy eagle near the door。
Headphones constantly coming to 枪,And the death of the two parties。
He got a screen next to Yunno,I saw that Yun Ino and Wang Zhiqiang and Li Lijuan were being in three mainmen.。
Three-door door,Is a person standing in the door gap,Another person on the wooden box behind the first person,The last person is far from the last trail.。
In other words,Their three guns are at the same time.。
at the same time,Taoino as the captain,“Cave harassment。”
Obvious,Their cooperation is the three-three middle door crossing zone。
So can’t see the hole in the summer,But the ear is constantly moving out of the gun.,And Yunno three people threw a smoke bomb in the police,Rush out the door with the fastest speed。
In the next few seconds,The gun sound is extremely fierce,Various props。
And above the screen,Continuously displaying killing players。
Ok……The fact that hangs is a gangster。
This game,Winning is often in an instant。
Summer,The team only died one person,And Yunno died five,Only Yunkeno is rushing into the district,And occupied it。
But this doesn’t mean win,The police immediately responded,Constantly there is police self-warranty and trails to rescue。
This time,A fierce battle again,Both members constantly interchange。
The gangster is very bad,Soon being annihilated,Yunno……After all, it is still murdered.。
not only that,After she hangs away,A team member of the team is more typing.。
“Ha ha ha ha,Watching it is cool.,what is this,This is a strong!Hahahahaha……”
“It is said thatyunThis is our school flower.。”
There is a group of people who hang up and ridicule.。