Behind him,Follow all the teenagers who participate in the assessment,Even Chu Yang is also in it。

Although only 18 years old,Can high enough to have two meters,Bronze strong body,Muscles are like Dragon generally appear to be strong,Full of explosive power。
And his body is convorating a wild beast-like fierce,Double eyes!See him,Wu Heng and frown about the mountain。
These days,Surrounded by the same reputation,However, it is a 12-alliance.,Similarly, it is famous in the huntown list.。
Inversely the summer,Some surprises。 Previous time,He did not see inflammation,Hear the closed custom。
I didn’t expect him to come out.,I didn’t expect it.,Chu Yang et al. Also followed。
“Hit,I am afraid of you.。”
Teenagers named Wu Heng,“A magistrate,What is nothing?,Hey,There is also a summer country,Don’t anyone really?,The country’s genius is waste,I have to take the replacement of the magic scorpion,Almost forgot,You are originally a ancestor,Hahaha,Be a wild。”
Inflammation,Two blurred animal souls after body hovering,Faint sound。
at this time,Changping coldly。
His mouth hooked a curvature,“You want to get the corpse?
good,Then give you the body.,However, the head is not。
She comes to our hanging river unsuccessful purpose.,I have to take it back in my mind.!”
Talk,Void,Rolling smoke on the ground,It is directly taken in the hands。
Immediately read a summer,The eyes are deeply flashing,And then turned。
“Ha ha。”
About Mountain and Wu Heng hun haha laugh,Also follow。
After a few steps,The two heads。
One of the people thumbs up,And backward。
Another guy makes a moving movement in the summer,Smile and cruel。
“court death!”
Inflammation,Anger,I can’t help but want to do it.。
“inflammation,stop,Don’t impulsive!”
Duan Qing helplessly drink,Feeling。
Twelve Alliances have not received the assessment for 30 years.,But he is also coming over.。
Feel the big earth, my biggest,No one is in the eyes,Then I was being educated.。