Gan Xin looked out the window with a gloomy expression,These little fish and shrimps in the city don’t care about themselves,Can’t get over any storm,The most worrying thing is that I don’t know who the hall will send to check!

A golden light descended over Parkway City,Lin Heng’s figure gradually revealed,Everyone in the city is looking up at the sky,Morfin looked at the figure in the sky,Shocked。
“How come the warlord under the seat of the Holy God!”
“Is that the warlord??”
“Oh my god,I can actually see the legendary warrior in my lifetime!”
People underneath are talking,Lin Heng walks in the sky,The golden wings behind him slowly stir,Fell in front of Gan Xin,Gan Xin has long been on her knees,Shaking all over。
“The most he thought about was that some officials came to investigate,I never thought it was a war general coming!
http://www.tianlaiba.cnGan Xin, the person in charge of a fifth-tier city,See Lord Warlord!”
Lin Heng looked at Gan Xin who was kneeling on the ground,There is no slightest fluctuation in the eyes,Walk into the house,Gan Xin got up and followed。
“This time i come,Was ordered by the Lord,Come to investigate the cause of death of Wang Zhenming and Sun Qin,Also take me to the place where you last fought,I want to view!”
Lin Heng’s voice is very slight,Look at Gan Xin and say。
“Let’s go”
The two turned into rays of light and flew away。
Fuming has just arrived at the place right now,Frown and look to the sky,Two rays of light in the sky, one gold and one blue, quickly pass by,The Suzaku’s wings behind it was trembling slightly。
“Sister,what happened to you?”
Feel the trembling body of the bird,And extremely unstable emotions。