Pu’er Tea Horse City Tourism Town is recognized as Yunnan Province Tourism and Leisure Street Area

  On November 15th, the Yunnan Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall issued a notice, which includes 30 blocks, including Leisure Blocks, Tourist Town, Sihao District, Pu’er City, is the Yunnan Provincial Tourism and Leisure Street.

      It is reported that "Building a Demonstration Street area, starting high quality commercial pedestrian street construction" "High-quality promotion step street renovation" is an important measure to promote tourism consumption, night time consumption and consumption upgrade, and is also an important embodiment of the integration of literature. Located in the ancient city tourism town of the Pu’er City Administrative Center area, based on the original appearance of the ancient Pu’er, reconstruct the tea horn city, and then now the prosperity scene of Shangjun Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun Junjun.

After the continuous operation practice and management, the tea hunar city tourism small town relies on product layout and architectural style, with policy-oriented, with ancient trends, to drive, to support the consumption as support, and position the tea horse ancient city tourism small town positioning The antique tourism project combined with the ancient ancient ancient and ancient winds, and "wearing Tang Yue Song, playing ancient city" as promoting theme, with this to shape the differentiated label of the tea horses, and stand out in the ancient temples in the ancient streets in all over the world. , By the Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce as "Yunnan Provincial Pedestrian Street Demonstration Point", the Pu’er City People’s Government is listed as "Night Economic Demonstration Zone" to the city.

      In recent years, Pu’er City has formed a new form of new formats with "night food, night purchase, night show, night show, night festival, night", in-depth excavation of non-legacy culture, folk culture, and tea culture, international Modern culture into the project, let traditional tourism resources rejuvenate, based on catering, with cultural as a soul, shopping as support, to drive, to brighten into assist, to ensure the protection of tourist leisure blocks Industry aggregation.

At the same time, the construction of the project investment, night market and self-service stores, the ancient city night scene improvement, the creative night performances and theme blocks, etc., etc. Leisure and entertainment agents further enrich the management of tourism leisure blocks.

(Dai Kai Tea Horse City Tourism Town is for map).